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2020_DC_Fox_20020341CSIS -- UK's Post-Brexit Foreign and Security Policy (w/Liam Fox)
The Lillan and Robert D. Stuart Jr. Center in Euro-Atlantic and Northern European Studies cordially invites you to:
The UK's Post-Brexit Foreign and Security Policy and the Centrality of NATO
* Rt Hon Dr. Liam Fox, Member of Parliament, United Kingdom
Moderated by
* Heather A. Conley,...
2020_DC_14th_Graffiti59DC -- 16th Street Heights -- 14th Street Graffiti Museum
14th Street Graffiti Museum
14th and Crittenden Streets NW.
Hours: Open daily, beginning Oct. 3, from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Admission: Free.
2020_DC_14th_GraffitiO_20100388DC -- 16th Street Heights -- 14th Street Graffiti Museum -- Opening Day!
Opening day!
SMK will play a DJ set starting in the late afternoon as part of the grand opening celebrations on Oct. 3.
Folks here included Cory Stowers (Associate Director, DC Murals), Eddie Harris (artist, photographer, designer at Studio 47), Jah-One (artist), Perry Frank (Founding Director, DC...
2020_DC_Triangle_Pk_13EA35DC -- 16th Street Heights -- Triangle Park (13th St & Emerson & Arkansas NW)
2020_DC_Engine093DC -- Adams Morgan -- Engine Company 09 (1617 U St. NW)
2020_DC_Kalorama_Pk17DC -- Adams Morgan -- Kalorama Park
Including folks out during Covid-19.
2020_DC_Marie_Reed17DC -- Adams Morgan -- Marie H Reed Recreation Center (2200 Champlain St NW)
2020_DC_Adams_Banners6DC -- Adams Morgan -- Streetlight banners
2020_DC_Hepburn10DC -- Adams Morgan -- The Hepburn Apartments (1901 Connecticut Ave NW)
2020_DC_Walter_Pierce_Pk6DC -- Adams Morgan -- Walter Pierce Park
2020_DC_Uni_Church9DC -- Adams Morgan -- Washington Family Church National Cathedral, FFWPU of Washington DC (Unification Church of DC) (1610 Columbia Rd., NW)
2020_DC_Hilton8DC -- Adams Morgan -- Washington Hilton (1919 Connecticut Ave NW)
2020_DC_Adams_Morgan122DC -- Adams Morgan neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Altria_Vw3DC -- Altria -- Views from...
2020_DC_AU2DC -- American University
2020_DC_KatzenXT_Vessels_20030552DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2020A Gallery Talk: Communicating Vessels
Communicating Vessels
Curator Claudia Rousseau will join the three DC-based, Surrealist-inspired artists of Communicating Vessels -- Ed Bisese, Elyse Harrison, Wayne Paige -- in conversation.
2020_DC_KatzenX_2020A_Vessels41DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2020A Winter Exhibit: Communicating Vessels: Ed Bisese, Elyse Harrison, Wayne Paige
Communicating Vessels: Ed Bisese, Elyse Harrison, Wayne Paige
Curated by Claudia Rousseau, PhD
January 25-March 15, 2020
The title of this exhibition is borrowed from that of a book written in 1932 by Surrealist poet André Breton (1896-1966), who in turn had borrowed it from a scientific experiment...
2020_DC_KatzenX_2020A_Good_Form158DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2020A Winter Exhibit: Good Form, Decorum, and in the Manner
Good Form, Decorum, and in the Manner
Portraits from the Collections of Washington Print Club Members
Curated by Tim Doud
January 25-March 15, 2020
Portraits are usually understood in one of two ways: as the depiction of the face of a person, or a representation of someone's impression of a person....
2020_DC_KatzenX_2020A_Heroes35DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2020A Winter Exhibit: Heroes & Losers: The Edification of Luis Lorenzana
Heroes & Losers: The Edification of Luis Lorenzana
Lisa Guerrero Nakpil, Coordinating Curator
January 25-March 15, 2020
Luis Lorenzana (b. 1979) is a self-taught Filipino artist whose background in politics has infused his work with a cynicism that belies his longing for a kinder, more equitable...
2020_DC_KatzenX_2020A_Landscape26DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2020A Winter Exhibit: Landscape in an Eroded Field
Landscape in an Eroded Field
Carol Barsha, Heather Theresa Clark, Artemis Herber
Curated by Laura Roulet
January 25-March 15, 2020
Landscape in an Eroded Field brings together three women artists whose work reflects the evolution of the pictorial landscape tradition in the Anthropocene era. Carol...
2020_DC_KatzenX_2020A_Gates33DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2020A Winter Exhibit: Robert Franklin Gates: Paint What You See
Robert Franklin Gates: Paint What You See
Curated by Jack Rasmussen
January 25-May 24, 2020
Robert Franklin Gates: Paint What You See showcases an adventurous artist who greatly influenced the course of Washington art from his arrival from Detroit in 1930, at the age of 24, until his death in 1982 as...
2020_DC_KatzenXT_BGMuhn_20021588DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2020A Winter Gallery Talk: B.G. Muhn ("North Korean Art - The Enigmatic World of Chosonhwa" book talk)
North Korean Art - The Enigmatic World of Chosonhwa
A Book Talk and Signing by B.G. Muhn
A book signing and talk by Georgetown Art Professor B.G. Muhn. Muhn will present the first publication of its kind on chosonhwa, which is the North Korean moniker for traditional ink wash painting, and the...
2020_DC_KatzenXT_Loren_20012428DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2020A Winter Gallery Talk: Luis Lorenzana
Members' Preview: Luis Lorenzana
Museum members are invited to preview six new exhibitions and join a gallery talk with Filipino artist Luis Lorenzana, centered on his searing political paintings.
2020_DC_KatzenO_20012435DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2020A Winter Opening Reception (Member)
Folks here include:
Sharon Wolpoff, Jack Rasmussen, Carol Barsha, Helen Zughaib, Elyse Harrison, and Wayne Paige.
2020_DC_KatzenO_20012535DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2020A Winter Opening Reception (Public)
Folks here include: Luis Lorenzana, Laura Roulet, Artemis Herber, Carol Barsha, and Ed Bisese.
2020_DC_AU_Park48DC -- American University Park neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Anacostia52DC -- Anacostia
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Anacostia_YAndT10DC -- Anacostia -- Anacostia Yesterday and Today exhibit @ 2427 MLK Ave, SE
2020_DC_Max_Robinson12DC -- Anacostia -- Max Robinson Center
2020_DC_Big_Chair4DC -- Anacostia -- Public Art: The Big Chair
2020_DC_Thurgood_Academy6DC -- Anacostia -- Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter High School
2020_DC_Union_Temple9DC -- Anacostia -- Union Temple Baptist Church (1225 W St SE)
2020_DC_UHPrayerA8DC -- Anacostia -- United House of Prayer for All (1123 Howard St. SE)
2020_DC_Mellon_Fountain3DC -- Andrew W. Mellon Memorial Fountain
2020_DC_AFRH2DC -- Armed Forces Retirement Home (Old Soldiers Home)
2020_DC_AFRH_Museum24DC -- Armed Forces Retirement Home (Old Soldiers Home) -- Museum
2020_DC_SISG_Age_Old123DC -- Arthur M. Sackler Gallery -- Exhibit: Age Old Cities: A Virtual Journey from Palmyra to Mosul
Age Old Cities: A Virtual Journey from Palmyra to Mosul
January 25, 2020 – October 25, 2020
Journey to three cities in the Middle East—Palmyra and Aleppo in Syria and Mosul in Iraq—in this virtual exhibition organized by the Arab World Institute, Paris, and created in collaboration with UNESCO. These...
2020_DC_SIAIB_4Ward3DC -- Arts and Industries Bldg -- Forward Into Light
2020_DC_Atlas_PAC7DC -- Atlas District -- Atlas Performing Arts Center (1333 H St NE)
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_DC_BensH15DC -- Atlas District -- Ben's Chili Bowl (1001 H St NE)
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_DC_Engine10_Old3DC -- Atlas District -- Old Engine Company 10 (1341 Maryland Ave. NE)
2020_DC_Sherwood_Rec_Center19DC -- Atlas District -- Sherwood Recreation Center (640 10th St NE)
2020_DC_Swampoodle_Pk19DC -- Atlas District -- Swampoodle Park
2020_DC_Atlas221DC -- Atlas District neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_DC_City_Church15DC -- AU Park -- City Church & Methodist Cemetery (formerly Eldbrooke United Methodist, now Citizen Heights) (4100 River Rd NW)
I wasn't sure what the cans of Reddi-Wip were doing in the cemetery.
2020_DC_Engine208DC -- AU Park -- Engine Company 20 (4300 Wisconsin Ave. NW)
2020_DC_Natl_Pres_Ctr40DC -- AU Park -- National Presbyterian Church and Center (4101 Nebraska Ave., NW)
2020_DC_St_Ann19DC -- AU Park -- Saint Ann Catholic Church (4001 Yuma St. NW)
Including Covid-19 sign. I had no idea they were open during the week during this time -- mass was cancelled but private prayer is fine. I guess Catholics feel they have to go to church for much of their observance.
2020_DC_Tenley_Lib7DC -- AU Park -- Tenley Friendship Neighborhood Library (4450 Wisconsin Ave. NW)
I always find this building interesting on the outside. Some day I have to go inside and check it out.
2020_DC_Armory27DC -- Barney Circle -- Armory
The band rehearses.
2020_DC_RFK_Stadium33DC -- Barney Circle -- RFK Stadium (2400 East Capitol St NE)
Pictures here include the base where the monument to Washington Redskins founding owner George Preston Marshall had been. Marshall, the founding owner of the Redskins who gave the team its nickname, staunchly opposed integration in all facets of life. He was the last NFL owner to sign a black player and...
2020_DC_Barney_Circle4DC -- Barney Circle neighborhood
2020_DC_Birney_School2DC -- Barry Farm -- Birney School
2020_DC_Campbell_AME7DC -- Barry Farm -- Campbell AME Church (2568 MLK Ave, SE)
2020_DC_Matthews_Memorial15DC -- Barry Farm -- Matthews Memorial Baptist Church (2616 MLK Ave, SE)
2020_DC_Barry_Farm12DC -- Barry Farm community
And Suitland Parkway, which split the community apart, views.
2020_DC_Bikeshare45DC -- Bike Sharing / Racks
2020_DC_Crispus_Attucks_Pk12DC -- Bloomingdale -- Crispus Attucks Park
2020_DC_Mt_Bethel_BC4DC -- Bloomingdale -- Mt Bethel Baptist Church (75 Rhode Island Ave NW)
2020_DC_Engine12_Old6DC -- Bloomingdale -- Old Engine Company 12 (1626 N. Capitol St., NW)
2020_DC_Triangle_Pk_RI1U4DC -- Bloomingdale -- Triangle Park (Rhode Island Ave, 1st and U St, NW)
2020_DC_Bloomingdale33DC -- Bloomingdale neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Brentwood2DC -- Brentwood neighborhood
2020_DC_Covid19_Testing_BW23DC -- Brightwood -- DC COVID-19 testing site @ Brightwood
2020_DC_Brightwood14DC -- Brightwood neighborhood
Places had been boarded up. I thought this was because of the reaction to the rise of fascism during the Trump re-election attempt but there was another police shooting in the neighborhood.
2020_DC_Brookland5DC -- Brookland neighborhood
2020_DC_Busboys_Anacostia3DC -- Busboys and Poets -- Anacostia
2020_DC_Busboys_Takoma19DC -- Busboys and Poets -- Takoma
Closed due to Covid-19.
2020_DC_Callbox262DC -- Callboxes
2020_DC_Cannon_HOB1DC -- Capitol Hill -- Cannon House Office Bldg
2020_DC_Dirksen_SOB1DC -- Capitol Hill -- Dirksen Senate Office Building
2020_DC_Engine085DC -- Capitol Hill -- Engine Company 08 (1520 C St SE)
2020_DC_Engine184DC -- Capitol Hill -- Engine Company 18 (414 8th St SE)
2020_DC_Friends6DC -- Capitol Hill -- Friends Committee on National Legislation (245 2nd St NE)
2020_DC_Hart_SOB1DC -- Capitol Hill -- Hart Senate Office Building
2020_DC_Holy_Comforter42DC -- Capitol Hill -- Holy Comforter Saint Cypiran Roman Catholic Church (1357 E Capitol SE)
They were actually open during Covid-19. There was one parishioner inside when I was there.
2020_DC_HHS_Humphrey8DC -- Capitol Hill -- Hubert H. Humphrey Bldg (HHS) (200 Independence SW)
2020_DC_Kingsman_Academy8DC -- Capitol Hill -- Kingsman Academy Public Charter School (1375 E St NE)
2020_DC_Lincoln_Pk127DC -- Capitol Hill -- Lincoln Park
Including Covid-19 signs and BLM protest signs.
2020_DC_Lincoln_Protest_200626193DC -- Capitol Hill -- Lincoln Park -- BLM Protest
This was an interesting example of two competing events in the same place. The event I came to attend was this one:

Join the Rally and Teach-In for Lincoln Park
In a demonstration of solidarity and recognition of the history of Lincoln Park in Washington, D.C. members of the local, regional and...
2020_DC_ReformationDC4DC -- Capitol Hill -- Lutheran Church of the Reformation (212 E Capitol St., NE)
2020_DC_Maury_Elementary22DC -- Capitol Hill -- Maury Elementary School (1250 Const Ave NE)
2020_DC_Rayburn_HOB5DC -- Capitol Hill -- Rayburn House Office Bldg
2020_DC_Russell_SOB6DC -- Capitol Hill -- Russell Senate Office Bldg
2020_DC_SOJ_Park15DC -- Capitol Hill -- Spirit of Justice Park
2020_DC_Stanton_Pk16DC -- Capitol Hill -- Stanton Park
2020_DC_Stanton_Tower10DC -- Capitol Hill -- Stanton Tower (609 Maryland Ave NE)
2020_DC_Fridge35DC -- Capitol Hill -- The Fridge (516 8th St NE)
The public art outside.
2020_DC_United_Methodist13DC -- Capitol Hill -- United Methodist Bldg (100 Maryland Ave NE)
2020_DC_CapHill_Methodist6DC -- Capitol Hill -- United Methodist Church (421 Seward Sq SE)
2020_DC_CapHill194DC -- Capitol Hill neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Catharsis62DC -- Catharsis on the Mall
2020_DC_Cathedral_Heights12DC -- Cathedral Heights neightborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_CCP_Lurie72DC -- Center for Contemporary Political Art -- Boris Lurie in America
Boris Lurie in America
He Had the Courage to Say NO!
26 January - 26 April, 2020

Exhibit Overview
A contemporary of Rauschenberg, Warhol, Lichtenstein and Johns, Boris Lurie arrived in New York in 1946, having survived nearly four years in Hitler’s death camps. He was just 21.
Over the next 60...
2020_DC_CSIS5DC -- Center for Strategic and International Studies
2020_DC_Cherry89DC -- Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin (2020)
The cherry blossoms peaked but it was Covid-19 time.
I had not intended to see the cherry blossoms this time because of Covid-19 but the weather was great. I decided to avoid the crowds and see them at West Potomac Park (Hains Point) instead of the main Tidal Basin but WPP was closed and, as I was...
2020_DC_Conn_Odds24DC -- Chevy Chase -- 5000 Connecticut Odds Alley block (excluding Comet Ping Pong and Politics and Prose)
Covid-19 signs including on the CVS.
2020_DC_Amer_City_Diner38DC -- Chevy Chase -- American City Diner (5532 Conn Ave NW) and mural
2020_DC_Avalon7DC -- Chevy Chase -- Avalon Theatre (5612 Connecticut Ave NW)
2020_DC_Childs_Play8DC -- Chevy Chase -- Child's Play Toys & Books (5536 Conn Ave NW)
2020_DC_Comet2DC -- Chevy Chase -- Comet Ping Pong (5037 Conn Ave, NW)
Covid-19 sign says they're open for carry-out but charging 20% surcharge due to Covid-19 costs.
2020_DC_PProse27DC -- Chevy Chase -- Politics & Prose (Main Store @ 5015 Connecticut Ave NW)
August 2: The store has reopened to limited in-person shopping.
2020_DC_Blessed_Sacrament9DC -- Chevy Chase -- Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament (3630 Quesada St. NW)
2020_DC_Summer_Camp12DC -- Chevy Chase -- Summer Camp distribution center
Covid-19 closed the DC summer camps so the city set up distribution centers where families could pick up summer toys for their kids.
2020_DC_Turnaround_CCC19DC -- Chevy Chase -- WMATA Bus Turnaround (5720 Connecticut Ave NW)
2020_DC_CChase_Circle25DC -- Chevy Chase Circle
2020_DC_Chevy_Chase_CC13DC -- Chevy Chase Community Center/Library
2020_DC_Chevy_Chase117DC -- Chevy Chase neighborhood
2020_DC_CCPC6DC -- Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church (1 Chevy Chase Circle, NW)
2020_DC_Friendship_Arch10DC -- Chinatown -- Friendship Arch
The arch is being spruced up.
2020_DC_Sixth_I11DC -- Chinatown -- Sixth & I Historic Synagogue (600 I St NW)
2020_DC_TechWorld16DC -- Chinatown -- TechWorld
2020_DC_Chinatown59DC -- Chinatown neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_CNewYr_200126153DC -- Chinese New Year Parade (2020)
2020 Lunar New Year Parade
Join Mayor Muriel Bowser at the 2020 Lunar New Year Parade as we celebrate the Year of the Rat!
Folks shown include (in sequence): Muriel Bowser, Jack Evans, DC City Council Chairman Phil Mendelson, Michael Shankle, Paul Strauss (DC's "Shadow Senator"), and Katelynne Cox...
