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2015_MD_BCCA304Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Artists
Folks shown here:
Russ Heath, Denis Kitchen, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Frank Cho, Bob McLeod, Don Rosa, Buzz, Terry Moore, Bernie Wrightson, Darwyn Cooke, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Stan Sakai, Tom Palmer, Mark Waid, Christina Blanch, Steve Conley, Paul Storrie, Thom Zahler, Bob...
2015_MD_BCC_CosplayPS_15092644Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Cosplay Photoshoot (Sunday)
2015_MD_BCCCC_Prep_15092624Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Costume Contest: Adult Prep
2015_MD_BCCCC_Youths_150927262Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Costume Contest: Youths
The emcee for the contest was Joe Bronzi
2015_MD_BCCDD_15092571Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Drink & Draw 2015
Drink and Draw 2015 is on! Hooters will once again be hosting us at the Inner Harbor location, from 6-9 on Friday, September 25th. See you then, and bring your pens, wallets and thirst!
2015_MD_BCC_Harvey2_150926262Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Harvey Awards: Ceremony and Afterwards
2015 Presenters:
Welcoming Remarks: Paul McSpadden
Emcee: Vivek Tiwary
Presenter: Charlie Kochman --
* Best Letterer: Jack Morelli, AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE, Archie Comic Publications -- accepted by Jonathan Betancourt
* Best Colorist: Dave Stewart, HELLBOY IN HELL, Dark Horse Comics -- accepted by...
2015_MD_BCC_Harvey1_150926139Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Harvey Awards: Pre-Ceremony Reception and Dinner
Folks shown include: Vivek J. Tiwary, Mike Gold, Denis Kitchen, Christina Blanch, Sal Crevelli, Ed Dukeshire, Matt Dembicki, Mark Wheatley, Marc Hempel (who's six days older than I am), Russ Heath, Jules Feiffer, Steve Geppi, Josh O'Neill, Chris Stevens, Mike Grell, Andrew Carl, Chad Lambert, Steve...
2015_MD_BCC_KidsW4Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Kids Love Comics Workshop
Kyle Puttkammer (Kids Love Comics programming)
2015_MD_BCC182Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Miscellaneous
2015_MD_BCCP02_15092619Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: 25 Years of Valiant: Book of Death and Beyond
25 Years of Valiant: Book of Death and Beyond
Celebrate 25 years of the largest independent universe in comics with an all-star panel spotlighting the next earth-shaking changes coming for Valiant’s biggest heroes! From the epic events of BOOK OF DEATH and WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR to seismic...
2015_MD_BCCP22_1509269Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: A Look at Digital Comics
A Look at Digital Comics
It’s a Digital Age – explore the magic, craft, and business of digital comics as we look at this ever-changing and expanding edge of the comics medium and industry! Join guests Matthew Dow Smith, Jamal Igle, and others with moderator C. Edward Sellner for a look at the new age...
2015_MD_BCCP14_15092614Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Action Lab
Action Lab
On the eve of their fifth anniversary, Action Lab shows no signs of stopping! Join Jamal Igle (Molly Danger), Vito Delsante (Stray), and more as they talk about all the things “the Lab” has planned for 2016, including more Full Moon Productions comics, more all-ages titles, and the debut of...
2015_MD_BCCP11_15092618Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Batman Day
Batman Day:
It’s Batman Day and we’re celebrating! Join DC’s VP of Talent Development Bobbie Chase and a stellar lineup of creators who chronicle the adventures of the Dark Knight, his allies, and his foes; including Scott Snyder, Peter Tomasi, Greg Pak, Jimmy Palmiotti, Tom King, and James Tynion IV....
2015_MD_BCCP08_1509259Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Beg, Borrow, & Steal: Adapting, Incorporating, & Drawing Inspiration from Myth, Legend, & Literature
Beg, Borrow, & Steal: Adapting, Incorporating, & Drawing Inspiration from Myth, Legend, & Literature
From the start, comics have mined folklore and fiction for material, whether retellings like Classics Illustrated or re-imaginings like Wonder Woman. Creators Walter Simonson, Ron Randall, Greg Pak, and...
