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2020_05_02A1_Trails_Tenleytown70DC Heritage Trails: Top of the Town: Tenleytown Heritage Trail
2020_05_02A2_Murals10DC -- Public Murals
2020_05_02A3_Signs6DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_05_02A4_Callbox35DC -- Callboxes
2020_05_02A5_Metro_Covid195Metro Covid-19-related signs
Bus-stop displays instead of subway this time.
2020_05_02A6_Signs193DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_05_02B1_AU_Park48DC -- American University Park neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_02B2_AU2DC -- American University
2020_05_02B3_St_Ann19DC -- AU Park -- Saint Ann Catholic Church (4001 Yuma St. NW)
Including Covid-19 sign. I had no idea they were open during the week during this time -- mass was cancelled but private prayer is fine. I guess Catholics feel they have to go to church for much of their observance.
2020_05_02B4_Tenley_Lib7DC -- AU Park -- Tenley Friendship Neighborhood Library (4450 Wisconsin Ave. NW)
I always find this building interesting on the outside. Some day I have to go inside and check it out.
2020_05_02B5_City_Church15DC -- AU Park -- City Church & Methodist Cemetery (formerly Eldbrooke United Methodist, now Citizen Heights) (4100 River Rd NW)
I wasn't sure what the cans of Reddi-Wip were doing in the cemetery.
2020_05_02B6_Engine208DC -- AU Park -- Engine Company 20 (4300 Wisconsin Ave. NW)
2020_05_02B7_Natl_Pres_Ctr40DC -- AU Park -- National Presbyterian Church and Center (4101 Nebraska Ave., NW)
2020_05_02C1_Tenleytown45DC -- Tenleytown neighborhood
Including the Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_02C2_Ft_Reno5DC -- Circle Forts -- Fort Reno Park and Reservoir
2020_05_02C3_Ft_RenoVw13DC -- Circle Forts -- Fort Reno Park and Reservoir -- Views from...
2020_05_02D_Flyby17Flyby -- Thunderbirds and Blue Angels' thank you to health care workers
The military’s two elite aerobatic squadrons—the Air Force Thunderbirds and the Navy Blue Angels—commenced a joint flyby of the metro area today to honor healthcare workers and first responders on the frontlines of the current crisis.
I went to Tenleytown to see them. The two jet teams fly by once...
2020_05_02E1_North_Cleveland_Pk24DC -- North Cleveland Park neighborhood (between Albemarle, Rodman + Quebec, Wisconsin + Nebraska, Connecticut)
2020_05_02E2_Cleveland_Pk46DC -- Cleveland Park neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_02E3_Sidwell11DC -- Cleveland Park -- Sidwell Friends School
2020_05_02E4_NCath_O35DC -- Washington Natl Cathedral -- Outside Images
2020_05_02F1_McLean_Gardens82DC -- McLean Gardens neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_02F2_Cathedral_Heights12DC -- Cathedral Heights neightborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_04A1_Callbox9DC -- Callboxes
2020_05_04A2_Signs12DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_05_04A3_Trails_Duty49DC Heritage Trails: Tour of Duty: Barracks Row Heritage Trail
2020_05_04A4_Signs197DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_05_04B1_CapHill133DC -- Capitol Hill neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_04B2_Holy_Comforter42DC -- Capitol Hill -- Holy Comforter Saint Cypiran Roman Catholic Church (1357 E Capitol SE)
They were actually open during Covid-19. There was one parishioner inside when I was there.
2020_05_04B3_Lincoln_Pk28DC -- Capitol Hill -- Lincoln Park
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_04B4_ReformationDC4DC -- Capitol Hill -- Lutheran Church of the Reformation (212 E Capitol St., NE)
2020_05_04B5_CapHill_Methodist6DC -- Capitol Hill -- United Methodist Church (421 Seward Sq SE)
2020_05_04B6_Engine184DC -- Capitol Hill -- Engine Company 18 (414 8th St SE)
2020_05_04B7_Fridge35DC -- Capitol Hill -- The Fridge (516 8th St NE)
The public art outside.
