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2012_MD_BCCA177Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Artists
Artists in sequence:
Tim Truman and John K. Snyder III, Bernie Wrightson, Eric Powell, Larry Hama, Billy Tucci, Greg LaRocque, ???, Dan Parsons, Jim Calafiore, Bryan JL Glass, Asher Humm, Francesco Francavilla, Eric Hutchinson, Carrie ???, Jose Garcia-Lopez, Frank Quitely, Denis Kitchen,...
2012_MD_BCCCC_Prep_12090938Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Costume Contest (1 of 7): Preparation and Audience
2012_MD_BCCCC_Tots_120909101Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Costume Contest (2 of 7): Tots
1st place youth under 12 - Hawkeye, Haden
2nd place - Harley Quinn, Arielle
3rd Place - Incredible Hulk, Joseph
2012_MD_BCCCC_Teens_12090938Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Costume Contest (3 of 7): Teens
1st place youth over 12 - Swordsman, Brian
2nd place - Black Widow, Gabrielle
3rd place - Loki, Chris
2012_MD_BCCCC_Groups_12090991Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Costume Contest (4 of 7): Groups
1st place group - The Doctors, Brian Jimmy Chris and Brente
2nd place group - Green Lantern Corps, Rob and friends
2012_MD_BCCCC_AdultF_120909122Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Costume Contest (5 of 7): Adult Women
1st Place Women - Bob the Dalek, Justine Glass
2nd place - Loki, Scarlett Ambrose
3rd place - Demona, Jen Nell
2012_MD_BCCCC_AdultM_120909157Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Costume Contest (6 of 7): Adult Men
1st place Men - Lego Batman, Michael Chapman
2nd place  - Beta Ray Bill, Paul Day
3rd place - War Machine, Eric Schmidt
2012_MD_BCCCC_Wrapup_12090936Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Costume Contest (7 of 7): Grand Prize Winner and Wrapup
Best in Show - Bob the Dalek, Justine Glass
2012_MD_BCC_Dinner_12090715Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Friday All-Star Reception Dinner
The comic book folks met for dinner before the panel discussion.
Folks at the dinner: Walt Simonson, Louise Simonson, Herb Trimpe, Frank Cho, Barry Kitson, Mark Buckingham, Larry Hama, and Roger Stern.
2012_MD_BCC_Friday_120907122Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Friday All-Star Reception (w/Stan Lee)
Friday Night with Stan Lee at the Baltimore Comic-Con
Comics industry legend Stan Lee is back at the 2012 Baltimore Comic-Con! Taking place September 8-9 at the Baltimore Convention Center in downtown Baltimore, Stan Lee will be appearing at the show on Saturday, September 8th. As an added bonus, VIP...
2012_MD_BCCHA_Awards_120908324Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Harvey Awards -- Award Ceremony
2012 Presenters:
Welcoming Remarks: Paul McSpadden
Emcee: Phil LaMarr
Keynote: Ross Richie
Presenter: Scott Snyder --
* Best Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos for “FEAR ITSELF”, published by Marvel Comics -- accepted by Harvey Awards
* Best Colorist: Dave Stewart for “HELLBOY: THE FURY”, published by...
2012_MD_BCCHA_Dinner_12090873Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Harvey Awards -- Dinner and Post-Event Mingling
2012_MD_BCCHA_Cocktails_12090848Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Harvey Awards -- Pre-Event Reception
2012_MD_BCC149Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Miscellaneous
2012_MD_BCCP12_1209084Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: Artist Alley Comics
Artist Alley Comics
Come discover the new home for creator-driven digital comics, Artist Alley Comics! We'll reveal why the company is important to the future of digital comics for both fans and creators alike.
Co-founders Craig Rousseau, Rich Woodall, and Kelly Yates will be joined on the panel by...
2012_MD_BCCP09_1209085Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: BOOM! Studios/KaBOOM!/BOOM! Town
BOOM! Studios/KaBOOM!/BOOM! Town
BOOM! Studios returns to Charm City with a jam-packed panel! Learn what is next from BOOM! as Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon and VP of Publishing and Marketing Filip Sablik run down the most exciting new projects and reveal upcoming titles from BOOM! Studios, KaBOOM!, and...
