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2016_MD_Robeson_160412174AFI -- 2016 Paul Robeson Awards (Stanley Nelson) (incl reception)
The Howard University Department of Media, Journalism and Film Presents:
The 2016 Paul Robeson Awards Honoring Award-winning Documentary Filmmaker & MacArthur “Genius” Fellow Stanley Nelson (The Black Panthers: Vanguard of a Revolution; Freedom Summer).
Stanley Nelson received the Paul Robeson Award...
2013_MD_AFI75_130915187AFI -- AFI 75th Anniversary -- Presentation (incl Private Reception)
Celebrate the Silver!
An event to celebrate 75 years of the Silver Theatre and looking forward to another new decade ahead...
Sunday, September 15, 2013
AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center
2:00 pm Recreation of Inaugural Screening in the original 1938 theater, FOUR DAUGHTERS. Hosted by WJLA's...
2018_MD_Firstenberg3_180326124AFI -- An Evening with Jean Picker Firstenberg (w/Cokie Roberts, James Hindman, Ray Barry, etc) -- All Else
An Evening with Jean Picker Firstenberg
Special Features: Moderated by Emmy Award-winning ABC & NPR journalist Cokie Roberts. Book sales/signing starting at 6:15; program begins at 7:30.
Jean Picker Firstenberg led AFI for more than 27 years, and the 2003 launch of the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural...
2018_MD_Firstenberg_180326104AFI -- An Evening with Jean Picker Firstenberg (w/Cokie Roberts, James Hindman, Ray Barry, etc) -- Program
An Evening with Jean Picker Firstenberg
Special Features: Moderated by Emmy Award-winning ABC & NPR journalist Cokie Roberts. Book sales/signing starting at 6:15; program begins at 7:30.
Jean Picker Firstenberg led AFI for more than 27 years, and the 2003 launch of the AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural...
2017_MD_Offenders_170305117AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2017) -- "Young Offenders" (w/Hilary Rose)
The Young Offenders
Special Features: Q&A with lead actress Hilary Rose, plus post-screening reception
What do you get if you mix Ireland's biggest-ever cocaine seizure, the comic sensibilities of Judd Apatow, Taika Waititi and Edgar Wright, and two cheeky, foul-mouthed teenagers from Cork on the road...
2018_MD_Farthest_180304108AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2018) -- "The Farthest" (w/Tony Cranstoun, Heidi Hammel and Dan Mulhall)
Special Features: Q&A with editor Tony Cranstoun and planetary astronomer Heidi Hammel, Executive Vice President of AURA, Inc and VP of the Board of Directors of The Planetary Society, and post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of Ireland
Emmy-nominated, multi-award winning...
2018_MD_Zoo_180301121AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2018) -- "Zoo" (w/Colin McIvor)
ZOO (2017)
Special Features: Q&A with director Colin McIvor, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Northern Ireland Bureau
Belfast, 1941. Twelve-year-old Tom's (Art Parkinson, GAME OF THRONES) zookeeper father is enlisted in the army, leaving behind his family and the newest member of the...
2019_MD_Devils_Doorway_19030188AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2019) -- "Devil's Doorway" (w/Aislinn Clarke and Lalor Roddy)
Devil's Doorway, The
Special Features: Q&A with director Aislinn Clarke and actor Lalor Roddy
What unholy terrors lurk behind the walls of a secretive Irish convent? Northern Ireland, 1960: Father Thomas Riley (Lalor Roddy, DON'T LEAVE HOME, FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY, HUNGER) and Father John Thornton...
2019_MD_Dont_Leave_19030293AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2019) -- "Don't Leave Home" (w/Michael Tully and Lalor Roddy)
Don't Leave Home
Special Features: Q&A with director Michael Tully and actor Lalor Roddy
After unveiling her new sculptural exhibit on Irish urban legends, artist Melanie Thomas (Anna Margaret Hollyman, SLEEPING WITH OTHER PEOPLE, WHITE REINDEER) is contacted by Father Alistair Burke (Lalor Roddy, THE...
2019_MD_I_Dolours_19030276AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2019) -- "I, Dolours" (w/Ed Moloney)
I, Dolours
Special Features: Q&A with journalist and producer Ed Moloney
Dolours Price, the infamous IRA radical convicted of bombing England's Old Bailey in 1973, granted a series of revealing interviews in 2010 on the strict condition of their posthumous release. The interviews, brought to life...
2019_MD_Lost_And_Found_1903016AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2019) -- "Lost And Found" (w/Eamonn Norris)
Lost And Found (2017)
Special Features: Introduction by co-producer Eamonn Norris
Winner of the Best Foreign Feature prize at the Arizona International Film Festival, LOST AND FOUND explores seven interconnecting stories set in and around the lost and found office of an Irish train station. Daniel...
2019_MD_Drummer_19022890AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2019) -- "The Drummer And The Keeper" (w/Nick Kelly)
The Drummer And The Keeper
Q&A with director Nick Kelly and post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of Ireland
Winner of Best Irish First Feature at the 2017 Galway Film Fleadh, THE DRUMMER AND THE KEEPER explores the unlikely friendship formed between two young men: Gabriel (Dermot Murphy,...
2020_MD_AFI_Irish14AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2020) -- Marquee, Jumbotron Ad @ Ellsworth Place and screen credits
2020_MD_Bump_200227173AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2020) -- "A Bump Along the Way" opening night event w/reception
Fun-loving, single mom Pamela (Bronagh Gallagher, THE PERSONAL HISTORY OF DAVID COPPERFIELD) knows how to have a good time — and she's not about to let a little thing like middle age stop her. Her teenage daughter Allegra (Lola Petticrew, winner of the New Talent Award at the 2019...
2020_MD_Mogadishu_20022981AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2020) -- "A Girl From Mogadishu" (w/panel)
A Girl From Mogadishu
Special Features: Post-screening panel discussion; details below
Writer-director Mary McGuckian's powerful drama tells the inspiring true story of Irish-Somali activist Ifrah Ahmed. A refugee from war-torn Somalia in 2006, Ifrah is trafficked to Ireland, where a medical exam...
2020_MD_Cumar_200301225AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2020) -- "Cumar: A Galway Rhapsody" (w/Aodh Ó Coileáin) plus closing reception with fiddlers Susan Collins and Michael Wynch
Cumar: A Galway Rhapsody
Special Features: Q&A with director Aodh Ó Coileáin, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of Ireland and live music by fiddlers Susan Collins and Michael Wynch.
The diverse glories of the city of Galway, celebrated in song, performance and image, make this...
2020_MD_Heaney_20022950AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2020) -- "Seamus Heaney And The Music Of What Happens" (w/panel)
Special Features: Q&A with Northern Ireland Bureau Director Andrew Elliott and literature expert Christopher Griffin
