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2009_MD_Purple_Line1MD -- Purple Line
2018_MD_Purple_Line108MD -- Purple Line
A sign for the Purple Line has gone up at the Silver Spring Metro station.
Purple Line-related construction around the Flower Avenue Giants.
Trees came down and construction came up around the Old Blair High School.
2019_MD_Purple_Line767MD -- Purple Line
Lots of work in preparation for the Purple Line: the Kinko's and Spring Center were torn down, tunnel work was done on Long Branch, trees were cut down, fencing was put up, supports are being put up around the Paul Sarbanes transportation center, etc.
2020_02_01_Purple_Line52MD -- Purple Line
Putting up a section half-way across the Red Line tracks.
2020_02_02_Purple_Line87MD -- Purple Line
Another trestle is installed.
2020_02_05A_Purple_Line6MD -- Purple Line
2020_02_08A1_Purple_Line21MD -- Purple Line
The 175 ton crane has been set up in the middle of Colesville Road in preparation for laying the next section of the Purple Line trestle.
2020_02_14A_Purple_Line21MD -- Purple Line
2020_02_15A_Purple_Line40MD -- Purple Line
2020_02_16A_Purple_Line52MD -- Purple Line
2020_02_17A_Purple_Line16MD -- Purple Line
2020_02_18A_Purple_Line10MD -- Purple Line
2020_02_19A2_Purple_Line18MD -- Purple Line
2020_02_22A_Purple_Line15MD -- Purple Line
2020_02_23A_Purple_Line3MD -- Purple Line
2020_02_24A_Purple_Line1MD -- Purple Line
2020_02_26D_Purple_Line9MD -- Purple Line
More pieces get trucked in.
2020_02_27A1_Purple_Line30MD -- Purple Line
2020_02_29A1_Purple_Line222MD -- Purple Line
The pieces were installed directly over Colesville Road on this day. There were 8 separate pieces, 4 of which were installed before I got there around 9:30am. I watched the next three go up before 4pm -- they were moving really quickly! I presume they did the eighth piece afterward but I didn't have...
2020_03_01A_Purple_Line22MD -- Purple Line
They finished the weekend work early. But the Silver Spring Metro stayed closed anyway. I also noticed they had hung a flag under the new section. Someone said the pedestrian bridge between the bus station and the MARC trains would be torn up to make room for the MBT so I wanted to photograph that...
2020_03_02A_Purple_Line5MD -- Purple Line
2020_03_07A_Purple_Line9MD -- Purple Line
They installed a new segment of the trestles overnight!
2020_03_10A1_Purple_Line36MD -- Purple Line
2020_03_11A_Purple_Line4MD -- Purple Line
2020_03_14A1_Purple_Line14MD -- Purple Line
2020_03_24_Purple_Line11MD -- Purple Line
2020_03_26A1_Purple_Line32MD -- Purple Line
2020_04_08A2_Purple_Line44MD -- Purple Line
2020_04_17B1_Purple_Line2MD -- Purple Line
2020_05_27B5_Purple_Line52MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2020_06_01A2_Purple_Line42MD -- Purple Line (Partially reviewed)
2020_MD_Purple_Line231MD -- Purple Line
They closed off the Silver Spring Metro station several times to put up the MBT bike trail trestle as well as parts of the Purple Line trestles.

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2020_05_02D_Flyby18Flyby -- Thunderbirds and Blue Angels' thank you to health care workers
The military’s two elite aerobatic squadrons—the Air Force Thunderbirds and the Navy Blue Angels—commenced a joint flyby of the metro area today to honor healthcare workers and first responders on the frontlines of the current crisis. I went to Tenleytown to see them. The two jet teams fly by once ... (Partially reviewed)
2020_02_12B1_HolodomorP205MD -- College Park -- University of Maryland -- Architecture School Event: Lecture & Reception
The official opening of the exhibit is set for Wednesday, February 12, 2020. Larysa Kurylas of The Kurylas Studio, the design architect and sculptor of the National Holodomor Memorial, will give a presentation about the design of the memorial and the challenges of conveying loss in built form. Also...
2020_02_12A_UMd_Holodomor115MD -- College Park -- University of Maryland -- Kibel Gallery Exhibit: Making The Holodomor Memorial:Context & Questions
The Kibel Gallery Presents Making The Holodomor Memorial:Context & Questions On view February 12 - July 2020 University of Maryland alumna Larysa Kurylas’ Holodomor Memorial in Washington, D.C., is a tribute to the victims of the man-made famine engineered by Stalin’s regime in Soviet Ukraine in 193...
2020_03_04B2_Costco_Fred11MD -- Costco @ Frederick
Covid-19 fears exhaust water, hand wipes, and toilet paper.
2020_04_17C1_Union_StationI43DC -- Union Station (Interior)
So much of the building is closed due to Covid-19. Entrances have been shut as well to control people coming and going. They're still working on replacing floor tiles as well which is what the little tents are. Note that Union Station is one of the few places with public bathrooms. I would have expe... (Partially reviewed)

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