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2014_DC_Cato_Surveil_141212147Cato Institute -- "2014 Cato Institute Surveillance Conference"
The 2014 Cato Institute Surveillance Conference
Never in human history have people been more connected than they are today — nor have they been more thoroughly monitored. Over the past year, the disclosures spurred by former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden have drawn public attention...
2007_DC_CatALA_07062435Cato Institute -- "ALA Reception" (w/PJ O'Rourke, David Boaz, Michael Tanner, Brink Lindsey, and Jim Harper)
This book event was tied into the ALA conference. It was a nice evening of free food, spirits, and books. Speakers were David Boaz and P.J. O'Rourke. Book signings were by:
P.J. O'Rourke ("On The Wealth of Nations"), David Boaz ("Libertarianism: A Primer"), Michael D. Tanner ("Leviathan on the Right:...
2016_DC_Blood_Oil_16011348Cato Institute -- "Blood Oil: Tyrants, Violence, and the Rules that Run the World" (w/Leif Wenar)
Blood Oil: Tyrants, Violence, and the Rules that Run the World:
Featuring the author Leif Wenar, Chair of Philosophy and Law, King’s College London; with comments by Ian Vásquez, Director, Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, Cato Institute; and Bruce W. Jentleson, Professor of Public Policy and...
2012_DC_Cato_Clash_12051128Cato Institute -- "Clash of Economic Ideas" (w/Lawrence White, Sylvia Nasar, and James Knight)
The Clash of Economic Ideas (Cambridge University Press, 2012)
Featuring the author Lawrence H. White, Professor of Economics, George Mason University; with comments by Sylvia Nasar, John S. and James L. Knight Professor of Business Journalism, Columbia University, Author, A Beautiful Mind and Grand...
2018_10_18C_Coercive44Cato Institute -- "Coercive Plea Bargaining" (w/Clark Neily, Somil Trivedi, Bonnie Hoffman, and Scott Hechinger)
Coercive Plea Bargaining
Featuring (seated left to right):
* Clark Neily (Moderator), Vice President for Criminal Justice, Cato Institute.
* Somil Trivedi, Staff Attorney, ACLU Trone Center for Justice and Equality;
* Bonnie Hoffman, Director of Public Defense Reform and Training, National... (Partially reviewed)
2006_DC_CatCG_06080114Cato Institute -- "Comprehensive Immigration Reform for a Growing Economy" (w/Carlos Gutierrez)
Comprehensive Immigration Reform for a Growing Economy: Policy Forum: Featuring The Hon. Carlos Gutierrez, Secretary of Commerce.

In January 2004, President Bush called upon Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform that would secure our borders, meet our economic needs, and uphold our best...
2015_DC_Deceit_15120828Cato Institute -- "Deceit on the Road to War" (w/John Schuessler, etc)
Deceit on the Road to War: Presidents, Politics, and American Democracy
featuring the author
* John M. Schuessler, Associate Professor, Department of Strategy, Air War College
with comments by
* Elizabeth Saunders, Assistant Professor, Political Science and International Affairs, George Washington...
2006_DC_CatNE_06090722Cato Institute -- "Design for a New Europe" (w/John Gillingham and John Bruton)
"Design for a New Europe" (Cambridge University Press, 2006). Featuring the author John Gillingham (Professor of History, University of Missouri-St. Louis) with comments by Ambassador John Bruton (Head of the European Union Delegation to the United States), moderated by Marian Tupy (Assistant Director,...
2006_DC_CatEI_06101912Cato Institute -- "End of Iraq" (w/Peter Galbraith and Marina Ottaway)
The End of Iraq: How American Incompetence Created a War without End (Simon & Schuster, 2006)

Featuring the author, Peter W. Galbraith, Former U.S. Ambassador to Croatia and Senior Diplomatic Fellow, Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation; with comments by Marina S. Ottaway, Director of...
2007_DC_CatKLA_07030918Cato Institute -- "Facing a Challenge" (w/Václav Klaus)
Facing a Challenge of the Current Era: Environmentalism: Featuring Václav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic.
President Václav Klaus of the Czech Republic, one of the leading market reformers of the post socialist era, will be speaking at the Cato Institute about contemporary environmental issues...
2006_DC_CatFA_06101813Cato Institute -- "Foreign Aid and the Weakening of Democratic Accountability in Uganda" (w/Andrew Mwenda)
Foreign Aid and the Weakening of Democratic Accountability in Uganda: Featuring Andrew Mwenda, Political Editor, Daily Monitor (Kampala, Uganda), with comments by Mauro De Lorenzo, Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute.

