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2002_CA_WB3CA -- Burbank -- Warner Brothers Studio
While some would consider that I have a morbid interest in cemeteries (personally, I love the histories of the people buried there, the frequent beauty of the places, and the fact that they're easy to photograph), I entered this cemetery almost by accident. I had gotten lost in LA and found myself...
2004_CA_Ventura12CA -- Ventura
2000_Can_Alberta4Canada -- Alberta -- just across the border
This was a weird experience. While I was at Glacier, I popped over into Canada (Alberta) just to say I'd been there. The Canadian customs guy was friendly enough. I drove across the border, stopped 200 feet into it, took some pictures, and came back. It was the American customs guys who were tough....
2007_CRI_Baldi19Costa Rica -- La Fortuna -- Baldi Hot Springs
2007_CRI_Calypso_Beach43Costa Rica -- Tortuga Island -- Calypso Cruise Beach
2008_DC_Santa4DC -- Constitution Avenue -- Santa Clauses make an appearance
2019_DC_DowntownDC_Signs12DC -- DowntownDC lamp post signs
I had never noticed that the images were photo mosaics.
2002_DC_Crossfire24DC -- GWU -- "Crossfire" filming
This show is filmed at George Washington University every weekday night. I attended a number of shows, originally to see what it was like and then to see who was on. Unfortunately, you're not allowed to actually film during broadcasting so all of the shots I have are before or after. BTW, some of the...
2012_DC_ISS_120912161DC -- Illinois State Society -- Illinois Statehood Day @ Lithuanian Embassy
The Illinois State Society Cordially Invites You To Attend A Reception At The Embassy Of The Republic Of Lithuania

* Minister Plenipotentiary Rolandas Kacinskas (welcoming remarks)
* Deanna Howes (singing in Lithuanian, Lietuva, Tevyne music)
* Rod Ross (speaking on "Illinois and...
2016_DC_ISS_161203101DC -- Illinois State Society -- Illinois Statehood Day @ Lithuanian Embassy
The Illinois Statue Society joins in welcoming you to a reception at the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania.
An evening hosted by His Excellency Rolandas Krisciunas
Illinois Statehood Day at the Lithuanian Embassy.
* Welcome: Terry T. Campo, President, Illinois State Society
* Keynote...
2007_DC_Wojnowski2DC -- John Wojnowski
2008_DC_Wojnowski1DC -- John Wojnowski
2014_DC_Free_LibraryDC1DC -- Little Free Library
2020_DC_Free_LibraryDC30DC -- Little Free Library
2021_01_22A4_Free_LibraryDC8DC -- Little Free Library (Partially reviewed)
2009_DC_Theater2DC -- Natl Theater -- Some folks outside of the National Theater who needed their pictures taken
2009_DC_TSNY40DC -- Navy Yard -- Trapeze School New York (TSNY)
2010_DC_TSNY29DC -- Navy Yard -- Trapeze School New York (TSNY)
Now located near The Yards.
2007_DC_Passport2DC -- Passport line
Passport delay hitting travelers

GRAND RAPIDS -- Getting people from point A to point B used to be a pretty simple task for travel agents like Sarah Prekel.

A corporate travel agent with Activa Travel in Cascade Township, she's been getting a number of frantic calls from...
2007_DC_POB_Droid6DC -- Post Office Box -- Droid R2-D2
Droid R2-D2 to Collect Mail
Mar 15th, 2007 - 12:25pm

WASHINGTON (AP) - Thirty years ago, in theaters near and far, far away, a movie opened the imaginations of millions, combining the magics of mythology and special effects to launch the "Star Wars" phenomenon.

A star of those films -- the brave...
2014_DC_POB_Spongebob5DC -- Post Office Box -- Spongebob Squarepants
2010_DC_Sleeper2DC -- Sleeper on the train
2007_DC_Signs2DC -- Temporary Signs
2009_DC_Signs22DC -- Temporary Signs
2010_DC_Signs2DC -- Temporary Signs
2011_DC_Signs7DC -- Temporary Signs
There was a whacko religious group that prophesied that the earth would end on May 21. Whoops... Afterward, they claimed there were false prophets and the actual demise of the earth would be on, oh, let's say October 21 instead. You have to wonder about folks like this.

