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2014_DC_Mohr_Opening_14112016DC -- Wilson Center -- Exhibit Opening: War from the Victims' Perspective
War from the Victims’ Perspective: Photographs by Jean Mohr Exhibit
The Wilson Center will be hosting an exhibit from November 21, 2014 to February 6, 2015 consisting of a collection of photographs by acclaimed Swiss photographer Jean Mohr and is entitled, “War from the Victims’ Perspective”.
One of...
2018_DC_Ayers_18043058National History Center -- Ed Ayers ("Thin Light of Freedom") @ Wilson Center
The Thin Light of Freedom: The Civil War and Emancipation in the Heart of America
Edward Ayers, winner of the Lincoln Prize for 2018, will explore the American Civil War and its consequences from the ground up. Building on a pioneering digital archive that offers a comprehensive view of a Virginia...
2016_DC_Schneer_16022215National History Center -- Jonathan Schneer ("Ministers at War: Winston Churchill and the War Cabinet") @ Wilson Center
Ministers at War: Winston Churchill and the War Cabinet
It seems impossible now to imagine Great Britain during World War Two being led by anyone other than Winston Churchill. It was not impossible at the time, however, as Jonathan Schneer will show in this presentation. Moreover, despite a legend to...
2019_DC_Lemay_19022558National History Center -- Kate Clarke Lemay ("Triumph of the Dead: American WWII Cemeteries, Monuments, and Diplomacy in France") @ Wilson Center
Triumph of the Dead: American WWII Cemeteries, Monuments, and Diplomacy in France:
The overseas American war cemeteries are uniquely American sites of memory, as they are the only war graves to include a variety of monumental art and architecture. They also attract an international audience and are...
2019_09_30B_Kim82National History Center -- Monica Kim (" Interrogation Rooms of the Korean War: The Untold History") @ Wilson Center
The Interrogation Rooms of the Korean War: The Untold History
The Korean War is often synonymous with the 38th parallel and the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on the Korean peninsula. What happens if we tell the story of the Korean War from inside the interrogation room? Professor Monica Kim tells the story... (Partially reviewed)
2018_DC_Wilson_Recon_18100929National History Center -- Panel ("Wilson's Legacy Reconsidered") -- (1) Foreign (w/Robert Litwak, Catherine Ashton, Mitchell Reiss, and Trygve Throntveit) @ Wilson Center
Wilson's Legacy Reconsidered
In celebration of the Wilson Center’s 50th anniversary, we invite you to two panels exploring the relevance of President Woodrow Wilson’s international and domestic record for today.
To what extent is the 28th president’s vision for world order still applicable in the face...
2018_DC_Wilson_Recon2_18100946National History Center -- Panel ("Wilson's Legacy Reconsidered") -- (2) Domestic (w/John Milton Cooper, Kathryn Lavelle, David Wessel, Eric Yellin, and Devin Fergus) @ Wilson Center
Wilson's Legacy Reconsidered
In celebration of the Wilson Center’s 50th anniversary, we invite you to two panels exploring the relevance of President Woodrow Wilson’s international and domestic record for today.
To what extent is the 28th president’s vision for world order still applicable in the face...
2018_DC_Cashin_18012244National History Center -- Sheryll Cashin ("Loving: Interracial Intimacy in America") @ Wilson Center
Loving: Interracial Intimacy in America and the Threat to White Supremacy
Drawing from the earliest chapters in US history, legal scholar Sheryll Cashin reveals the enduring legacy of America’s original sin, tracing how we transformed from a country without an entrenched construction of race to a...
2016_DC_Pedersen_1603078National History Center -- Susan Pedersen ("The League of Nations and the Imperial Order: Contest or Collusion") @ Wilson Center
We think of the First World War as a European War, but in the Middle East, Africa and the Pacific territories also changed hands. At the Paris Peace conference, the victorious allies reluctantly agreed to administer the former German colonies and Ottoman Middle East provinces under “mandate” from the...
2017_DC_Breen_17022725National History Center -- Timothy Breen (An Appeal to Heaven) @ Wilson Center
WHS: An Appeal to Heaven with Timothy Breen (Northwestern University)
T.H. Breen investigates how supporters of the American Revolution, many of them living in small communities not directly affected by military campaigns, managed so successfully to sustain political and military resistance to Great...