2020_DC_Ft_Bayard12DC -- Circle Forts -- Fort Bayard
2020_DC_Ft_Mahan29DC -- Circle Forts -- Fort Mahan
I was walking through this park just as the number of deaths in the United States from Covid-19 was officially passing over 100,000. When the child president said the count would soon be down to zero, we didn't realize it was because there weren't any more people available to die.
2020_DC_Ft_Reno16DC -- Circle Forts -- Fort Reno Park and Reservoir
2020_DC_Ft_RenoVw13DC -- Circle Forts -- Fort Reno Park and Reservoir -- Views from...
2020_DC_Ft_Totten10DC -- Circle Forts -- Fort Totten
2020_DC_City_CenterC7DC -- CityCenterDC -- Canopy
2020_DC_City_Center25DC -- CityCenterDC complex
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Engine283DC -- Cleveland Park -- Engine Company 28 (3522 Connecticut Ave NW)
2020_DC_Klingle_Valley_Br21DC -- Cleveland Park -- Klingle Valley Bridge/Park
2020_DC_Sams_PandR6DC -- Cleveland Park -- Sam's Park & Ride
2020_DC_Sidwell11DC -- Cleveland Park -- Sidwell Friends School
2020_DC_Uptown_Theater7DC -- Cleveland Park -- Uptown Theater
2020_DC_Yenching_Palace10DC -- Cleveland Park -- Yenching Palace (3524 Connecticut Ave. NW)
2020_DC_Cleveland_Pk_Lib23DC -- Cleveland Park Library
Closed due to Covid-19 but it looked like a nice place to come back to. Plus it has a G. Byron Peck pandamania and a mural outside.
2020_DC_Cleveland_Pk111DC -- Cleveland Park neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Clydes5DC -- Clyde's Restaurant @ Gallery Place
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_11Monroe_Pk20DC -- Columbia Heights -- 11th and Monroe Park
2020_DC_All_Souls3DC -- Columbia Heights -- All Souls Church, Unitarian (1500 Harvard St NW)
2020_DC_Cardozo21DC -- Columbia Heights -- Cardozo High School
2020_DC_CardozoV10DC -- Columbia Heights -- Cardozo High School -- Views from...
2020_DC_Carlos_Rosario17DC -- Columbia Heights -- Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School (1100 Harvard St NW)
2020_DC_DC_USA26DC -- Columbia Heights -- DC USA mall (3100 14th St NW)
2020_DC_Engine119DC -- Columbia Heights -- Engine Company 11 (3420 14th St NW)
2020_DC_Gibbons_Mem6DC -- Columbia Heights -- James Cardinal Gibbons Memorial Statue
2020_DC_Meridian30DC -- Columbia Heights -- Meridian Hill Park (Malcolm X Park)
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Natl_Baptist3DC -- Columbia Heights -- National Baptist Memorial Church (1501 Columbia Rd, NW)
2020_DC_Tivoli16DC -- Columbia Heights -- Tivoli Theater --> GALA Hispanic Theatre (3333 14th St NW)
2020_DC_Tubman_Elementary15DC -- Columbia Heights -- Tubman Elementary School (3101 13th St NW)
Including boxes for Distance Learning Plans for Covid-19.
2020_DC_YWCA148DC -- Columbia Heights -- YWCA National Campaign Area (2303 14th St NW)
2020_DC_Columbia_Heights_CP26DC -- Columbia Heights Civic Plaza (and sidewalk mosaics)
2020_DC_Columbia_Heights181DC -- Columbia Heights neighborhood
Including two women chatting with each other -- one on the sidewalk and one from the window of her fourth floor apartment -- during Covid-19 social distancing restrictions.
2020_DC_Cong_Cem31DC -- Congressional Cemetery
2020_DC_Corc_Rm1057DC -- Corcoran School of the Arts and Design -- 105 Classroom
2020_DC_Mann_20022632DC -- Corcoran School of the Arts and Design -- Event: Onward: Meet and Greet with Pixar's Head of Story, Kelsey Mann
Onward: Meet and Greet with Pixar's Head of Story, Kelsey Mann
Kelsey Mann, Head of Story at Pixar, will be talking about 'Onward', released in theaters on March 6, 2020.
Meet Kelsey Mann, Head of Story at Pixar. Kelsey was the story supervisor on the 2013 feature film, Monster's University and has...
2020_DC_Corc_Dialogue40DC -- Corcoran School of the Arts and Design -- Exhibit @ Brady Gallery: Dialogue: Art Students’ Works and GW Collection Paintings
Dialogue: Art Students’ Works and GW Collection Paintings
Fri, February 7, 2020 to Fri, March 20, 2020
Luther W. Brady Art Gallery
Students from the George Washington University’s Corcoran School of the Arts and Design will see their works on display alongside pieces from the GW Collection, including...
2020_DC_Costco_NYAve1DC -- Costco @ New York Ave -- COVID sign
2020_DC_CrittersDC12DC -- Critters -- Gray haired squirrel, morning doves?
2020_DC_Covid19_Testing_A12DC -- DC COVID-19 testing site @ Anacostia
Closed "due to inclement weather".
2020_DC_Covid19_Testing_FD87DC -- DC COVID-19 testing site @ DCFD Engine 08
2020_DC_Covid19_Testing_C4DC -- DC COVID-19 testing site @ Mall (Curative van)
2020_DC_Covid19_Testing_US11DC -- DC COVID-19 testing site @ Union Station
Due to heat emergencies, some of the city's test sites had closed up already but this one was still open. They said the test was a simple mouth swab, not the normal pull-your-brain-out-your-nose test, so I had it done on myself. This test was by CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort). Someone there...
2020_DC_Streetcar11DC -- DC Streetcar
2020_DC_Engine274DC -- Deanwood -- Engine Company 27 (4201 Minnesota Ave., NE)
2020_DC_Lederer_Gardens12DC -- Deanwood -- Lederer Gardens
2020_DC_Marvin_Gaye_Pk53DC -- Deanwood -- Marvin Gaye Park
2020_DC_Deanwood62DC -- Deanwood neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_DC_USDA20DC -- Dept of Agriculture Building (Jamie L. Whitten Bldg)
2020_DC_Treasury8DC -- Dept of Treasury building
2020_DC_SIPG_Bldg13DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center -- Building
The National Portrait Gallery and Smithsonian American Art Museum reopened on September 18 after Covid-19 closed them on March 14.
2020_DC_SIPG_4Ward15DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center -- Forward Into Light
2020_DC_SIPG_Courtyard2DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center -- Kogod Courtyard
2020_DC_SIPG_Painting23DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center -- Paintings
2020_DC_SIPG_Portrait19DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center -- Portraits
A new John Lewis portrait is on exhibit.
2020_DC_SIPG_Pres14DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (NPG) -- Exhibit: America's Presidents
2020_DC_SIPG_1stLadies140DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (NPG) -- Exhibit: Every Eye Is Upon Me: First Ladies of the United States
Every Eye Is Upon Me: First Ladies of the United States
November 13, 2020 – May 23, 2021
Every Eye Is Upon Me: First Ladies of the United States is the first major exhibition to explore the historical significance of this prominent position through the mode of portraiture. The exhibition, organized in...
2020_DC_SIPG_Her_Story30DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (NPG) -- Exhibit: Her Story: A Century of Women Writers
Her Story: A Century of Women Writers
September 18, 2020 – January 18, 2021
Everyone loves a good story. Her Story: A Century of Women Writers highlights 24 noted women writers from the last one hundred years who are represented in the Portrait Gallery’s collection. The authors featured have...
2020_DC_SIPG_Larsen3DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (NPG) -- Exhibit: In Memoriam: Don Larsen, 1929-2020
In Memoriam: Don Larsen, 1929-2020
January 6, 2020 – February 3, 2020
In the 1956 championship series pitting the New York Yankees against the Brooklyn Dodgers, Yankee hurler Don Larsen entered the record books by pitching the first and only perfect game in World Series history. With the series even...
2020_DC_SIPG_Dyson3DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (NPG) -- Exhibit: In Memoriam: Freeman Dyson, 1923-2020
In Memoriam: Freeman Dyson
March 3, 2020 - March 13, 2020
For the better part of a century, mathematician and physicist Freeman Dyson contributed impressive proofs and provocative theories to the scientific world. His theory of quantum electrodynamics (QED) was conceived while still a graduate student...
2020_DC_SIPG_Kobe2DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (NPG) -- Exhibit: In Memoriam: Kobe Bryant, 1978-2020
In Memoriam: Kobe Bryant
January 27, 2020 – TBA
The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery presents a portrait of the late Kobe Bryant (1978 – 2020), marking the death of the famed American athlete. Bryant spent nearly his entire career as a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. He won five NBA...
2020_DC_SIPG_Sargent79DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (NPG) -- Exhibit: John Singer Sargent: Charcoal Drawings
John Singer Sargent: Charcoal Drawings
February 28, 2020 – May 31, 2020
At the height of his success as a portraitist, John Singer Sargent (1856–1925) astonished the transatlantic art world by suddenly abandoning oil painting in 1907. For the rest of his life, he explored likeness and identity through...
2020_DC_SIPG_Recent37DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (NPG) -- Exhibit: Recent Acquisitions (2020)
Recent Acquisitions: Gifts from the Corcoran Gallery of Art
October 9, 2020 – October 24, 2021
This exhibition presents more than 25 gifted works, including portraits of cultural figures Louis Armstrong, Katharine Graham, and Frida Kahlo; presidents James Madison and Zachary Taylor; and the first...
2020_DC_SIPG_Visionary13DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (NPG) -- Exhibit: Visionary: The Cumming Family Collection
Visionary: The Cumming Family Collection
September 18, 2020 – January 24, 2021
This exhibition reveals the results of over twenty-five years of inspired collecting by Ian and Annette Cumming. Beginning in 1995, the Cummings worked with their friend D. Dodge Thompson to commission or acquire over two...
2020_DC_SIPG_Visionary24DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (NPG) -- Exhibit: Visionary: The Cumming Family Collection (Part 2) -- Preparing to open
Visionary: The Cumming Family Collection (Part 2)
December 4, 2020 - January 24, 2021
The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery presents “Visionary: The Cumming Family Collection,” revealing the results of more than 25 years of inspired collecting by Ian and Annette Cumming and installed in two...
2020_DC_SIPG_SargentPP_20022739DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (NPG) -- Press Preview: John Singer Sargent: Portraits in Charcoal
Press preview for “John Singer Sargent: Portraits in Charcoal”
* Kim Sajet, director, National Portrait Gallery
* Robyn Asleson, curator of prints and drawings, National Portrait Gallery
* Richard Ormond, guest curator and co-author of the "John Singer Sargent, Complete Paintings" series...
2020_DC_SIPG_Humboldt_Folks14DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Exhibit: Alexander von Humboldt -- Folks At...
Folks here include the curator, Eleanor Harvey, artist/writer/director/producer Paul Glenshaw, Mike Rhode, and Cathy Hunter.
2020_DC_SIPG_Humboldt165DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Exhibit: Alexander von Humboldt and the United States: Art, Nature, and Culture
Alexander von Humboldt and the United States: Art, Nature, and Culture
September 18, 2020 – January 3, 2021
Alexander von Humboldt was arguably the most important naturalist of the 19th century. Alexander von Humboldt and the United States: Art, Nature, and Culture places American art squarely in the...
2020_DC_SIPG_Holzer12DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Exhibit: Conserving Jenny Holzer's For SAAM
Lunder Conservation Center
Conserving Jenny Holzer's For SAAM
2020_DC_SIPG_Bey_Johnson5DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Exhibit: Dawoud Bey & William H. Johnson
New On View
Dawoud Bey & William H. Johnson
2020_DC_SIPG_Folk21DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Exhibit: Folk Art
2020_DC_SIPG_Hand_Wheel4DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Exhibit: Hand and Wheel
Hand and Wheel
Stieglitz, O'Keeffe, and a Ford V-8
Alfred Stieglitz was a prominent photographer and, as director of the gallery 291 in New York City, a tireless champion of modernist art. He first encountered the work of Georgia O'Keeffe on New Year's Day in 1916, when a mutual friend showed him a...
2020_DC_SIPG_PrintRev202DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Exhibit: Printing the Revolution! The Rise and Impact of Chicano Graphics, 1965 to Now
Printing the Revolution! The Rise and Impact of Chicano Graphics, 1965 to Now
November 20, 2020 – August 8, 2021
In the 1960s, activist Chicano artists forged a remarkable history of printmaking that remains vital today. Many artists came of age during the civil rights, labor, anti-war, feminist, and...
2020_DC_SIPG_Auto19DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Exhibit: The Automobile and American Art
The Automobile and American Art
September 18, 2020 – Indefinitely
What could be more American than the car? From drive-ins to road trips on the open highway—cars are an essential part of American culture.
Since the birth of the automobile, cars have also been a central theme in American art, from the...
2020_DC_SIPG_Contemp45DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Galleries for Modern and Contemporary Art
2020_DC_1333H25DC -- Downtown -- 1333 H St NW
2020_DC_727Fifteenth5DC -- Downtown -- 727 15th St NW
2020_DC_AFLCIO116DC -- Downtown -- AFL-CIO Headquarters (815 16th Street NW)
2020_DC_ACS10DC -- Downtown -- American Chemical Society (1155 16th St NW)
2020_DC_American_Legion7DC -- Downtown -- American Legion Bldg (1608 K St, with 1612 K sometimes)
2020_DC_Asbury3DC -- Downtown -- Asbury United Methodist Church (926 11th St NW)
2020_DC_Cato6DC -- Downtown -- Cato Institute Building (1000 Mass Ave NW)
2020_DC_Improv4DC -- Downtown -- DC Improv (1140 Connecticut Ave NW)
2020_DC_Defenders2DC -- Downtown -- Defenders of Wildlife (1130 17th St NW)
2020_DC_Eaton22DC -- Downtown -- Eaton DC (1201 K St NW)
2020_DC_OEOB2DC -- Downtown -- Eisenhower Executive Office Building (Old Executive Office Building) (1650 Penn Ave NW)
2020_DC_Farragut8DC -- Downtown -- Farragut Square and David G. Farragut Statue
Including the painted Jersey barriers by Shyama Kuver ("Botanical Reverie") which are there to give pedestrian traffic another lane during COVID.
2020_DC_Folger_Bldg4DC -- Downtown -- Folger Building (Hibbs Bldg) (725 15th St NW)
2020_DC_Franklin11DC -- Downtown -- Franklin School (963 13th St NW)
2020_DC_Franklin_Squirrels8DC -- Downtown -- Franklin Square -- Squirrels (including albino ones)
The Square is closed for the renovation (the promotion says they're trying to make something akin to NYC's Bryant Park here). All of the trash cans have been collected behind the fence. Near this is a squirrel feeding section with nuts and water. Two albino squirrels were here which I hadn't seen in...
2020_DC_Franklin_Sq47DC -- Downtown -- Franklin Square (incl Commodore John Barry statue)
2020_DC_Hay_Adams38DC -- Downtown -- Hay-Adams Hotel (800 16th St NW)
June: The hotel shut down due to COVID and then the windows were boarded up after the George Floyd protests.
August 17: Most of the plywood was off the windows now as the hotel desperately tried to reopen.
August 28: Hans Bruland, the Vice President and General Manager of the Hay-Adams...
2020_DC_Intl_Square7DC -- Downtown -- International Square (1875 I St NW)
2020_DC_IUOE2DC -- Downtown -- International Union of Operating Engineers (1125 17th St NW)
2020_DC_LIUNA10DC -- Downtown -- Laborers International Union of North America (905 16th St NW)
2020_DC_McD_17th7503DC -- Downtown -- McDonald's (750 17th St NW)
2020_DC_McPherson7DC -- Downtown -- McPherson Square and James B. McPherson Equestrian Memorial
2020_DC_MPA7DC -- Downtown -- Motion Picture Association (1600 I St NW)
2020_DC_MVP_UMethodist4DC -- Downtown -- Mt Vernon Place United Methodist Church (900 Mass. Ave NW)
2020_DC_1445NY26DC -- Downtown -- National Savings Trust (SunTrust) (1445 New York Ave NW)
2020_DC_NGS_Admin18DC -- Downtown -- Natl Geographic Society -- Admin Bldg (1146 16th St NW)
Boarded up windows due to BLM protests.
2020_DC_NGS25DC -- Downtown -- Natl Geographic Society -- Explorers Hall (1145 17th St NW)
Boarded up windows due to BLM protests.
2020_DC_New_America5DC -- Downtown -- New America (740 15th St NW)
2020_DC_NEOB3DC -- Downtown -- New Executive Office Bldg (725 17th St NW)
2020_DC_WP13K8DC -- Downtown -- New Washington Post Bldg (1301 K St NW) -- Exterior
2020_DC_NY_Pres39DC -- Downtown -- New York Avenue Presbyterian Church (1313 New York Ave, NW)
I talked with Dr. Heather G. Shortlidge, transitional pastor at the church, about their efforts. She said they had been closed as a church since Covid-19 because they didn't have a central air filtration system to recycle the air. But they were providing food and bathroom facilities for protesters. She...
2020_DC_NYUDC2DC -- Downtown -- NYC Washington DC (1307 L St NW)
2020_DC_WP15L17DC -- Downtown -- Old Washington Post Bldg --> Midtown Center (1100 15th St NW) -- Exterior
2020_DC_Planet_Word_Lib48DC -- Downtown -- Planet Word -- Exhibit: The Library
The Library
Enter a magical library where books come to life before your eyes. Find the hidden door to a serene poetry nook, and discover other secrets hidden in the stacks.
