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2008_DC_Acts_II_08081631Cultural Tourism DC -- Event: Brightwood Heritage Trail Opening Acts II Band
The Emory United Methodist Church's Acts II Band played jazz next to the church as part of the heritage trail opening events.
2008_DC_TrailR_08081670Cultural Tourism DC -- Event: Brightwood Heritage Trail Opening Related Pics
2008_DC_TrailC_08081659Cultural Tourism DC -- Event: Brightwood Heritage Trail Unveiling
This was the opening event for the opening of the Battleground to Community: Brightwood Heritage Trail.
2010_DC_TrailR_1011138Cultural Tourism DC -- Event: Tenleytown Heritage Trail Opening Related Pics
Tour folks at Point Reno as well as at the fire station.
2010_DC_TrailC_10111396Cultural Tourism DC -- Event: Tenleytown Heritage Trail Unveiling
This was an event to dedicate the new "Top of the Town", the Tenleytown Heritage Trail. The event was held at the Fort Reno park.
Speakers, in sequence (more or less), were:
- Music by the Middle C Music Brass Ensemble
- Linda Harper, Executive Director, Cultural Tourism DC
- (Co-Host) Chris...
2008_DC_Peck_Tour_08092014Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: Artist G. Byron Peck's Shaw/U Street Murals
Artist G. Byron Peck’s Shaw/U Street Mural Tour:
Take a tour of murals created by prominent DC mural and mosaic artist G. Byron Peck and his associated non-profit, City Arts. Get an eyeful of the landmark mural of Duke Ellington, the Dupont Circle Mural, and the Mayan Mural, all within blocks of each...
2007_DC_U_Tour_0704217Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: Before Harlem, There Was U Street
Before Harlem, There Was U Street:
Take a walk along Washington's "Black Broadway" where Duke Ellington grew up and was inspired, and where musical greats such as Cab Calloway and Dizzy Gillespie played into the wee hours of the morning. Here in the shadow of Howard University, African Americans...
2010_DC_Tivoli_Tour_10052317Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: Behind-the-Scenes at GALA Theatre in the Historic Tivoli
Behind-the-Scenes at GALA Theatre in the Historic Tivoli
This behind-the-scenes tour of GALA Hispanic Theatre, DC’s premier Latino arts organization, will touch on the history of the old historic Tivoli, including an introduction to the resident theater ghost, the redesign of the theater space by GALA...
2010_DC_CHeights_Tour_10052314Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: Boom, Bust, and Boom along the Columbia Heights Heritage Trail
Boom, Bust, and Boom along the Columbia Heights Heritage Trail:
The Columbia Heights Heritage Trail tour will begin and end in the heart of the 14th St. commercial area. We'll look at the boom, bust and boom of one of DC's hottest and most interesting neighborhoods. Covering most of Cultural Tourism...
2010_DC_Mt_Vernon_Tour_10052234Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: Exploring the Emerging Mount Vernon Triangle Neighborhood
Exploring the Emerging Mount Vernon Triangle Neighborhood:
Sponsored by 425 Massachusetts Avenue Apartments and Steuart Investment Company
Walk the Mount Vernon Triangle neighborhood to learn about the history of this once forgotten neighborhood, including its rebirth, new retail, new offices, and new...
2017_DC_Penn_Qtr_Tour_17092012Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: Federal Triangle: Planning, Architecture, Art
WTDC - The Federal Triangle: Planning, Architecture, Art
The Federal Triangle was first conceived as an integral component of the 1901 McMillan Commission's plan to extend the L’Enfant Plan and beautify the monumental core of Washington.
Starting with the 1926 Public Buildings Act, the Triangle was...
2009_DC_Twin_Oaks_Tour_09091921Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: Historic Tour at Twin Oaks Estate
Historic Tour at Twin Oaks Estate:
Twin Oaks, the largest privately owned estate in Washington DC, was built in 1888 by Gardiner Hubbard, founder of the National Geographic Society. The 26-room house features the early colonial (Georgian) Revival style. From 1937 to 1978, Twin Oaks served as the...
2008_DC_Brookland_Tour_08092014Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: History of Brookland
History of Brookland:
This tour of central Brookland offers insight into the development of this one-time trolley suburb and its rich cultural heritage, including its original main street business area. Discover the work of architects such as John Joseph Early, Howard Mackey, and Hilyard Robinson. See...
2006_DC_Metro_Tour_06042217Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: Metro Behind the Scenes
Metro: Behind the Scenes:
As part of Metro's 30th anniversary, participants were taken around to the original Metro stations (the first was Rhode Island Avenue, and we also did Union Station, Judiciary Square, Gallery Place, Metro Center, and Farragut North) by Metro's interim general manager, Dan...
