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2003_AZ_GRC_N_Animals4AZ -- Grand Canyon Natl Park -- North Rim -- Animals
2003_AZ_GRC_S_Animals28AZ -- Grand Canyon Natl Park -- South Rim -- Animals
California Condors, squirrels, a coyote.
2003_AZ_Montezuma_Castle3AZ -- Montezuma Castle Natl Monument -- Castle
2003_AZ_Montezuma_Well7AZ -- Montezuma Castle Natl Monument -- Well
2006_AZ_Petrified_Animals7AZ -- Petrified Forest Natl Park -- Animals
2019_CA_CrittersCA8CA -- Critters
Ground squirrel in Balboa Park.
2002_CA_CrittersCA_Death6CA -- Critters -- Coyote @ Death Valley
2002_CA_CrittersCA_Joshua3CA -- Critters -- Coyote @ Joshua Tree
2009_CA_CrittersCA7CA -- Critters -- Mom and kid seagull at the San Diego Convention center
2002_CA_Joshua_Tree9CA -- Joshua Tree Natl Park
I'm not sure what I thought the attraction of Joshua Tree would be. At this point, I was pretty tired of deserts. I think the main reason I wanted to go there was because of a the title of the "Joshua Tree" U2 album.

The park is mostly known for its groves a Joshua trees (surprise!). I asked the...
2009_CA_Sequoia152CA -- Sequoia Natl Park
I totally missed the Grant tree. On the other hand, I got to see two bears and four tarantulas.
2006_CO_Rocky_Animals26CO -- Rocky Mountain National Park -- Animals
2007_CRI_CrittersCRI47Costa Rica -- Critters
Pictures here include:
Ants collecting their leaves.
A three-toed sloth that wandered across the road on the way to the Arenal Volcano. The sloth was a highlight of the trip.
A parrot at Bet-El Steak House (a place we stopped in at La Fortuna on the way to the Arenal Volcano).
Hummingbirds at the...
2007_CRI_Hummingbird_Stn29Costa Rica -- Hummingbird Station
2007_CRI_Jungle_Boat_Ride49Costa Rica -- Jungle Boat Ride
The jungle boat tour was pretty cool. They took you out on the river and traveled down it for awhile, pointing out a variety of animals. For me, the highlight was a bunch of tiny bats hanging from a tree trunk along the shore. But we also saw spider monkeys, large iguanas, a variety of birds, and a...
2007_CRI_Jungle_Boat_Area19Costa Rica -- Jungle Boat Tour base
2007_CRI_Calypso_Beach43Costa Rica -- Tortuga Island -- Calypso Cruise Beach
2007_CRI_Breakfast14Costa Rica -- ?? -- Breakfast at the butterfly garden
2015_DC_Cong_Cem_Goats19DC -- Congressional Cemetery -- Goats
Have you ever seen a green goat? Come to Historic Congressional Cemetery on Capitol Hill on Thursday, August 6th, and watch a herd of Browsing Green Goats in action. The goats will spend around two weeks at the cemetery helping to control invasive species that threaten this National Historic Landmark....
2019_DC_CrittersDC3DC -- Critters -- Baby Sparrow near Dupont Circle
I doubt he/she lived for long. I couldn't hear a parent bird around.
2006_DC_CrittersDC8DC -- Critters -- Bird and squirrel
Two critter sightings:
(060512) Baby black bird outside OAS building
(061215) Grey squirrel at Pershing Park
1998_DC_CrittersDC8DC -- Critters -- Chickadees and Squirrels
2021_DC_CrittersDC45DC -- Critters -- Cicadas in Lafayette Square
2021_06_05H2_CrittersDC2DC -- Critters -- Cicadas (of course)
2021_06_06B4_CrittersDC9DC -- Critters -- Cicadas (of course)
2007_DC_CrittersDC2DC -- Critters -- Dog on the corner
2020_DC_CrittersDC12DC -- Critters -- Gray haired squirrel, morning doves?
1982_DC_CrittersDC5DC -- Critters -- Pigeons and guinea pigs
2002_DC_CrittersDC4DC -- Critters -- Plucky squirrel
2011_DC_CrittersDC3DC -- Critters -- Racoon @ Rhode Island Avenue shopping center
2015_DC_CrittersDC3DC -- Critters -- Squirrel
Cooling off squirrel
2016_DC_CrittersDC6DC -- Critters -- Squirrel and bird near the American Indian Museum
2017_DC_CrittersDC2DC -- Critters -- Squirrel @ FTC
2009_DC_CrittersDC5DC -- Critters -- Squirrel @ trash can, hawk in tree
2000_DC_CrittersDC4DC -- Critters -- Squirrels
Mostly squirrels.