2017_DC_Taubman_17102365National History Center -- William Taubman ("Gorbachev: His Life and Times") w/Svetlana Savranskaya and Michael Dobbs @ Wilson Center
Gorbachev: His Life and Times
In his Gorbachev biography, William Taubman shows how a peasant boy turned into the Soviet system’s gravedigger, why the Communist regime allowed him to destroy it, why Gorbachev’s dream of democratizing the USSR foundered, how he and President Ronald Reagan turned out to...
2005_DC_Healing_0512026Wilson Center -- Alexandra Villard de Borchgrave ("Healing Light")
Healing Light is a collection of 30 verse prayers inspired by the children of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The book’s preface is written by India’s Foreign Minister, K. Natwar Singh, and its forward is by Boutros Boutros-Ghali, former Secretary General of the United Nations. The author composed the...
2015_DC_Cohen_15111015Wilson Center -- Andrew Cohen ("Two Days in June")
Two Days in June: John F. Kennedy and the 48 Hours that Made History
In June 1963, John Fitzgerald Kennedy has been president of the United States for almost two and a half years. That spring he is grappling with the two seismic forces of the early 1960s: the proliferation of nuclear arms and the...
2007_DC_WilCan_07061224Wilson Center -- Andrew Cohen ("Unfinished Canadian") (w/Henry Champ)
Book Launch-- "The Unfinished Canadian: The People We Are".
Author: Andrew Cohen, Associate Professor of Journalism, School of Journalism and Communication, and the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University
Commentary by: Henry Champ, Washington Correspondent, CBC...
2009_DC_Duelfer_09022037Wilson Center -- Charles Duelfer ("Hide and Seek")
Middle East Program Book Talk: "Hide and Seek: The Search for Truth in Iraq":
* Charles Duelfer (Author of "Hide and Seek"), Former Director, Iraq Survey Group and Former Public Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center
* Robert Litwak (Commentator), Director, International Security Studies,...
2016_DC_Greenberg_16012947Wilson Center -- David Greenberg ("Republic of Spin") w/Peter Baker
Book Launch: Republic of Spin: An Inside History of the American Presidency
Join us for a discussion of David Greenberg's latest book: Republic of Spin: An Inside History of the American Presidency.
In Republic of Spin, presidential historian David Greenberg recounts the rise of the White House spin...
2009_DC_Sanger_09021844Wilson Center -- David Sanger ("The Inheritance")
Book Launch: The Inheritance: The World Obama Confronts and the Challenges to American Power, author David Sanger, Chief Washington Correspondent, The New York Times and former Public Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center.
The Wilson Center moderator was Robert S. Litwak.
Lee Hamilton, the President...
2015_DC_Pokalova_15100511Wilson Center -- Elena Pokalova (Russia's War against Terror)
Russia’s War against Terror: the North Caucasus and Beyond:
While the West is anxiously following Russia’s moves in Syria, the Russian government has once again declared its readiness to support the global struggle against terrorists. Dr. Elena Pokalova will address Russia’s experience combatting...
2018_DC_Faberge_18051061Wilson Center -- Faberge Rediscovered
Faberge Rediscovered
Since its founding in 1842 in St. Petersburg, Russia, Faberge’s creations have entranced the world with their beauty and intricacy. Thanks to the recent opening of Russian archives along with technological advancements, there has been a flurry of discoveries related to Faberge’s...
2015_DC_Transatlantic_15091693Wilson Center -- Filipe VI King of Spain (Transatlantic Conversation) plus panel
Transatlantic Conversation: Confronting Common Security Challenges
Special Keynote by His Majesty the King of Spain
Confronting common threats and security challenges, the United States and Europe are more and more at pains to find common solutions. Speaking at the Wilson Center, His Majesty the King...
2006_DC_Townsend_0605178Wilson Center -- Fran Townsend (Immigration Proposal)
Frances Fragos Townsend, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, spoke on the President's recent immigration announcement. She outlined the various facets and took some questions from the audience. This meeting, jointly sponsored by the Woodrow Wilson Center’s Division...
