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2021_06_20A4_Toynbee3DC -- Public Art: Stikman Robot
2021_DC_Toynbee16DC -- Public Art: Stikman Robot
2008_DC_Toynbee1DC -- Public Art: Stikman Robots
My first encounter with the Stikman Robot characters, this one by the Smithsonian Castle. Originally, I thought they were a clever way to advertise the relatively new National Museum of the American Indian. I thought the head was in the direction of museum and if you looked at the figure horizontally,...
2009_DC_Toynbee2DC -- Public Art: Stikman Robots
Stikman Robot tile near the Mall.
2011_DC_Toynbee17DC -- Public Art: Stikman Robots
These little stick human things keep showing up around town. (Officially, they are called a "Stikman".) I can't find any of the original Toynbee tiles anymore but the modern successors are popular.
2012_DC_Toynbee56DC -- Public Art: Stikman Robots
Including a design I'd never seen before. Almost all of the previous ones had been either white or orange.
2015_DC_Toynbee37DC -- Public Art: Stikman Robots
2016_DC_Toynbee19DC -- Public Art: Stikman Robots
2017_DC_Toynbee9DC -- Public Art: Stikman Robots
2018_DC_Toynbee12DC -- Public Art: Stikman Robots
Regular Stikman Robots but also a stikman carrying a money bag outside of the National Museum of American History and a peace symbol.
2019_DC_Toynbee38DC -- Public Art: Stikman Robots
Stikman Robots including one on a signbox near the National Archives.
2021_07_11A2_Toynbee2DC -- Public Art: Stikman Robots
2021_09_06A1_Toynbee2DC -- Public Art: Stikman Robots (Partially reviewed)
2006_DC_Toynbee3DC -- Public Art: Toynbee tiles
Two tiles.
(1) This one was photographed at the intersection of 15th and F, NW.
(2) This one, a color one, was right near the Temperance Fountain by the National Archives building. I just happened to run across it which was pretty cool!
"Toynbee Idea
In Movie '2001
Resurrect Dead
on Planet...
2013_DC_Toynbee96DC -- Public Art: Toynbee tiles/Stikman Robots
While the Stikman Robots are now appearing all over the place (there are a lot of photographs of them on this page), I hadn't seen a new Toynbee tile in several years until these two showed up near the National Portrait Gallery / Smithsonian American Art Museum.
2014_DC_Toynbee15DC -- Public Art: Toynbee tiles/Stikman Robots
Including some of the new 2013 vintage Toynbee tiles.
2020_DC_Toynbee24DC -- Public Art: Toynbee tiles/Stikman Robots
Including a new Toynbee tile!

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