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11/12/2018 (Monday 10pm): All of the pics from Moment Magazine's annual gala have been gone through but they have to be reviewed by the magazine before they get posted publicly.
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2018_09_01A_NBF_Misc44DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous things. The Poltics and prose book sale area, the Pavilion of States, the Library of Congress Town Square, etc.
Folks include Carla Hayden, Michelle Krowl, Martha Kennedy, Joe Wos, Robert Pohl, Stephanie Stebich, Peter Slen (the C-Span interviewer), and Carlos Lozada. (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01B1_NBF_Eizenstat24DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Stuart E. Eizenstat w/David Rubenstein
Stuart E. Eizenstat
Stuart E. Eizenstat is a diplomat and an attorney. His work as a lawyer focuses on resolving international trade problems and business disputes between the United States and other governments. Eizenstat was the U.S. ambassador to the European Union in 1993-1996 and deputy secretary... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01B2_NBF_Kilmeade13DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Brian Kilmeade
Brian Kilmeade
One of the co-hosts of “Fox & Friends,” Brian Kilemeade is also an author of history books such as “George Washington’s Secret Six” and “Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates.” His new work, “Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans: The Battle That Shaped America’s Destiny”... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01B3_NBF_CK_EAD34DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Conversation: Founders and Their Slaves w/Catherine Kerrison and Erica Armstrong Dunbar w/Eric Deggans
Catherine Kerrison
Catherine Kerrison is an associate professor of history at Villanova University in Villanova, Pennsylvania, where she teaches courses in colonial and revolutionary America and women's and gender history. She holds a Ph.D. in American history from the College of William and Mary. Her... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01B4_NBF_Chernow20DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Ron Chernow
Ron Chernow
Ron Chernow is the prize-winning author of six previous books and the recipient of the 2015 National Humanities Medal. His first book, “The House of Morgan,” won the National Book Award. “Washington: A Life” won the Pulitzer Prize for Biography, and “Alexander Hamilton”—the inspiration for... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01B5_NBF_Coll18DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Steve Coll
Steve Coll
Steve Coll was appointed Dean of Columbia Journalism School in 2013 after serving as president of New America Foundation (2007-2012). He joined the New Yorker as a staff writer in 2005 and continues to write for the publication on politics, national security and the media. Coll is also the... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01C1_NBF_Sotomayor57DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Sonia Sotomayor w/Carla Hayden
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor
Sonia Sotomayor, an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, was born in the Bronx, New York. She earned a B.A. from Princeton University and a J.D. from Yale Law School. She served as assistant district attorney in New York County and then as a litigator... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01C2_NBF_Tan13DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Amy Tan w/Marie Arana
Amy Tan
Amy Tan is the author of “The Valley of Amazement,” “The Joy Luck Club,” “The Kitchen God’s Wife,” “The Hundred Secret Senses,” “The Bonesetter’s Daughter” and “The Opposite of Fate: Memories of a Writing Life.” She has also penned two children’s books: “The Moon Lady” and “Sagwa,” which has... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01C3_NBF_Albright17DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Madeleine Albright w/David Rubenstein
Madeleine Albright
Madeleine Albright served from 1997 until 2001 as the first woman secretary of state. She was born in the former Czechoslovakia, and her family immigrated to the United States in 1948. She followed in her father’s footsteps by also becoming a diplomat. Prior to being secretary of... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01C4_NBF_Goodwin69DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Doris Kearns Goodwin w/David Rubenstein
Doris Kearns Goodwin
Doris Kearns Goodwin’s interest in leadership began more than half a century ago as a teacher at Harvard. Her experiences working for LBJ in the White House and later assisting him on his memoirs led to “Lyndon Johnson and the American Dream.” She followed up with the Pulitzer... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01C5_NBF_Meacham26DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Jon Meacham
Jon Meacham
Jon Meacham is a Pulitzer Prize-winning presidential historian. A contributing writer for The New York Times Book Review and a contributing editor of Time magazine, he is the author of the New York Times best-sellers “Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush,”... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01D1_NBF_Monumental24DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Panel: Monumental Decisions w/Kirk Savage, Kristin Ann Hass, Brent D. Glass, and James Reston Jr.
Kirk Savage
Kirk Savage has been writing about public monuments and collective memory for over 30 years. He is the author of “Standing Soldiers, Kneeling Slaves: Race, War, and Monument in Nineteenth-Century America” (Princeton University), now available in a new edition, and “Monument Wars: Washington... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01D2_NBF_Corchado6DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Alfredo Corchado
Alfredo Corchado
Alfredo Corchado is the Mexico border correspondent for The Dallas Morning News and author of “Midnight in Mexico.” He is a Nieman, Lannan, USMEX, Woodrow Wilson and Rockefeller fellow and the winner of the Maria Moors Cabot and Elijah Parish Lovejoy awards for courage in journalism.... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01D3_NBF_Wood18DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Gordon S. Wood w/David Rubenstein
Gordon S. Wood
An emeritus professor of history at Brown University, Gordon S. Wood is the author of “Creation of the American Republic, 1776-1787,” which won the Bancroft Prize and the John H. Dunning Prize in 1970, and “The Radicalism of the American Revolution,” which won the Pulitzer Prize for... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01E1_NBF_Proulx55DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Annie Proulx w/Carla Hayden and Marie Arana
Annie Proulx
Annie Proulx is the 2018 recipient of the Library of Congress Prize for American Fiction. Her novel “The Shipping News” won both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award and was adapted into a major motion picture. Her short story “Brokeback Mountain” (from the story collection... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01E2_NBF_Swanson10DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- James L. Swanson
James L. Swanson
James L. Swanson is the award-winning author of the best-seller “Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer.” His other books include his newest: “Chasing King’s Killer: The Hunt for Martin Luther King Jr.’s Assassin” (Scholastic). Swanson has also written “Chasing Lincoln's... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01E3_NBF_Grabenstein4DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Chris Grabenstein
Chris Grabenstein
Chris Grabenstein is the No, 1 New York Times best-selling author of “Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library,” “Mr. Lemoncello's Library Olympics,” “Mr. Lemoncello's Great Library Race” and “The Island of Dr. Libris.” He has co-written numerous bestselling books with James Patterson.... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01F1_NBF_Meltzer17DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Brad Meltzer
Brad Meltzer
Brad Meltzer is the No. 1 New York Times best-selling author of “The Inner Circle,” “The Book of Fate” and nine other best-selling thrillers, including “The Tenth Justice,” “The First Counsel,” “The Millionaires” and “The President’s Shadow.” His newest book is “The Escape Artist” (Grand... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01F2_NBF_Ignatius9DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- David Ignatius w/Stephanie Merry
David Ignatius
David Ignatius is an associate editor for The Washington Post. Since 2003, he has been the author of a twice-weekly, globally distributed column on global politics, economics and international affairs. He has held important positions at the International Herald Tribune and The Wasll... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01F3_NBF_McDonnell68DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Graphic Novels 1 of 4: Patrick McDonnell w/Michael Cavna
Patrick McDonnell (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01F4_NBF_PB_TW96DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Graphic Novels 2 of 4: Pénélope Bagieu and Tillie Walden w/Michael Cavna
Pénélope Bagieu
Pénélope Bagieu was born in Paris in 1982 to Corsican and Basque parents. She is a best-selling graphic novel author, and her editorial illustrations have appeared all over the French media. In America, her graphic novels include “Exquisite Corpse,” “California Dreamin’” and, most... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01F5_NBF_Piskor60DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Graphic Novels 3 of 4: Ed Piskor w/Michael Cavna
Ed Piskor
Ed Piskor is the writer and artist behind “X-Men: Grand Design” (Marvel). This deeply personal and heavily researched reimagining of the origins of the world famous X-Men incorporates the past 40 years of the title’s history and has been met with critical acclaim from all corners of the... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01F6_NBF_Gay22DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Graphic Novels 4 of 4: Roxane Gay w/Michael Cavna
Roxane Gay
Roxane Gay’s writing appears in “Best American Mystery Stories 20140,” “Best American Short Stories 2012,” “Best Sex Writing 2012,” and the magazines Harper’s Bazaar, A Public Space, McSweeney’s, Tin House, Oxford American, American Short Fiction, Virginia Quarterly Review and many others.... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01G1_NBF_KD_HB12DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Kate DiCamillo and Harry Bliss
Kate DiCamillo
Kate DiCamillo is the beloved author of many books for children, including “Flora & Ulysses” and “The Tale of Despereaux,” both of which received Newbery Medals. Her most recent middle-grade novel, “Raymie Nightingale,” was an instant No. 1 New York Times best-seller and a National Book... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01G2_NBF_Selznick21DC -- Natl Book Festival 2018 -- Brian Selznick w/Barrie Hardymon
Brian Selznick
Brian Selznick’s books have garnered countless accolades worldwide and have been translated into more than 35 languages. He is the Caldecott Medal-winning creator of the No. 1 New York Times best-sellers “The Invention of Hugo Cabret,” adapted into Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-winning movie... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_01H_SIPG_McCain8DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (NPG) -- Exhibit: In Memoriam: Senator John S. McCain III
In Memoriam: Senator John S. McCain III
August 27, 2018 – September 9, 2018
The Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery recognizes the life and legacy of late Senator and former presidential nominee John S. McCain III with a photograph by the British-born photographer Steve Pyke.
