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2024_03_23A1_Lincoln181Abraham Lincoln 2024 Symposium @ Fords Theatre (Page 1 of 2)
Abraham Lincoln Institute Twenty-Seventh Annual Symposium
“The Latest in Lincoln Scholarship”
Abraham Lincoln Institute, Inc. (ALI), provides free, ongoing education on the life, career, and legacy of President Abraham Lincoln. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., ALI offers resources for educators,...
2024_03_23A4_Lincoln4179Abraham Lincoln 2024 Symposium @ Fords Theatre (Page 2 of 2)
Abraham Lincoln Institute Twenty-Seventh Annual Symposium
“The Latest in Lincoln Scholarship”
Abraham Lincoln Institute, Inc. (ALI), provides free, ongoing education on the life, career, and legacy of President Abraham Lincoln. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., ALI offers resources for educators,...
2024_02_28A1_Autographs1Autographs -- 2024
Telly Savalas by Tom Richmond.
2024_03_04D4_Autographs1Autographs -- 2024
As part of a Kickstarter campaign, animator Bill Plympton drew me into his new animated short "Slide". This is one of the panels from it that he sent me.
2024_01_27G_AutographsB298Autographs -- (Various Years) Autographed Books
2024_01_28D_AutographsB292Autographs -- (Various Years) Autographed Books
2024_01_29C_AutographsB369Autographs -- (Various Years) Autographed Books
2024_01_30A_AutographsB350Autographs -- (Various Years) Autographed Books
2024_03_17C1_Fantom_Irish18DC -- Dupont Circle -- Fantom Comics -- Event: Irish Book Day
This year, Solas Nua is delighted to partner with Fantom Comics for an afternoon of discovering, sharing, and discussing new graphic works by Irish authors. We are working with Irish comic artists and writers to bring you the best of visual storytelling from Ireland.
Our team warmly invites you to join...
2024_02_17C1_Ha85DC -- Dupont Circle -- Fantom Comics -- Event: Robin Ha ("The Fox Maidens") w/Esther Kim
Longtime Fantom friend Robin Ha (Cook Korean, Almost American Girl) joins us for the launch of THE FOX MAIDENS, her new dark fantasy YA graphic novel
Robin will be in conversation with Fantom alum Esther Kim, who is flying in from sunny LA just for the occasion!
2024_05_18A3_GBF_Cake1526Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- 15th Anniversary Cake Event
2024_05_18A4_GBF_Pgm1568Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- 15th Anniversary Program Display
2024_05_18G2_GBF_Waldman7Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Adelle Waldman
Adelle Waldman -- Help Wanted
In Conversation with Comptroller Brooke E. Lierman
2024_05_18D8_GBF_ASSGDI8Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Alba V Sarria, Sarah Kain Gutkowski, Donald Illich
Alba V Sarria -- Night Life
Sarah Kain Gutkowski -- The Familiar
Donald Illich -- Rescue Is Elsewhere
Moderated by Brandon Douglas
2024_05_18C7_GBF_McDermott5Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Alice McDermott
Alice McDermott -- Absolution
In Conversation with John Williams
2024_05_18I1_GBF_Bernstein4Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Amy L. Bernstein
Getting Out of Your Own Way to Forge Your Best Writing Life
Presented by: Amy L. Bernstein
In this interactive workshop, presenter Amy L. Bernstein will work with you to explore psychological and emotional factors that hold you back from committing to your writing craft fully and authentically....
2024_05_18C1_GBF_ABSA5Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Andie Burke, Sarah Adler
Andie Burke -- Fly with Me
Sarah Adler -- Happy Medium
Moderated by Kristina Wright
2024_05_18C6_GBF_AESC5Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Andrew Ewell, Susan Coll
Andrew Ewell -- Set for Life
Susan Coll -- Real Life and Other Fictions
Moderated by Tayla Burney
2024_05_18B7_GBF_Kim13Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Angie Kim
Angie Kim -- Happiness Falls
In Conversation with Melissa Scholes Young
2024_05_18E3_GBF_Foster14Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Anne L. Foster
Anne L. Foster -- The Long War on Drugs
In Conversation with David Aldridge & Torie Clarke
2024_05_18E7_GBF_Hylton9Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Antonia Hylton
Antonia Hylton -- Madness: Race and Insanity in a Jim Crow Asylum
In Conversation with Clint Smith
2024_05_18F1_GBF_Gonell8Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Aquilino Gonell
Sgt. Aquilino Gonell -- American Shield
In Conversation with Senator Cheryl Kagan
2024_05_17A1_GBF_Reception305Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Author Reception @ Gaithersburg Marriot Washingtonian Center
The Gaithersburg Book Festival Committee cordially invites you to our
2024 VIP Author Reception
Gaithersburg Marriot Washingtonian Center
Lakeside Ballroom
Many thanks to our title sponsor:
The Carnegie at Washingtonian Center
Folks shown here include Jud Ashman, Fran Abrams, James Swanson, John...