2020_DC_Planet_Word_TSW19DC -- Downtown -- Planet Word -- Exhibit: The Spoken World
The Spoken World
Dive headfirst into the awe-inspiring diversity of languages from around the world. Meet speakers and signers from all over the globe, and let them introduce you to what’s unique about their own language.
2020_DC_Planet_Word_WCF28DC -- Downtown -- Planet Word -- Exhibit: Where Do Words Come From?
Where Do Words Come From?
The 22-foot-tall wall of words speaks for itself — literally! Our talking word wall shares the story of the English language, exploring the many forces that shaped the words we use today.
2020_DC_Planet_Word_WW5DC -- Downtown -- Planet Word -- Exhibit: Word Worlds
Word Worlds
Paint with words! Dip your brush into verdant, surreal, or luminous and thrill as you transform the room around you with color, sound, and motion.
2020_DC_Planet_WordVw5DC -- Downtown -- Planet Word -- View from...
2020_DC_Planet_Word113DC -- Downtown -- Planet Word (925 13th St. NW in Franklin School)
2020_DC_RRPFI11DC -- Downtown -- Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute (850 16th St NW)
2020_DC_Sofitel17DC -- Downtown -- Sofitel Washington DC Lafayette Square (806 15th St NW)
Including boarded up windows due to BLM protests.
2020_DC_St_Johns_Mural_200905213DC -- Downtown -- St John's Episcopal Church, Lafayette Square -- Mural Painting Event
PRESS RELEASE: St. John’s Church To Activate Racial Justice, Love & Unity Themed Murals
September 3, 2020
Local artists will come together this Labor Day weekend to paint a series of vibrant murals on the plywood panels currently installed at St. John’s Church located on Black Lives Matter...
2020_DC_St_Johns34DC -- Downtown -- St John's Episcopal Church, Lafayette Square (1525 H St., NW)
2020_DC_Strong_John5DC -- Downtown -- Strong John Thompson Elementary School (1300 L St NW)
2020_DC_SQCC5DC -- Downtown -- Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center (SQCC) (1100 16th St NW)
2020_DC_3rdCCS7DC -- Downtown -- Third Church of Christ, Scientist (1600 K St NW)
2020_DC_UClub9DC -- Downtown -- University Club (1135 16th St. NW)
2020_DC_Murrow_Park8DC -- Downtown -- US Reservation 31 -- Edward R. Murrow Park
2020_DC_Vet_Affairs23DC -- Downtown -- Veterans Affairs Bldg (810 Vermont Ave NW)
The broken windows from the BLM protests are still broken. Of course when the child president did his photo op, he went to the St John's church, pretending he believed in a power higher than himself, instead of coming to the Veterans Affairs building, after calling vets losers.
2020_DC_Walker_Bldg8DC -- Downtown -- Walker Bldg (734 15th St NW)
2020_DC_Marriott_Marquis7DC -- Downtown -- Washington Marriott Marquis (901 Mass. Ave NW)
2020_DC_Downtown412DC -- Downtown area (K Street environs -- between New Hampshire and New York, Penn and M)
Including Covid-19 signs and BLM boardings up.
2020_DC_Holiday_Market12DC -- Downtown Holiday Market by the Reynolds Center
2020_DC_1400_16th31DC -- Dupont Circle -- 1400 16th St NW
2020_DC_1771N1DC -- Dupont Circle -- 1771 N St. NW (National Assn of Broadcasters until 2023, USC afterward)
2020_DC_CAMDC1DC -- Dupont Circle -- Chinese American Museum DC (1218 16th St NW)
2020_DC_Cosmos_Club3DC -- Dupont Circle -- Cosmos Club (2121 Mass. Ave NW)
2020_DC_Webster34DC -- Dupont Circle -- Daniel Webster statue
2020_DC_Dupont_Underground70DC -- Dupont Circle -- Dupont Underground
2020_DC_Dupont_Rave55DC -- Dupont Circle -- Dupont Underground -- Event: ArtRave Underground
Local artists will be descending into what was once an underground city street cart station to launch a new Sunday market in Dupont Circle.
Dupont Underground and Art Rave are partnering to bring a weekly Sunday arts market to Northwest DC.
Located conveniently in the heart of Dupont Circle, Dupont...
2020_DC_Pak_20021622DC -- Dupont Circle -- Fantom Comics -- Event: Greg Pak ("Darth Vader #1") signing
Greg Pak Signing | Darth Vader #1
Our friend Greg Pak returns for a surprise visit! To celebrate the release of Darth Vader #1, Greg is coming back to Fantom Comics to hang out, talk shop, and sign books! So stop on by, come chat with us, and grab some books! We'll talk Star Wars, comics, and have an...
2020_DC_King_20030760DC -- Dupont Circle -- Fantom Comics -- Event: Tom King ("Strange Adventures")
Strange Adventures Signing w/ Tom King
Tom King presents Strange Adventures, telling the story of Adam Strange as a man of two worlds. We're happy to announce that Tom will be returning to the store. Signing will follow a podcast discussion with Julian Lytle of IGNORANT BLISS.
2020_DC_Fantom58DC -- Dupont Circle -- Fantom Comics (2010 P St NW)
Including the wall art (including in the bathroom).
2020_DC_1stBaptist6DC -- Dupont Circle -- First Baptist Church of DC (1328 16th St. NW)
2020_DC_HRC2DC -- Dupont Circle -- Human Rights Campaign HQ (1640 RI Ave, NW)
2020_DC_IWP10DC -- Dupont Circle -- Institute of World Politics building (1621 16th St NW)
2020_DC_Jefferson_Hotel10DC -- Dupont Circle -- Jefferson Hotel (1200 16th St NW)
2020_DC_KramerBooks3DC -- Dupont Circle -- KramerBooks & Afterwords Cafe (1517 Connecticut Ave NW)
2020_DC_Gandhi11DC -- Dupont Circle -- Mohandas Gandhi statue (2100 Q St NW)
The Gandhi statue was under wraps after being hit with graffiti and then cleaned up again.
2020_DC_NAHB6DC -- Dupont Circle -- Natl Association of Home Builders (1201 15th St NW)
2020_DC_NEA3DC -- Dupont Circle -- Natl Education Association (1201 16th St NW)
2020_DC_PETA5DC -- Dupont Circle -- PETA (1536 16th St NW) (w/Circus Elephant Tribute)
2020_DC_Scott_Circle6DC -- Dupont Circle -- Scott Circle memorial
2020_DC_Scottish_House1DC -- Dupont Circle -- Scottish Rite Temple -- House of the Temple (1733 16th St NW)
2020_DC_Cincinnati7DC -- Dupont Circle -- Society of the Cincinnati (Anderson House)
The George Washington sculpture is gone.
2020_DC_Sumner_School12DC -- Dupont Circle -- Sumner School Museum and Archives (1201 17th St NW)
2020_DC_Masaryk1DC -- Dupont Circle -- Tomas Masaryk statue
2020_DC_Dupont_Fountain2DC -- Dupont Circle Fountain
2020_DC_Dupont_Circle135DC -- Dupont Circle neighborhood (but not the fountain)
Including Covid-19 signs and BLM boardings up.
2020_DC_Earth_Day_Pk8DC -- Earth Day Park (300-310 9th St SW)
2020_DC_Tanner_Pk25DC -- Eckington -- Alethia Tanner Park
The park along the MBT is about ready but the official opening was probably delayed due to Covid-19.
2020_DC_Eckington24DC -- Eckington neighborhood (incl Metro Yards)
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Eck_NYFLM33DC -- Eckington (+ NoMa) -- NY Ave/Florida Ave/Metro triangle (The Eleanor, The Burton)
2020_DC_Prospect_Hill_Cem3DC -- Edgewood -- Prospect Hill Cemetery
2020_DC_Edgewood69DC -- Edgewood neighborhood (incl Rhode Island Avenue Shopping Center)
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Everyday_Opening_20031121DC -- Edison Place Gallery -- Opening: Fourth Annual "Everyday DC" Photography Exhibition
Fourth Annual "Everyday DC" Photography Exhibition: Opening Reception
Please join us for an opening reception of the 4th annual "Everyday DC" exhibition at the Pepco Edison Place Gallery in Washington, D.C. on the evening of Wednesday, March 11, 2020 from 5:30-7:30pm.
Remarks will begin at 6:00pm, and...
2020_DC_Ike_Mem346DC -- Eisenhower National Memorial
* February 18: A view of construction from the top of the National Air and Space Museum.
* April: Work continues although the dedication ceremony, scheduled for early May, has been pushed back due to the Covid-19 crisis.
* July 19: The sculpture of Eisenhower as a boy has been added.
2020_DC_1stDiv2DC -- Ellipse -- First Division Monument
2020_DC_2ndDiv16DC -- Ellipse -- Second Division Memorial
2020_DC_Ellipse4DC -- Ellipse (President's Park South)
2020_DC_Emb_Algeria3DC -- Embassy of Algeria
2020_DC_Emb_Argentina12DC -- Embassy of Argentina
2020_DC_Emb_Australia99DC -- Embassy of Australia
Tearing down the old one continues.
2020_DC_Emb_Bahamas2DC -- Embassy of Bahamas
2020_DC_Emb_Brazil6DC -- Embassy of Brazil
2020_DC_Emb_Canada2DC -- Embassy of Canada
2020_DC_EC_New_Light51DC -- Embassy of Canada -- Exhibit: New Light: Canadian Women Artists
New Light: Canadian Women Artists
February 7th, 2020 through April 2020
The Embassy of Canada is proud to display over 170 art pieces by Canadian artists throughout its chancery. A New Light: Canadian Women Artists offers visitors a sneak preview of pieces by 27 renowned Canadian women artists which...
2020_DC_Emb_CanadaX27DC -- Embassy of Canada -- Outdoor Christmas Tree
2020_DC_Emb_CAR2DC -- Embassy of Central African Republic
2020_DC_Emb_Chad2DC -- Embassy of Chad
2020_DC_Emb_Chile17DC -- Embassy of Chile
2020_DC_Emb_China6DC -- Embassy of China
2020_DC_Emb_Colombia3DC -- Embassy of Colombia
2020_DC_Emb_Cuba5DC -- Embassy of Cuba
2020_DC_Emb_Ecuador6DC -- Embassy of Ecuador
2020_DC_Emb_Egypt6DC -- Embassy of Egypt
2020_DC_Emb_EU2DC -- Embassy of European Union
2020_DC_Emb_France4DC -- Embassy of France
2020_DC_Emb_Gabon4DC -- Embassy of Gabon
2020_DC_Emb_Greece4DC -- Embassy of Greece
2020_DC_Emb_Haiti4DC -- Embassy of Haiti
2020_DC_Emb_Indonesia10DC -- Embassy of Indonesia
2020_DC_Emb_Ireland6DC -- Embassy of Ireland
2020_DC_Emb_Korea8DC -- Embassy of Korea (KORUS)
2020_DC_Emb_Kurdistan2DC -- Embassy of Kurdistan Regional Government (1532 16th St NW)
2020_DC_Emb_Kyrgyzstan1DC -- Embassy of Kyrgyzstan
2020_DC_Emb_Latvia14DC -- Embassy of Latvia
2020_DC_Emb_Lithuania3DC -- Embassy of Lithuania
2020_DC_Emb_Luxembourg4DC -- Embassy of Luxembourg
2020_DC_Emb_Malta3DC -- Embassy of Malta
2020_DC_Emb_Mexico1DC -- Embassy of Mexico
2020_DC_Emb_Myanmar1DC -- Embassy of Myanmar
2020_DC_Emb_Netherlands2DC -- Embassy of Netherlands
2020_DC_Emb_Pakistan2DC -- Embassy of Pakistan
2020_DC_Emb_Philippines20DC -- Embassy of Philippines
2020_DC_Emb_Poland_Chopin21DC -- Embassy of Poland -- Fence Exhibit: Fryderyk Chopin
2020_DC_Emb_Portugal7DC -- Embassy of Portugal
2020_DC_Emb_Qatar3DC -- Embassy of Qatar
2020_DC_Emb_Romania1DC -- Embassy of Romania
2020_DC_Emb_Russia12DC -- Embassy of Russia
2020_DC_Emb_Slovenia2DC -- Embassy of Slovenia
2020_DC_Emb_Sudan2DC -- Embassy of Sudan
2020_DC_Emb_Tajikistan2DC -- Embassy of Tajikistan
2020_DC_Emb_Thailand4DC -- Embassy of Thailand
2020_DC_Emb_Congo4DC -- Embassy of the Congo
2020_DC_Emb_Togo1DC -- Embassy of Togo
2020_DC_Emb_Turkey2DC -- Embassy of Turkey
2020_DC_Emb_Ukraine6DC -- Embassy of Ukraine
2020_DC_Emb_Uruguay1DC -- Embassy of Uruguay
2020_DC_Emb_Uzbekistan10DC -- Embassy of Uzbekistan
2020_DC_Emb_Venezuela16DC -- Embassy of Venezuela
2020_DC_Emb_Zambia4DC -- Embassy of Zambia
2020_DC_Prayer_March_20092641DC -- Event: Franklin Graham's DC Prayer March @ National Mall
A largely maskless crowd (the sooner to meet JC I guess) talking about how good has become evil and evil has become good. You could have thught that meant they were anti-Trump, but nope.
I asked one guy if he thought that the child president believed in a power higher than himself and money. He said...
2020_DC_In_America_CC_201130135DC -- Event: In America: How could this happen... -- Closing Ceremony
This was the closing ceremony for the event. Speakers included:
* David Balto, Chaplain, Washington General Hospital
* Christopher Meldrum, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
* Fr. John Enzler, Catholic Church
* Nathan Phillips explains the significance of the flag in the...
2020_DC_In_America_PC_201102140DC -- Event: In America: How could this happen... -- Press Conference
A press conference celebrating Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg's "In America: How could this happen..." art installation happened on election eve. Speakers were:
* Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg, artist
* Muriel Bowser, mayor of Washington DC
* Jose Andres, World Central Kitchen
* Nancy Pelosi, Speaker...
2020_DC_Covid_Memorial_20092362DC -- Exhibit: Covid Memorial Project @ National Mall
The COVID Memorial Project was a GoFundMe-funded project which planted 20,000 US flags, one of every ten Americans who had died of COVID. The flags were installed on September 22, 2020 and were removed on schedule the following day. From their GoFundMe page:

The Covid Memorial Project is a...
2020_DC_In_America_2020M10351DC -- Exhibit: In America: How could this happen... (art installation by Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg) 2020_10 October (Visits 1-6) 222,220 --> 229,711 dead
Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg's In America: How could this happen... installation commerating the United States' losses from COVID-19 was at the DC Armory/RFK Stadium in the third quarter of 2020. Originally, the installation was set to run from October 23 to November 6. In a press conference held on...
2020_DC_In_America_2020M11A259DC -- Exhibit: In America: How could this happen... (art installation by Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg) 2020_11A November Wk 1 (Visits 7-11) 231,003 --> 235,056 dead
Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg's In America: How could this happen... installation commerating the United States' losses from COVID-19 was at the DC Armory/RFK Stadium in the third quarter of 2020. Originally, the installation was set to run from October 23 to November 6. In a press conference held on...
2020_DC_In_America_2020M11B249DC -- Exhibit: In America: How could this happen... (art installation by Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg) 2020_11B November Wk 2 (Visits 12-16) 236,178 --> 242,435 dead
Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg's In America: How could this happen... installation commerating the United States' losses from COVID-19 was at the DC Armory/RFK Stadium in the third quarter of 2020. Originally, the installation was set to run from October 23 to November 6. In a press conference held on...
2020_DC_In_America_2020M11C281DC -- Exhibit: In America: How could this happen... (art installation by Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg) 2020_11C November Wk 3 (Visits 17-21) 244,448 --> 252,861 dead
Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg's In America: How could this happen... installation commerating the United States' losses from COVID-19 was at the DC Armory/RFK Stadium in the third quarter of 2020. Originally, the installation was set to run from October 23 to November 6. In a press conference held on...
2020_DC_In_America_2020M11D278DC -- Exhibit: In America: How could this happen... (art installation by Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg) 2020_11D November Wk 4 (Visits 22-27) 254,489 --> 263,525 dead
Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg's In America: How could this happen... installation commerating the United States' losses from COVID-19 was at the DC Armory/RFK Stadium in the third quarter of 2020. Originally, the installation was set to run from October 23 to November 6. In a press conference held on...
2020_DC_In_America_2020M11E288DC -- Exhibit: In America: How could this happen... (art installation by Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg) 2020_11E November Wk 5 (Visits 28-30) 263,525 --> 267,080 dead
Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg's In America: How could this happen... installation commerating the United States' losses from COVID-19 was at the DC Armory/RFK Stadium in the third quarter of 2020. Originally, the installation was set to run from October 23 to November 6. In a press conference held on...
2020_DC_In_America_2020M12251DC -- Exhibit: In America: How could this happen... (art installation by Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg) 2020_12 Deinstall (Visits 31-34)
The flags started to be picked up on December 1 and we were done by the end of the day on the 3rd..
2020_DC_Sea_Level_2009066DC -- Exhibit: Sea Level Rise @ National Mall
Vinny Valetutti lives in Massachusetts and came down for the weekend to put his truck here on the Mall and talk about climate change.
"Since the peak of the last Ice Age, sea levels have risen 400 feet. Greenland and Antarctica are beginning to melt. If they melt completely, sea levels will rise...
2020_DC_Societys_Cage96DC -- Exhibit: Society's Cage installation @ National Mall
Society's Cage – A Statement on the Forces of Systemic Racism

Society’s Cage is a timely interpretive installation born in the aftermath of the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor murders as our society reckons with institutional racism and white supremacy....
