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2018_DC_Moment_Dinner_18111171DC -- Moment Magazine's 2018 Gala and Awards Dinner @ National Press Club -- Dinner and Post-Event Mingling
Folks here include Nina Totenberg, Robert Siegel, Diane Rehm, Jack Rasmussen, Aviva Kempner, Brent Glass, Brenda Pascal, Jane Mayer, Joan Nathan, Carol Brown Goldberg, Esther Coopersmith.
2018_DC_NBF_Monumental_18090117DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Panel: Monumental Decisions w/Kirk Savage, Kristin Ann Hass, Brent D. Glass, and James Reston Jr.
Kirk Savage
Kirk Savage has been writing about public monuments and collective memory for over 30 years. He is the author of “Standing Soldiers, Kneeling Slaves: Race, War, and Monument in Nineteenth-Century America” (Princeton University), now available in a new edition, and “Monument Wars: Washington...
2010_DC_FNA_100128111Foundation for the Natl Archives -- "Fighting for Democracy" opening (w/Daniel Inouye and George Takei)
A special opportunity to preview Fighting for Democracy, a temporary exhibition opening at the National Archives.
What do we mean by "We the People?" This question is explored in "Fighting for Democracy" through the experiences of women and men who sought equal treatment during World War II. This...
2007_DC_JSS_07021523James Smithson Society event -- Air & Space (Treasures of American History event)
2004_DC_JSS_04010864James Smithson Society event -- American History (America on the Move)
This event was co-sponsored with the Contributing Membership folks.
2004_DC_JSS_04091453James Smithson Society lunch -- American History (Price of Freedom)
From the JSS description: Wars have been defining episodes in American history. They shaped the birth of the nation and helped define our country's fundamental values. Twentieth century conflicts in Europe and Asia to protect western interests led to America's emergence as the dominant military power in...
2007_DC_NA9LR_07092777Natl Archives -- Panel -- 1st Annual Charles Guggenheim Tribute Pgm (50th Anniversary of the Little Rock Crisis)
Fiftieth Anniversary of the Little Rock Crisis.
Two parts for the program itself:
(1) Remembering Charles Guggenheim's Nine from Little Rock. Courtesy of the Margaret Herrick Library, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Charles Guggenheim Center for the Documentary Film at the...
2007_DC_NAAAL_07011384Natl Archives -- Panel -- African American Leadership in the 21st Century (w/Juan Williams)
African American Leadership in the 21st Century: African American leaders today are facing new challenges and need new strategies to further advance civil rights. Join Archivist of the United States Allen Weinstein as he moderates a panel of experts including National Public Radio senior correspondent...
2007_DC_Museum_Ren_070118124Natl Archives -- Panel -- New Culture: Museum Renaissance
American Conversation: New Culture: The Museum Renaissance: Washington, DC, is experiencing an incredible boom in the creation and re-creation of its museums. Tonight’s distinguished panel will explore why this is occurring. They will examine the relevance of museums in the age of the Internet, explain...
2012_DC_Lady_Bird_121206102Natl Archives -- Panel -- Tribute to Lady Bird Johnson
Tribute to Lady Bird Johnson:
In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lady Bird Johnson, a panel will discuss her achievements and contributions. Audio recordings of the Lady Bird Johnson Oral History Project will be played. Mark Updegrove, director of the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential...
2006_DC_NABFT_06110234Natl Archives -- Walter Isaacson (Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary)
Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary: Inventing America with Walter Isaacson:
America’s founders were optimistic not only about politics but also about the contributions they expected science and technology to make to the success of the fledgling democracy. Join historian Walter Isaacson, author of Benjamin...
2006_DC_SIAH_Closing_06090428Natl Museum of Amer History -- Event: Closing day (2006)
Closing day presentation by museum director Brent Glass just before the museum closed for renovations for over two years.
2005_DC_AHDDay_05032216Natl Museum of Amer History -- Event: Donald L. Miller ("D-Days in the Pacific")
This was a preview of the new History Channel documentary, produced by Lou Reda Productions, based on Donald Miller's new book, D-Days in the Pacific. Afterward, there was a discussion with Miller as well as a reception.
2003_DC_AHJC_03062711Natl Museum of Amer History -- Event: Jim Cullen ("The American Dream")
Jim Cullen wrote a book called "The American Dream" which intrigued the director of the National Museum of American History, Brent Glass. So he brought him in to discuss the book and answer questions from the audience. It was an interesting presentation. While most Americans are familiar with the...
2003_DC_Apr65_03040930Natl Museum of Amer History -- Event: Premier of April 1865 History Channel video w/Jay Winik
The National Museum of American History, Behring Center and the History Channel put together a viewing and reception for the a new documentary that they had done called "April 1865" based on the book "April 1865: The Month that Saved America" by author Jay Winik. The documentary covers the last month of...
2008_DC_SIAH_Ceremony_08112184Natl Museum of Amer History -- Event: Reopening ceremony (2008)
After a two-year, $85 million renovation, the National Museum of American History reopened on November 21.