From their site at...
2015_DC_Signs3DC -- Temporary Signs
2016_DC_Signs31DC -- Temporary Signs
2017_DC_Signs42DC -- Temporary Signs
2018_DC_Signs52DC -- Temporary Signs
Including Facebook disclaimers and Reject Kavanagh signs near the Capitol.
2019_DC_Signs173DC -- Temporary Signs
Including an Impeach Trump truck.
2020_09_06B3_Signs1DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_09_11B1_Signs2DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_09_12A1_Signs4DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_09_18A2_Signs6DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_09_19A2_Signs1DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_09_20A_Signs2DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_09_23B1_Signs1DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_09_25A_Signs9DC -- Temporary Signs
Including the "Trump Lied. People Died" truck.
2020_09_30B3_Signs6DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_10_09A1_Signs10DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_10_13A1_Signs1DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_10_15A1_Signs1DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_10_17A3_Signs1DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_10_20A2_Signs1DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_10_21A2_Signs3DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_10_26B2_Signs1DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_10_27A_Signs3DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_10_28A_Signs2DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_10_30A2_Signs4DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_10_31B2_Signs4DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_11_02A_Signs5DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_11_03C_Signs3DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_11_07C5_Signs1DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_11_12A1_Signs6DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_11_14A1_Signs7DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_11_20D_Signs14DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_12_08B_Signs3DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_12_13A1_Signs3DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_12_22C1_Signs1DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_12_27A2_Signs5DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_DC_Signs242DC -- Temporary Signs
2021_01_02A4_Signs8DC -- Temporary Signs
2021_01_06A1_Signs11DC -- Temporary Signs
2021_01_09A1_Signs22DC -- Temporary Signs
2021_01_12A2_Signs3DC -- Temporary Signs
2021_01_14A2_Signs7DC -- Temporary Signs
2021_01_17A1_Signs16DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2021_01_21A_Signs9DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2021_01_22A1_Signs15DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2021_01_24A1_Signs11DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2021_01_30A_Signs23DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2021_02_20A_Signs6DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2021_02_23A1_Signs42DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2020_09_05C3_Signs_BLM3DC -- Temporary Signs -- BLM
2020_09_06B1_Signs_BLM1DC -- Temporary Signs -- BLM
2020_09_11B4_Signs_BLM1DC -- Temporary Signs -- BLM
2020_09_18A3_Signs_BLM1DC -- Temporary Signs -- BLM
2020_11_14A3_Signs_BLM1DC -- Temporary Signs -- BLM
2020_DC_Signs_BLM166DC -- Temporary Signs -- BLM
2020_09_06B2_Signs1915DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_09_12A4_Signs191DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_09_18A4_Signs195DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_09_19A4_Signs191DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_10_09A2_Signs193DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_10_21A1_Signs195DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_11_20E_Signs191DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_12_13A3_Signs191DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_12_27A4_Signs191DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_DC_Signs19101DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2021_01_09A3_Signs193DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2021_01_10A4_Signs193DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2021_01_14A5_Signs192DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2021_01_22A7_Signs192DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19 (Partially reviewed)
2021_01_24A3_Signs191DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19 (Partially reviewed)
2021_01_09A2_Signs_Loser53DC -- Temporary Signs -- Stickers/Signs related to Trump Losers March on the Capitol
2021_01_10A2_Signs_Loser49DC -- Temporary Signs -- Stickers/Signs related to Trump Losers March on the Capitol (Partially reviewed)
2021_01_14A4_Signs_Loser34DC -- Temporary Signs -- Stickers/Signs related to Trump Losers March on the Capitol (Partially reviewed)
2021_01_17A2_Signs_Loser8DC -- Temporary Signs -- Stickers/Signs related to Trump Losers March on the Capitol (Partially reviewed)
2021_01_22B2_Signs_Loser4DC -- Temporary Signs -- Stickers/Signs related to Trump Losers March on the Capitol (Partially reviewed)
2021_01_24A2_Signs_Loser25DC -- Temporary Signs -- Stickers/Signs related to Trump Losers March on the Capitol (Partially reviewed)
2011_DC_Tibetan_Market15DC -- Tibetan Market by the Reynolds Center
This was set up near the Verizon Center for participants in the Dalai Lama weeklong event.