2020_DC_DOC3DC -- Federal Triangle -- Dept of Commerce Building (Herbert C. Hoover Bldg)
2020_DC_DOJ3DC -- Federal Triangle -- Dept of Justice Building (Robert F. Kennedy Dept of Justice Bldg)
2020_DC_FTC5DC -- Federal Triangle -- Federal Trade Commission building (600 Penn Ave NW)
2020_DC_Archives7DC -- Federal Triangle -- Natl Archives -- Exterior
2020_DC_Old_Post7DC -- Federal Triangle -- Old Post Office / Trump Finger -- Outside
2020_DC_Juarez_Statue3DC -- Foggy Bottom -- Benito Juarez (statue)
2020_DC_DAR3DC -- Foggy Bottom -- DAR Memorial Constitution Hall
2020_DC_GWU_Hospital9DC -- Foggy Bottom -- GWU Hospital (900 23rd St NW)
2020_DC_Liberty_Plaza23DC -- Foggy Bottom -- Liberty Plaza (between USTR and CFPB on 17th St. NW)
2020_DC_OAS7DC -- Foggy Bottom -- Organization of American States -- Main Bldg + Museum Exterior
2020_DC_USTR7DC -- Foggy Bottom -- USTR Building (Winder Building) (604 17th St. NW)
I hadn't remembered the wooden planks on the balcony before.
2020_DC_Watergate4DC -- Foggy Bottom -- Watergate complex (and HoJo)
2020_DC_WGateG_Reclamation35DC -- Foggy Bottom -- Watergate Gallery -- Exhibit: Reclamation
Watergate Gallery
Aug. 29 - Sept. 26, 2020
Three of the area's most exciting artists hold a joint show.
Absurdly Well, Erik White and Divorce Culture represent a new face of art in the District.
Absurdly Well has been featured on CNN, NBC and in the Washington Post.
White owns a...
2020_DC_WGateG_ReclamO_20082942DC -- Foggy Bottom -- Watergate Gallery -- Exhibit: Reclamation -- Opening Event
Watergate Gallery
Aug. 29 - Sept. 26, 2020
Come meet the artists at the gallery
Three of the area's most exciting artists hold a joint show.
Absurdly Well, Erik White and Divorce Culture represent a new face of art in the District.
Absurdly Well has been featured on CNN, NBC and in...
2020_DC_WGateG_ReclamR_20091245DC -- Foggy Bottom -- Watergate Gallery -- Exhibit: Reclamation -- Second Reception
Watergate Gallery
Aug. 29 - Sept. 26, 2020
Come meet the artists at the gallery
Three of the area's most exciting artists hold a joint show.
Absurdly Well, Erik White and Divorce Culture represent a new face of art in the District.
Absurdly Well has been featured on CNN, NBC and in...
2020_DC_Foggy_Bottom14DC -- Foggy Bottom neighborhood
2020_DC_Fords_CEL3DC -- Ford's Theatre NHS (Center for Education and Leadership)
2020_DC_Fords19DC -- Ford's Theatre NHS (Theatre, Lobby)
Signs up for the theatre which announced that same day that they would reopening October 14. They reclosed again shortly afterward.
2020_DC_Park_Van_Ness3DC -- Forest Hills -- Park Van Ness (formerly Van Ness Square)
2020_DC_Forest_Hills104DC -- Forest Hills neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Ft_McNair3DC -- Fort Lesley J. McNair
2020_DC_Engine143DC -- Fort Totten -- Engine Company 14 (4801 N Capitol St NE)
2020_DC_Ft_TottenN8DC -- Fort Totten neigborhood
2020_DC_FDR_Archives5DC -- Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial (Original one outside of National Archives)
2020_DC_Douglass6DC -- Frederick Douglass NHS -- Exterior Images
Closed due to Covid-19.
2020_DC_Skateboard_Day_20062128DC -- Freedom Plaza -- Go Skateboarding Day
Go Skateboarding Day
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Go Skateboarding Day (GSD) is an annual holiday created by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) to promote skateboarding. The holiday was started in New York City by Kerel "SriKala" Roach and Bryan Chin in 2002....
2020_DC_FPlaza24DC -- Freedom Plaza (incl Pulaski statue)
2020_DC_SIFG_Power2CV75DC -- Freer Gallery of Art -- Exhibit: The Power to See Beauty: Let Us Now Open Wide Our Eyes Video
2020_DC_SIFG2DC -- Freer Gallery of Art -- Not Covered Elsewhere
2020_DC_Gallaudet4DC -- Gallaudet University
2020_DC_Gallery_Place17DC -- Gallery Place building
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Gallery_PlaceJ33DC -- Gallery Place building -- Jumbotrons
2020_DC_Hancock_Mem3DC -- General Winfield Scott Hancock (Ellicott) Memorial
2020_DC_Meade_Mem19DC -- George Meade Memorial
2020_DC_Georgetown_Amazon12DC -- Georgetown -- Amazon Books (store)
Closed due to Covid-19. In the meantime, the mail-order facility is doing gangbusters. Since Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, the child president is trying to force the post office to increase its rates to hurt Amazon. That should screw the public, other mail-order places that rely on the post...
2020_DC_GeorgetownC11DC -- Georgetown -- C&O Canal NHP
2020_DC_Divine_Science6DC -- Georgetown -- Divine Science Church of the Healing Christ (2025 35th St NW)
2020_DC_Duke_SOA13DC -- Georgetown -- Duke Ellington School of the Arts
2020_DC_Exorcist7DC -- Georgetown -- Exorcist Steps (Prospect and 36th St NW)
2020_DC_Georgetown_Lutheran8DC -- Georgetown -- Georgetown Lutheran Church (1556 Wisconsin Ave, NW)
2020_DC_Halcyon_House8DC -- Georgetown -- Halcyon House (3400 Prospect St NW)
2020_DC_Hardy_School9DC -- Georgetown -- Hardy Middle School
2020_DC_Old_Stone5DC -- Georgetown -- Old Stone House (part of Rock Creek Park)
The garden was open during Covid-19. The homeless guy sleeping there probably appreciated it more than the people walking around him.
2020_DC_1201Wisc1DC -- Georgetown -- PNC Bank (1201 Wisconsin Ave NW)
2020_DC_St_Johns_Gtown1DC -- Georgetown -- St John's Episcopal Church, Georgetown (3240 O St NW)
2020_DC_StreetcarG25DC -- Georgetown -- Streetcar remnants (tracks and Car Barn)
2020_DC_Volta13DC -- Georgetown -- Volta Laboratory and Bureau (3414 Volta Pl NW)
2020_DC_Georgetown357DC -- Georgetown neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_GeorgetownU16DC -- Georgetown University
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_GeorgetownV5DC -- Georgetown view of the Potomac River and Rosslyn
2020_DC_Ghost_Bike12DC -- Ghost Bikes (Cyclist Died Here)
2020_DC_Glover_Pk5DC -- Glover Park neighborhood
2020_DC_Golden_Haiku39DC -- Golden (Triangle) Haiku (2020)
During 5 scavenger trips downtown during the pandemic to photograph the haikus, I photographed 37 different haiku signs.

Golden Triangle BID Announces Winners of the 2020 Golden Haiku Poetry Contest
February 18, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. (February 18, 2020) – The Golden Triangle Business Improvement...
2020_DC_Silverman_20021854DC -- GWU -- Elliott School -- Event: 2020: A Disinformation Preview w/Craig Silverman
2020: A Disinformation Preview
This talk will examine the forms of media manipulation, trolling, and disinformation that are intended to influence the public.
Drawing on more than a decade of experience researching and reporting on online influence and manipulation campaigns, award-winning journalist,...
2020_DC_Coelho_20022462DC -- GWU -- Elliott School -- Event: Global Warming and Small Island States: The Case of Timor-Leste
You're invited to join a conversation with His Excellency Isilio Coelho, Ambassador of Timor-Leste to the United States.
Ambassador Isilio António de Fátima Coelho da Silva (Isilio Coelho) is the current Ambassador of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (Timor-Leste) to...
2020_DC_Crawford_20011347DC -- GWU -- Elliott School -- Event: Reclaiming the Great World House w/Vicki Crawford
"Reclaiming the Great World House: Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Vision for 21st Century Leadership" with Dr. Vicki Crawford
* Dr. Vicki Crawford is Director of the Office of the Morehouse College Martin Luther King, Jr. Collection, an archive containing over 13,000 items belonging to Dr....
2020_DC_GWU_Peace121DC -- GWU -- Elliott School -- Exhibit: Waging Peace
Waging Peace exhibit:
November 15th marks the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War Mobilization March on Washington, a gathering of over half a million demonstrators against the war. Engaging participation from across the university and the local community, we offer a series of events to educate...
2020_DC_GWU_Museum_Cotsen90DC -- GWU -- Museum and Textile Museum -- Exhibit: Delight in Discovery: The Global Collections of Lloyd Cotsen
Delight in Discovery: The Global Collections of Lloyd Cotsen
Through July 5, 2020
A prolific collector, Lloyd Cotsen (1929–2017) assembled thousands of textile fragments, garments, and other artworks that reflected his admiration for indigenous cultures and vanishing artistic traditions. His ultimate...
2020_DC_GWU_Museum_World105DC -- GWU -- Museum and Textile Museum -- Exhibit: George Washington and His World
George Washington and His World
Through July 26, 2020
Washington, D.C., is inextricably linked with its namesake, George Washington. Two other sites are also part of this founding father’s story: Mount Vernon and Alexandria, Va. Curated by GW students, this display of letters, prints, and artifacts...
2020_DC_GWU_Museum_Treasure48DC -- GWU -- Museum and Textile Museum -- Exhibit: Treasures from the Albert H. Small Collection
2020_DC_GWU5DC -- GWU (George Washington University)
2020_DC_Longfellow5DC -- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Memorial
2020_DC_Heritage11DC -- Heritage Foundation
2020_DC_SIHIRO13DC -- Hirshhorn Museum (Outside)
August 17 was the first day that the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden reopened to the public. There were also a couple of new pieces that had been installed.
2020_DC_SIHIRO_4Ward4DC -- Hirshhorn Museum (Outside) -- Exhibit: Forward Into Light
2020_DC_SIHIRO_Still_Life3DC -- Hirshhorn Museum (Outside) -- Exhibit: Still Life with Spirit and Xitle
Still Life with Spirit and Xitle
August 6, 2016 – Indefinitely
Still Life with Spirit and Xitle features a car being crushed by a volcanic boulder with a comical smiley face painted on it. This slapstick disaster scene is one of the most well-known works of art by artist Jimmie Durham, a sculptor who...
2020_DC_SIHIRO_SG118DC -- Hirshhorn Museum (Outside) -- Sculpture Garden
2020_DC_SIHIR_CityOno5DC -- Hirshhorn Museum @ Union Market-- Hirshhorn in the CIty: Yoko Ono’s RELAX. YOUR HEART
YOU THINK ! x Union Market
Hirshhorn in the City
On view Sept. 14, 2017
Yoko Ono is a renowned artist whose work influenced Feminism and directions in new and contemporary media. She has also worked tirelessly for human rights and peace. RELAX....
2020_DC_Holodomor_Mem26DC -- Holodomor Memorial to Victims of the Ukrainian Famine-Genocide of 1932-1933
I keep going back to photograph the three mice that are part of the memorial.
2020_DC_Howard50DC -- Howard University
2020_DC_IDB14DC -- IDB -- Inter-American Development Bank building
2020_DC_IDBCC_Co_Relation21DC -- IDB Cultural Center -- Exhibit: CO-RELATION: The Art of Unity
Exhibit CO-RELATION: The Art of Unity
The IDB Cultural Center presents a series of contemporary artists from Colombia. They echo different aspects of indigenous cosmovision. From an array of perspectives, techniques and materials, the artists evoke themes and periods that bridge the realities of the...
2020_DC_IDB_SAAG_MemoriesII17DC -- IDB Staff Assn Art Gallery -- Exhibit: Future Memories: Exploring the Diasporic Imagination II
Join us at our Staff Association Art Gallery this March for "Future Memories: Exploring the Diasporic Imagination II".
This exhibit features the work of Charles Jean-Pierre. Akin to the story of countless immigrant children, Jean-Pierre’s artistic view was filtered through the lenses of individuals who...
2020_DC_Ward_20012224DC -- Institute of World Politics -- Event: Jonathan Ward ("China's Version of Victory") w/John Lenczowski
Dr. Jonathan D. T. Ward, Founder of Atlas Organization, will speak on his book China's Version of Victory.
In conversation with John_Lenczowski, Founder and President of The Institute of World Politics.
A path-breaking work on Chinese global strategy, China’s Vision of Victory brings the reader to a...
2020_DC_Ferreiro_20011532DC -- Institute of World Politics -- Event: Larrie D. Ferreiro ("Brothers at Arms: American Independence and the Men of France and Spain")
Brothers at Arms: American Independence and the Men of France and Spain
by The Institute of World Politics
Author Larrie D. Ferreiro will discuss "Brothers at Arms: American Independence and the Men of France and Spain."
Pulitzer Prize Finalist in History
Winner of the Journal of the American...
2020_DC_Spy5DC -- International Spy Museum
2020_DC_Kennedy_Center25DC -- John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
2020_DC_Kennedy_Cen_4Ward19DC -- John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts -- Forward Into Light
2020_DC_Kennedy_CenterVw9DC -- John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts -- Views from...
Due to Covid-19, the buildings are still closed so you can't access the balcony so these are views from the main level patio.
2020_DC_Newseum34DC -- Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg Center (2020 onward, formerly the Newseum)
2020_DC_Lincoln_Flannery4DC -- Judiciary Square -- Abraham Lincoln (Flannery) Statue
2020_DC_Pike_Statue72DC -- Judiciary Square -- Brigadier General Albert Pike Statue
The statue got destroyed during BLM protests since Pike had been the only Confederate general to have a public statue in DC. I visited it both before and after it got destroyed.
2020_DC_MoultrieCH2DC -- Judiciary Square -- Carl Moultrie Courthouse (DC Superior Court) (500 Indiana Ave NW)
2020_DC_Covid19_Testing_NBM13DC -- Judiciary Square -- DC COVID-19 testing site outside National Building Museum
2020_DC_DOL1DC -- Judiciary Square -- Dept of Labor (200 Constitution Ave NW)
2020_DC_Trinity_Lutheran2DC -- Judiciary Square -- First Trinity Lutheran Church (501 4th St NW)
2020_DC_Italiana6DC -- Judiciary Square -- Holy Rosary Church and Casa Italiana (595 3rd St. NW)
2020_DC_LA_Small11DC -- Judiciary Square -- Lillian & Albert Small Capital Jewish Museum
2020_DC_Engine06_Old5DC -- Judiciary Square -- Old Engine Company 6 (438 Mass. Ave NW) -- location until 1974
2020_DC_Judiciary11DC -- Judiciary Square neighborhood
2020_DC_Lothrop_Mansion8DC -- Kalorama Triangle -- Lothrop Mansion (2001 Connecticut Ave NW)
2020_DC_McClellan_Pk54DC -- Kalorama Triangle -- Major General George B. McClellan Park
2020_DC_Kalorama36DC -- Kalorama Triangle neighborhood
2020_DC_Ataturk7DC -- Kemal Ataturk statue @ Sheridan Circle
2020_DC_Kennedy_Heartfelt3DC -- Kennedy Center -- Reach Installation: Heartfelt (by Ekene Ijeoma)
A permanent light installation on the Kennedy Center’s REACH Plaza is activated by human touch.
When the Kennedy Center commissioned artist Ekene Ijeoma to create Heartfelt, Ijeoma reached out to Patten Studio to develop and implement the technology needed to bring his vision to life. Patten Studio...
2020_DC_Kennedy_Blue1DC -- Kennedy Center -- Reach Sculpture: Blue (by Joel Shapiro)
2020_DC_Kennedy_Reach2DC -- Kennedy Center Reach
2020_DC_CofC2DC -- Lafayette Square -- Chamber of Commerce Bldg (1615 H St., NW)
2020_DC_Decatur3DC -- Lafayette Square -- Decatur House (748 Jackson Place NW)
2020_DC_Lafayette_Square136DC -- Lafayette Square (by White House) area
2020_DC_Le_Droit53DC -- Le Droit neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Letelier_Mem4DC -- Letelier-Moffitt Memorial @ Sheridan Circle
2020_DC_LOC_15th16DC -- Library of Congress -- Exhibit (Agile): 15th Amendment
2020_DC_LOC_Botanic32DC -- Library of Congress -- Exhibit (Agile): 200th Anniversary of the U.S. Botanic Garden
2020_DC_LOC_Boston_Massacre14DC -- Library of Congress -- Exhibit (Agile): Boston Massacre 250th
2020_DC_LOC_Women_Vote163DC -- Library of Congress -- Exhibit: Shall Not Be Denied: Women Fight for the Vote (Exhibit Rotation)
Shall Not Be Denied: Women Fight for the Vote
June 4, 2019–September 2020
"We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal. . . . In entering upon the great work before us, we anticipate no small amount of misconception, misrepresentation, and ridicule; but we shall...
2020_DC_LOC_Ext1DC -- Library of Congress -- Exterior Images
2020_DC_LOC_MadisonVw22DC -- Library of Congress Madison Bldg -- Views from...
2020_DC_Vestibule_20012981DC -- Lincoln Cottage -- Event: Historic Vestibule Project Reception and Presentation
Historic Vestibule Project Reception and Presentation
Thanks to a generous group of donors, we met our Giving Tuesday goal and are able to continue with our project to restore the Cottage's historic vestibule. As a thank you, we invited this group of donors to a special event to be held tomorrow night...
2020_DC_Lincoln_CagesO_200109128DC -- Lincoln Cottage -- Event: Opening Reception for our new Art Exhibition, "Iron Cages"
Join us at the Opening Reception for our new Art Exhibition, "Iron Cages"
Featuring Artwork by Incarcerated Artists
Join us on January 9th from 6:30-8:30pm
This January we are partnering with our friends at the Justice Arts Coalition, a national network providing resources for people creating art in...