2020_05_04C1_Literally1DC -- U.S. Capitol -- Protester: Literally Anyone Else protester
2020_05_04C2_Barney_Circle4DC -- Barney Circle neighborhood
2020_05_06A_Wheaton_Plaza22MD -- Wheaton Plaza (now Westfield Wheaton)
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_06B_SignsMD2MD -- Temporary Signs
2020_05_07A1_Murals31DC -- Public Murals
2020_05_07A2_Murals_ChaseA12DC -- Public Art: Murals @ Chase (2200 MLK Jr. Ave SE)
2020_05_07A3_Trails_Anacostia162DC Heritage Trails: An East of the River View: Anacostia Heritage Trail
2020_05_07A4_TrashfreeDC2DC -- Public Art: Trash Free DC
2020_05_07A5_Signs5DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_05_07B1_Anacostia52DC -- Anacostia
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_07B2_Busboys_Anacostia3DC -- Busboys and Poets -- Anacostia
2020_05_07B3_Big_Chair4DC -- Anacostia -- Public Art: The Big Chair
2020_05_07B4_Union_Temple9DC -- Anacostia -- Union Temple Baptist Church (1225 W St SE)
2020_05_07B5_Anacostia_YAndT10DC -- Anacostia -- Anacostia Yesterday and Today exhibit @ 2427 MLK Ave, SE
2020_05_07B6_Thurgood_Academy6DC -- Anacostia -- Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter High School
2020_05_07B7_Paint_Storefronts1DC -- Public Art: Paint the Storefronts
2020_05_07B8_Max_Robinson5DC -- Anacostia -- Max Robinson Center
2020_05_07C1_Metro_AN37Metro Station -- Anacostia
2020_05_07C2_UHPrayerA8DC -- Anacostia -- United House of Prayer for All (1123 Howard St. SE)
2020_05_07C3_Douglass6DC -- Frederick Douglass NHS -- Exterior Images
Closed due to Covid-19.
2020_05_07D1_Barry_Farm12DC -- Barry Farm community
And Suitland Parkway, which split the community apart, views.
2020_05_07D2_Campbell_AME7DC -- Barry Farm -- Campbell AME Church (2568 MLK Ave, SE)
2020_05_07D3_Birney_School2DC -- Barry Farm -- Birney School
2020_05_07D4_Matthews_Memorial15DC -- Barry Farm -- Matthews Memorial Baptist Church (2616 MLK Ave, SE)
2020_05_07D5_St_Elizabeth12DC -- St Elizabeths Hospital
2020_05_07E_SS_ArtSpace3MD -- Silver Spring -- ArtSpace Silver Spring Arts Campus (801 Sligo Ave)
2020_05_09A1_Metro_FT4Metro Station -- Fort Totten
2020_05_09A2_Metro_Covid192Metro Covid-19-related signs
2020_05_09A3_Metro_MtV4Metro Station -- Mt. Vernon Sq. 7th St. -- Convention Center
2020_05_09A4_Signs8DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_05_09A5_Callbox5DC -- Callboxes
2020_05_09A6_Bikeshare7DC -- Bike Sharing / Racks
2020_05_09A7_Signs1911DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_05_09B1_Union_StationI18DC -- Union Station (Interior)
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_09B2_Teamsters4DC -- ??? -- IBT (Teamsters) HQ (25 Louisiana Ave, NW)
2020_05_09B3_Jones_Day5DC -- ??? -- Jones Day Bldg (51 Louisiana Ave NW)
2020_05_09B4_NativeAmer_Vet_Mem13DC -- Natl Native American Veterans Memorial (@ Natl Museum of the American Indian)
2020_05_09B5_Ike_Mem21DC -- Eisenhower National Memorial
2020_05_09B6_SIAIR_Bldg4DC -- Natl Air and Space Museum -- General
2020_05_09B7_SIFG2DC -- Freer Gallery of Art -- Not Covered Elsewhere
2020_05_09B8_USDA8DC -- Dept of Agriculture Building (Jamie L. Whitten Bldg)
2020_05_09C1_Forest4DC -- U.S. Forest Service Visitor & Information Center (1400 Independence Ave NW)
2020_05_09C2_WWII36DC -- World War II Memorial
2020_05_09C3_Lincoln_Mem3DC -- Lincoln Memorial
2020_05_09C4_Wash_Mon6DC -- Washington Monument -- Exterior
The public bathrooms were now closed but for some reason the men's room was unlocked which I discovered when I saw a woman come out of it. I was glad to have access to a bathroom for change!
