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The thumbnails that you see on this page are a mini-version of the bigger photos. If you click on the other links, they'll pop up in their own window on your monitor. I recommend that you right-click on the links for the bigger photos and do Save Target As.... Save them somewhere on your hard drive and then bring them into a graphics program for printing.

Multiple photo resolutions are provided. The smallest ones are the thumbnails shown on this page. The medium-sized photos are used in the slideshow option and are fine for emailing to people.

File sizes: The thumbnails are typically 20-80K each, the medium-sized photos are 50-220K each.

Bigger Photos? If you don't see a link for the High (Print) version of a photo, it's been yanked to save server space. I still have them though. If you want me to email them to you, please send an email to and I'll email them off to you.

When you click one of the resolution links, the picture selected will appear in their own window. If you do not have an photo of that resolution already open, a new window will appear on top of your screen. If you do not close that new window after viewing the photo, the next photo you click will show up behind the thumbnail screen and you will have to manually select the correct window to open.

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