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2002_DC_Block_02040925AFL-CIO Headquarters -- Tom Block's art show reception
My neighbor, Tom Block, is a painter. He had an exhibition at the AFL-CIO headquarters near the White House that I went to and took some pictures from. In these pre-digital days, the photos were a crap shoot and they didn't turn out that well. Tom immediately, however, said that he was really glad I was...
2011_DC_Portrait_11021637American University -- Eisenhower portrait unveiling
The university unveiled a Karsh portrait of Eisenhower. The unveiling was done by:
* Louis W. Goodman, Dean, School of International Service, American University
* Jack Rasmussen, Director and Curator of the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center.
2020_ZZ_Autographs_1994238Autographs -- 1994
Philly, SDCC, and a later NYCC
2020_ZZ_Autographs_1995209Autographs -- 1995
2020_ZZ_Autographs_2006110Autographs -- 2006
2020_ZZ_Autographs_200791Autographs -- 2007
SDCC, Mid-Ohio Con, etc plus some overflow from 2012
2020_ZZ_Autographs_2008111Autographs -- 2008
2020_ZZ_Autographs_200999Autographs -- 2009
2020_ZZ_Autographs_2010169Autographs -- 2010
Including some into 2012
2020_ZZ_Autographs_201176Autographs -- 2011
2020_ZZ_Autographs_2012150Autographs -- 2012
2020_ZZ_Autographs_2013219Autographs -- 2013
2020_ZZ_Autographs_2014236Autographs -- 2014
2014/2015 plus some overflow from 2018 and 2019
2020_ZZ_Autographs_2015127Autographs -- 2015
2020_ZZ_Autographs_2016138Autographs -- 2016
I hadn't been photographing the books originally but after the 2016 San DiegoComic-Con, I reconsidered. I was still in California and my friend Richard Thompson, who had seen all the previous books in person, was in a bad way in Virginia with the last torturous stages of Parkinsons. I photographed the...
2020_ZZ_Autographs_2017150Autographs -- 2017
2020_ZZ_Autographs_2018158Autographs -- 2018
2020_ZZ_Autographs_201999Autographs -- 2019
Normally, I start an autograph/sketch book every year at San Diego Comic-Con (July) and use the same one until it's time for the next SDCC, in which case I put away the old book and start a new one. If there are too many events before the SDCC, I end up spilling over into older autograph books. Life...
2018_ZZ_Autographs_X1Autographs -- Various years
Chuck Jones sketch
2020_ZZ_Autographs_X10Autographs -- Various years
2022_03_25_Autographs_X50Autographs -- Various years
2022_03_27D_Autographs_X63Autographs -- Various years
2022_03_28_Autographs_X2Autographs -- Various years
2022_04_13C_Autographs_X10Autographs -- Various years
2022_04_14B_Autographs_X7Autographs -- Various years
2022_04_16A_Autographs_X23Autographs -- Various years
2022_04_19_Autographs_X16Autographs -- Various years
1996_DC_CJones_BN_9610076Barnes & Noble -- Chuck Jones
2019_CA_SD_CJones_Fabio_1907194CA -- San Diego -- Chuck Jones Gallery -- Gallery Appearance: Fabio Napolioni
2016_CA_SD_CJones_Mako_1607202CA -- San Diego -- Chuck Jones Gallery -- Gallery Appearance: Mako Fufu (GirlsDrawinGirls)
Artist Mako Fufu from GirlsDrawinGirls.
2018_CA_SD_CJones_Kausen_18072162CA -- San Diego -- Chuck Jones Gallery -- Gallery Talk: Craig Kausen
I happened to be by during a presentation by the gallery owner -- Chuck Jones' grandson Craig Kausen.
Artists in the audience included Saratoga Sake.
