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2002_DC_Block_02040925AFL-CIO Headquarters -- Tom Block's art show reception
My neighbor, Tom Block, is a painter. He had an exhibition at the AFL-CIO headquarters near the White House that I went to and took some pictures from. In these pre-digital days, the photos were a crap shoot and they didn't turn out that well. Tom immediately, however, said that he was really glad I was...
2007_CRI_Mejor1Costa Rica -- San Jose -- El Mejor restaurant
2007_CRI_Tour_Group174Costa Rica -- Tour Group
Day 1: Tour people from the trip to San Jose and the dinner at El Mejor.
Day 2: Tour people from the trip to Sarchi, Mount Arenal, and the Baldi Hot Springs.
Day 3: Pictures from here are covered in the canopy tour section.
Day 4: Tour people from the trip to the very wet Paos Volcano, and the...
2020_DC_Wuerker_200216100DC -- Word Bubble Party @ Matt Wuerker's
Folks here include Alexandra Bowman, Teresa Roberts Logan, Claire Rhode, Randy Lieberman and Ulia, Steve Artley, Martha and Dane Kennedy, Matthew Schneer, Donna Lewis, Matt Wuerker, Dana Maier and Ralph Geiger, Mike Rhode, Clay Jones, Mike Jenkins, Lisa Vogel and Art Hondros, Nicole Belanus, Warren...
1975_MI_Logging9Ecology Club -- Logging trip in Boyne Highlands
2008_DC_FOTHOC_08122541Friends of the Homeless on Christmas (distribution)
Delivering the packages and meeting afterward at Meiwah.

The official write-up of the event, written by Debbie:

We had a great event preparing and distributing bags to homeless people in Washington DC. Below is some of the information about the event, and some of the vignettes that we hope convey...
2004_MD_FOTHOC_04122446Friends of the Homeless on Christmas (package preparation)
The official write-up of the event written by Victor Block with a preface by Tom Block:

Hi, everybody, here's the recap of this year's FOTHOC event that my Dad wrote up.

I might add a couple of things:
1) This was by far my worst year in terms of passing things out; people didn't want the bags;...
2005_MD_FOTHOC_05122455Friends of the Homeless on Christmas (package preparation)
The official write-up of the event, written by Victor Block:

FOTHOC Celebrates its 10th Year

A four-year-old girl hands out pictures she has drawn to homeless people on the streets of Washington. Told that the gift bag being handed to him contains a Walkman-type radio, a man without a home asks...
2008_MD_FOTHOC_08122494Friends of the Homeless on Christmas (package preparation)
The morning started off *very* well as USA Today had published an article that mentioned the event and they printed in four columns a photo that I had done last year during the event.
2010_MD_FOTHOC_10123156Friends of the Homeless on Christmas (package preparation)
2007_DC_FOTHOC_07010135Friends of the Homeless on New Years (distribution)
Delivering the packages and meeting afterward at Meiwah.

The official write-up of the event, written by Victor Block:

FOTH Annual Report – 2006/7

To all supporters of, participants at and others interested (mildly or more) in the Friends of the Homeless project:

Recent changes were made to...
2008_DC_FOTHOC_08010130Friends of the Homeless on New Years (distribution)
Delivering the packages and meeting afterward at Meiwah.

The official write-up of the event, written by Victor Block:


Great pack, tough delivery. That was the evaluation of the 12th annual Friends of the Homeless operation, the brainchild of Tom...
2010_DC_FOTHOC_10010152Friends of the Homeless on New Years (distribution)
The second part of Victor Block's report follows.

