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2006_DC_Metro_Tour_06042217Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: Metro Behind the Scenes
Metro: Behind the Scenes:
As part of Metro's 30th anniversary, participants were taken around to the original Metro stations (the first was Rhode Island Avenue, and we also did Union Station, Judiciary Square, Gallery Place, Metro Center, and Farragut North) by Metro's interim general manager, Dan...
2004_DC_Metro_04111634DC -- Metro Town Hall Meeting
The Board of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) hosted its first Town Hall meeting to talk to customers on a variety of issues dealing with Metrorail, Metrobus and Metroaccess such as service, funding and expansion. Bob Levey, Senior Vice President for Development at the...
2013_DC_Metro_An23Metro Station -- Anacostia
2020_DC_Metro_AN37Metro Station -- Anacostia
2007_DC_Metro_AN25Metro Station -- Anacostia (art)
2018_DC_Metro_NM6Metro Station -- Archives Navy Memorial Penn Quarter
2019_DC_Metro_NM2Metro Station -- Archives Navy Memorial Penn Quarter
2020_DC_Metro_NM2Metro Station -- Archives Navy Memorial Penn Quarter
The station was closed due to Covid-19.
2007_DC_Metro_NM3Metro Station -- Archives Navy Memorial Penn Quarter (art)
2000_VA_Metro_Arl1Metro Station -- Arlington Cemetery
2002_VA_Metro_Arl1Metro Station -- Arlington Cemetery
2022_08_14A2_Metro_Beth15Metro Station -- Bethesda (Partially reviewed)
2009_DC_Metro_CUA1Metro Station -- Brookland / Catholic University of America
2021_DC_Metro_CapS2Metro Station -- Capitol South
2020_DC_Metro_CPk3Metro Station -- Cleveland Park
This was one of the 19 Metro stations closed due to Covid-19.
Metrorail stations closed due to COVID-19 pandemic
Advisory Effective: 3/23/20 - 5/1/20
Metro service is for ESSENTIAL TRAVEL ONLY. In an effort to protect the health and safety of Metro’s employees and customers and to conserve critical...
2008_DC_Metro_CoH9Metro Station -- Columbia Heights
2009_DC_Metro_CoH1Metro Station -- Columbia Heights
2019_DC_Metro_CoH11Metro Station -- Columbia Heights
2020_DC_Metro_CoH24Metro Station -- Columbia Heights
2022_DC_Metro_CoH9Metro Station -- Columbia Heights
2007_DC_Metro_CH8Metro Station -- Congress Heights (art)
2012_DC_Metro_Du5Metro Station -- Dupont Circle
2013_DC_Metro_DU10Metro Station -- Dupont Circle
2017_DC_Metro_DU13Metro Station -- Dupont Circle
2019_DC_Metro_DU27Metro Station -- Dupont Circle
2020_DC_Metro_Du12Metro Station -- Dupont Circle
2021_DC_Metro_DU4Metro Station -- Dupont Circle
2022_09_24B1_Metro_Du12Metro Station -- Dupont Circle (Partially reviewed)
2022_DC_Metro_Du13Metro Station -- Dupont Circle
2013_DC_Metro_FN20Metro Station -- Farragut North
2020_DC_Metro_FN14Metro Station -- Farragut North
2018_DC_Metro_FW6Metro Station -- Farragut West
2011_DC_Metro_FB9Metro Station -- Foggy Bottom
There had been a power failure in the station so these pictures are what you see when they're on emergency lighting.
2008_DC_Metro_FT2Metro Station -- Fort Totten
2011_DC_Metro_FT6Metro Station -- Fort Totten
Working on the railroad and the plaque for the crash victims.
2013_DC_Metro_FT3Metro Station -- Fort Totten
Some weak sunset shots.
2019_DC_Metro_FT1Metro Station -- Fort Totten
For some reason, most of the trees near the station were taken down. Presumably they became firewood.
2020_DC_Metro_FT26Metro Station -- Fort Totten
Including an empty parking lot on a Saturday due to Covid-19 slowdown. The parking lot was initially free during Covid but that changed in July.
2008_DC_Metro_GP1Metro Station -- Gallery Place
2009_DC_Metro_GP3Metro Station -- Gallery Place
The station has various signs alerting people to the upcoming inaugural.
2018_DC_Metro_GP5Metro Station -- Gallery Place
A new canopy is going up over the escalator.
2019_DC_Metro_GP21Metro Station -- Gallery Place
Work finally finished on the Metro canopy which was supposed to have been finished last year.
2020_DC_Metro_GP14Metro Station -- Gallery Place
2021_DC_Metro_GP41Metro Station -- Gallery Place
Including the new fare card machines and the Art in Transit screen.
2007_DC_Metro_GP8Metro Station -- Gallery Place (art)
Also, some pictures of the red station lights which started being installed in this station and were moved to the other stations later on.
