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2015_MD_Sauper_15082099AFI -- "We Come As Friends" (w/Hubert Sauper) w/Ann Hornaday
Academy AwardŽ-nominated director Hubert Sauper’s WE COME AS FRIENDS is a modern odyssey – a dizzying, science fiction-like journey into the heart of Africa. At the moment when the Sudan, the continent’s biggest country, is being divided into two nations, an old “civilizing” pathology re-emerges – that...
2013_DC_Caucus_130622114AFI Docs 2013 -- "Caucus" (w/AJ Schnack, Nathan Truesdell, Chris Cillizza, Matt Beynon, and Alice Stewart) @ Donald Reynolds Center
Caucus: US Premiere:
While the GOP leadership race in 2012 played itself out for the nation on primetime television with camera ready sound bytes and speeches, a documentary film crew led by filmmaker AJ Schnack went behind the scenes to capture the not-so-ready-for-primetime moments that culminate in...
2013_DC_Jackie_130619227AFI Docs 2013 -- "Letters to Jackie" (w/Bill Couturie, Ben Gazzale, and Scott Keogh) (incl reception) @ Newseum
Letters to Jackie:
When President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, the world came to a crashing halt as the nation grieved for its leader whose promise of a brighter future was cut tragically short. During this time the president's widow, Jacqueline Kennedy, received thousands of letters from...
2013_DC_Our_Nixon_130622112AFI Docs 2013 -- "Our Nixon" (w/Penny Lane, Lee Huebner, Dwight Chapin, and Jake Tapper) @ Natl Archives
Washington, DC, premiere of Our Nixon:
Throughout Richard Nixon’s Presidency, three of his top White House aides (John Erlichman, H.R. Haldeman, Dwight Chapin) documented their experiences with Super 8 home movie cameras. The documentary Our Nixon presents those home movies for the first time, along...
2014_DC_Holbrook_140618281AFI Docs 2014 -- "Holbrook/Twain: An American Odyssey" (w/Hal Holbrook and Scott Teems) @ Newseum
Celebrated actor Hal Holbrook has carved out a prolific career in film, television and theater, but one role, which he has played since 1954, has become indelibly associated with him: Mark Twain. For 60 years, Holbrook has been touring with his award-winning one-man...
2016_DC_Herzog_16062475AFI Docs 2016 -- Guggenheim Symposium and Screening of "Lo and Behold" (w/Werner Herzog) w/Ramin Bahrani) @ Newseum
Advance tickets for the Guggenheim Symposium are no longer available. There will be a standby line at the screening for any unclaimed seats. Limited seating will also be available for AFI DOCS pass holders, please visit our Passes page for more...
2016_DC_Lear_160626222AFI Docs 2016 -- "Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You" (w/Norman Lear, Heidi Ewing, and Rachel Grady) @ Newseum
Closing Night Gala
Dir. Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady; 2015; 91 min
At 93, an energetic, funny and thoughtful Norman Lear looks back on a career that defined television comedy in the 1970s and beyond, including classics such as ALL IN THE FAMILY, THE JEFFERSONS...
2016_DC_Zero_Days_160622135AFI Docs 2016 -- "Zero Days" (w/Alex Gibney, Ann Hornaday, David Sanger, Liam O'Murchu, and Eric Chien) @ Newseum
Zero Days
Opening Night Gala
North American Premiere
When independent Internet technicians discovered a chillingly powerful computer virus unlike anything they'd seen before, signs pointed not merely to recreational or criminal hackers, but to a high-stakes game of cyber warfare between nations....
2017_DC_Look2Right_17061769AFI Docs 2017 -- Look to the Right (w/Ann Hornaday and Michael Pack) @ Landmark E Street Cinema
In recent years, conservative documentaries have achieved impressive reach with audiences despite being largely absent from the festival, art-house and TV circuits. Filmmaker Michael Pack (THE FALL OF NEWT GINGRICH) discusses how...
2018_DC_Personal_Stmt_180613109AFI Docs 2018 -- "Personal Statement" (w/Juliane Dressner, Edwin Martinez, Karoline, Enoch and Christine) @ Newseum -- Receptions
For its 16th edition, AFI’s annual celebration of documentary film in the nation’s capital will open with the world premiere of PERSONAL STATEMENT (DIRS Juliane Dressner and Edwin Martinez)
Three seniors at Brooklyn high schools are determined to get their entire classes to college, even though they...
2014_DC_NBF_Books2Movies_14083015DC -- Natl Book Festival 2014 -- Great Books to Great Movies
Great Books to Great Movies:
Why are we drawn to movies based on the books we love? Is seeing believing or is reading enough? In this dynamic multimedia presentation and panel discussion, four great American novelists discuss and present film clips from movies that were based on their books. They...
2017_DC_EFF_Benefit_170216223Env Film Festival (2017) -- 25th Anniversary Benefit Reception honoring Flo Stone and Roger D. Stone @ New Zealand Embassy
25th Anniversary Benefit Reception Honoring Flo Stone and Roger D. Stone
Hosted by Ambassador Tom Groser, Embassy of New Zealand.
* Welcome: Ambassador Tim Groser
* Opening: Maryanne Culpepper, EFF Executive Director
* Acknowledgements: E. William Stetson III, Host Committee...
2015_DC_Nelson_15061952Natl Archives & AFI Docs 2015 -- Guggenheim Symposium Honoring Stanley Nelson @ National Archives
For over 25 years Stanley Nelson has dedicated himself to creating a series of profound, intelligent and revealing documentaries on long neglected or misinterpreted chapters of African American History. These powerful works have made him one of the most acclaimed and important...