2020_DC_Lincoln_CVC_Cages115DC -- Lincoln Cottage -- Exhibit @ Cottage: Iron Cages
New Art Exhibition,"Iron Cages"
January, 2020
Featuring Artwork by Incarcerated Artists
This January we are partnering with our friends at the Justice Arts Coalition, a national network providing resources for people creating art in and around the US carceral system, to exhibit works of art created...
2020_DC_Lincoln_CVC_Boys36DC -- Lincoln Cottage -- Exhibit @ Visitor Center: Civil War Boys
Special Exhibit: Civil War Boys
Rarely seen prints and other objects from our collection are interpreted through the hit song “Boys” — a retro funk song from soulful, popular singer, Lizzo. This whimsical exhibit is currently on display in the Robert H. Smith Visitor Center.
2020_DC_Lincoln_CVC_Slip8DC -- Lincoln Cottage -- Exhibit @ Visitor Center: Lincoln’s Slippers
Lincoln’s Slippers return to the Cottage!
July 29, 2019 - January 31, 2020
While Abraham Lincoln’s public image was defined by his signature stovepipe hat, his private, more casual nature is highlighted in the newest exhibit at President Lincoln’s Cottage. Meetings at the Cottage were often impromptu...
2020_DC_Lincoln_CottageVC20DC -- Lincoln Cottage -- Visitor Center
2020_DC_Lincoln_BHM_200228166DC -- Lincoln Cottage & AFRH -- Event: Black History Month Program w/G.K. Butterfield
Commemoration of Black History Month with Representative G.K. Butterfield
President Lincoln’s Cottage is proud to partner with the Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) for our annual Black History Month Program. This year's program will feature Congressman G.K. Butterfield Representative of North...
2020_DC_Lincoln_Cottage10DC -- Lincoln Cottage (at the Armed Forces Retirement Home)
2020_DC_Lincoln_Mem3DC -- Lincoln Memorial
2020_DC_Lincoln_Theater7DC -- Lincoln Theater
Closed due to Covid-19 but signs for upcoming shows were still there.
2020_DC_Free_LibraryDC31DC -- Little Free Library
2020_DC_Logan_Barbie_Pond7DC -- Logan Circle -- Barbie Pond on Avenue Q (1454-1/2 Q St. NW)
2020_DC_Luther_Place_MC6DC -- Logan Circle -- Luther Place Memorial Church (1226 Vermont Ave NW)
2020_DC_NCCC5DC -- Logan Circle -- Natl City Christian Church (5 Thomas Circle, NW)
2020_DC_Logan46DC -- Logan Circle neighborhood (but not Logan Statue)
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Thomas_Statue24DC -- Major General George Henry Thomas (Thomas Circle) Statue
The daylight moon is in the right place for photos!
2020_DC_MLK_Mem3DC -- Martin Luther King Jr. Natl Memorial
2020_DC_McLean_Gardens82DC -- McLean Gardens neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_McMillan18DC -- McMillan Sand Filtration Site
2020_DC_MBT38DC -- Metropolitan Branch Trail (DC portion)
The MBT starts down by Union Station and eventually will run all the way to Silver Spring (where its tracks are being located around the Purple Line construction).
2020_DC_Metro_Buses13DC -- Miscellaneous bus stuff
2020_DC_Asbury_Statue20DC -- Mt Pleasant -- Francis Asbury (Lukeman) Equestrian Statue (16th and Mt. Pleasant St, NW)
2020_DC_Marconi_Statue15DC -- Mt Pleasant -- Guglielmo Marconi (Piccirilli) Statue (16th and Lamont Streets, NW)
2020_DC_Lamont_Plaza17DC -- Mt Pleasant -- Lamont Plaza
2020_DC_Sacred_Heart_School28DC -- Mt Pleasant -- Sacred Heart School (1625 Park Rd. NW)
2020_DC_Mt_Pleasant121DC -- Mt Pleasant neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Busboys_5K3DC -- Mt Vernon Triangle -- Busboys and Poets -- 5th and K NW
2020_DC_Carnegie_Lib31DC -- Mt Vernon Triangle -- Carnegie Library of Washington, DC (Exterior)
2020_DC_Cobb_Pk11DC -- Mt Vernon Triangle -- Cobb Park @ H and 3rd NW
2020_DC_UHPrayer4DC -- Mt Vernon Triangle -- United House of Prayer for All People (601 M St. NW)
2020_DC_Mt_Vernon81DC -- Mt Vernon Triangle neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Pershing376DC -- National World War I Memorial (Pershing Park)
Work on the memorial continues. Notes:
* February 14: Historical photos grace the fence around the construction project.
* March 7: The eagle sculpture has started to be boxed up.
* April 11: The gazebo from the ice skating rink days is gone. The eagle sculpture has been completely boxed up.
2020_DC_SIAIR_4Ward5DC -- Natl Air and Space Museum -- Forward Into Light
2020_DC_SIAIR_Gall100A5DC -- Natl Air and Space Museum -- Gallery 100: (a) Milestones of Flight
2020_DC_SIAIR_Bldg33DC -- Natl Air and Space Museum -- General
2020_DC_SIAIR_Tranquility26DC -- Natl Air and Space Museum -- Temporary Exhibit: 50 Years from Tranquility Base
50 Years from Tranquility Base
March 25, 2019 – March 13, 2020
On July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin became the first humans to walk on the Moon, while their colleague Michael Collins orbited overhead. This case, installed for the 50th anniversary of the Apollo...
2020_DC_Archives_Hers5DC -- Natl Archives -- Exhibit: Rightfully Hers: American Women and the Vote
Rightfully Hers: American Women and the Vote
Friday, May 10, 2019 - Sunday, January 3, 2021
Most Americans consider the ability to vote fundamental to the enjoyment of full citizenship. American women, however, were long denied that right. In 1920, American democracy dramatically expanded when the...
2020_DC_Archives_4Ward4DC -- Natl Archives -- Forward Into Light
2020_DC_Building_Matter82DC -- Natl Building Museum -- Outdoor Exhibit: Murals That Matter: Activism Through Public Art (1st and 2nd visits)
Murals That Matter: Activism Through Public Art
On The West Lawn Through November 2020
The National Building Museum, in partnership with the P.A.I.N.T.S. Institute and the DowntownDC Business Improvement District (BID), is pleased to present Murals That Matter: Activism Through Public Art. Located on...
2020_DC_NGAEW_Bldg1DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- East Wing -- Building and Public Space
Closed due to Covid-19.
2020_DC_NGAEWS1DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- East Wing -- Sculpture in common areas
2020_DC_NGA_Garfield8DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- James Garfield Signs
2020_DC_NGASG44DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- Sculpture Garden (including Marc Chagall: Orphée)
Marc Chagall: Orphée
In 1968, Marc Chagall visited the Georgetown home of his friends and patrons Evelyn and John Nef, and decided that he would design a mosaic specifically for the Nefs’ garden. There the work Orphée (Orpheus)—remained until it was bequeathed to the National Gallery of Art by Evelyn...
2020_DC_NGA_Bldg33DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- West Wing -- Building
Closed and then reopened under Covid-19.
2020_DC_NGA_Degas_Opera140DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- West Wing -- Exhibit: Degas at the Opéra
Degas at the Opéra
March 1 – July 5, 2020
An exuberant display of fecund imagination and keen observation, Edgar Degas’s renowned images of the Paris Opéra are among the most sophisticated and visually compelling works he ever created. Celebrating the 350th anniversary of the Opéra’s founding, Degas...
2020_DC_NGA_Raphael66DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- West Wing -- Exhibit: Raphael and His Circle
Raphael and His Circle
February 16 – June 14, 2020
Raphael (1483–1520) was one of the greatest artistic figures working in the Western classical tradition. In celebration of the 500th anniversary of his death, the Gallery presents 25 prints and drawings in an intimate installation. The works will...
2020_DC_NGA_Nature137DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- West Wing -- Exhibit: True to Nature: Open-Air Painting in Europe, 1780–1870
True to Nature: Open-Air Painting in Europe, 1780–1870
February 2 – May 3, 2020
An integral part of art education in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, painting en plein air was a core practice for avant-garde artists in Europe. Intrepid artists such as Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, John...
2020_DC_NGA_4Ward4DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- West Wing -- Forward Into Light
2020_DC_NGAP54DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- West Wing -- Paintings
2020_DC_NGAS2DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- West Wing -- Sculpture
2020_DC_Law49DC -- Natl Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
They apparently had added some new names. The officers from the National Park Service were highlighted. Not a great time to be appreciated as a cop though.
2020_DC_Mall44DC -- Natl Mall area
2020_DC_SIAH_Listening44DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: America's Listening
America's Listening
October 19, 2018 – TBA
America's Listening tells the story of recorded sound and five of the innovations that contributed to how we consume music and movies today. Artifacts on view include Thomas Edison’s phonograph, Alexander Graham Bell’s graphophone, Emile Berliner’s...
2020_DC_SIAH_Stories17DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: American Stories
2020_DC_SIAH_Icons152DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Creating Icons: How We Remember Women's Suffrage
Creating Icons: How We Remember Women's Suffrage
March 6, 2020 – May 2, 2021
This exhibition marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment recognizing women’s right to vote. It commemorates women’s achievements in winning suffrage and invites audiences to explore how we celebrate milestones, what...
2020_DC_SIAH_Girlhood376DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Girlhood (It's Complicated)
Girlhood (It's Complicated)
October 9, 2020 – January 2, 2022
The history of girlhood is not what people think; it is complicated. Young women are often told that girls are “made of sugar and spice and everything nice.” What is learned from history is that girls are made of stronger stuff. They have...
2020_DC_SIAH_Giving22DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Giving in America
2020_DC_SIAH_Price_Misc1DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Price of Freedom -- Miscellaneous (Intro, Terror, Medal of Honor)
2020_DC_SIAH_AmCult13DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Ruby Slippers and American Culture Displays
2020_DC_SIAH_Sounding6DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: Sounding American Music
Sounding American Music
1 Center
From acoustic guitar to keytar – this display looks at musicians representing diverse genres who have innovated, invented, and inspired as they contributed to America’s songbook. Guitars from Steve Cropper, Elizabeth Cotten, and Jesse Fuller demonstrate...
2020_DC_SIAH_Bldg38DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exterior Shots
Closed due to Covid-19. Signs are in both English and Spanish.
2020_DC_SIAH_4Ward7DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Forward Into Light
2020_DC_SIAH_Int33DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Miscellaneous Interior Shots
2020_DC_SINH_Bldg14DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History
Closed due to Covid-19. However, they still had the various signs about hours and such out by the curb. You didn't see the "closed" signs until you reached the door. They had kind of botched the communication.
2020_DC_SINH_Beauty22DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History -- Exhibit: Beauty Rich and Rare
Beauty Rich and Rare
January 9, 2020 – July 5, 2020
Beauty Rich and Rare is an immersive sound and light experience illuminating the natural beauty of Australia. Presented witht the support of the Embassy of Australia, the show recreates the wonder experienced by Joseph Banks and the botanists,...
2020_DC_SINH_Deep_Time152DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History -- Exhibit: The David H. Koch Hall of Fossils -- Deep Time
2020_DC_AmerInd_Patriot75DC -- Natl Museum of the American Indian -- Exhibit: Patriot Nations: Native Americans in Our Nation’s Armed Forces
Patriot Nations: Native Americans in Our Nation’s Armed Forces
Through October 18, 2021
Patriot Nations: Native Americans in Our Nation’s Armed Forces tells the remarkable history of the brave American Indian and Alaska Native men and women who have served in the United States military. Native peoples...
2020_DC_AmerInd_4Ward3DC -- Natl Museum of the American Indian -- Forward Into Light
2020_DC_AmerInd_Int4DC -- Natl Museum of the American Indian -- Interior Areas Not Elsewhere Shown (such as Main Lobby)
2020_DC_AmerInd62DC -- Natl Museum of the American Indian -- Outside Areas
Multiple visits including:
* August 8: It was nice to see the water on again in the outside area although you could see the discolored edges where skateboarders had damaged things before.
* September 19: Outdoor signage indicates the museum is about to reopen.
2020_DC_NativeAmer_Vet_Mem156DC -- Natl Native American Veterans Memorial (@ Natl Museum of the American Indian)
In mid-year, I hadn't realized they had started on building the memorial. It's was dedicated on Veterans Day, 2020. The ceremony of course ended up being virtual because of the pandemic.
2020_DC_SIPM2DC -- Natl Postal Museum -- Not Covered Elsewhere
Closed due to Covid-19.
2020_DC_SINZ_BV22DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- American Trail (formerly Beaver Valley) (sea lions, seals, pelicans, beavers, otters, bald eagles, ravens, and grey wolves)
2020_DC_SINZ_Bear2DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Bears
2020_DC_SINZ_Cat43DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Big Cats
2020_DC_SINZ_Tile8DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Donor Tiles
2020_DC_SINZ_Elephant36DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Elephant House/Trail
2020_DC_SINZ_Panda11DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Giant Pandas
2020_DC_SINZ_Main88DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Parts not covered elsewhere
August 5: The National Zoo is open again! Free timed-tickets for walk-ins are required and can be obtained from their web site at
August 11: A second visit, this time with parking tickets (free since I'm a FONZ member). Hot! Hot! Hot! But I did...
2020_DC_SINZ_Primate8DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Primates
2020_DC_SINZ_Art19DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Public Art
2020_DC_SINZ_Reptile4DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Reptile House
2020_DC_SINZ_125th18DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Signage: 125th Anniversary
2020_DC_SINZ_Mammal11DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Small Mammal House (plus Lemurs)
2020_DC_SINMAA_Uncle_Tom22DC -- NMAAHC -- Exhibit: Uncle Tom's Cabin: Early and Notable Editions
Uncle Tom's Cabin: Early and Notable Editions
February 28, 2020 – May 6, 2021
There are varying opinions about the novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, yet it is inarguably one of the most influential books in American history. Written by Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811–1896) to inform readers of the appalling...
2020_DC_SINMAA_Changing4DC -- NMAAHC -- Exhibit: (C1) A Changing America: 1968 and Beyond
2020_DC_SINMAA_Defining36DC -- NMAAHC -- Exhibit: (C2) Defending Freedom, Defining Freedom: Era of Segregation 1876-1968
2020_DC_SINMAA_Slavery16DC -- NMAAHC -- Exhibit: (C3) Slavery and Freedom 1400-1877
2020_DC_SINMAA_CCourt6DC -- NMAAHC -- Exhibit: (C) Contemplative Court
2020_DC_SINMAA_4Ward6DC -- NMAAHC -- Forward Into Light
2020_DC_SINMAA_Int10DC -- NMAAHC -- Interior Areas Not Covered Elsewhere
* January 21: I ran into Lonnie Bunch, the first time I'd seen him since he became the head of the Smithsonian.
* September 18: The National Museum of African American History and Culture reopened after Covid-19 closed it on March 14.
2020_DC_NoMa_UPass17DC -- NoMa -- Metro Underpasses
2020_DC_Coliseum9DC -- NoMa -- Washington Coliseum (Uline Arena)
2020_DC_NoMa29DC -- NoMa (North of Massachusetts Avenue) neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_BK_NCPk6DC -- North Cleveland Park -- Burger King (4422 Connecticut Ave NW)
2020_DC_Intelsat17DC -- North Cleveland Park -- Intelsat building (3400 Connecticut Ave NW)
Whittle School and Studios is a for-profit educational organization founded by Chris Whittle. It opened here in September 2019. A very private school, its tuition costs the first year were said to be $49,000/year/student (ages 3-18). Nearby Sidwell Friends was apparently $44,000/year/student. Both of...
2020_DC_North_Cleveland_Pk61DC -- North Cleveland Park neighborhood (between Albemarle, Rodman + Quebec, Wisconsin + Nebraska, Connecticut)
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_NE_Boundary_Tunnel35DC -- Northeast Boundary Tunnel construction project (3rd St and Florida Ave)
2020_DC_Oak_Hill220DC -- Oak Hill Cemetery
2020_DC_Engine24_Old6DC -- Old Engine Company 24 (3702 Georgia Ave NW) -- location until 1994
2020_DC_PAHO2DC -- Pan American Health Organization (World Health Organization) Bldg
2020_DC_Park_View34DC -- Park View neighborhood (north of Howard University)
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_1000F1DC -- Penn Qtr -- 1000 F St NW block (near Petersen House)
2020_DC_1301PA4DC -- Penn Qtr -- 1301 Penn Ave NW
2020_DC_900F1DC -- Penn Qtr -- 900 F St NW (Penn Qtr Courtyard, Riggs Bank)
2020_DC_950F1DC -- Penn Qtr -- 920/926/950 F St (Atlantic Bldg)
2020_DC_Bond_Bldg7DC -- Penn Qtr -- Bond Building (1404 New York Ave NW)
2020_DC_Calvary5DC -- Penn Qtr -- Calvary Baptist Church (755 8th St NW)
2020_DC_Capitol_Crossing1DC -- Penn Qtr -- Capitol Crossing (200/250 Mass. Ave NW) (formerly I-395 Overpass)
2020_DC_Epiphany4DC -- Penn Qtr -- Church of the Epiphany (317 G St NW)
2020_DC_CBMSO2DC -- Penn Qtr -- Clara Barton’s Missing Soldiers Office (437 7th St NW)
2020_DC_AIA10DC -- Penn Qtr -- District Architecture Center | AIA Washington DC (421 7th St NW)
2020_DC_FBI4DC -- Penn Qtr -- FBI Building (J. Edgar Hoover Bldg) (935 Penn Ave NW)
2020_DC_FCUCC7DC -- Penn Qtr -- First Congregational UCC (945 G St NW)
2020_DC_New_HopeBC5DC -- Penn Qtr -- Greater New Hope Baptist Church / Washington Hebrew Congregation (816 8th St, NW)
2020_DC_Greyhound4DC -- Penn Qtr -- Greyhound Bus Station (1100 New York Ave NW)
2020_DC_Hard_Rock3DC -- Penn Qtr -- Hard Rock Cafe (999 E St NW)
2020_DC_Gallery_Place_Hecht4DC -- Penn Qtr -- Hecht Company/Terrell Place (7th and F St, NW)
2020_DC_Hotel_Monaco5DC -- Penn Qtr -- Hotel Monaco (700 F St. NW)
2020_DC_HotelW29DC -- Penn Qtr -- Hotel Washington (W Washington) (515 15th St NW)
2020_DC_GAR2DC -- Penn Qtr -- Indiana Plaza -- GAR Memorial
2020_DC_JW_Marriott7DC -- Penn Qtr -- JW Marriott Washington DC (1331 Penn Ave)
2020_DC_E_Street7DC -- Penn Qtr -- Landmark's E Street Cinema (555 11th St NW)
2020_DC_Lansburgh8DC -- Penn Qtr -- Lansburgh Theatre: Shakespeare Theatre Company (450 7th St NW)
Another BLM mural.