2003_DC_CrittersDC8DC -- Critters -- Squirrels
One squirrel was on the Mall. He was sunning himself on a park bench and I decided to try to photos. He ended up climbing a tree and then coming down again, apparently expecting treats. The other was in Lafayette Park.
2005_DC_CrittersDC7DC -- Critters -- Squirrels and ducks
Three different casts:
(050427) The nesting duck at the Treasury Building got national coverage this year. It had settled by a tree in front of the Treasury Building and stayed there until the ducklings were born. People put out water bowls and surrounded it with metal fences and overhead netting for...
1999_DC_CrittersDC17DC -- Critters -- Squirrels and pigeons on the Mall
Plus a rat in a trash can. and a young squirrel at Rock Creek Cemetery.
2018_DC_CrittersDC11DC -- Critters -- Squirrel, Hawk
Including a hungry squirrel outside of the Hirshhorn and a hawk (???) and a pigeon at the GAR memorial.
2008_DC_CrittersDC9DC -- Critters -- Wounded robin and a squirrel
Including a wounded robin by the tulip beds of the Tidal Basin, and an extroverted squirrel
2020_DC_Franklin_Squirrels8DC -- Downtown -- Franklin Square -- Squirrels (including albino ones)
The Square is closed for the renovation (the promotion says they're trying to make something akin to NYC's Bryant Park here). All of the trash cans have been collected behind the fence. Near this is a squirrel feeding section with nuts and water. Two albino squirrels were here which I hadn't seen in...
2021_10_02A1_NPS_Horses6DC -- NPS Horses on 14th Street (Partially reviewed)
2003_DC_Earth_Day_03042258Dept of State -- Earth Day (2003) with Colin Powell and birds
While the Earth Day activities under the Bush administration were minimal, there was an activity scheduled for the State Department that I was interested in attending. I really wanted to see the bald eagle they were going to have on display. Sure enough, Mike Callahan, a naturalist from the Nanjemoy...
2005_FL_CrittersFL3FL -- Critters -- Birds around the Kennedy Space Center
2006_FL_CrittersFL16FL -- Critters -- Various
Various animals in Florida that weren't part of something else, including lots of Mom's cat Max, Dumpster feeders, lizards, etc. Be sure to look in entries like the Everglades for the main stash of Florida critters.
2002_FL_Everglades21FL -- Everglades Natl Park
2005_FL_Everglades45FL -- Everglades Natl Park
2006_FL_Everglades55FL -- Everglades Natl Park
2006_FL_Manatee8FL -- Fort Myers -- Manatee Park
This is a wonderful park right off of I-75 where you can see manatees floating in the water. The manatees respond to cold ocean water by coming further into land to stay warm.
Manatee Park is a 17-acre regional park built by and operated through a cooperative effort of partners and sponsors. The land...
2003_GA_Snake7GA -- Fort McAllister State Historic Park -- Redneck Snake-Hunting Safari
Now, try to imagine. This guy from Texas is wandering through the Fort McAllister State Historic Park when he hears a rattlesnake in the distance. Instead of staying on the trail, he walks 20 or 30 feet to an old wood pile and starts poking a stick into it. Sure enough, there's a rattlesnake. So he...
2004_HI_CrittersHI32HI -- Critters -- Various on O'ahu, Hawaii
Several days' worth of animals. Highlighting some: ...
2004_HI_Horses9HI -- Horses and horseback riders
These were available for rent for tourists. This was Terri's first horseback ride.
2003_ID_Hagerman9ID -- Hagerman Fossil Beds Natl Monument
2001_MA_Whaling45MA -- Cape Cod -- Whale-watching trip off the coast
While I was bored silly in Cape Cod, some couple suggested that I take a whale-watching boat trip. I presumed that these things were mostly jokes--I mean, what chance do you actually have of seeing a whale?, but they said they had been on a trip the other day and several whales had come up next to the...
1999_MD_Annapolis15MD -- Annapolis
2001_MD_Assateague13MD -- Assateague Island Natl Seashore
2002_MD_Assateague23MD -- Assateague Island Natl Seashore
The trip was quite nice and I saw a half dozen deer and three horses.
2003_MD_Assateague10MD -- Assateague Island Natl Seashore
2004_MD_Assateague32MD -- Assateague Island Natl Seashore
We visited the horses just after a fresh snow fall!
2005_MD_Assateague25MD -- Assateague Island Natl Seashore
2007_MD_Banding111MD -- Barn Owl banding w/Mike Callahan and others
The owl-banding project installs owl boxes around farms and lets barn owls nest in them. When the young are born, they tend to be a bit needy and the parents leave the nest during the day to get food and rest. The project bands the owls while the parents are gone so they can be identified later....
