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2010_DC_APAE67DC -- Edison Place Gallery -- Exhibit: All Photo Alumni
Pepco’s Edison Place Gallery: Corcoran College of Art and Design
All Photo Alumni Exhibition: October 26th-December 17
In conjunction with this year’s Fotoweek DC festival, the Corcoran’s 2010 All Photo Alumni Exhibition, curated by Cynthia Connolly and Colby Caldwell, will be held at Pepco’s Edison...
2011_DC_FotoWk_EPOp_11110915DC -- Edison Place Gallery -- Opening: Fotoweek DC
FOTOWEEK DC (Two Part Exhibit)
Nov. 5 – 12, 2011
The FOTOWEEEK DC 2011 will include the National Geographic Image Collection exhibit at the Edison Place Art Gallery opening November 5, 2011. The exhibit presents the photography of B. Anthony Stewart and J. Baylor Roberts, two men that were part of...
2012_DC_Emb_MexCIX_Photo15DC -- Embassy of Mexico & FotoWeek DC -- Mexican Cultural Institute -- Exhibit: Photo exhibits
"This exhibition represents a year-long collaboration between the two artists, one from Mexico and one an annual visitor to Mexico which with a single photograph sent by Pablo Ortiz Monasterio as a digital file to Muriel Hasbun, who replied by sending back one of her own. This exchange went on for...
2009_DC_GeorgetownSG6DC -- Georgetown University & FotoWeek DC -- Lucille and Richard Spagnuolo Gallery
2009_DC_Stills_091107170DC -- House of Sweden w/FotoWeek DC and AFI -- Stills and Flicks Reception
The Embassy of Sweden, FotoWeek DC, and AFI Silver Theatre & Cultural Center cordially invite you and a guest to an opening reception of: Stills and Flicks
Join us for a spectacular evening as we inaugurate the exhibition "What Lies Beneath: Nature & Urban Landscape in EU Photography" and celebrate the...
2008_DC_FotoDC48FotoWeek DC -- FotoWeek Central Gallery
2009_DC_FotoDC28FotoWeek DC -- FotoWeek Central Gallery
2011_DC_FotoDC54FotoWeek DC -- FotoWeek Central Gallery
2008_DC_FotoRC24FotoWeek DC -- Images in Donald Reynolds Center's Kogod Courtyard
2008_DC_FotoAH49FotoWeek DC -- Images on American History Museum
2008_DC_FotoAI13FotoWeek DC -- Images on Natl Museum of the American Indian
2008_DC_FotoHM39FotoWeek DC -- Images on US Holocaust Memorial Museum
2008_DC_Playroom_08111944Goethe-Institut & FotoWeek DC -- Opening Reception: "A Disenchanted Playroom" w/Wolfram Hahn
Opening: “A Disenchanted Playroom”. Photographs by Wolfram Hahn.