McCain, who was born... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_02A_Ike_Mem8DC -- Eisenhower National Memorial (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_02B1_WCCanal67DC -- Mall -- Lockkeepers House (Washington City Canal House)
This was the first weekend that lock house #0 had been open to the public. It is supposed to be open on a more regular schedule starting September 13 or so. (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_02B2_Mall_Floodwall3DC -- Natl Mall area -- 17th Street Levee (Floodwall) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_02B3_Forest1DC -- U.S. Forest Service visitor center (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_02C1_Holocaust3DC -- U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_02C2_Holocaust_Americans341DC -- U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum -- Exhibit: Americans and the Holocaust
Americans and the Holocaust
Opened April 23, 2018
This exhibition is a portrait of American society that shows how the Depression, isolationism, xenophobia, racism, and antisemitism shaped responses to Nazism and the Holocaust. It reveals how much information was available to Americans at the time and... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_02C4_Holocaust_Witnesses20DC -- U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum -- Exhibit: American Witnesses
American Witnesses
In April 1945, young Americans serving in the US military encountered the Nazi concentration camps. Few, even those hardened in battle, expected such a shock. “I do not know words that are strong enough or expressive enough to describe the horror I saw in those few days,” one US Army... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_02D1_Emory37DC -- Emory United Methodist Church (by Fort Stevens) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_02D2_Ft_Stevens23DC -- Circle Forts -- Fort Stevens Park (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_04_Ryan51Politics & Prose -- April Ryan ("Under Fire")
April Ryan - Under Fire: Reporting from the Front Lines of the Trump White House
Ryan has been a White House correspondent for the American Urban Radio Networks since the Clinton administration, but with Trump’s arrival she has become part of the story she’s covering. Her new book is both a reporter’s... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_05A1_Southwest15DC -- Southwest areas (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_05A2_Spy6DC -- International Spy Museum (New Location) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_05A3_Waterfront27DC -- Waterfront area (District Wharf) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_05A4_PProse_Wharf7DC -- Politics & Prose (DC Wharf Location)
Including the new mural done by Juana Medina. (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_05A5_Ike_Mem3DC -- Eisenhower National Memorial (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_05B_Kennedy20Politics & Prose @ The Wharf -- Martha H. Kennedy ("Drawn to Purpose")
Martha H. Kennedy - Drawn to Purpose: American Women Illustrators and Cartoonists — at Politics and Prose at The Wharf
Kennedy’s ground-breaking survey presents in detail the lives and work of eighty women illustrators from the late nineteenth century to today. Starting with Golden Age artists Mary... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_06A1_10thSt_Park19DC -- 10th Street Park (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_06A2_City_Center2DC -- City Center complex (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_06A3_City_Center_Loop13DC -- City Center complex -- LOOP
LOOP Comes to DC
August 8th - September 16th
CityCenterDC invites Washingtonians and visitors alike to discover Loop, an original interactive installation by world renowned artists Olivier Girouard and Jonathan Villeneuve. The installation, which was first presented as part of the 7th edition of... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_06B_ORourke41Cato Institute -- "None of My Business" (w/P.J. O'Rourke)
None of My Business: P.J. Explains Money, Banking, Debt, Equity, Assets, Liabilities, and Why He’s Not Rich and Neither Are You
Featuring the author P. J. O’Rourke, H. L. Mencken Research Fellow, Cato Institute; with introductory remarks by David Boaz, Executive Vice President, Cato Institute.
P. J.... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_06C1_Arlington_Manassas112VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Event: Millennium Expansion and Manassas Soldier Burial
Arlington National Cemetery returned to its roots as a resting place for the Civil War dead with a burial Thursday of two unknown Union soldiers.
The burials marked the dedication of an $87 million expansion of the cemetery that officials hope will extend the cemetery’s life by up to 10 years.
The... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_06C2_Arlington_Y2K8VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- New Millennium Section (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_06D1_SS_8250_Georgia11MD -- Silver Spring -- 8250 Georgia (Solaire) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_06D2_SS_1stBaptist2MD -- Silver Spring -- First Baptist Church development (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_06E1_Morales136Takoma Park Community Center and Politics & Prose -- Yuyi Morales ("Dreamers/ Soñadores")
Yuyi Morales - Dreamers/ Soñadores (Spanish language) — at Takoma Park Library (MD)
In 1994, the award-winning author Yuyi Morales crossed a bridge with her two-month old son from Ciudad Juárez, Mexico to El Paso, Texas. They settled into a new American life where almost everything was different and... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_07A_KatzenX132DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2018D Early Fall Exhibition
Finding a Path
Emilie Brzezinski and Dalya Luttwak: A Conversation
September 4-December 16, 2018
Curated by Aneta Georgievska-Shine
Emilie Brzezinski and Dalya Luttwak have much in common as artists, yet they have never shown their works together. Brzezinski’s massive, rough-hewn wood sculptures... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_07B_KatzenXT76DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2018D Early Fall Members Gallery Talk: Emilie Brzezinski, Dalya Luttwak, Aneta Georgievska-Shine, and Mika Brzezinski
Folks in the audience included Aviva Kempner, Joe Scarborough, Jack Rasmussen, Sharon Wolpoff, etc. (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_07C_KatzenO50DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2018D Early Fall Members Opening Reception
The artist talk and Artifacts performance are on other pages. Check the links above.
Folks here include Jack Rasmussen, Sylvia Mathews Burwell (American University President), Carol Brown Goldberg, Joann Moser, Aneta Georgievska-Shine, Dalya Luttwak, and Lowell Gilbertson. (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_07D_Artifacts69DC -- American University -- Katzen Arts Center -- 2018D Early Fall Member's Party w/The Artifacts
Members' Preview
Join us for a private reception and gallery talk on the life and work of Robert D’Arista before closing out the night with a jam session by our Director’s band, The Artifacts.
The members of the band: CAS Dean Peter Starr, Museum Director Jack Rasmussen, Courtney Surls, ...
