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2019_DC_ALA236American Library Association 2019 conference in Washington, DC (Exhibit Hall)
Saturday folks:
Jerry Abendroth, Torben Kuhlmann, Sean Dietrich, Kwei Quartey, Laura Vaccaro Seeger, Neal Porter, Eric Velasquez, Rick Robinson (iHeart radio), Dave Eggers, Christophe Ferreira, Flavia Biondi, Sanford Greene, Shawn Pryor, Thom Zahler, Emily Whitten, Chris Mariano, Mark Mariano, Randy...
2017_DC_SIPG_Bldg24DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center -- Building
Including the holiday courtyard decortations at night (which remind me of the images of Melania's White House decorations) as well as a visit by Gareth Hinds, Alison Morris, and Alexis and Kristen Frederick-Frost.
2015_DC_Selznick_150508109DC -- Martin Luther King Memorial Library -- Event: Arbuthnot Honor Lecture Featuring Brian Selznick
Arbuthnot Honor Lecture Featuring Brian Selznick
Love Is a Dangerous Angel: Thoughts on Queerness and Family in Children's Books
The DC Public Library is proud to host the 2015 May Hill Arbuthnot Lecture sponsored by The Association for Library Service to Children on Friday, May 8, 2015 at the Martin...
2015_MD_GBF_Hinds_15051622Gaithersburg Book Festival (2015) -- Gareth Hinds ("Macbeth: The Graphic Novel")
Gareth Hinds: Macbeth: The Graphic Novel:
Gareth Hinds is the creator of several critically-acclaimed graphic novels based on literary classics – most recently "Romeo & Juliet," which Kirkus Reviews called “a stunning visual reading,” and "The Odyssey," which received four starred reviews and was on...
2015_MD_GBF_Misc_15051667Gaithersburg Book Festival (2015) -- Miscellaneous
Various things including...
* Musical performances include Hannah Minkoff and Travis Tucker.
* Jason Rodriguez visits with Gareth Hinds.
* Richard Morris talks about his "Canoedling in Cleveland" book with some audience members.
* Comics Quickfire! Drawing Game Show with Dave Roman: A fast-paced...
2016_MD_GBF_Hinds_1605215Gaithersburg Book Festival (2016) -- Gareth Hinds ("Samurai Rising: The Epic Life of Minamoto Yoshitsune")
Gareth Hinds:
Gareth Hinds is the creator of critically-acclaimed graphic novel adaptations of literary classics, including “Beowulf,” “King Lear,” “The Merchant of Venice,” “The Odyssey,” “Romeo & Juliet” and “Macbeth.” His latest illustration project is the action-packed nonfiction book “Samurai...
2017_MD_GBF_AFF_RX_17052012Gaithersburg Book Festival (2017) -- Alexis Frederick-Frost and Ru Xu w/Gareth Hinds
(4) Alexis Frederick-Frost and Ru Xu, moderated by Gareth Hinds

Alexis Frederick-Frost
“Hocus Focus”
Genre: CH Speaking: 1:15 Location: JH
Alexis Frederick-Frost is co-author and illustrator of the critically acclaimed “Adventures in Cartooning” series. “Hocus Focus” is the latest in a series of...
2018_MD_GBF_Miller_18051930Gaithersburg Book Festival (2018) -- Madeline Miller
Madeline Miller
With unforgettably vivid characters, mesmerizing language and page-turning suspense, Circe is a triumph of storytelling, an intoxicating epic of family rivalry, palace intrigue, love and loss, as well as a celebration of indomitable female strength in a man's world.
2018_MD_GBF_PVG_18051933Gaithersburg Book Festival (2018) -- Poe and Van Gogh: Deborah Heiligman, Gareth Hinds
Deborah Heiligman, Gareth Hinds
Poe and Van Gogh
One book is a striking graphic adaptation of Edgar Allen Poe's best-known works, the other an award-winning story of brotherly love between Vincent Van Gogh and his brother, Theo, while illuminating the time they lived in.

2019_MD_GBF_AGAH_19051818Gaithersburg Book Festival (2019) -- Alex Graudins, Andy Hirsch (Moderated by Dave Roman)
Alex Graudins, Andy Hirsch, Dave Roman -- This Science Comics panel will showcase comics that contain excellent science information with graphics about one topic, and loads of fun!