Born into a farming family in rural Northern Ireland, Seamus Heaney became the finest poet of his generation and winner of the Nobel Prize in...
2020_MD_Shooting_20030145AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2020) -- "Shooting The Darkness" (plus Katie O'Neill's "Northern Ireland Stories" display)
Shooting The Darkness
Documentarian Tom Burke (LOSING ALASKA) artfully tells the powerful stories of the Irish men who unwittingly became war photographers on the streets of their own towns during the Troubles. They did not leave home in search of war and adventure; the violence erupted around them....
2022_MD_AFI_Irish8AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2022) -- Jumbotron Ad @ Ellsworth Place and Marquee
2022_MD_Irish_Goodbye2_220304111AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2022) -- Reception after Norman Houston Short Film Award @ McGinty's
AN IRISH GOODBYE | Fri, March 4, 6:45
The 2022 Norman Houston Short Film Award Ceremony & Winner:
Set against the backdrop of a working farm in rural Northern Ireland, AN IRISH GOODBYE is a black comedy following the reunion of estranged brothers after the untimely death of their...
2022_MD_Irish_Goodbye_220304153AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2022) -- "An Irish Goodbye" (w/Norman Houston Short Film Award to Tom Berkeley and Ross White)
AN IRISH GOODBYE | Fri, March 4, 6:45
The 2022 Norman Houston Short Film Award Ceremony & Winner:
Set against the backdrop of a working farm in rural Northern Ireland, AN IRISH GOODBYE is a black comedy following the reunion of estranged brothers after the untimely death of their...
2022_MD_Doineann_220305106AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2022) -- "Doineann" (w/Aislinn Clarke)
DOINEANN plus post-screening Q&A with screenwriter Aislinn Clarke
After the birth of their son, investigative TV reporter Tomas (Peter Coonan, THE ALIENIST) and his wife Siobhan (Clare Monnelly, MOONE BOY) relocate to a remote island off the northwest coast of Ireland. Tomas is called back to the...
2022_MD_Rogue_220303132AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2022) -- "Redemption of a Rogue" (w/Kieran Roche)
EvOpening Night: REDEMPTION OF A ROGUE followed by Q&A with actor Kieran Roche
Winner of the Best Feature and Best Debut Irish Feature prizes at the 2020 Galway Film Fleadh, the hilarious debut from award-winning Irish playwright Philip Doherty squeezes tar-black comedy and soulful reflections from an...
2022_MD_Craic_220306107AFI -- Capital Irish Film Festival (2022) -- "Where's the Craic?" (w/Lauren Hakulinen)
Special Features: Closing Night of the 2022 Capital Irish Film Festival. Post-screening Q&A with filmmaker Lauren Hakulinen
Why do so many people in Ireland play music so well? Perhaps it's the land itself that gives creative inspiration to all born there and to those who come to...
2018_MD_Captain20_18102864AFI -- Captain 20 Returns!
Captain 20 Returns!
Everybody's favorite alien, Captain 20, is making a very special appearance at AFI Silver to host a program of cartoons and kid-show favorites from the old days, including ULTRAMAN, SPEED RACER and Bugs Bunny and Friends! There might even be some gerbil races. Do you still have your...
2018_MD_Maynard_18063091AFI -- Color of Conversation Film Series (2018) -- "Maynard"
Special Features: Q&A with producer Wendy Eley Jackson, Elizabeth Jackson Hodges (daughter of Maynard Jackson) & Claude Bailey (mentee of Maynard Jackson), moderated by Stephanie Mash Sykes (Exec. Director and Gen. Counsel, African American Mayors Association)
Maynard Holbrook Jackson, Jr.,...
2018_MD_Mr_Soul_180628203AFI -- Color of Conversation Film Series (2018) -- "Mr. Soul!" (w/Melissa Haizlip) plus opening reception
Special Features: Q&A with director/producer Melissa Haizlip
From 1968 to 1973, the PBS variety show SOUL!, guided by the enigmatic producer and host Ellis Haizlip, offered an unfiltered, uncompromising celebration of black literature, poetry, music and politics — voices that had few other...
2018_MD_Bother_You_180630244AFI -- Color of Conversation Film Series (2018) -- "Sorry to Bother You" (w/Boots Riley and Timothy E. Gordon) plus closing reception
Special Features: Q&A with writer/director Boots Riley, moderated by Timothy E. Gordon (President, Washington D.C. Area Film Critics Assoc.), plus post-screening party with drink specials and DJ set by The Legendary Chris Washington
SORRY TO BOTHER YOU tells the story of Cassius...
2015_MD_CuBop_15061261AFI -- DC Caribbean FilmFest (2015) -- "Cu-Bop" (w/Shinichi Takahashi) (incl reception)
Opening Night: CU-BOP: CUBA-NEW YORK MUSIC DOCUMENTARY feat. Q&A w filmmaker Shinichi Takahashi and post-screening wine reception 7:00
2016_MD_Father_Joseph_160611156AFI -- DC Caribbean FilmFest (2016) -- "Father Joseph" (w/Jeff Kaufman and Marcia Ross, plus Anne Hastings, Leigh Carter, Junior Beauvais, and David Hoffman) (incl reception)
Special Features: Q&A with filmmaker Jeff Kaufman and producer Marcia Ross, plus Anne Hastings, Leigh Carter and Junior Beauvais, who appear in the film. Post-screening reception hosted by the Raising Haiti Initiative in coordination with Fonkoze.
Panel (left to right): Firmin Backer...
2016_MD_Queen_Nanny_16061150AFI -- DC Caribbean FilmFest (2016) -- "Queen Nanny" (w/Roy and Alison Anderson)
Post-screening Q&A with director Roy T. Anderson and producer Alison G. Anderson.
Co-presented by the United Nations Information Center.
QUEEN NANNY documents the Jamaican Maroons' struggle for freedom, led by the indomitable 18th-century military genius and...
2022_05_01B_Wobblies140AFI -- DC Labor FilmFest -- "Wobblies" (w/Deborah Shaffer)
DC Labor FilmFest Opening Night: THE WOBBLIES + Q&A
Opening Night of the 2022 DC Labor FilmFest: Screening of THE WOBBLIES followed by Q&A with filmmaker Deborah Shaffer
"Solidarity! All for one and one for all!" Founded in Chicago in 1905, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) took to organizing...
2009_MD_MMoore_090928137AFI -- DC LaborFest (2009) -- Film: "Capitalism: A Love Story" (w/Michael Moore)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Chris Garlock
-- Michael Moore
-- Mark Dudzic (National Organizer and Chairman of the United States Labor Party)
-- Jos Williams (Metropolitan Washington Council President) (who spoke and presented the Tony Mazzacchi Labor Arts Award to Michael Moore)
-- Michael Moore...
2009_MD_Office_Space_091017130AFI -- DC LaborFest (2009) -- Film: "Office Space" (w/Stephen Root and Gary Cole)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Gary Cole and Stephen Root
-- Chris Garlock (Director, DC Labor FilmFest),
-- Presentation with Adam Wright (DC Labor FilmFest Assistant Director), Gary Cole, Stephen Root, Darryl Moch (Labor Heritage Foundation), and Chris Garlock
-- Panel with Chris Garlock, Stephen...
2010_MD_Fair_Game_101019116AFI -- DC LaborFest (2010) -- Film: "Fair Game" (w/Doug Liman, Valerie Plame-Wilson, and Joe Wilson)
Indoor speakers in sequence:
-- Ray Barry (AFI)
-- Doug Liman (director)
-- Panel with Doug Liman, Valerie Plame-Wilson, Ambassador Joe Wilson, and Neal Conan