Folks in... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_08A_Metro_GP6Metro Station -- Gallery Place
A new canopy is going up over the escalator. (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_08B1_City_Center_Loop25DC -- City Center complex -- LOOP
LOOP Comes to DC
August 8th - September 16th
CityCenterDC invites Washingtonians and visitors alike to discover Loop, an original interactive installation by world renowned artists Olivier Girouard and Jonathan Villeneuve. The installation, which was first presented as part of the 7th edition of... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_08B2_City_Center3DC -- City Center complex (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_08C1_SIPG_Pushing107DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (SAAM archives) -- Exhibit: Pushing the Envelope: Mail Art
Pushing the Envelope: Mail Art from the Archives of American Art
August 10, 2018 – January 4, 2019
Beginning in the 1960s, artists from around the world looked to the postal system as an alternative means of producing, distributing, and receiving art. Mail art (alternatively called “correspondence... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_08C2_SIPG_Portrait3DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center -- Portraits (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_08C3_SIPG_Discord_AJ39DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (NPG) -- Exhibit: Faces of Discord -- Andrew Johnson (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_08C4_SIPG_CW7DC -- Donald W. Reynolds Center (NPG) -- Exhibit: Civil War (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_08D1_Kerry196Sixth & I and Politics & Prose -- John Kerry ("Every Day is Extra") w/David Ignatius
John Kerry - Every Day Is Extra — at Sixth & I
John Kerry has devoted his life to public service. Since he testified in front of Congress as a decorated young Vietnam veteran disillusioned with the war, he’s placed himself at the heart of American political life, serving as a five-term Senator and as... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_09A_Eisen11Politics & Prose -- Norman Eisen ("The Last Palace")
Norman Eisen - The Last Palace: Europe's Turbulent Century in Five Lives and One Legendary House
Eisen’s rich profile of Prague’s Petschek Villa, now the residence of the U.S. ambassador to the Czech Republic, combines political history and memoir for an illuminating look at Europe in the last century.... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_09B_Pelecanos90Politics & Prose -- George Pelecanos ("The Man Who Came Uptown")
George Pelecanos - The Man Who Came Uptown
In some twenty mystery-thrillers, Pelecanos has created unforgettable and utterly human characters, placed them in situations offering no obvious right choices, and has illuminated the life of D.C. neighborhoods better than any sociology text could. In his... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_10A_Core129DC -- USC/PDC/PDAA -- Jim Core ("U.S. Preparations for World's Fairs")
Our guest at the next next PDC / PDAA / USC Annenberg lunch forum will be Jim Core, Director of the International Expositions Unit in the State Department Office of the Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs. His bio is at
The topic will be the... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_10B1_KSt7DC -- K Street area (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_10B2_KSt_Sham5DC -- K Street area -- Foon Sham sculptures (Droplet, Turning Point, Ductile, Vascular Form #10) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_10B3_Wawa6DC -- Wawa (1111 19th St. NW) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_10B4_YMCA8DC -- 1701 Rhode Island Ave (the old YMCA) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_10B5_Callbox2DC -- Callboxes (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_10B6_HRC9DC -- Human Rights Campaign HQ (1640 RI Ave, NW) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_10C_Disinformation60DC -- CSIS -- Countering Disinformation: Interdisciplinary Lessons for Policymakers
Countering Disinformation: Interdisciplinary Lessons for Policymakers
With the growth of social media, disinformation has become an increasingly potent political tool. State and non-state actors from various countries, among them Russia and China, have become adept at manufacturing and spreading... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_10D1_CSIS16DC -- Center for Strategic and International Studies (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_10D2_WP15L33DC -- Midtown Center (1100 15th St NW -- Old Washington Post Bldg) -- Exterior (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_10D3_SS_Fairfield_Res14MD -- Silver Spring -- Fairfield Residential (916 Thayer Ave.) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_11_Rad_Girls134Politics & Prose -- Kate Schatz and Miriam Klein Stahl ("Rad Girls Can") w/Mary Beth Tinker
Kate Schatz and Miriam Klein Stahl - Rad Girls Can: Stories of Bold, Brave, and Brilliant Young Women — In conversation with Mary Beth Tinker
What do the young women in this book have in common? Quite simply, they're amazing. The real-life heroines profiled are making it happen in a range of fields:... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_12A1_Molesworth107Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Helen Molesworth (Clarice Smith Distinguished Lecture)
Join Helen Molesworth, former chief curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, for a lecture exploring the work of sculptor Ruth Asawa.
 The Clarice Smith Distinguished Lectures in American Art highlight excellence and innovation in American art through evenings with an outstanding artist,... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_13A1_Ollies24DC -- Ollie's Trolley (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_13A2_SIAH_Batmobile12DC -- Natl Museum of American History -- Exhibit: The Batmobile (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_13A3_WCCanal11DC -- Mall -- Lockkeepers House (Washington City Canal House)
There was supposed to be a ribbon-cutting this morning but the ceremony was delayed for a month due to Hurricane Frances. (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_13A4_Corc_Spiked2DC -- Corcoran School of the Arts and Design -- Exhibit: Spiked
The outside signs for the exhibit. (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_13A5_SIRG_Burning_Art14DC -- Renwick Gallery -- Exhibit: No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_13A6_WHouse_Passby4DC -- Presidential Motorcade drive-by or Helicopter flyby (pick one) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_13C_SIRG_Handihour72Renwick Gallery -- Handi-Hour (2018 Sep, Art of Burning Man) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_13D_Royer37Takoma Park Community Center and Politics & Prose -- Jérémie Royer ("Audubon: On the Wings of the World")
Jérémie Royer - Audubon: On the Wings of the World — at Takoma Park Library (MD)
He was a man of many names and many lives, some invented and some embellished. But one thread followed John James Audubon through his life: a love of nature and an unquenchable thirst for adventure. This graphic novel... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_13E1_Passage128AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2018) -- "Birds of Passage" opening reception
Special Features: Opening Night Sept 13 show features post-screening wine reception and DJ set by DJ Rockactivo, spinning '70s Latin funk & disco
Special Features: 2018 Oscar® Selection, Colombia
Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra, the creative team behind... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_14A1_InclusionAM192Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Symposium: Radical Inclusion and Tales from the Playa: Talks on Art, Inspiration, and the History of Burning Man -- (1 of 2) Morning Sessions
Radical Inclusion and Tales from the Playa: Talks on Art, Inspiration, and the History of Burning Man
Join SAAM, five of the original founders of Burning Man, artists from No Spectators: the Art of Burning Man, and other Burners for a day of storytelling, short films, and discussions about the history... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_14B1_InclusionPM324Reynolds Center (SAAM) -- Symposium: Radical Inclusion and Tales from the Playa: Talks on Art, Inspiration, and the History of Burning Man -- (2 of 2) Afternoon Sessions
Radical Inclusion and Tales from the Playa: Talks on Art, Inspiration, and the History of Burning Man
Join SAAM, five of the original founders of Burning Man, artists from No Spectators: the Art of Burning Man, and other Burners for a day of storytelling, short films, and discussions about the history... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_14C1_Andres75Politics & Prose @ GWU Lisner -- José Andrés ("We Fed An Island") w/Tim Carman
José Andrés - We Fed an Island — in conversation with Tim Carman — at GW Lisner Auditorium
Four days after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, José Andrés arrived on the island and started to cook. Andrés, whose 29 restaurants have earned him Michelin Stars and two James Beard “Outstanding Chef” awards,... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_15A_SPX_Other172MD -- Bethesda -- Small Press Expo (2018) -- Other
Folks here include Library of Congress staff (Megan Halsband, Erin Sidwell, Georgia Higley, and Martha Kennedy), Dave McKenna, Cheese Hasselberger, Rafer Roberts, Karen Green, Tom Kaczynski (Uncivilized Books), Mike Jenkins, Michael Cavna, Joe Sutliff, Rebecca Sugar, Nate Powell, Erica Perl, Erin... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_15B1_SPX_Chast22MD -- Bethesda -- Small Press Expo (2018) -- Panel: Roz Chast In Conversation
Roz Chast In Conversation
Roz Chast is an artistic polymath. Her humorous single-panel cartoons on the tics and neuroses of everyday life have been entertaining readers of The New Yorker for years. Her first graphic novel, Can We Please Talk About Something A Little More Pleasant? garnered her both the... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_15B2_SPX_Tyler14MD -- Bethesda -- Small Press Expo (2018) -- Beatles Sing-A-Long With Carol Tyler
Beatles Sing-A-Long With Carol Tyler
Celebrate the release of comics legend Carol Tyler’s new book, Fab4 Mania, by coming out to the main foyer and singing some of the Beatles’ greatest hits with her! There will be a book signing immediately following the event at the Fantagraphics table. (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_16A_Charleston_CapI55WV -- Charleston -- State Capitol -- Interior (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_16B_Charleston_Cap15WV -- Charleston -- State Capitol -- Exterior (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_16C1_Charleston_CultC2WV -- Charleston -- Cultural Center (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_16C2_WVCoal11WV -- Charleston -- West Virginia Coal Miners Memorial (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_16C3_WVVet26WV -- Charleston -- West Virginia Veterans Memorial (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_16C4_WVCW10WV -- Charleston -- West Virginia Civil War Memorial (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_16C5_WVLabor14WV -- Charleston -- West Virginia DIvision of Labor Bldg (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_16C6_BTWMem5WV -- Charleston -- Booker T. Washington Memorial (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17A_Louisville60KY -- Louisville (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17B1_Frazier_HM34KY -- Louisville -- Frazier History Museum (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17B2_Frazier_HM_WWI22KY -- Louisville -- Frazier History Museum -- The Great War: Highlights from the Frazier World War I Collection
The Great War: Highlights from the Frazier World War I Collection
September 2, 2017 - Winter 2019
Commemorating the 100th anniversary of the United States of America entering into World War I and all the brave men who served, The Great War: Highlights from the Frazier World War I Collection features... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17B3_Frazier_HM_Mini108KY -- Louisville -- Frazier History Museum -- The Stewart Historic Miniature Collection
The Stewart Historic Miniature Collection
Newly Reinterpreted and Vastly Expanded
The Stewart Historic Miniatures collection at The Frazier History Museum is one of the largest collections of historic miniatures on permanent public display in the world. Made possible thanks to a generous donation from... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17B4_Frazier_HM_Spirit98KY -- Louisville -- Frazier History Museum -- The Spirit of Kentucky
The Spirit of Kentucky®
The Spirit of Kentucky® celebrates the history, craft and culture of Bourbon whiskey — America's only native spirit.
