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2021_DC_Signs_Biden40DC -- Event: Placards up for Biden-Harris Inauguration @ National Mall
2007_DC_Signs2DC -- Temporary Signs
2009_DC_Signs22DC -- Temporary Signs
2010_DC_Signs2DC -- Temporary Signs
2011_DC_Signs7DC -- Temporary Signs
There was a whacko religious group that prophesied that the earth would end on May 21. Whoops... Afterward, they claimed there were false prophets and the actual demise of the earth would be on, oh, let's say October 21 instead. You have to wonder about folks like this.

From their site at...
2015_DC_Signs3DC -- Temporary Signs
2016_DC_Signs31DC -- Temporary Signs
2017_DC_Signs42DC -- Temporary Signs
2018_DC_Signs62DC -- Temporary Signs
Including Facebook disclaimers and Reject Kavanagh signs near the Capitol.
2019_DC_Signs173DC -- Temporary Signs
Including an Impeach Trump truck.
2020_DC_Signs349DC -- Temporary Signs
Various including:
* The "Trump Lied. People Died" truck.
2021_DC_Signs464DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_08_07A1_Signs5DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_08_11C_Signs2DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_08_20A1_Signs11DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_08_30_Signs2DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_09_09B2_Signs9DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_09_18D_Signs2DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_09_21A2_Signs3DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_10_12B1_Signs1DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_10_14A3_Signs11DC -- Temporary Signs
2022_10_20A_Signs4DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2022_10_27D4_Signs8DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2022_11_13A2_Signs5DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2022_11_24A4_Signs1DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2022_11_26E2_Signs6DC -- Temporary Signs (Partially reviewed)
2022_DC_Signs131DC -- Temporary Signs
2021_DC_Signs_Statehood63DC -- Temporary Signs -- DC statehood signs by Capitol

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2022_12_03B_Miss_DC_Send2562022 Miss District of Columbia Send-Off -- Alivia Roberts to Miss America Pageant
You and a guest are invited to join the celebration for Miss DC 2022 Alivia Roberts at the Miss DC Send Off Party at the Home of Anthony Coley (Alivia's former boss at Department of Justice) (Partially reviewed)
2022_11_17B1_USCHS_T_I378USCHS -- Tribute to the US House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
Program Welcome: The Honorable Jane L. Campbell, President and CEO, US Capitol Historical Society Presentation of the Colors and Pledge of Allegiance: US Capitol Police Ceremonial Unit Toast to the Committee: Jane L. Campbell Remarks: * The Honorable Peter A. DeFazio, Chairman, House Committee on T... (Partially reviewed)
2022_10_21E_Pen_Faulkner_SOTU404PEN/Faulkner's Literary State of the Union
PEN/Faulkner's Literary State of the Union Don't miss this one-of-a-kind DC literary gathering! Join us for a one-of-a-kind DC literary gathering just before the mid-term elections. An open bar, buffet, dessert, inspirational speeches from a who's who of writers from throughout the DC region, and a ... (Partially reviewed)
2022_10_29C1_BCC_Ringo1420Baltimore Comic-Con (2022) -- Ringo Awards: Pre-Ceremony Reception and Dinner
Folks shown here (in sequence): Outside the dining room: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Joe Staton, Jill Thompson, Sarah Shinji Myer, Josh Geppi, ??? (presenter), Bill Morrison, Andrea Purcell, Yissel Ayala, Ryan Dunlavey, Fred Van Lente, ???, Steve Geppi, ???, John Leguizamo, Charlie Kochman, ???, ???, ??... (Partially reviewed)
2022_12_04_Honors295DC -- Kennedy Center -- Kennedy Center Honors (2022)
45th Kennedy Center Honors Slate Announced George Clooney, Amy Grant, Gladys Knight, Tania León, and U2. Lots of people were missed but pics here include: Patrick Leahy, Sam Moore (???), Amy Klobuchar, Brandi Carlile, Laurence Fishburne, Roy Blount, Pete Buttigieg (barely), Anthony Fauci, Cal Ripken... (Partially reviewed)

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