2019_CA_SD_CJones_Kausen_19071832CA -- San Diego -- Chuck Jones Gallery -- Gallery Talk: Craig Kausen
2016_CA_SD_CJones_NancyC_16072316CA -- San Diego -- Chuck Jones Gallery -- Gallery Talk: Nancy Cartwright
2019_CA_SD_CJones_Ito_1907205CA -- San Diego -- Chuck Jones Gallery -- Gallery Talk: Willie Ito
2018_DC_Wuerker_18020212DC -- After party @ Matt Wuerker's
Folks include Matt Wuerker, Kevin Kallaugher (KAL) and his wife Sue, Pat Bagley, and Patrick Chappatte.
2016_DC_Art_Soiree_16110467DC -- Art Soiree Presents: Annual Political Cartoon Exhibit: Hillary vs Trump
Hillary vs Trump Cartoon Debate @ The Ritz-Carlton, Georgetown
For over 500 years the art of political cartoons has been used to convey social and political messages through the use of images familiar to all of the people in a society. And this time it's no different!
Join us for the latest overview...
2020_DC_St_Johns_Mural_200905213DC -- Downtown -- St John's Episcopal Church, Lafayette Square -- Mural Painting Event
PRESS RELEASE: St. John’s Church To Activate Racial Justice, Love & Unity Themed Murals
September 3, 2020
Local artists will come together this Labor Day weekend to paint a series of vibrant murals on the plywood panels currently installed at St. John’s Church located on Black Lives Matter...
2008_DC_Drinks_08020717DC -- Drinks after the "Running for Office: Cartooning and Politics" event
Folks here were coming in after the National Archives event.
2021_DC_WGateG_HumanNatO_210605124DC -- Foggy Bottom -- Watergate Gallery -- Exhibit: Human/Nature -- Opening Reception
Watergate Gallery
will be participating with Arts in Foggy Bottom hosting an exhibition of artwork by sculptors who are exhibiting in the biannual Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition which was postponed last summer due to Covid-19
The Watergate Gallery will be hosting the traditional “Meet the...
2019_DC_Cartooning_Trump_191203111DC -- Georgetown University -- Event: Cartoons, Controversy and Caricatures (w/Matt Wuerker and Kevin Kallaugher)
Cartoons, Controversy and Caricatures: Political Cartooning in the Age of Trump
Date: Tuesday, December 3, 2019
Join POLITICO’s Matt Wuerker and The Economist’s Kevin Kallaugher for a workshop and open discussion on the theory and practice of political cartoons. Attendees will participate in the...
2012_DC_AAEC_CDM_12091479DC -- GWU -- AAEC -- #!&% Cartoons! -- Cartoon Death Match
Cartoon Death Match: A Field of Memes:
A wild must-see cartoon smackdown, complete with secret celebrity judges. 4 Cartoonists, 3 Judges, 2 Rounds, 1 Epic finale!
Contestants: Mike Peters, Jen Sorensen, Keith Knight, Mark Fiore
Emcee: Todd Zuniga of Literate Death Match Fame
Celebrity Judges:...
2012_DC_AAEC_Misc_120914107DC -- GWU -- AAEC -- #!&% Cartoons! -- Miscellaneous
Artists shown here: Steve Artley, Joe Sutliff, Mike Rhode, Al Goodwyn, Ayman Alghamdi (from Saudi Arabia), Khalid Gueddar (from Morocco), Frank Sesno, Nick Anderson, David Horsey (Los Angeles Times), Bob Krieger (The Province), Ben Sargent, Guy Badeaux (Le Droit, Ottawa, Canada), Carolyn Belefski, Frank...
2012_DC_AAEC_Panel1_120914104DC -- GWU -- AAEC -- #!&% Cartoons! -- Panel 1: Welcome and Great American Political Cartoon
Welcome remarks from AAEC President John Cole and GWU’s Frank Sesno. Followed by
The Great American Political Cartoon: When Cartoonists Ruled the Day!
Speakers: Sandy Northrop and Stephen Hess, authors of “American Political Cartoons, 1754-2010”

#!&%!! "Stop them damn pictures!!” raged the...
