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2017_AZ_MSRRPk76AZ -- Scottsdale -- McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park
Including the Arizona's French Gratitude Train and the "Giddy-Up Daddy" sculpture honoring Bil Keane (Family Circus).
2011_CA_Harvey_House22CA -- Barstow -- Harvey House Railroad Depot
2017_CA_Harvey_House52CA -- Barstow -- Harvey House Railroad Depot
2017_CA_Harvey_DSN43CA -- Barstow -- Harvey House Railroad Depot -- NASA Deep Space Network Visitor Center
2011_CA_WA_RRM40CA -- Barstow -- West America Railroad Museum
2002_CA_LA_UStation5CA -- Los Angeles -- Union Station
2009_CA_LA_UStation22CA -- Los Angeles -- Union Station
2013_CA_LA_UStation37CA -- Los Angeles -- Union Station
2013_CA_Orange_Empire_RM119CA -- Perris -- Orange Empire Railway Museum
2014_CA_California_SRRM290CA -- Sacramento -- California State Railroad Museum
2014_CA_California_SRRM_BA53CA -- Sacramento -- California State Railroad Museum -- Building America exhibit
2014_CA_California_SRRM_MT27CA -- Sacramento -- California State Railroad Museum -- Model Trains exhibit
2014_CA_California_SRRM_RC14CA -- Sacramento -- California State Railroad Museum -- Ray Carrington exhibit
2014_CA_SD_Santa_Fe13CA -- San Diego -- Santa Fe terminal
2016_CA_SD_Santa_Fe14CA -- San Diego -- Santa Fe terminal
2017_CA_SD_Santa_Fe32CA -- San Diego -- Santa Fe terminal
2006_CA_SD_Trains4CA -- San Diego -- Trains (except Santa Fe terminal)
2009_CA_SD_Trains2CA -- San Diego -- Trains (except Santa Fe terminal)
2010_CA_SD_Trains1CA -- San Diego -- Trains (except Santa Fe terminal)
2012_CA_SD_Trains2CA -- San Diego -- Trains (except Santa Fe terminal)
2013_CA_SD_Trains2CA -- San Diego -- Trains (except Santa Fe terminal)
2014_CA_SD_Trains5CA -- San Diego -- Trains (except Santa Fe terminal)
2016_CA_SD_Trains4CA -- San Diego -- Trains (except Santa Fe terminal)
2017_CA_SD_Trains15CA -- San Diego -- Trains (except Santa Fe terminal)
2019_07_21A3_SD_Trains2CA -- San Diego -- Trains (except Santa Fe terminal) (Partially reviewed)
2011_CA_Tehachapi_Loop8CA -- Walong -- Tehachapi Loop
2017_CA_Tehachapi_Loop6CA -- Walong -- Tehachapi Loop
2006_DC_Metro_Tour_06042217Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: Metro Behind the Scenes
Metro: Behind the Scenes:
As part of Metro's 30th anniversary, participants were taken around to the original Metro stations (the first was Rhode Island Avenue, and we also did Union Station, Judiciary Square, Gallery Place, Metro Center, and Farragut North) by Metro's interim general manager, Dan...
2015_DC_Streetcar4DC -- DC Streetcar
2016_DC_Streetcar34DC -- DC Streetcar
Opening day!
2017_DC_Streetcar_1Yr_17030430DC -- DC Streetcar -- 1 Year anniversary community greeting
2009_DC_Hughley_09092814DC -- Filming DL Hughley segment @ Union Station
I just happened to run into him and a crew filming some random people at Union Station.
2007_DC_StreetcarG5DC -- Georgetown -- Streetcar remnants (tracks and Car Barn)
2009_DC_StreetcarG6DC -- Georgetown -- Streetcar remnants (tracks and Car Barn)
2010_DC_StreetcarG4DC -- Georgetown -- Streetcar remnants (tracks and Car Barn)
2013_DC_StreetcarG7DC -- Georgetown -- Streetcar remnants (tracks and Car Barn)
2004_DC_Metro_04111634DC -- Metro Town Hall Meeting
The Board of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) hosted its first Town Hall meeting to talk to customers on a variety of issues dealing with Metrorail, Metrobus and Metroaccess such as service, funding and expansion. Bob Levey, Senior Vice President for Development at the...
2008_DC_NY_Ave_UPass2DC -- New York Avenue area (NOMA) -- Metro Underpasses
2013_DC_NY_Ave_UPass3DC -- New York Avenue area (NOMA) -- Metro Underpasses
2015_DC_NY_Ave_UPass3DC -- New York Avenue area (NOMA) -- Metro Underpasses
2018_DC_NY_Ave_UPass6DC -- New York Avenue area (NOMA) -- Metro Underpasses
In April 2015, the NoMa Parks Foundation announced that Thurlow Small and NIO architecten had been selected to create a design for the M Street Underpass.
The LED light installation, called Rain, was installed in late October 2018. It features 4,000 polycarbonate tubes with LED lights. The lights...
2019_08_24C5_NY_Ave_UPass12DC -- New York Avenue area (NOMA) -- Metro Underpasses (Partially reviewed)
2019_DC_NY_Ave_UPass16DC -- New York Avenue area (NOMA) -- Metro Underpasses
Work on the L Street installation.
2011_DC_Lincoln150_11022345DC -- Union Station -- Abraham Lincoln Arrives (Civil War Sesquicentennial Event)
National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis will mark the 150th anniversary of President Abraham Lincoln's arrival in Washington, D.C. in 1861 prior to his first inauguration. Jarvis will join the last leg of the journey of President Lincoln's famous train trip from his home in Springfield, IL to...
