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2002_DC_Newseum7DC -- Newseum
The foundation of the new Newseum journalism museum was being laid this year.
2004_DC_Newseum3DC -- Newseum
The foundation of the future Newseum structure was being dug this year.
2005_DC_Newseum4DC -- Newseum
Under construction.
2006_DC_Newseum8DC -- Newseum
Under construction.
2007_DC_Newseum2DC -- Newseum
Under construction.
2008_DC_Newseum47DC -- Newseum
2009_DC_Newseum15DC -- Newseum
Including a private event going on for the American Hospital Association on the 2nd floor deck.
2010_DC_Newseum3DC -- Newseum
2011_DC_Newseum1DC -- Newseum
2012_DC_Newseum10DC -- Newseum
The funny-looking hingy-things are designed to allow the top floor to sway in case of earthquakes.
2013_DC_Newseum15DC -- Newseum
Traffic was up at the private museums open during the govt shutdown.
2014_DC_Newseum8DC -- Newseum
* The Trabant was there for the Berlin Wall anniversary.
* Pam D'Arcy's last day.
* Sign for Michel du Cille
2015_DC_Newseum4DC -- Newseum
Including the Michel du Cille memorial.
2016_DC_Newseum5DC -- Newseum
2017_DC_Newseum11DC -- Newseum
2018_DC_Newseum9DC -- Newseum
Al Neuharth's typewriter is on display now.
2019_DC_Newseum58DC -- Newseum
2020_DC_Newseum34DC -- Newseum
2021_DC_Newseum286DC -- Newseum
The building is gradually gutted and remodeled as the First Amendment piece gets removed for installation at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.
2022_DC_Newseum66DC -- Newseum
2023_03_07B3_Newseum7DC -- Newseum
Construction continues (Partially reviewed)
2008_DC_NewseumV134DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
The view from the terrace of Pennsylvania Avenue is one of the highlights of museum access. They have a beautiful panoramic view of the Capitol and the Mall.
Various visits:...
2009_DC_NewseumV37DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
Including the Capital Pride event from on high.
2010_DC_NewseumV37DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
Including views of Pennsylvania Avenue during the Rally to Restore Sanity.
2011_DC_NewseumV67DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
Including a view of the Capitol Pride festival on the street below.
2012_DC_NewseumV39DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
2013_DC_NewseumV100DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
2014_DC_NewseumV22DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
2015_DC_NewseumV52DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
2016_DC_NewseumV27DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
2017_DC_NewseumV56DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
Including work on the Mellon Fountain.
2018_DC_NewseumV30DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
2019_DC_NewseumV16DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace

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2023_02_11E2_Fugazi244AFI -- "We Are Fugazi From Washington, DC" (w/Joe Gross and Jeff Krulik)
"We Are Fugazi From Washington, DC" Feb. 11 & 15: Intro and Q&A with program curators Joe Gross and Jeff Krulik (tHISiSNOTaFUGAZIdOCUMENTARY.) To commemorate the 20 years that have passed since DC-based post-hardcore band Fugazi's last live appearance (November 4, 2002, at The Forum in London), AFI ... (Partially reviewed)
2022_12_20C1_WW2_Prayer174DC -- World War II Memorial -- Event: Unveiling of FDR D-Day Prayer Plaque
Unveiling Of FDR D-Day Prayer Plaque At Circle Of Remembrance At National World War Ii Memorial On December 20 at 11:30 a.m., Sen. Rob Portman and other noted guests will convene at the Circle of Remembrance at the World War II Memorial for the unveiling of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt D-Day Prayer...
2023_01_12A1_Soul_Opened135Takoma Park Community Center -- Event: One Day My Soul Just Opened Up -- Opening Reception
One Day My Soul Just Opened Up FREE ART OPENING RECEPTION Four Black female artists will share their diverse range of artwork in a new exhibition at the Takoma Park Community Center. The featured artists include Debra Jean Ambush, Nikki Brooks, Joan M. E. Gaither, and Anike Robinson. The exhibition,...
2023_01_19B_Behaving_Boldly113Hirshhorn Museum -- Event: Behaving Boldly: Women Leading 21st-Century Museums (w/Melissa Chiu, Kaywin Feldman, Kim Sajet, Stephanie Stebich, and Sarah Thornton)
Behaving Boldly: Women Leading 21st-Century Museums Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden The Washington Post commissioned a special art work by feminist artist group Guerilla Girls calling attention to the lack of women represented at art museums in the nation’s capital. Nearly 15 years later, thes...
2023_01_23B2_Bomb114DC -- Cleveland Park Library -- Event: Steve Sheinkin & Nick Bertozzi ("Bomb Graphic Novel: The Race to Build - And Steal - The World's Most Dangerous Weapon")
Steve Sheinkin & Nick Bertozzi -- Bomb Graphic Novel: The Race to Build - And Steal - The World's Most Dangerous Weapon -- In Partnership with DCPL at Cleveland Park Library Politics and Prose is delighted to partner with DC Public Library to present Bomb Graphic Novel by Steve Sheinkin and Nick Ber... (Partially reviewed)

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