2024_05_18F2_GBF_Jacobs6Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- A.J. Jacobs
A.J. Jacobs -- The Year of Living Constitutionally
In Conversation with Holly Smith
2024_05_18G1_GBF_BTSB2Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Barbara J. Taylor, Simon Van Booy
Barbara J. Taylor -- Rain Breaks No Bones
Simon Van Booy -- Sipsworth
Moderated by Jennifer Bort Yacovissi
2024_05_18H1_GBF_Watson3Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Bernardine (Dine) Watson
Bernardine (Dine) Watson -- Transplant: A Memoir
In Conversation with Laura Fisher Kaiser
2024_05_18A5_GBF_StoryWalk18Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Book Story Festival Walk
This year's StoryWalk book was "The Hike" by Alison Farrell
2024_05_18J3_GBF_BLMK8Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Brian Lies, Michelle Knudsen
Picture Books
Brian Lies -- The Rough Patch
Michelle Knudsen -- Luigi, the Spider Who Wanted to Be a Kitten
Middle Grade
2024_05_18L4_GBF_BKJM5Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Brigid Kemmerer, Jodi Meadows
Brigid Kemmerer -- Destroy the Day
Jodi Meadows -- Dawnbreaker
2024_05_18F7_GBF_Lozada16Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Carlos Lozada
Carlos Lozada -- The Washington Book: How to Read Politics and Politicians
In Conversation with Chris Cillizza
2024_05_18L3_GBF_CWRS7Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Carole Boston Weatherford, Ray Anthony Shepard
Carole Boston Weatherford -- Kin: Rooted in Hope
Ray Anthony Shepard -- A Long Time Coming
2024_05_18J1_GBF_CLBF5Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Carole Lindstrom, Beth Ferry
Picture Books
Carole Lindstrom -- Autumn Peltier, Water Warrior
Beth Ferry -- Solar Bear
Middle Grade
2024_05_18I5_GBF_Bock2Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Caroline Bock
Creating Memorable Characters
Presented by: Caroline Bock
Write characters that pop off the page in this prompt-filled workshop designed to create distinctive and memorable characters. In this workshop, led by Caroline Bock, you’ll experience fast and fun exercises on description and dialogue.
2024_05_18J2_GBF_CBDL8Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Cece Bell, David LaRochelle
Picture Books
Cece Bell -- Animal Albums from A to Z
David LaRochelle -- Go and Get with Rex
Middle Grade/Picture Book
2024_05_18L5_GBF_CBAW6Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Ciera Burch, Andrew Joseph White
Ciera Burch -- Something Kindred
Andrew Joseph White -- The Spirit Bares Its Teeth
2024_05_18D4_GBF_CSCHSC13Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Clint Smith, Cynthia Marie Hoffman, Sunu P. Chandy
Clint Smith -- Above Ground
Cynthia Marie Hoffman -- Exploding Head
Sunu P. Chandy -- My Dear Comrades
Moderated by Gregory Luce
2024_05_18M6_GBF_CPM5Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Courtney Pippin-Mathu
Magic Forest Journal
Presented by: Courtney Pippin-Mathur
Create along with Courtney Pippin-Mathur as she shows you how to let your creativity roam through different painting techniques that you can use to start creating your own art journals. No art experience or technique required, just join in for...
2024_05_18I3_GBF_Roman6Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Dave Roman
Comics and Graphic Novels for Grown Ups
Presented by: Dave Roman
Whether through comics, manga, graphic novels, webtoons or beyond, words and pictures combine to tell dynamic stories that draw in readers of all ages. You don’t need to be a master illustrator to develop compelling characters and...
2024_05_18K2_GBF_DBFBPB8Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Derrick Barnes, Fred Bowen, Phil Bildner
Derrick Barnes -- Who Got Game? Basketball: Amazing but True Stories!
Fred Bowen -- Extra Innings
Phil Bildner -- Glenn Burke, Game Changer
Middle Grade
2024_05_18H2_GBF_CBMW16Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Dr. Chris Balakrishnan and Matt Wasowski
Dr. Chris Balakrishnan and Matt Wasowski -- How to Win Friends and Influence Fungi
2024_05_18D3_GBF_EKMJJN9Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Edgar Kunz, Melissa Fite Johnson, Jean Nordhaus
Edgar Kunz -- Fixer
Melissa Fite Johnson -- Midlife Abecedarian
Jean Nordhaus -- The Music of Being
Moderated by Luther Jett
2024_05_18H6_GBF_Winkler3Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Elizabeth Winkler
Elizabeth Winkler -- Shakespeare Was a Woman and Other Heresies: How Doubting the Bard Became the Biggest Taboo in Literature
2024_05_18H7_GBF_Monosson4Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Emily Monosson
Emily Monosson -- Blight
2024_05_18E2_GBF_Bordewich7Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Fergus M. Bordewich
Fergus M. Bordewich -- Klan War: Ulysses S. Grant and the Battle to Save Reconstruction
In Conversation with Paula Tarnapol Whitacre
2024_05_18K5_GBF_GSLHSF8Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Gary Schmidt, Leah Henderson, Sharon G. Flake
Gary Schmidt and Leah Henderson -- A Little Bit Super
Sharon G. Flake -- Once In a Blue Moon
Moderated by Jun Niu
Young Adult
2024_05_18E1_GBF_Holzer5Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Harold Holzer
Harold Holzer -- Brought Forth on this Continent
In Conversation with David O. Stewart
2024_05_18M1_GBF_Mordhorst2Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Heidi Mordhorst
Writing Pictures: Poems About Photos
Presented by: Heidi Mordhorst
Join us in reading and writing short poems written from photographs. In this workshop, led by Heidi Mordhorst, kids will learn about the practice of “ekphrasis” (a vivid description of a work of art) and work collaboratively to compose...
2024_05_18G4_GBF_HERT9Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Helen Ellis, R. Eric Thomas
Helen Ellis -- Kiss Me in the Coral Lounge
R. Eric Thomas -- Congratulations, the Best is Over!
Moderated by Carrie Callaghan
2024_05_18K7_GBF_HKLG10Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Hena Khan, Lisa Graff
Hena Khan -- Drawing Deena
Lisa Graff -- Rewind
Young Adult
2024_05_18D6_GBF_HSchool15Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- High School Poetry Contest Awards
High School Poetry Contest Awards
2024_05_18M5_GBF_Block3Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Hildie S. Block
Mythical Creatures on Road Trips!
Presented by: Hildie S. Block
Create a new mythical creature, a cryptid, something funky, weird, creepy and maybe even friendly, with Hildie S. Block! Our new friend will have a problem, and have to go on a trip to learn to deal with it. Come to this workshop and...