2015_MD_BCCP19_15092615Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: BOOM! Studios Celebrates 10 Years and Push Comics Forward
BOOM! Studios Celebrates 10 Years and Push Comics Forward
2015 marks the 10th year of publishing for BOOM! Studios, a multiple Eisner award-winning top 10 comic publisher. Rather than look back at what we achieved the past 10 years, join us as we look ahead to the next 10 years and how we can all push...
2015_MD_BCCP13_15092621Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: CBLDF Podcast Live
CBLDF Podcast Live
The industry’s top creators, editors, and publishers sit down with CBLDF for a live, long-form interview about the importance of Free Speech in comics, and protecting your right to read and create comics! Moderated by Alex Cox and featuring surprise guest stars from the world of...
2015_MD_BCCP20_1509268Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Charles Soule Spotlight
Charles Soule Spotlight
He killed Wolverine. He gave Guy Gardner a sweet ‘stache. He Swamp Thinged and She-Hulked and Superman-Wonderwomaned. He is currently Landoing, Civil Warring, Inhumaning, and Letter 44ing, and will soon Daredevil. He is the comics writer Charles Soule! See him face off against...
2015_MD_BCCP13_15092725Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Comic Books as Cultural Mirrors
Comic Books as Cultural Mirrors
This panel will look at the 75 year history of comic books with a particular focus on the relationship between comics and their historical, cultural, and political contexts. Moderated by Christy Blanch with special guests Mark Waid, Walter Simonson, and Louise...
2015_MD_BCCP07_15092636Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Comics Creators Consuming Coffee: Baltimore Edition
Comics Creators Consuming Coffee: Baltimore Edition
Watch popular comics creators as they sample the world’s strongest coffee while chatting about their favorite foods and comics. Featuring: Amy Chu (writer Poison Ivy, editor of the Food & Comics anthology), Greg Pak (Marvel/DC Storm, Amadeus Cho),...
2015_MD_BCCP01_1509267Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: CosLove Presents: “Celebrating the Fun of Cosplay”
CosLove Presents: “Celebrating the Fun of Cosplay”
Cosplay has become a phenomenon at conventions. This panel will explore some of the dos and don’ts of not only being a cosplayer, but also a fan. We will cover anti-bullying, harassment, and how to make cons more fun for all.
2015_MD_BCCP09_15092614Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Drawing Fantasy Worlds
Drawing Fantasy Worlds
What goes into making a fantasy world? How do you set it apart from every other fantasy world from literature and comics? How do you give the writer exactly what he envisions? Take a journey into the realm of the fantastic with Mark Buckingham, Mike Grell, Charles Vess, Brandon...
2015_MD_BCCP05_1509258Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Dynamite Entertainment: The Next Ten Years
Dynamite Entertainment: The Next Ten Years
Join the Dynamite gang and their star-studded line-up of editorial and creative talent for an hour of explosive power! From James Bond to Red Sonja, Grumpy Cat to Vampirella, Dynamite will cover it all! What faraway threats imperil John Carter, the hero of Ron...
2015_MD_BCCP09_15092715Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Edward James Olmos Spotlight
Edward James Olmos Spotlight
Edward James Olmos has played Gaff in Blade Runner, Admiral Adama in Battlestar Galactica, Robert Gonzales on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as many other roles in his distinguished career. Join Mr. Olmos for an exciting panel exploring his time in front of the...
2015_MD_BCCP03_1509258Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Energy at the Movies: From Star Trek to Breaking Bad
Energy at the Movies: From Star Trek to Breaking Bad
STEM (science, technology, engineer, and math) experts from the U.S. Department of Energy discuss the interplay between science, engineering, and cinema.
* Cynthia Anderson, DOE Senior Advisor and Star Trek collector extraordinaire...
2015_MD_BCCP11_15092716Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Flying High with Hang Dai Studios
Flying High with Hang Dai Studios
Brooklyn, New York’s premiere comix studio, Hang Dai, houses a unique posse of cutting edge cartoonists which include Gregory Benton (B+F), Dean Haspiel (Billy Dogma, The Fox), the late Seth Kushner (Schmuck), Christa Cassano (Ghetto Klown), Swifty Lang (Plunder), Vito...
2015_MD_BCCP06_1509277Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: How to Make a Graphic Novel
How to Make a Graphic Novel
So how do you go from doodling on your homework to breaking into graphic novels? Published YA author and trained art educator Laura Lee Gulledge (MA Art Ed) walks you through her process in this inspiring and informative presentation. She dishes out her favorite Artner...