A covered bridge-style path leads into the exhibit, which is located on the third floor of the museum. 4K footage of Cumberland Falls and Red River Gorge is... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17B5_Frazier_HM_LC138KY -- Louisville -- Frazier History Museum -- Lewis and Clark Experience
The Lewis and Clark Experience
We have cut a new path on the trail! Now Open!
Visitors of all ages are taken on an immersive, educational adventure that puts them face-to-face with some of the many challenges encountered by the Corps of Discovery, seeking passage to the northwest. Visitors forge... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17C1_Frazier_HM_Founders90KY -- Louisville -- Frazier History Museum -- Founders Gallery
The Founder's Gallery
March 9, 2018
The Frazier History Museum is proud to announce the opening of the Founder’s Gallery, a permanent addition to the Museum dedicated to its founder, local philanthropist Owsley Brown Frazier.
Born in Louisville in 1935, Owsley Brown Frazier was the grandson of... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17C2_Frazier_HM_CW28KY -- Louisville -- Frazier History Museum -- CIvil War (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17C3_Frazier_HM_SExp16KY -- Louisville -- Frazier History Museum -- The Southern Exposition and the Satellites of Mercury in the Champagne Parlor
The Southern Exposition and the Satellites of Mercury in the Champagne Parlor
A new new addition to the second floor of the Frazier Museum is the champagne parlor that doubles as an event space and an exhibit about the Southern Exposition (1883-1887), and the Satellites of Mercury Festival that... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17C4_Frazier_HM_LB17KY -- Louisville -- Frazier History Museum -- Family Gathering: Linda Bruckheimer’s Kentucky
Family Gathering: Linda Bruckheimer’s Kentucky
October 6, 2017 – September 29, 2018
Acclaimed photographer and native Kentuckian Linda Bruckheimer has a unique way of seeing her home state. Her preservationist's eye and historian's sense of detail mean that even the most ordinary becomes extraordinary... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17D1_Louisville_Slugger19KY -- Louisville Slugger Museum (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17D2_Louisville_Slug_WOF71KY -- Louisville Slugger Walk of Fame (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17E1_Louisville_Art29KY -- Louisville -- Public Art (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17E2_Louisville_Coalhole8KY -- Louisville -- Historic Coalhole Covers
Louisville was a major 19th century iron manufacturing center, with over 12 foundries operating by 1880. Cast iron from Louisville’s foundries can still be found in many places including New Orlean’s French Quarter. Louisville’s West Main Street Historic District is a living museum of flamboyantly... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17E3_Louisville_Treering32KY -- Louisville -- Tree ring artwork (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17E4_Ft_Nelson19KY -- Louisville -- Fort Nelson Park (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17E5_Kentucky_Center7KY -- Louisville -- Kentucky Center for the Arts (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17E6_Kentucky_Science5KY -- Louisville -- Kentucky Science Center (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_17E7_Louisville_BShare1KY -- Louisville -- Bike Sharing (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18A1_Arch37MO -- St. Louis -- Gateway Arch (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18A2_ArchI14MO -- St. Louis -- Gateway Arch -- Interior (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18A3_ArchVw43MO -- St. Louis -- Gateway Arch -- Views from... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18B1_MWX34MO -- St. Louis -- Gateway Arch -- Museum of Westward Expansion (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18B2_MWX_Vision80MO -- St. Louis -- Gateway Arch -- Museum of Westward Expansion -- Jefferson's Vision (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18B3_MWX_Riverfront107MO -- St. Louis -- Gateway Arch -- Museum of Westward Expansion -- Riverfront Era (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18B4_MWX_Arch137MO -- St. Louis -- Gateway Arch -- Museum of Westward Expansion -- Building the Arch (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18B5_MWX_Colonial65MO -- St. Louis -- Gateway Arch -- Museum of Westward Expansion -- Colonial St. Louis (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18B6_MWX_Manifest137MO -- St. Louis -- Gateway Arch -- Museum of Westward Expansion -- Manifest Destiny (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18B7_MWX_New_Frontiers66MO -- St. Louis -- Gateway Arch -- Museum of Westward Expansion -- New Frontiers (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18C1_St_Louis1MO -- St. Louis (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18C2_SLMPL99MO -- St. Louis -- Main Public Library (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18C3_SLMPL_Working20MO -- St. Louis -- Main Public Library -- Exhibit: Working in America
Working In America
Working in America takes an intimate look at how we feel about work.
Through powerful photographs and honest stories, the exhibit explores the relationships between social, cultural, physical and psychological realities of work that shape everyday life.
Inspired by Studs Terkel's... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18C4_CityGarden74MO -- St. Louis -- CityGarden (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18C5_St_Louis_Art9MO -- St. Louis -- Public Art (not covered elsewhere) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18C6_St_Louis_Bikeshare1MO -- St. Louis -- Bike Sharing (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18D1_Old_Courthouse21MO -- St. Louis -- Old Courthouse (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18D2_Old_CourthouseI70MO -- St. Louis -- Old Courthouse -- Building Interior (Except Exhibits) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18D3_Old_CourthouseDS188MO -- St. Louis -- Old Courthouse -- Exhibit: Dred Scott (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18D4_Old_CourthouseX117MO -- St. Louis -- Old Courthouse -- Exhibits (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18D5_Kiener_Plaza12MO -- St. Louis -- Kiener Plaza Park (West of Old Courthouse) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18E1_Forest_Park19MO -- St. Louis -- Forest Park (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18E2_SLAM18MO -- St. Louis -- St. Louis Art Museum -- Building (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18F1_MHM51MO -- St. Louis -- Missouri History Museum (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18F2_MHM_Panoramas225MO -- St. Louis -- Missouri History Museum -- Exhibit: Panoramas of the City
Panoramas of the City
Exhibit Dates: September 2, 2017 - December 31, 2018
In the first half of the 20th century, St. Louis photographers used panoramic photography to capture moments from the city’s history—everything from baseball games and Charles Lindbergh’s homecoming to protests and disaster... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18F3_MHM_Muny81MO -- St. Louis -- Missouri History Museum -- Exhibit: Muny Memories: 100 Seasons Onstage
Muny Memories: 100 Seasons Onstage
Exhibit Dates: June 9, 2018 - June 2, 2019
The Muny’s longtime slogan—Alone in Its Greatness—is perhaps the best way to describe the nation’s largest and oldest continually operating outdoor theatre, which celebrates its centennial season in 2018.