2003_DC_VOA20DC -- Voice of America
2015_DC_VOA_Murals51DC -- Voice of America -- Murals Tour
2005_FL_Linger17FL -- Bradenton -- Linger Lodge (w/Mom)
2005_FL_WDW_Hotel54FL -- Walt Disney World resort properties
2003_ID_Twin_Falls19ID -- Twin Falls
Frankly, I really hadn't expected to see anything in Twin Falls other than a Costco. But as I drove over a bridge, I saw the gorge of the Snake River and was suddenly impressed. Steep cliffs were on either side of a beautiful valley. The next morning, I went down to Centennial Park and passed a...
2019_MA_Boston_Signs12MA -- Boston -- Temporary Signs
2019_MD_Ouija6MD -- Baltimore -- Ouija 7-Eleven
Ouija 7-Eleven
This simple convenience store sits on the location where the Ouija board was named and has the plaque to prove it.
Baltimore, Maryland, is a self-described “City of Firsts,” and one of the most esoteric of these pioneering actions is the naming of the classic occult game the Ouija...
2011_MD_Parking6MD -- Baltimore -- Parking violation documentation
I went back to the spot where my car was towed in August trying to figure out why they had denied my appeal The car was towed on a Saturday in a place which clearly allowed parking on weekends. The block south prohibited parking during sporting games but not the block I was in. I thought maybe they...
2019_DC_Baltimore_Signs3MD -- Baltimore -- Signs
2010_MD_BethCCX4MD -- Bethesda -- Bethesda North Marriott Hotel & Conference Center
Some people who were around the Small Press Expo were in need of a photograph so....
2007_MD_Sala_Thai2MD -- Bethesda -- Sala Thai Restaurant -- Birthday folks
2020_MD_Boundary_East11MD -- Boundary Stone East (Capitol Heights, MD)
2020_MD_Boundary_NE13MD -- Boundary Stone NE1 (Silver Spring, MD)
2015_MD_Boundary_NE26MD -- Boundary Stone NE2 (Takoma Park, MD)
2019_MD_Boundary_NE29MD -- Boundary Stone NE2 (Takoma Park, MD)
2020_MD_Boundary_NE27MD -- Boundary Stone NE2 (Takoma Park, MD)
2020_MD_Boundary_NE312MD -- Boundary Stone NE3 (Takoma Park, MD)
2020_MD_Boundary_NE48MD -- Boundary Stone NE4 (Chillum, MD)
2020_MD_Boundary_NE510MD -- Boundary Stone NE5 (Mt. Rainier, MD)
2020_MD_Boundary_NE69MD -- Boundary Stone NE6 (Mt. Rainier, MD)
2020_MD_Boundary_NE711MD -- Boundary Stone NE7 (Ft. Lincoln Cemetery)
2020_MD_Boundary_NE94MD -- Boundary Stone NE9 (Fairmount Heights, MD)
2020_MD_Boundary_North13MD -- Boundary Stone North (Silver Spring, MD)
2020_MD_Boundary_NW68MD -- Boundary Stone NW6 (Friendship Heights, MD)
2020_MD_Boundary_NW73MD -- Boundary Stone NW7 (Chevy Chase, MD)
2020_MD_Boundary_NW82MD -- Boundary Stone NW8 (Chevy Chase, MD)
This one's apparently in someone's driveway and I wasn't rude enough to try to see it.