2007_DC_WilChico_07091211Wilson Center -- Gomercindo Rodrigues ("Walking the Forest with Chico Mendes")
Book Launch: "Walking the Forest with Chico Mendes" by Gomercindo Rodrigues

Gomercindo Rodrigues, a lawyer and activist, began his work as a labor organizer in the state of Acre in the 1980s with the slain rubber tapper leader Chico Mendes. In this memoir, published in Brazil in 2003 and now...
2014_DC_Gortemaker_14112048Wilson Center -- Heike Görtemaker ("Eva Braun: Life with Hitler")
Eva Braun: Life with Hitler
The Woodrow Wilson Center’s History and Public Policy Program, in cooperation with The Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies of the George Washington University’s Elliott School of International Affairs, present Eva Braun: Life with Hitler
German historian...
2009_DC_Dialogue_09121727Wilson Center -- Joseph Sohm (Dialogue interview)
Dialogue host John Milewski interviews Joseph Sohm about his new photographic book, "Visions of America".
2007_DC_WilJap_07090610Wilson Center -- J. Thomas Schieffer (Japan and America's Interest in NE Asia)
Japan and America's Interest in Northeast Asia, A Director's Forum with the Honorable J. Thomas Schieffer, United States Ambassador to Japan
2006_DC_Bunch_0605168Wilson Center -- Lonnie Bunch (Challenge of the African American Museum)
The Challenge of Building the National Museum of African American History and Culture: A Director's Forum with Lonnie Bunch, Director of the National Museum of African American History and Culture

This presentation will explore the importance of the National Museum of African American History and...
2016_DC_Billington_16011578Wilson Center -- Panel -- Celebrating James Billington, The Librarian of Congress Emeritus: A Lifetime of Advancing Knowledge in the Public Service
Celebrating James Billington, The Librarian of Congress Emeritus: A Lifetime of Advancing Knowledge in the Public Service
The Wilson Center is proud to host a distinguished panel of commentators who will discuss the many contributions of James Billington—professor, author, Director of the Wilson Center...
2015_DC_Climate_Peace_15062284Wilson Center -- Panel (A New Climate for Peace: Taking Action on Climate and Fragility Risks (Report Launch))
The ultimate “threat multiplier,” climate change is increasing the challenges facing the U.S. development, diplomatic, and security communities. “A New Climate for Peace: Taking Action on Climate and Fragility Risks,” an independent report commissioned by the members of the G7, identifies seven compound...
2016_DC_Ukraine_16060884Wilson Center -- Panel (Engaging the Arts for a Vibrant, International Ukraine) and "Memory of Unconsciousness" art opening
Society and Culture: Engaging the Arts for a Vibrant, International Ukraine
Jamala's victory at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest reminded the Ukrainian political class of the critical role arts and culture play in foreign relations and their unique ability to promote national interests. Ukraine’s...
2006_DC_Global_06061341Wilson Center -- Panel (Global Competition and Comparative Advantage) (w/Paul Samuelson)
The Woodrow Wilson Center's Program on Science, Technology, America, and the Global Economy presented a forum to examine "Global Competition and Comparative Advantage: New Thinking in International Trade"

This conference is the first in a two-part series looking at global competition and new...
2016_DC_Oil_Collapse_16020231Wilson Center -- Panel (Implications of the Collapse of Oil Prices for the Middle East)
The Middle East Program presents Implications of the Collapse of Oil Prices for the Middle East:
The collapse of the oil prices has shocked both producers and consumers worldwide. As the most important producing region of the world, the Middle East has been particularly affected; state revenues are...
2015_DC_Crossroads_15051583Wilson Center -- Panel (Is the United States at a Crossroads? Domestic and Global Dimensions) w/Madeleine Albright
Is the United States at a Crossroads? Domestic and Global Dimensions
Please join us for a half-day discussion with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and leading experts from journalism and academia, on the role of the United States in the world today and the future of U.S. immigration...
2007_DC_Mondale_07042662Wilson Center -- Panel (Office of the Vice Presidency) (w/Walter Mondale)
Office of the Vice Presidency: Director's Forum with former Vice President Walter Mondale; Commentators: Stuart Eizenstat, Chief Domestic Policy Adviser for former President Jimmy Carter and Deputy Treasury Secretary under former President Bill Clinton; Craig Fuller, Chief of Staff for former Vice...
