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2013_CA_SDCCA102San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Artists
Artists shown her:

Preview Night:
Dean Yeagle, Keith Knight, Steven Notley ("Bob the Angry Flower"), Chris Sparks, Scott Shaw!, Mark Evanier, Sergio Aragones, Steve Leialoha, Sergio Perlonga, Anastasia Pierce, Kevin Eastman, Neal Adams, Jim Lee, Brian Buccellato, Mark Wheatley, Paul Tobin, Lee...
2013_CA_SDCC248San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Miscellaneous
2013_CA_SDCCP7_13071944San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: A Celebration of Walt Kelly's 100th Birthday
A Celebration of Walt Kelly's 100th Birthday
The creator of one of comics' great newspaper strips, Walt Kelly, would have been 100 years old on August 25th of this year. His magnum opus, Pogo, is now receiving its first ever complete reprinting in an Eisner Award-nominated series from Fantagraphics...
2013_CA_SDCCP4_13072077San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Cartoon Voices I
Cartoon Voices I
Each year, moderator Mark Evanier gathers a bevy of the most talented cartoon voice actors working today and invites them to explain and demonstrate their artistry! This year's lineup includes Scott Menville (Teen Titans Go, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Grey DeLisle (Scooby Doo,...
2013_CA_SDCCP3_13072154San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Cartoon Voices II
Cartoon Voices #2
Yesterday's Cartoon Voices Panel will have been such a hit that we'll have to do another one with different but equally talented actors from the world of animation voicing. Once again, moderator Mark Evanier has assembled an all-star dais that includes Bob Bergen (Porky Pig), Alicyn...
2013_CA_SDCCP6_13072123San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Cover Story
Cover Story: The Art of the Cover
What does it take to make a great cover for a comic book? Let's ask four of the top artists...all folks who've created some of the best. Come hear the "shop talk" of Jerry Ordway (Superman, The Power of Shazam), Gary Frank (Action Comics, DC Universe: Legacies), Dan...
2013_CA_SDCCP5_13071824San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Digital Development and Marketing Your Comic
Digital Development and Marketing Your Comic, Web Series, App or Game: Kickstarter
UPDATED: Mon, Jul 15, 02:15PM
Experts discuss digital development and marketing for your digital projects, including your comic, web series, app, game, or Kickstarter. Panelists include Bernie Su (The Lizzie Bennet...
2013_CA_SDCCP8_1307196San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Drew Struzan
Drew Struzan: The Man Behind the Poster
Movie poster artist Drew Struzan (creator of the Star Wars, Back to the Future, and Indiana Jones movie posters) is joined by celebrity guests and the film crew behind the documentary feature film about his career, set to premiere this summer. Enjoy movie clips,...
2013_CA_SDCCPA_13072096San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Femme Fatales Revealed
Femme Fatales Revealed: Looks Still Kill as the Hit TV Series Comes Home
Go behind the scenes of the show that Entertainment Weekly hails as "a badass chick anthology series" and The Huffington Post calls "Pulpy Fun." Inspired by film noir, graphic novels, and pulp fiction, the stars and creators...
2013_CA_SDCCP1_13072127San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Jack Kirby Tribute Panel
Jack Kirby Tribute Panel
Each year, we set aside time to talk about Comic-Con's first superstar guest and the man they call The King of the Comics, Jack Kirby. Jack left us in 1994, but his influence on comics, film, and this convention has never been greater. Discussing the man and his work this year...
2013_CA_SDCCP1_13071829San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: MAD Screening and Q&A
MAD Screening and Q&A
The MADness continues in San Diego as MAD once again descends on Comic-Con with their usual-but mostly unusual-brand of hijinks and hilarity. Producers Kevin Shinick and Mark Marek and other hilarious minds from the show promise a wisecracking discussion about the series inspired...
2013_CA_SDCCP2_1307205San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Marvel Television Presents
Marvel Television Presents
It's the biggest, most animated Marvel Television panel ever! Join Marvel's head of television, Jeph Loeb, for the latest from inside Marvel Universe on Disney XD, including what's next for Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man, a new episode of the hit series Marvel's Avengers...
2013_CA_SDCCP8_13071833San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Necessary Evil
First Look: Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics
Behind every great superhero is an even greater rogues gallery, and that's where the spotlight lands in the all-new documentary Necessary Evil: Super-Villains of DC Comics. From the Joker and Deathstroke to Lex Luthor and Darkseid, the film...