Muny Memories: 100... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18F4_MHM_SeekingC307MO -- St. Louis -- Missouri History Museum -- Exhibit: Seeking St. Louis: Currents
Seeking St. Louis: Currents and Reflections
Exhibit Dates: Continuing Exhibit
Delve into the history of the Gateway City from its founding through the new millennium with the twin galleries that make up Seeking St. Louis.
In Currents, trace the lives of the fur traders and explorers, immigrants and... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_18F5_MHM_SeekingR221MO -- St. Louis -- Missouri History Museum -- Exhibit: Seeking St. Louis: Reflections
Seeking St. Louis: Currents and Reflections
Exhibit Dates: Continuing Exhibit
Delve into the history of the Gateway City from its founding through the new millennium with the twin galleries that make up Seeking St. Louis.
In Currents, trace the lives of the fur traders and explorers, immigrants and... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_19A_St_Louis2MO -- St. Louis (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_19B1_City_Museum71MO -- St. Louis -- City Museum -- Outside (except Roof) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_19B2_City_MuseumI212MO -- St. Louis -- City Museum -- Interior (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_19B3_City_MuseumAG40MO -- St. Louis -- City Museum -- Art Gallery (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_19B4_City_MuseumES29MO -- St. Louis -- City Museum -- Elmslie and Sullivan exhibit (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_19B5_City_MuseumTO12MO -- St. Louis -- City Museum -- Tom Otterness figures (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_19B6_City_MuseumR52MO -- St. Louis -- City Museum -- Roof (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_19B7_City_MuseumRVw13MO -- St. Louis -- City Museum -- Roof -- View from... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_19C1_SLAM37MO -- St. Louis -- St. Louis Art Museum -- Building (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_19C2_SLAM_Contemp296MO -- St. Louis -- St. Louis Art Museum -- Contemporary Art (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_19C3_SLAM_Decor37MO -- St. Louis -- St. Louis Art Museum -- Decorative Arts (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_19C4_SLAM_Egypt58MO -- St. Louis -- St. Louis Art Museum -- Ancient Egypt/Rome section (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_19C5_SLAM_AA72MO -- St. Louis -- St. Louis Art Museum -- Africa and Asia section (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_19C6_SLAM_Armor13MO -- St. Louis -- St. Louis Art Museum -- Armor section (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_19C7_SLAM_Main586MO -- St. Louis -- St. Louis Art Museum -- American and European 1400-1900 (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_19D1_Forest_Park2MO -- St. Louis -- Forest Park (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_19D2_Union_Miners44IL -- Mt. Olive -- Union Miner's Cemetery (Mother Jones Monument)
Union Miners Cemetery
The Union Miners Cemetery has a “spirit-thread” of labor history connected to it. It is in Mt. Olive, a small mining-town that was once the center of a rebellious group of miners who helped to secure Illinois as the solid rock for the United Mine Workers Union. Today thousands of... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_20A1_Millennium_Park104IL -- Chicago -- Millennium Park (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_20A2_Art_Inst3IL -- Chicago -- Art Institute of Chicago (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_20A3_Grant_Park29IL -- Chicago -- Grant Park (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_20A4_Maggie_Park9IL -- Chicago -- Maggie Daley Park (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_20B_Chicago56IL -- Chicago -- Miscellaneous pictures (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_20C1_Lakeshore_EPk6IL -- Chicago -- Lakeshore East Park (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_20C2_K9s4Cops18IL -- Chicago -- K9s for Cops Art Project (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_20C3_Hussain6IL -- Chicago -- Who Is Hussain protest
Other than several labor protests outside of hotels, this was the only other mass activity I saw while I was there. (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_20C4_Chicago_Bikeshare2IL -- Chicago -- Bike Sharing (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_20C5_Gem_Poles22IL -- Chicago -- Gem District Pole Art (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_20D1_CCC91IL -- Chicago -- Chicago Cultural Center (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_20D2_CCC_Rockman31IL -- Chicago -- Chicago Cultural Center -- Exhibit: Alexis Rockman: The Great Lakes Cycle
Alexis Rockman: The Great Lakes Cycle
June 2 - October 1, 2018
This multi-faceted project explores the past, present and future of North America’s Great Lakes – one of the world’s most emblematic and ecologically significant ecosytems. Painted in Rockman’s signature, meticulous but visionary... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_20D3_CCC_Haring11IL -- Chicago -- Chicago Cultural Center -- Exhibit: Keith Haring: The Chicago Mural
Keith Haring: The Chicago Mural
March 3 - September 23, 2018

The FREE admission exhibition will feature 36 original panels of the monumental mural created in 1989 by internationally-acclaimed artist Keith Haring with the assistance of 500 Chicago Public School students in Chicago's Grant Park. The... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_20D4_CCC_Architecture12IL -- Chicago -- Chicago Cultural Center -- Exhibit: Chicago Architecture Biennial Installations
Chicago Architecture Biennial Installations
Ongoing • Free Admission
The inaugural Chicago Architecture Biennial (October 3, 2015 – January 3, 2016) was a global exhibition of contemporary architecture, showcasing the visionary ideas of 100 architects and designers from 30 countries. Although the... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_20D5_CCC_Mass37IL -- Chicago -- Chicago Cultural Center -- Exhibit: Tuned Mass: Jeff Carter, Faheem Majeed & Susan Giles
Tuned Mass: Jeff Carter, Faheem Majeed & Susan Giles
September 8, 2018 - January 6, 2019
Exploring architecture through themes of barricade, convening and gesture come together in this sculptural exhibition presented in three suites. Jeff Carter works from images of specific conflict zones sourced... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_20E1_Pritzker26IL -- Chicago -- Pritzker Military Museum & Library (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_20E2_Pritzker_WWI132IL -- Chicago -- Pritzker Military Museum & Library -- Exhibit: Lest We Forget: Sailors, Sammies and Doughboys Over There in World War I
The Pritzker Military Museum & Library’s new original exhibit, Lest We Forget: Sailors, Sammies and Doughboys Over There in World War I, explores the experiences of those who served in World War I and the role the United States played in ending the first global conflict. The exhibit will feature... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_20F1_ABT_Thank_You272ABT Special Thank You Event in Chicago, IL
A Special Evening of Thanks sponsored by the Americna Battlefield Trust.
