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2019_10_01A1_Purple_Line126MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_01A2_SS_Art_TMC1MD -- Silver Spring -- Public Art: Traincharmachameleon (mural by Goodloe Byron) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_01B_Democracy44Brookings Institution -- Renovating Democracy: Governing In The Age Of Globalization And Digital Capitalism
Renovating Democracy: Governing In The Age Of Globalization And Digital Capitalism
The rise of populism in the West and the rise of China in the East have stirred a debate about the role of democracy in the international system. The impact of globalization and digital capitalism is forcing worldwide... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_01C1_Dupont9DC -- Dupont Circle neighborhood (but not Circle) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_01C2_Metro_DU30Metro Station -- Dupont Circle (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_01D_Holm105Politics & Prose @ Takoma Park Community Center -- Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm ("The Evil Princess vs. The Brave Knight")
Jennifer L. Holm and Matthew Holm - The Evil Princess vs. The Brave Knight—at Takoma Park Library (MD)
The Evil Princess and her brother, the Brave Knight, simply do not get along. She casts villainous spells, while he spends his days fighting dragons. He rescues kittens while she stirs up mischief.... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02A1_NPC12DC -- Natl Press Club (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02A2_Jamal1Yr26NPC -- Moment of Silence to Mark Anniversary of Murder of Journalist Jamal Khashoggi
National Press Club to hold moment of silence Oct. 2 to mark first anniversary of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi
The National Press Club will hold a moment of silence in observance of the first anniversary of the murder of Saudi journalist and Washington Post Global Opinions contributing... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02B1_Trails_CW2CR14DC Heritage Trails: Civil War to Civil Rights: Downtown Heritage Trail (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02B2_Judiciary5DC -- Judiciary Square area (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02B3_I3957DC -- I-395 Overpass Work (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02B4_Engine039DC -- Engine Company 03 (439 NJ Ave NW) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02B5_Jap_Amer14DC -- Natl Japanese-American Monument (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02B6_SIPM_Swifter89DC -- Natl Postal Museum -- Exhibit (MIA Galleries 2A): None Swifter Than These: 100 Years of Diplomatic Couriers
None Swifter Than These: 100 Years of Diplomatic Couriers
September 14, 2019 – January 26, 2020
In wartime and peacetime, the U.S. Diplomatic Courier Service carries the sensitive materials, equipment and information that make diplomacy possible. The U.S. Diplomatic Courier Service traces its origins... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02B7_SIPM_Binding115DC -- Natl Postal Museum -- Exhibit (MIA Galleries 2): Binding the Nation (incl Pony Express) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02C_Levey74USCHS -- Lunch Talk: Bob Levey ("Larry Felder, Candidate")
Bob Levey
Author of Larry Felder, Candidate
The writer of the award-winning daily column, “Bob Levey’s Washington” offers penetrating insights into the contemporary worlds of journalism and politics. Larry Felder, Candidate traces the personal and professional challenges of a career newspaper... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02D1_Botanic_New_Gardens67DC -- U.S. Botanic Garden -- Exhibit: Celebrating New American Gardens
Celebrating New American Gardens exhibit
January 31 - October 15, 2019
Public gardens across America are engaging, inviting, and dynamic. Gardens are living creations, as they display seasonal changes along with a constant ebb and flow. This exhibit celebrates American gardens created or renovated... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02D2_Botanic_Garden18DC -- U.S. Botanic Garden -- The National Garden (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02D3_SIHIR_Ufan_Open56DC -- Hirshhorn Museum -- Exhibit: Lee Ufan: Open Dimension
Lee Ufan: Open Dimension
September 27, 2019 – September 13, 2020
Lee Ufan: Open Dimension is an ambitious site-specific commission by the celebrated Korean artist Lee Ufan. The expansive installation, featuring 10 new sculptures from the artist’s signature and continuing Relatum series, marks Lee... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02D4_SIHIR_Feel37DC -- Hirshhorn Museum -- Exhibit: Feel the Sun in Your Mouth: Recent Acquisitions
Feel the Sun in Your Mouth: Recent Acquisitions
Aug 24, 2019–February 2020
Feel the Sun in Your Mouth: Recent Acquisitions brings together artworks acquired by the Hirshhorn over the past five years. Highlighting works that encapsulate the current moment, the exhibition is an opportunity to... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02E1_Ike_Mem7DC -- Eisenhower National Memorial (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02E2_SIAIR_Milestones46DC -- Natl Air and Space Museum -- Gallery 100: Milestones of Flight (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02E3_SIAIR_Pioneers6DC -- Natl Air and Space Museum -- Gallery 208: Pioneers of Flight, Barron Hilton (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02E4_SIAIR_Bldg6DC -- Natl Air and Space Museum -- General (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02E5_Toynbee2DC -- Public Art: Stickman Robots (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02F1_Newseum11DC -- Newseum (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_02F2_No_Crying147Newseum -- Special -- There's No Crying in Newsrooms
There's No Crying in Newsrooms
The Freedom Forum Institute’s Power Shift Project marks the publication of the new book, “There’s No Crying in Newsrooms: What Women Have Learned about What It Takes to Lead,” with a conversation featuring current and past leaders in the media industry.
