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2002_DC_Newseum1DC -- Newseum
The foundation of the new Newseum journalism museum was being laid this year.
2004_DC_Newseum3DC -- Newseum
The foundation of the future Newseum structure was being dug this year.
2005_DC_Newseum4DC -- Newseum
Under construction.
2006_DC_Newseum8DC -- Newseum
Under construction.
2007_DC_Newseum2DC -- Newseum
Under construction.
2008_DC_Newseum47DC -- Newseum
2009_DC_Newseum15DC -- Newseum
Including a private event going on for the American Hospital Association on the 2nd floor deck.
2010_DC_Newseum3DC -- Newseum
2011_DC_Newseum1DC -- Newseum
2012_DC_Newseum10DC -- Newseum
The funny-looking hingy-things are designed to allow the top floor to sway in case of earthquakes.
2013_DC_Newseum15DC -- Newseum
Traffic was up at the private museums open during the govt shutdown.
2014_DC_Newseum8DC -- Newseum
* The Trabant was there for the Berlin Wall anniversary.
* Pam D'Arcy's last day.
* Sign for Michel du Cille
2015_DC_Newseum4DC -- Newseum
Including the Michel du Cille memorial.
2016_DC_Newseum5DC -- Newseum
2017_DC_Newseum11DC -- Newseum
2018_DC_Newseum9DC -- Newseum
Al Neuharth's typewriter is on display now.
2019_DC_Newseum58DC -- Newseum
2020_DC_Newseum34DC -- Newseum
2021_11_21B3_Newseum12DC -- Newseum
2021_12_12D1_Newseum9DC -- Newseum
2021_DC_Newseum265DC -- Newseum
The building is gradually gutted and remodeled as the First Amendment piece gets removed for installation at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.
2008_DC_NewseumV134DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
The view from the terrace of Pennsylvania Avenue is one of the highlights of museum access. They have a beautiful panoramic view of the Capitol and the Mall.
Various visits:...
2009_DC_NewseumV37DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
Including the Capital Pride event from on high.
2010_DC_NewseumV37DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
Including views of Pennsylvania Avenue during the Rally to Restore Sanity.
2011_DC_NewseumV67DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
Including a view of the Capitol Pride festival on the street below.
2012_DC_NewseumV39DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
2013_DC_NewseumV100DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
2014_DC_NewseumV22DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
2015_DC_NewseumV52DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
2016_DC_NewseumV27DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
2017_DC_NewseumV56DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
Including work on the Mellon Fountain.
2018_DC_NewseumV30DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace
2019_DC_NewseumV16DC -- Newseum -- Views from terrace

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