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2011_MD_Bala_111007151AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2011) -- "Miss Bala" (w/Gerardo Naranjo)
Closing Night: MISS BALA (Mexico)
In Person: filmmaker Gerardo Naranjo
Gerardo Naranjo's riveting thriller about a Baja California beauty queen caught up in a maddening cycle of drug cartel violence is the AFI alum's most impressive, innovative and unforgettable film yet. Newcomer Stephanie Sigman...
2012_MD_Chanchona_12093039AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2012) -- "Chanchona: The Music of the Soul" (w/Tomas Guevara)
CHANCHONA: THE MUSIC OF THE SOUL [Chanchona: la música en el alma] -- In person: filmmaker Tomas Guevara:
Named for the heavy upright bass (wide and pig-shaped) that anchors its combos, chanchona is a musical tradition handed down through generations in the mountainous villages of eastern El Salvador....
2012_MD_Secret_World_12100736AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2012) -- "Secret World" (w/Gabriel Mariño)
Special Presentation: A SECRET WORLD [Un mundo secreto]
In person: filmmaker Gabriel Mariño at both shows
Gabriel Mariño's uncommonly assured narrative debut follows troubled Mexico City teen Maria, a lone wolf whose oddly placid demeanor —including passively consenting to sex with seemingly anyone...
2012_MD_Girl_12092979AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2012) -- "The Girl" (w/David Riker)
THE GIRL: In person: filmmaker David Riker
Small-town Texan Ashley (Abbie Cornish, LIMITLESS), frustrated with making ends meet on her mega-mart hourly wages and unable to provide for her beloved son, currently being raised in foster care due to her alcohol-related infractions, is desperate
to make a...
2013_MD_Rebollo_131004161AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2013) -- "Dead Man and Being Happy" (w/Javier Rebollo) (incl reception)
THE DEAD MAN AND BEING HAPPY [El muerto y ser feliz]
Q&A with filmmaker Javier Rebollo, plus post-screening reception sponsored by SPAIN arts & culture, Embassy of Spain with support from Pragda
Spanish filmmaker Javier Rebollo's oddball road movie centers on an aging, cancer-stricken hitman, Santos...
2013_MD_Bolivia_13092892AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2013) -- "Once Upon a Time in Bolivia" (w/Patrick Cordova and Nahuel Attar)
ONCE UPON A TIME IN BOLIVIA [Erase una vez en Bolivia]
Q&A with filmmaker Patrick Cordova and producer Nahuel Attar
Half-brothers Rocky and Nene couldn't be more different. Rocky is a no-good schemer with zero respect for Bolivia, while the naïve and gentle-hearted Nene is a true patriot. But when the...
2013_MD_Panico_13100287AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2013) -- "Panico" w/James June Schneider
PÁNICO: THE BAND THAT MET THE SOUND BENEATH [La banda que buscó el sonido debajo]
Q&A with filmmaker James June Schneider
In 2010, the Chilean band Pánico traveled through the desert of northern Chile to record a new album. After two decades of playing rock 'n' roll, these Santiago city slickers have...
2014_MD_10KKM_141008127AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2014) -- "10,000 KM" (w/Clara Roquet) (incl reception)
Closing Night: 10,000 KM
Q&A with screenwriter Clara Roquet, plus post-screening reception sponsored by SPAIN arts & culture, Embassy of Spain
Alex (Natalie Tena, GAME OF THRONES, HARRY POTTER series) must leave Barcelona and her boyfriend, Sergi (David Verdaguer), for a year-long residency in Los...
2014_MD_Book_Of_Life_141005107AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2014) -- "Book of Life" (w/Jorge R. Gutierrez)
Q&A with filmmaker Jorge R. Gutierrez
From producer Guillermo del Toro and director Jorge R. Gutierrez comes an animated comedy inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration. The film follows Manolo (voiced by Diego Luna), a young man who is torn between pleasing his...
2014_MD_Crows_Nest_141004266AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2014) -- "Crow's Nest" (w/Arturo Menendez and Andre Guttfreund) (incl reception)
THE CROW'S NEST [Malacrianza]
World Premiere!
Q&A with filmmaker Arturo Menendez and producer Andre Guttfreund, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of El Salvador
Don Cleo is a recovering alcoholic and makes a humble living selling piñatas in a small Salvadoran town. His resolve is...
2014_MD_Living_Stars_14100464AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2014) -- "Living Stars" post-screening party w/DJ Maracuyeah Collective
Post-screening party featuring DJ set by Maracuyeah Collective, sponsored by Kesta Happening

A non-stop party, the citizens of Buenos Aires were born to dance in this ridiculously infectious documentary experiment. Without dialogue or plot, filmmakers Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat have...