1997_DC_Union_Columbus6DC -- Union Station -- Columbus Fountain
1999_DC_Union_Columbus1DC -- Union Station -- Columbus Fountain
2002_DC_Union_Columbus6DC -- Union Station -- Columbus Fountain
2003_DC_Union_Columbus6DC -- Union Station -- Columbus Fountain
2006_DC_Union_Columbus2DC -- Union Station -- Columbus Fountain
2008_DC_Union_Columbus11DC -- Union Station -- Columbus Fountain
2009_DC_Union_Columbus6DC -- Union Station -- Columbus Fountain
2011_DC_Union_Columbus3DC -- Union Station -- Columbus Fountain
2017_DC_Union_Columbus5DC -- Union Station -- Columbus Fountain
2019_09_18A1_Union_Columbus6DC -- Union Station -- Columbus Fountain (Partially reviewed)
2009_DC_ColombiaBPR_090910102DC -- Union Station -- Discover Colombia Through Its Heart -- Breakfast press roundtable
Washington, DC – Ambassador Carolina Barco, Colombian Ambassador to US, and Maria Claudia Lacouture, General Manager of Colombia is Passion, will hold a breakfast press roundtable on Thursday to discuss the cultural exhibit that is being showcased at Union Station and at 40 satellite locations around...
2009_DC_ColombiaCCDP_09091289DC -- Union Station -- Discover Colombia Through Its Heart -- Colombian Community Day -- Awards presentation
Colombian Community Day: Listen to traditional Colombian music performed by Colombia Tropical. Presentation of the “Colombian Footprint in the World” community service award. Award recipients to be announced.

Formal description of the presentation:

The Colombian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and...
2009_DC_ColombiaCCDM_09091283DC -- Union Station -- Discover Colombia Through Its Heart -- Colombian Community Day -- Musicians and audience
Colombian Community Day: Listen to traditional Colombian music performed by Colombia Tropical. Presentation of the “Colombian Footprint in the World” community service award. Award recipients to be announced.
2013_DC_Earth_Month_13040627DC -- Union Station -- Earth Month
STEM Science Fair. Mostly from the NASA section of it.
2010_DC_Union_StationCC_10101118DC -- Union Station -- Event: Columbus Day Ceremony
Display after ceremony for Columbus Day. (I missed the ceremony itself.)
2011_DC_Union_StationCC_111010189DC -- Union Station -- Event: Columbus Day Ceremony
Civil Ceremony
Sponsored by
National Columbus Celebration Association
in cooperation with the
US Department of the Interior
National Park Service
National Mall & Memorial Parks

Monday, October 10, 2011
Columbus Plaza -- Union Station

* Music Prelude -- "The President's Own" US Marine...
2019_11_06A1_US_Berlin_Wall32DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Berlin Wall
From November 6 to 12, 2019, there will be a Berlin Wall exhibit in the Main Hall of Union Station. The display, sponsored by the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, will commemorate the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The exhibit will feature six panels depicting the history of... (Partially reviewed)
1997_DC_Union_StationX2DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Christmas Display
2003_DC_Union_StationX12DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Christmas Display
2005_DC_Union_StationX3DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Christmas Display
2006_DC_Union_StationX7DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Christmas Display
2007_DC_Union_StationX5DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Christmas Display
2009_DC_Union_StationX43DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Christmas Display
Photos of the Christmas tree, the Norwegian train set (complete with trolls), and the giant wreaths. There was a wedding party that was getting pictures done while I was there so you'll see them as well.
2011_DC_Union_StationX13DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Christmas Display
Because of the scaffolding and such, they gave up on the traditional Christmas tree this year and also shrunk the train set down to maybe one-fifth of its normal size.
2012_DC_Union_StationX3DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Christmas Display
2013_DC_Union_StationX12DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Christmas Display
2017_DC_Union_StationX19DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Christmas Display
2018_DC_Union_StationX44DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Christmas Display
2019_12_05D2_Union_StationX15DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Christmas Display (Partially reviewed)
2016_DC_US_Restoration118DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Completion of Restoration
They had added another display about the history of the place.
A Journey Through History
Augmented Reality Experience
October 14, 2016 - November 13, 2016
2009_DC_US_Colombia217DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Discover Colombia Through Its Heart
2009_DC_US_TrainT167DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Disney's A Christmas Carol Train Tour
Two visits:
- I arrived just as they were inflating the theatre structure. The 3D previews would be shown inside starting the next day. I tried to see the outside of the train but building security nailed me before I got close enough.
- The train was open for visitation! They were also showing a...
2018_DC_US_Gardens113DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Gardens (Lithuania's Statehood Centennial Art Installation)
Gardens: Lithuania's Statehood Centennial Art Installation
Ray Bartkus is a conceptual artist who explores our visual comprehension of space, color, light, and forms. His large-scale installations, which range from ethereal to imposing, from unsettling to whimsical, open up new ways for hte viewer to...
2009_DC_US_Wenner94DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Kurt Wenner GM chalk work
I had run into Kurt Wenner previously at the San Diego Comic-Con and here he was doing art for a GM promotion. I visited him several days including talking to him about David Macaulay -- he said that Macaulay had been one of his teachers way back when. Small world! On days I missed him, I enjoyed...
2015_DC_US_Holodomor195DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: National Holodomor Memorial
November 1-14, 2015
The 1932-1933 Famine-Genocide in Ukraine
On the occasion of the unveiling of the National Holodomor Memorial, this exhibit is dedicated to the victims of the man-made famine-genocide. The memorial will for eternity speak for them. This exhibit will help inform about what happened...