2020_05_09C5_Mall3DC -- Natl Mall area
I'm not sure why all of the truck cabs were parked there.
2020_05_09C6_Pershing25DC -- Pershing Park / National World War I Memorial
2020_05_09D1_Penn_Qtr20DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_09D2_Warner_Theatre3DC -- Penn Qtr -- Warner Theatre (513 13th St NW)
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_09D3_FCUCC7DC -- Penn Qtr -- First Congregational UCC (945 G St NW)
2020_05_09D4_MLKLib6DC -- Martin Luther King Memorial Library
2020_05_09D5_Verizon5DC -- Penn Qtr -- Verizon Center
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_09D6_Gallery_Place19DC -- Gallery Place building
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_09D7_Chinatown23DC -- Chinatown neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_09D8_TechWorld9DC -- Chinatown -- TechWorld
2020_05_09D9_Clydes2DC -- Clyde's Restaurant @ Gallery Place
2020_05_09E1_Mt_Vernon29DC -- Mt Vernon Triangle neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_09E2_WCC1DC -- Washington Convention Center
2020_05_09E3_Shaw66DC -- Shaw neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_09E4_OSt_Market7DC -- Shaw -- O Street Market (800 P St NW)
2020_05_09E5_Shaw_Lib8DC -- Shaw Neighborhood Library
2020_05_09E6_UHPrayer4DC -- Mt Vernon Triangle -- United House of Prayer for All People (601 M St. NW)
2020_05_09E7_NE_Boundary_Tunnel1DC -- Northeast Boundary Tunnel construction project (3rd St and Florida Ave)
2020_05_09F1_Trails_Shaw86DC Heritage Trails: Midcity at the Crossroads: Shaw Heritage Trail
2020_05_09F2_Trails_GeorgiaPP45DC Heritage Trails: Lift Every Voice: Georgia Ave./Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail
2020_05_09F3_Trails_Ledroit56DC Heritage Trails: Worthy Ambition: Ledroit Park / Bloomingtom Heritage Trail
2020_05_09F4_Murals38DC -- Public Murals
2020_05_09F5_Murals_Liz4DC -- Public Art: Liz Taylor (mural by G. Byron Peck) @ Dacha Beer Garden
2020_05_09F6_Paint_Storefronts6DC -- Public Art: Paint the Storefronts
2020_05_09G1_Howard_Theatre_WOF27DC -- Howard Theatre -- Walk of Fame
2020_05_09G2_Howard_Theatre16DC -- Shaw -- Howard Theatre (and Duke Ellington "Encore" Statue) (620 T St., NW)
2020_05_09G3_Le_Droit38DC -- Le Droit neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_09G4_Bens3DC -- U Street -- Ben's Chili Bowl
2020_05_09H_SS_ArtSpace5MD -- Silver Spring -- ArtSpace Silver Spring Arts Campus (801 Sligo Ave)
2020_05_10A1_Signs8DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_05_10A2_Murals22DC -- Public Murals
2020_05_10A3_Callbox3DC -- Callboxes
2020_05_10A4_Bikeshare2DC -- Bike Sharing / Racks
Adams Morgan bike racks
2020_05_10A5_Trails_Adams152DC Heritage Trails: Roads to Diversity: Adams Morgan Heritage Trail
2020_05_10A6_Trails_CHeights12DC Heritage Trails: Cultural Convergence: Columbia Heights Heritage Trail
2020_05_10A7_Signs194DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_05_10A8_Paint_Storefronts2DC -- Public Art: Paint the Storefronts
2020_05_10B1_Adams_Morgan119DC -- Adams Morgan neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_10B2_Adams_Banners6DC -- Adams Morgan -- Streetlight banners
2020_05_10B3_Hepburn10DC -- Adams Morgan -- The Hepburn Apartments (1901 Connecticut Ave NW)
2020_05_10B4_Hilton8DC -- Adams Morgan -- Washington Hilton (1919 Connecticut Ave NW)
2020_05_10B5_Emb_Gabon4DC -- Embassy of Gabon
2020_05_10B6_Emb_CAR2DC -- Embassy of Central African Republic
2020_05_10C1_Dupont_Circle5DC -- Dupont Circle neighborhood (but not the fountain)
2020_05_10C2_Kalorama2DC -- Kalorama Triangle neighborhood
2020_05_10C3_Lothrop_Mansion5DC -- Kalorama Triangle -- Lothrop Mansion (2001 Connecticut Ave NW)
2020_05_10D1_Walter_Pierce_Pk6DC -- Adams Morgan -- Walter Pierce Park
2020_05_10D2_Marie_Reed17DC -- Adams Morgan -- Marie H Reed Recreation Center (2200 Champlain St NW)
2020_05_10D3_McClellan_Pk28DC -- Kalorama Triangle -- Major General George B. McClellan Park
2020_05_10D4_Kalorama_Pk17DC -- Adams Morgan -- Kalorama Park
Including folks out during Covid-19.