The book, written... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_04A_Penn_Station8NY -- NYC -- Penn Station (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_04B1_NYC_34th8NY -- NYC -- 34th Street District Signs (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_04B2_NYC_Main_PO14NY -- NYC -- Main Post Office (James A. Farley Post Office Building) (421 Eighth Avenue) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_04B3_NYC_Hudson_Yards8NY -- NYC -- Hudson Yards (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_04B4_NYC_Hudson_BlvdPk16NY -- NYC -- Hudson Boulevard Park (Bella Abzug Park) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_04B5_NYC_Javits_Center11NY -- NYC -- Javits Center (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_04C1_NYCC47NY -- New York Comic Con (2019) -- Miscellaneous (Friday) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_04C2_NYCCA199NY -- New York Comic Con (2019) -- Artists (Friday)
Artists shown here (in sequence):
Hakan Martensson (Master Chocolatier and Sculptor), Delilah Dawson and Aaron Mahnke ("Wellington"), Bryan Caplan and Zach Weinersmith ("Open Borders"), Charles Kochman, Robert Kirkman, (Europe Comics) Edanur Kuntman, Homs, and Enrico Marini, Denis Kitchen, Peter... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_04D1_NYCC_Harveys564NY -- New York Comic Con (2019) -- Harvey Awards
ReedPOP, the world’s leading producer of pop culture events, will host a gala event on Friday to present this year’s awards and honor the life and work of Harvey Kurtzman.

Greetings -- John Lind, Chip Mosher, Nellie Kurtzman
Emcee -- ???
Presenting the DIGITAL BOOK OF THE YEAR -- Calvin... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_04E_NYC_Hudson_MercVw5NY -- NYC -- Hudson Mercantile (500 W 36th St.) -- View from...
The Harvey Awards were at the Mercantile and they had the roof open for us afterward. (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05A1_NYC6NY -- NYC -- Miscellaneous (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05A2_NYC_Signs4NY -- NYC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05B_Penn_Station4NY -- NYC -- Penn Station (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05C_NYCC2NY -- New York Comic Con (2019) -- Miscellaneous (Saturday) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05D1_Times_Square21NY -- NYC -- Times Square (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05D2_Times_Square_Rumors33NY -- NYC -- Temporary Art: Rumors of War (by Kehinde Wiley) @ Times Square
Rumors of War
September 27 – December 1, 2019
Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley’s first monumental public sculpture, Rumors of War, will be on display this fall on the Broadway Plaza between 46th and 47th Streets.
