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2006_DC_WHouse_Passby14DC -- Presidential Helicopter flybies
Two flybys. The first was (060619) and Kristin and I were desperately trying to get to an event at the Department of the Interior but we were stopped because the presidential helicopter was landing. That killed 15 minutes.
1982_DC_WHouse_Passby8DC -- Presidential Helicopter flyby
2003_DC_WHouse_Passby1DC -- Presidential Helicopter flyby
The Presidential helicopter passes by the land in the back yard of the White House.
2021_DC_WHouse_Passby20DC -- Presidential Helicopter flyby
2018_DC_WHouse_Passby2DC -- Presidential Motorcade drive-by
2020_DC_WHouse_Passby4DC -- Presidential Motorcade drive-by
Always curious to know who's in town to be insulted by our president this week. This time it was the head of Mexico.
2022_DC_WHouse_Passby2DC -- Presidential Motorcade drive-by
2009_DC_WHouse_Passby2DC -- Presidential Motorcade drive-by or Helicopter flyby (pick one)
1956_DC_White_House1DC -- White House
1958_DC_White_House1DC -- White House
1971_DC_White_House2DC -- White House
1992_DC_White_House3DC -- White House
1996_DC_White_House1DC -- White House
1997_DC_White_House27DC -- White House
1999_DC_White_House4DC -- White House
2002_DC_White_House24DC -- White House
2003_DC_White_House5DC -- White House
Included in here:...
2006_DC_White_House4DC -- White House
Included here is a protest for "Dog". Duane "Dog" Chapman is a bounty hunter who's had an interesting career as a bounty hunter and has a TV show to prove it. One of his adventures took him to Mexico to grab a wanted rapist. However, Mexico doesn't recognize bounty hunters and wanted him extradited....
2008_DC_White_House6DC -- White House
2009_DC_White_House9DC -- White House
Originally, I was taking pictures of bee keepers installing some instant pollinators in the White House lawn. Later, the Presidential helicopter had come in and I realized I was seeing Michelle Obama and Bo, the First Dog, a Portugese water dog.
2013_DC_White_House8DC -- White House
2015_DC_White_House4DC -- White House
2016_DC_White_House2DC -- White House
Flags are still half-mast from the Orlando mass murders.
2019_DC_White_House51DC -- White House
The child president is finally getting his wall built! I just hope it keeps him from coming out of the place.
2020_DC_White_House16DC -- White House
June: More work on the Trump wall around the White House.
August 29: Most of the fence extension on the northern side is completed and they're working on the south side now. A guard suggested you'd actually be able to get near the fence again when they're done.
2021_DC_White_House45DC -- White House
2022_DC_White_House8DC -- White House
2020_DC_White_House_4Ward6DC -- White House -- Forward Into Light
1981_DC_WHouse_Tree12DC -- White House -- Natl Christmas Tree (1981)
1999_DC_WHouse_Tree32DC -- White House -- Natl Christmas Tree (1999)
2002_DC_WHouse_Tree50DC -- White House -- Natl Christmas Tree (2002)
2003_DC_WHouse_Tree14DC -- White House -- Natl Christmas Tree (2003)
2004_DC_WHouse_Tree7DC -- White House -- Natl Christmas Tree (2004)
2005_DC_WHouse_Tree15DC -- White House -- Natl Christmas Tree (2005)
2006_DC_WHouse_Tree32DC -- White House -- Natl Christmas Tree (2006)
2007_DC_WHouse_Tree24DC -- White House -- Natl Christmas Tree (2007)
2008_DC_WHouse_Tree47DC -- White House -- Natl Christmas Tree (2008)
2009_DC_WHouse_Tree66DC -- White House -- Natl Christmas Tree (2009)
Including the tree on the Ellipse taken near dusk after the snowfall.
2018_DC_WHouse_Tree46DC -- White House -- Natl Christmas Tree (2018)
This was during the Christmas government shutdown. The tree is part of the National Park Service which didn't have funding. A big donor agreed to fund the Christmas lights and trains but not trash pick-up.
2021_DC_WHouse_Tree60DC -- White House -- Natl Christmas Tree (2020 and 2021)
2002_DC_WHouse_Penn3DC -- White House -- Pennsylvania Avenue section
2003_DC_WHouse_Penn1DC -- White House -- Pennsylvania Avenue section
2004_DC_WHouse_Penn4DC -- White House -- Pennsylvania Avenue section
2005_DC_WHouse_Penn2DC -- White House -- Pennsylvania Avenue section
2021_DC_WHouse_Penn10DC -- White House -- Pennsylvania Avenue section
2009_DC_WHouse_Inaug36DC -- White House -- Presidential Inaugural Stand
2012_DC_WHouse_Inaug7DC -- White House -- Presidential Inaugural Stand
2016_DC_WHouse_Inaug5DC -- White House -- Presidential Inaugural Stand
2020_DC_WHouse_Inaug5DC -- White House -- Presidential Inaugural Stand
2021_DC_WHouse_Inaug8DC -- White House -- Presidential Inaugural Stand
2000_DC_Whouse_Garden108DC -- White House Garden Tour (2000)
2006_DC_WHouse_Garden35DC -- White House Garden Tour (2006)
In the old days, this was a more enjoyable event because you could actually wander through some of the gardens. Now days, you have to stay on the pavement and you seldom get anywhere close to an actual plant. Still, it's only offered a few times a year so take it while you can.
2010_DC_WHouse_Garden41DC -- White House Garden Tour (2010)
2018_DC_WHouse_Garden70DC -- White House Garden Tour (2018)
This spring, the White House will open its gardens and grounds to visitors. The grounds will be open on Saturday, April 14, from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM, and Sunday, April 15, from 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM. On these days, visitors can discover the beauty of the South Lawn of the White House. The Jacqueline...
2022_DC_WHouse_Garden234DC -- White House Garden Tour (2022)
The President and First Lady will continue the annual tradition of opening the White House gardens and South Grounds to members of the public for Spring Garden Tours. This season’s tour weekend is scheduled for 10:00 AM ET to 4:30 PM ET on Saturday, April 9 and Sunday, April...
1981_DC_Whouse_Xmas17DC -- White House interior Christmas decorations (1981)
1983_DC_Whouse_Xmas7DC -- White House interior Christmas decorations (1983)
2005_DC_WHouse_XMas62DC -- White House interior Christmas decorations (2005)
2006_DC_Whouse_XMas45DC -- White House interior Christmas decorations (2006)
2007_DC_WHouse_Xmas66DC -- White House interior Christmas decorations (2007)
The theme of the White House decorations this year was the National Parks system. The following press release from the National Parks System describes it.