January 1, 2010. Because of overwhelming interest in helping out, five cars, rather than the four of past years, left FOTH Central a little after 10 a.m. on a cold New Years day, each carrying 20 gift bags. After distributing all of their bags,...
2011_DC_FOTHOC_11010176Friends of the Homeless on New Years (distribution)
Victor's report:

The December 31, 2010-January 1, 2011 Friends of the Homeless activity marked the 15th consecutive year that this project provided large gift bags filled with items -- some basic, some fun -- to men and women on the streets of Washington. It followed a year-long effort by Tom Block...
2006_MD_FOTHOC_06123181Friends of the Homeless on New Years (package preparation)
Preparing the gift packages.
2007_MD_FOTHOC_07123180Friends of the Homeless on New Years (package preparation)
Preparing the gift packages.
2009_MD_FOTHOC_09123175Friends of the Homeless on New Years (package preparation)
The first part of Victor Block's report follows.

Note: According to the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless, at least 17,800 men, women and children are homeless in the Nation's Capital over the course of a year.
2007_MD_Block_07020934Gateway's Heliport Gallery -- Tom Block's art reception
2007_MD_Block_07072042Gateway's Heliport Gallery -- Tom Block's "Cousins" vote
There was a community involvement event held at the Gateway's Heliport Gallery in Silver Spring for Tom Block's Cousins public art project for the Kennett Street Art Wall Community Involvement Event