2024_05_18E4_GBF_Swanson8Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- James L. Swanson
James L. Swanson -- The Deerfield Massacre
2024_05_18C5_GBF_JPRB8Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Jayne Anne Phillips, Rachel Beanland
Jayne Anne Phillips -- Night Watch
Rachel Beanland -- The House is on Fire
Moderated by Suzanne Feldman
2024_05_18B3_GBF_JHSSVK10Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Jeff Hoffmann, Sara Shepard, Vera Kurian
Jeff Hoffmann -- Like It Never Happened
Sara Shepard -- Nowhere Like Home
Vera Kurian -- A Step Past Darkness
Moderated by E.A. Aymar
2024_05_18G3_GBF_JLAN13Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Jeffrey Dale Lofton, A.D. Nauman
Jeffrey Dale Lofton -- Red Clay Suzie
A.D. Nauman -- Down the Steep
Moderated by Amy L. Bernstein
2024_05_18E5_GBF_Rosen4Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Jeffrey Rosen
Jeffrey Rosen -- The Pursuit of Happiness
2024_05_18M2_GBF_Claiborne3Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Jennifer-NeToi Claiborne
Writing, Book-Making and Collage Art Fusion
Presented by: Jennifer-NeToi Claiborne
Join Jennifer-NeToi Claiborne for an hour of poetic exploration, where words, book-making and collage art converge into a blend of expression and craftsmanship. Explore two charming bookbinding methods that effortlessly...
2024_05_18H3_GBF_Posnanski4Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Joe Posnanski
Joe Posnanski -- Why We Love Baseball
2024_05_18I6_GBF_DeDakis2Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- John DeDakis
How to Write a Thriller
Presented by: John DeDakis
Learn how to write a thriller with John DeDakis. This workshop offers an overview that demystifies and deconstructs how it’s done – from the germ of an idea, through the creative process, with an eye on getting a finished book into the hands of...
2024_05_18H5_GBF_Eisenberg3Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- John Eisenberg
John Eisenberg -- Rocket Men: The Black Quarterbacks Who Revolutionized Pro Football
In Conversation with Chad Ricardo
2024_05_18J6_GBF_JGDR20Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- John Patrick Green, Dave Roman
Early Reader/Middle Grade
John Patrick Green -- InvestiGators: Agents of S.U.I.T.: From Badger to Worse
Dave Roman -- Unicorn Boy
Middle Grade
2024_05_18L1_GBF_JSNM2Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- John Schu, Nicole Melleby
John Schu -- Louder Than Hunger
Nicole Melleby -- Winnie Nash is Not Your Sunshine
2024_05_18D7_GBF_MAJCPWIA8Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Jona Colson, Ping Wang, Indran Amirthayagam
Miguel Avero/Jona Colson -- Aguas/Waters
Ping Wang -- The River Within
Indran Amirthayagam -- Powèt Nan Pò A (Poet of the Port)
Moderated by Nancy Naomi Carlson
2024_05_18D2_GBF_JRJSKB15Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Joseph Ross, Jennifer Sutherland, Kathryn Bratt-Pfotenhauer
Joseph Ross -- Crushed & Crowned
Jennifer Sutherland -- Bullet Points: A Lyric
Kathryn Bratt-Pfotenhauer -- Bad Animal
Moderated by Fran Abrams
2024_05_18L7_GBF_JVAS16Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Julian Voloj, A.K. Small
Julian Voloj -- (Not) A New York Love Story
A.K. Small -- If I Promise You Wings
2024_05_18B4_GBF_KWKN8Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Kate White, K.T. Nguyen
Kate White -- The Last Time She Saw Him
K.T. Nguyen -- You Know What You Did
Moderated by Alex Finlay
2024_05_18C4_GBF_KHTJ9Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Katherine Howe, Tania James
Katherine Howe -- A True Account: Hannah Masury's Sojourn Amongst the Pyrates, Written by Herself
Tania James -- Loot
Moderated by Karin Tanabe
2024_05_18L2_GBF_KMAW21Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Katherine Marsh, Alysa Wishingrad
Katherine Marsh -- Medusa: The Myth of Monsters
Alysa Wishingrad -- Between Monsters and Marvels
Interviewed by Alison L. Morris
Moderator Illustrator by Gareth Hinds
2024_05_18K3_GBF_KMCS4Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Kekla Magoon, Cynthia Leitich Smith
Kekla Magoon -- The Secret Library
Cynthia Leitich Smith and Kekla Magoon -- Blue Stars: Mission One: The Vice Principal Problem
Middle Grade/Young Adult
2024_05_18D1_GBF_KRMGJC11Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Kim Roberts, Michael Gushue, Jessica Cuello
Kim Roberts -- Corona/Crown
Michael Gushue -- Sympathy for the Monster
Jessica Cuello -- Yours, Creature
Moderated by Courtney LeBlanc
2024_05_18I4_GBF_Sturza4Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Laura Sturza
How to Submit to Magazines and Newspapers
Presented by: Laura Sturza
Many writers dream of seeing their work published in newspapers and magazines, but are unsure how to achieve their goal. Plus, there is the dreaded fear of those rejection letters. Learn the tips of the trade from Laura Sturza – who...
2024_05_18G5_GBF_LJKR29Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Lauren Kung Jessen, Kennedy Ryan
Lauren Kung Jessen -- Red String Theory
Kennedy Ryan -- This Could Be Us
Moderated by Mariko Hewer
2024_05_18B2_GBF_LTTL4Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Lauren Thoman, Tara Laskowski
Lauren Thoman -- I'll Stop the World
Tara Laskowski -- The Weekend Retreat
Moderated by Keith Donohue
2024_05_18J4_GBF_LCJR13Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Lesa Cline-Ransome and James Ransome
Picture Books
Lesa Cline-Ransome -- Loud and Proud
Lesa Cline-Ransome and James Ransome -- Fighting with Love
Middle Grade
2024_05_18B1_GBF_Perrin5Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Lisa Perrin
Lisa Perrin -- The League of Lady Poisoners: Illustrated True Stories of Dangerous Women
In Conversation with Art Taylor
2024_05_18E6_GBF_Mundy4Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Liza Mundy
Liza Mundy -- The Sisterhood: The Secret History of Women at the CIA
2024_05_18K6_GBF_LEKA7Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- L.M. Elliott, Kate Albus
L.M. Elliott -- Bea and the New Deal Horse
Kate Albus -- Nothing Else But Miracles
Young Adult
2024_05_18K4_GBF_Haddix16Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Margaret Peterson Haddix
Margaret Peterson Haddix -- Mysteries of Trash and Treasure: The Ghostly Photos
Young Adult
Note: Elizabeth C. Bunce ("Myrtle, Means, and Opportunity") was originally scheduled for this panel but canceled.
