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2019_MD_WWC_A_19051128Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- Agents Room
2019_MD_WWC_P07_19051110Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- Jane Leavy in Conversation with Christine Brennan
Jane Leavy in Conversation with Christine Brennan
2019_MD_WWC_P09_19051164Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- Lunch, Award to Eugene Meyer, Keynote by Jeffery Deaver
Lunch Buffet
Lifetime Achieve Award Presented to Eugene L. Meyer, introduction by Salley Shannon
Keynote Address by Jeffery Deaver, introduction by Audrey A. Bastian
2019_MD_WWC_M_190511119Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- Miscellaneous
2019_MD_WWC_PP_19051169Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- Publishing Pros Room
2019_MD_WWC_P02_19051126Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- Welcome
Speakers: Audrey A. Bastian, Conference Chair
Salley Shannon, President, Washington Independent Review of Books
Jud Ashman, Mayor of Gaithersburg
2019_MD_WWC_P03_19051124Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- "An Agent, An Editor, and a Publisher: Publishing's Holy Trinity"
"An Agent, An Editor, and a Publisher: Publishing's Holy Trinity"
Moderator: Tara Campbell
Andrew Gifford, publisher
BJ Robbins, agent
Evelyn M. Duffy, editor
2019_MD_WWC_P10_1905119Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- "D.C. Debuts"
"D.C. Debuts"
Moderator: Shanon Lee
Carrie Callaghan, author
Alice Stephens, author
Julie Langsdorf, author
2019_MD_WWC_P05_19051118Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- "Hidden Histories" (Nonfiction)
"Hidden Histories" (Nonfiction)
Moderator: Will Pittman
Eugene L. Meyer, author
Paula Whitacre, author
Patricia Pearson, author
George Derek Musgrove, author
2019_MD_WWC_P08_19051118Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- "Historical Fiction: Making It Real"
"Historical Fiction: Making It Real"
Moderator: Jenny Yacovissi
Eugenia Kim, author
Zach Powers, author
Stephanie Dray, author
2019_MD_WWC_P06_19051114Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- "How Do You Know If You're Writing YA?"
"How Do You Know If You're Writing YA?"
Moderator: Caroline Bock
Susan Hawk, Literary Agent, with Upstart Crow Literary
Maggie Enright, book buyer with Busboys & Poets
Laura Scalzo, author
Meg Eden, author
2019_MD_WWC_P13_19051113Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- "It's Not Always Novels: Essays, Flash/Short Stories, Poetry, and Memoir"
"It's Not Always Novels: Essays, Flash/Short Stories, Poetry, and Memoir"
Moderator: Melissa Scholes Young
Randon Billings Noble, author
Tyrese Coleman, author
Caroline Bock, author
Grace Cavalieri, poet
2019_MD_WWC_P14_1905114Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- "Keys to Editing Your Own Work"
"Keys to Editing Your Own Work"
Carrie Callaghan, author
Pintip Dunn, author
Holly Smith, Editor
2019_MD_WWC_P01_19051131Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- "Know Your Rights as an Author"
"Know Your Rights as an Author"
Speaker: Lauren Menkes
2019_MD_WWC_P15_19051122Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- "Literary Fiction: The Great Undefinable"
"Literary Fiction: The Great Undefinable"
Moderator: Garline Issasi
Leslie Pietrzyk, author
Mary Kay Zuravleff, author
Susan Coll, author
2019_MD_WWC_P04_1905115Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- "Romance: You Gotta Have Heart"
"Romance: You Gotta Have Heart"
Moderator: Delancey Stewart
Mindy Klasky
Eliza Knight
2019_MD_WWC_P11_1905118Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- "Show Me the Money: Grants and Fellowships for Writers"
"Show Me the Money: Grants and Fellowships for Writers"
Co-Moderator: Tara Campbell
Co-Moderator: Julia Tangliere
Katy Day, NEA
Steven Skerritt-Davis, MD State Arts Council
Amy Freeman
2019_MD_WWC_P12_19051121Washington Writers Conference (2019) -- "Violence in Fiction" (Mystery/Noir/Thriller)
"Violence in Fiction" (Mystery/Noir/Thriller)
Moderator: E.A. Aymar
Christina Kovac, author
Anjili Babbar, author
S.A. Cosby, author
Jefferey Deaver, author

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2021_01_06C1_Losers_March322DC -- Trump Losers Revolt -- Third Trump Losers protest which ended with the coup attempt
This was the last-chance day for supporters of the child president to overthrow democracy. After I left, the anti-democracy protestors stormed the US Capitol claiming they were protecting the Constitution while destroying it. (Partially reviewed)
2021_03_29C1_Cherry124DC -- Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin (2021) (Partially reviewed)
2021_04_12C1_Gun_Violence_Mem315DC -- Event: Giffords Gun Violence Memorial @ Mall
GUN VIOLENCE MEMORIAL The Gun Violence Memorial is an installation on the National Mall in Washington DC to remember victims of gun violence and inspire the #CourageToAct. These 40,000 flowers represent the number of Americans who die from gun violence each year. Open to the public Tuesday, April 1... (Partially reviewed)
2021_02_23B1_Losers_Capitol45DC -- Trump Losers Revolt -- Capitol Security Perimeter (Partially reviewed)
2021_04_16B1_PershingO213DC -- Pershing Park / National World War I Memorial -- Photos related to opening day (Partially reviewed)

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