Closing Night Presentation! FAIR GAME
In Person: Director Doug Liman, Valerie Plame-Wilson and Ambassador Joe Wilson!
Washington, DC,...
2011_MD_Big_Uneasy_11031594AFI -- DC LaborFest (2011) -- Film: "The Big Uneasy" (w/Harry Shearer and Maria Garzino)
In Person: director Harry Shearer and Maria Garzino, whistleblowing engineer/2009 Public Servant of the Year!
Five years ago, a disaster struck New Orleans. In this feature-length documentary, humorist and New Orleans resident Harry Shearer gets the inside story from the people who were...
2012_MD_Burn_12101212AFI -- DC LaborFest (2012) -- Film: "Burn: One Year on the Front Lines to Save Detroit"
Audience Award, 2012 Tribeca Film Festival

Through the eyes of Detroit firefighters charged with the thankless task of saving a city that many have written off as dead, BURN tells the gripping story of a city struggling for survival. The film follows...
2015_MD_Blood_Fruit_15052788AFI -- DC LaborFest (2015) -- Film: "Blood Fruit" (w/Sinead O’Brien, Mary Manning and Karen Gearon)
Film: Blood Fruit
In person: filmmaker Sinead O’Brien and strikers Mary Manning and Karen Gearon
This moving documentary explains how a strike over the sale of South African fruit in Ireland became the focus of world attention as a key battleground in the fight against apartheid. The film takes...
2017_MD_Matewan_170516135AFI -- DC LaborFest (2017) -- Film: "Matawan" (w/John Sayles and Maggie Renzi)
Matewan (With Writer/Director John Sayles and Producer Maggie Renzi)
Hosted by NNU
With Chris Cooper, James Earl Jones. Based on the 1920 showdown between coal miners determined to form a union and coal company agents hired to prevent them, this is one of the classic films about American labor. Trying...
2018_MD_Young_Marx_18050124AFI -- DC LaborFest (2018) -- Film: "The Young Karl Marx"
Young Karl Marx, The
Special Features: Co-presented with the Goethe-Institut Washington
Following his documentary I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO, Raoul Peck takes on the story of the formative friendship of Karl Marx (August Diehl, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS) and Friedrich...
2008_MD_Baader_081121207AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2008) -- "Baader Meinhof Complex" (w/Stefan Aust) and Receptions
Speakers in sequence were:
-- Murray Horwitz (the director of AFI/Silver),
-- Klaus Scharioth (German ambassador to the United States),
-- Stefan Aust (the author), and
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI/Silver).

The Baader Meinhof Complex [Der Baader Meinhof Komplex]:
Germany's Official Oscar...
2008_MD_Bathory_081122175AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2008) -- "ElDorado" and "Bathory" (w/Juraj Jakubisko and Deana Horvathova) (incl reception)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Murray Horwitz (AFI Director, introducing "Eldorado"),
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI, introducing "Bathory"),
-- ???
-- Panel: Todd Hitchcock, Juraj Jakubisko and actress/producer Deana Horvathova (from "Bathory")

Belgium's Official Oscar Submission for Best...
2008_MD_So_Long_081106244AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2008) -- "I've Loved You So Long" (w/Philippe Claudel) (incl reception)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Murray Horwitz, Director and COO of the American Film Institute's Silver Theatre and Cultural Center
-- Ambassador John Bruton, European Union Ambassador and Head of the Delegation of the European Commission to the USA
-- Murray Horwitz again
-- Philippe Claudel, author...
2009_MD_Mammoth_091105174AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2009) -- "Mammoth" (incl reception)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI)
-- Angelos Pangratis, Acting Head of Delegation of the European Commission,
-- Karin Olofsdotter, Deputy Chief of Mission for the Embassy of Sweden

AFI Silver Theatre celebrates the Opening of the 22nd AFI European Union Film Showcase. The evening...
2009_MD_YVictoria_091121142AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2009) -- "Young Victoria" (incl reception)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Ray Barry (AFI)
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI)

Closing Night! The Young Victoria.
Reception to follow screening, including champagne tasting and Belgian beer tasting!
Working from a sharp script by Julian Fellowes (GOSFORD PARK), director Jean-Marc Vallee (C.R.A.Z.Y.)...
2010_MD_Friendship_10111335AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2010) -- "Friendship" (w/Markus Goller)
Speakers in sequence were:
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI)
-- Markus Goller (director), interviewed by Todd Hitchcock

Friendship! [Freundschaft!]
In person: director Markus Goller
Growing up in East Germany, best pals Tom (Matthias Schweighöfer) and Veit (Friedrich Mücke) were cheerfully oblivious to...
2010_MD_Illegal_101104143AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2010) -- "Illegal" (incl receptions)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Ray Barry (AFI)
-- João Vale de Almeida (head of the EU delegation)

AFI European Union Film Showcase:
The best of European cinema...without the jet lag.

AFI presents the 23rd AFI European Union Film Showcase, a selection of new films from EU member states including...
2010_MD_Me_Too155AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2010) -- "Me Too" (w/Alvaro Pastor) (two screenings) (incl reception)
Speakers in sequence were:
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI)
-- ???
-- Álvaro Pastor (writer-director)

Centerpiece Screening: ME TOO [Yo, también]
In person: writer-director Álvaro Pastor at both screenings!
From Rotterdam to Sundance, this film has attracted attention for the real-life story of its...
2010_MD_Robber61AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2010) -- "The Robber" (w/Franziska Weisz) (two showings)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI) interviewing Franziska Weisz (actress)

The Robber [Der Räuber]:
In person: actress Franziska Weisz at both screenings!
Based on the real-life escapades of the Austrian bank-robbing marathoner Johann "Pump-Gun Ronnie" Rettenberger, this film moves from...
2011_MD_Tinker_111121189AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2011) -- "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" (w/Thomas Alfredson and Gary Oldman)
Closing Night