2020_DC_Le_Droit_Bldg2DC -- Penn Qtr -- Le Droit Bldg (800-812 F St NW) (Adams Bldg + old International Spy Museum bldg)
2020_DC_Liberty_Place2DC -- Penn Qtr -- Liberty Place (325 7th St NW)
2020_DC_Tussauds3DC -- Penn Qtr -- Madame Tussauds Washington DC (1001 F St NW)
2020_DC_MLKLib35DC -- Penn Qtr -- Martin Luther King Memorial Library (901 G St NW)
2020_DC_Metropolitan_Sq13DC -- Penn Qtr -- Metropolitan Square (655 15th St NW) (incl Old Ebbitt Grill)
2020_DC_NBW_14th8DC -- Penn Qtr -- National Bank of Washington (699 14th St NW)
2020_DC_National_Place2DC -- Penn Qtr -- National Place (1331 Penn Ave NW)
2020_DC_NCNW3DC -- Penn Qtr -- Natl Council of Negro Women (633 Penn Ave NW)
2020_DC_NMWA17DC -- Penn Qtr -- Natl Museum of Women in the Arts (1250 New York Ave NW)
Including Trap Bob painting a mural for the museum.
2020_DC_NPC4DC -- Penn Qtr -- Natl Press Club (529 14th St NW)
2020_DC_Natl_Theatre4DC -- Penn Qtr -- Natl Theatre (1321 Penn Ave NW)
2020_DC_Ollies2DC -- Penn Qtr -- Ollie's Trolley (425 12th St NW)
2020_DC_Times_Herald8DC -- Penn Qtr -- Times-Herald Building (1307 NY Ave NW)
2020_DC_Verizon12DC -- Penn Qtr -- Verizon Center
2020_DC_Warner_Bldg14DC -- Penn Qtr -- Warner Building (1299 Penn Ave NW)
2020_DC_Warner_Theatre21DC -- Penn Qtr -- Warner Theatre (513 13th St NW)
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Wash_Bldg25DC -- Penn Qtr -- Washington Bldg (15th and G St, NW)
2020_DC_Willard36DC -- Penn Qtr -- Willard InterContinental Washington (1401 Penn Ave NW)
2020_DC_Woodies3DC -- Penn Qtr -- Woodies Bldg (1025 F St NW) incl Forever 21
2020_DC_Woolly_Mammoth66DC -- Penn Qtr -- Woolly Mammoth Theatre (641 D St NW)
They had been closed in preparation for a new production when Covid-19 closed everything. They currently have no performances planned until February, figuring that many of their ticket purchasers will not attend until after a vaccine.
2020_DC_WMATA_HQ10DC -- Penn Qtr -- (Old) WMATA headquarters (600 5th St NW)
2020_DC_Penn_Qtr249DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs and boarded up windows because of BLM protests.
2020_DC_Penn39DC -- Pennsylvania Avenue area
Various shots, often of the street being empty due to Covid-19 restrictions.
2020_DC_Petworth_MedG7DC -- Petworth Meditation Garden
2020_DC_Petworth6DC -- Petworth neighborhood
2020_DC_Sheridan_Statue12DC -- Philip Sheridan Statue
2020_DC_Pleasant_Plains17DC -- Pleasant Plains neighborhood (area around Howard University)
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_WHouse_Passby4DC -- Presidential Motorcade drive-by
Always curious to know who's in town to be insulted by our president this week. This time it was the head of Mexico.
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_WH_2020Q2533DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Events around Lafayette Park and BLM Plaza (2020A May-June)
May 30: There was talk about a MAGA rally at the White House which I presume could be identified by the hats and lack of masks, and which would eventually turn into a MALA (Make America Lynch Again) protest. Realistically, when there are no public bathrooms available, hanging out waiting for a...
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_WH_2020Q3120DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Events around Lafayette Park and BLM Plaza (2020B July-September)
August 2: The BLACK LIVES MATTER letters on the street had been redone. The riot fencing around Lafayette Park was partly reopened as was the Pennsylvania Avenue street by 15th Street (which had been closed for construction since before the crisis).
August 17: The DEFUND THE POLICE letters,...
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_WH_2020Q4106DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Events around Lafayette Park and BLM Plaza (2020C October-December)
2020_DC_Necks_March_20082844DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Get Your Knee Off Our Necks march
NOTE: So, no, I didn't actually get into the rally or the march. I waited in a line that looked like it was at least 7 blocks long. After an hour, by 10am I had advanced at best two blocks. Doing the math, it was clear that I wasn't going to get in for the rally (11am - 1pm). The march (1pm - 3pm) would...
2020_DC_Necks_MarchU_20082832DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Get Your Knee Off Our Necks march -- Labor contingent
March/Rally: Commitment: Get Your Knee Off Our Necks: Fri, August 28, 7:15am – 3:15pm 
Labor contingent gathers at United Unions building, 1750 New York Avenue NW, WDC; march heads out at 8:45a.
Hosted by National Action Network and NAACP.
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_HP304DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Placards/Signs: Elsewhere in Lafayette Square/BLM Plaza area
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_FP_SI32DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Placards/Signs: Lafayette Square fence -- Sue Israel murals
I ran into Sue and her brother putting up murals that she had made. Later, she replaced them with duplicates that stayed up until all of the BLM pieces were removed from the fence on January 30, 2021.
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_FP_2020Q2361DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Placards/Signs: Lafayette Square fence (2020A June)
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_FP_2020Q3329DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Placards/Signs: Lafayette Square fence (2020B July-September)
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_FP_2020Q4A82DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Placards/Signs: Lafayette Square fence (2020C October)
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_FP_2020Q4B858DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Placards/Signs: Lafayette Square fence (2020D November)
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_FP_2020Q4C485DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Placards/Signs: Lafayette Square fence (2020E December)
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_PW_2020Q2A500DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Placards/Signs: U.S. Chamber of Commerce's covered walk (2020A June, first day)
The National Park Service and the Secret Service were discussing when to remove the fence around the Fortress of Arrogance. Originally, they said they planned to remove "most" of the fence at Lafayette Square on this day (Wednesday). So all of the signs were taken down and moved under the construction...
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_PW_2020Q2B432DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Placards/Signs: U.S. Chamber of Commerce's covered walk (2020B June, other days)
The National Park Service and the Secret Service were discussing when to remove the fence around the Fortress of Arrogance. Originally, they said they planned to remove "most" of the fence at Lafayette Square on this day (Wednesday). So all of the signs were taken down and moved under the construction...
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_PW_2020Q3487DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Placards/Signs: U.S. Chamber of Commerce's covered walk (2020C July-September)
During this period, the protest wall went through several iterations. Notes:
Before August 2, chunks of the plywood had been repainted to cover over some of the messages.
Before August 17, all of the signs and placards had been taken down (a sign said this was for museum collections) and the wall now...
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_PW_2020Q440DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Placards/Signs: U.S. Chamber of Commerce's covered walk (2020D October-December)
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_Med_20060613DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Rally by First Responders @ McPherson Sq
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_Cap_20060710DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Rally w/marchers coming from Capitol (?)
Later, I figured this was the group that Mitt Romney had been in but I just saw a section of the march so I didn't see him.
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_DuP_20060751DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Rally @ Dupont Circle
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_LM_200606155DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Rally @ Lincoln Memorial
After the child president had desecrated the Lincoln Memorial doing his press conference there (where he claimed no president had been treated as badly as him while he sat in front of the assassinated president), the site has needed desperately to be restored to the actual message of Lincoln, promoting...
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_MLK_200604138DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Rally @ MLK Memorial
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_TF_200603116DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Rally @ the Trump Finger
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest163DC -- Protest: George Floyd (Miscellaneous)
After the video of George Floyd being killed in Minneapolis as a police officer kept his knee of his head (Floyd's "I can't breathe" protests were ignored), riots erupted in several cities around the United States.
2020_DC_Protest_Kidnapped5DC -- Protest: Kidnapped by FBI crazy guy
2020_DC_Mural_Song4Hope121DC -- Public Art: A Song for Hope mural @ Mt Vernon
2020_DC_Asphalt_Art7DC -- Public Art: Asphalt Art (art painted on sidewalks, intersections, and storm drains)
2020_DC_Art_Balance14DC -- Public Art: Balance (sculpture by Marcia Billig) @ Maury Elementary School (1250 Const Ave NE) (Capitol Hill)
2020_DC_Golden_FSq_Barriers12DC -- Public Art: Barrier Murals (by Shyama Kuver) @ Farragut Square
Farragut Square Barrier Murals
Installed in October 2020 as part of the BID’s COVID-19 response and recovery efforts, concrete barriers extend the pedestrian pathway on the west side of Farragut Park, giving people more space to spread out in this highly trafficked area.
The BID commissioned local...
2020_DC_Blagden_Alley1DC -- Public Art: Blagden Alley (between M and N, 9 and 10 NW) (Downtown)
(Note: Individual murals are shown elsewhere by artist.)
2020_DC_Art_Barnes_Dance6DC -- Public Art: Chinatown Barnes Dance
2020_DC_ConnAve_Overlook5DC -- Public Art: Connecticut Avenue Overlook @ Dupont Circle
I'm not sure when the little outhouse thing came down.
2020_DC_DC51_Murals18DC -- Public Art: DC 51 murals around the city
2020_DC_Art_Epoch1DC -- Public Art: Epoch (sculpture by Albert Paley) @ 9th and G NW (Penn Qtr)
2020_DC_Golden_Hurrah6DC -- Public Art: Hurrah! (by Karol Murlak) @ Edward R. Murrow Park
2020_DC_Art_JAnacostia1DC -- Public Art: Journey Anacostia (sculpture by Wilfredo Valladares)
2020_DC_Golden_Marker8DC -- Public Art: Marker (by Rania Hassan) @ Connecticut & K St NW
Monument & Marker
Installed in October 2020, Monument & Marker is a collaboration between Golden Triangle Arts and the Smithsonian that extends the Smithsonian American Women’s History Initiative – Because of Her Story beyond the walls of the Smithsonian and into the streets of Washington, DC. Launched...
2020_DC_Murals_Above2DC -- Public Art: Murals by Above (Berlin)
2020_DC_Murals_AClerencia7DC -- Public Art: Murals by Alberto Clerencia
2020_DC_Murals_ACavus10DC -- Public Art: Murals by Albus Cavus Art Collective
2020_DC_Murals_ANeveux1DC -- Public Art: Murals by Andre Neveux (Aristide Bruant mural @ BULK Korean Bar & Restaurant)
2020_DC_Murals_Aniekan72DC -- Public Art: Murals by Aniekan Udofia
2020_DC_Murals_Lydenberg2DC -- Public Art: Murals by Annica Lydenberg (w/Amy Cavenaile)
2020_DC_Murals_Birdcap1DC -- Public Art: Murals by Birdcap (Michael Roy) (Memphis, Tennessee)
2020_DC_Murals_BSmith4DC -- Public Art: Murals by Bisco Smith
2020_DC_Murals_BTierney7DC -- Public Art: Murals by Brandon Tierney
2020_DC_Murals_BKing4DC -- Public Art: Murals by Bryan King
2020_DC_Murals_CTaylor5DC -- Public Art: Murals by Candice Taylor
2020_DC_Murals_Caratoes2DC -- Public Art: Murals by Caratoes
2020_DC_Murals_CStowers28DC -- Public Art: Murals by Cory Stowers
2020_DC_Murals_Pose22DC -- Public Art: Murals by Daniel Hopkins (POSE 2)
2020_DC_Murals_Pinder8DC -- Public Art: Murals by Demont Pinder
2020_DC_Murals_Echo4DC -- Public Art: Murals by Echo (Emerald, Lady Echo, ECK)
2020_DC_Murals_Emon2DC -- Public Art: Murals by Emon Surakitkoson (@emonartdc)
2020_DC_Murals_EricB3DC -- Public Art: Murals by Eric B. Ricks
2020_DC_Murals_Gaia2DC -- Public Art: Murals by Gaia
2020_DC_Murals_GBaker7DC -- Public Art: Murals by Garin Baker
2020_DC_Murals_GPefung2DC -- Public Art: Murals by Gerard Pefung
2020_DC_Murals_BPeck66DC -- Public Art: Murals by G. Byron Peck
2020_DC_Murals_PHanna3DC -- Public Art: Murals by Hanna Söderholm (Peachy Hanna)
2020_DC_Murals_RekaOne5DC -- Public Art: Murals by James Reka (@RekaOne)
2020_DC_Murals_JFerrier16DC -- Public Art: Murals by Jarrett Ferrier
2020_DC_Murals_JBullough14DC -- Public Art: Murals by JBAK (James Bullough and Karl Addison)
2020_DC_Murals_JPagac18DC -- Public Art: Murals by Joe Pagac
2020_DC_Murals_JBergner15DC -- Public Art: Murals by Joel Bergner (aka Joel Artista)
2020_DC_Murals_JMoorman1DC -- Public Art: Murals by Johan Moorman (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
2020_DC_Murals_JBailey8DC -- Public Art: Murals by John Bailey
2020_DC_Murals_JVH3DC -- Public Art: Murals by Josh van Horne
2020_DC_Murals_JPineda6DC -- Public Art: Murals by Juan Pineda (CRI)
2020_DC_Murals_JSanders2DC -- Public Art: Murals by June Sanders
2020_DC_Murals_Chalkdup3DC -- Public Art: Murals by Justin (Chalkdup)
2020_DC_Murals_Kaliq7DC -- Public Art: Murals by Kaliq Crosby
2020_DC_Murals_KTowles4DC -- Public Art: Murals by Kelly Towles
2020_DC_Murals_Lahkem1DC -- Public Art: Murals by LahKem Amiyr
2020_DC_Murals_LAP2DC -- Public Art: Murals by LAP (Luis Alberto Pérez) (Ponce, Puerto Rico)
2020_DC_Murals_Lisa_Marie2DC -- Public Art: Murals by Lisa Marie Thalhammer
2020_DC_Murals_del_Valle3DC -- Public Art: Murals by Luis Peralta Del Valle
2020_DC_Murals_McFly6DC -- Public Art: Murals by Marly McFly
2020_DC_Murals_MManning2DC -- Public Art: Murals by Marni Manning
2020_DC_Murals_MSwift3DC -- Public Art: Murals by Martin Swift
2020_DC_Murals_Mutafa2DC -- Public Art: Murals by Mazi Mutafa
2020_DC_Murals_MHammond4DC -- Public Art: Murals by Michael Hammond
2020_DC_Murals_MMurphy3DC -- Public Art: Murals by Michael Murphy
2020_DC_Murals_Shiyuart3DC -- Public Art: Murals by Michelle Chen (@Shiyuart)
2020_DC_Murals_MMier1DC -- Public Art: Murals by Mick Mier
2020_DC_Murals_Chelove29DC -- Public Art: Murals by Miss Chelove
2020_DC_Murals_Mixed4DC -- Public Art: Murals by Mixed Scene
2020_DC_Murals_Naturel2DC -- Public Art: Murals by Naturel
2020_DC_Murals_JahOne14DC -- Public Art: Murals by Nessar Jahanbin (Jah One)
2020_DC_Murals_No_Kings15DC -- Public Art: Murals by No Kings Collective (Brandon Hill, Peter Chang)
2020_DC_Murals_POwens5DC -- Public Art: Murals by Patrick Owens
2020_DC_Murals_Krsko3DC -- Public Art: Murals by Peter Krsko
2020_DC_Murals_Ravi1DC -- Public Art: Murals by Ravi Raman
2020_DC_Murals_RPradel9DC -- Public Art: Murals by Rodrigo Pradel and Mike Pacheco
2020_DC_Murals_RJaffe9DC -- Public Art: Murals by Rose Jaffe (sometimes with Kate DeCiccio)
2020_DC_Murals_Rylsee2DC -- Public Art: Murals by Rylsee (Cyril Vouilloz) (Berlin + Geneva)
2020_DC_Murals_SGilliam10DC -- Public Art: Murals by Sam Gilliam
2020_DC_Murals_Sptheplug3DC -- Public Art: Murals by Sptheplug
2020_DC_Murals_Stom5001DC -- Public Art: Murals by Stom500
2020_DC_Murals_Taj4DC -- Public Art: Murals by Taj Tenfold (Taj Francis) (Kingston, Jamaica)
2020_DC_Murals_Trapxbob1DC -- Public Art: Murals by Tenbeete Solomon (TrapXBob, Trap Bob)
2020_DC_Murals_Waone4DC -- Public Art: Murals by Waone (of Interesni Kazki)
2020_DC_Murals_Zulu_Soul1DC -- Public Art: Murals by Zulu Soul
2020_DC_Murals108DC -- Public Art: Murals (not shown by artist)
2020_DC_Art_Music_Spheres12DC -- Public Art: Music of the Spheres (by Martha Jackson-Jarvis) @ North Cleveland Park by UDC
2020_DC_Art_ObserverMcC5DC -- Public Art: Observer (by Keith McCarter) @ 1020 19th St
2020_DC_Paint_Storefronts317DC -- Public Art: Paint the Storefronts
June 7: There are multiple groups painting storefronts now. The Paint the Storefront group was painting on glass only. Now there are ones painting on the plywood. Several of those are included here. I talked with Mel Bieler who said her group was doing Denver Smith Foundation painting on plywood...