2015_MD_BCCP09_1509259Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: IDW Publishing: The Big Panel!
IDW Publishing: The Big Panel!
This is the big one! Join IDW President Greg Goldstein and VP of Marketing Dirk Wood, along with industry legend Walter Simonson and a host of surprise special guests you won’t believe, as they blow away a room full of shocked comic fans. Shocking announcements! Amazing...
2015_MD_BCCP12_15092711Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Indie Comics 101
Indie Comics 101
Learn the ins and outs of starting your own comic company from industry pros. Follow them as they take you though printing to distribution. Hosted by Creature Entertainment’s Editor-in-chief Juan Navarro.
Panelists (left to right): Enrica Jang, Erica Schultz, and Juan Navarro.
2015_MD_BCCP03_1509262Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: It’s an Ad, Ad, Ad World — Advertising in Comics
It’s an Ad, Ad, Ad World — Advertising in Comics
From SeaMonkeys to “The Insult that Made a Man Out of Mac” to TNT’s The Last Ship, ads have been an integral part of the comic reading experience. But are they a speed bump in the entertainment process or an integral part of comics and Pop Culture?...
2015_MD_BCCP12_15092616Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Jules Feiffer Spotlight
Jules Feiffer Spotlight
Jules Feiffer is an award-winning cartoonist, a playwright, a screenwriter, and so much more. His book Kill My Mother: A Graphic Novel was published last year and Out of Line: The Art of Jules Feiffer was published earlier this year. This spotlight is a perfect opportunity for...
2015_MD_BCCP04_15092726Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Katie Cassidy Spotlight
Katie Cassidy Spotlight
Katie Cassidy is known to Arrow fans as Laurel Lance, an attorney and ex-girlfriend of Oliver Queen, who becomes Black Canary! Don’t miss this spotlight panel as Ms. Cassidy looks at both her time as an actor and a philanthropist. It’ll be a scream!
The moderator was Thom...
2015_MD_BCCP16_1509268Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Let’s Talk Comics with RAYTIMANDROB: Part Deux
Let’s Talk Comics with RAYTIMANDROB: Part Deux
Those CRAZY comic book guys are back! Join Raytimandrob as they continue the discussion on all things comics. Part 2 picks up where we left off, expanding on both the creative and business sides of comics. Come be a part of the RayTimandRob...
2015_MD_BCCP17_15092621Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Listen to Jimmy
Listen to Jimmy
This is an over-16 only, over-the-top panel where Jimmy Palmiotti, Frank Tieri, and super-special surprise guests interact with the audience and talk about everything and anything and probably break some laws in the process. You do not want to miss this.
Panelists (left to right):...
2015_MD_BCCP04_15092512Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Living in Harmony: Digital and Print
Living in Harmony: Digital and Print
The world of digital comics created quite a stir in the world of print comics. However, after a few years of co-existing, they are both still around and seem to be helping each other to become a strong industry. Join this panel to check in and see how digital and...
2015_MD_BCCP08_15092713Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Making Comics for Everyone
Making Comics for Everyone
An all-star panel of writers and artists talk about the power of comics, and how they work to reach new readers and make stories for all audiences. Featuring: Amy Chu (Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, DMC Comics), Vivek J. Tiwary (The Fifth Beatle), Clayton Henry (Ivar Timewalker),...
2015_MD_BCCP18_15092641Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Mark Waid: Guest of Honor Spotlight
Mark Waid: Guest of Honor Spotlight
Mark Waid is the Guest of Honor at Baltimore Comic-Con this year and we’re celebrating! Join Waid and his friends and colleagues, including Barry Kitson, JG Jones, Christy Blanch, Dean Haspiel, Todd Dezago, and moderator Bob Greenberger for a fun-filled look at Mark...
2015_MD_BCCP10_15092622Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Ming-Na Wen Spotlight
Ming-Na Wen Spotlight
As Agent May on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Ming-Na Wen kicks butt and takes no prisoners. Do you expect her panel to be any different? Of course not! Don’t miss out on the fun!
The moderator for this was Christina Blanch. Pictures also include a backstage meet-up with Mark...