Cocktail Reception & History Presentaton:
* Robert I. Girardi: "The GAR Memorial Hall: Chicago's Monument to the Civil War"
* Dr. Mary J. Abroe & Mr. William J. Hupp: Welcome
* Dinner
* Lt. Gen. Richard P. Mills, USMC... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_21A1_TAM21OH -- Toledo Museum of Art (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_21A2_TAM_Classic532OH -- Toledo Museum of Art -- American and European 1600-1900 (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_21A4_TAM_New_Media49OH -- Toledo Museum of Art -- New Media Gallery (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_21A5_TAM_Middle_Ren176OH -- Toledo Museum of Art -- Middle Ages and Renaissance 1000-1600 (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_21A6_TAM_Ancient38OH -- Toledo Museum of Art -- Ancient (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_21A7_TAM_Contemp164OH -- Toledo Museum of Art -- Contemporary (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_21A8_TAM_SVisual83OH -- Toledo Museum of Art -- Speaking Visually (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_21A9_TAM_Asia59OH -- Toledo Museum of Art -- Japan (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_21B1_TAM_Glass113OH -- Toledo Museum of Art -- Glass Pavillion (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_21B2_TAM_Glass_Libbey78OH -- Toledo Museum of Art -- Glass Pavillion -- Celebrating Libbey Glass 1928-2018 (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_21B3_TAM_Glass_Demo39OH -- Toledo Museum of Art -- Glass Pavillion -- Glass Blowing Demo (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_21C1_PATpk_OakmontS8PA -- Pennsylvania Turnpike -- Oakmont (South) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_21C2_PATpk_SomersetS11PA -- Pennsylvania Turnpike -- Somerset (South) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_21C3_PATpk_MidwayS56PA -- Pennsylvania Turnpike -- Midway (South) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_22A1_TechnologyFD_BTT87Reynolds Center -- Family Day -- Bash The Trash
Technology Family Day
Discover how technology and art intersect and influence our lives. Explore the Trevor Paglen: Sites Unseen exhibition and then join us in the courtyard to learn binary code to create jewelry, see how game developers use pixels to create pictures, and hear music that turns... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_22A2_TechnologyFD_PTR38Reynolds Center -- Family Day -- Pepper the Robot
Technology Family Day
Discover how technology and art intersect and influence our lives. Explore the Trevor Paglen: Sites Unseen exhibition and then join us in the courtyard to learn binary code to create jewelry, see how game developers use pixels to create pictures, and hear music that turns... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_22A3_TechnologyFD_Etc40Reynolds Center -- Family Day -- All Else
Technology Family Day
Discover how technology and art intersect and influence our lives. Explore the Trevor Paglen: Sites Unseen exhibition and then join us in the courtyard to learn binary code to create jewelry, see how game developers use pixels to create pictures, and hear music that turns... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_22B_MLKLib3DC -- Martin Luther King Memorial Library (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_22C1_Time_Share137AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2018) -- "Time Share" (w/Sebastián Hofmann)
Special Features: Q&A with filmmaker Sebastián Hofmann, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Institute on Sept 22
Pedro and his family are stuck sharing their dream getaway in a tropical resort with Abel and his strange brood due to a... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_23_Nader95Politics & Prose -- Ralph Nader ("To the Ramparts")
Ralph Nader - To the Ramparts: How Bush and Obama Paved the Way for the Trump Presidency, and Why It Isn't Too Late to Reverse Course
Since the release of Unsafe at Any Speed in 1965, Nader has led the charge against destructive and exploitative corporate power. The co-founder of public interest groups... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_25A1_SeparationP150USCHS & US CVC -- "Congress and the Separation of Powers" -- Panel 1: Audacious Vision
Congress and the Separation of Powers: Audacious Vision, Uneven History, and Uncertain Future
Panel 1 - Audacious Vision: Why a Separation of Powers?
* John Haskell (moderator)
* Gene Healy
* Alison LaCroix
* James I. Wallner

Join us for this discussion that will bring together an... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_25A2_SeparationP256USCHS & US CVC -- "Congress and the Separation of Powers" -- Panel 2: Uneven History
Congress and the Separation of Powers: Audacious Vision, Uneven History, and Uncertain Future
Panel 2 - Uneven History: Separation of Powers and the Struggle for Equal Rights
* Ron Elving (moderator)
* Jesse J. Holland
* Yuval Levin
* Victoria Frances Nourse

Join us for this discussion that... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_25A3_SeparationP353USCHS & US CVC -- "Congress and the Separation of Powers" -- Panel 3: Uncertain Future
Congress and the Separation of Powers: Audacious Vision, Uneven History, and Uncertain Future
Panel 3 - Uncertain Future: Party Polarization and Legislative-Executive Balance
* James A. Thurber (Moderator)
* Sarah Binder
* Norman Ornstein
* Manu Raju

Join us for this discussion that will... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_25B1_LOC_Baseball332DC -- Library of Congress -- Exhibit: Baseball Americana
Baseball Americana
June 29, 2018–Summer 2019
Americans had been playing baseball long before they agreed on the rules or even settled on how to spell it.
Base-Ball (1787)
base-ball (1799)
base ball (1818)
Base Ball (1845)
baseball (1899)
They didn't always call it baseball either—in some... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_25B2_LOC_Rudolph23DC -- Library of Congress -- Exhibit (Agile): Century of Architect Paul M. Rudolph (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_25B3_LOC_Bibles3DC -- Library of Congress -- Exhibit: Bible Collection
They're doing a new case for the Guttenberg Bible. (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_25B4_LOC_Frankenstein35DC -- Library of Congress -- Exhibit (Agile): Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_25B5_LOC_Mapping32DC -- Library of Congress -- Exhibit: Mapping A Growing Nation: Midwestern States.. (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_25B6_LOC_16thSt29DC -- Library of Congress -- Exhibit (Agile): Birmingham's 16th Street Baptist Church Bombing (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_25C_Signs7DC -- Temporary Signs
Reject Kavanagh signs near the Capitol. (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_25D1_Supreme_CtX_LLaw100DC -- Supreme Court Building -- Exhibit: In Re Lady Lawyers
In Re Lady Lawyers: The Rise of Women Attorneys and the Supreme Court
In the early 1900s, an employee in the Office of the Clerk began to keep a list of women admitted to the Supreme Court Bar. Kept in an envelope titled In Re Lady Lawyers, the list records the women who carved a path for future female... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_25D2_Supreme_CtI36DC -- Supreme Court Building -- Interior (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_25D3_Supreme_CtX_Temple3DC -- Supreme Court Building -- Exhibit: America’s Temple of Justice (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_25E_SIPM_Lennon12DC -- Natl Postal Museum -- Exhibit (Case): John Lennon: The Green Album
John Lennon: The Green Album
September 7, 2018 – February 3, 2019

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National Postal Museum
2 Massachusetts Avenue, NE
Washington, DC

Level 1 Floor Plan

John Lennon’s boyhood stamp album—including 565 stamps on more than 150 pages are on display. The... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_26_TakomaF10DC -- Takoma -- Warehouse Fire (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_27A1_Woodward117Politics & Prose @ GWU Lisner -- Bob Woodward ("Fear") w/Michael Schmidt
Bob Woodward - Fear — In conversation with Michael Schmidt at GW Lisner Auditorium
Bob Woodward, one of the most notable journalists and non-fiction authors in the country, is best known for his original news reporting on the Watergate scandal in the 1970s with fellow reporter Carl Bernstein. Since... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_28A1_Baltimore30MD -- Baltimore (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_28A2_JP2_Garden14MD -- Baltimore -- John Paul II Prayer Garden (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_28A3_Pratt_Lib70MD -- Baltimore -- Enoch Pratt Free Library (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_28A4_BTrail_MtVernon27MD -- Baltimore Urban Heritage Trail -- Mount Vernon Cultural Walk (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_28A5_Baltimore_Basilica1MD -- Baltimore -- Basilica of the Assumption (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_28B1_BCC29MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Miscellaneous (Friday) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_28B2_BCCA62MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Artists (Friday)
Folks here:
Arthur Adams, Jim Steranko, Frank Cho, Denny O'Neil, Tom Grummett, Simon Bisley, ???, Wil Wheaton, Erin Gray, Katrina Law, Michael Copon, Tom King, Denys Cowan, John Ostrander, Terry Moore, Tom DeFalco, Zeea Adams, Louise Simonson, Walt Simonson, Neil Adams, Buzz, Joel Adams, Marty Baumann,... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_28C1_BCCP018MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Coffee and Comics: Baltimore Edition
Coffee and Comics: Baltimore Edition
It’s back! Amy Chu, writer of Poison Ivy and Red Sonja, talks comics and pop culture over coffee with Christina Blanch and some surprise guests.