2009_DC_US_Art_of_Can177DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Red Bull Art of Can
Red Bull Art of Can is a national juried exhibition featuring artwork in a variety of media that have one thing in common - they are all inspired by Red Bull or crafted from the iconic blue and silver cans. The juried exhibition is open to anyone with a flair for creativity and the talent to transform...
2009_DC_US_Sesame4051DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Sesame Street 40th Anniversary
Sesame Street 40th Anniversary Exhibit
Union Station, Main Hall
November 10-30, 2009
Sesame Street has been using the power of media -- and the power of Muppets -- to help children around the world reach their highest potential for 40 years! 
Union Station is very excited to play an important role...
2014_DC_Norway_Xmas_141201110DC -- Union Station -- Norway's Christmas tree lighting ceremony (2014)
Last year it was a scream. This year Norway’s Christmas tree at Union Station will be a roar!
Senator Amy Klobuchar, Santa Claus, Ambassador Kåre Aas, Sami Performance, and Christmas Carols at December 1, 6:15 p.m. Tree Lighting Ceremony
Last year the Norwegian Christmas tree had 700 ornaments with...
2018_DC_Norway_Xmas_18112983DC -- Union Station -- Norway's Christmas tree lighting ceremony (2018)
Holiday Celebration at Union Station
Co-presented by Washington Performing Arts, the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce - Mid-Atlantic Chapter, the Bach Project, and Union Station
Presented in association with Brightest Young Things, the Library of Congress, the...
2009_DC_US_Protest_0909084DC -- Union Station -- Protestors
There were a handful of complaints about the Discover Colombia Through Its Heart display.
1999_DC_Union_Station2DC -- Union Station (exterior)
2004_DC_Union_Station1DC -- Union Station (exterior)
2008_DC_Union_Station27DC -- Union Station (exterior)
2009_DC_Union_Station37DC -- Union Station (exterior)
Including pictures of the Bike Station right before it was about to open.
2012_DC_Union_Station2DC -- Union Station (exterior)
Including repairing earthquake damage.
2016_DC_Union_Station27DC -- Union Station (exterior)
2017_DC_Union_Station8DC -- Union Station (exterior)
2018_DC_Union_Station2DC -- Union Station (exterior)
Including inside pigeons.
1997_DC_Union_StationI2DC -- Union Station (Interior)
1999_DC_Union_StationI1DC -- Union Station (Interior)
2002_DC_Union_StationI5DC -- Union Station (Interior)
2003_DC_Union_StationI9DC -- Union Station (Interior)
2004_DC_Union_StationI4DC -- Union Station (Interior)
2006_DC_Union_StationI5DC -- Union Station (Interior)
2008_DC_Union_StationI3DC -- Union Station (Interior)
2009_DC_Union_StationI15DC -- Union Station (Interior)
2011_DC_Union_StationI11DC -- Union Station (Interior)
2012_DC_Union_StationI21DC -- Union Station (Interior)
2013_DC_Union_StationI51DC -- Union Station (Interior)
2014_DC_Union_StationI42DC -- Union Station (Interior)
2015_DC_Union_StationI35DC -- Union Station (Interior)
2016_DC_Union_StationI109DC -- Union Station (Interior)
2018_DC_Union_StationI3DC -- Union Station (Interior)
2008_DC_Union_Station_Area33DC -- Union Station / NY Ave area (NOMA)
2009_DC_Union_Station_Area15DC -- Union Station / NY Ave area (NOMA)
2011_DC_Union_Station_Area7DC -- Union Station / NY Ave area (NOMA)
2017_DC_Union_Station_Area2DC -- Union Station / NY Ave area (NOMA)
2018_DC_Union_Station_Area2DC -- Union Station / NY Ave area (NOMA)
1998_GA_Coopers2GA -- Cartersville -- Coopers Iron Works
2006_GA_Coopers11GA -- Cartersville -- Coopers Iron Works
1998_GA_RinggoldRR2GA -- Ringgold -- Depot
2006_GA_RinggoldRR11GA -- Ringgold -- Depot
2007_IL_Lincoln_Depot8IL -- Springfield -- Lincoln Depot
2019_08_10A1_MBTA_Alewife24MA -- MBTA -- Alewife (Partially reviewed)
2019_08_10A3_MBTA_ParkSt19MA -- MBTA -- Park St (Partially reviewed)
2012_MD_Antietam_RR5MD -- Antietam Natl Battlefield -- Railroad Station
2004_MD_ASIM_04052210MD -- Autoshow in Motion @ FedEx Field
This was a fun event. GM sponsors a free event where you can test drive their cars as well as cars from their competitors. I drove some stupid ones (like the Hummer) as well as the newer Saturn cars. The test drives are very short (three or four minutes at a max) and you needed an escort to be in the...
2014_MD_BO_RR_Exh127MD -- Baltimore -- B&O Railroad Museum -- Exhibition Gallery
Small Objects and Artifacts
The small object collection covers almost every facet of railroading and includes clocks, pocket watches, textiles, lanterns, dining car china, silver, fine art, communication devices, signals, shop equipment, and an assortment tools and artifacts used on historic occasions...
2014_MD_BO_RR_Exh_CW58MD -- Baltimore -- B&O Railroad Museum -- Exhibition Gallery -- Civil War 1863
The Annex Gallery: An exhibition space that will change annually to correspond with a war year (i.e. 2011 will focus on 1861). The exhibits feature significant artifacts from the Smithsonian’s collection, the museum’s collection, and the collections of other institutions and private collectors in the...