2020_MD_Boundary_SE18MD -- Boundary Stone SE1 (Capitol Heights, MD)
2020_MD_Boundary_SE25MD -- Boundary Stone SE2 (Capitol Heights, MD)
2020_MD_Boundary_SE38MD -- Boundary Stone SE3 (Hillcrest Heights, MD)
2014_MD_Boundary_SE53MD -- Boundary Stone SE5 (Southern Avenue Metro Station)
2020_MD_Boundary_SE56MD -- Boundary Stone SE5 (Southern Avenue Metro Station)
2020_MD_Boundary_SE67MD -- Boundary Stone SE6 (Oxon Hill, MD)
2020_MD_Boundary_SE75MD -- Boundary Stone SE7 (Oxon Hill, MD)
2016_MD_Free_LibraryMD5MD -- Little Free Library
2020_10_30A3_Free_LibraryMD8MD -- Little Free Library
2020_10_31F3_Free_LibraryMD2MD -- Little Free Library
2020_12_11A4_Free_LibraryMD1MD -- Little Free Library
2020_12_29A4_Free_LibraryMD1MD -- Little Free Library
2019_MD_SignsMD6MD -- Temporary Signs
2020_09_04C5_SignsMD2MD -- Temporary Signs
2020_09_23A1_SignsMD11MD -- Temporary Signs
2020_09_30A1_SignsMD4MD -- Temporary Signs
2020_10_14A1_SignsMD25MD -- Temporary Signs
2020_10_26A1_SignsMD10MD -- Temporary Signs
2020_10_31F4_SignsMD2MD -- Temporary Signs
2020_11_03A1_SignsMD4MD -- Temporary Signs
2020_12_10A1_SignsMD3MD -- Temporary Signs
2020_12_11A3_SignsMD16MD -- Temporary Signs
2020_12_29A3_SignsMD4MD -- Temporary Signs
2020_MD_SignsMD18MD -- Temporary Signs
In the Silver Spring area, the three most popular languages are: English, Spanish, and Amharic (Ethiopian language). So the Covid-19 signs appear in all three languages.
2021_02_23A2_SignsMD1MD -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2021_02_24B_SignsMD4MD -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2020_12_11A2_SignsMD_BLM3MD -- Temporary Signs -- BLM
2020_MD_SignsMD_BLM12MD -- Temporary Signs -- BLM
FBI posters to track down Lafayette Park and break-in suspects.
2020_10_14A3_SignsMD192MD -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_10_30A1_SignsMD192MD -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_12_10A2_SignsMD191MD -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_MD_SignsMD1915MD -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
In the Silver Spring area, the three most popular languages are: English, Spanish, and Amharic (Ethiopian language). So the Covid-19 signs appear in all three languages.
2020_09_23A3_SignsMD_Census6MD -- Temporary Signs -- Decennial Census
2020_10_14A2_SignsMD_Census2MD -- Temporary Signs -- Decennial Census
2020_MD_SignsMD_Census2MD -- Temporary Signs -- Decennial Census
2008_MD_Voting5MD -- Voting -- 2008 Election day
Barack Obama day. These pictures were taken while waiting in line for 90 minutes to vote at my polling place. Because of the long queue, I ended up in parts of the school that I'd never seen before!
2012_MD_Voting15MD -- Voting -- 2012 Campaign placards @ Veterans Plaza
This was the early voting area after the last day of early voting had ended. Montgomery County heavily favors Obama so there weren't many presidential placards but the propositions and referenda were a different issue. Most of the money was being spent on proposition 7, which would allow expanded...
2014_MD_Voting7MD -- Voting -- 2014 Midterm placards and Martin O'Malley
Primary placards @ Veterans Plaza.
Also, Martin O'Malley campaigning at the Silver Spring Metro for Anthony Brown who lost the race for Maryland governor.