2014_MD_Lock_Charmer_141004110AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2014) -- "Lock Charmer" (w/Beatriz Urraca) presentation and reception w/El Cuarteto del Amor
LOCK CHARMER [El cerrajero]
Introduction by Beatriz Urraca (co-editor of “Directory of World Cinema: Argentina), plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of Argentina on Oct 4
In 2008, a bizarre fog covered Buenos Aires for three weeks. It is during this strange time that 33-year-old...
2014_MD_Paradise_140926144AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2014) -- "Paradise" (w/Mariana Chenillo) (incl reception)
PARADISE [Paraíso]
Q&A with filmmaker Mariana Chenillo, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Institute on Sep 26
Carmen and Alfredo are a happy, overweight couple whose sheltered life in the suburbs is flipped upside-down when they move to bustling Mexico City. Adapting to...
2014_MD_To_Kill_140927105AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2014) -- "To Kill a Man" (w/Daniel Candia)
TO KILL A MAN [Matar a un hombre]
2014 Oscar® Selection, Chile
Q&A with actor Daniel Candia, plus post-screening wine tasting sponsored by the Embassy of Chile on Sep 27
This taut psychological thriller tells the story of Jorge, a man pushed to the brink of reason after a gang of hooligans threatens...
2015_MD_Coffee_Stains_15100653AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2015) -- "Coffee Stains" (w/Leonardo Lacca)
COFFEE STAINS [Permanência]
U.S. Premiere!
Traveling to his first solo exhibit in São Paulo, photographer Ivo (Irandhir Santos, ELITE SQUAD: THE ENEMY WITHIN, NEIGHBORING SOUNDS) decides to eschew his comped hotel room in favor of staying with his old flame Rita (Rita Carelli) and her husband Mauro...
2015_MD_Horizons_151006161AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2015) -- "Horizons" (w/Eileen Hofer) (incl reception)
HORIZONS (2015) [Horizontes]
The Grand Theatre of Havana may be run down, but passion for ballet still runs strong in Swiss filmmaker Eileen Hofer's poetically observed documentary. Legendary Cuban ballerina Alicia Alonso still looms large over the dance scene in Havana, even at age 93. Living in her...
2015_MD_Enemies_15092992AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2015) -- "How to Win Enemies" (w/Gabriel Lichtmann) (incl reception)
HOW TO WIN ENEMIES [Cómo ganar enemigos]
U.S. Premiere!
Presented in cooperation with the Washington Jewish Film Festival
When Lucas, a shy young lawyer, meets the beautiful Bárbara by chance at a café, it seems too good to be true. And it is: he wakes the next day to find she has robbed him blind. A...
2015_MD_Sand_Dollars_15091781AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2015) -- "Sand Dollars" (w/Laura Amelia Guzmán) -- Reception
Q&A with filmmaker Laura Amelia Guzmán; post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of the Dominican Republic
2015 Oscar® Selection, Dominican Republic
In the picturesque seaside town of Las Terrenas, French expat Anne (Geraldine Chaplin) has fallen in love with the much younger...
2015_MD_Dreamland_150924151AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2015) -- "Silence in Dreamland" (w/Tito Molina) (incl reception)
Silence in Dreamland [Silencio en la tierra de los sueños]
2014 Oscar® Selection, Ecuador
A lonely 84-year-old widow goes about her daily routine. Isolated from the outside world, she retreats to a dream world where she lives by the sea. An adorable street dog arrives at her door and momentarily...
2015_MD_Club_151002165AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2015) -- "The Club" (w/Alejandro Goic)
THE CLUB [El Club]
On the Chilean coast, four exiled priests live together in a small house, atoning for their past indiscretions. Under the watchful eye of a lone nun, they fill their days with innocuous pastimes and prayer, strictly forbidden from interacting with the outside world. Their main...
2015_MD_Without_Wings_15100176AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2015) -- "Without Wings" (w/Ben Chace and Aruán Ortiz)
When 70-year-old Luis Vargas learns of the death of Isabela Muñoz, a renowned modern dancer and former lover, he is haunted by the memories of their brief but significant affair. His mind drifts to 1967 and to a portion of a melody to which she danced. Hoping to complete the...
2016_MD_Aquarius_161020163AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2016) -- "Aquarius" (w/Sonia Braga)
Q&A with actress Sonia Braga following the screening on Oct. 20.