Scheduled to appear: director Tomas Alfredson and actor Gary Oldman

Tomas Alfredson (LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, 2009 AFI European Union Film Showcase) directs an all-star cast in this new adaptation of John le Carré's 1974 Cold War spy novel, previously the...
2012_MD_Quartet_121109125AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2012) -- "Quartet" opening event (incl reception)
Tonight, AFI Silver Theatre will celebrate the Opening of the 25th AFI European Union Film Showcase. The evening begins with a screening of QUARTET (Runtime 99 min), followed by a reception in the Silver II and Atrium Lobbies, hosted by Francois Rivasseau, Deputy Head of Delegation of the European...
2013_MD_Disciple_13120954AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2013) -- "Disciple" (w/Ulrika Bengts) (incl reception)
THE DISCIPLE [Lärjungen]
2013 Oscar Selection, Finland
Q&A with filmmaker Ulrika Bengts, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of Finland, on Dec 9!
Finland, summer, 1939: Thirteen-year-old Karl is an eager-to-please orphan, sent by the state to work at an isolated Baltic island...
2013_MD_Piano_131206165AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2013) -- "Grand Piano" (w/Eugenio Mira) (incl reception)
Q&A with filmmaker Eugenio Mira, plus post-screening reception sponsored by SPAIN arts & culture, Embassy of Spain, on Dec 6
Lured out of retirement, disgraced pianist Tom Selznick (Elijah Wood) attempts to conquer his nerves and rejuvenate his career with a tribute performance to his...
2013_MD_Walesa_131205125AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2013) -- "Walesa: Man of Hope" (w/Robert Wieckiewicz) (incl reception)
2013 Oscar Selection, Poland
Q&A with actor Robert Wieckiewicz at both screenings!
Andrzej Wajda (KATYN, ASHES AND DIAMONDS) brings the story of Lech Walesa and the Solidarity movement to the big screen. Robert Wieckiewicz (IN DARKNESS) is magnetic as Walesa, while Agnieszka...
2014_MD_AFI_EU_Credits_14120326AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2014) -- EU Film Showcase Credits
2014_MD_City44_14120545AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2014) -- "City 44" (w/Anna Prochniak and Józek Pawłowski)
CITY 44 [Miasto 44]
Q&A with actors Anna Prochniak and Józek Pawłowski
Nazi-occupied Warsaw, 1944: Although his mother forbids him from getting mixed up with the Polish resistance, Stefan joins his friends in the militia to bravely fight back against the Germans. Polish filmmaker Jan Komasa gives the...
2014_MD_Reisz_14121971AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2014) -- "For Some Inexplicable Reason" (w/Gábor Reisz)
FOR SOME INEXPLICABLE REASON [VAN valami furcsa és megmagyarázhatatlan]
U.S. Premiere!
Q&A with filmmaker Gábor Reisz
About to turn 30 and still jobless, Áron gets dumped by Eszter. A booze-soaked night out in Budapest with his pals results in an Internet impulse-buy of a one-way flight to Portugal...
2014_MD_Bovery_141220176AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2014) -- "Gemma Bovery" (incl reception)
Closing Night:
Post-screening reception sponsored by the European Union Delegation to the USA
Adapted from the graphic novel by Posy Simmonds (TAMARA DREWE), this breezy retelling of Gustave Flaubert’s literary classic delivers many wicked delights. Ex-publisher Martin Joubert (Fabrice...
2014_MD_Imitation_141205164AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2014) -- "Imitation Game" (w/Major General Buster Howes) (incl reception)
Introduction by Major General Buster Howes, Royal Marines, British Defence Attaché, Washington, DC
Benedict Cumberbatch gives a stirring performance as Alan Turing, the British mathematician and cryptologist who led the top-secret team of code-breakers housed at Bletchley Park. His...
2014_MD_Tangerines_14120896AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2014) -- "Tangerines" -- Reception
TANGERINES [Mandariinid]
2014 Oscar® Selection, Estonia
Post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of Estonia
When war breaks out between the Russian-supported republic of Abkhazia and Georgia in the fall of 1992, the Estonians who called the land home are forced to return to their native...
2014_MD_Warsaw_Uprising_141203215AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2014) -- "Warsaw Uprising" (w/Jan Ołdakowski) (incl reception)
In person: producer Jan Ołdakowski, director of the Warsaw Uprising Museum
Working with six hours of authentic documentary and newsreel footage filmed in Warsaw in the summer and fall of 1944, director Jan Komasa (SUICIDE ROOM) has fashioned a remarkable one-of-a-kind film: a...
2014_MD_Waste_Land_141217125AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2014) -- "Waste Land" (w/Pieter Van Hees) (incl reception)
Q&A with filmmaker Pieter Van Hees at both screenings; post-screening reception Dec. 17 sponsored by the Embassy of Belgium and Flanders House New York
Hardboiled homicide detective Leo Woeste (Dardenne brothers regular Jérémie Renier) promises his next case will be his last after his wife...
2015_MD_Perfect_Day_15120189AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2015) -- "A Perfect Day" (w/Fernando León de Aranoa) -- Presentation
Opening Night Dec 1: Q&A with filmmaker Fernando León de Aranoa and post-screening reception.
The Balkans, 1995: Fighting has wound down and peace talks have begun, but problems still confront Mambrú (Benicio Del Toro) and his colleagues at NGO Aid Across Borders, including...
2015_MD_Perfect_Day3_151201114AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2015) -- "A Perfect Day" (w/Fernando León de Aranoa) -- Reception
Opening Night Dec 1: Q&A with filmmaker Fernando León de Aranoa and post-screening reception.
The Balkans, 1995: Fighting has wound down and peace talks have begun, but problems still confront Mambrú (Benicio Del Toro) and his colleagues at NGO Aid Across Borders, including...
2015_MD_Liza_15121767AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2015) -- "Liza the Fox-Fairy" (w/Károly Ujj Mészáros)
Q&A with filmmaker Károly Ujj Mészáros following the screening on Dec. 17!
In 1970s Budapest, Liza (Mónika Balsai) is a live-in nurse for an ailing widow (Piroska Molnár, TAXIDERMIA). Lonely Liza has an imaginary friend: long-dead Japanese...
2015_MD_Son_Saul_15120752AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2015) -- "Son of Saul" (w/László Nemes)
Q&A with filmmaker László Nemes
2015 Oscar® Selection, Hungary
Presented in cooperation with the Washington Jewish Film Festival