Speakers for the event were:
- Brent D. Glass, director, National Museum of American History
- Kathy Brown, senior vice president, Verizon Communications
- G. Wayne Clough, Secretary,...
2008_DC_SIAH_Day1_08112175Natl Museum of Amer History -- Event: Reopening day inside
After a two-year, $85 million renovation, the National Museum of American History reopened on November 21.

Photos here include:
- G. Wayne Clough, Secretary, Smithsonian Institution
- Kenneth E. Behring, donor and philanthropist
- Brent D. Glass, director, National Museum of American History
2009_DC_BuildingL_09070956NBM -- Panel discussion and reception for new photography exhibit
Members of The Builders are invited to attend this year’s annual Builders' Event. Invited guests will enjoy a reception and panel discussion with photographers Richard Ross, Camilo Josť Vergara, and Philip Trager, moderated by National Building Museum curator Laura Schiavo. During the event, all three...
2007_DC_SIPG_Opening_071118163Reynolds Center -- Event: Opening -- Kogod Courtyard (2007) -- Events
2010_DC_FenceR_100401117Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Donor Event :Remembering the Running Fence
This event happened the night before the Remembering the Running Fence exhibit opened to the public. It included a chance to see the exhibition itself but also included a reception in the Kogod courtyard.
2003_DC_SACR_03050512Smithsonian Associates -- Carl Reiner
This was an interview with Carl Reiner, the comedian who worked on Sid Caesar's "Your Show of Shows" before creating "The Dick Van Dyke Show". He was promoting an autobiography called "My Anecdotal Life". He was wonderfully funny as you'd probably expect, coming up with bizarre tangents during an...
2004_DC_SAFP_04033049Smithsonian Associates -- Fess Parker
From the session write-up: Fess Parker, Celebrating an American Icon. Actor Fess Parker portrayed the legendary frontiersmen Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone on television, spawning “Frontier Fever” as children across the nation and around the world donned their coonskin caps. Fess Parker has appeared in...
2010_DC_STN_101022230Smithsonian Teachers' Night (2010) @ Natl Museum of American History
Attention all teachers of all subjects and grade levels!
Find new classroom-ready resources, meet Smithsonian educators, and attend demonstrations of school programs and materials at the Smithsonian's annual education expo.
Join Brent D. Glass, Director of the National Museum of American History;...
2017_DC_USCHS_Showcase_170912254USCHS -- Freedom Award (2017) -- Showcase to Honor Congress for its Support of the Humanities
Master of Ceremonies: Murray Horwitz
Special Guest: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Welcome Remarks: Ronald A. Sarasin, President, U. S. Capitol History Society; Former Member of Congress (R-CT)

Aquila Theatre: Our Warrior Chorus:
* Introduction by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY)
* Desiree...

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AMERICA IS ... Artists Explore, Ask and Answer: What is America today? National Juried Show On display: August 2 – 29, 2019 Opening Reception: Friday, August 2, 6 - 8:30 pm Hors d'oeuvres by Occasions Caterers Gourmet Frozen Desserts by Moorenko's Ice Cream Program: 7pm - jurors remarks, 7:15pm - c... (Partially reviewed)
2019_09_09A1_Bushnell92Politics & Prose -- Candace Bushnell ("Is There Still Sex in the City?") w/Barrie Hardymon
Candace Bushnell - Is There Still Sex in the City? — in conversation with Barrie Hardymon Bushnell’s 1996 Sex and the City launched the hit HBO series and revolutionized attitudes to sex and dating. In her new book she continues her sharp and funny exploration of relationships by following the adven... (Partially reviewed)
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