2012_DC_AAEC_Panel2_12091437DC -- GWU -- AAEC -- #!&% Cartoons! -- Panel 2: Into the Matrix: Man vs. Machine
Into the Matrix: Man vs. Machine:
Steve Brodner ( draws by hand, Nick Anderson of the Houston Chronicle draws by Cintiq.

#!&%!!  "Stop them damn pictures!!” raged the infuriated politician, “I don't care what the paper writes about me. My constituents can't read. But, damn it,...
2012_DC_AAEC_Panel3_12091428DC -- GWU -- AAEC -- #!&% Cartoons! -- Panel 3: Cartooning Outside the Box: The Political Cartoon Evolves
Cartooning Outside the Box: The Political Cartoon Evolves:
Panelists: Nick Anderson, Houston Chronicle; Steve Brodner; Mark Fiore, Daily Kos; and Ann Telnaes, The Washington Post

#!&%!!  "Stop them damn pictures!!” raged the infuriated politician, “I don't care what the paper writes about me. My...
2012_DC_AAEC_Panel4_12091412DC -- GWU -- AAEC -- #!&% Cartoons! -- Panel 4: Comics Journalism: Cartoonists Are on the Story
Comics Journalism: Cartoonists Are on the Story:
Panelists: Mat Bors, Universal Press Syndicate and Susie Cagle, Cartoon Movement

#!&%!! "Stop them damn pictures!!” raged the infuriated politician, “I don't care what the paper writes about me. My constituents can't read. But, damn it, they can see...
2012_DC_AAEC_Panel5_12091423DC -- GWU -- AAEC -- #!&% Cartoons! -- Panel 5: Man vs. Machine, Round 2
Man vs. Machine, Round 2:
Mike Thompson, Detroit Free Press vs. Nate Beeler, The Columbus Dispatch.

#!&%!! "Stop them damn pictures!!” raged the infuriated politician, “I don't care what the paper writes about me. My constituents can't read. But, damn it, they can see the pictures!" In that case...
2012_DC_AAEC_Panel6_12091419DC -- GWU -- AAEC -- #!&% Cartoons! -- Panel 6: Campaign 2012, The View from Left Field
Campaign 2012, The View from Left Field:
Panelists: Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times Free Press; Jen Sorensen, Daily Kos; and Tom Tomorrow, This Modern World

#!&%!!  "Stop them damn pictures!!” raged the infuriated politician, “I don't care what the paper writes about me. My constituents can't read....
2012_DC_AAEC_Panel7_12091464DC -- GWU -- AAEC -- #!&% Cartoons! -- Panel 7: Blown Covers, New Yorker Covers You Were Never Meant to See
Blown Covers, New Yorker Covers You Were Never Meant to See:
Speaker: Francoise Mouly, Art Editor, The New Yorker, Editorial Director, TOON Books

#!&%!!  "Stop them damn pictures!!” raged the infuriated politician, “I don't care what the paper writes about me. My constituents can't read. But, damn...
2012_DC_AAEC_Panel8_12091496DC -- GWU -- AAEC -- #!&% Cartoons! -- Panel 8: Campaign 2012, The View from Right Field
Campaign 2012, The View from Right Field:
Panelists: Nate Beeler, The Columbus Dispatch; Chip Bok,; and Scott Stantis, Chicago Tribune

#!&%!!  "Stop them damn pictures!!” raged the infuriated politician, “I don't care what the paper writes about me. My constituents can't read. But,...
2002_DC_Perfect_0210308DC -- GWU -- Debra Trione presenting "A Perfect World" exhibit
After a filming of the CNN show "Crossfire" at George Washington University, they announced that there was an opening upstairs for a new traveling art exhibit. The exhibit was by Debra Trione who had spent five years collecting views of a "perfect world" from over fifty powerful leaders in the United...
2021_DC_Wuerker_211024120DC -- Herblock Party (2021) @ Matt Wuerker's
The Herblock Prizes for the last couple years are going to be awarded in person on October 25th in a closed ceremony. Sadly there won’t be the usual big shindig at the Library of Congress.