The international aid lobby claims that increased foreign aid will help...
2007_DC_CATFF_07042622Cato Institute -- "Freeing the Farm" (w/Clayton Yeutter and David Orden)
Freeing the Farm: A Farm Bill for All Americans: Policy Forum.
Featuring: David Orden, International Food Policy Research Institute; Clayton Yeutter, Former Secretary of Agriculture and United States Trade Representative; and Sallie James, Trade Policy Analyst, Cato Institute.
The 2007 farm bill will...
2006_DC_CatNeg_06092016Cato Institute -- "In Defense of Negativity" (w/John Geer and Jeremy Mayer)
Cato sponsored a Book Forum on "In Defense of Negativity: Attack Ads in Presidential Campaigns", featuring the author John G. Geer (Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, Vanderbilt University). The session was moderated by John Samples (Director, Center for Representative Government, Cato...
2007_DC_CATIPS_0705109Cato Institute -- "Invasion of the Party Snatchers" (w/Vic Gold)
"Invasion of the Party Snatchers: How the Holy-Rollers and the Neo-Cons Destroyed the GOP"), Featuring the author Victor Gold.

Vic Gold was deputy press secretary for Barry Goldwater's 1964 presidential campaign, which launched the conservative revolution in the Republican Party. He went on to...
2018_09_06B_ORourke41Cato Institute -- "None of My Business" (w/P.J. O'Rourke)
None of My Business: P.J. Explains Money, Banking, Debt, Equity, Assets, Liabilities, and Why He’s Not Rich and Neither Are You
Featuring the author P. J. O’Rourke, H. L. Mencken Research Fellow, Cato Institute; with introductory remarks by David Boaz, Executive Vice President, Cato Institute.
P. J.... (Partially reviewed)
2007_DC_CATPJO_07010924Cato Institute -- "On the Wealth of Nations" (w/P.J. O'Rourke)
P.J. O’Rourke will give a modern-day spin on The Wealth of Nations and Adam Smith’s revolutionary theories on liberty: pursuit of self-interest, division of labor, and freedom of trade. Employing Smith’s insights, P. J. will tackle such present day topics as outsourcing, blogs, central banks, and...
2006_DC_CatBlo_06121316Cato Institute -- "Overblown: How Politicians etc Inflate National Security Threats" (w/John Mueller and James Gilmore III)
Overblown: How Politicians and the Terrorism Industry Inflate National Security Threats, and Why We Believe Them
Featuring the author, John Mueller, Woody Hayes Chair of National Security Studies, Ohio State University; with comments by James S. Gilmore, III, Former Governor of Virginia and Chair of...
2006_DC_CatAgr_06083122Cato Institute -- "Prospects for Reform of U.S. Agricultural Policy" (w/Mike Johanns, Cal Dooley, and Robert Thompson)
The Center for Trade Policy Studies at the Cato Institute presented a Policy Forum on "Prospects for Reform of U.S. Agricultural Policy –With or without Doha". Speakers were Mike Johanns (U.S. Secretary of Agriculture), Cal Dooley (President and CEO, Food Products Association) and Robert L. Thompson...
2017_DC_Transit_17102535Cato Institute -- "The Future of Public Transit"
The Future of Public Transit
* Art Guzzetti, Vice President -- Policy, American Public Transportation Association; 
* Randal O’Toole (@antiplanner), Senior Fellow, Cato Institute;
* Tom Firey, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute (Moderator)
The nation’s public transit industry faces some...
2014_DC_Tyranny_14111348Cato Institute -- "The Tyranny of Silence" (w/Flemming Rose and Jonathan Rauch)
The Tyranny of Silence (Cato Institute Press, 2014)
A special one-on-one conversation with the author Flemming Rose, Foreign Editor at the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten; interviewed by Jonathan Rauch, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution, and author of Kindly Inquisitors: The New Attacks on Free...
2007_DC_CATTPA_07061811Cato Institute -- "Trade Promotion Authority, RIP?" (w/Dooley, Cal)
Capitol Hill Briefing. Featuring the Hon. Cal Dooley, President and CEO, Grocery Manufacturers/Food Products Association, and Daniel Griswold, Director, Center for Trade Policy Studies, Cato Institute.

