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2019_02_03A1_NMHM_Flu52MD -- Silver Spring -- Natl Museum of Health and Medicine (Forest Glen Annex) -- Exhibit: 100 Years Ago: October-November 1918
100 Years Ago: October-November 1918
The End of World War I, and the Worldwide Flu Pandemic of 1918 (Partially reviewed)
2019_02_03A2_NMHM_WWI71MD -- Silver Spring -- Natl Museum of Health and Medicine (Forest Glen Annex) -- Exhibit: World War I Chemical Warfare (Partially reviewed)
2019_02_13E1_Abramson97Newseum -- Future of News w/Jill Abramson and Brian Stelter
The Future Of News: Jill Abramson In Conversation With Brian Stelter
Jill Abramson, former executive editor of The New York Times, talks about her new book, “Merchants of Truth: The Business of News and the Fight for Facts,” in a conversation moderated by CNN chief media correspondent Brian... (Partially reviewed)
2019_02_19A1_Hitchcock119White House Historical Association -- William Hitchcock ("The Age of Eisenhower") w/Ann Compton
White House History with Ann Compton: The Age of Eisenhower Lecture with William Hitchcock
William Hitchcock, author of The Age of Eisenhower: America and the World in the 1950 and professor of history at the University of Virginia will cover the life and legacy of President Dwight D. Eisenhower,... (Partially reviewed)
2019_02_23A1_McCabe116Politics & Prose -- Andrew G. McCabe ("The Threat")
Andrew G. McCabe - The Threat: How the FBI Protects America in the Age of Terror and Trump
McCabe started working at the FBI in 1996 and served in many capacities, from street agent on the Eurasian Organized Crime Task Force to leading the Counterterrorism Division, the National Security Branch, and... (Partially reviewed)
2019_02_24B_Hornaday63Newseum -- Inside Media w/Ann Hornaday ("Oscar Preview")
Oscar Preview With Washington Post Film Critic Ann Hornaday
Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday previews the 91st annual Academy Awards and discusses some of the biggest hits of the year.
The program will feature clips from Oscar-nominated films.
Hornaday, a critic with the Post since 2002, will... (Partially reviewed)
2019_02_25B4_NGA_Bey8DC -- Natl Gallery of Art -- Exhibit: Dawoud Bey: The Birmingham Project
Dawoud Bey: The Birmingham Project
September 12, 2018 – April 21, 2019
For more than 40 years photographer Dawoud Bey (b. 1953) has portrayed American youth and those from marginalized communities with sensitivity and complexity. Dawoud Bey: The Birmingham Project marks the National Gallery of Art's... (Partially reviewed)
2019_02_25D_Lemay64Wilson Center -- Kate Clarke Lemay ("Triumph of the Dead: American WWII Cemeteries, Monuments, and Diplomacy in France")
Triumph of the Dead: American WWII Cemeteries, Monuments, and Diplomacy in France:
The overseas American war cemeteries are uniquely American sites of memory, as they are the only war graves to include a variety of monumental art and architecture. They also attract an international audience and are... (Partially reviewed)
2019_02_27C1_Afghanistan94CSIS -- The Future Of U.S. Policy In Afghanistan
The future of U.S. policy in Afghanistan
For over 17 years, the United States has expended considerable blood and treasure to deny safe haven to extremist groups in Afghanistan. Despite this, the Afghan government struggles to assert its authority over the entirety of the country’s territory, while the... (Partially reviewed)
2019_02_27D3_NMWA_NYASP25DC -- Natl Museum of Women in the Arts -- New York Avenue Sculpture Project -- Betsabeé Romero
Betsabeé Romero
Sep 28, 2018 - Sep 20, 2020
The dynamic works of Mexico City-based Betsabeé Romero (b. 1963) form the next chapter in the New York Avenue Sculpture Project. To create her four sculptures developed expressly for this installation, Romero assembled carved and painted tires into totemic... (Partially reviewed)