1999_MD_BARC5MD -- Beltsville -- Beltsville Agricultural Research Center
These pictures were taken after a fire had partially gutted one of the buildings.
2001_MD_BARC4MD -- Beltsville -- Beltsville Agricultural Research Center
A tornado had hit the area a few days before. I was working in the office and heard about it afterward. At that point, there were no real emergency warning systems in the building other than the general evacuation ones. They said they didn't send those out because they didn't want people to go on the...
2005_MD_BARC_05060429MD -- Beltsville -- Beltsville Agricultural Research Center Public Field Day
2005_MD_CrittersMD6MD -- Critters -- BC
Two days of taking pictures. ...
2004_MD_CrittersMD55MD -- Critters -- BC, Monster, cicadas, raccoons, squirrels, and birds
Various things here, mostly around my house: ...
2002_MD_CrittersMD18MD -- Critters -- BC, Mr Rhymes, and Squirrel
Several pictures here: ...
2003_MD_CrittersMD41MD -- Critters -- BC, squirrels, birds, and raccoons
A bunch of things here: ...
1984_MD_CrittersMD3MD -- Critters -- Cadbury
2021_09_15A1_CrittersMD4MD -- Critters -- Cicada tree damage (Partially reviewed)
2021_06_05A6_CrittersMD2MD -- Critters -- Cicadas (of course)
2021_MD_CrittersMD43MD -- Critters -- Cicadas, predators, and a baby bird
1985_MD_CrittersMD14MD -- Critters -- Cocoa Puff
2019_MD_CrittersMD14MD -- Critters -- Deer in back yard
2015_MD_CrittersMD2MD -- Critters -- Deer in the back yard
2018_MD_CrittersMD6MD -- Critters -- Deer in the back yard.
1996_MD_CrittersMD9MD -- Critters -- Elsie
1997_MD_CrittersMD15MD -- Critters -- Elsie
1998_MD_CrittersMD19MD -- Critters -- Elsie
2000_MD_CrittersMD12MD -- Critters -- Elsie, Opossum, Canadian geese, ducks, and a snake
A number of sitings:
* Elsie my cat
* An opposum on the porch
* Canadian geese, ducks and a snake in Great Falls, MD
1999_MD_CrittersMD28MD -- Critters -- Elsie, rabbits and woodchucks
2007_MD_CrittersMD4MD -- Critters -- Eno (including after a fight as the Conehead)
2006_MD_CrittersMD36MD -- Critters -- Eno, birds, and an opossum
Various pictures here:
(060223) My neighbor Gail's cat Eno.
(060311) My neighbor Gail's cat Eno.
(060410) Birds a the Brookside Nature Center.
(060507) Birds along the Bay Bridge Walk.
(060618) Baby starling trapped in my house.
(061019) Opossum in back yard
(061027) Gail's cat Eno
2016_MD_CrittersMD2MD -- Critters -- Local deer
Deer in the backyard.
1989_MD_CrittersMD5MD -- Critters -- Lucy
1992_MD_CrittersMD1MD -- Critters -- Lucy
1991_MD_CrittersMD9MD -- Critters -- Lucy and Elsie
1987_MD_CrittersMD5MD -- Critters -- NoName
2010_MD_CrittersMD1MD -- Critters -- Robins
Robins making their way south. I ran into another flock on the first major snow day of the season but I was too amazed by them to take photos.
2020_MD_CrittersMD3MD -- Critters -- Squirrel
1994_MD_CrittersMD3MD -- Critters -- Squirrel and Elsie in collar
2005_MD_Easton12MD -- Easton
2010_MD_MCFLs69MD -- Montgomery County Fair -- Livestock
2005_MD_Ocean_City5MD -- Ocean City
2002_MD_Oxon20MD -- Oxon Hill Farm Park
2003_MD_Oxon51MD -- Oxon Hill Farm Park
2004_MD_Oxon27MD -- Oxon Hill Farm Park
2005_MD_Oxon26MD -- Oxon Hill Farm Park
2008_MD_Oxon51MD -- Oxon Hill Farm Park
2012_MD_Oxon141MD -- Oxon Hill Farm Park
2013_MD_Oxon95MD -- Oxon Hill Farm Park
2002_MD_NCF22MD -- Piscataway Park / Natl Colonial Farm
2003_MD_NCF23MD -- Piscataway Park / Natl Colonial Farm
2004_MD_NCF27MD -- Piscataway Park / Natl Colonial Farm
2008_MD_NCF86MD -- Piscataway Park / Natl Colonial Farm
2012_MD_NCF70MD -- Piscataway Park / Natl Colonial Farm
2005_MD_Rock_Creek38MD -- Rock Creek Regional Park
2006_MD_Rock_Creek23MD -- Rock Creek Regional Park
2010_MD_Rock_Creek29MD -- Rock Creek Regional Park
Back to the raptor exhibit.