2014_MD_BO_RR_Shop48MD -- Baltimore -- B&O Railroad Museum -- North Car Shop
2014_MD_BO_RR_Round160MD -- Baltimore -- B&O Railroad Museum -- Roundhouse
The National Landmark Roundhouse: The largest assemblage of Civil War railroad equipment in the world including eight locomotives and cars that served during the war, interpretive signage, video presentations, and life-size historic dioramas. Locomotives to be presented include The William Mason (1858),...
2014_MD_BO_RR_RoundCW89MD -- Baltimore -- B&O Railroad Museum -- Roundhouse -- War Came By Train
Civil War 150th Anniversary
The War Came By Train
Now - May 30, 2015
The American Civil War was the first major conflict where railroads played a prominent role and the B&O was the major line that straddled a divided country. Between April 19, 1861 (The Baltimore Riot of 1861) and April 21, 1865...
2014_MD_BO_RR_Yard88MD -- Baltimore -- B&O Railroad Museum -- Yard
2016_MD_Baltimore_Penn19MD -- Baltimore -- Pennsylvania Station
2015_MD_Barnesville_RR24MD -- Barnesville -- Railroad Depot
2014_MD_BowieRR60MD -- Bowie -- Bowie Railroad Museum
2006_MD_Brunswick28MD -- Brunswick
2008_MD_Cooksville17MD -- Cooksville
2000_MD_Cumberland2MD -- Cumberland
2003_MD_Cumberland3MD -- Cumberland
2006_MD_Cumberland6MD -- Cumberland
2013_MD_Cumberland21MD -- Cumberland
2017_MD_Cumberland10MD -- Cumberland
2003_MD_CumberlandRR3MD -- Cumberland -- Railroad Station and Tracks
2006_MD_CumberlandRR9MD -- Cumberland -- Railroad Station and Tracks
2013_MD_CumberlandRR15MD -- Cumberland -- Railroad Station and Tracks
2017_MD_CumberlandRR19MD -- Cumberland -- Railroad Station and Tracks
2006_MD_Dickerson2MD -- Dickerson
2012_MD_Dickerson3MD -- Dickerson
2008_MD_Ellicott_Station7MD -- Ellicott -- Ellicott City Station (Baltimore & Ohio Ellicott City Station Museum)
2013_MD_Ellicott_Station5MD -- Ellicott -- Ellicott City Station (Baltimore & Ohio Ellicott City Station Museum)
2018_MD_Ellicott_Station151MD -- Ellicott -- Ellicott City Station (Baltimore & Ohio Ellicott City Station Museum)
2018_MD_Ellicott_StationX15MD -- Ellicott -- Ellicott City Station (Baltimore & Ohio Ellicott City Station Museum) -- Holiday Train Exhibit
2014_MD_Natl_Road_BO3MD -- Historic National Road @ B&O Railroad Museum
2006_MD_Natl_Road_Cumb2MD -- Historic National Road @ Cumberland
2013_MD_Natl_Road_Cumb2MD -- Historic National Road @ Cumberland
2017_MD_Natl_Road_Cumb1MD -- Historic National Road @ Cumberland
2014_MD_DCTrolley103MD -- National Capital Trolley Museum
2016_MD_Patapsco145MD -- Patapsco Valley State Park
1999_MD_Patapsco10MD -- Patapsco Valley State Park (and Thomas Viaduct)
2003_MD_Patapsco7MD -- Patapsco Valley State Park (and Thomas Viaduct)
2004_MD_Patapsco3MD -- Patapsco Valley State Park (and Thomas Viaduct)
2005_MD_Patapsco14MD -- Patapsco Valley State Park (and Thomas Viaduct)
2010_MD_Patapsco43MD -- Patapsco Valley State Park (and Thomas Viaduct)
2013_MD_Pt_Rocks21MD -- Point of Rocks
2016_MD_Pt_Rocks51MD -- Point of Rocks
2009_MD_Purple_Line1MD -- Purple Line
2018_MD_Purple_Line108MD -- Purple Line
A sign for the Purple Line has gone up at the Silver Spring Metro station.
Purple Line-related construction around the Flower Avenue Giants.
Trees came down and construction came up around the Old Blair High School.
2019_06_11B_Purple_Line54MD -- Purple Line
Trees are getting cut down. (Partially reviewed)
2019_06_19A_Purple_Line1MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_06_20A_Purple_Line5MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_06_24B_Purple_Line13MD -- Purple Line
The fencing around the Silver Spring Metro station is being finalized. (Partially reviewed)
2019_06_25A_Purple_Line3MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_06_26I_Purple_Line12MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_06_27D1_Purple_Line35MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_07_27A_Purple_Line12MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_07_30G1_Purple_Line77MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_08_05C_Purple_Line3MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_09_02_Purple_Line29MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_09_04A1_Purple_Line30MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_09_08C_Purple_Line19MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_09_10A1_Purple_Line7MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_09_15C_Purple_Line7MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_09_20A2_Purple_Line15MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_09_25A1_Purple_Line4MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_09_30A_Purple_Line61MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_01A1_Purple_Line126MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_10A_Purple_Line3MD -- Purple Line
Another pole goes up. (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_17A2_Purple_Line10MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_18C_Purple_Line3MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_24A_Purple_Line16MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_25C2_Purple_Line70MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_28A_Purple_Line12MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_30A_Purple_Line6MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_11_01E_Purple_Line1MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_11_02B1_Purple_Line18MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_11_04B_Purple_Line4MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_11_12F_Purple_Line4MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_11_14D1_Purple_Line26MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_11_21A_Purple_Line5MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_11_25A_Purple_Line23MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_11_30D_Purple_Line7MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_12_04E_Purple_Line8MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_12_06E_Purple_Line4MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_MD_Purple_Line96MD -- Purple Line
They've ripped down the Kinko's and Spring Center for the new Purple Line. Plus the tunnel work in the Long Branch area.