2020_05_10E1_Uni_Church9DC -- Adams Morgan -- Washington Family Church National Cathedral, FFWPU of Washington DC (Unification Church of DC) (1610 Columbia Rd., NW)
2020_05_10E2_Natl_Baptist1DC -- Columbia Heights -- National Baptist Memorial Church (1501 Columbia Rd, NW)
2020_05_10E3_All_Souls1DC -- Columbia Heights -- All Souls Church, Unitarian (1500 Harvard St NW)
2020_05_13A1_Murals38DC -- Public Murals
2020_05_13A2_Murals_MBT6DC -- Public Art: Murals along Metropolitan Branch Trail (MBT)
2020_05_13A3_Signs15DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_05_13A4_Bikeshare5DC -- Bike Sharing / Racks
2020_05_13A5_TrashfreeDC5DC -- Public Art: Trash Free DC
2020_05_13A6_Callbox3DC -- Callboxes
2020_05_13A7_Signs194DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_05_13A8_Paint_Storefronts1DC -- Public Art: Paint the Storefronts
2020_05_13B1_Metro_RI2Metro Station -- Rhode Island Avenue
2020_05_13B2_Trails_Ledroit123DC Heritage Trails: Worthy Ambition: Ledroit Park / Bloomingtom Heritage Trail
2020_05_13B3_Trails_GeorgiaPP144DC Heritage Trails: Lift Every Voice: Georgia Ave./Pleasant Plains Heritage Trail
2020_05_13C1_Edgewood17DC -- Edgewood neighborhood (incl Rhode Island Avenue Shopping Center)
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_13C2_Brentwood2DC -- Brentwood neighborhood
2020_05_13C3_NoMa17DC -- North of Massachusetts Avenue (NoMa) neighborhood
Including construction around the Metro station.
2020_05_13C4_MBT4DC -- Metropolitan Branch Trail
2020_05_13C5_Tanner_Pk20DC -- Eckington -- Alethia Tanner Park
The park along the MBT is about ready but the official opening was probably delayed due to Covid-19.
2020_05_13C6_Eckington14DC -- Eckington neighborhood (incl Metro Yards)
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_13C7_Atlas1DC -- Atlas District neighborhood
2020_05_13D1_Engine12_Old6DC -- Bloomingdale -- Old Engine Company 12 (1626 N. Capitol St., NW)
2020_05_13D2_Truxton_Circle5DC -- Truxton Circle neighborhood
2020_05_13D3_LeDroit15DC -- Le Droit neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_13D4_NE_Boundary_Tunnel34DC -- Northeast Boundary Tunnel construction project (3rd St and Florida Ave)
2020_05_13D5_Mt_Bethel_BC4DC -- Bloomingdale -- Mt Bethel Baptist Church (75 Rhode Island Ave NW)
2020_05_13D6_Bloomingdale31DC -- Bloomingdale neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_13D7_Triangle_Pk_RI1U4DC -- Bloomingdale -- Triangle Park (Rhode Island Ave, 1st and U St, NW)
2020_05_13D8_Crispus_Attucks_Pk12DC -- Bloomingdale -- Crispus Attucks Park
2020_05_13E1_Howard50DC -- Howard University
2020_05_13E2_Pleasant_Plains17DC -- Pleasant Plains neighborhood (area around Howard University)
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_13E3_Columbia_Heights8DC -- Columbia Heights neighborhood
2020_05_13E4_Park_View33DC -- Park View neighborhood (north of Howard University)