2013_CA_SDCCP3_13071942San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Nikita
Nikita Special Video Presentation and Q&A
Nikita returns to San Diego for its final Comic-Con appearance with series stars Maggie Q (Mission: Impossible 3), Shane West (ER), Lyndsy Fonseca (Kick-Ass), Aaron Stanford (X-Men: The Last Stand), Melinda Clarke (The O.C.), Devon Sawa (Final Destination), and...
2013_CA_SDCCP3_13072091San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Quick Draw!
Quick Draw!
It's the fastest, funniest panel in the whole convention! (Well, some folks think it is-mainly Sergio and Mark.) Once again, your Quick Draw Quizmaster Mark Evanier pits three super-speedy cartoonists against one another as they go mano a mano to create great cartoon art right before your...
2013_CA_SDCCP5_13071916San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Remembering Carmine Infantino
Remembering Carmine Infantino
Carmine Infantino (May 24, 1925-April 4, 2013) was one of the most important men in the history of the comics industry. He helped create more characters than any living person other than Stan Lee, including The Flash, Black Canary, Batgirl, Human Target, Poison Ivy, Animal...
2013_CA_SDCCP1_13072037San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Remembering Joe Kubert
Remembering Joe Kubert
We lost one of comics' most beloved and respected creators in August 2012. Joe Kubert started drawing comics when he was twelve years old and didn't stop until he'd inspired and taught a couple of generations how it was done. Hear all about this extraordinary man from folks who...
2013_CA_SDCCP2_1307219San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Scooby-Doo! Adventures
World Premiere of Scooby-Doo! Adventures: The Mystery Map
Everyone's favorite Great Dane splashes onto the screen with a new, groundbreaking look that combines state-of-the-art puppetry with a cartoon sensibility. Witness the world premiere of this entertaining film along with panelists like Tony Award...
2013_CA_SDCCP4_13072120San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: SpongeCon 2013
SpongeCon 2013: The Year of the Fan
Tom Kenny (voice of SpongeBob) hosts an interactive live SpongeBob event! Croon along with some of your favorite tunes from Bikini Bottom. Screen finalists from the SpongeBob SquareShorts fan film competition. Enjoy an exclusive sneak peek of the new half-hour...
2013_CA_SDCCP5_1307202San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Spotlight on Gerry Conway
Spotlight on Gerry Conway: Secrets Behind the Death of Gwen Stacy
Comic-Con special guest Gerry Conway, co-creator of The Punisher, Firestorm, Power Girl, and Man-Thing, along with too many supervillains to count, is one of the longest-running writers of the Justice League and is widely known as "the...
2013_CA_SDCCP6_13071911San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Spotlight on Jeffrey Brown
Spotlight on Jeffrey Brown
New York Times bestselling author and indie comics hero Jeffrey Brown (Clumsy, Incredible Change-Bots, Cat Getting Out of a Bag, Darth Vader and Son) speaks about his wide-ranging career and his three new books this year: the Star Wars parenting comedy Vader's Little Princess...
2013_CA_SDCCP8_13072034San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Spotlight on Leonard Maltin
Spotlight on Leonard Maltin
He's been called America's most knowledgeable film critic and historian, and he's the author of more than a dozen books on motion pictures and animation, in addition to his annual (and bestselling) Leonard Maltin's Movie Guide, a book no lover of film can be without. This...
2013_CA_SDCCP1_13071924San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Spotlight on Tony Isabella
Spotlight on Tony Isabella
Comic-Con special guest Tony Isabella is the man who brought you Black Lightning, It the Living Colossus, The Shadow War of Hawkman,The Champions, and so many more memorable comics, plus his long-running column in Comic Buyer's Guide. He will be ruthlessly interrogated about...
2013_CA_SDCCP2_13071916San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Stan Lee's World of Heroes
Stan Lee's World of Heroes
Kick off your Comic-Con Friday inside the mind of the legend himself on a journey through the inimitable Stan Lee's World of Heroes. Stan Lee and several of his World of Heroes collaborators recap the YouTube channel's exciting first year. Enjoy a special performance by...