Instead Eleni and I would like to gather the cartoon tribe at our house to celebrate the winners. Beer, wine,...
2022_04_25B_Wuerker126DC -- Herblock Party (2022) @ Matt Wuerker's
The great, the legendary, Lalo Alcaraz is the winner of this year’s Herblock Prize. The ceremony on Tuesday, April 26th is limited, but luckily he’s getting into town the weekend before… so we get to have him over for a party on Monday, April 25th.
Artist-type folks shown here include: Carolyn... (Partially reviewed)
2019_DC_Gerberg_19031280DC -- KramerBooks & Afterword -- Mort Gerberg ("On the Scene") w/Ann Telnaes
Mort Gerberg broke into print with irreverent drawings in The Realist in the early ’60s, whose social-justice-minded—and bitingly funny—cartoons have since appeared in all major magazines, includingThe New Yorker, Playboy, and the Saturday Evening Post. As a reporter, he’s sketched historic scenes like...
2009_DC_Barnard_09120536DC -- Natl Museum of Health and Medicine (Walter Reed) -- Event: Bryn Barnard
The Art and Science of "OUTBREAK: Plagues that Changed History" with the artist Bryn Barnard
Bryn Barnard, author and artist of "OUTBREAK," will host three exciting programs, including an illustration workshop and a special session aimed at younger audiences.
10:00 a.m.: Writing and Illustrating...
2020_DC_Wuerker_200216100DC -- Word Bubble Party @ Matt Wuerker's
Folks here include Alexandra Bowman, Teresa Roberts Logan, Claire Rhode, Randy Lieberman and Ulia, Steve Artley, Martha and Dane Kennedy, Matthew Schneer, Donna Lewis, Matt Wuerker, Dana Maier and Ralph Geiger, Mike Rhode, Clay Jones, Mike Jenkins, Lisa Vogel and Art Hondros, Nicole Belanus, Warren...
2006_DC_Moore_0606194Dept of Interior Museum -- Lecture: Hullihen Williams Moore lecture
This was a lecture and reception by Hullihen Williams Moore, a black and white photographer who had an exhibit called "Shenandoah: Views of our National Park" at the DOI Museum.
2007_MD_Block_07020934Gateway's Heliport Gallery -- Tom Block's art reception
2007_MD_Block_07072042Gateway's Heliport Gallery -- Tom Block's "Cousins" vote
There was a community involvement event held at the Gateway's Heliport Gallery in Silver Spring for Tom Block's Cousins public art project for the Kennett Street Art Wall Community Involvement Event

On June 21st, Tom Block's "Cousins" public art project was selected as the winner for the Kennett St....
2008_DC_Majluf_0804305IDB Event: Natalia Majluf ("Public or Private?")
Dr. Natalia Majluf, Director of the Museo de Arte de Lima, Peru, talks on "Public or Private? Cultural Institutions in Latin America:the Case of the Museo de Arte de Lima"
Through a case study of the work undertaken by the Museo de Arte de Lima, this lecture will address issues that arise from the...
2007_MD_ThompsonsWC_07101267MD -- Bethesda -- Writer's Center -- Richard Thompson
An evening with Washington Post cartoonist Richard Thompson (whose strip "Cul-de-Sac" appears in the Washington Post Magazine, and "Richard's Poor Almanac" in the Style section). Thompson, who is going into national syndication this month, will talk about how he finds and develops ideas and will share...
2004_MD_Block_04050727MD -- Laurel -- Montpelier Cultural Arts Center -- Tom Block art reception
This was an opening reception for my neighbor Tom Block's artworks at the Montpelier Cultural Arts Center. According to the brochure, the painting "are inspired by the spiritual passion of 14th Century mystic, Meister Eckhart. Working on raw, pitted, found wood as a support, the artist views the ensuing...
2005_DC_NAPP_05050412Natl Archives -- Betty Monkman and Simmie Knox (Presidential Portraits)
Presidential Portraits: Retired White House curator Betty Monkman and artist Simmie Knox will discuss Presidential portraits. In her illustrated remarks, Monkman will review the history of acquiring official portraits of Presidents and First Ladies for the White House collection. Knox will discuss how...