2021_07_06A3_BrooksideC5MD -- Wheaton -- Brookside Gardens -- Cicadas
I saw my last live cicada on June 21. I suspect that was also the case at Brookside Gardens but advisory signs were still up. The only evidence of cicadas I saw were the dead branches littered all over the ground and the dead branches in the trees.
2021_MD_BrooksideC33MD -- Wheaton -- Brookside Gardens -- Cicadas
Cicadas @ Brookside Gardens. I saw my first of the Brood X cicadas as my house on Monday and the following day saw my 800th at Brookside Gardens.
2008_MD_BrooksideB75MD -- Wheaton -- Brookside Gardens -- Exhibit: Wings of Fancy (butterflies)
I wasn't planning to visit the exhibit this year but, while I was in the garden photographing the roses, I ran into a guy babbling on a cell phone. (I'm not a huge fan of cell phones.) Eventually, he was joined by his girlfriend. She said "I didn't realize you'd act like that..." To which he replied,...
2009_MD_BrooksideB90MD -- Wheaton -- Brookside Gardens -- Exhibit: Wings of Fancy (butterflies)
"Wings of Fancy" - Live Butterfly Exhibit: Help a caterpillar fly, plant your garden to provide! Why did the caterpillar cross the road? To get to its host plant!
This year the focus is on butterflies in your backyard, and the host plants that local caterpillars need in order to survive and thrive....
2010_MD_BrooksideB247MD -- Wheaton -- Brookside Gardens -- Exhibit: Wings of Fancy (butterflies)
Beginning in early May and running daily through Mid- September 2010, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 p.m., Brookside Gardens South Conservatory will feature live butterflies. Come witness the butterfly life cycle as tiny eggs hatch into crawling, chewing caterpillars, which then encase themselves in jewel-like...
2013_MD_BrooksideB71MD -- Wheaton -- Brookside Gardens -- Exhibit: Wings of Fancy (butterflies)
2015_MD_BrooksideB80MD -- Wheaton -- Brookside Gardens -- Exhibit: Wings of Fancy (butterflies)
1972_MI_CrittersMI5MI -- Critters -- Diane George
1973_MI_CrittersMI2MI -- Critters -- Diane George
1970_MI_CrittersMI1MI -- Critters -- Our family mouse
1970_MT_CrittersMT3MT -- Critters -- Sheep and goats
1968_MT_Glacier11MT -- Glacier Natl Park
1970_MT_Glacier5MT -- Glacier Natl Park
2000_MT_Glacier51MT -- Glacier Natl Park
2002_WA_Orca_Whaling4Nature -- Orca whale site-seeing trip, WA
A highlight of my trip to New England right before the September 11 attack in 2001 had been a whaling trip outside of Cape Cod where I got to watch minke whales jumping out of the water. It was great. That was the major reason I decided to go back to Massachusetts at the same time this year and it was...
2004_NC_CrittersNC4NC -- Critters -- Birds at Dad and Dixie's
2002_NC_CrittersNC2NC -- Critters -- Birds @ Dad's bird feeder
1998_NC_CrittersNC4NC -- Critters -- Hummingbird
2008_NC_CrittersNC6NC -- Critters -- Wild turkey at dad's place in Asheville, NC
2001_NH_CrittersNH_Moose10NH -- Critters -- Moose in Crawford Notch area, NH
These moose, which I saw near the Bretton Woods hotel, were standing within forty feet of the roadway, one drinking from a puddle and the other eating some quality underbrush. There were a dozen cars parked on the side of the road with people standing around watching and photographing them. The moose...
2008_NY_Cath_St_John72NY -- NYC -- Cathedral of St. John the Divine (1047 Amsterdam Avenue)
The church had had a fire in December 2001. They were still working on fixing it up.
2007_PA_Natl_Aviary62PA -- Pittsburgh -- National Aviary
1999_PA_Valley_Forge20PA -- Valley Forge NHP
2000_SD_Custer21SD -- Custer -- Custer State Park
2008_DC_Reptile_World_080127166Sixth & I -- Michael Shwedick (Reptile World)
Reptile World with Michael Shwedick: This exciting family event features “Reptile man” Michael Shwedick, who will lead an interactive, educational, live reptile presentation. Meet and learn about a selection of large, colorful and gentle reptiles from all around the world. Reptiles featured in the...