2024_05_18F6_GBF_Coppins9Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- McKay Coppins
McKay Coppins -- Romney: A Reckoning
In Conversation with Marc Korman
2024_05_18C2_GBF_MBAB5Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Michelle Brafman, Adrienne Brodeur
Michelle Brafman -- Swimming with Ghosts
Adrienne Brodeur -- Little Monsters
Moderated by Caroline Bock
2024_05_18A1_GBF_Misc213Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Miscellaneous
Exhausting and wet but fun day. In case you're curious, 3,900 photos and 22,000 steps. I did, however, have probably a rain-related disaster when one of my camera chips rebeled and I lost several hours of photos taken in the morning.
Among the folks shown here are Jud Ashman, Brigitta Blair, and Mike...
2024_05_18M3_GBF_MisterG4Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Mister G (Ben Gundersheimer)
MISTER G: From Song to Story
Presented by: Ben Gundersheimer (MISTER G)
Latin Grammy Award-winning artist, author and educator, Ben Gundersheimer (MISTER G), will lead an interactive, bilingual family workshop to share his secrets for transforming songs into stories. MISTER G will be reading from his...
2024_05_18G7_GBF_MGDH8Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Mojgan Ghazirad, Donna Hemans
Mojgan Ghazirad -- The House on Sun Street
Donna Hemans -- The House of Plain Truth
Moderated by Bareerah Y. Ghani
2024_05_18I2_GBF_Arbuthnot2Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Nancy Arbuthnot
Memoir as Haiku
Presented by: Nancy Arbuthnot
Join this workshop, led by Nancy Arbuthnot, to learn about the classic Japanese haiku. You will leave with the poetic techniques of imagery, alliteration, assonance and consonance, and be able to create vignettes of significant life moments.
2024_05_18F4_GBF_Kristof4Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Nicholas Kristof
Nicholas Kristof -- Chasing Hope: A Reporter's Life
2024_05_18H4_GBF_PYSS4Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Paul Yoon, Shannon Sanders
Paul Yoon -- The Hive and the Honey
Shannon Sanders -- Company
Modertaed by Hannah Oliver Depp
2024_05_18A2_GBF_PProse14Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Politics and Prose bookstore
2024_05_18D5_GBF_Blanco5Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Richard Blanco
Richard Blanco -- Homeland of My Body
In Conversation with Doritt Carroll
2024_05_18J7_GBF_RMJR12Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Robert Meganck, Jonathan Roth
Early Reader/Middle Grade
Robert Meganck -- This Book Is Full of Holes
Jonathan Roth -- Rover and Speck: Splash Down!
Middle Grade
2024_05_18C3_GBF_SCSW7Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Sara Goodman Confino, Sophie Wan
Sara Goodman Confino -- Don't Forget to Write
Sophie Wan -- Women of Good Fortune
Moderated by Melanie S. Hatter
2024_05_18B5_GBF_Dickinson2Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Seth Dickinson
Seth Dickinson -- Exordia
In Conversation with Leigha McReynolds
2024_05_18B6_GBF_Greer5Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Sierra Greer
Sierra Greer -- Annie Bot
Moderated by Nick Havey
Note: Kira Peikoff ("Baby X") was scheduled to appear but canceled
2024_05_18G6_GBF_SDDB7Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Stephanie Dray, Denny S. Bryce
Stephanie Dray -- Becoming Madam Secretary
Denny S. Bryce -- Can't We Be Friends
Moderated by Carrie Callaghan
2024_05_18F3_GBF_Page11Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Susan Page
Susan Page -- The Rulebreaker: The Life and Times of Barbara Walters
In Conversation with Sue Palka
2024_05_18M4_GBF_Zweizig3Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Suzanne Zweizig
Build-A-Story Workshop!
Presented by: Suzanne Zweizig
This workshop for ages 12-16 will help young writers build three essential elements of a story: the hero (protagonist), the villain (antagonist) and the conflict. In a series of fun, interactive and sometimes random creative exercises, Suzanne...
2024_05_18K1_GBF_TPRL9Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Tim Probert, Rajani LaRocca
Tim Probert -- Lightfall: The Dark Times
Rajani LaRocca -- Sona and the Golden Beasts
Middle Grade
2024_05_18F5_GBF_Rieder5Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Travis Rieder
Travis Rieder -- Catastrophe Ethics: How to Choose Well in a World of Tough Choices
2024_05_18J5_GBF_WHTB4Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- Wade Hudson, Tracey Baptiste
Picture Book/Middle Grade
Wade Hudson -- Invincible: Fathers and Mothers of Black America
Tracey Baptiste -- African Icons: Ten People Who Shaped History
Middle Grade
2024_05_18L6_GBF_WRKJ4Gaithersburg Book Festival (2024) -- William Ritter, Kim Johnson
William Ritter -- Rook
Kim Johnson -- Invisible Son
2024_01_25E_Bordewich43Natl Archives -- Fergus Bordewich ("Klan War: Ulysses S. Grant and the Battle to Save Reconstruction")
Klan War: Ulysses S. Grant and the Battle to Save Reconstruction
Archivist’s Reception Room
Author Fergus Bordewich and Archivist of the United States Dr. Colleen Shogan will discuss how President Ulysses S. Grant waged a two-term battle against both armed Southern enemies of Reconstruction and...