2020_DC_Art_Poseidon8DC -- Public Art: Poseidon (by George Zongolopoulos) @ GWU
2020_DC_Golden_Sham19th54DC -- Public Art: Rain Gardens Sculptures (by Foon Sham) on 19th Street
2020_DC_Art_Symphony_Major15DC -- Public Art: Symphony in DC Major (by Zachary Oxman) @ Shaw by O Street Market
2020_DC_Art_Lobsterman17DC -- Public Art: The Waterman (sculpture by Victor Kahill) @ Waterfront
2020_DC_Toynbee24DC -- Public Art: Toynbee tiles/Stikman Robots
Including a new Toynbee tile!
2020_DC_TCB9DC -- Public Art: Traffic Control Boxes
2020_DC_Pulitzer_Center19DC -- Pulitzer Center
2020_DC_Victory2020DC187DC -- Rally: 2020 Election Victory for Democracy @ White House area (Saturday and Sunday)
The news networks had all just announced that Biden-Harris had definitely won the 2020 presidential election.
2020_DC_Election2020_201103143DC -- Rally: 2020 Election @ White House area
2020_DC_Abortion_2001222DC -- Rally: Anti-Abortion Stage @ National Mall
The stage has been set up for the anti-abortion rally. They always call it "pro-life" but it for some reason that only applies to the exact second of birth -- they're not keen on pre-natal care, living wages, gun control, foreign aid, gun control, etc.
2020_DC_LP_Armenia_20100935DC -- Rally: Armenia Oppression by Turkey @ Lafayette Park
2020_DC_Do_Your_Job_2007285DC -- Rally: Do Your Job event @ Union Station
#DoYourJob Rally
July 28, 2020, 8:00am - 12:00pm
Union Station, Washington D.C.
50 Massachusetts Ave NE
Washington, DC
Thousands of essential workers are risking their lives every day at work to keep America safe. It’s time for Senators to do their jobs to keep America safe, too. That means passing...
2020_DC_LP_Iran_20091225DC -- Rally: Iran protesting execution of Navid Afkari @ Lafayette Park
This rally was in protest of the Iranian execution announced earlier that day of a wrestler for allegedly murdering a man. According to the AP release, State TV quoted the chief justice of Fars province, Kazem Mousavi, as saying: “The retaliation sentence against Navid Afkari, the killer of Hassan...
2020_DC_Womens_March_201017425DC -- Rally: Women's March on Washington (2020)
Women's March 2020
We need a huge, and powerful mobilization to help energize the nation and inspire millions to turn out to vote – and you can help make that happen.
This march isn’t like the others before. After a short rally and march, we’ll gather on the National Mall for a socially distant...
2020_DC_Womens_Imm_20011573DC -- Rally: Women's March on Washington (2020) -- Session: Solidarity and the Immigration Justice Movement @ Eaton Hotel
Where: The Eaton Hotel, Beverly Snow Room 1201 K St NW, Washington, DC 20005
Solidarity And The Immigration Justice Movement
U.S. government policies continue to sanction human rights violations against migrants and immigrants - many of them women who are disproportionately...
2020_DC_SIRG_Bldg10DC -- Renwick Gallery -- Bldg
The Renwick Gallery reopened today after Covid-19 closed it on March 14.
2020_DC_SIRG_Masks15DC -- Renwick Gallery -- Exhibit Case: Pandemic Face Masks by Native Women Artists
Artists from Native American nations of the Northwest Coast, Midwest, and Northeast created these face masks in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Accomplished beadwork artists and basket makers, these women adapted materials and techniques from their tribal traditions onto the most common of...
2020_DC_SIRG_Forces60DC -- Renwick Gallery -- Exhibit: Forces of Nature: Renwick Invitational 2020
Forces of Nature: Renwick Invitational 2020
October 16, 2020 – June 27, 2021
Forces of Nature: Renwick Invitational 2020 features artists Lauren Fensterstock, Timothy Horn, Debora Moore, and Rowland Ricketts. Nature provides a way for these invited artists to ask what it means to be human in a world...
2020_DC_SIRG_Janet1810DC -- Renwick Gallery -- Exhibit: Janet Echelman's 1.8 Renwick
Janet Echelman's 1.8 Renwick
September 18, 2020 – 2022
Janet Echelman’s colorful fiber and lighting installation examines the complex interconnections between human beings and our physical world, and reveals the artist's fascination with the measurement of time. The volumetric form suspended from the...
2020_DC_SIRG_4Ward4DC -- Renwick Gallery -- Forward Into Light
2020_DC_Emmet_Mem18DC -- Robert Emmet Memorial
2020_DC_Rock_Creek_Cem97DC -- Rock Creek Cemetery
Some fall colors.
2020_DC_Roosevelt_High6DC -- Roosevelt High School
2020_DC_Rotary_Club1DC -- Rotary Club of Washington (1101 16th St NW)
2020_DC_Carter_Woodson18DC -- Shaw -- Carter G. Woodson Home National Historic Site (1538 9th St NW)
2020_DC_Howard_Theatre_WOF27DC -- Shaw -- Howard Theatre -- Walk of Fame
2020_DC_Howard_Theatre16DC -- Shaw -- Howard Theatre (and Duke Ellington "Encore" Statue) (620 T St., NW)
2020_DC_OSt_Market10DC -- Shaw -- O Street Market (800 P St NW)
2020_DC_Shaw134DC -- Shaw neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Shaw_Lib8DC -- Shaw Neighborhood Library
2020_DC_2315Mass6DC -- Sheridan-Kalorama -- 2315 Mass. Ave NW (Moran House) (now Embassy of Pakistan)
2020_DC_Sakharov6DC -- Sheridan-Kalorama -- Andrei Sakharov statue (1800 Connecticut Ave NW)
2020_DC_Mitchell_Park15DC -- Sheridan-Kalorama -- Mitchell Park
2020_DC_Wilson_House9DC -- Sheridan-Kalorama -- Woodrow Wilson House (2340 S St NW)
2020_DC_Sheridan26DC -- Sheridan-Kalorama neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Yates4DC -- Sidney R. Yates Federal Bldg (Auditor's Bldg) (201 14th St SW)
2020_DC_16th_Heights16DC -- Sixteenth Street Heights neighborhood
2020_DC_SIHG19DC -- Smithsonian Gardens: Enid A. Haupt Garden @ Smithsonian Castle
The gate to the garden is closed due to the Covid-19 crisis. The Smithsonian gardens remained closed until August.
2020_DC_SI_Habitat_SD4DC -- Smithsonian Gardens: Habitat: Sign of the Dragonfly @ Enid A. Haupt Garden
2020_DC_SI_Habitat_In65DC -- Smithsonian Gardens: Habitat: The Great Indoors: Bringing the Outside In @ Donald Reynolds Center
2020_DC_SI_Habitat_NY3DC -- Smithsonian Gardens: Habitat: We Need You! @ National Museum of American History
2020_DC_SIBG22DC -- Smithsonian Gardens: Pollinator Garden (Butterfly Habitat Garden) @ Natural History Museum
2020_DC_SI_Castle6DC -- Smithsonian Institution Building (The Castle)
2020_DC_SI_Castle_4Ward10DC -- Smithsonian Institution Building (The Castle) -- Forward Into Light
2020_DC_Arena17DC -- Southwest -- Arena Stage
Closed due to Covid-19 during their 70th anniversary celebration.
2020_DC_Riverside_Baptist7DC -- Southwest -- Riverside Baptist Church
2020_DC_St_Dominic38DC -- Southwest -- St Dominic Church (630 E St, SW)
2020_DC_Titanic24DC -- Southwest -- Titanic Memorial @ SW Waterfront Park
2020_DC_WMATA_HQ27DC -- Southwest -- (New) WMATA Headquarters (7th and D St NW)
2020_DC_SW_Duck_Pond12DC -- Southwest Duck Pond
2020_DC_Southwest98DC -- Southwest neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Southwest_Shuttle8DC -- Southwest Shuttle
2020_DC_Waterfront_Pk21DC -- Southwest Waterfront Park
2020_DC_Waterfront144DC -- Southwest (District Wharf)
Lines to buy fish during Covid-19.
2020_DC_Anthem31DC -- Southwest (District Wharf) -- Anthem
The Covid-19 marquee.
2020_DC_PProse_Wharf16DC -- Southwest (District Wharf) -- Politics & Prose
August 2: The store has reopened to limited in-person shopping.
2020_DC_St_Elizabeth12DC -- St Elizabeths Hospital
2020_DC_Starship_Delivery37DC -- Starship Delivery vehicle @ I'm Eddie Cano! (5014 Conn Ave NW)
I had run into one of these vehicles for the first time on April 22. On a later walk around the Chevy Chase area, I found that three of them were based at I'm Eddie Cano! @ 5014 Connecticut Ave NW. The manager said the craft could do deliveries for up to 1.5 miles. The delivery cabin was locked...
2020_DC_Ginsburg677DC -- Supreme Court Building -- Event: Ruth Bader Ginsburg's passing
Multiple events:
* Friday, September 18: RBG passed that night. I was downtown visiting the newly opened Eisenhower Memorial when I heard the news and walked over to the Supreme Court. On the way, I passed an evangelical group on the west side of the Capitol singing songs of joy in her passing because...
2020_DC_Taft_Br20DC -- Taft Bridge
2020_DC_Takoma_Ed16DC -- Takoma Education Campus (7010 Piney Branch Rd NW)
2020_DC_Takoma42DC -- Takoma neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Pimenta_20022481DC -- Talks @ Pulitzer -- Marcio Pimenta (Activism and the Environment in the Amazon)
Talks @ Pulitzer: Marcio Pimenta on Activism and the Environment in the Amazon
On Monday, February 24, 2020, at 6:00 pm, please join us for a Talks @ Pulitzer event, as Pulitzer Center grantee Marcio Pimenta discusses his reporting in the Amazon.
Pimenta's Pulitzer Center-supported projects focus on...
2020_DC_Palau_20020374DC -- Talks @ Pulitzer -- Mariana Palau ("Colombia After the Peace Deal")
Please join us for a Talks @ Pulitzer with journalist Mariana Palau as she focuses on Colombia after the peace deal.
On Monday, February 3, 2020, please join us for a Talks @ Pulitzer, as Pulitzer Center grantee journalist Mariana Palau discusses her work covering the aftermath of the peace deal...
2020_DC_Signs349DC -- Temporary Signs
Various including:
* The "Trump Lied. People Died" truck.
2020_DC_Signs_BLM173DC -- Temporary Signs -- BLM
2020_DC_Signs19134DC -- Temporary Signs -- COVID-19
2020_DC_Tenleytown45DC -- Tenleytown neighborhood
Including the Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Jeff_Mem13DC -- Thomas Jefferson Memorial
2020_DC_Tidal20DC -- Tidal Basin
2020_DC_Losers_March_201114102DC -- Trump Losers Revolt -- First Trump Losers March
Making America cheat again for the child president.
2020_DC_Truxton_Circle5DC -- Truxton Circle neighborhood
2020_DC_Bens12DC -- U Street -- Ben's Chili Bowl
Carry-out only due to Covid-19.
2020_DC_Busboys_14V7DC -- U Street -- Busboys and Poets -- 14th and V
2020_DC_St_AugustineCC8DC -- U Street -- St. Augustine Catholic Church (1419 V St NW)
2020_DC_Whitelaw6DC -- U Street -- Whitelaw Hotel (1839 13th St NW)
2020_DC_U_Street99DC -- U Street Heritage neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Union_MarketD90DC -- Union Market District
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_DC_PProse_UM4DC -- Union Market District -- Politics & Prose
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_DC_Union_Market20DC -- Union Market District -- Union Market
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_DC_US_Our_Story138DC -- Union Station -- Exhibit: Our Story: Portraits of Change
Our Story: 100 Years of Women's Right To Vote
Washington DC, Union Station -- August 24-28, 2020

"Our Story: Portraits of Change" is an interactive photo mosaic and art installation depicting a portrait of suffragist and civil rights activist Ida B. Wells, created by artist Helen Marshall of The...
2020_DC_Union_Station3DC -- Union Station (exterior)
Flags half-staff for RBG.
2020_DC_Union_StationI72DC -- Union Station (Interior)
So much of the building is closed due to Covid-19. Entrances have been shut as well to control people coming and going. They're still working on replacing floor tiles as well which is what the little tents are. Note that Union Station is one of the few places with public bathrooms. I would have expected...
2020_DC_UDC5DC -- University of the District of Columbia
2020_DC_Zherka_200203114DC -- USC/PDC/PDAA -- First Monday Forum: Advocacy in an Age of Uncertainty (w/Ilir Zherka)
You are invited to join us for our First Monday lunch forum on February 3 from 12:00 - 1:15 pm: “Advocacy in an Age of Uncertainty” featuring Ilir Zherka, Executive Director of the Alliance for International Exchange.
These programs are presented by the USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership...
2020_DC_IVLP_200302122DC -- USC/PDC/PDAA -- First Monday Forum: Faces of Exchange: 80 Years of the International Visitor Leadership Program
First Monday Forum: “Faces of Exchange: 80 Years of the International Visitor Leadership Program". 
With more than 225,000 alumni, the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) is celebrating its 80th anniversary in 2020. This panel will examine the impact of this...
2020_DC_Walker_200106112DC -- USC/PDC/PDAA -- First Monday Forum: Looking Back to Look Forward: Seventy Years of USACPD Recommendations (w/Vivian S. Walker)
"Looking Back to Look Forward: Seventy Years of USACPD Recommendations” featuring Vivian S. Walker, Executive Director of the United States Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy (USACPD).
2020_DC_Literally_2005041DC -- U.S. Capitol -- Protester: Literally Anyone Else protester
2020_DC_Lock_Him_Up_20020511DC -- U.S. Capitol -- Protest: Lock Him Up
This was an early protest outside of the capitol that happened on the day that the Senate ignored their oath of impartiality as well as overwhelming impeachment evidence and voted pretty much on party lines to exonerate Trump for the "perfect call" and the cover-up following it.
2020_DC_Lewis_200728103DC -- U.S. Capitol -- State tribute for John Lewis
Due to Covid-19, this state tribute was on the steps of the Capitol and you weren't allowed into the building itself, nor could you get anywhere close to the casket itself. I was expecting horrible lines but it went fairly quickly.
2020_DC_CapitolX18DC -- U.S. Capitol Grounds -- Christmas Tree (2020)
2020_DC_Peace_Mon13DC -- U.S. Capitol Grounds -- Peace Monument (Civil War Sailors Monument) (1st and Penn, NW)
2020_DC_Capitol_Signs8DC -- U.S. Capitol Grounds -- Signs
2020_DC_Grant_Mem6DC -- U.S. Capitol Grounds -- Ulysses S. Grant Memorial
I didn't realize they had put up duck ramps around the reflecting pool.
2020_DC_Capitol57DC -- U.S. Capitol (exterior)
Including half-staff flag for RBG. The child president had not done that at the White House.
2020_DC_Capitol_GrpPhoto4DC -- U.S. Capitol (exterior) -- Group photos
2020_DC_Arboretum29DC -- U.S. Natl Arboretum
2020_DC_Arboretum_Grass56DC -- U.S. Natl Arboretum -- Exhibit: Grass Roots: The Exhibit
Grass Roots: The Exhibit
A first-of-its-kind interactive outdoor exhibit at the National Arboretum focuses on new cultivars of turf developed through research programs—including the Arboretum’s—and science-based management of lawns and turfgrass. The primary message of the exhibit is that the best...
2020_DC_Arboretum_Bonsai251DC -- U.S. Natl Arboretum -- National Bonsai & Penjing Museum
2020_DC_Arboretum_CapCols66DC -- U.S. Natl Arboretum -- National Capitol Columns
2020_DC_Engine318DC -- Wakefield -- Engine Company 31 (Forest Hills Firehouse)
2020_DC_Muhlenberg_Mem10DC -- Wakefield -- Peter Muhlenberg Memorial
2020_DC_Wakefield26DC -- Wakefield neighborhood (bounded by Nebraska Ave, Connecticut Ave, and Albemarle St.)
2020_DC_Wash_Circle17DC -- Washington Circle (George Washington Equestrian Statue)
The NPS is refurbishing the statue.
2020_DC_WCC2DC -- Washington Convention Center
2020_DC_Wash_VA_Med3DC -- Washington DC VA Medical Center (50 Irving St NW)
2020_DC_UMC9DC -- Washington Highlands -- United Medical Center
Tents in the parking lot for Covid-19 testing.
2020_DC_Wash_Mon18DC -- Washington Monument -- Exterior
As of March 14, the monument itself is closed because of Covid-19. However, the bathrooms and visitor center were still open. They had the first open public bathroom since Union Station. However, the bathrooms closed after that.
May 9: For some reason, when I came by on this day, the men's...