2003_UT_Antelope10UT -- Antelope Island State Park
2003_UT_Arches30UT -- Arches Natl Park
2003_UT_Best_Friends28UT -- Kanab -- Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
2006_UT_Best_Friends45UT -- Kanab -- Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
2012_UT_Best_Friends73UT -- Kanab -- Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
2006_UT_Best_Hum10UT -- Kanab -- Best Friends Animal Sanctuary -- Hummingbird feeder
2012_UT_Best_Hum8UT -- Kanab -- Best Friends Animal Sanctuary -- Hummingbird feeder
2006_UT_Best_Views9UT -- Kanab -- Best Friends Animal Sanctuary -- Kanab Canyon
2012_UT_Best_Views17UT -- Kanab -- Best Friends Animal Sanctuary -- Kanab Canyon
2006_UT_Red_Animals16UT -- Salt Lake City -- Red Butte Garden and Arboretum -- Animals
2003_UT_Timpanogos22UT -- Timpanogos Cave Natl Monument
2006_UT_Elk_Park9UT -- Zion Canyon -- Domestic Elk Park
2005_VA_Booker20VA -- Booker T. Washington Natl Monument
2003_VA_Chincoteague19VA -- Chincoteague Natl Wildlife Refuge
2005_VA_Chincoteague25VA -- Chincoteague Natl Wildlife Refuge
2001_VA_CrittersVA2VA -- Critters -- Baby bird @ Fredericksburg
2005_VA_CrittersVA61VA -- Critters -- Beaver, Geese
Photos in this section were taken in Virginia and including the following: ...
2004_VA_CrittersVA1VA -- Critters -- Margot's cat
2006_VA_CrittersVA17VA -- Critters -- Nesting bald eagles at Norfolk Botanical Garden
The Norfolk Botanical Garden has a tree where bald eagles have been keeping a nest for years. I was told the nest was originally on the other side of the airport (which is right next to the garden) but one of the eagles had been killed by a plane so the state decided to move the nest. Once a year, the...
1972_VA_CrittersVA3VA -- Critters -- Raccoon @ Skyline Drive
2021_09_05D4_CrittersVA2VA -- Critters -- Relative fresh carcass in Richmond (Partially reviewed)
1999_VA_CrittersVA22VA -- Critters -- Various
Squrrels at Mount Vernon, deer and a black bear in a tree on Skyline Drive, deer in Yorktown.
2007_VA_CrittersVA3VA -- Critters -- White-tailed deer
2015_VA_Dutch_Gap89VA -- Dutch Gap at Citie of Henricus Historical Park
Including the way-too-tame raccoon.
2006_VA_Front_Cats16VA -- Front Royal -- Cat shanty town w/Web Davis
Web Davis, who runs a gravel company in Front Royal, started caring for abandoned cats and says he's spent $150,000 on vet and food bills for them. He has several cat cities -- shanty towns -- filled with the leavings of self-centered, irresponsible former cat owners. While I was talking to him, in...
2005_VA_News_Park36VA -- Newport News -- Battle of Dam No. 1 (Newport News Park)
2014_VA_Grapevine16VA -- Seven Days Campaign -- Grapevine Bridge
Including an opposum hanging around a fence,
2002_WA_CrittersWA4WA -- Critters -- Bald eagle nesting on coastal thing
2002_WA_OlympicNP16WA -- Olympic Natl Park
2001_WI_CrittersWI3Wi -- Critters -- Geese and squirrels on the Delavan golf course, birds in lake
2006_WY_Teton_Animals26WY -- Grand Teton Natl Park -- Animals
Animals here included antelope, horses, bison, and a moose with a new offspring. Quite an amazing day and I only spent about two hours in the park this day!
2006_WY_Yellowstone278WY -- Yellowstone Natl Park

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2021_08_14B1_Trumka250AFL-CIO Headquarters -- Event: Richard Trumka in Repose at AFL-CIO Headquarters
Richard Trumka to Lie in Repose at AFL-CIO Headquarters On Saturday, Aug. 14, between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. ET, Richard Trumka’s family is giving the public the opportunity to pay their respects to the labor legend who passed away on Aug. 5. He is making one last trip to the House of Labor, a place an... (Partially reviewed)
2021_09_10B1_Come_From_Away190DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- Event: "Come From Away" performance
Join us at the Lincoln Memorial for a one-of-a kind free concert performance of the musical Come From Away on Friday, September 10, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. Lawn seating is available on either side of the Reflecting Pool on a first-come basis. Members of the Broadway and national touring companies of Come... (Partially reviewed)
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