2024_02_25C1_Ward62Politics & Prose -- Alexander Ward ("The Internationalists") w/Peter Baker
Alexander Ward -- The Internationalists: The Fight to Restore American Foreign Policy After Trump - with Peter Baker — at Conn Ave
When Joe Biden assumed the United States presidency, he brought with him a team of all-star talent, perhaps the most experienced ensemble of policy experts in modern U.S....
2024_04_27B1_Berman88Politics & Prose -- Ari Berman & Eric Holder ("Minority Rule") w/Marianne Szegedy-Maszak
Ari Berman & Eric Holder -- Minority Rule: The Right-Wing Attack on the Will of the People - with Marianne Szegedy-Maszak — at Conn Ave
The mob that stormed the Capitol on January 6, 2021, represented an extreme form of the central danger facing American democracy today: a blatant disregard for the...
2024_01_24A1_Herold70Politics & Prose -- Benjamin Herold ("Disillusioned") w/Sheryll Cashin and Bethany Smith
Benjamin Herold -- Disillusioned: Five Families and the Unraveling of America's Suburbs - with Sheryll Cashin — at Conn Ave
This event is in partnership with the Washington Literacy Center.
Outside Atlanta, a middle-class Black family faces off with a school system seemingly bent on punishing their...
2024_01_06A1_Jankowski144Politics & Prose -- Bernard Jankowski ("Music in the Halls") w/Grace Cavalieri
Bernard Jankowski — Music in the Halls: The Heart and Heartbreak of Teaching at a High Poverty School in Washington, DC - with Grace Cavalieri — at Conn Ave
This event is in partnership with The Washington Literacy Center.
Through vignettes, essays, snapshots, portraits, and poems, Music in the Halls...
2024_02_17A1_Trillin54Politics & Prose -- Calvin Trillin ("The Lede: Dispatches from a Life in the Press") w/Bradley Graham
Calvin Trillin -- The Lede: Dispatches from a Life in the Press - with Bradley Graham — at Conn Ave
Calvin Trillin has reported serious pieces across America for The New Yorker, covered the civil rights movement in the South for Time, and written comic verse for The Nation. But one of his favorite...
2024_04_23_Baldacci50Politics & Prose -- David Baldacci ("A Calamity of Souls") w/Cheryl Head
David Baldacci -- A Calamity of Souls - with Cheryl Head -- at Conn Ave
This event is in partnership with PEN/Faulkner.
Jack Lee is a white lawyer from Freeman County, Virginia, who has never done anything to push back against racism, until he decides to represent Jerome Washington, a Black man...
2024_04_20B1_Sanger8Politics & Prose -- David E. Sanger ("New Cold Wars") w/Michael Beschloss
David E. Sanger — New Cold Wars: China's Rise, Russia's Invasion, and America's Struggle to Defend the West with Michael Beschloss — at Conn Ave
New Cold Wars -- the latest from the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and bestselling author of The Perfect Weapon David E. Sanger -- is a fast-paced account...
2024_05_08G2_Ignatius8Politics & Prose -- David Ignatius ("Phantom Orbit") w/Dan Hoffman
David Ignatius -- Phantom Orbit with Dan Hoffman -- at Conn Ave
David Ignatius is known for his uncanny ability, in novel after novel, to predict the next great national security headline. In Phantom Orbit, he presents a story both searing and topical, with stakes as far-reaching as outer space. It...
2024_02_14A1_Zwick85Politics & Prose -- Ed Zwick ("Hits, Flops, and Other Illusions") w/Ann Hornaday
Ed Zwick -- Hits, Flops, and Other Illusions: My Fortysomething Years in Hollywood - with Ann Hornaday — at Conn Ave
"I'll be dropping a few names," Ed Zwick confesses in the introduction to his book. "Over the years I have worked with self-proclaimed masters-of-the-universe, unheralded geniuses,...
2024_01_07A1_Wilson78Politics & Prose -- Emily Wilson ("The Iliad")
Emily Wilson -- The Iliad -- at Conn Ave
When Emily Wilson's translation of The Odyssey appeared in 2017 -- revealing the ancient poem in a contemporary idiom that was "fresh, unpretentious and lean" (Madeline Miller, Washington Post) -- critics lauded it as "a revelation" (Susan Chira, New York Times)...
2024_01_10B1_LunarNewYr178Politics & Prose -- Gene Luen Yang & LeUyen Pham ("Lunar New Year Love Story") w/Ellen Oh
Gene Luen Yang & LeUyen Pham - Lunar New Year Love Story - with Ellen Oh at Conn Ave
When Val’s love for Valentine’s Day turns into a high school disaster, she’s ready to give up on the idea of love altogether. Everyone in her family has been unlucky in love, and she is pretty sure she’s cursed anyway....
2024_02_09A1_Pelecanos71Politics & Prose -- George Pelecanos ("Owning Up") w/Louis Bayard
George Pelecanos -- Owning Up - with Louis Bayard
This event is in partnership with the Pen/Faulkner Foundation.
When the son of the Carusos is involved in a hold up, the family home comes under siege in the form of a no-knock warrant. Months after the cops destroyed their home, the Carusos struggle...
2024_02_07C1_Grady96Politics & Prose -- James Grady ("The Smoke in Our Eyes") w/Louis Bayard
James Grady -- The Smoke in Our Eyes - with Louis Bayard -- at Conn Ave
Set in 1959, the "year the music died," The Smoke in Our Eyes is a cinematic, clock-ticking saga set in a small Montana town. When a fatal car accident shatters ten-year-old Lucas's world, he finds himself confronting crime and...
2024_03_10D_Swanson17Politics & Prose -- James L. Swanson ("The Deerfield Massacre")
James L. Swanson -- The Deerfield Massacre: A Surprise Attack, a Forced March, and the Fight for Survival in Early America -- at Conn Ave
Once it was one of the most famous events in early American history. Today, it has been nearly forgotten.