2007_MD_Savage_Mill58MD -- Savage Mill -- Mill and Bollman Truss Bridge
2005_MD_SS_RR4MD -- Silver Spring -- B&O Railroad Station
2007_MD_SS_RR2MD -- Silver Spring -- B&O Railroad Station
2008_MD_SS_RR41MD -- Silver Spring -- B&O Railroad Station
2019_06_29B_SS_RR62MD -- Silver Spring -- B&O Railroad Station
Part of the Montgomery Heritage Day event --
Silver Spring B&O Railroad Station 301-495-4915
8100 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring
Stop by this 1945 restored railroad station featuring HO scale model railroad display, train table play area, Metro train spotting under the... (Partially reviewed)
2013_DC_Metro_An23Metro Station -- Anacostia
2007_DC_Metro_AN25Metro Station -- Anacostia (art)
2018_DC_Metro_NM6Metro Station -- Archives Navy Memorial Penn Quarter
2019_DC_Metro_NM2Metro Station -- Archives Navy Memorial Penn Quarter
2007_DC_Metro_NM3Metro Station -- Archives Navy Memorial Penn Quarter (art)
2000_VA_Metro_Arl1Metro Station -- Arlington Cemetery
2002_VA_Metro_Arl1Metro Station -- Arlington Cemetery
2009_DC_Metro_CUA1Metro Station -- Brookland / Catholic University of America
2008_DC_Metro_CoH9Metro Station -- Columbia Heights
2019_06_19C4_Metro_CoH17Metro Station -- Columbia Heights (Partially reviewed)
2007_DC_Metro_CH8Metro Station -- Congress Heights (art)
2012_DC_Metro_Du5Metro Station -- Dupont Circle
2013_DC_Metro_DU10Metro Station -- Dupont Circle
2017_DC_Metro_DU13Metro Station -- Dupont Circle
2019_10_01C2_Metro_DU30Metro Station -- Dupont Circle (Partially reviewed)
2017_DC_Metro_EM5Metro Station -- Eastern Market
2013_DC_Metro_FN20Metro Station -- Farragut North
2018_DC_Metro_FW6Metro Station -- Farragut West
2011_DC_Metro_FB9Metro Station -- Foggy Bottom
There had been a power failure in the station so these pictures are what you see when they're on emergency lighting.
2008_DC_Metro_FT2Metro Station -- Fort Totten
2011_DC_Metro_FT6Metro Station -- Fort Totten
Working on the railroad and the plaque for the crash victims.
2013_DC_Metro_FT3Metro Station -- Fort Totten
Some weak sunset shots.
2015_DC_Metro_FT2Metro Station -- Fort Totten
2019_DC_Metro_FT7Metro Station -- Fort Totten
For some reason, most of the trees near the station were taken down. Presumably they became firewood.
2008_DC_Metro_GP1Metro Station -- Gallery Place
2009_DC_Metro_GP3Metro Station -- Gallery Place
The station has various signs alerting people to the upcoming inaugural.
2018_DC_Metro_GP5Metro Station -- Gallery Place
A new canopy is going up over the escalator.
2019_06_22C4_Metro_GP2Metro Station -- Gallery Place (Partially reviewed)
2019_06_30A2_Metro_GP2Metro Station -- Gallery Place
The canopy is finally completed over the Portrait Gallery entrance. (Partially reviewed)
2019_07_30A3_Metro_GP2Metro Station -- Gallery Place
The protective cover has been completed. (Partially reviewed)
2019_DC_Metro_GP15Metro Station -- Gallery Place
Work continues on the Metro canopy which was supposed to have been finished last year.
2007_DC_Metro_GP8Metro Station -- Gallery Place (art)
Also, some pictures of the red station lights which started being installed in this station and were moved to the other stations later on.
2015_DC_Metro_GAP37Metro Station -- Georgia Avenue-Petworth
2018_DC_Metro_GAP7Metro Station -- Georgia Avenue-Petworth
2015_MD_Metro_HY8Metro Station -- Hyattsville
2019_DC_Metro_JS9Metro Station -- Judiciary Square
Escalator work.
2010_DC_Metro_EN5Metro Station -- L'Enfant Plaza
Interesting prism art at one of the entrances.
2011_DC_Metro_EN5Metro Station -- L'Enfant Plaza
The Wegman artwork.
2019_DC_Metro_EN25Metro Station -- L'Enfant Plaza
2007_DC_Metro_EN7Metro Station -- L'Enfant Plaza (art)
2019_DC_Metro_McF14Metro Station -- McPherson Square
New mural!
1997_MD_Metro_Med3Metro Station -- Medical Center
2002_DC_Metro_MC3Metro Station -- Metro Center
2013_DC_Metro_MC15Metro Station -- Metro Center
They have a memorial to Metro employees who died in the line of duty.
