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2021_DC_Signs_Biden40DC -- Event: Placards up for Biden-Harris Inauguration @ National Mall
2007_DC_Signs2DC -- Temporary Signs
2009_DC_Signs22DC -- Temporary Signs
2010_DC_Signs2DC -- Temporary Signs
2011_DC_Signs7DC -- Temporary Signs
There was a whacko religious group that prophesied that the earth would end on May 21. Whoops... Afterward, they claimed there were false prophets and the actual demise of the earth would be on, oh, let's say October 21 instead. You have to wonder about folks like this.

From their site at...
2015_DC_Signs3DC -- Temporary Signs
2016_DC_Signs31DC -- Temporary Signs
2017_DC_Signs42DC -- Temporary Signs
2018_DC_Signs52DC -- Temporary Signs
Including Facebook disclaimers and Reject Kavanagh signs near the Capitol.
2019_DC_Signs173DC -- Temporary Signs
Including an Impeach Trump truck.
2020_DC_Signs348DC -- Temporary Signs
Various including:
* The "Trump Lied. People Died" truck.
2021_DC_Signs464DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_02_06C_Signs5DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_02_16A1_Signs2DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_02_27A1_Signs1DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_03_05A1_Signs4DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_03_06A1_Signs3DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_03_11A1_Signs8DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_03_20C1_Signs8DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_03_24B1_Signs4DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_03_27C4_Signs3DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_04_03A_Signs6DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_04_09A3_Signs4DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_04_10A5_Signs3DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_04_12B2_Signs3DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2022_04_17A2_Signs5DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2022_04_22B1_Signs7DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2022_04_23B1_Signs2DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2022_04_25A1_Signs1DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2022_05_05B1_Signs12DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2022_05_08C2_Signs2DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2022_DC_Signs6DC -- Temporary Signs
2021_DC_Signs_Statehood63DC -- Temporary Signs -- DC statehood signs by Capitol

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2022_05_01A_Literary_HillBF429Literary Hill BookFest (2022) @ Eastern Market
Literary Hill BookFest Celebrating Books and Authors on Capitol Hill WE’RE BACK IN THE REAL WORLD! SEE US AT EASTERN MARKET ON MAY 1, 2022 Come join us from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for our first in-person event since 2019, as we celebrate the vibrant literary culture of Capitol Hill at our “home” in D.C... (Partially reviewed)
2022_04_17E5_Pershing26DC -- National World War I Memorial (Pershing Park) (Partially reviewed)
2022_04_26D5_AlcarazR238Library of Congress -- Ceremony: Herblock Prize (2022): Lalo Alcaraz -- Reception
2022 Herblock Prize Award Ceremony & Lecture 2022 Prize Winner: Lalo Alcaraz Finalist: Peter Kuper (who did not attend) Lecturer: Michel Martin Folks shown here include: Eric Shansby, Mike Rhode, Michel Martin, Marcela Brane, Mike Jenkins, Signe Wilkinson, Rob Rogers, Carolyn Belefski, Matt Wuerker... (Partially reviewed)
2022_04_26D1_AlcarazP265Library of Congress -- Ceremony: Herblock Prize (2022): Lalo Alcaraz -- Presentation
2022 Herblock Prize Award Ceremony & Lecture 2022 Prize Winner: Lalo Alcaraz Finalist: Peter Kuper (who did not attend) Lecturer: Michel Martin Speakers in sequence: * Helena Zinkham, Director for Collections & Services and Chief of the Prints and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress *... (Partially reviewed)
2022_03_27B_Golden_Haiku181DC -- Golden (Triangle) Haiku (2022)
On my second scavenger hunt through the 40+ blocks that make up the Golden Triangle BID, I'm now up to having photographed 104 of the 200 unique haiku signs out there.

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