2005_DC_Outsourcing_05060710Wilson Center -- Panel (Outsourcing America)
"Outsourcing America: What's Behind Our National Crisis and How We Can Reclaim American Jobs" co-author Ron Hira was joined by commentators: Aaron Bernstein (Senior Writer, BusinessWeek), Bruce Mehlman (Co-founder and Partner, Mehlman Vogel Castagnetti, Inc.) and Shang-Jin Wei (Advisor and Head of Trade...
2009_DC_Red_Ink_09090833Wilson Center -- Panel ("Black and White and Red Ink All Over: Newspapers In Peril")
"Black and White and Red Ink All Over: Newspapers in Peril, Leonard Downie, Jr., Former Executive Editor, The Washington Post; Allison Silver, Founder, The Washington Independent; Paul Starr, Professor of Sociology, Princeton University; Gabor Steingart, Washington Bureau Chief, Der Spiegel
The Woodrow...
2018_DC_OToole_18050839Wilson Center -- Patricia O'Toole ("The Moralist: Woodrow Wilson and the World He Made")
The Moralist: Woodrow Wilson and the World He Made
The Moralist: Woodrow Wilson and the World He Made is a penetrating biography of one of the most high-minded, consequential, and controversial US presidents, Woodrow Wilson. In domestic affairs, Wilson was a progressive who enjoyed unprecedented...
2009_DC_Gatekeepers_09032527Wilson Center -- Patrick Hyder Patterson (Gatekeepers of Christendom?)
The Gatekeepers of Christendom? Religious Politics and the Challenge of Islam in Eastern Europe
Speaker: Patrick Hyder Patterson, Assistant Professor of History, University of California-San Diego.
The Wilson Center moderator was Martin Sletzinger.
2008_DC_WC_Ehrlich_08091827Wilson Center -- Paul Ehrlich ("The Dominant Animal: Human Evolution and the Environment")
For the past four decades, Paul Ehrlich, Bing Professor of Population Studies at Stanford University, has stirred debate over the connections between population, environment, and development. In his new book, The Dominant Animal, coauthored by Anne Ehrlich, he traces the interplay between environmental...
2007_DC_Miller_0701109Wilson Center -- Paul Miller ("Compromising Memory")
"Compromising Memory: The Site of the Sarajevo Assassination" talk by Paul Miller, Associate Professor of History, International University of Sarajevo and McDaniel College.
2005_DC_WilTel_05061410Wilson Center -- Pete Hoekstra (U.S. Intelligence)
Current Issues Facing U.S. Intelligence: Striking a Balance Between People and Technology: A Director's Forum with Representative Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), Chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. As one of the few former Fortune 500 business executives in Congress, Congressman...
2015_DC_Marsudi_15092243Wilson Center -- Retno L.P. Marsudi, Foreign Minister of Indonesia
A Conversation with Her Excellency Retno L.P. Marsudi, Foreign Minister of Indonesia
Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo swept to power in 2014 on a wave of popular support based on his promises for bold change. As leader of the world’s fourth largest country, third largest democracy, and largest...
2016_DC_Moniz_16020230Wilson Center -- Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz on Iran's Nuclear Agreement
Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz on Iran's Nuclear Agreement:
The International Atomic Agency (IAEA) has certified that Iran has curbed its nuclear program by taking a number of steps including dismantling two-thirds of its installed centrifuge capacity, reducing its stockpile of enriched uranium and...
2010_DC_Chubin_10010818Wilson Center -- Shahram Chubin (Iran's Nuclear Ambitions in Perspective)
Iran's Nuclear Ambitions in Perspective
Co-Sponsored with International Security Studies and the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
Shahram Chubin, Public Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center and Non-resident Senior Associate, Carnegie Nonproliferation Program.
The event was hosted by Robert Litwak...
2017_DC_Darpa_17032146Wilson Center -- Sharon Weinberger ("Imagineers of War: The Untold Story of DARPA")
The Imagineers of War: The Untold Story of DARPA, the Pentagon Agency That Changed the World
In The Imagineers of War, author Sharon Weinberger gives us a definitive history of the agency that has quietly shaped war and technology for nearly 60 years. Founded in 1958 in response to the launch of...