2012_MD_BCCP5_1209092Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: Christianity and Comics With Billy Tucci
Christianity and Comics With Billy Tucci:
In an industry dominated by secular heroes, join award-winning writer/artist Billy Tucci for a enlightening discussion on his Christmas graphic novella, "A Child Is Born" and the portrayal of Christianity in comics.
2012_MD_BCCP06_1209084Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: Creating Comics the comiXology Way
Creating Comics the comiXology Way:
ComiXology has not only transformed the industry in making digital comics available everywhere, but they have also created the foundation for comic storytelling to be expressed in new ways. Originally created to artfully display comics on small screens, comiXology's...
2012_MD_BCCP14_1209084Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: Creating Your Comic/Manga from Concept to Publication
Creating Your Comic/Manga from Concept to Publication:
The three time Harvey-nominated husband and wife creators of The Uniques, The Uniques Tales, and Rainbow in the Dark, Comfort Love and Adam Withers, teach you how to create your own comic. The entire process - concepting, scripting, thumbnails,...
2012_MD_BCCP13_1209086Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: Dynamite Entertainment presents Garth Ennis
Dynamite Entertainment presents Garth Ennis:
Join writer Garth Ennis and Dynamite Editor Joe Rybandt for a lively hour of discussion on all things Boys, Battlefields, Dynamite, and more!
2012_MD_BCCP1_1209098Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: Future Approaches to Teaching Comics in the High School Classroom
Future Approaches to Teaching Comics in the High School Classroom:
The use of comics as an educational tool to engage students has seen a growing acceptance in many classrooms across the country. While many of the earliest adapters have employed comics to engage challenged and reluctant readers, there...
2012_MD_BCCP01_1209085Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: Kickstarter project management
Kickstarter project management:  
So, you got funding for your what? Join Mervyn and Jon of Paperlab Studios as they discuss the thrills, perils, and pitfalls of a successfully-funded Kickstarter from their personal experiences with Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew.
2012_MD_BCCP03_1209085Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: Mark Waid and Thrillbent
Mark Waid and Thrillbent:
Award-winning writer and now publisher Mark Waid talks about, his new digital-comics website. He'll have advice for creators looking to break into digital, sneak peeks at upcoming Thrillbent projects, and other surprises!
2012_MD_BCCP4_1209095Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: MARVEL: Marvel Boot Camp Seminar
MARVEL: Marvel Boot Camp Seminar:
To benefit the Hero Initiative, this special ticketed seminar takes you behind the scenes into the inner philosophy of Marvel Publishing, as SVP - Executive Editor Tom Brevoort shares with the public for the first time the training indoctrination lecture he gives to...
2012_MD_BCCP11_12090810Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: MARVEL: Marvel NOW!
A major shake-up is coming for the Marvel Universe, and you can be the first to know the details! In this panel, Tom Brevoort (SVP - Executive Editor) and some special guests will reveal secrets about the launch of a new line of #1 issues including Uncanny Avengers, Iron Man,...
2012_MD_BCCP08_1209086Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: Meet the Co-Publisher
Meet the Co-Publisher
DCE Panelist: Dan DiDio
Moderator: Bob Wayne
As the Co-Publisher of DC Entertainment, Dan DiDio is one of the driving forces behind DC Comics - The New 52, DC's digital initiative, Before Watchmen, and much more. Here's your chance to discover more behind-the-scenes information...
2012_MD_BCCP3_1209095Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: Ron Marz and Jamal Igle Spotlight
Ron Marz and Jamal Igle Spotlight:
Back in 1994, Jamal penciled eight pages in Green Lantern #52 from a script by series writer Ron Marz. It was Jamal's first published work, and while the two remained friends ever since, they haven't worked together in the ensuing years. That's all about to change, as...