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_16A_Covid19_Testing_BW23DC -- Brightwood -- DC Covid-19 testing site @ Brightwood (Partially reviewed)
2020_05_16B1_Callbox30DC -- Callboxes
2020_05_16B2_Signs3DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_05_16B3_Murals15DC -- Public Murals
2020_05_16B4_Signs194DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_05_16B5_Paint_Storefronts13DC -- Public Art: Paint the Storefronts
2020_05_16C_Glover_Pk5DC -- Glover Park neighborhood
2020_05_16D1_Georgetown176DC -- Georgetown neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_16D2_Duke_SOA13DC -- Georgetown -- Duke Ellington School of the Arts
2020_05_16D3_Volta7DC -- Georgetown -- Volta Laboratory and Bureau (3414 Volta Pl NW)
2020_05_16D4_StreetcarG4DC -- Georgetown -- Streetcar remnants (tracks and Car Barn)
2020_05_16D5_1201Wisc1DC -- Georgetown -- PNC Bank (1201 Wisconsin Ave NW)
2020_05_16D6_Halcyon_House8DC -- Georgetown -- Halcyon House (3400 Prospect St NW)
2020_05_16D7_Georgetown_Amazon1DC -- Georgetown -- Amazon Books (store)
Closed due to Covid-19. In the meantime, the mail-order facility is doing gangbusters. Since Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post, the child president is trying to force the post office to increase its rates to hurt Amazon. That should screw the public, other mail-order places that rely on the post...
2020_05_16E1_Old_Stone5DC -- Georgetown -- Old Stone House (part of Rock Creek Park)
The garden was open during Covid-19. The homeless guy sleeping there probably appreciated it more than the people walking around him.
2020_05_16E2_St_Johns_Gtown1DC -- Georgetown -- St John's Episcopal Church, Georgetown (3240 O St NW)
2020_05_16E3_Georgetown_Lutheran8DC -- Georgetown -- Georgetown Lutheran Church
2020_05_16E4_Hardy_School9DC -- Georgetown -- Hardy Middle School
2020_05_16E5_Divine_Science6DC -- Georgetown -- Divine Science Church of the Healing Christ (2025 35th St NW)
2020_05_22_Wheaton_Plaza14MD -- Wheaton Plaza (now Westfield Wheaton)
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_23A1_Callbox32DC -- Callboxes
2020_05_23A2_Signs5DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_05_23A4_Trails_Mt_Pleasant164DC Heritage Trails: Village in the City: Mount Pleasant Heritage Trail
2020_05_23A5_Murals_Song4Hope121DC -- Public Art: A Song for Hope mural @ Mt Vernon
2020_05_23A6_Signs1911DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_05_23B1_Georgetown45DC -- Georgetown neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_23B2_Emb_Ukraine6DC -- Embassy of Ukraine
2020_05_23B3_StreetcarG21DC -- Georgetown -- Streetcar remnants (tracks and Car Barn)
2020_05_23B4_Exorcist7DC -- Georgetown -- Exorcist Steps (Prospect and 36th St NW)
2020_05_23B5_GeorgetownU16DC -- Georgetown University
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_23B6_GeorgetownV5DC -- Georgetown view of the bridge and Rosslyn
2020_05_23C1_Mt_Pleasant118DC -- Mt Pleasant neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs.