2009_DC_Younger_09022661Wilson Center -- Stephen M. Younger ("The Bomb: A New History")
Book Launch: "The Bomb: A New History" by author Stephen M. Younger, former Senior Fellow, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Senior Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center.
From his years at Los Alamos and the Nevada Test Site to his meetings with nuclear arms experts in Moscow, former weapons designer...
2006_DC_Kissinger_0606277Wilson Center -- Thomas Schwartz (Henry Kissinger and the Dilemmas of American Power)
"Henry Kissinger and the Dilemmas of American Power" with Thomas Schwartz, Public Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center and Professor of History, Vanderbilt University.

This lecture will examine the diplomacy of Henry Kissinger, with an emphasis on the choices and dilemmas which faced Kissinger...
2007_DC_WilFailed_07101623Wilson Center -- Vladislav Zubok ("A Failed Empire") (w/Raymond Garthoff and Tim Naftali)
A Failed Empire: The Soviet Union in the Cold War from Stalin to Gorbachev
Co-hosted by the Wilson Center's Cold War International History Project and Kennan Institute, and George Washington University's National Security Archive and Institute for European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies.
2018_DC_WQ_18121037Wilson Center -- Wilson Quarterly reception
You are invited to a special Wilson Quarterly reception!
Join us to celebrate the latest issue of The WQ, featuring a discussion on the health of international governance today between Richard Solash, editor of The Wilson Quarterly, and Kyle Parker, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Helsinki Commission....
2010_DC_Dialogue_10042185Wilson Center & Internews Interactive -- U.S.-Russian Citizen Diplomacy Past and Present (w/Phil Donahue)
Dialogue, Defense and Media Messaging: U.S.-Russian Citizen Diplomacy Past and Present
Cosponsored by Internews Interactive

Phil Donahue, journalist and television host, New York
Vladimir Pozner, journalist and television host, Moscow
David Hoffman, contributing editor, The Washington...

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2019_10_24B_Rogers139NPC -- Faith in American Public Life w/Melissa Rogers, Sabrina Dent, Imam Mohamed Magid, and Rabbi David Saperstein
As part of Melissa Rogers' book tour for "Faith in American Public Life", a panel discussion was held at the National Press Club. Welcome and Opening Remarks: * David Aycock, Interim Director at Baylor University Press, Associate Director for Sales, Marketing, & Publicity Moderator: * Mike McCurr... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_11E1_Pilkey362Library of Congress -- Event: Dav Pilkey (Do Good Tour)
Come see Dav Pilkey talk about his books and his Do Good initiative! Please join us for a special evening with Dav Pilkey, a Library of Congress National Book Festival Presents event. International bestselling author/illustrator Dav Pilkey will appear at the Library of Congress on his Do Good Tour. ... (Partially reviewed)
2019_11_01D_Bookfair150NPC -- 42nd Annual Book Fair & Author's Night (2019)
One hundred authors -- and their books -- will be under one roof at the National Press Club, just in time for the gift-giving season. Navigate national politics and history, whisk your way to tasty treats, or laugh with your little one during the 2019 Book Fair and Authors’ Night on Friday, Nov. 1. ... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_27A_Chappelle179DC -- Kennedy Center -- Mark Twain Prize (2019 -- Dave Chappelle)
Folks shown here include: Q-Tip, Michael Che, Colin Jost, Kenan Thompson, Aziz Ansari, David Rubenstein, Morgan Freeman, ???, Kidd O'Shea (ABC 7), Fab Five Freddie, Robert L. Johnson, ???, ???, John Legend, Neal Brennan, ??? (again), David Rubenstein (again), Jeff Ross, Common, Sarah Silverman, Aziz... (Partially reviewed)
2019_10_17B_Callbox99DC -- Callboxes
Including the new women's callboxes installed by Charles Bergen Studios: Downtown BID Callboxes DowntownDC Business Improvement District Callboxes, Washington, DC. Bronze Portraits of four African American Women and five Caucasian Women who helped shape Washington, DC. The Artwork is located on n... (Partially reviewed)

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