On June 21st, Tom Block's "Cousins" public art project was selected as the winner for the Kennett St....
2022_MD_SBF_Studio25MD -- Bethesda -- Suzanne's studio
2007_MD_ThompsonsWC_07101267MD -- Bethesda -- Writer's Center -- Richard Thompson
An evening with Washington Post cartoonist Richard Thompson (whose strip "Cul-de-Sac" appears in the Washington Post Magazine, and "Richard's Poor Almanac" in the Style section). Thompson, who is going into national syndication this month, will talk about how he finds and develops ideas and will share...
2006_MD_Haunting_Area5MD -- Boyds -- Sisson Halloween Haunting -- Area
I was invited to cover what turned out to be the last Sisson Halloween Haunting event.
2006_MD_Haunting_Audience65MD -- Boyds -- Sisson Halloween Haunting -- Audience
I was invited to cover what turned out to be the last Sisson Halloween Haunting event.
2006_MD_Haunting_Cast52MD -- Boyds -- Sisson Halloween Haunting -- Cast
I was invited to cover what turned out to be the last Sisson Halloween Haunting event.
2006_MD_Haunting_Props78MD -- Boyds -- Sisson Halloween Haunting -- Props
I was invited to cover what turned out to be the last Sisson Halloween Haunting event.
1989_MD_Bay_Swim_89061171MD -- Chesapeake Bay Swim w/Michelle
2004_MD_Block_04050727MD -- Laurel -- Montpelier Cultural Arts Center -- Tom Block art reception
This was an opening reception for my neighbor Tom Block's artworks at the Montpelier Cultural Arts Center. According to the brochure, the painting "are inspired by the spiritual passion of 14th Century mystic, Meister Eckhart. Working on raw, pitted, found wood as a support, the artist views the ensuing...
2010_MD_Subway4MD -- Silver Spring -- Subway sub shop family
2022_09_19B_Wheatley48MD -- Visit to Mark and Carol Wheatley's place (Partially reviewed)
1979_MI_MSU8MI -- East Lansing -- Michigan State University
Including a visit from Rick Isenberg
1970_MI_FranklinMI1MI -- Franklin
Including the Dutchers
1970_MI_Guthrie_HomeF18MI -- Franklin -- Guthrie Home
1972_MI_Guthrie_HomeF45MI -- Franklin -- Guthrie Home
Including Rick Isenberg and the Murrays
1988_MI_BellW_HomeWL2Michelle @ Brian Bell's wedding
2014_MD_Gail_14122516Neighbors -- Christmas dinner @ Gail Hendrickson's
2002_MD_Neighbors2Neighbors -- Debbie Spielberg and Carlene Roberts
2007_MD_Gail_07021758Neighbors -- Gail's birthday party
2005_MD_Gail25Neighbors -- Gail and Eno the cat
Three visits: ...
2016_MD_Gail4Neighbors -- Gail moving
Gail and Joel are moving off to Florida at the end of the month and their house is now up for sale. Sigh. I'll miss them!
2007_MD_Gail9Neighbors -- Gail, Joel, Brittany, and Eno the cat
Includes birds attacking Eno and a fruit basket from work after knee surgery.
2016_MD_Kristine5Neighbors -- Kristine and the kids
2021_MD_Kristine4Neighbors -- Kristine and the kids
1999_MD_Superbowl19Neighbors -- Neighborhood Superbowl party
2019_MD_Roberts3Neighbors -- Roberts family for Christmas
2018_MD_Roberts6Neighbors -- Roberts family for Thanksgiving dinner
2003_MD_Neighbors7Neighbors -- Snow shovelers
2004_MD_Block_Main14Neighbors -- Tom Block's family
Tom and Debbie Block, plus 4-year-old Dahlia and 10-day old Naomi.
2009_DC_Block_0904147Neighbors -- Tom Block @ Ultrecht's
Tom Block was on public display at the downtown Utrecht store, working on preparatory drawings for his next large installation painting ("Manifesto")
1968_NY_Chappaqua5NY -- Chappaqua
Including the Chows and Wileys
1965_NY_Guthrie_HomeCH32NY -- Chappaqua -- Guthrie Home
1980_DC_GuthrieB_Cards7Personal -- Anniversary cards for Sarolta
Anniversary cards:
#1 (July) -- large "1" [Dec81 #31]
#2 -- Red heart ("2" in corner) [Dec81 #32]
#3 -- Heart in shreded paper ("III", also "lb" for "Love Bruce") [Dec81 #33]
#4 -- Circular grid thing (spaces spell "IIII") [Dec81 #34]
#5 -- Open fan (5 colors) [Dec81 #35]
#6 --...
1997_MD_Arlene2Personal -- Arlene
1996_MD_Arlene7Personal -- Arlene James
2009_DC_Interview_0901225Personal -- Being interviewed by (flag and the button man)
This was a bit of a surprise! Lindsey Mastis, a reporter for ...
2006_VA_Margot_06120935Personal -- Birthday party for Patrick and Anne
2004_VA_Blue_Moon25Personal -- Blue Moon Diner in Charlottesville
2011_VA_Blue_Moon2Personal -- Blue Moon Diner in Charlottesville
2017_VA_Blue_Moon2Personal -- Blue Moon Diner in Charlottesville