2007_DC_Metro_MC9Metro Station -- Metro Center (art)
2017_DC_Metro_MC19Metro Station -- Metro Center (art)
2007_MD_Metro_NR14Metro Station -- Naylor Road (art)
2005_DC_Metro_NY6Metro Station -- New York Avenue
2008_DC_Metro_NY1Metro Station -- New York Avenue
2009_DC_Metro_NY4Metro Station -- New York Avenue
2012_DC_Metro_NY2Metro Station -- New York Avenue
2013_DC_Metro_NY1Metro Station -- New York Avenue
2014_DC_Metro_NY1Metro Station -- New York Avenue
2016_DC_Metro_NY15Metro Station -- New York Avenue
2019_08_24C3_Metro_NY1Metro Station -- New York Avenue (Partially reviewed)
2019_DC_Metro_NY11Metro Station -- New York Avenue
2009_DC_Metro_RI1Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue
2013_DC_Metro_RI1Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue
2016_DC_Metro_RI4Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue
2019_DC_Metro_RI1Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue
2013_DC_Metro_RI_Bridge3Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue -- Pedestrian Bridge
2014_DC_Metro_RI_Bridge45Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue -- Pedestrian Bridge
2015_DC_Metro_RI_Bridge11Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue -- Pedestrian Bridge
2019_07_06B4_Metro_RI_Bridge4Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue -- Pedestrian Bridge (Partially reviewed)
2019_08_24A2_Metro_RI_Bridge3Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue -- Pedestrian Bridge (Partially reviewed)
2019_DC_Metro_RI_Bridge1Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue -- Pedestrian Bridge
2010_VA_Metro_R4Metro Station -- Rosslyn
Mural at the Rosslyn station.
2002_MD_Metro_SS10Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2003_MD_Metro_SS3Metro Station -- Silver Spring
(METSS) Silver Spring MD....
2004_MD_Metro_SS1Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2008_MD_Metro_SS5Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2009_MD_Metro_SS1Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2010_MD_Metro_SS1Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2011_MD_Metro_SS2Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2013_MD_Metro_SS2Metro Station -- Silver Spring
Fire trucks by the Metro.
2014_MD_Metro_SS5Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2016_MD_Metro_SS7Metro Station -- Silver Spring
The entire Metro subway was closed for the day because of electrical safety issues. I had to take the bus downtown instead of the subway... and it ended up being cheaper as well as faster. I'm not sure that was the message I was supposed to get from the subway being shut down but what the heck!
2019_07_07A_Metro_SS3Metro Station -- Silver Spring (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_25C1_Metro_SS3Metro Station -- Silver Spring
The station has been modified to raise the height of some of the side barriers trying to prevent jumpers. Having noticed that, a kid walked through one of the redesigned emergency exits. (Partially reviewed)
2014_MD_Metro_SO3Metro Station -- Southern Avenue
Boundary stone by the Metro.
2007_MD_Metro_SO12Metro Station -- Southern Avenue art
2011_MD_Metro_TP2Metro Station -- Takoma Park
They were single-tracking yet again at the Takoma Park station.
2017_MD_Metro_TP6Metro Station -- Takoma Park
2019_09_20G5_Metro_U1Metro Station -- U Street/AACWM/Cardoza (Partially reviewed)
2009_DC_Metro_U5Metro Station -- U Street/AACWM/Cardoza (art)
2002_DC_Metro_US2Metro Station -- Union Station
2010_DC_Metro_WF4Metro Station -- Waterfront-SEU
Construction equipment which accounted for single-tracking on the green line that day.
2016_NJ_NBrunswick18NJ -- New Brunswick
2015_NV_Nevada_SRR_Museum43NV -- Boulder City -- Nevada Southern Railroad Museum
2014_NV_Nevada_SRRM4NV -- Carson City -- Nevada State Railroad Museum
2008_NY_Hudson14NY -- Hudson River Line
2002_NY_Grand_Central4NY -- NYC -- Grand Central Terminal
2003_NY_Grand_Central22NY -- NYC -- Grand Central Terminal
When I was there, there was an art show going on. The "TV's for Movie People" exhibit was sponsored by the AMC channel and the School of Visual Arts (SVA). It featured 50 one-of-a-kind customized television sets which highlighted a particular scene from a favorite movie. For example, the shower scene...
2008_NY_Grand_Central16NY -- NYC -- Grand Central Terminal
2016_NY_Grand_Central18NY -- NYC -- Grand Central Terminal
2018_NY_Grand_Central59NY -- NYC -- Grand Central Terminal
2019_08_26B2_Grand_Central8NY -- NYC -- Grand Central Terminal (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05D6_Grand_Central6NY -- NYC -- Grand Central Terminal (Partially reviewed)
2016_NY_High_Line28NY -- NYC -- High Line
2017_NY_High_Line49NY -- NYC -- High Line
2018_NY_High_Line14NY -- NYC -- High Line
2019_10_06C1_High_Line13NY -- NYC -- High Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_NY_High_Line31NY -- NYC -- High Line
2016_NY_Oculus26NY -- NYC -- Oculus
2000_NY_Penn_Station1NY -- NYC -- Penn Station
2016_NY_Penn_Station64NY -- NYC -- Penn Station
2017_NY_Penn_Station16NY -- NYC -- Penn Station
2018_NY_Penn_Station10NY -- NYC -- Penn Station
2019_08_26H6_Penn_Station2NY -- NYC -- Penn Station (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_04A_Penn_Station8NY -- NYC -- Penn Station (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05B_Penn_Station4NY -- NYC -- Penn Station (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_06A4_Penn_Station4NY -- NYC -- Penn Station (Partially reviewed)
2019_NY_Penn_Station7NY -- NYC -- Penn Station
2016_NY_NYC_Subway1NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops
I have no idea what station this was.
2018_NY_NYC_Subway_103Lex4NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 103rd St. / Lexington Ave.