2019_02_27D4_DowntownDC_Signs14DC -- DowntownDC lamp post signs
I had never noticed that the images were photo mosaics. (Partially reviewed)
2019_02_27D5_City_Center_Fly26DC -- CityCenterDC -- CulturalDC's Mobile Art Gallery: Stay Fly by Jamea Richmond-Edwards
CulturalDC's Mobile Art Gallery: Stay Fly by Jamea Richmond-Edwards
CulturalDC's 10th Mobile Art Gallery Exhibit...Stay Fly engages viewers around the concepts of haute couture and status symbols. Like Jamea Richmond-Edwards paintings, the exhibit draws attention to the historical and often complex... (Partially reviewed)
2019_02_27E1_Addiction213Natl Archives -- PBS NOVA "Addiction" screening and discussion
Addiction, a documentary produced for PBS’s NOVA, examines how easy access to drugs like heroin, fentanyl, and even prescription medications like OxyContin has fueled an epidemic of addiction—the deadliest in U.S. history. Now, science is revealing how addiction affects the brain, and top... (Partially reviewed)
2019_02_28A1_Monument177Natl Archives -- Harold Holzer ("Monument Man: The Life and Art of Daniel Chester French") w/Edna Greene Medford
Monument Man: The Life and Art of Daniel Chester French
In celebration of Lincoln’s birthday, we present a program focusing on the monument built to honor the 16th President and the artist who created the statue for the Lincoln Memorial, Daniel Chester French. Monument Man is the first comprehensive... (Partially reviewed)
2019_02_28B1_Drummer147AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival -- "The Drummer And The Keeper" (w/Nick Kelly)
The Drummer And The Keeper
Q&A with director Nick Kelly and post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of Ireland
Winner of Best Irish First Feature at the 2017 Galway Film Fleadh, THE DRUMMER AND THE KEEPER explores the unlikely friendship formed between two young men: Gabriel (Dermot Murphy,... (Partially reviewed)

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2019_09_12D2_Johnston154DC -- Embassy of Canada -- Opening Reception for "For Better or For Worse: The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston"
The Canadian Embassy invites you to the opening recepiton of For Better or For Worse: The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston. The artists will be in attendance. Introductory remarks were made by Denis Chouinard (Counsellor, Public Affairs, Embassy of Canada) and Katherine Baird (Head of the Washington Secre... (Partially reviewed)
2019_09_14A1_SPX_Other195MD -- Bethesda -- Small Press Expo (2019) -- Other (Saturday)
Folks shown here include Randy Tischler, Sheena Wolf, Sara Duke, R.M. Rhodes, Dustin Harbin, Karen Green, Michael Cavna, Mike Rhode, Eddie Campbell, Jamie Noguchi, David Crispino, Mike Riley, Jordan Clark, Keith Knight, Rick Banning, Rikke Villadsen, Kate Lacour, R. Sikoryak, Lenora Yerkes, Ted Rall... (Partially reviewed)
2019_09_04E1_Munroe132Politics & Prose @ Sidwell Friends -- Randall Munroe ("How To")
Randall Munroe - How To — in conversation with Alexandra Petri at Sidwell Friends Randall Munroe, the brilliant mind behind the wildly popular webcomic xkcd and the #1 New York Times bestsellers What If? and Thing Explainer, brings readers a way to better understand the science and technology behind... (Partially reviewed)
2019_08_12_Straczynski117Politics & Prose -- J. Michael Straczynski ("Becoming Superman")
J. Michael Straczynski - Becoming Superman: My Journey from Poverty to Hollywood Straczynski is best known as the creator of the Babylon 5 and Sense8 TV shows, but his amazing four-decade career also encompasses screenwriting—Changeling, Thor, and World War Z—writing for several D.C. and Marvel Comi... (Partially reviewed)
2019_09_12D1_EC_Johnston62DC -- Embassy of Canada -- Exhibit: For Better or For Worse: The Comic Art of Lynn Johnston. (Partially reviewed)

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