2009_DC_NOMA_Tour_09091946Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: NoMa’s Renaissance: To NPR
NoMa’s Renaissance: To NPR:
This up-and-coming neighborhood north of Union Station is home to landmarks such as Uline Arena, site of the Beatles first North American concert in 1964. The New York Avenue Metro station opened in 2004, igniting the pace of development in NoMa. With lead anchors like...
2013_DC_NOMA_Tour_13100626Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: NoMa: From the Beatles to NPR
NoMa: From the Beatles to NPR
NoMa (the area north of Massachusetts Avenue) is a long-neglected part of DC that is now in the midst of a great renaissance. See where the Beatles played their first U.S. concert, hear the area’s rich history, and learn how the NoMa Metro station sparked the sleek new...
2008_DC_Peirce_MillWT_08042672Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: Peirce Mill to Turn Again (interior tour)
Peirce Mill to Turn Again:
Peirce Mill, the last standing mill in the District, is nearing completion of a $1 million restoration program that will enable the 200-year-old mill to grind grain again. A visit to the mill will reveal the fish ladder at the dam that allows herring to migrate upstream for...
2008_DC_St_Elizabeth_Tour_08092024Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: St Elizabeth's East Campus
St. Elizabeth's East Campus Tour - Past, Present, and Future:
Tour historic St. Elizabeth's Hospital, a pioneer in therapeutic techniques in mental health. Opened in 1855, St. E’s has treated over 125,000 patients, including John Hinckley, Jr. Hear redevelopment plans for the campus that include mixed...
2009_DC_DOI_Murals_Tour_0909199Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: U.S. Department of the Interior Murals
U.S. Department of the Interior Murals Tour:
The U.S. Department of the Interior Main Interior Building was designed to be a “symbol of a new day” during the Great Depression. Explore more than 20 New Deal-era murals and learn how this public art project stimulated more than just the economy. Led by...
2008_DC_Ft_StevensWT_08042666Cultural Tourism DC -- Walking Tour: Victory at Fort Stevens
Victory at Fort Stevens:
Explore Fort Stevens and its surrounding neighborhood to relive the historical highlights of the moral turning point of the Civil War. Highlights include the spot where Abraham Lincoln stood when he was almost shot by enemy fire and Battleground National Cemetery, the final...
2010_DC_CW2CR_10110489Willard Hotel -- Event: Civil War To Civil Rights Conference
DC Launches “Civil War to Civil Rights” Promotion to Mark 150th Commemoration of Civil War
(Washington, DC)...From Abraham Lincoln’s tide-turning elections and inaugurations to Dr. Martin Luther King’s soul-stirring “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC has served as a...

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2022_11_17B1_USCHS_T_I378USCHS -- Tribute to the US House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
Program Welcome: The Honorable Jane L. Campbell, President and CEO, US Capitol Historical Society Presentation of the Colors and Pledge of Allegiance: US Capitol Police Ceremonial Unit Toast to the Committee: Jane L. Campbell Remarks: * The Honorable Peter A. DeFazio, Chairman, House Committee on T... (Partially reviewed)
2022_10_21E_Pen_Faulkner_SOTU404PEN/Faulkner's Literary State of the Union
PEN/Faulkner's Literary State of the Union Don't miss this one-of-a-kind DC literary gathering! Join us for a one-of-a-kind DC literary gathering just before the mid-term elections. An open bar, buffet, dessert, inspirational speeches from a who's who of writers from throughout the DC region, and a ... (Partially reviewed)
2022_10_29C1_BCC_Ringo1420Baltimore Comic-Con (2022) -- Ringo Awards: Pre-Ceremony Reception and Dinner
Folks shown here (in sequence): Outside the dining room: Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Joe Staton, Jill Thompson, Sarah Shinji Myer, Josh Geppi, ??? (presenter), Bill Morrison, Andrea Purcell, Yissel Ayala, Ryan Dunlavey, Fred Van Lente, ???, Steve Geppi, ???, John Leguizamo, Charlie Kochman, ???, ???, ??... (Partially reviewed)
2022_10_07G5_NYCC_Harveys219New York Comic Con (2022) -- Harvey Awards -- Presentation
The Harvey Awards honors books and creators working in sequential art across a variety of categories and represents one of the industry’s longest-running annual events. The awards are named after Harvey Kurtzman, the legendary creator who is best remembered for creating MAD. The annual gala celebrat... (Partially reviewed)
2022_10_07G6_NYCC_Harveys2379New York Comic Con (2022) -- Harvey Awards -- Everything except the presentation
Folks shown here include: Chip Mosher, John Lind, Nellie Kurtzman, Calvin Reid, Amy Chu, ???, Liniers (Ricardo Siri), Vivek Tiwary, Karen Green, ???, ???, Bob Camp, Jock, Denis Kitchen, Heidi MacDonald, Charlie Kochman, Kevin McCloskey, Greg Lockard, Johnnie Christmas, Joe Quesada, Neil Gaiman, and ... (Partially reviewed)

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