2019_NY_NYC_Subway_125thBW11NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 125th St. / Broadway
2019_NY_NYC_Subway_125thSN17NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 125th St. / St. Nicholas Ave.
2018_NY_NYC_Subway_LifeU26NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 14th St. / 8th Ave. (Life Underground Sculptures)
Life Underground Sculptures
An artist's cute bronze subway sculptures belie his violent artistic past.
Each day, thousands of subway riders at the 14th Street/8th Avenue station walk hurriedly by the tiny bronze figures that adorn the platforms. As they continue on with quickening footsteps, many...
2018_NY_NYC_Subway_191BWay16NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 191st St. / Broadway
2019_08_26H3_NYC_Subway_33Raw11NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 33rd St. / Rawson St. (Queens) (Partially reviewed)
2017_NY_NYC_Subway_34thPenn5NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 34th St / Penn Station
2018_NY_NYC_Subway_34thPenn21NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 34th St. / Penn Station
2019_08_26H4_NYC_Subway_40Lowery6NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 40th St. / Lowery St. (Queens) (Partially reviewed)
2019_08_26H1_NYC_Subway_42Grand17NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 42nd St. / Grand Central (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05D5_NYC_Subway_42Bryant5NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 42nd / Bryant Park (Partially reviewed)
2019_08_26H2_NYC_Subway_46Bliss14NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 46th St. / Bliss St. (Queens) (Partially reviewed)
2018_NY_NYC_Subway_50BWay4NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 50th St. / Broadway
50th Street
Liliana Porter
Alice: The Way Out, 1994
Glass mosaic on platform walls
In this series of mosaic panels, titled Alice: The Way Out, Liliana Porter's silhouetted figures portray characters from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. The simple and engaging quality of the works echo the...
2016_NY_NYC_Subway_5th42nd12NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 5th Avenue / 42nd St.
2019_NY_NYC_Subway_72ndBW1NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 72nd St. / Broadway
2018_NY_NYC_Subway_Q7223NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 72nd St. / Second Ave. / Q Line
2017_NY_NYC_Subway_MNH16NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 81st St. / Museum of Natural History / Central Park West
2018_NY_NYC_Subway_MNH59NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 81st St. / Museum of Natural History / Central Park West
2018_NY_NYC_Subway_Q8615NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 86th St. / Second Ave. / Q Line
2018_NY_NYC_Subway_96BWay3NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 96th St. / Broadway
2016_NY_NYC_Subway_Astor8NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- Astor Place
2018_NY_NYC_Subway_Bleeck2NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- Bleecker St. / Lafayette St.
2018_NY_NYC_Subway_Cath1102NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- Cathedral Parkway / 110th St.
2018_NY_NYC_Subway_ChrisSh23NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- Christopher St. / Sheridan Square
2017_NY_NYC_Subway_Clark5NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- Clark St. / Henry St. (Brooklyn Heights)
2018_NY_NYC_Subway_Col1163NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- Columbia University / 116th St. / Broadway
2019_NY_NYC_Subway_ColCirc5NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- Columbus Circle
2018_NY_NYC_Subway_Houston5NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- Houston St. / Varick St.
2018_NY_NYC_Subway_Lex632NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- Lexington Avenue / 63rd St.
2016_NY_NYC_Subway_TS58NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- Times Square / 42nd Street
2018_NY_NYC_Subway_TS19NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- Times Square / 42nd St.
2019_08_26H5_NYC_Subway_TS55NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- Times Square / 42nd St. (Partially reviewed)
2018_NY_NYC_Subway_Wall235NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- Wall St / 2,3 Line
2003_PA_Portage23PA -- Allegheny Portage Railroad NHS
2005_PA_Portage21PA -- Allegheny Portage Railroad NHS
2012_PA_Portage119PA -- Allegheny Portage Railroad NHS
2001_PA_Ft_Necessity_Tavern1PA -- Fort Necessity Natl Battlefield -- Mt Washington Tavern
2003_PA_Ft_Necessity_Tavern8PA -- Fort Necessity Natl Battlefield -- Mt Washington Tavern
2008_PA_Ft_Necessity_Tavern10PA -- Fort Necessity Natl Battlefield -- Mt Washington Tavern
2013_PA_Ft_Necessity_Tavern59PA -- Fort Necessity Natl Battlefield -- Mt Washington Tavern
2005_PA_Tunnels3PA -- Gallitzin Tunnels Park
2012_PA_Tunnels16PA -- Gallitzin Tunnels Park
2013_PA_Amtrak_Exhibit_130929157PA -- Gettysburg -- Amtrak Exhibition Train
2007_PA_Getty_Depot2PA -- Gettysburg -- Town -- Railroad Depot
2008_PA_Getty_Depot24PA -- Gettysburg -- Town -- Railroad Depot