1991_MD_Carla32Personal -- Carla Smart
1988_MD_Fury4Personal -- Cathie Fury's wedding
Cathie's wedding pictures taken by... well, I haven't a clue who took these as I didn't go to the wedding. Mr. Fury sent these to me after the fact.
1985_MD_Chris20Personal -- Chris Wolf
1985_DC_Chris_Graduation29Personal -- Chris Wolf's graduation from ...
2018_DC_Chuck_XParty_18120849Personal -- Chuck's Christmas Party
2006_NM_PfersdorffsNM33Personal -- Cordelia and Jane Pfersdorff
Two sets of pictures:
(20060219) Pictures by others from Cordelia Pfersdorff's 90th birthday party
(20060525) Pictures that I took of Cordelia and Jane during my visit there
2006_NM_PfersdorffsNM_Then62Personal -- Cordelia Pfersdorff family photos
Cordelia Pfersdorff's obituary:
PFERSDORFF - Cordelia Geraldine Correll Pfersdorff, age 99, beloved mother, grandmother and great grandmother, passed away peacefully at Hospice in Albuquerque, NM on July 12, 2010.
Born on February 19, 1911 to Cleo Gale and Shelby Correll in Robinson, Illinois, she is...
2002_MD_Costco_Beltsville401Personal -- Costco @ Beltsville -- Staff
I'm a Costco junkie. I go there three or four times a week. Since they're like my third family, I thought it would be nice to give them presents.But then I thought if I gave some of them presents and not others, that might be bad. Finally, I decided that being a photo fanatic, maybe it would be nice to...
1999_VA_HalloweenC_9910302Personal -- Costumes for Halloween w/Debbie Thompson
2002_OR_Drapers14Personal -- Dean Draper and his family
1999_VA_Halloween_9910317Personal -- Debbie Thompson's at Halloween
2000_WA_Darice12Personal -- Debbie Thompson's daughter Darice and family
2000_VA_DebbieT_Tree_00031114Personal -- Debbie Thompson and cutting down a sick tree
Debbie's tree had started to sag during a storm and she had friends come in with chain saws to take it out.
2000_VA_Xmas_VBeach_0012113Personal -- Debbie Thompson at Christmas party w/Rudy Boesch
We were all dressed up for an office party for Debbie. While there, we met "Rudy" from the "Survivor" series. No pictures of that though. Rudy was the Marine who competed in the first "Survivor" installment. He finished third. He served in area where Debbie's office Christmas party was so he was the...
1976_MI_Debi5Personal -- Debi Kirsch
1976_MI_Dee1Personal -- Dee Bussa
1993_MD_Denise6Personal -- Denise Yazbek
2007_DC_Dinner_0710185Personal -- Dinner with the gang after the Pat Oliphant event
2007_VA_Liberty10Personal -- Donna's Lab Liberty
2013_DC_King_1308252Personal -- Eisenstodts meet Floyd King
A chance encounter on the street with local actor Floyd King and friends Joan and Joel.
2005_VA_Elaine_05070328Personal -- Elaine's birthday party
2010_DC_Eric_B_10031332Personal -- Eric B. Rick's event
1983_DC_Est34Personal -- Est folks
2008_MD_Jernigan1Personal -- Fran Jernigan's son and granddaughter
1969_MI_Yearbook19Personal -- Friend photos from elementary school
1975_MI_Yearbook71Personal -- Friend photos from high school yearbook
1972_MI_Yearbook21Personal -- Friend photos from junior high yearbook
1981_MD_Fury4Personal -- Furys
1982_MD_Fury13Personal -- Furys
1997_MD_Fury26Personal -- Furys
1998_MD_Fury11Personal -- Furys
2002_MD_Fury27Personal -- Furys
Mr Fury is my cat-sitter. Several visits to their house: (021009) Including the neurotic cat Jessie, (021128) Including their daughter Cathie, (021225) Pictures of their son-in-law and his family on Christmas day.
2003_MD_Fury4Personal -- Furys
Two different visits with pictures: ...
2006_MD_Fury7Personal -- Furys
2007_MD_Fury13Personal -- Furys
Much of the family assembles for Christmas! Fashionable as always, I showed up to drop off gifts wearing a sweatshirt after a day putzing around the Gettysburg battlefield. I was just in time to take pictures though!
2004_MD_Fury9Personal -- Furys on Eva's birthday
1980_MD_Fury14Personal -- Furys (Sarolta and friends)
2005_VA_Fusun_05082759Personal -- Fusun's going away event
2019_DC_Reddel1Personal -- General Reddel
I ran into General Carl Reddel and his wife walking in Penn Quarter.
2013_MD_Barbara_1312159Personal -- Get-together @ Barbara Dale's
2004_SCO_Pook31Personal -- Graeme Pook and family (Scotland)
2004_NY_Young38Personal -- Guy and Anne Young's household for Thanksgiving
1956_VA_OlmstedsVA2Personal -- Jack and Nancy Olmsted family (Virginia)