Following its presentation in Times Square, Rumors of War will be permanently installed on... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05D3_NYC_525Seventh12NY -- NYC -- 525 Seventh Ave (Fashion Center Bldg) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05D4_NYC_WordTQ2NY -- NYC -- Public Art: Word on the Street
Word on the Street
In partnership with House of Trees, Times Square Arts presents Word on the Street, a public art commission of political and poetic banners created by female artists and writers that speak directly to the urgent, timeless concerns of the individual, the community, and the requirements... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05D5_NYC_Subway_42Bryant5NY -- NYC -- Subway Stops -- 42nd / Bryant Park (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05D6_Grand_Central6NY -- NYC -- Grand Central Terminal (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05D7_NYC_Met_Life_Tower1NY -- NYC -- Metropolitan Life Insurance Company Tower (5 Madison Avenue) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05D8_NYC_Fred_French13NY -- NYC -- Fred F. French Bldg (551 Fifth Avenue) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05E1_Bryant_Pk15NY -- NYC -- Bryant Park (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05E2_NYPL_Misc16NY -- NYC -- New York Public Library Main Branch (Stephen A. Schwarzman Bldg) -- Miscellaneous (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05E3_NYPL_Comics88NY -- NYC -- New York Public Library -- Exhibit: Comics at the New York Public Library
Comics at the New York Public Library
On view through October 10th, 2019
The New York Public Library is delighted to celebrate the creative attributes of comics. The Library holds an extensive collection of comics spanning the medium’s history. Students, artists, and comic book aficionados visit the... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05E4_NYPL_Rayner76NY -- NYC -- New York Public Library -- Exhibit: The Watercolors of William P. Rayner
The Watercolors of William P. Rayner
On view through October 13, 2019
The New York Public Library presents an exhibition of over 50 works by watercolorist and travel writer William P. Rayner (1929–2018). During his three-decade career as editorial business manager at Condé Nast, and on trips with... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05E5_NYC_Library_Walk55NY -- NYC -- Library Walk (41st St.) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05F1_NYC_Radio_City20NY -- NYC -- Rockefeller Center -- Radio City Music Hall (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05F2_NYC_Toynbee3NY -- NYC -- Public Art: Toynbee tiles (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05F3_NYC_1301Sixth4NY -- NYC -- Credit Lyonnais Building (1301 Sixth Avenue / Avenue of the Americas) incl two and one bronze in water (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05F4_NYC_Warwick37NY -- NYC -- Warwick New York Hotel (65 West 54th Street) (including Dean Cornwell mural in "Murals on 54") (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05F5_NYC_Jean_Marc4NY -- NYC -- Public Art: Jean-Marc (by Xavier Veilhan) @ 127 W 53rd on Fifth Avenue (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05F6_NYC_Listen9NY -- NYC -- Public Art: Listen sculpture (by Jim Rennert) @ Sixth Avenue and 55th Street (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05F7_NYC_Crown_Bldg9NY -- NYC -- Crown Building (730 Fifth Avenue) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05F8_NYC_57W57th12NY -- NYC -- 57 West 57th Street (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05F9_NYC_Seed544NY -- NYC -- Seed54 (Haresh Lalvani and Milgo/Bufkin) (1330 Fifth Avenue / Avenue of the Americas) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05G1_NYC_Solow4NY -- NYC -- Solow Bldg (9 West 57th St.) incl "Moonbird" (by Joan Miro) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05G2_NYC_Apple_Box3NY -- NYC -- Apple Fifth Avenue (glass box) (767 Fifth Avenue) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05G3_NYC_Ghost_Bike13NY -- NYC -- Ghost Bikes (Cyclist Died Here) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05G4_NYC_Sherry_Neth2NY -- NYC -- The Sherry-Netherland (781 Fifth Avenue) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05H1_Central_Park14NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Not covered elsewhere (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05H2_CP_Horses25NY -- NYC -- Temporary Art: The Horses (Jean-Marie Appriou) @ Central Park
Jean-Marie Appriou: The Horses
On View Sep 11, 2019 - Aug 30, 2020