In an obscure, two-hundred-year-old museum in a little...
2024_02_16C2_Rosen45Politics & Prose -- Jeffrey Rosen ("The Pursuit of Happiness")
Jeffrey Rosen -- The Pursuit of Happiness: How Classical Writers on Virtue Inspired the Lives of the Founders of America — at Conn Ave
The Declaration of Independence identified "the pursuit of happiness" as one of our unalienable rights, along with life and liberty. Jeffrey Rosen, the president of the...
2024_01_02A1_Reeves129Politics & Prose -- John Reeves ("Soldier of Destiny: Slavery, Secession, and the Redemption of Ulysses S. Grant")
John Reeves -- Soldier of Destiny: Slavery, Secession, and the Redemption of Ulysses S. Grant -- at Conn Ave
Captain Ulysses S. Grant, an obscure army officer who was expelled for alcohol abuse in 1854, rose to become general-in-chief of the United States Army in 1864. What accounts for this...
2024_02_26C1_Reid62Politics & Prose -- Joy-Ann Reid ("Medgar and Myrlie") w/Michael Beschloss
Joy-Ann Reid -- Medgar and Myrlie: Medgar Evers and the Love Story That Awakened America - with Michael Beschloss — at Conn Ave
Myrlie Louise Beasley met Medgar Evers on her first day of college. They fell in love at first sight, married just one year later, and Myrlie left school to focus on their...
2024_01_06B1_Farnam67Politics & Prose -- Julie Farnam ("Domestic Darkness") w/Jana Winter
Julie Farnam — Domestic Darkness: An Insider's Account of the January 6th Insurrection, and the Future of Right-Wing Extremism - with Jana Winter — at Conn Ave
Upcoming Event
Saturday, January 6, 2024 - 5:00pm

After being named Assistant Director of Intelligence for the Capitol Police just days...
2024_04_20B2_Walsh26Politics & Prose -- Kenneth T. Walsh ("The Architects of Toxic Politics in America")
Kenneth T. Walsh — The Architects of Toxic Politics in America: Venom and Vitriol — at Conn Ave
The Architects of Toxic Politics in America: Venom and Vitriol explains the history of poison politics in America by profiling some of the key political "attack dogs" who have shaped the modern...
2024_01_20B3_Williams75Politics & Prose -- Kim Prothro Williams ("Hidden Alleyways of Washington, DC: A History")
Kim Prothro Williams -- Hidden Alleyways of Washington, DC: A History -- at Conn Ave
Alleyways in Washington, DC, have always been a fundamental part of the city's life and economy. Deliberately hidden from public view by the capital's early planners, DC's alleys were created to provide access to...
2024_04_27A_Saito5Politics & Prose -- Kohei Saito ("Slow Down") w/Malcolm Harris
Kohei Saito -- Slow Down: The Degrowth Manifesto - with Malcolm Harris — at Conn Ave
Why, in our affluent society, do so many people live in poverty, without access to health care, working multiple jobs and are nevertheless unable to make ends meet, with no future prospects, while the planet is...
2024_02_21A1_Arana82Politics & Prose -- Marie Arana ("LatinoLand") w/Jorge Zamanillo
Marie Arana -- LatinoLand: A Portrait of America's Largest and Least Understood Minority - with Jorge Zamanillo
This event is in partnership with KAMA DC.
LatinoLand is an exceptional, all-encompassing overview of Hispanic America based on personal interviews, deep research, and Marie Arana's life...
2024_01_22A1_Dixon79Politics & Prose -- Matt Dixon ("Swamp Monsters: Trump vs. DeSantis") w/Jonathan Allen
Matt Dixon -- Swamp Monsters: Trump vs. DeSantis -- the Greatest Show on Earth (or at least in Florida) - with Jonathan Allen — at Conn Ave
Ron DeSantis was struggling through Florida’s political wilderness when, in late 2017, Donald Trump extended his hand. Ambitious but charmless, DeSantis was a...
2024_03_14B_Vellekoop50Politics & Prose -- Maurice Vellekoop ("I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together") w/Chip Kidd
Maurice Vellekoop -- I'm So Glad We Had This Time Together - with Chip Kidd — at Union Market
Meet little Maurice Vellekoop, the youngest of four children raised by Dutch immigrants in the 1970s in a blue-collar suburb of Toronto. Despite their working-class milieu, the Vellekoops are devoted to art,...
2024_03_10C_Stearns18Politics & Prose -- Maxwell L. Stearns ("Parliamentary America") w/Lee Drutman
Maxwell L. Stearns -- Parliamentary America: The Least Radical Means of Radically Repairing Our Broken Democracy - with Lee Drutman — at Conn Ave
Americans face increasingly stark choices each presidential election and a growing sense that our government can't solve the nation's most urgent challenges....
2024_02_01_Starobin58Politics & Prose -- Paul Starobin ("Putin's Exiles") w/Fiona Hill
Paul Starobin -- Putin's Exiles: Their Fight for a Better Russia - with Fiona Hill -- at Conn Ave
Since Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine, some one million Russians have fled the country and gone into exile. Motivated by opposition to the war, by guilt for their country's deeds, by...
2024_01_09A1_Breslow122Politics & Prose -- Peter Breslow ("Outtakes") w/Scott Simon
Peter Breslow - Outtakes: Stumbling Around the World for NPR - with Scott Simon — at Conn Ave
In 1982, an aspiring journalist knocked on the door of a fledgling news organization named National Public Radio looking for a job. NPR decided to take a chance on Peter Breslow and for the next four decades...