2008_DC_NAKAL_08050868Natl Archives -- Kevin "KAL" Kallaugher (Moving Political Cartoons from Page to Screen)
An Evening with Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher: Moving Political Cartoons from Page to Screen: Tonight, Berryman Award–winning editorial cartoonist Kevin “KAL” Kallaugher will present an illustrated lecture tracing the evolution of political cartoons from two-dimensional print to 3D animation. Kallaugher’s work...
2008_DC_NAROCP_080207102Natl Archives -- Panel -- Running for Office: Cartooning and Politics (w/Pat Oliphant, Ann Telnaes, Matt Davies, and Clay Bennett)
Running for Office: Cartooning and Politics: Award-winning editorial cartoons are often characterized by their originality, editorial effectiveness, and quality of drawing and dramatize a wide range of social and political issues with style and humor. Join moderator Stephen Hess, Distinguished Research...
2007_VA_BAD_07052416Nature Conservancy -- Bruce Dale (photographer)
An Evening of B.A.D. Photos: Bruce A. Dale presents a lecture on his 30-year career in photography, spanning the globe and outer reaches of space, for National Geographic. The discussion will include a segment on "How to capture in your camera what you see with your eye" with tips and illustrations to...
2005_DC_BuildingC_05091912NBM -- Architectural competition 2005
Student Competition Jury: They toiled all day Sunday. View students’ design solutions in a day-long exhibit in the National Building Museum’s Great Hall. Join students to hear a distinguished panel of jurists discuss the entries and announce the winners. The more famous judge was James Eyre, RIBA, a...
2016_DC_NYU_Cartoons_160211237NYU & Goethe-Institut -- Cartoons and Taboos: Dancing in a Visual Minefield (w/Lectrr, KAL, Ann Telnaes and Matt Wuerker)
New York University: Cartoons and Taboos: Dancing in a Visual Minefield
Satire Between the Freedom of Expression and the Freedom of Religion - When Art Challenges What Fundamentalists Insist On...
Some people have demanded that lines should be drawn with respect to “acceptable” and “unacceptable”...
2011_DC_OAS_FusionR_11012159OAS Main Bldg -- Event: "Fusion of Spirits" Reception
Pictures here were taken of people at a reception that was held in the main building.
2010_DC_Eric_B_10031332Personal -- Eric B. Rick's event
1998_DC_ThompsonsO_98120820Personal -- Thompsons @ Susan Conway Art Gallery opening (w/Pat Oliphant)
Richard Thompson and Pat Oliphant did a shared opening at the Susan Conway Art Gallery in Georgetown. Art Wood had alerted me to the event. It was the first time I'd seen Richard in quite awhile. I got to meet his wife Amy, their eldest daughter Emma, and the newby Charlotte.
2016_DC_RThompson_Mem_160827207Richard Thompson Memorial Celebration @ National Press Club -- Mingling
Folks here include Amy Thompson, Charlotte and Emma Thompson, Chris Sparks, Steve Artley, Bono Mitchell, Linda and Annie Lunsford, Rudy Sanchez, Richard (Dick) Thompson Sr., Sara Duke, Ann Telnaes, Joe Azar, Michael Cavna, Mitch Auerbach, Timothy Thompson and Margot, Steve Conley, Nick Galifianakis,...
2016_DC_RThompson_Mem3_160827157Richard Thompson Memorial Celebration @ National Press Club -- Presentation
RIchard Thompson Memorial Celebration:
* Amy Thompson
* Rudy Sanchez
Featured Speakers:
* Anita Auerbach, President of the Virginia Psychological Association
* Brian Nicklas, friend and sandbox playmate
* Andy Heinmendinger, friend, neighbor and gensis behind the film The...
2008_DC_Cogan_08111927Sixth & I and FotoWeek DC -- Joshua Cogan ("Soul Cages" opening)
Opening reception for “Soul Cages” by Joshua Cogan.