Jean-Marie Appriou’s massive equine sculptures stand like surreal sentinels at the entrance to Central Park. The artist was inspired by the horses nearby who pull tourists in carriages through the city and by Augustus Saint-Gaudens’s... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05H3_CP_Arsenal88NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Arsenal (structure) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05H4_CP_107th12NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- 107th Infantry Memorial (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05H5_CP_Jagiello8NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- King Wladyslaw Jagiello (statue) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05H6_CP_Belvedere28NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Belvedere Castle (structure) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05H7_CP_BelvedereVw27NY -- NYC -- Central Park -- Belvedere Castle (structure) -- Views from... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05I1_NYHS_Misc65NY -- NYC -- New-York Historical Society -- Miscellaneous (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05I2_NYHS_Revere255NY -- NYC -- New-York Historical Society -- Exhibit: Beyond Midnight: Paul Revere
Beyond Midnight: Paul Revere
September 6, 2019 – January 12, 2020
The patriot, silversmith, and entrepreneur Paul Revere was forever immortalized in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s 1861 poem, “Paul Revere’s Ride,” but his genuine accomplishments are often eclipsed by the legend of the midnight journey.... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05I3_NYHS_Choice53NY -- NYC -- New-York Historical Society -- Exhibit: Collector's Choice: Highlights from the Permanent Collection
Collector's Choice: Highlights from the Permanent Collection
Collector's Choice: Highlights from the Permanent Collection showcases a selection of paintings that characterize the highly individual tastes and historic contributions of several New York City collectors who shaped the New-York... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05I4_NYHS_Panoramas94NY -- NYC -- New-York Historical Society -- Exhibit: Panoramas: The Big Picture
Panoramas: The Big Picture
August 16 – December 8, 2019
Panoramas: The Big Picture explores the history and continued impact of panoramas from the 17th to the 21st century, as they were used to create spatial illusions, map places, and tell stories. Highlights include John Trumbull’s sweeping double... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05J1_NYC_MAD_Anna_Sui166NY -- NYC -- Museum of Art and Design -- Exhibit: The World of Anna Sui
The World of Anna Sui
September 12, 2019 through February 23, 2020
Born and raised in Detroit, educated and discovered in New York, Anna Sui reinvented pop culture fashion with her signature rock-and-roll romantic label in the 1990s and has remained a design icon ever since. Beginning with her... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_05J2_NYC_MAD_Burke52NY -- NYC -- Museum of Art and Design -- Exhibit: Burke Prize 2019
Burke Prize 2019
October 3, 2019 through April 12, 2020
An exhibition of works from the 2019 finalists for the Museum's Burke Prize, awarded to a contemporary artist under the age of forty-five working in glass, fiber, clay, metal, and/or wood. Selected by a jury of professionals in the fields of art,... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_06A1_NYC10NY -- NYC -- Miscellaneous (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_06A2_NYC_Signs7NY -- NYC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_06A3_NYC_Murals6NY -- NYC -- Murals (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_06A4_Penn_Station4NY -- NYC -- Penn Station (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_06B1_NYC_FIT15NY -- NYC -- Fashion Institute of Technology (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_06B2_NYC_FIT_Disney72NY -- NYC -- Fashion Institute of Technology -- Exhibit: Disney on Broadway
Exhibition: Disney on Broadway: 25th Anniversary, FIT Challenge Presentation
September 19–October 13
Ten FIT Fashion Design students were tasked with reimagining the costumes for the leading ladies of 10 Disney on Broadway shows, in celebration of the Disney organization’s 25 years on the Great White... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_06B3_NYC_Hudson_Yards20NY -- NYC -- Hudson Yards (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_06B4_NYC_Midtown_Tennis3NY -- NYC -- Midtown Tennis Club (341 Eighth Avenue)
Midtown Tennis Club
Tennis club in New York City, New York
Indoor club offering 8 courts plus private lessons for adults & juniors; no membership fee required.