2020_05_23C2_Lamont_Plaza17DC -- Mt Pleasant -- Lamont Plaza
2020_05_23C3_Asbury_Statue8DC -- Mt Pleasant -- Francis Asbury (Lukeman) Equestrian Statue (16th and Mt. Pleasant St, NW)
2020_05_23C4_Marconi_Statue10DC -- Mt Pleasant -- Guglielmo Marconi (Piccirilli) Statue (16th and Lamont Streets, NW)
2020_05_23D1_North_Cleveland_Pk2DC -- North Cleveland Park neighborhood (between Albemarle, Rodman + Quebec, Wisconsin + Nebraska, Connecticut)
Including Covid-19 signs @ Burger King
2020_05_23D2_All_Souls1DC -- Columbia Heights -- All Souls Church, Unitarian (1500 Harvard St NW)
2020_05_23D3_Natl_Baptist1DC -- Columbia Heights -- National Baptist Memorial Church (1501 Columbia Rd, NW)
2020_05_23D4_Columbia_Heights10DC -- Columbia Heights neighborhood
2020_05_25A1_Signs17DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_05_25A2_Murals59DC -- Public Murals
2020_05_25A3_Callbox3DC -- Callboxes
2020_05_25A4_Trails_GreaterH175DC Heritage Trails: Hub, Home, Heart: Greater H Street NE Heritage Trail
2020_05_25A5_Ghost_Bike4DC -- Ghost Bikes (Cyclist Died Here)
2020_05_25A6_Signs192DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_05_25A7_Paint_Storefronts4DC -- Public Art: Paint the Storefronts
2020_05_25B1_Union_MarketD78DC -- Atlas District -- Union Market District
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_05_25B2_Union_Market20DC -- NoMa -- Union Market
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_05_25B3_SIHIR_CityOno5DC -- Hirshhorn Museum -- Hirshhorn in the CIty: Yoko Ono’s RELAX. YOUR HEART @ Union Market
YOU THINK ! x Union Market
Hirshhorn in the City
On view Sept. 14, 2017
Yoko Ono is a renowned artist whose work influenced Feminism and directions in new and contemporary media. She has also worked tirelessly for human rights and peace. RELAX....
2020_05_25B4_PProse_UM4DC -- Union Market District -- Politics & Prose
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_05_25B5_Gallaudet4DC -- Gallaudet University
2020_05_25C1_Atlas202DC -- Atlas District neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_05_25C2_Atlas_PAC7DC -- Atlas District -- Atlas Performing Arts Center (1333 H St NE)
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_05_25C3_Streetcar11DC -- DC Streetcar
2020_05_25C4_Engine10_Old3DC -- Atlas District -- Old Engine Company 10 (1341 Maryland Ave. NE)
2020_05_25C5_BensH9DC -- Atlas District -- Ben's Chili Bowl (1001 H St NE)
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_05_25D1_Swampoodle_Pk15DC -- Atlas District -- Swampoodle Park
2020_05_25D2_Coliseum9DC -- NoMa -- Washington Coliseum (Uline Arena)
2020_05_25D3_NoMa_UPass1DC -- NoMa -- Metro Underpasses
2020_05_26A1_Murals16DC -- Public Murals
2020_05_26A2_Signs2DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_05_26A3_Trails_Deanwood125DC Heritage Trails: A Self-Reliant People: Greater Deanwood Heritage Trail
2020_05_26B1_Deanwood62DC -- Deanwood neighborhood
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_05_26B2_Engine274DC -- Deanwood -- Engine Company 27 (4201 Minnesota Ave., NE)
2020_05_26B3_Marvin_Gaye_Pk53DC -- Deanwood -- Marvin Gaye Park
2020_05_26B4_Ft_Mahan29DC -- Circle Forts -- Fort Mahan
I was walking through this park just as the number of deaths in the United States from Covid-19 was officially passing over 100,000. When the child president said the count would soon be down to zero, we didn't realize it was because there weren't any more people available to die.