2012_MD_BCCP05_1209082Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: Spotlight on Paul Levitz
Spotlight on Paul Levitz:
Readers may know Paul Levitz best for his work on DC Comics' Legion of Super-Heroes, Justice Society, Worlds' Finest, and as the co-creator of the Earth-2 Huntress. But he also worked on early fanzines, was President & Publisher of DC Comics from 2002-2009, is a member of the...
2012_MD_BCCP07_1209086Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: Spotlight on Phil LaMarr
Spotlight on Phil LaMarr:
You may know Phil LaMarr from his five-year run on Fox's MADtv. Or you may know him from his voice work on such animated shows as Justice League Unlimited, Static Shock, Futurama, and Family Guy. Here's your chance to spend an hour with Phil and learn even more about this...
2012_MD_BCCP16_12090872Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: Stan Lee Spotlight
Stan Lee Spotlight
Face Front, True Believers! Stan's back! This is a panel no comics fan will want to miss as Jimmy Palmiotti sits down with the one and only Stan "The Man" Lee! He is a Founding Father of the Marvel Universe and the face of Marvel Comics to legions of fans. Join the writer, editor,...
2012_MD_BCCP02_12090839Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: Team Cul de Sac
Team Cul de Sac:
When Richard Thompson, the creator of the comic strip Cul de Sac, was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, his friend Chris Sparks began a fundraising effort to honor his friend. With Richard's support, he asked others to donate artwork featuring the Cul de Sac characters for a Team Cul...
2012_MD_BCCP04_12090813Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: The British Invasion
The British Invasion:
In the 1980s, a number of British writers and artists started producing work for American comics and brought a fresh take that appealed to fans and critics alike. That creativity is kept alive today by creators including Brian Bolland (Dial H), Mark Buckingham (Fables), and Barry...
2012_MD_BCCP10_1209087Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: The Future of VALIANT
The Future of VALIANT
Valiant is back and, just a few months in, the buzz couldn't be bigger for the most successful relaunch in comics! Now, find out what the future holds for the Valiant Universe with an exclusive round of announcements and in-depth discussion featuring Robert Venditti & Cary Nord...
2012_MD_BCCP15_12090812Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: The History of Censorship in Comics
The History of Censorship in Comics:
Since the very beginning of the art form, comics have been the victim of near-constant scrutiny and censorship. Learn about the history of this persecution, from book-burnings in the 1940's, to Senate Hearings in the 1950's, through to today, when fans routinely...
2012_MD_BCCP2_12090913Baltimore Comic-Con (2012) -- Panel: Tribute to Joe Kubert
Tribute to Joe Kubert:
The world of comics lost one of its legendary creators recently with the death of Joe Kubert. Whether through his work on the page, the work done through The Kubert School, or his sons Adam and Andy, his legacy will live on in comics for years to come. Join Paul Levitz, Robert...

What's hot: The following pages have been the most popular ones over the last month or so:
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2021_01_06C1_Losers_March298DC -- Trump Losers Revolt -- Third Trump Losers protest which ended with the coup attempt
This was the last-chance day for supporters of the child president to overthrow democracy. After I left, the anti-democracy protestors stormed the US Capitol claiming they were protecting the Constitution while destroying it.
2021_04_12C1_Gun_Violence_Mem315DC -- Event: Giffords Gun Violence Memorial @ Mall
GUN VIOLENCE MEMORIAL The Gun Violence Memorial is an installation on the National Mall in Washington DC to remember victims of gun violence and inspire the #CourageToAct. These 40,000 flowers represent the number of Americans who die from gun violence each year. Open to the public Tuesday, April 1... (Partially reviewed)
2021_04_16B1_PershingO213DC -- Pershing Park / National World War I Memorial -- Photos related to opening day
The National World War I Memorial opened to the public on April 16. There was a private ceremony at 10am including a military fly-over which I totally missed (I didn't wake up that morning until 10:30am) but I came by later in the day to photograph. There was a dedication wreath next ot the water. W... (Partially reviewed)
2021_04_25D3_AFI9MD -- Silver Spring -- AFI Silver Theatre (Partially reviewed)
2021_01_09A2_Losers_Signs53DC -- Trump Losers Revolt -- Temporary Signs

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