2015_MD_BCCP11_15092528Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Mouse Guard
Mouse Guard
Mouse Guard, the story of mice struggling to survive in a dangerous world, has gained a devoted following of fans due to the stories and art of creator David Petersen. Mouse Guard is also the subject of this year’s Baltimore Comic-Con Yearbook. So we’re celebrating! Join Petersen and...
2015_MD_BCCP05_15092616Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Paul Blackthorne Spotlight
Paul Blackthorne Spotlight
Paul Blackthorne plays Captain Quentin Lance on Arrow and is known to many as Harry Dresden from The Dresden Files. Join Mr. Blackthorne and moderator Paul Storrie for what is sure to be a fun and lively look at his career!
The moderator was Paul Storrie.
2015_MD_BCCP06_1509252Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Posing for Cosplay Photography
Posing for Cosplay Photography
Sometimes doing photographs for cosplay can be a little…awkward and intimidating, from both sides of the lens. This panel will have practical advice to help you pose yourself or your models in a way that is in character, flattering, and makes for more dynamic and...
2015_MD_BCCP08_15092611Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Russ Heath Spotlight
Russ Heath Spotlight
If you remember Roman or Revolutionary War battle scenes in comics advertising toy soldiers, then you know the art of Russ Heath! He’s drawn westerns, superheroes, horror, and most famously, war stories. He co-created DC’s The Haunted Tank and Sea Devils. Now the legendary creator...
2015_MD_BCCP01_1509273Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Scott Snyder Spotlight
Scott Snyder Spotlight
Scott Snyder is known to readers for his stunning writing on Batman, American Vampire, Superman Unchained, Wytches, and many other comics. We turn the spotlight on Synder and his work in this entertaining panel moderated by James Tynion IV.
2015_MD_BCCP07_1509258Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Spinner Rack Revolution
Spinner Rack Revolution
In the 1970s, publishers fled from spinner racks to magazine stands to escape the bounds of the Comics Code Authority. With a larger format, in a different rack, comics could openly deal with adult content, have more horror and suspense, and be frank about sexuality. Magazines...
2015_MD_BCCP15_1509269Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Spotlight on Miracleman
Spotlight on Miracleman
Miracleman is back! The legendary series that redefined super-heroes forever has returned at Marvel Comics. Join artists Mark Buckingham, John Totleben, and editor Cory Sedlmeier for a discussion of the acclaimed and controversial series. Featuring an advance preview of art from...
2015_MD_BCCP12_15092518Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Stories I Haven’t Yet Told
Stories I Haven’t Yet Told
Writers are storytellers but not every comics writer can find the right venue for a story they want to tell. What stories remain lurking in their minds? In a lively discussion, Louise Simonson, Terry Moore, John Ostrander, Ron Marz, and moderator Robert Greenberger explore...
2015_MD_BCCP04_15092611Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Superheroes Under a Microscope
Superheroes Under a Microscope’s very own Christopher Preece, who is also a science consultant for comic creators, and creators Mark Waid and Ramona Fradon discuss science in comics. Superheroes defy scientific laws all the time but how close are superheroes to reality? Just how fast...
2015_MD_BCCP03_1509274Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Techniques for Affordable Cosplay
Techniques for Affordable Cosplay
You know the classic advice: choose simple costumes, bargain hunt, stack coupons at JoAnn Fabrics. Even with all these tricks, it can be hard to put something together on a budget! Let’s talk about some of the more creative ideas and techniques to put your cosplay...
2015_MD_BCCP05_1509275Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: The 75th Anniversary of The Spirit
The 75th Anniversary of The Spirit
2015 marks the 75th Anniversary of the legendary cartoonist Will Eisner’s immortal character, The Spirit (June 1940). Join Arlen Schumer, writer/illustrator/designer and comic book historian (The Silver Age of Comic Book Art, Archway Publishing), as he presents a...
2015_MD_BCCP10_1509252Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: The Awesome Reasons on Why You Should Cosplay
The Awesome Reasons on Why You Should Cosplay
Unhappy about the direction Cosplay is going in the community, then let’s do something POSITIVE about it! Let’s talk about all the awesome things Cosplay is and why, YOU the FAN, have every right to cosplay no matter what society says, however you want to!...