2015_DC_Metro_GAP37Metro Station -- Georgia Avenue-Petworth
2018_DC_Metro_GAP7Metro Station -- Georgia Avenue-Petworth
2020_DC_Metro_GAP48Metro Station -- Georgia Avenue-Petworth
2015_MD_Metro_HY8Metro Station -- Hyattsville
2020_VA_Metro_King10Metro Station -- King Street
2010_DC_Metro_EN5Metro Station -- L'Enfant Plaza
Interesting prism art at one of the entrances.
2011_DC_Metro_EN5Metro Station -- L'Enfant Plaza
The Wegman artwork.
2019_DC_Metro_EN25Metro Station -- L'Enfant Plaza
2020_DC_Metro_EN9Metro Station -- L'Enfant Plaza
2022_07_06A1_Metro_EN2Metro Station -- L'Enfant Plaza
2007_DC_Metro_EN7Metro Station -- L'Enfant Plaza (art)
1997_MD_Metro_Med4Metro Station -- Medical Center
2002_DC_Metro_MC3Metro Station -- Metro Center
2013_DC_Metro_MC15Metro Station -- Metro Center
They have a memorial to Metro employees who died in the line of duty.
2020_DC_Metro_MC4Metro Station -- Metro Center
It's interesting to see how the support beams have become discolored over time, presumably because of the oil they use to protect the escalator surfaces.
2021_DC_Metro_MC9Metro Station -- Metro Center
2007_DC_Metro_MC9Metro Station -- Metro Center (art)
2017_DC_Metro_MC19Metro Station -- Metro Center (art)
2020_DC_Metro_MtV4Metro Station -- Mt. Vernon Sq. 7th St. -- Convention Center
2007_MD_Metro_NR14Metro Station -- Naylor Road (art)
2005_DC_Metro_NY6Metro Station -- NoMa–Gallaudet U station on New York Avenue
2008_DC_Metro_NY1Metro Station -- NoMa–Gallaudet U station on New York Avenue
2009_DC_Metro_NY4Metro Station -- NoMa–Gallaudet U station on New York Avenue
2012_DC_Metro_NY2Metro Station -- NoMa–Gallaudet U station on New York Avenue
2013_DC_Metro_NY1Metro Station -- NoMa–Gallaudet U station on New York Avenue
2014_DC_Metro_NY1Metro Station -- NoMa–Gallaudet U station on New York Avenue
2016_DC_Metro_NY15Metro Station -- NoMa–Gallaudet U station on New York Avenue
2019_DC_Metro_NY12Metro Station -- NoMa–Gallaudet U station on New York Avenue
2022_09_17A_Metro_NBeth4Metro Station -- North Bethesda (formerly White Flint) (Partially reviewed)
2009_DC_Metro_RI1Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue
2013_DC_Metro_RI1Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue
2016_DC_Metro_RI4Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue
2019_DC_Metro_RI1Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue
2020_DC_Metro_RI6Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue
2021_DC_Metro_RI1Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue
2001_VA_Metro_R1Metro Station -- Rosslyn
2010_VA_Metro_R4Metro Station -- Rosslyn
Mural at the Rosslyn station.
2002_MD_Metro_SS10Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2003_MD_Metro_SS3Metro Station -- Silver Spring
(METSS) Silver Spring MD....
2004_MD_Metro_SS1Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2008_MD_Metro_SS5Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2009_MD_Metro_SS1Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2010_MD_Metro_SS1Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2011_MD_Metro_SS2Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2013_MD_Metro_SS2Metro Station -- Silver Spring
Fire trucks by the Metro.
2014_MD_Metro_SS5Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2016_MD_Metro_SS8Metro Station -- Silver Spring
The entire Metro subway was closed for the day because of electrical safety issues. I had to take the bus downtown instead of the subway... and it ended up being cheaper as well as faster. I'm not sure that was the message I was supposed to get from the subway being shut down but what the heck!
2019_MD_Metro_SS6Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2020_MD_Metro_SS4Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2021_MD_Metro_SS8Metro Station -- Silver Spring
2007_MD_Metro_SO12Metro Station -- Southern Avenue art
2011_MD_Metro_TP2Metro Station -- Takoma Park
They were single-tracking yet again at the Takoma Park station.
2019_DC_Metro_U1Metro Station -- U Street/AACWM/Cardoza
2020_DC_Metro_U6Metro Station -- U Street/AACWM/Cardoza
2009_DC_Metro_U5Metro Station -- U Street/AACWM/Cardoza (art)
2002_DC_Metro_US2Metro Station -- Union Station
2020_DC_Metro_US1Metro Station -- Union Station
2021_DC_Metro_US9Metro Station -- Union Station
2010_DC_Metro_WF4Metro Station -- Waterfront-SEU
Construction equipment which accounted for single-tracking on the green line that day.
2020_DC_Metro_WP10Metro Station -- Woodley Park
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