László Nemes' feature debut is both a riveting Holocaust drama and a bold experiment in cinema aesthetics. The Auschwitz-Birkenau...
2016_MD_EUFilm_Closing_161215117AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2016) -- Closing Night Reception
2016_MD_Letters_16120290AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2016) -- "Letters from War" (w/Miguel Nunes) plus reception
Special Features: Special Presentation. Q&A with actor Miguel Nunes, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of Portugal
U.S. Premiere!
2016 Oscar® Selection, Portugal
Young doctor António Lobo Antunes writes letters home to his beloved wife Maria...
2016_MD_Still_Crazy_161201146AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2016) -- "Still Crazy" opening event w/reception
Beatrice is a strong-willed though undeniably delusional mental patient at a facility in Tuscany. Villa Biondi used to belong to Beatrice's aristocratic family, but now it's a psychiatric hospital for women. Beatrice tells herself that she's just there for a rest...
2017_MD_Borg_McEnroe_17120198AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2017) -- "Borg vs McEnroe" opening event w/reception
Special Features: Opening Night show Dec 1 features post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of Sweden
The feature narrative debut from Danish documentarian Janus Metz (ARMADILLO) chronicles the lead-up to the 1980 Wimbledon final between then four-time champ Björn Borg...
2017_MD_Franca_17121469AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2017) -- "Franca: Chaos And Creation" (w/Francesco Carrozzini)
Franca: Chaos And Creation
Special Features: Intro and Q&A with filmmaker Francesco Carrozzini
With his first feature, director Francesco Carrozzini — known for his work as a photographer and as a music video director for artists such as Beyonce, Jay-Z, Lenny Kravitz, Marilyn Manson and Nicki Minaj —...
2017_MD_Granite_17120244AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2017) -- "Song of Granite" (w/Paddy Meskell) w/Reception
Special Features: Dec 2 screening features introduction by Paddy Meskell, Solas Nua Chairman of the Board, and post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of Ireland
2018 Oscar® Selection, Ireland This poetic, hybrid exploration of the life of legendary sean nós singer Joe Heaney mixes narrative...
2017_MD_Wild_Mouse_17121635AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2017) -- "Wild Mouse" and Closing Night Reception
Wild Mouse [Wilde Maus]
Special Features: U.S. Premiere! Closing Night show Dec 16 features post-screening reception sponsored by the Austrian Cultural Forum Washington
A music critic in midlife crisis seeks revenge on the boss who fired him in this satirical seriocomedy, the directorial debut of...
2018_MD_Eva_18121436AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2018) -- "Eva" Reception
EVA (2018)
Special Features: U.S. Premiere. Post-screening reception sponsored by CÎROC™ VS on Dec. 14
Benoît Jacquot adapts the lurid 1945 James Hadley Chase novel previously brought to the screen by Joseph Losey in 1962, with Jeanne Moreau and Stanley Baker. Gaspard Ulliel is a hot young playwright...
2018_MD_Non_Fiction_18120842AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2018) -- "Non-Fiction" Reception
Special Features: Post-screening reception sponsored by CÎROC™ VS, Maison Kayser and Alliance Française on Dec. 8
Olivier Assayas' smart dramedy set in the publishing world deftly balances a serious, informed debate about the future of publishing in the digital age against...
2018_MD_Stan_Ollie_18121555AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2018) -- "Stan & Ollie" Champagne Reception
Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly bring their brilliant comedic chops to bear as legendary comedy duo Stan "Laurel" (Coogan) and Ollie "Hardy" (Reilly) in this hilarious road movie recounting the pair's famed 1953 "farewell" tour of Britain and Ireland. Initially underwhelming, the tour...
2019_MD_August_Virgin_19121850AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2019) -- "August Virgin" (w/Vito Sanz)
August Virgin, The
Special Features: Q&A with actor Vito Sanz on Dec. 18
[La Virgen De Agosto]
On the verge of turning 33, Eva decides to spend her August in Madrid, where the heat and holiday festivities (las verbenas) drive most locals to abandon the city. From her borrowed flat, and without grand...
2019_MD_Dafne_19121054AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2019) -- "Dafne" (w/Federico Bondi)
Q&A with filmmaker Federico Bondi 
Winner of a FIPRESCI Prize at this year's Berlinale, Federico Bondi's (MAR NERO) poignant sophomore feature follows 36-year-old Dafne (Carolina Raspanti), a bright young woman with Down syndrome whose stable family life is upended by the unexpected death of her...
2019_MD_Mr_Jones_191215108AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2019) -- "Mr. Jones" (w/Andrea Chalupa) plus reception
MR. JONES (2019)
Special Features: Dec. 15 show features Q&A with screenwriter Andrea Chalupa, plus reception sponsored by Polka Deli
The latest film from Agnieszka Holland (EUROPA, EUROPA; IN DARKNESS; SPOOR) tells the real-life story of Gareth Jones (1905–1935), a Welsh journalist and foreign...
2019_MD_Guardian_19120966AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2019) -- "Variações - Guardian Angel" (w/João Maia)
*North American Premiere*
Variações - Guardian Angel
Q&A with filmmaker João Maia following the screening
Portuguese pop music icon António Variações gets his due in this long-awaited biopic, which charts the singer's unlikely rise to fame before his untimely death from HIV/AIDS in 1984. The young...
2021_MD_AFI_EUFilm16AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2021) -- Marquee
2021_MD_Libertad_211211102AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2021) -- "Libertad" (w/Clara Roquet and Maria Herrera)
Special Features: U.S. Premiere. Q&A with filmmaker Clara Roquet on Dec. 11.
Arriving at her family's seaside mansion on the Spanish coast, sheltered 15-year-old Nora (Maria Morera Colomer, LIFE WITHOUT SARA AMAT) thinks she's in for another routine vacation. But the arrival of...
2021_MD_Mitra_21120555AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2021) -- "Mitra" (w/Kaweh Modiri)
Special Features: U.S. Premiere. Q&A with filmmaker Kaweh Modiri at both shows.
Using his own family experience as a springboard, Dutch-Iranian director Kaweh Modiri (BODKIN RAS) crafts a timely, potent drama about motherhood that plays like a political and psychological thriller. Almost 40...
2021_MD_Beautiful_Boy_21120753AFI -- European Union Film Showcase (2021) -- "The Most Beautiful Boy in the World" (w/Kristina Lindström and Kristian Petri)
Special Features: Q&A with filmmakers Kristina Lindström and Kristian Petri on Dec. 7
At the world premiere of DEATH IN VENICE in 1971, Italian director Luchino Visconti proclaimed Björn Andrésen, the teen star of his latest film, "the most beautiful boy in the...
2022_MD_Careless_Crime_22041695AFI -- Festival of Films from Iran (2022) -- "Careless Crime" (w/Shahram Mokri, Godfrey Cheshire)
Careless Crime
Followed by Q&A with filmmaker Shahram Mokri, moderated by film critic Godfrey Cheshire
One of the most dazzling and enigmatic films in recent memory, Iranian director Shahram Mokri's mind-bending mystery was inspired by a real-life tragedy, the infamous Cinema Rex fire in 1978 that...
2014_MD_Unit7_140403153AFI -- Festival of New Spanish Cinema (2014) -- ""Unit 7" (w/Alberto Rodríguez) (incl reception)
Festival of New Spanish Cinema 2014: Opening Night:
UNIT 7 [Grupo 7]
In person: filmmaker Alberto Rodríguez on Apr 3.
The drug problem in Seville is spiraling out of control as the city prepares to host the 1992 World Expo. With mounting pressure from the government to clean up the city, an...
2015_MD_Kid_150409101AFI -- Festival of New Spanish Cinema (2015) -- "The Kid" (incl reception)
Festival of New Spanish Cinema
April 9–12
This official traveling festival about the new trends in Spanish cinema is North America’s leading showcase, returning in 2015 with five premieres. Discover and share a love of Spanish cinema!
In its eighth consecutive year, the 2015 Festival of New Spanish...
2016_MD_New_Spanish_16061665AFI -- Festival of New Spanish Cinema (2016) -- Opening Reception
Special Features: Opening Night show on Jun 16 features post-screening reception sponsored by SPAIN arts & culture
Actor Daniel Guzmán (who can be seen playing a cop in MY BIG NIGHT) makes an auspicious directing debut with this high-spirited...
2019_MD_New_Spanish_19061463AFI -- Festival of New Spanish Cinema (2019) -- Opening Reception
REALM, THE (2018)
Special Features: Post-screening reception sponsored by SPAIN arts & culture
Winner of 7 Goya Awards, including Best Director and Best Lead Actor, this fast-paced thriller from Rodrigo Sorogoyen (MAY GOD SAVE US) depicts Spain's current political climate through the...
2022_06_03_Carpoolers207AFI -- Festival of New Spanish Cinema (2022) -- "Carpoolers" (w/Martín Cuervo)
Opening night screening followed by a reception.
Directed by Martín Cuervo, Spain, 2021, 87 minutes. Original title: Con quién viajas.
In Spanish with English subtitles.
Both screenings will be followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Martín Cuervo.
In writer-director Martín Cuervo’s debut... (Partially reviewed)
2008_MD_Raw_Deal_08110142AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2008) -- "Raw Deal" (w/Eddie Muller and Foster Hirsch)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI),
-- Eddie Muller,
-- Foster Hirsch

Introductions and a discussion of two Film Noir films were provided by Eddie Muller (film noir authority, founder and president of the Film Noir Foundation) and Foster Hirsch (author of sixteen books on subjects...
2009_MD_Hirsch_0910248AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2009) -- Foster Hirsch preparing for Film Noir series
Foster Hirsch, author of over a dozen movies on subjects related to theatre and movies, was in town preparing for an upcoming Film Noir festival.
2010_MD_Hirsch_1010232AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2010) -- Foster Hirsch preparing for Film Noir series
Foster Hirsch, author of over a dozen movies on subjects related to theatre and movies, was in town preparing for an upcoming Film Noir festival.
2013_MD_Chase_13102613AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2013) -- "Chase" (w/Alan Rode and Eddie Muller)
*Introduction by Alan K. Rode Oct. 27
One of the strangest films of the 1940s is at long last restored to its original bizarre glory! Drifter Chuck Scott (Robert Cummings) is hired as a chauffeur by shady operator Eddie Roman (Steve Cochran), but soon realizes that his boss is a crazy...
2013_MD_Native_Son_13102672AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2013) -- "Native Son" (w/Eddie Muller and Stanley Crouch)
The uncut version of NATIVE SON
Restored 35mm preservation print courtesy of the Library of Congress.