2024_02_25B_Arsenault39Politics & Prose -- Raymond Arsenault ("John Lewis: In Search of the Beloved Community")
Raymond Arsenault -- John Lewis: In Search of the Beloved Community — at Conn Ave
For six decades John Robert Lewis (1940-2020) was a towering figure in the U.S. struggle for civil rights. As an activist and progressive congressman, he was renowned for his unshakable integrity, indomitable courage, and...
2024_02_17B1_Hasen75Politics & Prose -- Rick Hasen ("A Real Right to Vote") w/Representative Jamie Raskin, Sherrilyn Ifill, and Pam Fessler
Rick Hasen -- A Real Right to Vote - with Representative Jamie Raskin, Sherrilyn Ifill, and Pam Fessler — at Conn Ave
Throughout history, too many Americans have been disenfranchised or faced needless barriers to voting. Part of the blame falls on the Constitution, which does not contain an affirmative...
2024_03_17A_Collins30Politics & Prose -- Ronald Collins ("Tragedy on Trial") w/Jason Downs
Ronald Collins -- Tragedy on Trial: The Story of the Infamous Emmett Till Murder Trial - with Jason Downs -- at Conn Ave
Tragedy on Trial reveals as never before the entire and shocking story of the 1955 trial of Emmett Till's murderers. Based on extensive research, and accompanied by photos of the...
2024_01_23A1_Filibustered97Politics & Prose -- Senator Jeff Merkley & Mike Zamore ("Filibustered!") w/Jonathan Capehart
Senator Jeff Merkley & Mike Zamore -- Filibustered!: How to Fix the Broken Senate and Save America - with Jonathan Capehart — at Conn Ave
If we want to fix what ails America, we have to fix the Senate. And if we want to fix the Senate, we must fix the broken filibuster.
In a compelling and powerfully...
2024_04_25E_Page81Politics & Prose -- Susan Page ("The Rulebreaker") w/Dana Bash
Susan Page -- The Rulebreaker: The Life and Times of Barbara Walters - with Dana Bash — at Conn Ave
Barbara Walters was a force from the time TV was exploding on the American scene in the 1960s to its waning dominance in a new world of competition from streaming services and social media half a century...
2024_01_20B1_Nguyen67Politics & Prose -- Tina Nguyen ("The MAGA Diaries") w/David Frum
Tina Nguyen -- The MAGA Diaries: My Surreal Adventures Inside the Right-Wing (And How I Got Out) - with David Frum -- at Conn Ave
Her very first job was working for a little-known journalist named Tucker Carlson. She's chugged Mountain Dews with the first Breitbart writers, poured over conspiracy...
2024_05_08G3_Brosgol139Politics & Prose -- Vera Brosgol ("Plain Jane and The Mermaid")
Vera Brosgol - Plain Jane and The Mermaid - at Conn Ave
In a world that values appearance, Jane has always felt overlooked. After losing her inheritance as well as her parents, she proposes to the vain, but dashing Peter. When he is kidnapped by a nefarious mermaid, she is determined to bring him home....
2024_04_24B1_DKGoodwin73Politics & Prose @ GWU Lisner -- Doris Kearns Goodwin ("An Unfinished Love Story") w/Robert Costa
Doris Kearns Goodwin -- An Unfinished Love Story: A Personal History of the 1960s - with Robert Costa — at GWU Lisner Auditorium
This event is in partnership with the George Washington University.
Dick and Doris Goodwin were married for forty-two years and married to American history even longer. In...
2024_05_19A1_Collins168Ronald Collins "Tragedy on Trial" w/Jamie Raskin @ Carderock Swim Club in Bethesda
If you're interested in history; if you care about civil rights; if you believe that no story holds true until all the facts are known --
Then please save Sunday, May 19, 4-5:30 PM, at the Carderock Clubhouse for the most compelling book discussion you'll attend all year. Author, Constitutional law...
2024_05_23B4_USCHS_P349USCHS -- Annual Symposium 2024 "Native American Suffrage" -- Lunch Panel: Representation in National and Local Narratives (Cedar Hunt, Kevin Gover, Dawson Her Many Horses)
Native American Suffrage Symposium
USCHS presents a special symposium to commemorate:
The Centennial of Native American Suffrage
Where: Kennedy Caucus Room
Russell Senate Office Building
You're invited to attend the U.S. Capitol Historical Society's Native American Suffrage Symposium on Thursday,...
2024_05_23B1_USCHS_P067USCHS -- Annual Symposium 2024 "Native American Suffrage" -- Miscellaneous
Native American Suffrage Symposium
USCHS presents a special symposium to commemorate:
The Centennial of Native American Suffrage
Where: Kennedy Caucus Room
Russell Senate Office Building
You're invited to attend the U.S. Capitol Historical Society's Native American Suffrage Symposium on Thursday,...
2024_05_23B2_USCHS_P166USCHS -- Annual Symposium 2024 "Native American Suffrage" -- Panel 1: Native American Citizenship, Suffrage, and Sovereignty in History (Larry Wright, Jr., Lila Teeters Knolle, David Silverman)
Native American Suffrage Symposium
USCHS presents a special symposium to commemorate:
The Centennial of Native American Suffrage
Where: Kennedy Caucus Room
Russell Senate Office Building
You're invited to attend the U.S. Capitol Historical Society's Native American Suffrage Symposium on Thursday,...
2024_05_23B3_USCHS_P246USCHS -- Annual Symposium 2024 "Native American Suffrage" -- Panel 2: Suffrage, Activism, & the Law Today (John Echohawk, Jennifer Romero)
Native American Suffrage Symposium
USCHS presents a special symposium to commemorate:
The Centennial of Native American Suffrage
Where: Kennedy Caucus Room
Russell Senate Office Building
You're invited to attend the U.S. Capitol Historical Society's Native American Suffrage Symposium on Thursday,...
2024_05_23B5_USCHS_P462USCHS -- Annual Symposium 2024 "Native American Suffrage" -- Panel 3: Sovereignty in the 21st Century (Bryan Newland, Larry Wright, Jr.)
