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2020_04_17B3_Metro_Covid198Metro Covid-19-related signs
2020_04_18A2_Metro_Covid199Metro Covid-19-related signs
2020_04_29A2_Metro_Covid1911Metro Covid-19-related signs
2020_05_02A5_Metro_Covid195Metro Covid-19-related signs
Bus-stop displays instead of subway this time.
2020_05_09A2_Metro_Covid192Metro Covid-19-related signs
2020_05_30B2_Metro_Covid198Metro Covid-19-related signs (Partially reviewed)
2020_06_01A3_Metro_Covid192Metro Covid-19-related signs (Partially reviewed)
2020_06_03D6_Metro_Covid192Metro Covid-19-related signs (Partially reviewed)
2020_06_29B1_Metro_Covid195Metro Covid-19-related signs (Partially reviewed)

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2020_06_26F5_Lincoln_Protest215DC -- Capitol Hill -- Lincoln Park -- BLM Protest
This was an interesting example of two competing events in the same place. The event I came to attend was this one: Join the Rally and Teach-In for Lincoln Park In a demonstration of solidarity and recognition of the history of Lincoln Park in Washington, D.C. members of the local, regional and nat... (Partially reviewed)
2020_06_03D1_Paint_Storefronts4DC -- Public Art: Paint the Storefronts (Partially reviewed)
2020_06_07A2_Paint_Storefronts29DC -- Public Art: Paint the Storefronts
There are multiple groups painting storefronts now. The Paint the Storefront group was painting on glass only. Now there are ones painting on the plywood. Several of those are included here. I talked with Mel Bieler who said her group was doing Denver Smith Foundation painting on plywood for BLM. T... (Partially reviewed)
2020_06_04C1_Paint_Storefronts3DC -- Public Art: Paint the Storefronts (Partially reviewed)
2020_06_10B2_Paint_Storefronts15DC -- Public Art: Paint the Storefronts (Partially reviewed)

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