*Introduction by Eddie Muller Oct. 26
When the French director Pierre Chenal teamed with American novelist Richard Wright to create a film version of Wright's controversial bestseller "Native...
2013_MD_Sniper_13101932AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2013) -- "Sniper" (w/Foster Hirsch)
Introduction by Foster Hirsch.
San Francisco is the backdrop for one of the first movies about a modern serial killer. Decades before such stories became commonplace, husband and wife writers Edna and Edward Anhalt researched dozens of actual cases to create this psychological "exposé" of...
2015_MD_Hirsch_15102538AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2015) -- "Phantom Lady" (w/Foster Hirsch)
Introduction by the Film Noir Foundation's Foster Hirsch
Loyal and lovely Ella Raines is “one hep kitten” as she high-heels her way through the noir demi monde, searching for the one woman who can save her boss from a murder rap. Director Robert Siodmak and DP Woody Bredell wring every...
2015_MD_Hirsch_15102313AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2015) -- "Underword Story" (w/Foster Hirsch)
65th Anniversary; New 35mm Print! Introduction by the Film Noir Foundation's Foster Hirsch on Oct. 23.
Another unjustly neglected noir by director Cy Endfield, in which the always entertaining Dan Duryea plays a cynical reporter who digs dangerously close to a corrupt...
2017_MD_Muller_17102115AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2017) -- "Once a Thief" (w/Eddie Muller)
French superstar Alain Delon's first leading role in an English-language film highlights this ultra-hip 1960s heist yarn, shot entirely on location in San Francisco. The debonair Delon plays an ex-con settled into domestic semi-bliss with wife Ann-Margret, but when dogged cop Van...
2018_MD_Muller_18102067AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2018) -- "The Big Heat" (w/Eddie Muller)
Special Features: Intro by Film Noir Foundation founder Eddie Muller

One of Fritz Lang's best Hollywood films tells the tale of a virtuous cop (Glenn Ford) out for revenge against the gangster who killed his wife. Assisting him in his...
2018_MD_Rode_18101365AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2018) -- "The Blue Dahlia" (w/Alan K. Rode)
Special Features: Intro by Film Noir Foundation charter director and treasurer Alan K. Rode on Oct 12 & 13

The only original screenplay penned by legendary detective story writer Raymond Chandler was crafted under both deadline pressure...
2019_MD_Scarlet_Hour_19102028AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2019) -- "The Scarlet Hour" (w/Eddie Muller)
Scarlet Hour, The in 35mm
Special Features: Introduction by Eddie Muller
Nearing the end of his legendary directing career, Michael Curtiz produced and directed this intricately plotted thriller in which tony seductress Paulie Nevins (Carol Omhart) and her lover (Tom Tryon), overhearing plans for a...
2019_MD_Woman_Run_19102067AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2019) -- "Woman On The Run" (w/Eddie Muller and Imogen Sara Smith)
Woman On The Run (1950) in 35mm
Special Features: Introduction by Eddie Muller, post-screening discussion with Muller and film historian Imogen Sara Smith. FREE screening co-presented with the National Gallery of Art; limit 2 tickets per person.
San Franciscan Frank Johnson (Ross Elliott) disappears...
2021_MD_Muller_21101568AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2021) -- "Force of Evil" (w/Eddie Muller)
Special Features: Introduced by Eddie Muller on Oct. 15
One of the most distinctive works of the original noir era, Abraham Polonsky's directorial debut is an exposé of the New York numbers racket and a riveting tale of a fallen man's search for his soul (John Garfield, in one of his...
2021_MD_Hirsch_21102250AFI -- Film Noir Festival (2021) -- "The Asphalt Jungle" (w/Foster Hirsch)
2006_MD_IDC_06083138AFI -- International Documentary Challenge (IDC)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Sky Sitney (Program Director, SILVERDOCS)
-- Doug Whyte (Producer, IDC)
-- Various participants from the IDC

The International Documentary Challenge (IDC), produced by Doug Whyte, is a timed filmmaking competition where filmmaking teams from around the world have just...
2011_MD_Bala_111007151AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2011) -- "Miss Bala" (w/Gerardo Naranjo)
Closing Night: MISS BALA (Mexico)
In Person: filmmaker Gerardo Naranjo
Gerardo Naranjo's riveting thriller about a Baja California beauty queen caught up in a maddening cycle of drug cartel violence is the AFI alum's most impressive, innovative and unforgettable film yet. Newcomer Stephanie Sigman...
2012_MD_Chanchona_12093039AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2012) -- "Chanchona: The Music of the Soul" (w/Tomas Guevara)
CHANCHONA: THE MUSIC OF THE SOUL [Chanchona: la música en el alma] -- In person: filmmaker Tomas Guevara:
Named for the heavy upright bass (wide and pig-shaped) that anchors its combos, chanchona is a musical tradition handed down through generations in the mountainous villages of eastern El Salvador....
2012_MD_Secret_World_12100736AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2012) -- "Secret World" (w/Gabriel Mariño)
Special Presentation: A SECRET WORLD [Un mundo secreto]
In person: filmmaker Gabriel Mariño at both shows
Gabriel Mariño's uncommonly assured narrative debut follows troubled Mexico City teen Maria, a lone wolf whose oddly placid demeanor —including passively consenting to sex with seemingly anyone...
2012_MD_Girl_12092979AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2012) -- "The Girl" (w/David Riker)
THE GIRL: In person: filmmaker David Riker
Small-town Texan Ashley (Abbie Cornish, LIMITLESS), frustrated with making ends meet on her mega-mart hourly wages and unable to provide for her beloved son, currently being raised in foster care due to her alcohol-related infractions, is desperate
to make a...
2013_MD_Rebollo_131004161AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2013) -- "Dead Man and Being Happy" (w/Javier Rebollo) (incl reception)
THE DEAD MAN AND BEING HAPPY [El muerto y ser feliz]
Q&A with filmmaker Javier Rebollo, plus post-screening reception sponsored by SPAIN arts & culture, Embassy of Spain with support from Pragda
Spanish filmmaker Javier Rebollo's oddball road movie centers on an aging, cancer-stricken hitman, Santos...
2013_MD_Bolivia_13092892AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2013) -- "Once Upon a Time in Bolivia" (w/Patrick Cordova and Nahuel Attar)
ONCE UPON A TIME IN BOLIVIA [Erase una vez en Bolivia]
Q&A with filmmaker Patrick Cordova and producer Nahuel Attar
Half-brothers Rocky and Nene couldn't be more different. Rocky is a no-good schemer with zero respect for Bolivia, while the naïve and gentle-hearted Nene is a true patriot. But when the...
2013_MD_Panico_13100287AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2013) -- "Panico" w/James June Schneider
PÁNICO: THE BAND THAT MET THE SOUND BENEATH [La banda que buscó el sonido debajo]
Q&A with filmmaker James June Schneider
In 2010, the Chilean band Pánico traveled through the desert of northern Chile to record a new album. After two decades of playing rock 'n' roll, these Santiago city slickers have...
2014_MD_10KKM_141008127AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2014) -- "10,000 KM" (w/Clara Roquet) (incl reception)
Closing Night: 10,000 KM
Q&A with screenwriter Clara Roquet, plus post-screening reception sponsored by SPAIN arts & culture, Embassy of Spain
Alex (Natalie Tena, GAME OF THRONES, HARRY POTTER series) must leave Barcelona and her boyfriend, Sergi (David Verdaguer), for a year-long residency in Los...
2014_MD_Book_Of_Life_141005107AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2014) -- "Book of Life" (w/Jorge R. Gutierrez)
Q&A with filmmaker Jorge R. Gutierrez
From producer Guillermo del Toro and director Jorge R. Gutierrez comes an animated comedy inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration. The film follows Manolo (voiced by Diego Luna), a young man who is torn between pleasing his...
2014_MD_Crows_Nest_141004266AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2014) -- "Crow's Nest" (w/Arturo Menendez and Andre Guttfreund) (incl reception)
THE CROW'S NEST [Malacrianza]
World Premiere!
Q&A with filmmaker Arturo Menendez and producer Andre Guttfreund, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of El Salvador
Don Cleo is a recovering alcoholic and makes a humble living selling piñatas in a small Salvadoran town. His resolve is...
2014_MD_Living_Stars_14100464AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2014) -- "Living Stars" post-screening party w/DJ Maracuyeah Collective
Post-screening party featuring DJ set by Maracuyeah Collective, sponsored by Kesta Happening