2009_PA_Getty_Depot5PA -- Gettysburg -- Town -- Railroad Depot
2013_PA_Getty_Depot75PA -- Gettysburg -- Town -- Railroad Depot
2005_PA_Horseshoe5PA -- Horseshoe Curve Natl Historic Landmark
2005_PA_Stone_Bridge8PA -- Johnstown -- Stone Bridge
2016_PA_Stone_Bridge16PA -- Johnstown -- Stone Bridge
2016_PA_Johnstown_Train10PA -- Johnstown -- Train Station
2007_PA_Inclines17PA -- Pittsburgh -- Duquesne and Monongahela inclines
2005_PA_Staple_Bend16PA -- Staple Bend Tunnel
2011_TN_Chat_Choo_Choo18TN -- Chattanooga -- Choo-Choo
2017_TN_Chat_Choo_Choo53TN -- Chattanooga -- Choo-Choo
2017_TN_Chat_TVRR115TN -- Chattanooga -- Tennessee Valley Railroad
2003_UT_Spike11UT -- Golden Spike NHS
2016_UT_Spike57UT -- Golden Spike NHS
2003_UT_Spike_Auto3UT -- Golden Spike NHS -- Auto Tour
2016_UT_Spike_Auto42UT -- Golden Spike NHS -- Auto Tour
2003_UT_Spike_Big_Fill4UT -- Golden Spike NHS -- Big Fill Loop Trail
2016_UT_Spike_Big_Fill50UT -- Golden Spike NHS -- Big Fill Loop Trail
2016_UT_SpikeVC_Lucin29UT -- Golden Spike NHS -- Visitor Center: Lucin Cutoff
2003_UT_SpikeVC2UT -- Golden Spike NHS -- Visitor Center: Main Displays
2016_UT_SpikeVC103UT -- Golden Spike NHS -- Visitor Center: Main Displays
2019_07_12B5_Ogden_Union_AG20UT -- Ogden -- Union Station -- Art Gallery (Partially reviewed)
2019_07_12B3_Ogden_Union_BK55UT -- Ogden -- Union Station -- Browning-Kimball Classic Car Museum (Partially reviewed)
2019_07_12B1_Ogden_Union56UT -- Ogden -- Union Station -- Everything Else (Partially reviewed)
2019_07_12B6_Ogden_Union_JB134UT -- Ogden -- Union Station -- John M. Browning Firearms Museum (Partially reviewed)
2019_07_12B4_Ogden_Union_RC64UT -- Ogden -- Union Station -- Spencer S. Eccles Rail Center (Partially reviewed)
2019_07_12B2_Ogden_Union_RR221UT -- Ogden -- Union Station -- Utah State Railroad Museum (Partially reviewed)
2016_UT_US644UT -- US6 @ Tie Fork -- Rest Area
2016_UT_UT31325UT -- UT313 pull-offs
2010_VA_WilkesST5VA -- Alexandria -- Wilkes Street Tunnel
1989_VA_Auto_Train4VA -- Auto Train
This was the start and end of a trip Michelle and I made down to Ormond Beach, FL.
1998_VA_Delaplane1VA -- Delaplane
2004_VA_Delaplane7VA -- Delaplane
2012_VA_Delaplane12VA -- Delaplane
1998_VA_ManassasJ2VA -- Manassas Junction
2006_VA_ManassasJ16VA -- Manassas Junction
2008_VA_ManassasJ20VA -- Manassas Junction
2014_VA_ManassasJ50VA -- Manassas Junction
2017_VA_ManassasJ76VA -- Manassas Junction
2012_VA_MStreet_Station24VA -- Richmond -- Main Street Station
2015_VA_MStreet_Station16VA -- Richmond -- Main Street Station
2008_VA_Roanoke_Railwalk55VA -- Roanoke -- Railwalk
2012_WV_Harpers_RR13WV -- Harpers Ferry NHP -- Railroad Station
2014_WV_Harpers_RR11WV -- Harpers Ferry NHP -- Railroad Station
2015_WV_Harpers_RR19WV -- Harpers Ferry NHP -- Railroad Station
2017_WV_Harpers_RR1WV -- Harpers Ferry NHP -- Railroad Station

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2019_12_02E1_Shepard224DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Event: Honoring Matthew Shepard—A Celebration and Plaque Dedication
Honoring Matthew Shepard—A Celebration and Plaque Dedication On Monday evening, December 2, Washington National Cathedral and the Matthew Shepard Foundation will host a ceremony of inspiration, celebration, and song as we dedicate the Matthew Shepard Memorial Plaque. Elevated by a grassroots, crowd-... (Partially reviewed)
2019_11_01D_Bookfair150NPC -- 42nd Annual Book Fair & Author's Night (2019)
One hundred authors -- and their books -- will be under one roof at the National Press Club, just in time for the gift-giving season. Navigate national politics and history, whisk your way to tasty treats, or laugh with your little one during the 2019 Book Fair and Authors’ Night on Friday, Nov. 1. ... (Partially reviewed)
2019_12_04D1_Kalb189NPC -- Kalb Report: "We the People..." (w/Nina Totenberg, Pete Williams, and Jonathan Turley)
The Kalb Report: “We the People…” Is America headed for—or perhaps already in -- a constitutional crisis fueled by highly partisan politics? Is this endangering our democracy? If so, where do we go from here? The first forum in the 26th season of The Kalb Report (and the 100th program in the series)... (Partially reviewed)
2019_11_17_APG278Reynolds Center (NPG) -- Event: American Portrait Gala 2019
On Nov. 17, the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery will host its third biennial American Portrait Gala. The black-tie, red carpet affair will bestow the Portrait Gallery’s coveted “Portrait of a Nation Prize” to six notable honorees whose accomplishments have made an impact on the nation’s shar... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_27A_Chappelle179DC -- Kennedy Center -- Mark Twain Prize (2019 -- Dave Chappelle)
Folks shown here include: Q-Tip, Michael Che, Colin Jost, Kenan Thompson, Aziz Ansari, David Rubenstein, Morgan Freeman, ???, Kidd O'Shea (ABC 7), Fab Five Freddie, Robert L. Johnson, ???, ???, John Legend, Neal Brennan, ??? (again), David Rubenstein (again), Jeff Ross, Common, Sarah Silverman, Aziz... (Partially reviewed)

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