Seated left to right: Christy Blanch, Amy Chu, Sean Von Gorman, and Paul Storrie. (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_28C2_BCCP0225MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Louise Simonson and June Brigman: Looking Back on Power Pack
Louise Simonson and June Brigman: Looking Back on Power Pack
In 1984, writer Louise Simonson and artist June Brigman created Marvel Comics’ newest — and youngest — super group: the preteen Power Pack! Using their powers of gravity, acceleration, density, and energy, siblings Alex, Julie, Jack, and... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_28C3_BCCP0312MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: More Than Ponies
More Than Ponies
Katie Cook, Andy Price, and Thom Zahler are well-known for their work on My Little Pony, but did you know they do more than ponies? Join us for this conversation that will most likely include comics, coffee, wine, and probably ponies. Moderated by Christy Blanch.
Panel (left to... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_28C4_BCCP0416MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Chocolate Nation Studios: Creating Meaningful Comic Books and Novels
Chocolate Nation Studios: Creating Meaningful Comic Books and Novels
Our purpose is to help creators construct and produce new worlds outside of the realms of Marvel, DC Comics, and anime. This will be a venture into the trials and tribulations of creating unique and intellectual properties of your own... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_28C5_BCCP0544MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Meet the Liberty Brigade
Meet the Liberty Brigade
The Baltimore Comic-Con is pleased to host the debut of a new superhero team, The Liberty Brigade, featuring the return of various 1940s superheroes in a brand new WW II story. The Zero issue debuts here and a Kickstarter is currently running for an 80+ page graphic novel. Hear... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_28D1_BCCP0623MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: From Superboy to Section Zero
From Superboy to Section Zero
Karl Kesel and Tom Grummett — arguably one of the most classic creative teams in comics — discuss their 25+ years of collaborations with moderator Robert Greenberger, from The Reign of the Supermen to Superboy to their Baltimore Comic-Con-debuting Section Zero graphic... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_28D2_BCCP0718MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Terry Moore Universe Baltimore Comic-Con Yearbook Panel
The Terry Moore Universe Baltimore Comic-Con Yearbook Panel
Characters from the work of Terry Moore (Strangers in Paradise, Echo, Rachel Rising, Motor Girl) populate this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con Yearbook. Join Terry, designer/artist Thom Zahler and artists David Petersen, Katie Cook, and Jamal Igle... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_28D3_BCCP0812MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Noir Comics: Mean Streets Past and Present
Noir Comics: Mean Streets Past and Present
There’s been a crime. Danger hides around corners and in the shadows. Welcome to the world of noir. Join moderator/writer Paul Levitz (Brooklyn Blood) and creators John K. Snyder III (Lawrence Block’s Eight Million Ways to Die), Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets),... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_28D4_BCCP094MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Punching Nazis with Billy Tucci
Punching Nazis – From Captain America to Miss Fury, Wonder Woman and Beyond with Billy Tucci
Join Multi-Eisner Award nominee and Sgt. Rock – The Lost Battalion writer/artist Billy Tucci as he opens a discussion on how history has played an invaluable role on comics while heralding the return of Golden... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_28E1_Rafer_Andrea313Rafer and Andrea wedding @ Ottobar (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29A1_BCC46MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Miscellaneous (Saturday) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29A2_BCCA140MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Artists (Saturday)
Artists shown here:
Barry Kitson, Jose Garcia-Lopez, Justin Jordan, Tim Truman, John K. Snyder III, Mike Gold, Mark Wheatley, Marc Hempel, Jim Calafiore, Paris Cullins, Rafer Roberts, Ed Piskor, Sean Chen, Mark Morales, Mark Waid, Brian Stelfreeze, J. Robert Deans, John Gallagher, John Green, Mike... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29A3_BCC_KidsW30MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Kids Workshop (Saturday)
Sketchbook Dares with Laura Lee Gulledge
Calling all sketchbook lovers! In this interactive presentation, Laura Lee Gulledge will demonstrate DRAWING LIVE, a couple of her favorite drawing activities that are featured in her new book Sketchbook Dares: 24 Ways to Draw Out Your Inner Artist. Plus, she’ll... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29B1_BCCP014MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Batman’s Biggest Secret
Batman’s Biggest Secret
In 1939, writer Bill Finger co-created a character that would become one of the most successful fictional icons in world history. In 1974, Bill died poor and unknown to the public. In 2015, defying longstanding odds, and after not one but three twists, his legacy was saved. This... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29B2_BCCP0210MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Team Building
Team Building
What makes a successful team of heroes and/or villains? Is it a set of skills and powers or diverse personalities who look good in spandex? Paul Levitz (Legion of Super-Heroes), Mark Waid (Legion, Champions), Ron Marz (Skullkickers, CrossGenesis), and Denny O’Neil (Justice League of... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29B3_BCCP0310MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Mike Colter Spotlight
Mike Colter Spotlight
You know him as Luke Cage, and now’s your opportunity to meet actor Mike Colter. In addition to his work on Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and The Defenders, Colter has appeared in ER, Million Dollar Baby, Zero Dark Thirty, and more. This panel is a must for all of Colter’s... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29B4_BCCP047MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Wil Wheaton Spotlight
Wil Wheaton Spotlight
From Star Trek: The Next Generation to Stand By Me to The Big Bang Theory to Tabletop and beyond, Wil Wheaton has garnered many fans. Aside from acting, he’s an author, a number one New York Times bestselling Audiobook narrator, and passionate activist for mental health care.... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29C1_BCCP0530MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Frank Miller Spotlight
Frank Miller Spotlight
From Daredevil to Ronin to Batman: The Dark Knight Returns to Sin City to Dark Knight III: The Master Race, creator Frank Miller has left an indelible mark on modern comics. Join Frank and his special guests for an engaging panel. You’ll kick yourself if you miss it.
The... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29C2_BCCP067MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Music and Comics
Music and Comics
One’s an auditory medium and the other is visual. You wouldn’t think that comics and music would work well together, and yet they do. P. Craig Russell (The Ring of the Nibelung), Ed Piskor (Hip Hop Family Tree), Timothy Truman (Grateful Dead Comix), John K. Snyder III (Fashion in... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29C3_BCCP0719MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Creativity & Mental Health – A Roundtable Discussion
Creativity & Mental Health – A Roundtable Discussion
Moderator: John Gallagher Panelists: Jimmy Gownley, Laura Lee Gulledge, Jamar Nicholas
Along with the thrill and excitement of being creative, it can sometimes go hand-in-hand with depression, anxiety, learning differences, and more. Moderator John... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29C4_BCCP0814MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: AHOY There: A New Kind Of Comics Publisher!
AHOY There: A New Kind Of Comics Publisher!
AHOY Comics launches in September/October with an impressive list of creators, a sharp sense of humor, and some unexpected extras: prose fiction, poetry and satire! Now meet the AHOY crew in the *shudder* flesh! Writer/editors Tom Peyer and Stuart Moore join... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29C5_BCCP0919MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Walter Simonson and John Workman: From Thor to Ragnarök
Walter Simonson and John Workman: From Thor to Ragnarök
If you’re looking for Norse mythology in comic books, Simonson and Workman are the ones to call. Writer/artist Walter Simonson and letterer John Workman reminisce about creating Beta Ray Bill and the Frog Thor on Marvel Comics’ Thor in the 1980s... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29D1_BCCP1017MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Kickstarter
Crowdsourcing has become a legitimate way of ensuring creators can make a living while producing cool comics for their audiences. Thom Zahler, Tim Truman, Steve Conley, and Paul Storrie tell moderator Robert Greenberger about the trials and tribulations of mounting a successful... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29D2_BCCP118MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: MeToo and Geekdom
MeToo and Geekdom
Hear a discussion on the intersection between geek culture and sexual harassment, assault, and rape. Topics include common occurrences in gaming, conventions, and our favorite industries, how fans might be complicit in this behavior, and how we can stand up against the problem.... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29D3_BCCP125MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Comics Writing 101 with Amy Chu
Comics Writing 101 with Amy Chu
Comics writer Amy Chu will walk you through her process for pitching, outlining, and breaking down an 20-page issue of comics using an issue of Red Sonja as an example.