A non-stop party, the citizens of Buenos Aires were born to dance in this ridiculously infectious documentary experiment. Without dialogue or plot, filmmakers Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat have...
2014_MD_Lock_Charmer_141004110AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2014) -- "Lock Charmer" (w/Beatriz Urraca) presentation and reception w/El Cuarteto del Amor
LOCK CHARMER [El cerrajero]
Introduction by Beatriz Urraca (co-editor of “Directory of World Cinema: Argentina), plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of Argentina on Oct 4
In 2008, a bizarre fog covered Buenos Aires for three weeks. It is during this strange time that 33-year-old...
2014_MD_Paradise_140926144AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2014) -- "Paradise" (w/Mariana Chenillo) (incl reception)
PARADISE [Paraíso]
Q&A with filmmaker Mariana Chenillo, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Institute on Sep 26
Carmen and Alfredo are a happy, overweight couple whose sheltered life in the suburbs is flipped upside-down when they move to bustling Mexico City. Adapting to...
2014_MD_To_Kill_140927105AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2014) -- "To Kill a Man" (w/Daniel Candia)
TO KILL A MAN [Matar a un hombre]
2014 Oscar® Selection, Chile
Q&A with actor Daniel Candia, plus post-screening wine tasting sponsored by the Embassy of Chile on Sep 27
This taut psychological thriller tells the story of Jorge, a man pushed to the brink of reason after a gang of hooligans threatens...
2015_MD_Coffee_Stains_15100653AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2015) -- "Coffee Stains" (w/Leonardo Lacca)
COFFEE STAINS [Permanência]
U.S. Premiere!
Traveling to his first solo exhibit in São Paulo, photographer Ivo (Irandhir Santos, ELITE SQUAD: THE ENEMY WITHIN, NEIGHBORING SOUNDS) decides to eschew his comped hotel room in favor of staying with his old flame Rita (Rita Carelli) and her husband Mauro...
2015_MD_Horizons_151006161AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2015) -- "Horizons" (w/Eileen Hofer) (incl reception)
HORIZONS (2015) [Horizontes]
The Grand Theatre of Havana may be run down, but passion for ballet still runs strong in Swiss filmmaker Eileen Hofer's poetically observed documentary. Legendary Cuban ballerina Alicia Alonso still looms large over the dance scene in Havana, even at age 93. Living in her...
2015_MD_Enemies_15092992AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2015) -- "How to Win Enemies" (w/Gabriel Lichtmann) (incl reception)
HOW TO WIN ENEMIES [Cómo ganar enemigos]
U.S. Premiere!
Presented in cooperation with the Washington Jewish Film Festival
When Lucas, a shy young lawyer, meets the beautiful Bárbara by chance at a café, it seems too good to be true. And it is: he wakes the next day to find she has robbed him blind. A...
2015_MD_Sand_Dollars_15091781AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2015) -- "Sand Dollars" (w/Laura Amelia Guzmán) -- Reception
Q&A with filmmaker Laura Amelia Guzmán; post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of the Dominican Republic
2015 Oscar® Selection, Dominican Republic
In the picturesque seaside town of Las Terrenas, French expat Anne (Geraldine Chaplin) has fallen in love with the much younger...
2015_MD_Dreamland_150924151AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2015) -- "Silence in Dreamland" (w/Tito Molina) (incl reception)
Silence in Dreamland [Silencio en la tierra de los sueños]
2014 Oscar® Selection, Ecuador
A lonely 84-year-old widow goes about her daily routine. Isolated from the outside world, she retreats to a dream world where she lives by the sea. An adorable street dog arrives at her door and momentarily...
2015_MD_Club_151002165AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2015) -- "The Club" (w/Alejandro Goic)
THE CLUB [El Club]
On the Chilean coast, four exiled priests live together in a small house, atoning for their past indiscretions. Under the watchful eye of a lone nun, they fill their days with innocuous pastimes and prayer, strictly forbidden from interacting with the outside world. Their main...
2015_MD_Without_Wings_15100176AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2015) -- "Without Wings" (w/Ben Chace and Aruán Ortiz)
When 70-year-old Luis Vargas learns of the death of Isabela Muñoz, a renowned modern dancer and former lover, he is haunted by the memories of their brief but significant affair. His mind drifts to 1967 and to a portion of a melody to which she danced. Hoping to complete the...
2016_MD_Aquarius_161020163AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2016) -- "Aquarius" (w/Sonia Braga)
Q&A with actress Sonia Braga following the screening on Oct. 20.
The last holdout at a beachfront apartment building, 65-year-old Clara (Sonia Braga, KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN) resists the pressures of an aggressive development company looking to buy her home. Kleber Mendonça Filho's...
2016_MD_Cinema_Novo_16092756AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2016) -- "Cinema Novo" (w/Eryk Rocha)
Special Features: Q&A with filmmaker Eryk Rocha
North American Premiere!
This impressionistic love letter to the Cinema Novo movement of '60s and '70s Brazil, from filmmaker Eryk Rocha (son of Cinema Novo pioneer Glauber Rocha), won the 2016 Cannes Film Festival's Golden Eye documentary...
2016_MD_Desierto_160923126AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2016) -- "Desierto" (w/Jonas Cuaron)
Special Features: Sep 23 show only: Q&A with filmmaker Jonás Cuarón, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Institute
2016 Oscar® Selection, Mexico
Making the arduous trek from Mexico to the United States, a group of undocumented immigrants led by Moises (Gael García...
2017_MD_Place_170925147AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2017) -- "A Place in the Caribbean" (w/Juan Carlos Fanconi, Lali González and Sandra Estrada)
Special Features: Q&A with director Juan Carlos Fanconi, actress Lali González and producer Sandra Estrada
Three love stories unfold on the picturesque island of Roatán in this visually lush tale of romance and adventure. Famous writer Gael (José...
2017_MD_Dream_17092276AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2017) -- "I Dream In Another Language" (w/Ernesto Contreras)
Special Features: Q&A with director Ernesto Contreras, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Institute
Martín (Fernando Álvarez Rebeil, THE DARKNESS, GRINGO) is a linguist on a mission to save Zikril, an indigenous language...
2017_MD_Tropics_170914170AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2017) -- "Such is Life in the Tropics" (w/Daniel Adum Gilbert) and opening reception
Special Features: Opening Night, Sept. 14 screening features Q&A with actor Daniel Adum Gilbert, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of Ecuador
2016 Oscar® Selection, Ecuador
Sebastián Cordero (CRONICAS, EUROPA REPORT)...
2017_MD_Distinguished_17092663AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2017) -- "The Distinguished Citizen" (w/Andrés Duprat) plus reception
Special Features: Q&A with screenwriter Andrés Duprat, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of Argentina
2016 Oscar® Selection, Argentina
In this hilarious comedy of manners from directing duo Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat (THE MAN...
2017_MD_Woodpeckers_171004189AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2017) -- "Woodpeckers" (w/Jean Jean) and presentation by Ike Leggett
Special Features: Q&A with actor Jean Jean, plus post-screening party and DJ, sponsored by Kesta Happening DC
Tall, dark and handsome, Julián (Jean Jean) steps off a bus and becomes fresh meat walking inside the Najayo Prison in the Dominican Republic. He locates his...
2018_MD_Passage_180913100AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2018) -- "Birds of Passage" opening reception
Special Features: Opening Night Sept 13 show features post-screening wine reception and DJ set by DJ Rockactivo, spinning '70s Latin funk & disco
Special Features: 2018 Oscar® Selection, Colombia
Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra, the creative team behind...
2018_MD_Time_Share_180922106AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2018) -- "Time Share" (w/Sebastián Hofmann)
Special Features: Q&A with filmmaker Sebastián Hofmann, plus post-screening reception sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Institute on Sept 22
Pedro and his family are stuck sharing their dream getaway in a tropical resort with Abel and his strange brood due to a...
2019_MD_Unexpected_19091251AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2019) -- "An Unexpected Love" opening reception
Special Features: Post-screening wine reception sponsored by the Embassy of Argentina on Sept 12
U.S. Premiere
The directorial debut of longtime producer Juan Vera (THE LAST SUIT, THE QUEEN OF FEAR) is a delightful rom-com starring two of Latin America's...
2019_MD_Clean_Hands_19092239AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2019) -- "Clean Hands" (w/Michael Dominic)
Special Features: Q&A with filmmaker Michael Dominic on Sept 22
Shot over the course of seven years, CLEAN HANDS documents the human drama, personal struggle, innocence and salvation of one family in Nicaragua surviving against the backdrop of Central America's...
2019_MD_Good_Girls_19092071AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2019) -- "The Good Girls" reception
Special Features: Post-screening reception sponsored by the Mexican Cultural Institute on Sept 20
This meticulously crafted, vibrant social satire from Alejandra Márquez Abella (SEMANA SANTA) examines Mexico's crumbling upper-middle class during the country's 1982...
2021_MD_AFI_LAFilm4AFI -- Latin American Film Festival (2021)
2009_MD_NAFF_090319165AFI -- New African Films Festival (2009) -- Opening Reception
Speakers in sequence:
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI)
-- Kishere Mbuya (Afrikafé founder)
-- Mwiza Munthali (Transafrica’s Public Outreach Director)


