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2017_DC_Penn_Qtr_Tour_17092012Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: Federal Triangle: Planning, Architecture, Art
WTDC - The Federal Triangle: Planning, Architecture, Art
The Federal Triangle was first conceived as an integral component of the 1901 McMillan Commission's plan to extend the L’Enfant Plan and beautify the monumental core of Washington.
Starting with the 1926 Public Buildings Act, the Triangle was...
1999_DC_Penn_Qtr3DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2000_DC_Penn_Qtr3DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2002_DC_Penn_Qtr1DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2004_DC_Penn_Qtr1DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2005_DC_Penn_Qtr19DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2006_DC_Penn_Qtr34DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2007_DC_Penn_Qtr36DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2008_DC_Penn_Qtr57DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2009_DC_Penn_Qtr106DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2010_DC_Penn_Qtr62DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
Various pictures. Include some construction going on at 406-410 7th Street NW by the US Theatre Corporation. The permit said it was doing interior demolition to the basement and 1st floor retail space as well as 2nd and 3rd floor office spaces. (No structural work though.)
Also includes blockades and...
2011_DC_Penn_Qtr14DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2012_DC_Penn_Qtr7DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2013_DC_Penn_Qtr14DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2014_DC_Penn_Qtr9DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2015_DC_Penn_Qtr20DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2016_DC_Penn_Qtr16DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2017_DC_Penn_Qtr10DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2018_DC_Penn_Qtr5DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2019_DC_Penn_Qtr18DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2020_DC_Penn_Qtr250DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs and boarded up windows because of BLM protests.
2021_DC_Penn_Qtr74DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2022_05_29E2_Penn_Qtr1DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2022_06_25A1_Penn_Qtr1DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2022_08_13A1_Penn_Qtr1DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood (Partially reviewed)
2022_DC_Penn_Qtr11DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood

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2022_07_23C4_SDCCP04197San Diego Comic-Con International 2022 -- Panel: Cartoon Voices 1
Cartoon Voices 1 Every year (with two recent exceptions), animation writer and voice director Mark Evanier assembles a panel of some of the best and most-heard cartoon voice actors in the business to demonstrate their craft. This time out, the dais consists of Alicyn Packard (The Tom & Jerry Show, T... (Partially reviewed)
2022_DC_Golden_Haiku479DC -- Golden (Triangle) Haiku (2022)
On my first scavenger hunt through the 40+ blocks that make up the Golden Triangle BID, I managed to photograph 56 different haikus (out of the 200 out there). On my second scavenger hunt through the 40+ blocks that make up the Golden Triangle BID, I'm now up to having photographed 104 of the 200 un...
2022_06_28_Le213Politics & Prose @ Takoma Park Community Center -- Minh Lê ("The Blur")
Minh Lê - The Blur - at Takoma Park Library, MD This event is in-person at the Takoma Park, MD Community Center Auditorium. Politics and Prose is delighted to partner with the Takoma Park Maryland Library for an exciting program with children's book author Minh Lê. The Blur by Minh Le, illustrated ... (Partially reviewed)
2022_07_21C1_SDCCP0119San Diego Comic-Con International 2022 -- Panel: Spotlight on Maggie Thompson: Pop Culture Parenting: Build Your Own Nerds
Spotlight on Maggie Thompson: Pop Culture Parenting: Build Your Own Nerds Former Comics Buyer’s Guide editor (and 2020 Eisner Awards Hall of Fame inductee) Maggie Thompson grew up in a family devoted to pop culture before the term was created. With her husband, Don, she co-created two kids: Valerie ... (Partially reviewed)
2022_07_24C5_SDCCP055San Diego Comic-Con International 2022 -- Panel: The Business of Cartoon Voices
The Business of Cartoon Voices This is Mark Evanier’s annual panel on how to break into the world of voice-over and how to avoid those who would charge you large amounts without helping you much, if at all. Joining Mark will be two of the workingest actors in the field, Alicyn Packard and Gregg Berg... (Partially reviewed)

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