Address: 341 8th Ave, New York, NY 10001 (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_06B5_NYC_Chelsea_Prep19NY -- NYC -- PS 33 Chelsea Prep (281 Ninth Avenue) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_06B6_NYC_Hudson_BlvdPk3NY -- NYC -- Hudson Boulevard Park (Bella Abzug Park) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_06C1_High_Line13NY -- NYC -- High Line (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_06C2_High_LineVw6NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Views from... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_06C3_High_Line_Trout5NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: La truite (by Ei Arakawa)
Ei Arakawa (b. 1977, Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan) is known for performances that often incorporate previous artwork or collaborations with other artists. For the High Line, Arakawa installs at 26th Street two new singing LED paintings, a translation of Gustave Courbet’s 1872 and 1873 paintings,... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_06C4_High_Line_Love5NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Love (by Robert Indiana)
Robert Indiana’s ‘LOVE’ Sculptures Exhibited Along the High Line
Kasmin Gallery opened an exhibit Friday of three of the artist's “LOVE” pop art sculptures
By Liam McBain
Published May 6, 2019 at 7:35 PM | Updated at 7:35 PM EDT on May 6, 2019
Robert Indiana’s famous “LOVE” pop art sculptures can... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_06C5_High_Line_Brick11NY -- NYC -- High Line -- Art: Brick House (by Simone Leigh)
Simone Leigh
Brick House
June 2019 – September 2020

For the inaugural High Line Plinth commission, Simone Leigh presents Brick House, a sixteen-foot-tall bronze bust of a Black woman. The torso is a combination of the forms of a skirt and a clay house. The figure will stand tall and... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_06D1_NYCC32NY -- New York Comic Con (2019) -- Miscellaneous (Sunday) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_06D2_NYCCA92NY -- New York Comic Con (2019) -- Artists (Sunday)
Artists shown here (in sequence):
(Marvel table) Al Ewing, Paul Mounts, Ethan Sacks, and Nathan Stockman, Jim Sorenson (Transformers), (Europe Comics) Edanur Kuntman and Juanjo Guarnido, Rafer Roberts, Rob Kaz (Star Wars artist), Caleb Goellner (Sonic the Hedgehog), Nadia Shammas (Care Bears), Bob... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_07A1_Merger156DC -- USC/PDC/PDAA -- Cynthia Efird, Kenton Keith, Jean Manes, and Shawn Powers ("After the Merger: Public Diplomacy at State")
You are invited to join our next First Monday lunch forum, "After the Merger: Public Diplomacy at State," on Monday, Oct. 7, at 12 noon, with
* Ambassador Cynthia Efird []
* Ambassador Kenton Keith... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_07B1_GWU_Museum_Woven106DC -- GWU -- Museum and Textile Museum -- Exhibit: Woven Interiors: Furnishing Early Medieval Egypt
Woven Interiors: Furnishing Early Medieval Egypt
Through January 5, 2020
In the early medieval era, the eastern Mediterranean’s palaces, villas, and sacred spaces were richly decorated with hangings, curtains, and other luxury fabrics. Bringing together rarely displayed artworks from the fourth to the... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_07C1_Signs4DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_07C2_Golden_Streets5DC -- Golden Streets (Golden Triangle Tree Box Garden Contest) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_07C3_Goethe_Bauhaus67Goethe-Institut -- Exhiibit: Designing and Redesigning the MLK Library
Exhibit: Designing and Redesigning the MLK Library
This new public program series celebrates the 100th anniversary of the German Bauhaus School (1919-1933) and the modernization of D.C.'s own landmark, the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, designed by the last director of the Bauhaus, Mies van... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_07C4_SIRG_Burning_Art27DC -- Renwick Gallery -- Exhibit: No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man
Back to the temple. (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_07C5_SIRG_Ruffner16DC -- Renwick Gallery -- Exhibit: Ginny Ruffner: Reforestation of the Imagination
Ginny Ruffner: Reforestation of the Imagination
June 28, 2019 – January 5, 2020
Ginny Ruffner combines traditional glass sculpture with Augmented Reality (AR) technology to create an interactive viewer experience in Ginny Ruffner: Reforestation of the Imagination. Visitors to the exhibition will use a... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_07D1_Lafayette_Square12DC -- Lafayette Square (by White House) area (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_07D2_White_House2DC -- White House (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_07D3_NBW_619G10DC -- National Bank of Washington (619 G St NW) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_07D4_Fords3DC -- Ford's Theatre NHS (Theatre, Lobby) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_07D5_Petersen_House1DC -- Petersen House (House Where Lincoln Died) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_07D6_SIPG_Norman4DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (NPG) -- Exhibit: In Memoriam: Jessye Norman, 1945-2019
In Memoriam: Jessye Norman, 1945-2019
October 3, 2019 – November 3, 2019
Jessye Norman was one of the twentieth century’s greatest sopranos. She received five Grammy Awards, including one for lifetime achievement in 2006, and a host of other honors. A graduate of Howard University, Norman went on to... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_07E1_GWill123Newseum -- An Evening with George F. Will (w/S.E. Cupp)
George F. Will on ‘The Conservative Sensibility’
Pulitzer Prize–winning columnist George F. Will talks about his new book, “The Conservative Sensibility.”