2015_DC_Hornaday_15022142Newseum -- Inside Media w/Ann Hornaday (Oscar Preview)
Inside Media: Oscar Preview With Washington Post Film Critic Ann Hornaday
Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday previews the 87th annual Academy Awards and discusses some of the biggest hits — and misses — of the year.
The program will feature clips from some of the Oscar-nominated...
2016_DC_Hornaday_16022840Newseum -- Inside Media w/Ann Hornaday (Oscar Preview)
Inside Media: Oscar Preview With Washington Post Film Critic Ann Hornaday
Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday previews the 88th annual Academy Awards and discusses some of the biggest hits — and misses — of the year.
The program will feature clips from some of the Oscar-nominated...
2017_DC_Hornaday_17022654Newseum -- Inside Media w/Ann Hornaday (Oscar Preview)
Oscar Preview With Washington Post Film Critic Ann Hornaday
Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday previews the 89th annual Academy Awards and discusses some of the biggest hits of the year.
The program will feature clips from some of the Oscar-nominated films.
Hornaday, a critic with The Post...
2017_DC_Hornaday_17081940Newseum -- Inside Media w/Ann Hornaday ("How to Watch Movies")
Inside Media: “How to Watch Movies” With Washington Post Film Critic Ann Hornaday
Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday talks about her new book, “Talking Pictures: How to Watch Movies.” The book provides a guide for those looking to understand and interpret the medium that continues to educate and...
2019_DC_Hornaday_19022454Newseum -- Inside Media w/Ann Hornaday ("Oscar Preview")
Oscar Preview With Washington Post Film Critic Ann Hornaday
Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday previews the 91st annual Academy Awards and discusses some of the biggest hits of the year.
The program will feature clips from Oscar-nominated films.
Hornaday, a critic with the Post since 2002, will...
2016_DC_Hollywood_16110558Newseum -- Inside Media w/Arch Campbell, Ann Hornaday and Bill Newcott ("Hollywood's White House")
Inside Media: Hollywood’s White House: The Top Ten Movie Presidents
Three days before the nation selects the next president of the United States, movie critics Arch Campbell, Ann Hornaday and Bill Newcott present their choices for the top 10 portrayals of presidents on film.
The program will...
2015_DC_10Movies_15062269Newseum & AARP -- 10 Movies That Shaped the Boomers (w/Arch Campbell, Ann Hornaday and Bill Newcott)
10 Movies That Shaped the Boomers
Baby boomers have always had an intimate relationship with the movies. Born in the age of Saturday matinees, boomers came of age just as the movies began to awaken to the radical changes taking place in American culture.
In a special Newseum program co-sponsored by...
2017_DC_NPC_Bookfair_171110121NPC -- 40th Annual Book Fair & Author's Night (2017)
Pols, Pundits & Cultural Legends
Book Fair & Authors' Night
The Capitol region’s premiere holiday book event is back for the 40th year! The National Press Club Journalism Institute is once again partnering with landmark local book seller Politics & Prose for a night of pols, pundits and...
2017_DC_Hornaday_17072943Politics & Prose -- Ann Hornaday ("Talking Pictures: How to Watch Movies")
Ann Hornaday - Talking Pictures: How to Watch Movies
To get the most out of a film, Hornaday argues, viewers need to be as actively engaged in watching it as the filmmakers were in creating it. Film critic for The Washington Post, Hornaday guides us through the movie-making process and shows how to...

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2019_10_24B_Rogers139NPC -- Faith in American Public Life w/Melissa Rogers, Sabrina Dent, Imam Mohamed Magid, and Rabbi David Saperstein
As part of Melissa Rogers' book tour for "Faith in American Public Life", a panel discussion was held at the National Press Club. Welcome and Opening Remarks: * David Aycock, Interim Director at Baylor University Press, Associate Director for Sales, Marketing, & Publicity Moderator: * Mike McCurr... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_11E1_Pilkey362Library of Congress -- Event: Dav Pilkey (Do Good Tour)
Come see Dav Pilkey talk about his books and his Do Good initiative! Please join us for a special evening with Dav Pilkey, a Library of Congress National Book Festival Presents event. International bestselling author/illustrator Dav Pilkey will appear at the Library of Congress on his Do Good Tour. ... (Partially reviewed)
2019_11_01D_Bookfair150NPC -- 42nd Annual Book Fair & Author's Night (2019)
One hundred authors -- and their books -- will be under one roof at the National Press Club, just in time for the gift-giving season. Navigate national politics and history, whisk your way to tasty treats, or laugh with your little one during the 2019 Book Fair and Authors’ Night on Friday, Nov. 1. ... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_27A_Chappelle179DC -- Kennedy Center -- Mark Twain Prize (2019 -- Dave Chappelle)
Folks shown here include: Q-Tip, Michael Che, Colin Jost, Kenan Thompson, Aziz Ansari, David Rubenstein, Morgan Freeman, ???, Kidd O'Shea (ABC 7), Fab Five Freddie, Robert L. Johnson, ???, ???, John Legend, Neal Brennan, ??? (again), David Rubenstein (again), Jeff Ross, Common, Sarah Silverman, Aziz... (Partially reviewed)
2019_11_08A1_THIS_Twilight415THIS for Diplomats Twilight in Argentina Gala @ Embassy of Argentina
THIS for Diplomats 2019 Gala: Twilight in Argentina THIS is proud to announce that on November 8, 2019, we are co-hosting our Annual Fundraiser Gala “Twilight in Argentina” with the Argentine Republic. The event will take place at the Argentinian Embassy and will feature live music (by Sweet Somethi... (Partially reviewed)
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