The last holdout at a beachfront apartment building, 65-year-old Clara (Sonia Braga, KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN) resists the pressures of an aggressive development company looking to buy her home. Kleber Mendonça Filho's...
2016_MD_Cinema_Novo_16092756AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2016) -- "Cinema Novo" (w/Eryk Rocha)
Special Features: Q&A with filmmaker Eryk Rocha
North American Premiere!
This impressionistic love letter to the Cinema Novo movement of '60s and '70s Brazil, from filmmaker Eryk Rocha (son of Cinema Novo pioneer Glauber Rocha), won the 2016 Cannes Film Festival's Golden Eye documentary...
2016_MD_Desierto_160923126AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2016) -- "Desierto" (w/Jonas Cuaron)
Special Features: Sep 23 show only: Q&A with filmmaker Jonás Cuarón, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Institute
2016 Oscar® Selection, Mexico
Making the arduous trek from Mexico to the United States, a group of undocumented immigrants led by Moises (Gael García...
2017_MD_Place_170925147AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2017) -- "A Place in the Caribbean" (w/Juan Carlos Fanconi, Lali González and Sandra Estrada)
Special Features: Q&A with director Juan Carlos Fanconi, actress Lali González and producer Sandra Estrada
Three love stories unfold on the picturesque island of Roatán in this visually lush tale of romance and adventure. Famous writer Gael (José...
2017_MD_Dream_17092276AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2017) -- "I Dream In Another Language" (w/Ernesto Contreras)
Special Features: Q&A with director Ernesto Contreras, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Institute
Martín (Fernando Álvarez Rebeil, THE DARKNESS, GRINGO) is a linguist on a mission to save Zikril, an indigenous language...
2017_MD_Tropics_170914170AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2017) -- "Such is Life in the Tropics" (w/Daniel Adum Gilbert) and opening reception
Special Features: Opening Night, Sept. 14 screening features Q&A with actor Daniel Adum Gilbert, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of Ecuador
2016 Oscar® Selection, Ecuador
Sebastián Cordero (CRONICAS, EUROPA REPORT)...
2017_MD_Distinguished_17092663AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2017) -- "The Distinguished Citizen" (w/Andrés Duprat) plus reception
Special Features: Q&A with screenwriter Andrés Duprat, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of Argentina
2016 Oscar® Selection, Argentina
In this hilarious comedy of manners from directing duo Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat (THE MAN...
2017_MD_Woodpeckers_171004189AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2017) -- "Woodpeckers" (w/Jean Jean) and presentation by Ike Leggett
Special Features: Q&A with actor Jean Jean, plus post-screening party and DJ, sponsored by Kesta Happening DC
Tall, dark and handsome, Julián (Jean Jean) steps off a bus and becomes fresh meat walking inside the Najayo Prison in the Dominican Republic. He locates his...
2018_MD_Passage_180913100AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2018) -- "Birds of Passage" opening reception
Special Features: Opening Night Sept 13 show features post-screening wine reception and DJ set by DJ Rockactivo, spinning '70s Latin funk & disco
Special Features: 2018 Oscar® Selection, Colombia
Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra, the creative team behind...
2018_MD_Time_Share_180922106AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2018) -- "Time Share" (w/Sebastián Hofmann)
Special Features: Q&A with filmmaker Sebastián Hofmann, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Institute on Sept 22
Pedro and his family are stuck sharing their dream getaway in a tropical resort with Abel and his strange brood due to a...
2019_MD_Unexpected_19091251AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2019) -- "An Unexpected Love" opening reception
Special Features: Post-screening wine reception sponsored by the Embassy of Argentina on Sept 12
U.S. Premiere
The directorial debut of longtime producer Juan Vera (THE LAST SUIT, THE QUEEN OF FEAR) is a delightful rom-com starring two of Latin America's...
2019_MD_Clean_Hands_19092239AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2019) -- "Clean Hands" (w/Michael Dominic)
Special Features: Q&A with filmmaker Michael Dominic on Sept 22
Shot over the course of seven years, CLEAN HANDS documents the human drama, personal struggle, innocence and salvation of one family in Nicaragua surviving against the backdrop of Central America's...
2019_MD_Good_Girls_19092071AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2019) -- "The Good Girls" reception
Special Features: Post-screening reception sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Institute on Sept 20
This meticulously crafted, vibrant social satire from Alejandra Márquez Abella (SEMANA SANTA) examines Mexico's crumbling upper-middle class during the country's 1982...
2021_MD_AFI_LAFilm4AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2021)

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