2015_MD_BCCP02_1509277Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: The Comic Shop
The Comic Shop
Ever wonder what it’s like to run your own comic shop? Do you think it’s sitting around reading comics all day while getting paid? Join comic shop retailers and learn more about the comic shop business than you probably wanted to know! Moderated by Christy Blanch with guests Kyle...
2015_MD_BCCP10_1509278Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: The Fifth Beatle: Exclusive Film Presentation!
The Fifth Beatle: Exclusive Film Presentation!
The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story was the most celebrated graphic novel of 2014, and is now becoming a feature film with the blessing of The Beatles and unprecedented access to their music. Join award-winning graphic novel and screenplay writer...
2015_MD_BCCP02_1509255Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: The New Mutants
The New Mutants
In the early 1980s, Marvel introduced the world to the next wave of Homo superior, The New Mutants! The book has remained popular through the years and has introduced many new mutants to the Marvel Universe. Join us for a look at this remarkable team with guests including original team...
2015_MD_BCCP21_1509262Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: The Silver Age of Comic Book Art
The Silver Age of Comic Book Art
Comic book art historian Arlen Schumer’s presentation based on his new book, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art (Archway Publishing), explores the origins of the superhero traditions, their personification of American ideals and values, and how those attitudes and...
2015_MD_BCCP06_1509264Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: The Spirit 75th Anniversary Panel
The Spirit 75th Anniversary Panel
Join the Eisner Award-winning writer Matt Wagner (Grendel, The Shadow), artist Dan Schkade (Sam Hannibal), and colorist Brennan Wagner (The Shadow: Year One) for a celebratory event seventy-five years in the making! You’ll be amazed at the insight offered up by these...
2015_MD_BCCP07_15092711Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: The Weird West
The Weird West
The Wild West – cowboys, rustlers, train robberies. It’s the stuff of legend. But add in a horrifically scarred gunman, something moving in the shadows, things that won’t stay dead, or just a healthy dollop of magic, and you’ve entered the Weird West! Join Timothy Truman, John Ostrander,...
2015_MD_BCCP01_15092512Baltimore Comic-Con (2015) -- Panel: Valiant 101: New Fans Start Here!
Valiant 101: New Fans Start Here!
You’ve heard the buzz… You’ve seen the reviews… Now find out where to start with Valiant Comics! From X-O MANOWAR to NINJAK to THE DEATH-DEFYING DR. MIRAGE and QUANTUM AND WOODY, jump on board here with a concise and fun-filled introduction to Valiant’s biggest, most...

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Program Welcome: The Honorable Jane L. Campbell, President and CEO, US Capitol Historical Society Presentation of the Colors and Pledge of Allegiance: US Capitol Police Ceremonial Unit Toast to the Committee: Jane L. Campbell Remarks: * The Honorable Peter A. DeFazio, Chairman, House Committee on T... (Partially reviewed)
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2022_10_29C1_BCC_Ringo1420Baltimore Comic-Con (2022) -- Ringo Awards: Pre-Ceremony Reception and Dinner
Folks shown here (in sequence): Outside the dining room: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Joe Staton, Jill Thompson, Sarah Shinji Myer, Josh Geppi, ??? (presenter), Bill Morrison, Andrea Purcell, Yissel Ayala, Ryan Dunlavey, Fred Van Lente, ???, Steve Geppi, ???, John Leguizamo, Charlie Kochman, ???, ???, ??... (Partially reviewed)
2022_10_07G5_NYCC_Harveys219New York Comic Con (2022) -- Harvey Awards -- Presentation
The Harvey Awards honors books and creators working in sequential art across a variety of categories and represents one of the industry’s longest-running annual events. The awards are named after Harvey Kurtzman, the legendary creator who is best remembered for creating MAD. The annual gala celebrat... (Partially reviewed)
2022_10_07G6_NYCC_Harveys2379New York Comic Con (2022) -- Harvey Awards -- Everything except the presentation
Folks shown here include: Chip Mosher, John Lind, Nellie Kurtzman, Calvin Reid, Amy Chu, ???, Liniers (Ricardo Siri), Vivek Tiwary, Karen Green, ???, ???, Bob Camp, Jock, Denis Kitchen, Heidi MacDonald, Charlie Kochman, Kevin McCloskey, Greg Lockard, Johnnie Christmas, Joe Quesada, Neil Gaiman, and ... (Partially reviewed)

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