Panelists (left to right): Amy Chu and Paul Storrie. (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29D4_BCCP1311MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Comic Book Shop Retail
Comic Book Shop Retail
The comic shop is more than just a place to buy comics – it’s a community gathering place. Join Jeff Watkins (Cloud City Comics and Toys), Christy Blanch (Aw Yeah Comics – Muncie), and Franco Aureliani (Aw Yeah Comics – NY), and possibly some surprise guests to discuss what it’s... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29E1_BCC_Ringo1149MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Ringo Awards: Reception
Folks here:
Todd Klein, David Petersen, ???, Katie Cook, Andy Price, Matt Dembicki, Mark Lindblom, Sandy Jarrell, Tom Grummett, Christy Blanch, Ramona Fradon, Matt Wieringo, Franco Aureliani, ???, John Workman, Todd Klein, Paul Storrie, Steve Conley, Ed Piskor, Charles Kochman, Denny O'Neil, Susan... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29E2_BCC_Ringo245MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Ringo Awards: Dinner
Folks here include:
John Workman, Greg Pak, Jeff Parker, Franco Aureliani, Jose Garcia-Lopez, Charles Kochman, Jenny Frison, Ramona Fradon, Dean Haspiel, John Milewski, Tom King, Lee Weeks, Gus Vasquez, Ben Bishop, Ed Piskor, and Todd Klein (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29E3_BCC_Ringo3360MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Ringo Awards: Award Ceremony
Comic creative professionals, publishers, retailers, and fans came together Saturday night, September 29, 2018 to socialize, dine, and experience the comic book industry celebrating recognition of their peers, co-workers, and competitors at the 2018 Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards.

This... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_29E6_BCC_Ringo673MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Ringo Awards: Afterward
Folks here include:
Marc Andreyko, Todd Klein, John Workman, Joe Staton, David Petersen, Katie Cook, Lee Weeks, Jeff Parker, Sandy Jarrell, Franco Aureliani, Lee Weeks, Christy Blanch, Denny O'Neil, Charles Kochman, Tom King, Tom Grummett, (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_30A1_BCC49MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Miscellaneous (Sunday) (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_30A2_BCCA124MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Artists (Sunday)
Artists here:
Barry Kitson, Mark Buckingham, Jose Garcia-Lopez, Mark Sparacio, Justin Jordan, Walt Simonson, Louise Simonson, Amy Chu, John K. Snyder III, Don Mathias, Eric Proctor (TsaoChin), Leo Leibelman, Joe Giella, Ramona Fradon, Carla Speed McNeil, Charles Kochman, Laura Lee Gulledge, June... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_30A3_BCC_KidsW13MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Kids Workshop (Sunday)
Superhero University with Chris Mariano and Adam Wallenta
OPEN TO FIRST 30 KIDS! You won’t be able to fly and it won’t give you super powers, but you will learn all the ins and outs of superheroics from the industry’s top professors. PLUS you’ll have fun making your own cape and superhero mask! Come to... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_30A4_BCC_CosplayPS70MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Cosplay Photoshoot (Sunday)
Sorry but my main camera went from air conditioned convention center to sunlight shining directly onto the lens and it fogged up so I missed some set-ups until I switched to a different camera. (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_30B1_BCCP016MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: P. Craig Russell Spotlight
P. Craig Russell Spotlight
From Doctor Strange, Killraven, Elric, The Ring of the Nibelung, the Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde, Sandman, and American Gods, P. Craig Russell has established himself as a consummate artist and writer. Join Russell and Jose Villarrubia, artist and chair of MICA’s Illustration... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_30B2_BCCP0244MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: How New Formats and Themes are Expanding Comic Book Readership
How New Formats and Themes are Expanding Comic Book Readership
For decades, when most people thought of comics, 22-page super hero adventures for children came to mind. Today, greater diversity of theme and format are expanding comic readership. Who are these new readers? What messages do comics with... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_30B3_BCCP0319MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Tony Isabella Spotlight
Tony Isabella Spotlight
The creator of Black Lightning has had a full career at Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and small presses, dabbling in prose, and hosting some of the coolest garage sales in America. The special guest chats about his career with moderator, and old pal, Robert Greenberger. (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_30C1_BCCP045MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Valiant Comics 101 And Beyond
Valiant Comics 101 And Beyond
New to the Valiant Universe? With Valiant’s all-new and exciting “BEYOND” initiative approaching at the end of 2018, there’s never been a better time to become a fan! Jump on board right here with a concise and fun-filled introduction to the origins and adventures of... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_30C2_BCCP0529MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: Comics with a Point of View: Yours and MINE!
Comics with a Point of View: Yours and MINE!
Activism in comics has been a growing trend over the past few years, and the current political climate has created an immense need to champion causes. For that reason, ComicMix published Mine!, the Ringo-nominated comic anthology celebrating (and benefiting)... (Partially reviewed)
2018_09_30C3_BCCP069MD -- Baltimore Comic-Con (2018) -- Panel: The Future of Small Press
The Future of Small Press
Panelists: Travis McIntire, Andy Schmidt, Christy Blanch, and Josh Geppi.
It seems that Independent publishers are popping up more and more in the comic book industry. In an industry that is “dying” every few years, what is the future for the smaller publishers?
Panel (left... (Partially reviewed)

What's hot: The following pages have been the most popular ones over the last month or so:
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2018_10_01A1_Stars_Stripes222Newseum -- Screening of "The World's Most Dangerous Paper Route" (w/David Patraeus, Steve Kroft, Lindsay Graham, Tom Philpott)
Celebrating an Icon of American Journalism: Stars and Stripes The Newseum and Stars and Stripes present the world premiere screening of the new documentary film, “The World’s Most Dangerous Paper Route.” The film heralds the history, heritage, and achievements of Stars and Stripes, the “hometown new... (Partially reviewed)
2018_10_28A_Captain2076AFI -- Captain 20 Returns!
Captain 20 Returns! Everybody's favorite alien, Captain 20, is making a very special appearance at AFI Silver to host a program of cartoons and kid-show favorites from the old days, including ULTRAMAN, SPEED RACER and Bugs Bunny and Friends! There might even be some gerbil races. Do you still have y... (Partially reviewed)
2018_11_03A_Blechman52DC -- Dumbarton Oaks -- Event: An Afternoon with R. O. Blechman
An Afternoon with R. O. Blechman The creator of what are now considered by many to be the earliest graphic novels, R. O. Blechman, will discuss his first work, The Juggler of Our Lady. This cartoon retelling of the medieval legend was first published in 1953 and later adapted into an award-winning s... (Partially reviewed)
2018_11_04D1_Kinney141Politics & Prose @ UDC Theater of the Arts -- Jeff Kinney ("The Meltdown (Diary of a Wimpy Kid #13")
Jeff Kinney - The Meltdown (Diary of a Wimpy Kid #13) — UDC Theater of the Arts Countdown to The Meltdown! In celebration of the launch of Diary of a Wimpy Kid #13: The Meltdown, join us for an imaginative evening at Wimpy Kid Live: The Meltdown Show, an interactive author experience hosted by JEFF ... (Partially reviewed)
2018_10_17B_Ellis63Natl Archives -- Joseph Ellis ("American Dialogue")
American Dialogue: The Founding Fathers and Us The story of history is often a conversation between past and present, and in American Dialogue, Pulitzer Prize–winning historian Joseph J. Ellis focuses on the often-asked question, “What would the Founding Fathers think?” Ellis gives us a deeply insig... (Partially reviewed)

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