Alex Graudins
Latest Title: Science Comics: The Brain: The Ultimate Thinking Machine
Alex Graudins is a a Rhode...
2019_MD_GBF_Gharib_19051819Gaithersburg Book Festival (2019) -- Malaka Gharib (In conversation with Michael Cavna)
Malaka Gharib
Latest Title: I Was Their American Dream: A Graphic Memoir
Malaka Gharib is a journalist at NPR. She is the author of “I Was Their American Dream,” a graphic memoir about being Filipino-Egyptian-American. She is the founder of The Runcible Spoon, a food zine, and the co-founder of the...
2019_MD_GBF_MTGH_19051834Gaithersburg Book Festival (2019) -- Megan Whalen Turner, Gareth Hinds
Megan Whalen Turner, Gareth Hinds -- Turner's "Thick as Thieves," the 5th book in the Queen's Thief series is filled with intrigue, battles, dangerous journeys and divine intervention. Hinds' illustrated adaptation of "The Iliad" takes the reader to the battlefields of Troy, the divine battles of the...
2018_DC_Drawn2PurposeP_180315129Library of Congress -- Event: Drawn to Purpose (w/Whitney Sherman, Barbara Brandon-Croft and Jillian Tamaki)
“In Conversation with the Librarian of Congress: Drawn to Purpose: American Women Illustrators and Cartoonists” featuring Whitney Sherman, Barbara Brandon-Croft and Jillian Tamaki
Note: Carla Hayden was not available so curator Martha Kennedy from the Library of Congress moderated the panel.
2016_DC_NBF_Misc_16092472Natl Book Festival 2016 -- Miscellaneous
Several less-renowned authors were autographing books. Alton Carter was signing "The Boy Who Carried Bricks" at the Oklahoma booth. C.L. Pullella was signing "Finley's Fall" at the Politics and Prose book sale section. Also seen here were David S. Mao from the Library of Congress, Gareth Hinds and...
2017_DC_NBF_Misc_17090272Natl Book Festival 2017 -- Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous things. The Politics and Prose book sale area, the Pavilion of States, the Library of Congress Town Square, etc. Folks include authors Bruce White and William Seale at the White House Historical Association, Gareth Hinds and Alison Morris, Peter Slen (the C-Span interviewer), Megan...
2018_DC_Speak_18020662Politics & Prose -- Laurie Halse Anderson and Emily Carroll ("Speak: The Graphic Novel")
Laurie Halse Anderson and Emily Carroll - Speak: The Graphic Novel — in the Children & Teens Dept. **FOR TEENS AND ADULTS
The novel, Speak, a National Book Award finalist, is now available in graphic form, illustrated by Emily Carroll. It is the story of a girl, Melinda, who becomes an outcast at...
2016_DC_Picture_Book_160501154Politics & Prose -- Panel -- "No Words Needed—The Value and Many Uses of Wordless Picture Books" w/Henry Cole, Raúl Colón, Marla Frazee, Stephen Savage, and David Wiesner
Fourth Picture Book Panel: No Words Needed—The Value and Many Uses of Wordless Picture Books
It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine, then, the value of a story told entirely through images. In the latest installment of our popular panel series exploring topics relating to picture...
2015_DC_Picture_Book_151108109Politics & Prose -- Panel --"Too Good to Miss -- Picture Books for Older Readers" w/Julie Danielson, Jason Chin, Christopher Myers, John Parra, Chris Soentpiet, and Jacqueline Woodson
Third Annual Picture Book Panel: Too Good to Miss—Picture Books for Older Readers:
Two years ago, a spellbinding event with author and editor David Levithan and author Jacqueline Woodson made us eager to hear more conversations between major figures in children's and young adult literature. To create...
2015_DC_McCloud_150206110Politics & Prose -- Scott McCloud ("The Sculptor") w/Michael Cavna
Scott McCloud - The Sculptor
Would you sell your soul for art? Faust did, and in McCloud’s update on the deal-with-the-devil theme the young and ambitious David Smith, does too. This powerful and moving story by the award-winning comics artist follows Smith as he trades life-span for the ability to...
2017_DC_Alexis_FF_17041767Politics & Prose @ Takoma Park Community Center -- Alexis Frederick-Frost ("Hocus Focus")
Alexis Frederick-Frost - Hocus Focus — at Takoma Park Library (MD)
Imagine how frustrated you’d be if you worked for a wizard and never learning any magic! The Knight knows this feeling well, and he’s determined to change it. His plan is simple: find a book of spells, whip up a potion, steal the...
2016_MD_Hatke_16060981Politics & Prose @ Takoma Park Community Center -- Ben Hatke ("Nobody Likes a Goblin")
Ben Hatke - Nobody Likes a Goblin — at Takoma Park Library (MD):
Goblin lives a quiet but happy life in a dungeon. He has everything he needs: boots to eat for breakfast, rats to care for as pets, and Skeleton to have as his Very Best Friend. Together, the two buddies do what they love best: namely,...
2015_MD_Hinds_15022348Politics & Prose @ Takoma Park Community Center -- Gareth Hinds ("Macbeth")
Graphic Novelist Gareth Hinds @ Takoma Park Maryland Library
Artist Gareth Hinds, known for his critically-acclaimed graphic novel adaptations of classics like "Beowulf" and "Romeo & Juliet," will present his newest book, "Macbeth," on Monday, Feb. 23 at 7:30 p.m. Hinds will talk about his process of...
2016_MD_Witches_16051926Politics & Prose @ Takoma Park Community Center -- Sophie Blackall and John Bemelmans Marciano ("Witches of Benevento")
Sophie Blackall and John Bemelmans Marciano - Witches of Benevento: Mischief Season — at Takoma Park Library (MD)
Marciano and Caldecott Medal winner Blackall’s new series takes place in 1820s Benevento, Italy, a place historically reputed to be full of witches. In fact, not only are there witches—not...

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2021_08_14B1_Trumka250AFL-CIO Headquarters -- Event: Richard Trumka in Repose at AFL-CIO Headquarters
Richard Trumka to Lie in Repose at AFL-CIO Headquarters On Saturday, Aug. 14, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. ET, Richard Trumka’s family is giving the public the opportunity to pay their respects to the labor legend who passed away on Aug. 5. He is making one last trip to the House of Labor, a place an... (Partially reviewed)
2021_09_10B1_Come_From_Away190DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- Event: "Come From Away" performance
Join us at the Lincoln Memorial for a one-of-a kind free concert performance of the musical Come From Away on Friday, September 10, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. Lawn seating is available on either side of the Reflecting Pool on a first-come basis. Members of the Broadway and national touring companies of Come... (Partially reviewed)
2021_DC_Losers_March_210106298DC -- Trump Losers Revolt -- Third Trump Losers protest which ended with the coup attempt
This was the last-chance day for supporters of the child president to overthrow democracy. After I left, the anti-democracy protestors stormed the US Capitol claiming they were protecting the Constitution while destroying it.
2021_08_28B3_March_On_LM103DC -- March On For Voting Rights -- Rally @ Lincoln Memorial (Partially reviewed)
2021_08_28B2_March_On_M119DC -- March On For Voting Rights -- March begins (Partially reviewed)
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