2016_MD_Voting12MD -- Voting -- 2016 Early voting @ Veterans Plaza
The thought of armed Trump supporters trying to keep "fraudulent" voters away from the polls made me vote early again this year. What a relief that they do this! Maryland was back to paper ballots which was awkward. And I didn't realize they didn't have a straight-ticket option.
2018_MD_Voting12MD -- Voting -- 2018 Signs, Jamie Raskin, Nancy Floreen
Including different days with Jamie Raskin and Nancy Floreen by the Silver Spring Metro.
2020_10_31A_Voting16MD -- Voting -- 2020 Early voting in Silver Spring
I came out on the first Saturday of early voting hoping there would be a line but there wasn't one. Sigh.
2020_10_26A2_Voting17MD -- Voting -- 2020 Early voting starts in Montgomery County
I had requested a mail-in ballot but as it became clearer that Republicans were trying to steal the election, I thought it important to vote in person even though Maryland wasn't a toss-up state.
2020_11_03A2_Voting25MD -- Voting -- 2020 Maryland final voting day
2020_MD_Voting75MD -- Voting -- 2020 Primary day in Maryland
The primary was originally scheduled for April 28 but, since Republicans weren't in charge of both houses of the state house, it was decided that saving lives was more important than doing some special election like they did in Wisconsin. Accordingly, the primary was rescheduled for June 2 when it was...
2020_09_30A5_Voting3MD -- Voting -- 2020 The early voting drop boxes are back!
2001_ME_Kennebunkport3ME -- Kennebunkport
This is where George Bush has a summer residence for his clan. I didn't see it. I thought it would be interesting to see what it was like. Pretty shore. Crowded streets. I see enough tourists in DC. I took a couple of pictures and went on my way.
2018_NY_NYC_Monroe_Grate3NY -- NYC -- Marilyn Monroe's Subway Grate (Lexington Avenue and 52nd St.)
2000_NY_NYC_Signs1NY -- NYC -- Temporary Signs
2008_NY_NYC_Signs1NY -- NYC -- Temporary Signs
2016_NY_NYC_Signs9NY -- NYC -- Temporary Signs
2017_NY_NYC_Signs2NY -- NYC -- Temporary Signs
2018_NY_NYC_Signs12NY -- NYC -- Temporary Signs
Kman and others.
2019_NY_NYC_Signs35NY -- NYC -- Temporary Signs
2000_NY_Times_Square8NY -- NYC -- Times Square
2002_NY_Times_Square7NY -- NYC -- Times Square
2003_NY_Times_Square19NY -- NYC -- Times Square
2008_NY_Times_Square34NY -- NYC -- Times Square
2016_NY_Times_Square39NY -- NYC -- Times Square
2018_NY_Times_Square60NY -- NYC -- Times Square
2019_NY_Times_Square19NY -- NYC -- Times Square
2010_MD_Parking4Personal -- Baltimore parking violation documentation
Why are there pictures of a parking sign here? Because while I was at the Baltimore Comic-Con, my car was towed. It was a Saturday and there were no weekend restrictions as these signs attest but the city took it anyway. (The signs a block south of where I was said there was no parking during stadium...
1993_GA_TimeshareGA2Personal -- Timeshare in Ellijay, GA
Melissa and Paul Kent met up with me and then dropped me off at the timeshare. I had thought they'd be there for the week (with their car) but nope. So I was left basically with nothing to do for a week.
2006_GA_TimeshareGA10Personal -- Timeshare in Ellijay, GA
1999_VA_TimeshareVA2Personal -- Timeshare in Gordonsville, VA
Shenandoah Crossing Resort & CC -- 11/19/1999 to 11/26/1999
2004_SC_TimeshareSC8Personal -- Timeshare in Hilton Head, SC
Palmetto Dunes resort -- 5/9/2004 to 5/15/2004
2007_CRI_TimeshareCRI8Personal -- Timeshare in San Jose, Costa Rica (Villa Palmas)
The unit was interesting. I have to admit, I like air conditioning but after awhile you got used to it. I was glad the electricity was standard for us -- San Jose was one of the first cities to get electricity.