"Soul Cages" is a collected series of portraits from recent projects that pursue the ineffable nature of culture through visual medium. Using the camera as a tool of visual ethnography, Joshua Cogan combines the richness of travel photography with...
2009_DC_Cogan_09111287Sixth & I and FotoWeek DC -- Joshua Cogan ("Soundprints Vol. 1" opening)
"Soundprints Vol. 1": Exhibit opening
Emmy Award-winning photographer Joshua Cogan will show a selection of his work revolving around music. Long fascinated with catching both the energy of music and the feelings that it evokes, Cogan's imagery ranges from roots music and rock to hip hop and...
2010_DC_Cogan_10111034Sixth & I and FotoWeek DC -- Joshua Cogan ("Time Given" opening)
Time Given is a series of Joshua Cogan's more recent portraiture from around the world. The images explore the idea of how people deal with the time they have here on earth -- how people shape time and how it shapes them. The images draw heavily from the environments in which they were taken. From East...
2008_MD_Block_08042653Space88 -- Tom Block's "Cousins" reception w/singer Kristin Callahan
Space88 is proud to present this examination of Tom Block's ongoing public art project, Cousins. Permanently installed just a few blocks away at the entrance to the Kennett Street Parking Garage (along the Eastern Ave. access), Block has also installed Cousins in bus shelters in Tempe, AZ (2005-2006)...
2016_DC_Waddell_16081778USCHS -- Lunch Talk: Peter Waddell ("An Artist's Insight on Historical Paintings")
US Capitol Historical Society presents...
Peter Waddell, artist-in-residence, Tudor Place, will offer “An Artist’s Insight on Historical Paintings.”
2012_VA_Team_CDS_120610147VA -- One More Page -- "Team Cul De Sac" book launch
Team Cul De Sac book launch!!
On Sunday, June 10, from 5 - 7 pm, Terry is taking over the store for a fundraiser celebration to launch the Team Cul de Sac Collection.
Team Cul de Sac: Cartoonists Draw the Line at Parkinson's contains original artwork from cartoonists and illustrators inspired by the...
2014_VA_Art_Of_RT_141206108VA -- One More Page @ Arlington Central Library -- Art of Richard Thompson -- Mingling
We are honored, thrilled, excited (add your own adjective) to host an event to celebrate the release of The Art of Richard Thompson. Featured guests include editors Nick Galifianakis, David Apatoff, Chris Sparks, and Mike Rhode, as well as Michael Cavna of The Washington Post. There will be discussion...
2014_VA_Art_Of_RT2_14120645VA -- One More Page @ Arlington Central Library -- Art of Richard Thompson -- Presentation
We are honored, thrilled, excited (add your own adjective) to host an event to celebrate the release of The Art of Richard Thompson. Featured guests include editors Nick Galifianakis, David Apatoff, Chris Sparks, and Mike Rhode, as well as Michael Cavna of The Washington Post. There will be discussion...
2014_DC_Pastis_14060276Washington Post -- Stephan Pastis
An evening with cartoonist and author Stephan Pastis, sponsored by the Washington Post. Stephan will be speaking about both Pearls and Timmy Failure, and signing books after.

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Miss District of Columbia Class of 2022 * ALIVIA ROBERTS -- Embassy Row -- 2022 Miss District of Columbia * Maya Rimpsey -- Anacostia * Georgia Turpin -- Capitol Hill * Nicole Linder -- Catholic University * Ghelatia Araia -- Columbia Heights * Kisa Motiwala -- Foggy Bottom * Hayden Richar... (Partially reviewed)
2022_05_22B1_LincolnM100569DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- Event: Lincoln Memorial Centennial Celebration
Lincoln Memorial Centennial Celebration, May 22, 2022 Building on Lincoln’s Vision of Unity and Equality Musical Prelude: United States Marine Band Brass Quintet Master of Ceremonies: David J. Kent, President, Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia Welcome: Charles Sams III, Director, National P... (Partially reviewed)
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