1960_VA_OlmstedsVA3Personal -- Jack and Nancy Olmsted family (Virginia)
2004_KY_Phelan15Personal -- Joe and Elaine Phelan
2005_KY_Phelan5Personal -- Joe and Elaine Phelan
2009_DC_WHouse_People_09011040Personal -- Josh, Joanne, and friends touring the White House and EEOB
2006_VA_Hoff10Personal -- Josh, Joanne, and Ryan @ Ripken event
2005_DC_Whouse_People_05121155Personal -- Josh, Joanne, and Ryan @ White House
2006_DC_WHouse_People_06120237Personal -- Josh, Joanne, and Ryan @ White House
2007_DC_Whouse_People_07120876Personal -- Josh, Joanne, and Ryan @ White House
2009_DC_Whouse_People_09121024Personal -- Josh, Joanne, and Ryan @ White House
2006_DC_WHouse_People_06081926Personal -- Josh, Joanne, and Ryan @ White House garden event
2010_DC_WHouse_People_10041817Personal -- Josh, Joanne, Ryan, and James @ White House garden event
1978_MI_Judy8Personal -- Judy Buku
1979_MI_Judy16Personal -- Judy Buku
1996_IN_Kim13Personal -- Kim Talboo
2001_NY_Henny10Personal -- Lisa and Bob Keller-Decker
2002_NY_Henny19Personal -- Lisa and Bob Keller-Decker
2008_NY_Henny5Personal -- Lisa and Bob Keller-Decker
2015_MD_Henny2Personal -- Lisa and Bob Keller-Decker
2003_DC_Henny3Personal -- Lisa Keller-Decker
2007_DC_Henny2Personal -- Lisa Keller-Decker
2018_DC_Lunch_1805082Personal -- Lunch with Randy, Xavier, and John
2005_VA_Margot13Personal -- Margot Lebow
A couple of visits here: ...
2007_VA_Margot6Personal -- Margot Lebow
(070211) Margot visits with Joe and Elaine.
(070225) Margot's redecorated guest bedroom
(070318) Margot's flowers
2008_VA_Margot10Personal -- Margot Lebow
Including her Christmas tree.
2005_VA_Hecuba9Personal -- Margot Lebow's after-party for the cast of "Hecuba"
2006_VA_Margot_06122532Personal -- Margot Lebow's Christmas open house
2008_VA_Collage15Personal -- Margot Lebow's collages
2009_VA_Collage29Personal -- Margot Lebow's collages
2004_VA_FlightP4Personal -- Margot Lebow's friends along the flight to Manchester and back again
2007_VA_MargotO113Personal -- Margot Lebow's "Cairo Revisited" art show opening
The Opening Reception of "CAIRO REVISITED, and other memories" -- Works from Cairo and beyond
2009_VA_MargotO123Personal -- Margot Lebow and Debi Droke art show opening
The Opening Reception for "ARTravels... Impressions from Around the World", a joint show of collages by Margot, photographs by Debi at the Jo Ann Rose Gallery at Lake Anne, in Reston, VA.
2006_DC_Orient_0610265Personal -- Margot Lebow @ Orient Express event
2004_VA_Margot56Personal -- Margot Lebow, Gigi, etc
Pictures here include a number of things: ...
2004_VA_Mark25Personal -- Mark and Amy visits
Three visits here: ...
2011_VA_Mark6Personal -- Mark, Otis, and friends in Charlottesville
I was walking through Charlottesville when Mark, Margot's son, called out in greeting. I got to meet his son and some of his friends.
1989_MD_Mary_Allen4Personal -- Mary Allen
I visited Mary Allen, one of my contacts at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), while Michelle was doing her Bay swim.
1978_MI_Mary2Personal -- Mary Cloud
2018_MD_McCloskey_18051413Personal -- Meet-up with Dan McCloskey
Meet-up with Dan McCloskey with William L. Brown and Joe Sutliff.
2005_VA_Smith_05052181Personal -- Nan and Ron Smith's get-together
2020_DC_Kowsar4Personal -- Nik and Nilou Kowsar on the Mall
We can into each other waiting for the 75th anniversary "Arsenal of Democracy" flyover which was cancelled due to rain.
2007_VA_Norma2Personal -- Norma
2009_DC_Norma1Personal -- Norma
Norma, who's in her eighties, bikes in for activities from the Arlington Courthouse area.
1971_CO_ChristensensCO2Personal -- Norman and Eleanor Christensen (Colorado)
1967_MN_ChristensensMN2Personal -- Norman and Eleanor Christensen (Minnesota)
1974_MI_Pat5Personal -- Pat Wilde
1975_MI_Pat7Personal -- Pat Wilde
1977_MI_Pat1Personal -- Pat Wilde
2010_CA_Yeh27Personal -- Phil Yeh's place
Including a trip to Arturo's where we were happened upon by Phil Ortiz.
2022_07_17A2_Yeh24Personal -- Phil Yeh's place
1975_MI_Newspaper7Personal -- Photos from high school newspaper
1981_MD_Pomeroys18Personal -- Pomeroys
These were taken on the date of his and Kitty's wedding. Most of them didn't come out at all for some reason
2004_VA_Ralph_04021539Personal -- Ralph's 49th birthday party
2005_DC_Ralph_0502053Personal -- Ralph's 50th birthday party