2013_CA_SDCCP9_13072025San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Strike Back
Strike Back
The hit action series kicks off its third season with a panel featuring stars Philip Winchester (Crusoe), Sullivan Stapleton (300: Rise of An Empire), Dougray Scott (Desperate Housewives), newcomer Milauna Jackson (Blood Done Sign My Name), and co-executive producer/writer/director Michael...
2013_CA_SDCCP4_13071830San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Superman: The Julie Schwartz Era
Superman: The Julie Schwartz Era
In celebration of Superman's 75th Birthday, we look back at the Man of Steel in comics' Bronze Age. In 1970, veteran editor Julius Schwartz assumed command of the primal hero and charted a course for a new generation. On hand to discuss it are many of the writers who...
2013_CA_SDCCP6_13072081San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: Team Cul de Sac
Team Cul de Sac
Chris Sparks, editor and organizer of the Eisner Award-nominated Team Cul de Sac: Cartoonists Draw the Line at Parkinsons book, is joined by several contributors who will talk about the creation of this original cartoon art book done in tribute to Richard Thompson, Reuben Award winner...
2013_CA_SDCCP7_13072032San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: That '70s Panel
That '70s Panel
It was a time of change in comics, with a new generation intermingling with the old and taking command. Hear what it was like from Martin Pasko (Superman, Swamp Thing), Tony Isabella (Black Lightning, The Champions), Val Mayerik (Man-Thing, Howard the Duck), Elliott S! Maggin (Superman,...
2013_CA_SDCCP4_13071935San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: The 100
The 100 Pilot Screening and Q&A
Almost a hundred years after mankind nearly destroyed itself with nuclear war, a group of survivors living on a space station called the Ark take the first step to recolonize Earth, as 100 juvenile delinquents are released to the surface of the planet to determine if it...
2013_CA_SDCCP5_1307218San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: The Art of CAPCOM
The Art of CAPCOM
Francis Mao (CAPCOM senior director creative services) leads a panel of CAPCOM's graphic designers, artists, and creative partners in a panel pulling back the curtain on how Capcom's incredible video game artwork is created from concept to finish. Panelists will explain the creative...
2013_CA_SDCCP7_13072142San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: The Business of Cartoon Voices
Business of Cartoon Voices
Interested in a career doing voices for animation and videogames? There are plenty of people around who'll take your money and tell you how to go about it...but here's 90 minutes of absolutely free advice from folks who work in the field. Get the scoop from cartoon voice...
2013_CA_SDCCP9_13071968San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: The Future Tomorrow
The Future Tomorrow: 22nd Century, Comic Cons, and Publishing
Futuristic insight into the next 100 years of comic cons, publishing, media, art galleries, and museums-what will history record and our legacies produce? Panelists include Steve Geppi (CEO, Diamond Comics Distributors), David Brin (SF...
2013_CA_SDCCP3_13071825San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: The Pitching Hour
The Pitching Hour
Jermaine Turner (director, current series, Disney TV Animation), Ted Biaselli (VP programming, The Hub Network), Jill Sanford (VP, Nickelodeon Animation Development), Derek Hoffman (VP, Donner Co.), Ivan Brandon (writer/publisher, Offset Comics), Charlie Chu (editor, Oni Press),...
2013_CA_SDCCP2_13071823San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: The Secrets of Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy
The Secrets of Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy
Successful novelists, screenwriters, and actors each bring a different perspective to a discussion of how to write science fiction and fantasy. Raymond Feist (The Riftwar Saga, The Serpentwar Saga, Conclave of Shadows), David Gerrold (Star Trek, The...
2013_CA_SDCCP6_13071821San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: The Sergio and Mark Show
The Sergio and Mark Show
Same guys, same panel, same stupid barbarian. The folks who've brought you Groo the Wanderer (and vow to do so again soon) will tell you what's up with that and what's up with all their other silly projects. Featuring the world's most honored cartoonist, Sergio Aragon├ęs, and...
2013_CA_SDCCP7_13071831San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Panel: [adult swim]: The Heart, She Holler
[adult swim]: The Heart, She Holler
The creators and stars of Adult Swim's epic TV event The Heart, She Holler explain it all at this panel. Executive producers John Lee (Xavier: Renegade Angel, Wonder Showzen) and Alyson Levy (Xavier: Renegade Angel, Wonder Showzen) will be joined by cast members...
2013_CA_SDCC_Enders56San Diego Comic-Con International 2013 -- Pop-up: Ender's Game

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