"Holiday in the National Parks" Celebrated at the White House

(Washington, DC) – America’s national parks are the focus of this year’s...
2009_DC_WHouse_XMas143DC -- White House interior Christmas decorations (2009)
2008_DC_WHVC141DC -- White House Visitor Center
White House Visitor Center Hosts 2007 White House Holiday Decorations

Washington, D.C. – Beginning January 4, 2008 through January 31, 2008, visitors to the White House Visitors Center will have the opportunity to view the 2007 White House Blue Room Christmas Tree ornaments and the White House...
2009_DC_WHVC18DC -- White House Visitor Center
2010_DC_WHVC14DC -- White House Visitor Center
Including pictures of the White House Gingerbread House.

A Favorite Holiday Tradition
Posted by Bill Yosses on December 22, 2009 at 10:36 AM EST

Each year, the White House Pastry Team comes together with other members of the White House staff to work on a favorite holiday tradition: The White...
2012_DC_WHVC34DC -- White House Visitor Center
Including the paintings of Peter Waddell. These are better described on
2014_DC_WHVC313DC -- White House Visitor Center
The White House Visitor Center reopened the previous week after an extensive remodeling job.
2015_DC_WHVC38DC -- White House Visitor Center
2018_DC_WHVC30DC -- White House Visitor Center
They'd updated a few sections for "Donald J. Trump" -- I guess they're required to use his middle initial every time they refer to him. Understandable since I usually need the middle finger to do the same.
2021_DC_WHVC17DC -- White House Visitor Center
2019_DC_WHVC_Tree23DC -- White House Visitor Center -- Exhibit: Holiday Tree
2018_DC_WHVC_Lego23DC -- White House Visitor Center -- Exhibit: Lego White House
LEGO White House Exhibit
11/20/2018 - 01/27/2019
The White House Historical Association and National Park Service will open a new temporary exhibit at the White House Visitor Center featuring a scale-size LEGO model of the White House.
The LEGO White House was originally created as a part of LEGO’s...
2009_DC_WHouse_WWing44DC -- White House West Wing Tour
Sorry but they only allowed photos outside and in the press room.

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