Taken at the Old Europe Restaurant in Georgetown.
1974_MI_Recycle9Personal -- Recycle Club
1975_MI_Recycle6Personal -- Recycle Club
2007_VA_ThompsonsBD_07101366Personal -- Richard Thompson's 50th birthday party
The party was held at Nick Galifianakis' house. Lots of folks here including Kevin Rechin, Mike Rhode, Matt Wuerker, etc.
1997_VA_Thompsons83Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
1998_VA_Thompsons67Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
1999_VA_Thompsons39Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
2001_VA_Thompsons15Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
2002_VA_Thompsons53Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
A couple of visits to the Thompson homestead including one right before Christmas.
2003_VA_Thompsons40Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
2004_VA_Thompsons29Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
A few meetings here: ...
2005_VA_Thompsons13Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
A visit to the Thompson homestead.
2006_VA_Thompsons50Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
Including a tour of the outside of the Nottingham Elementary School.
2007_VA_Thompsons4Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
Another visit to the homestead.
2008_VA_Thompsons1Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
Sorry but I didn't take many this year!
2012_VA_Thompsons16Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
2013_VA_Thompsons3Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
Richard in rehab.
2014_VA_Thompsons11Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
w/Nick Galifinakis
2016_VA_Thompsons87Personal -- Richard Thompson's family
Two visits before I took off for San Diego Comic-Con. One with caricature artist John Kascht. And a later visit with the gang and hair coloring. Richard died while I was in San Diego so I never saw him alive again.
2007_DC_Thompsons_Folger3Personal -- Richard Thompson's family @ Folger Theater
Visit to the Folger Theater for their open house events.
2007_DC_Thompsons_LOC26Personal -- Richard Thompson's family @ LOC for his exhibit
Visit to the Library of Congress to see an exhibit which included one of Richard's works and then a trip back to the homestead in Virginia
2002_DC_ThompsonsNZ_0201277Personal -- Richard Thompson's family @ National Zoo
I was visiting the Zoo on my own and ran into the Thompsons there. So we hung out. I took several pictures including the only ones I'd taken of Amy's mother who died shortly thereafter.
2005_DC_ThompsonsNZ_05111924Personal -- Richard Thompson's family @ National Zoo
A visit together at the National Zoo where I could photograph the girls with the donor tile I had gotten for them.
2002_DC_ThompsonsNZ_02110336Personal -- Richard Thompson's family @ National Zoo (box-lunch for 8)
This was my box-lunch for eight benefit from the Friends of the National Zoo. The Thompsons were my first choice and they brought friends (Amy Bell, Julie, Janet, Janet's dad) and family and we had a great time.
1998_VA_Rita7Personal -- Rita Hill
Taken at the USA Today building.
2009_DC_Rita2Personal -- Rita Hill
2005_DC_Scott1Personal -- Scott Meyerle
1999_MD_Scott_99060531Personal -- Scott Meyerle's birthday party
1983_VA_Snows8Personal -- Snow family
1994_CA_Tammy2Personal -- Tammy Lavato
2011_NJ_Chows6Personal -- The Chows
1955_Ven_PfersdorffsVEN2Personal -- The Pfersdorff family
1964_Ven_PfersdorffsVEN1Personal -- The Pfersdorff family (Venezuela)
2010_CA_Moon_Garden34Personal -- The Yeh's Moon Garden
1973_MI_Thespians5Personal -- Thespian friends
2006_MD_RenFest_Thompsons37Personal -- Thompson family @ Maryland Renaissance Festival
Includes Richard's friend Barchan from the show.
2009_DC_Thompsons_SINH3Personal -- Thompson family @ Natural History Museum
2018_VA_Thompson_Party_18122280Personal -- Thompson Holiday Party
1998_DC_ThompsonsO_98120820Personal -- Thompsons @ Susan Conway Art Gallery opening (w/Pat Oliphant)
Richard Thompson and Pat Oliphant did a shared opening at the Susan Conway Art Gallery in Georgetown. Art Wood had alerted me to the event. It was the first time I'd seen Richard in quite awhile. I got to meet his wife Amy, their eldest daughter Emma, and the newby Charlotte.
1989_VA_TimeshareVA13Personal -- Timeshare in Williamsburg, VA