Native American Suffrage Symposium
USCHS presents a special symposium to commemorate:
The Centennial of Native American Suffrage
Where: Kennedy Caucus Room
Russell Senate Office Building
You're invited to attend the U.S. Capitol Historical Society's Native American Suffrage Symposium on Thursday,...
2024_05_22C_Native_AmCitR123USCHS -- Centennial of Native American Citizenship Opening Reception
USCHS and partner organizations host an in-person reception for symposium panelists, partner organizations, VIP guests, and Members of Congress to open the commemorative activities.
Guest Speaker: Chris Naylor, Executive for Research Services at the National Archives and Records Administration
2024_05_03B_WWC_R79Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Friday Night -- Opening Reception
2024_05_03A_WWC_P01155Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Friday Night -- Panel: How to Pitch an Agent
Panel in the Spotlight: “How to Pitch an Agent”
Freaking out about pitching your novel or nonfiction proposal at the 2024 Washington Writers Conference? Relax! During Friday evening’s “How to Pitch an Agent” panel, moderated by conference chair Laura Hazan, literary agents Lizz Nagle (Victress...
2024_05_04A3_WWC_A48Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Saturday -- Agents Room
2024_05_04C6_WWC_H27Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Saturday -- Happy Hour
2024_05_04C1_WWC_P08155Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Saturday -- Lunch: Award to Paul Dickson, Panel: A Writer’s Dream: DC's Creativity, Community, and Craft
Lifetime Achievement Award: Paul Dickson presented by David O. Stewart

Keynote Panel: A Writer’s Dream: DC's Creativity, Community, and Craft.
When it comes to literary talent, the DC area is an embarrassment of riches, and that’s why, for this year’s lunchtime address, we’ll showcase a panel of...
2024_05_04A1_WWC_M130Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Saturday -- Miscellaneous
2024_05_04B4_WWC_P0514Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Saturday -- Panel: A Community of Letters
A Community of Letters.
Writing is solitary, but you don’t have to go it alone. Explore opportunities to work with others and to share common purpose, enrich your writing, and strengthen the literary community at large. Hear from experienced pros who’ve sponsored writing retreats, edited anthologies...
2024_05_04B3_WWC_P049Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Saturday -- Panel: Debut Authors Share Their Publishing Stories
Debut Authors Share Their Publishing Stories.
Learn how three Washington-area writers came to publish their first books of fiction.
* Len Kruger’s coming-of-age story, Bad Questions, won the 2023 Washington Writers’ Publishing House Fiction Award.
* Eman Quotah’s Bride of the Sea, a tale of...
2024_05_04C2_WWC_P0911Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Saturday -- Panel: Does This Genre Look Good on Me?
Does This Genre Look Good on Me?
Every genre comes with a set of conventions and expectations, and you may wonder what’s the best fit for your story.
* Leading the discussion about such choices is Louis Bayard, whose acclaimed historical fiction includes The Pale Blue Eye, now a Netflix film.
2024_05_04C3_WWC_P1011Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Saturday -- Panel: Finding Your Community: Identity-Based Writing Groups
Finding Your Community: Identity-Based Writing Groups.
What does it mean to join a group of writers with whom you have something very specific in common? Four authors will discuss how their identity-based groups support and amplify writers:
* Sarah Kain Gutowski from Pen Parentis (parent writers),...
2024_05_04B5_WWC_P068Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Saturday -- Panel: How to Plot a Killer Thriller
How to Plot a Killer Thriller.
* Eryk Pruitt, author of the forthcoming crime novel Blood Red Summer, leads a friendly interrogation of our panelists as they reveal insider secrets to producing a gripping page-turner.
* Novelist and memoirist Elliot Ackerman’s latest thriller, co-authored with...
2024_05_04B1_WWC_P0212Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Saturday -- Panel: Nonfiction: From Proposal to Publication
Nonfiction: From Proposal to Publication.
Writing a proposal is only the first step of your nonfiction project. These award-winning authors share their journeys from proposal submission to published book.
* Journalist, editor, and novelist Sara Fitzgerald is author of the forthcoming The Silenced...
2024_05_04B2_WWC_P0323Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Saturday -- Panel: What Do Editors Want?: Small-Press Publishers Tell All
What Do Editors Want?: Small-Press Publishers Tell All.
As writers, we often study publishing news and social media to glean what agents are looking for, but what about editors? Hear from experts who are both editors and writers:
* Hannah Grieco of Alan Squire Publishing, who recently edited Already...
2024_05_04C4_WWC_P116Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Saturday -- Panel: Writing a Life: Memoir
Writing a Life: Memoir.
* Moderator Marita Golden, the award-winning author of over 20 works of fiction and nonfiction, heads up a panel of accomplished writers whose compelling individual and family stories have led them to memoir.
* Mary Collins, with her son, Donald Collins, is author of At the...
2024_05_04A2_WWC_W9Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Saturday -- Welcome & Housekeeping
Jenny Yacovissi, WIROB President
Laura Hazan, Conference Chair
2024_05_04C5_WWC_P1225Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Saturday -- Workshop: Building Your Platform, Publicizing Your Book
Building Your Platform, Publicizing Your Book.
Think getting your book published is the last step? Think again! Given the sea of books vying for readers’ attention, it takes a smart effort to get yours noticed. In this workshop, Emily Barrosse, founder and CEO of Bold Story Press, will walk through how...
2024_05_04B6_WWC_P078Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Saturday -- Workshop: Writing Through the Block: Embracing Your Creative Self
Writing Through the Block: Embracing Your Creative Self.
What impedes your creativity? Procrastination? Perfectionism? Myths about what success looks like? A lack of time? In this workshop, we’ll identify the creative self in each of us and explore how to establish the most effective process for...

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2024_05_04A1_WWC_M130Washington Writers Conference (2024) -- Saturday -- Miscellaneous (Partially reviewed)

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