Every U.S. president since 1974 has been granted authority by Congress to negotiate agreements...
2018_DC_Trump_DoctrineBS_18013021Cato Institute -- "Trump Doctrine at One Year" -- Breakout Session: The Greater Middle East and the War on Terror
The Trump Doctrine at One Year
A year into President Trump’s term, what can we say about the Trump Doctrine? As a candidate, Trump promised dramatic changes for American foreign policy. As president, many would agree he has delivered on that promise. In just one year, Trump withdrew from the...
2018_DC_Trump_DoctrineGS_18013048Cato Institute -- "Trump Doctrine at One Year" -- General Session
The Trump Doctrine at One Year
A year into President Trump’s term, what can we say about the Trump Doctrine? As a candidate, Trump promised dramatic changes for American foreign policy. As president, many would agree he has delivered on that promise. In just one year, Trump withdrew from the...
2006_DC_CatMCI_06110214Cato Institute -- "U.S. Military and Counterinsurgency" (w/Jeffrey Record, Thomas Ricks, and Conrad Crane)
The U.S. Military and Counterinsurgency: What We Have Learned in Iraq and Afghanistan: Featuring: Jeffrey Record, Professor, Air War College, Author of Beating Goliath: Why Insurgencies Win; Thomas E. Ricks, Senior Pentagon Correspondent, Washington Post, Author of Fiasco: The American Military...
2006_DC_CatWOT_06090826Cato Institute -- "War on Terrorism Five Years after 9/11" (w/Robert Pape, Rand Beers, Andrew Kohut, Flynt Leverett, and Dana Priest)
The Cato Institute had a Policy Forum on "The War on Terrorism Five Years after 9/11". It featured a presentation by Robert Pape (Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Chicago and author of "Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism"), followed by a discussion of U.S....
2016_DC_Tea_Party_16031027Cato Institute -- "Whatever Happened to the Tea Party?"
#CatoConnects: Whatever Happened to the Tea Party?
Featuring Ben Domenech, Publisher, The Federalist; John Samples, Vice President and Publisher, Cato Institute; and Emily Ekins, Research Fellow, Cato Institute; moderated by Caleb O. Brown, Director of Multimedia, Cato Institute.
Libertarians and...
2017_DC_Free_Speech_17020330Cato Institute -- "Will President Trump Threaten Free Speech?" (w/Flemming Rose, Robert Corn_Revere, and Francis H. Buckley)
Will President Trump Threaten Free Speech?
* Flemming Rose, Senior Fellow, Cato Institute;
* Robert Corn-Revere, Partner,
* Francis H. Buckley, Foundation Professor, George Mason University’s Scalia School of Law; author of The Way Back: Restoring the Promise of America and...

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2018_11_15A_Tokyo_Trials233Natl Archives -- U.S. Premier of "The Tokyo Trials"
U.S. Premiere of “The Tokyo Trials” Lasting more than two and a half years, the Tokyo War Crimes Trial became the longest legal proceeding ever, producing reams of records that set the precedent for modern military tribunals. In observance of the 70th anniversary of the trial’s adjournment in 1948, ... (Partially reviewed)
2018_10_28A_Captain2076AFI -- Captain 20 Returns!
Captain 20 Returns! Everybody's favorite alien, Captain 20, is making a very special appearance at AFI Silver to host a program of cartoons and kid-show favorites from the old days, including ULTRAMAN, SPEED RACER and Bugs Bunny and Friends! There might even be some gerbil races. Do you still have y... (Partially reviewed)
2018_11_03A_Blechman52DC -- Dumbarton Oaks -- Event: An Afternoon with R. O. Blechman
An Afternoon with R. O. Blechman The creator of what are now considered by many to be the earliest graphic novels, R. O. Blechman, will discuss his first work, The Juggler of Our Lady. This cartoon retelling of the medieval legend was first published in 1953 and later adapted into an award-winning s... (Partially reviewed)
2018_11_15B1_Dish_Tell140Sixth & I and WeWork -- Dish & Tell: Food Entrepreneurs’ Recipes for Success (w/Rose Previte, Chris Brady, Andrew Dana, and Daniel Pink)
Dish & Tell: Food Entrepreneurs’ Recipes for Success Hosted by Daniel Pink If you live to eat, eat to live, or want to make a living feeding others, hear from Rose Previte—owner of Maydan and Compass Rose—and Chris Brady and Andrew Dana—co-owners of Timber Pizza—about their unexpected paths to becom... (Partially reviewed)
2018_12_09A1_Meyers157National Gallery of Art -- Artist talk: linn meyers: work
linn meyers: work linn meyers, artist and cofounder, STABLE, in conversation with Jonathan Frederick Walz, director of curatorial affairs and curator of American art, Columbus Museum Artist linn meyers creates works that reveal the expansive potential of drawing. In monumental installations drawn st... (Partially reviewed)

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