2020_05_26B5_Lederer_Gardens12DC -- Deanwood -- Lederer Gardens
2020_05_27A_SS_Res11MD -- Silver Spring -- Residential section
2020_05_27B1_SS_Iglesia11MD -- Silver Spring -- Iglesia De Restauracion AYP (880 Bonifant St)
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_05_27B2_SS_1stBaptist4MD -- Silver Spring -- First Baptist Church development
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_05_27B3_SSL11MD -- Silver Spring -- Library (900 Wayne Ave)
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_05_27B4_SS_Bonifant7MD -- Silver Spring -- Bonifant Street (not covered elsewhere)
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_05_27B5_Purple_Line40MD -- Purple Line
2020_05_27B6_SignsMD2MD -- Temporary Signs
2020_05_27C1_SS_BDE11MD -- Silver Spring -- Business Section (East of Metro Line)
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_05_27C2_SS_Discovery10MD -- Silver Spring -- Discovery headquarters
2020_05_27C3_SSprung49MD -- Silver Spring -- Silver Sprung development
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_05_27C4_AFI3MD -- Silver Spring -- AFI Silver Theatre
Including Covid-19 signs
2020_05_27C5_VPlaza3MD -- Silver Spring -- Veterans Plaza
2020_05_27C6_Voting8MD -- Campaign signs for our mail-in vote
2020_05_27C7_SSprungJ20MD -- Silver Spring -- Silver Sprung development -- Jumbotrons
2020_05_27D1_SS_Art_SSprung20MD -- Silver Spring -- Public Art: Silver Sprung pieces (but not fountain)
2020_05_27D2_SS_Wayne2MD -- Silver Spring -- Wayne Ave
2020_05_27D3_SS_St_Michaels5MD -- Silver Spring -- St. Michael's Catholic Church
2020_05_30A1_Signs197DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_05_30A2_Murals6DC -- Public Murals
2020_05_30A3_Bikeshare3DC -- Bike Sharing / Racks
2020_05_30A4_Paint_Storefronts4DC -- Public Art: Paint the Storefronts
2020_05_30B1_Metro_FT11Metro Station -- Fort Totten
2020_05_30B2_Metro_Covid197Metro Covid-19-related signs
2020_05_30C1_Union_StationI6DC -- Union Station (Interior)
2020_05_30C2_Penn7DC -- Pennsylvania Avenue area
2020_05_30C3_Mall6DC -- Natl Mall area
2020_05_30C4_NativeAmer_Vet_Mem7DC -- Natl Native American Veterans Memorial (@ Natl Museum of the American Indian)
2020_05_30C5_Ike_Mem18DC -- Eisenhower National Memorial
2020_05_30C6_SIAIR_Bldg3DC -- Natl Air and Space Museum -- General
2020_05_30D1_Floyd_Protest13DC -- Protest: George Floyd (which I apparently totally missed the initial rallies for so this is mostly police waiting in reserve)
After the video of George Floyd being killed in Minneapolis as a police officer kept his knee of his head (Floyd's "I can't breathe" protests were ignored), riots erupted in several cities around the United States. Things were relatively quiet when I visited places in DC but things heated up later in...
2020_05_30D2_Penn_Qtr1DC -- Penn Quarter neighborhood
2020_05_30D3_FPlaza3DC -- Freedom Plaza (incl Pulaski statue)
2020_05_30D4_Pershing16DC -- Pershing Park / National World War I Memorial
2020_05_30D5_Floyd_Protest_WH12DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Events around Lafayette Park and BLM Plaza (Visit 1)
There was talk about a MAGA rally at the White House which I presume could be identified by the hats and lack of masks, and which would eventually turn into a MALA (Make America Lynch Again) protest. Realistically, when there are no public bathrooms available, hanging out waiting for a protest to start...
2020_05_30D6_Floyd_Protest_FP1DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Placards/Signs: Lafayette Square fence
2020_05_30D7_Signs_BLM1DC -- Temporary Signs -- George Floyd (BLM)
2020_05_30E1_Downtown9DC -- Downtown area (K Street environs -- between New Hampshire and New York, Penn and M)
2020_05_30E2_Lafayette_Square1DC -- Lafayette Square (by White House) area
2020_05_30E4_St_Johns2DC -- Downtown -- St John's Episcopal Church, Lafayette Square (1525 H St., NW)
2020_05_30E5_UClub4DC -- Downtown -- University Club (1135 16th St. NW)
2020_05_30E7_ACS3DC -- Downtown -- American Chemical Society (1155 16th St NW)
2020_05_30F1_Emb_Russia4DC -- Embassy of Russia
2020_05_30F2_Emb_Australia18DC -- Embassy of Australia
2020_05_30F3_Emb_Philippines7DC -- Embassy of Philippines
2020_05_30G1_Dupont_Circle5DC -- Dupont Circle neighborhood (but not the fountain)
2020_05_30G2_Logan_Barbie_Pond7DC -- Logan Circle -- Barbie Pond on Avenue Q (1454-1/2 Q St. NW)
2020_05_30G3_Logan33DC -- Logan Circle neighborhood (but not Logan Statue)
2020_05_30G4_U_Street22DC -- U Street Heritage neighborhood
2020_05_31A1_Signs2DC -- Temporary Signs
2020_05_31A2_Callbox14DC -- Callboxes
2020_05_31A3_Murals53DC -- Public Murals
2020_05_31A4_Paint_Storefronts11DC -- Public Art: Paint the Storefronts
2020_05_31A5_Signs192DC -- Temporary Signs -- Covid-19
2020_05_31A6_Signs_BLM5DC -- Temporary Signs -- George Floyd (BLM)
2020_05_31B1_Trails_SW75DC Heritage Trails: River Farms to Urban Towers: Southwest Heritage Trail
2020_05_31B2_Trails_CHeights38DC Heritage Trails: Cultural Convergence: Columbia Heights Heritage Trail
2020_05_31B3_Trails_UStreet21DC Heritage Trails: City Within a City: Greater U Street Heritage Trail
2020_05_31C1_Waterfront57DC -- Southwest (District Wharf)
2020_05_31C2_Anthem6DC -- Southwest (District Wharf) -- Anthem
2020_05_31D1_Southwest57DC -- Southwest neighborhood
2020_05_31D2_St_Dominic38DC -- Southwest -- St Dominic Church (630 E St, SW)
2020_05_31E_North_Cleveland_Pk1DC -- North Cleveland Park neighborhood (between Albemarle, Rodman + Quebec, Wisconsin + Nebraska, Connecticut)
2020_05_31F1_Columbia_Heights39DC -- Columbia Heights neighborhood
Burger King sign.