In the book, Will writes that the Founding Fathers’ vision, articulated first in the Declaration of Independence and carried out in the... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_10A_Purple_Line3MD -- Purple Line
Another pole goes up. (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_10B1_NMHM_HShips12MD -- Silver Spring -- Natl Museum of Health and Medicine (Forest Glen Annex) -- Exhibit: Hospital Ships
Part 3 (the ship models) were still being installed. (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_10B2_NMHM13MD -- Silver Spring -- Natl Museum of Health and Medicine (Forest Glen Annex)
The guys at the desk suggested the sidewalks were in the shape of a scalpel. Someone else said the building was designed to look like a surgical cut. (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_10C_Seminary47MD -- Forest Glen Seminary (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_10D1_Waller98DC -- Lincoln Cottage -- Douglas Waller ("Lincoln's Spies: Their Secret War to Save a Nation")
This Thursday, October 10, 2019, join us as Doug Waller discusses his new book, Lincoln's Spies: Their Secret War to Save a Nation, which is a story of espionage, sabotage, and intrigue-and of a shrewd president who valued what his operatives uncovered.
Cottage Conversations offer relaxing evenings to... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_10D2_Lincoln_CVC_Slip8DC -- Lincoln Cottage -- Visitor Center -- Exhibit: Lincoln's Slippers (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_10D3_Lincoln_Cottage2DC -- Lincoln Cottage (at the Armed Forces Retirement Home) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_11A_Lord62Brookings Institution -- In Kissinger’s Orbit: A Conversation with Ambassador Winston Lord
In Kissinger’s orbit: A conversation with Ambassador Winston Lord
Few people know that Winston Lord was one of only three American attendees at the historic Beijing summit between President Nixon and Chairman Mao in February 1972. Although Lord sat alongside his boss, Henry Kissinger, his presence was... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_11B_Emb_Peru_Overtime46DC -- Embassy of Peru -- Exhibit: Overtime | Peruvian Contemporary Painting | Magaly Sánchez
Overtime | Peruvian Contemporary Painting | Magaly Sánchez (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_11C1_IUOE22DC -- International Union of Operating Engineers (1125 17th St NW) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_11C2_LA_Small11DC -- Lillian & Albert Small Jewish Museum (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_11C3_I3957DC -- I-395 Overpass Work (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_11C4_United_Methodist1DC -- Capitol Hill -- United Methodist Bldg (100 Maryland Ave NE) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_11D1_SIPG_Discord_Grant46DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (NPG) -- Exhibit: Faces of Discord -- Ulysses Grant
At the end of the Civil War, General Ulysses S. Grant (1822-1885) was hailed as a national hero and became a popular candidate for the presidency. Socially reticent and politically aloof, Grant never sought high office, but given his conscientious sense of duty, he would obey the will of the people. On... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_11D2_SIPG_Portrait3DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center -- Portraits (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_11D3_SIPG_Buffalo104DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Exhibit: Picturing the American Buffalo: George Catlin and Modern Native American Artists
Picturing the American Buffalo: George Catlin and Modern Native American Artists
October 11, 2019 – April 12, 2020
In the nineteenth century, American bison (commonly called the buffalo) thundered across the Great Plains of the American West in the millions. They symbolized the abundance of the land,... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_11E1_Pilkey362DC -- Library of Congress -- Event: Dav Pilkey (Do Good Tour)
Come see Dav Pilkey talk about his books and his Do Good initiative!
Please join us for a special evening with Dav Pilkey, a Library of Congress National Book Festival Presents event.
International bestselling author/illustrator Dav Pilkey will appear at the Library of Congress on his Do Good Tour.... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_11F1_Pilkey_Peanuts80DC -- Library of Congress -- Exhibit (Coolidge): Peanuts Collection
Ticket holders will be invited to view a display of items from the Library’s extensive comic collection in the Whittall Pavillion prior to the start of the event. (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_11F2_LOC_Mapping22DC -- Library of Congress -- Exhibit: Mapping a Growing Nation: Western States (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_11F3_LOC_GH12DC -- Library of Congress -- Room: The Great Hall (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_12_Critters6MD -- Critters -- Deer in back yard (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_13A1_Edgewood29DC -- Edgewood Neighborhood (incl Rhode Island Avenue Shopping Center) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_13A2_MBT3DC -- Metropolitan Branch Trail -- Including public art along the trail (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_13A3_Eckington33DC -- Eckington Neighborhood (incl Metro Yards) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_13A4_McKinley_Tech8DC -- McKinley Technology High School (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_13A5_NY_Ave17DC -- New York Avenue area (NOMA) (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_13B1_Copeland225Newseum -- Inside Media w/Peter Copeland (“Finding the News: Adventures of a Young Reporter") w/Lynn Sweet
Join us as veteran journalist Peter Copeland talks about his new book, “Finding the News: Adventures of a Young Reporter,” which chronicles his career from police reporter in Chicago to Washington bureau chief of the E.W. Scripps Company.