With Michelle doing the Vanna White thing introducing each room.
2004_VA_St_Clair_04052286Personal -- Tom and Elaine St Clair's going-away event
2018_MD_Tricia_1806241Personal -- Tricia Hammond (high school friend) visits
1972_MI_Undeers1Personal -- Undeer Society
2010_MD_Welmoed50_10040370Personal -- Welmoed Sissoon's 50th
1999_VA_Wolf_Trap_9908136Personal -- Wolf Trap party
Frankly, I have no idea who these people are anymore but they look familiar!
2004_DC_WTS_04120388Personal -- World Travel Service Christmas Party
2007_DC_WTS_07062136Personal -- World Travel Service photo shoot
1998_MD_Zakikhani35Personal -- Zakikhani ?? Christmas party
2018_MD_Rafer_Andrea_180928269Rafer Roberts and Andrea Purcell's wedding @ Ottobar
Folks included cartoonists Danielle Corsetto, Justin Jordan, Barry Kitson, and Kevin Maguire.
2016_DC_RThompson_Mem_160827207Richard Thompson Memorial Celebration @ National Press Club -- Mingling
Folks here include Amy Thompson, Charlotte and Emma Thompson, Chris Sparks, Steve Artley, Bono Mitchell, Linda and Annie Lunsford, Rudy Sanchez, Richard (Dick) Thompson Sr., Sara Duke, Ann Telnaes, Joe Azar, Michael Cavna, Mitch Auerbach, Timothy Thompson and Margot, Steve Conley, Nick Galifianakis,...
2016_DC_RThompson_Mem3_160827157Richard Thompson Memorial Celebration @ National Press Club -- Presentation
RIchard Thompson Memorial Celebration:
* Amy Thompson
* Rudy Sanchez
Featured Speakers:
* Anita Auerbach, President of the Virginia Psychological Association
* Brian Nicklas, friend and sandbox playmate
* Andy Heinmendinger, friend, neighbor and gensis behind the film The...
2008_DC_Michelle_08082189Sixth & I -- Michelle Weiner's good-bye open house
Complete with her BTTG!
2008_DC_Michelle_0808153Sixth & I -- Michelle Wiener's last day
Michelle Weiner was leaving. She was the person who brought me on board here.
2008_MD_Block_08042653Space88 -- Tom Block's "Cousins" reception w/singer Kristin Callahan
Space88 is proud to present this examination of Tom Block's ongoing public art project, Cousins. Permanently installed just a few blocks away at the entrance to the Kennett Street Parking Garage (along the Eastern Ave. access), Block has also installed Cousins in bus shelters in Tempe, AZ (2005-2006)...
2017_VA_Artley_Studio31VA -- Alexandria -- Steve Artley's Studio
2020_VA_Artley_Studio7VA -- Alexandria -- Steve Artley's Studio
2021_VA_Artley_Studio29VA -- Alexandria -- Steve Artley's Studio
2018_VA_Thompson_Manhole8VA -- Arlington -- Richard Thompson manhole (2511 N Harrison St.)
2006_VA_Arlington_Stevens_06071189VA -- Arlington Natl Cemetery -- Burial Service: Warren Stevens
This was Lisa Stevens' father. I asked if she wanted me to cover it and she did so I went.
2008_VA_Candy19VA -- Manassas -- Center for the Arts at the Candy Factory -- Art Show + A Thurber Carnival cast
Two things!
(1) An art show w/Gina Noelle Ash and Judy Wengrovitz on the first floor
(2) Folks getting together after a performance of "A Thurber Carnival" (featuring the renowned Amy Thompson!)
2020_VA_Jenkins_Halloween36VA -- Mike Jenkins' Halloween piece
2012_VA_Team_CDS_120610147VA -- One More Page -- "Team Cul De Sac" book launch
Team Cul De Sac book launch!!
On Sunday, June 10, from 5 - 7 pm, Terry is taking over the store for a fundraiser celebration to launch the Team Cul de Sac Collection.
Team Cul de Sac: Cartoonists Draw the Line at Parkinson's contains original artwork from cartoonists and illustrators inspired by the...
2014_VA_Art_Of_RT_141206108VA -- One More Page @ Arlington Central Library -- Art of Richard Thompson -- Mingling
We are honored, thrilled, excited (add your own adjective) to host an event to celebrate the release of The Art of Richard Thompson. Featured guests include editors Nick Galifianakis, David Apatoff, Chris Sparks, and Mike Rhode, as well as Michael Cavna of The Washington Post. There will be discussion...
2014_VA_Art_Of_RT2_14120645VA -- One More Page @ Arlington Central Library -- Art of Richard Thompson -- Presentation
We are honored, thrilled, excited (add your own adjective) to host an event to celebrate the release of The Art of Richard Thompson. Featured guests include editors Nick Galifianakis, David Apatoff, Chris Sparks, and Mike Rhode, as well as Michael Cavna of The Washington Post. There will be discussion...