2020_05_31F2_11Monroe_Pk20DC -- Columbia Heights -- 11th and Monroe Park
2020_05_31F3_Carlos_Rosario17DC -- Columbia Heights -- Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School (1100 Harvard St NW)
2020_05_31F4_YWCA148DC -- Columbia Heights -- YWCA National Campaign Area (2303 14th St NW)
2020_05_31G1_U_Street11DC -- U Street Heritage neighborhood
2020_05_31G2_St_AugustineCC8DC -- U Street -- St. Augustine Catholic Church (1419 V St NW)
2020_05_31G3_Meridian18DC -- Columbia Heights -- Meridian Hill Park (Malcolm X Park)
2020_05_31G4_Emb_Ecuador3DC -- Embassy of Ecuador
2020_05_31G5_Columbia_Heights_CP6DC -- Columbia Heights Civic Plaza (and sidewalk mosaics)
2020_05_31G6_DC_USA14DC -- Columbia Heights -- DC USA mall (3100 14th St NW) (Partially reviewed)
2020_05_31G7_Tivoli5DC -- Columbia Heights -- Tivoli Theater (3333 14th St NW)
2020_05_31H1_ISS1International Space Station flyover
2020_05_31H2_Bruce2Family -- Me! (on 63rd birthday)

What's hot: The following pages have been the most popular ones over the last month or so:
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2020_06_26F5_Lincoln_Protest215DC -- Capitol Hill -- Lincoln Park -- BLM Protest
This was an interesting example of two competing events in the same place. The event I came to attend was this one: Join the Rally and Teach-In for Lincoln Park In a demonstration of solidarity and recognition of the history of Lincoln Park in Washington, D.C. members of the local, regional and nat... (Partially reviewed)
2020_07_28B1_Lewis118DC -- U.S. Capitol -- State tribute for John Lewis
Due to Covid-19, this state tribute was on the steps of the Capitol and you weren't allowed into the building itself, nor could you get anywhere close to the casket itself. I was expecting horrible lines but it went fairly quickly. (Partially reviewed)
2020_07_02C7_Starship_Delivery16DC -- Starship Delivery vehicle @ I'm Eddie Cano! (5014 Conn Ave NW)
I had run into one of these vehicles for the first time on April 22. On a later walk around the Chevy Chase area, I found that three of them were based at I'm Eddie Cano! @ 5014 Connecticut Ave NW. The manager said the craft could do deliveries for up to 1.5 miles. The delivery cabin was locked afte... (Partially reviewed)
2020_06_21B1_Skateboard_Day30DC -- Freedom Plaza -- Go Skateboarding Day
Go Skateboarding Day From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Go Skateboarding Day (GSD) is an annual holiday created by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) to promote skateboarding. The holiday was started in New York City by Kerel "SriKala" Roach and Bryan Chin in 2002. Orig... (Partially reviewed)
2020_07_04A1_Amer_City_Diner16DC -- Chevy Chase -- American City Diner (5532 Conn Ave NW) and mural (Partially reviewed)

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