2020_DC_NCath_Remembering_20121534DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Bell Tolling: Remembering the Lives Lost -- COVID-19 Bell Toll (300,000)
Remembering the lives lost
COVID-19 Bell Toll
On Tuesday, the Cathedral will mark the 300,000 U.S. lives lost to COVID-19 by tolling the Bourdon Bell. Join us on the Cathedral grounds as we toll the bell 300 times, once for every thousand lives lost. While visiting our grounds please remember that...
2020_DC_NCath_O35DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Outside Images
2020_DC_White_House16DC -- White House
June: More work on the Trump wall around the White House.
August 29: Most of the fence extension on the northern side is completed and they're working on the south side now. A guard suggested you'd actually be able to get near the fence again when they're done.
2020_DC_White_House_4Ward6DC -- White House -- Forward Into Light
2020_DC_WHouse_Inaug5DC -- White House -- Presidential Inaugural Stand
2020_DC_Golden_Windows8DC -- Windows by Golden Triangle
2020_DC_Kennedy_Warren27DC -- Woodley Park -- Kennedy-Warren Apartments
2020_DC_Wardman_Park1DC -- Woodley Park -- Wardman Park Hotel (2600 Woodley Rd, NW)
2020_DC_Woodley87DC -- Woodley Park neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_DC_Wuerker_200216100DC -- Word Bubble Party @ Matt Wuerker's
Folks here include Alexandra Bowman, Teresa Roberts Logan, Claire Rhode, Randy Lieberman and Ulia, Steve Artley, Martha and Dane Kennedy, Matthew Schneer, Donna Lewis, Matt Wuerker, Dana Maier and Ralph Geiger, Mike Rhode, Clay Jones, Mike Jenkins, Lisa Vogel and Art Hondros, Nicole Belanus, Warren...
2020_DC_WB_VC21DC -- World Bank -- Visitor Center
2020_DC_WB_VC_Art31DC -- World Bank -- Visitor Center -- Art Gallery
2020_DC_WWII42DC -- World War II Memorial
2020_DC_Wyndham_Vista1DC -- Wyndham Washington DC (1400 M St NW) --> Westin
2020_DC_500NJ1DC -- (East) East End -- 500 New Jersey Ave NW (National Association of Realtors)
2020_DC_Engine033DC -- (East) East End -- Engine Company 03 (439 NJ Ave NW)
2020_DC_Hall_Of_States8DC -- (East) East End -- Hall of States (400 North Capitol St NW)
2020_DC_Teamsters16DC -- (East) East End -- IBT (Teamsters) HQ (25 Louisiana Ave, NW)
2020_DC_Jones_Day5DC -- (East) East End -- Jones Day Bldg (51 Louisiana Ave NW)
2020_DC_East_East_End10DC -- (East) East End neighborhood
2020_DC_EFF_Preview_20021929DC Env Film Festival (2020) -- Festival Preview @ Eaton DC
We cordially invite you to an intimate Festival preview event highlighting some of this year's most anticipated films at Eaton DC on February 19, 2020.
We greatly appreciate your commitment to the Festival! In case you missed it, some select 2020 screenings are already on sale. Check them out at...
2020_DC_Trails_Deanwood125DC Heritage Trails: A Self-Reliant People: Greater Deanwood Heritage Trail
2020_DC_Trails_Anacostia162DC Heritage Trails: An East of the River View: Anacostia Heritage Trail
2020_DC_Trails_UStreet70DC Heritage Trails: City Within a City: Greater U Street Heritage Trail
2020_DC_Trails_CW2CR23DC Heritage Trails: Civil War to Civil Rights: Downtown Heritage Trail
2020_DC_Trails_CHeights174DC Heritage Trails: Cultural Convergence: Columbia Heights Heritage Trail
2020_DC_Trails_GreaterH175DC Heritage Trails: Hub, Home, Heart: Greater H Street NE Heritage Trail
2020_DC_Trails_GeorgiaPP201DC Heritage Trails: Lift Every Voice: Georgia Ave./Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail
2020_DC_Trails_Shaw143DC Heritage Trails: Midcity at the Crossroads: Shaw Heritage Trail
2020_DC_Trails_SW140DC Heritage Trails: River Farms to Urban Towers: Southwest Heritage Trail
2020_DC_Trails_Adams163DC Heritage Trails: Roads to Diversity: Adams Morgan Heritage Trail
2020_DC_Trails_Tenleytown70DC Heritage Trails: Top of the Town: Tenleytown Heritage Trail
2020_DC_Trails_Duty49DC Heritage Trails: Tour of Duty: Barracks Row Heritage Trail
2020_DC_Trails_Mt_Pleasant213DC Heritage Trails: Village in the City: Mount Pleasant Heritage Trail
2020_DC_Trails_Ledroit179DC Heritage Trails: Worthy Ambition: Ledroit Park / Bloomingtom Heritage Trail
2020_DC_Flyby_20050217Flyby -- Thunderbirds and Blue Angels' thank you to health care workers
The military’s two elite aerobatic squadrons—the Air Force Thunderbirds and the Navy Blue Angels—commenced a joint flyby of the metro area today to honor healthcare workers and first responders on the frontlines of the current crisis.
I went to Tenleytown to see them. The two jet teams fly by once...
2020_DC_HSW9Hist Soc of Wash DC @ Carnegie Library
Tomorrow we will open our galleries again. Nothing is simpler, really. A key turns, a sign shifts into place, a smile is readied.
Welcoming the public is at the core of what the DC History Center does. During “normal” times, students, scholars, volunteers, and community members are all welcome on the...
2020_DC_HSW_HH12Hist Soc of Wash DC @ Carnegie Library -- Exhibit: DC Hall of History
2020_DC_Google_v_Oracle_20021414Hudson Institute -- Google v. Oracle: Consequences of the Case
Google v. Oracle: Consequences of the Case
On March 24, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in Google v. Oracle, which is expected to bring the long-running copyright infringement case to its final resolution. Ahead of the arguments in the nation’s highest court, join Hudson Institute for a...
2020_DC_Realignment_20012151Hudson Institute -- Live Taping of "The Realignment" (w/Michael Lind and J.D. Vance)
The New Class Warfare: Live Taping of The Realignment with Michael Lind and J.D. Vance
Recent populist movements have shattered traditional party systems and brought turbulence to governments across Europe and North America. In The New Class War: Saving Democracy from the Managerial Elite, author...
2020_DC_Co_RelationO_20031131IDB Event: Opening of Exhibit CO-RELATION: The Art of Unity
Cocktail: Opening of Exhibit CO-RELATION: The Art of Unity
The IDB Cultural Center presents a series of contemporary artists from Colombia. They echo different aspects of indigenous cosmovision. From an array of perspectives, techniques and materials, the artists evoke themes and periods that bridge...
2020_DC_Bordewich_20031053Library of Congress Kluge Center -- Author Salon: Fergus Bordewich ("Congress at War")
Author Fergus Bordewich will be interviewed on his book "Congress at War."
Author and renowned scholar of congressional history Fergus Bordewich will be interviewed by Becky Brasington Clark, director of the Library of Congress Publishing Office, about Bordewich's book Congress at War, the story of...
2020_DC_Krastev_20021948Library of Congress Kluge Center -- Author Salon: Ivan Krastev ("The Light That Failed")
Ivan Krastev, recent Library of Congress Chair in International Relations, will discuss his forthcoming book, "The Light That Failed."
"The Light That Failed: Why the West Is Losing the Fight for Democracy," the new book by Ivan Krastev and Stephen Holmes, asks why the West, after winning the Cold...
2020_DC_Schneider_20013040Library of Congress Kluge Center -- Author Salon: Susan Schneider ("Artificial You: AI and the Future of Your Mind")
A book talk with Blumberg NASA/Library of Congress Chair in Astrobiology, Exploration, and Scientific Innovation Susan Schneider.
Schneider's new book, Artificial You: AI and the Future of Your Mind is an exploration of what artificial intelligence can, and cannot, achieve.
Humans may not be Earth’s...
2020_DC_Metro_Covid1970Metro COVID-19-related signs
2020_DC_Metro_AN37Metro Station -- Anacostia
2020_DC_Metro_NM2Metro Station -- Archives Navy Memorial Penn Quarter
The station was closed due to Covid-19.
2020_DC_Metro_CPk3Metro Station -- Cleveland Park
This was one of the 19 Metro stations closed due to Covid-19.
Metrorail stations closed due to COVID-19 pandemic
Advisory Effective: 3/23/20 - 5/1/20
Metro service is for ESSENTIAL TRAVEL ONLY. In an effort to protect the health and safety of Metro’s employees and customers and to conserve critical...
2020_DC_Metro_CoH24Metro Station -- Columbia Heights
2020_DC_Metro_Du12Metro Station -- Dupont Circle
2020_DC_Metro_FN14Metro Station -- Farragut North
2020_DC_Metro_FT26Metro Station -- Fort Totten
Including an empty parking lot on a Saturday due to Covid-19 slowdown. The parking lot was initially free during Covid but that changed in July.
2020_DC_Metro_GP14Metro Station -- Gallery Place
2020_DC_Metro_GAP48Metro Station -- Georgia Avenue-Petworth
2020_DC_Metro_EN9Metro Station -- L'Enfant Plaza
2020_DC_Metro_MC4Metro Station -- Metro Center
It's interesting to see how the support beams have become discolored over time, presumably because of the oil they use to protect the escalator surfaces.
2020_DC_Metro_MtV4Metro Station -- Mt. Vernon Sq. 7th St. -- Convention Center
2020_DC_Metro_RI6Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue
2020_DC_Metro_RI_Bridge11Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue -- Pedestrian Bridge
2020_DC_Metro_U6Metro Station -- U Street/AACWM/Cardoza
2020_DC_Metro_US1Metro Station -- Union Station
2020_DC_Metro_WP10Metro Station -- Woodley Park
2020_DC_Blumenthal_20011338National History Center -- Sidney Blumenthal ("The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln: Volumes I-III") @ Wilson Center
The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln: Volumes I-III
The house divided, the incitement of demagogues, appeals to anti-immigrant nativism and racism, a reactionary Supreme Court, a dysfunctional presidency, and the breakup of the old parties—all of these Lincoln confronted in his rise to the presidency....
2020_DC_Cave_20020530Natl Archives -- Academy Award Documentary Feature Nominee: "The Cave" (w/member reception)
Opening Night Reception and Film Screening The Cave
The Cave (Feras Fayyad, Kirstine Barfod and Sigrid Dyekjær)
(104 minutes, unrated)
2020_DC_Perfect_Union_20013050Natl Archives -- Douglas H. Ginsburg (introducing "A More or Less Perfect Union") w/Hadley P. Arkes
A More or Less Perfect Union
A More or Less Perfect Union (2020) explores the most contentious issues in American history and today through the lens of the U.S. Constitution. The groundbreaking three-part public television series tells the story of how the framers put freedom in writing; how amendment...
2020_DC_Mitchell_20021859Natl Archives -- Jerry Mitchell ("Race Against Time")
Race Against Time: A Reporter Reopens the Unsolved Murder Cases of the Civil Rights Era
Investigative journalist Jerry Mitchell takes readers on the twisting road that led to the reopening of four of the most infamous killings during the civil rights movement. His work played a central role in bringing...
2020_DC_SINMAA_Reopening_20091822NMAAHC -- Press Event: Reopening After Covid-19 shutdown (First attempt)
The Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) will reopen to the public on Friday, Sep. 18. In light of concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic, the museum will reopen with new standards that allow visitors to experience the museum in a more intimate setting. The...
2020_DC_NYU_Student_20012148NYU -- Student tour of NMAAHC
2020_DC_Kowsar4Personal -- Nik and Nilou Kowsar on the Mall
We can into each other waiting for the 75th anniversary "Arsenal of Democracy" flyover which was cancelled due to rain.
2020_DC_Dionne_20020780Politics & Prose -- E.J. Dionne, Jr. ("Code Red") w/Deborah Tannen
E.J. Dionne, Jr. - Code Red: How Progressives and Moderates Can Unite to Save Our Country — in conversation with Deborah Tannen
This evening of political give-and-take will begin with a signing at 6:30 and be followed by a screening of the Democratic debate at 8 p.m. In between, E.J. Dionne, Washington...
2020_DC_Bordewich_20022563Politics & Prose -- Fergus M. Bordewich ("Congress at War")
Fergus M. Bordewich - Congress at War: How Republican Reformers Fought the Civil War, Defied Lincoln, Ended Slavery, and Remade America
One of the leading independent historians of the Civil War, Bordewich, author of books including The First Congress and America’s Great Debate, takes exception to the...
2020_DC_Kaplan_20022129Politics & Prose -- Fred Kaplan ("The Bomb: Presidents, Generals, and the Secret History of Nuclear War")
Fred Kaplan - The Bomb: Presidents, Generals, and the Secret History of Nuclear War
In his compelling and important new study, Kaplan, the national-security columnist for Slate and the author of books including Dark Territory and The Insurgents, applies his deep reporting skills and impeccable...
2020_DC_Zughaib_20011689Politics & Prose -- Helen Zughaib ("Stories My Father Told Me")
Helen Zughaib - Stories My Father Told Me
In 25 vibrant, geometric gouache and ink paintings, an acclaimed artist illuminates stories from her father’s life. A gifted storyteller, Helen’s father spent years regaling his family with anecdotes about his early childhood in Damascus, village life in...
2020_DC_Sayles_20020872Politics & Prose -- John Sayles ("Yellow Earth")
John Sayles - Yellow Earth
A writer, actor, and filmmaker, Sayles has directed eighteen feature films, including Matewan and Lone Star, and has twice been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. His new novel revives the spirit of the Wild West to trace the arc of a classic...
2020_DC_Horn_20022298Politics & Prose -- Jonathan Horn ("Washington's End")
Jonathan Horn - Washington's End: The Final Years and Forgotten Struggle
Horn, a former White House presidential speechwriter, follows his acclaimed biography of Robert E. Lee, The Man Who Would Not Be Washington, with a revelatory look at the nation’s first president. Starting as Washington withdrew...
2020_DC_Barnard_20020817Politics & Prose -- Neal D. Barnard ("Your Body in Balance")
Neal D. Barnard - Your Body in Balance: The New Science of Food, Hormones, and Health
It’s still true that “you are what you eat,” and in his groundbreaking new book, Barnard shows how food can cause a variety of ailments—infertility, menstrual cramps, weight gain, hair loss, breast and prostate...
2020_DC_ObamaP_200223115Politics & Prose -- Taina Caragol, Dorothy Moss, Richard J. Powell and Kim Sajet ("The Obama Portraits")
Taina Caragol, Dorothy Moss, Richard J. Powell and Kim Sajet - The Obama Portraits
The first commissioned presidential portraits by African American artists, the paintings of Barack and Michelle Obama, by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald, respectively, reside in the National Portrait Gallery, where they...
2020_DC_Stable_Genius_20022675Politics & Prose @ GW Betts Theatre -- Philip Rucker & Carol Leonnig ("A Very Stable Genius") w/Andrea Mitchell
Philip Rucker & Carol Leonnig - A Very Stable Genius—in conversation with Andrea Mitchell at GW Betts Theatre
From their respective roles as White House Bureau chief and Pulitzer Prize-winning national investigative reporter for The Washington Post, Rucker and Leonnig have covered the Trump...
2020_DC_Lancon_20012564Politics & Prose @ Union Market -- Philippe Lançon ("Disturbance: Surviving Charlie Hebdo") w/Elliot Ackerman
Philippe Lançon - Disturbance: Surviving Charlie Hebdo — at Politics and Prose at Union Market, presented with the French Embassy
A French journalist, Lançon was gravely wounded in the 2015 terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo. His powerful memoir, an award-winning bestseller in France, confronts this...
2020_DC_Zespri_2008024Ronald Reagan Bldg -- Outdoor Event: Zespri Kiwi Promo
I hadn't seen a sidewalk promotion in awhile. Free Zespri kiwi fruit. And if this hadn't been Covid-19 land, they would have given away their samples within an hour or two but there were hardly any people walking on Pennsylvania Avenue, despite it being a gorgeous Sunday. The promotional industry has...
2020_DC_Fink_20011537USCHS -- Lunch Talk: Matthew P. Fink ("The Unlikely Reformer: Carter Glass and Financial Regulation")
The U.S. Capitol Historical Society is pleased to announce an upcoming book talk with Matthew P. Fink on his new book The Unlikely Reformer: Carter Glass and Financial Regulation.
In his presentation, Matthew Fink will discuss the accomplishments and contributions of Sen. Carter Glass. Glass authored...
2020_DC_Highland_20020566USCHS -- Lunch Talk: Sara Bon-Harper and Jennifer Stacy ("New History at James Monroe’s Highland")
“New History at James Monroe’s Highland”
Sara Bon-Harper (executive director of James Monroe’s Highland) and Jennifer Stacy (member of Highland’s descendant community)
Bon-Harper and Stacy will present recent discoveries at the site, including the discovery of a lost-and-forgotten President’s house,...
2020_DC_Thank_You_200123100USCHS -- Volunteer and Partner Appreciation Event @ Altria
The U.S. Capitol Historical Society Board and staff invite you to a reception and educational program.
We are honored to provide a sneak peek at the upcoming book on the National Statuary Hall Collection by
* Michele Cohen, Curator for the Architect of the Capitol,
* Jennifer Blancato, Office of...
2020_DC_Date_Lab_200214183Washington Post @ Smithsonian American Art Museum -- DATE LAB: Night at the Museum
DATE LAB: Night at the Museum
by The Washington Post
Join us as The Washington Post Magazine’s popular Date Lab column comes to life this Valentine’s Day at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.
Get a behind the scenes look at how Date Lab writers make matches and coordinate dates plus what makes a...

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