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Eastward Ho! NEW play this season! The Acting Company performs this rarely produced city comedy by Ben Jonson, John Marston & George Chapman at 1:30pm at the Gatehouse Stage. Eastward Ho! and Westward Ho! were the cries of the waterman on the Thames telling prospective customers which directing the... (Partially reviewed)
2022_08_25B3_BreathtakerO165MD -- Westminster -- McDaniel College Rice Gallery Exhibit Opening: Breathtaker
The Norman Rockwell Museum presents the Breaktaker Exhibition featuring the works of Mark Wheatley Marc Hempel The Groundbreaking Graphic Novel from Concept to Comics YOU ARE INVITED Come to the opening reception! The opening reception takes place Thursday, Aug. 25, 5:30-7:30 p.m., with a gallery t... (Partially reviewed)
2022_DC_Golden_Haiku479DC -- Golden (Triangle) Haiku (2022)
On my first scavenger hunt through the 40+ blocks that make up the Golden Triangle BID, I managed to photograph 56 different haikus (out of the 200 out there). On my second scavenger hunt through the 40+ blocks that make up the Golden Triangle BID, I'm now up to having photographed 104 of the 200 un...
2022_09_12B3_Archives_SportsO126DC -- Natl Archives -- Pre-Opening Reception for "All American: The Power of Sports"
Please Join Us for a Pre-Opening Reception The Acting Archivist of the United States Debra Steidel Wall and Chair and President of the National Archives Foundation Board Governor James Blanchard invite you to the preview reception for the exhibition All American: The Power of Sports Monday, Septembe... (Partially reviewed)
2022_09_19A2_BreathtakerT45MD -- Westminster -- McDaniel College Rice Gallery Exhibit Tour: Breathtaker
Karen Green (Columbia University) came up to visit the exhibit with Mark Wheatley, Marc Hempel, Robert Lemieux, Jenny Wawrzynski, and Gary Schammel. (Partially reviewed)

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