Lynn Sweet, Washington bureau chief for the Chicago Sun-Times,... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_13C1_NGA_Berruguete125DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- Exhibit: Alonso Berruguete: First Sculptor of Renaissance Spain
Alonso Berruguete: First Sculptor of Renaissance Spain
October 13, 2019 – February 17, 2020
Alonso Berruguete: First Sculptor of Renaissance Spain is the first major exhibition held outside Spain to celebrate the expressive art of the most important sculptor active on the Iberian Peninsula during the... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_13C2_NGAP19DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- Paintings (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_15A_Brookside85MD -- Wheaton -- Brookside Gardens (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_15B1_Takoma_CC10MD -- Takoma Park -- Community Center (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_15B2_Takoma_CC_DeNinno15MD -- Takoma Park -- Community Center -- Kristine DeNinno Exhibit (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_15C_Fogliano8Politics & Prose @ Takoma Park Community Center -- Julie Fogliano ("Just in Case You Want to Fly")
Julie Fogliano - Just in Case You Want to Fly—at Takoma Park Library (MD)
Just in case you want to fly/ here’s some wind/ and here’s the sky.” These encouraging words begin the latest picture book by the author of When’s My Birthday? The rhyming text’s reliably gentle cadence assures young readers and... (Partially reviewed)

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2019_09_12D2_Johnston154DC -- Embassy of Canada -- Opening Reception for "For Better or For Worse: The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston"
The Canadian Embassy invites you to the opening recepiton of For Better or For Worse: The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston. The artists will be in attendance. Introductory remarks were made by Denis Chouinard (Counsellor, Public Affairs, Embassy of Canada) and Katherine Baird (Head of the Washington Secre... (Partially reviewed)
2019_09_11A1_NPHarris205DC -- Library of Congress -- Event: Neil Patrick Harris ("The Magic Misfits: The Minor Third")
NBF Presents: Neil Patrick Harris | The Magic Misfits: The Minor Third Join us for the kick-off event of the Library of Congress National Book Festival Presents series for an exciting evening of magic and moderated conversation with award-winning actor and author Neil Patrick Harris as he celebrates... (Partially reviewed)
2019_09_14A1_SPX_Other195MD -- Bethesda -- Small Press Expo (2019) -- Other (Saturday)
Folks shown here include Randy Tischler, Sheena Wolf, Sara Duke, R.M. Rhodes, Dustin Harbin, Karen Green, Michael Cavna, Mike Rhode, Eddie Campbell, Jamie Noguchi, David Crispino, Mike Riley, Jordan Clark, Keith Knight, Rick Banning, Rikke Villadsen, Kate Lacour, R. Sikoryak, Lenora Yerkes, Ted Rall... (Partially reviewed)
2019_09_26A1_Van_Ness262Sixth & I -- Jonathan Van Ness ("Over the Top: A Raw Journey to Self-Love") w/Mara Keisling
Jonathan Van Ness In Conversation with Mara Keisling Who gave Jonathan Van Ness permission to be the radiant human he is today? No one, honey. The truth is, it hasn’t always been gorgeous for this beacon of positivity and joy. Before he stole our hearts as the grooming and self-care expert on Netfli... (Partially reviewed)
2019_09_04E1_Munroe132Politics & Prose @ Sidwell Friends -- Randall Munroe ("How To")
Randall Munroe - How To — in conversation with Alexandra Petri at Sidwell Friends Randall Munroe, the brilliant mind behind the wildly popular webcomic xkcd and the #1 New York Times bestsellers What If? and Thing Explainer, brings readers a way to better understand the science and technology behind... (Partially reviewed)

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