I don't think I could ever get used to the razor wire and bars around the place. I...
2003_UT_TimeshareUT6Personal -- Timeshare in Snowbird, UT
I had a timeshare for the week at Iron Blosam Resort in Snowbird, Utah. These pictures are from around that area, including the town of Sandy and looking out on nearby Salt Lake City. The pictures from (030521) are smog. In reality, there's a fair amount of smog in Salt Lake City. With the tall...
1989_VA_TimeshareVA4Personal -- Timeshare in Williamsburg, VA
With Michelle doing the Vanna White thing introducing each room.
2005_VA_TimeshareVA11Personal -- Timeshare in Williamsburg, VA
Fairfield Resort Patriots Place -- 9/26/2005 to 10/2/2005
2004_SC_Harbour_Town20SC -- Hilton Head -- Harbour Town and sunset cruise
1998_VA_Jones_Pt4VA -- Alexandria -- Jones Point Park, Virginia
2000_VA_Jones_Pt4VA -- Alexandria -- Jones Point Park, Virginia
2010_VA_Jones_Pt9VA -- Alexandria -- Jones Point Park, Virginia
I hadn't been to Jones Point in ten years, which was before the new Wilson Bridge constructed began. It was time to return.
2014_VA_Jones_Pt88VA -- Alexandria -- Jones Point Park, Virginia
2020_VA_Jones_Pt88VA -- Alexandria -- Jones Point Park, Virginia
2000_VA_Boundary_South1VA -- Boundary Stone South (Jones Point Park)
2010_VA_Boundary_South6VA -- Boundary Stone South (Jones Point Park)
2014_VA_Boundary_South10VA -- Boundary Stone South (Jones Point Park)
2020_VA_Boundary_South10VA -- Boundary Stone South (Jones Point Park)
2020_VA_Boundary_SW15VA -- Boundary Stone SW1 (Alexandria)
2020_VA_Boundary_SW26VA -- Boundary Stone SW2 (Alexandria)
2020_VA_Boundary_SW37VA -- Boundary Stone SW3 (First Baptist Church, Alexandria)
2020_VA_Boundary_SW46VA -- Boundary Stone SW4 (Arlington)
2020_VA_Boundary_SW55VA -- Boundary Stone SW5 (Arlington)
2020_VA_Boundary_SW64VA -- Boundary Stone SW6 (Bailey's Crossroads)
2020_VA_Boundary_SW76VA -- Boundary Stone SW7 (Arlington)
2020_VA_Boundary_SW85VA -- Boundary Stone SW8 (Arlington)
2020_VA_Boundary_SW910VA -- Boundary Stone SW9 (Benjamin Banneker Park)
2020_VA_Boundary_West11VA -- Boundary Stone West (Andrew Ellicott Park)
2020_VA_Richmond_Signs3VA -- Richmond -- Signs
2020_VA_SignsVA1VA -- Temporary Signs
2001_VT_MBR13VT -- Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP
2002_WA_Port_Townsend4WA -- Port Townsend
2001_WI_Delavan6WI -- Delavan -- Circus Capital
According to the sign, Delavan Wisconsin was the "19th Century Circus Capitol of the Nation". It says,

Between 1878-1894, Delavan was home to 26 different circus companies. The Mabie Brothers US Olympic Circus, then the largest in America, arrived here in 1847, to become the first circus to...

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2021_01_06C1_Losers2021322DC -- Rally: Trump Losers March on the Capitol
This was the last-chance day for supporters of the child president to overthrow democracy. After I left, the anti-democracy protestors stormed the US Capitol claiming they were protecting the Constitution while destroying it. (Partially reviewed)
2021_01_14C1_Loser_Protest_Misc55DC -- Rally: Trump Losers March on the Capitol (Inauguration minus 6 days) -- Barriers continue going up (Partially reviewed)
2021_01_20B1_NCath_Inaug57DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Event: Illumination for Biden Inauguration (Partially reviewed)
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