Capturing children’s facial expressions as they watch television, photographer Wolfram Hahn’s images portray how children react to this mass medium, losing the subtle charm of real life as they fall under its influence. Their regards...
2008_DC_FotoNw22Newseum & FotoWeek DC -- Images on Newseum
2008_DC_Geiger_08111630Newseum & FotoWeek DC -- Inside Media w/Ken Geiger (Pulitzer Prize photography)
Inside Media: Celebrate FotoWeek DC: Guest: Ken Geiger
Ken Geiger’s Pulitzer Prize-winning photo of the Nigerian relay team celebrating at the 1992 Olympics has been described as "a glorious portrait of human joy."
His photo assignments have ranged from China to Mexico, war in Burma and Bosnia,...
2008_DC_WPPPrize_08112276Newseum & FotoWeek DC -- Inside Media w/Michel duCille, Carol Guzy, Matthew Lewis, Michael Williamson and Lucian Perkins (Pulitzer Photography)
Inside Media: Celebrate FotoWeek DC
From the jungles of Colombia to the centers of world power, photographers who can capture the iconic images of human emotions win the Pulitzer. Photographers from The Washington Post are among the most highly recognized in the industry. Meet five of these outstanding...
2009_DC_Cooper_0911149Newseum & FotoWeek DC -- Inside Media w/Susan Morgan Cooper ("Unlikely Weapon: Eddie Adams Story" screening)
Inside Media: The "Unlikely Weapon" of Eddie Adams
Guest: Susan Morgan Cooper
In the middle of a Saigon street in 1968, famed photojournalist Eddie Adams snapped his camera shutter as a South Vietnamese police chief abruptly executed a Viet Cong prisoner. Adams captured the image in 1/500th of a...
2008_DC_Cogan_08111927Sixth & I and FotoWeek DC -- Joshua Cogan ("Soul Cages" opening)
Opening reception for “Soul Cages” by Joshua Cogan.
"Soul Cages" is a collected series of portraits from recent projects that pursue the ineffable nature of culture through visual medium. Using the camera as a tool of visual ethnography, Joshua Cogan combines the richness of travel photography with...
2009_DC_Cogan_09111287Sixth & I and FotoWeek DC -- Joshua Cogan ("Soundprints Vol. 1" opening)
"Soundprints Vol. 1": Exhibit opening
Emmy Award-winning photographer Joshua Cogan will show a selection of his work revolving around music. Long fascinated with catching both the energy of music and the feelings that it evokes, Cogan's imagery ranges from roots music and rock to hip hop and...
2010_DC_Cogan_10111034Sixth & I and FotoWeek DC -- Joshua Cogan ("Time Given" opening)
Time Given is a series of Joshua Cogan's more recent portraiture from around the world. The images explore the idea of how people deal with the time they have here on earth -- how people shape time and how it shapes them. The images draw heavily from the environments in which they were taken. From East...
2008_DC_FotoWP39Washington Post & FotoWeek DC -- Photographic Moments exhibit
Exhibition: The Washington Post: Photographic Moments

The Washington Post’s photojournalists capture historic moments as well as quiet times. Their images are linked to the local history of Washington, D.C., and to groundbreaking events around the world. The Post is proud of its photographers, their...

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2022_10_21E_Pen_Faulkner_SOTU404PEN/Faulkner's Literary State of the Union
PEN/Faulkner's Literary State of the Union Don't miss this one-of-a-kind DC literary gathering! Join us for a one-of-a-kind DC literary gathering just before the mid-term elections. An open bar, buffet, dessert, inspirational speeches from a who's who of writers from throughout the DC region, and a ... (Partially reviewed)
2022_11_17B1_USCHS_T_I378USCHS -- Tribute to the US House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure
Program Welcome: The Honorable Jane L. Campbell, President and CEO, US Capitol Historical Society Presentation of the Colors and Pledge of Allegiance: US Capitol Police Ceremonial Unit Toast to the Committee: Jane L. Campbell Remarks: * The Honorable Peter A. DeFazio, Chairman, House Committee on T... (Partially reviewed)
2022_10_07G6_NYCC_Harveys2379New York Comic Con (2022) -- Harvey Awards -- Everything except the presentation
Folks shown here include: Chip Mosher, John Lind, Nellie Kurtzman, Calvin Reid, Amy Chu, ???, Liniers (Ricardo Siri), Vivek Tiwary, Karen Green, ???, ???, Bob Camp, Jock, Denis Kitchen, Heidi MacDonald, Charlie Kochman, Kevin McCloskey, Greg Lockard, Johnnie Christmas, Joe Quesada, Neil Gaiman, and ... (Partially reviewed)
2022_10_07G5_NYCC_Harveys219New York Comic Con (2022) -- Harvey Awards -- Presentation
The Harvey Awards honors books and creators working in sequential art across a variety of categories and represents one of the industry’s longest-running annual events. The awards are named after Harvey Kurtzman, the legendary creator who is best remembered for creating MAD. The annual gala celebrat... (Partially reviewed)
2022_10_12C1_Navalny261Double Exposure -- "Navalny" (w/Daniel Roher, Maria Pevchick, Alex Marquardt, and Jill Dougherty) @ MPA
NAVALNY Wednesday, Oct. 12, pre-reception at 6pm, screening at 7pm, MPA Theater Presented in partnership with CNN. Introduced by Jill Dougherty, foreign affairs correspondent for CNN. Post-screening discussion with filmmaker Daniel Roher, lead investigator Maria Pevchick, and moderator Alex Marquard... (Partially reviewed)

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