AFI Silver is proud to host the fifth annual New African Films Festival, co-presented by AFI, TransAfrica Forum, and...
2012_MD_Colours_120310115AFI -- New African Films Festival (2012) -- "A Million Colours" (w/Peter Bishai)
In Person: director Peter Bishai
This sweeping romantic drama follows the story of Muntu Ndebele, once South Africa's most famous black teen actor, who fell from grace after the early 1970s blockbuster E'LOLLIPOP made him a beloved childhood star. Forced into hiding after...
2012_MD_Elections_120311140AFI -- New African Films Festival (2012) -- "No More Selections! We Want Elections!" (w/Sengbe Kona Khasu)
In Person: director Sengbe Kona Khasu

In 2005, the Liberian people took to the polls to vote for a president. It would be the nation's first democratic elections since the bloody coup of 1980. From former child soldiers to village elders, Liberians gathered at...
2015_MD_Triangle_150312181AFI -- New African Films Festival (2015) -- "Triangle: Going to America" (w/Theodros Teshome) (incl reception)
Q&A with filmmaker Theodros Teshome at both shows; post-screening reception on Opening Night, March 12
Also at the opening night were the stars Solomon Bogale and Muluken Teshome.
Kaleab (Solomon Bogale) and Jemal (Muluken Teshome), like many of their...
2016_MD_NAFF_16031158AFI -- New African Films Festival (2016) -- Opening Reception
LAMB (2015)
Yared Zeleke’s remarkable feature debut tells the story of young Ephraim, a half-Jewish Ethiopian boy who is sent by his father to live among distant relatives after his mother’s death. Ephraim uses his cooking skills to carve out a place among his cousins, but when his uncle decides that...
2017_MD_Woven_170319117AFI -- New African Films Festival (2017) -- "Woven" (w/Salome Mulugeta, Nagwa Ibrahim and Alemtsehay Wedajo)
WOVEN (2016)
Special Features: Q&A with filmmaker/lead actress Salome Mulugeta, filmmaker Nagwa Ibrahim and actress Alemtsehay Wedajo following both screenings
In this confident feature debut, co-director Salome Mulugeta stars as Elenie, a young Ethiopian-American psychologist determined to uncover...
2018_MD_Roots_18030998AFI -- New African Films Festival (2018) -- "Breathe in the Roots" (w/Indrias G. Kassaye and Ty Christen Joseph)
Breathe in the Roots
Special Features: Q&A with director Indrias G. Kassaye and subject Ty Christen Joseph
This is the story of Ty Christen Joseph, a young African-American English teacher from Brooklyn who goes on a spiritual journey to discover more about his African ancestral heritage. The film...
2019_MD_Kojo_190307148AFI -- New African Films Festival (2019) -- "Burial Of Kojo" (w/Samuel "Blitz" Bazawule)
The Burial Of Kojo
Special Features: Q&A with director Samuel "Blitz" Bazawule aka Blitz the Ambassador and post-screening cocktail reception powered by Smirnoff
The feature debut of Brooklyn-based Ghanaian musician Samuel "Blitz" Bazawule (known by his stage name, Blitz the Ambassador), THE BURIAL OF...
2020_MD_AFI_NAFF6AFI -- New African Films Festival (2020) -- Marquee, Jumbotron Ad @ Ellsworth Place
2020_MD_Enchained_20030584AFI -- New African Films Festival (2020) -- "Enchained" (w/Moges Tafesse and Zerihun Mulatu)
Special Features: Opening Night screening on March 5 features Q&A with filmmaker Moges Tafesse and actor Zerihun Mulatu
In this lush historical drama set in 1916 Ethiopia, Gobeze (Zerihun Mulatu) is a timid, peace-loving literature student who has dedicated his life to studying...
2020_MD_Fela_20030837AFI -- New African Films Festival (2020) -- "My Friend Fela" (w/DJ set by Jolly Papa Radio)
Special Features: Show features post-screening DJ set by Jolly Papa Radio in the lobby
Celebrated Nigerian musician Fela Kuti inspired a generation of Africans and African Americans with his own unique style of music, known as Afrobeat. A combination of Afropop, jazz,...
2022_MD_AFI_NAFF2AFI -- New African Films Festival (2022) -- Jumbotron Ad @ Ellsworth Place
2017_MD_4m3w2d_170530136AFI -- New Cinema From Romania -- "4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days" (w/Anamaria Marinca)
4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS, Q&A with actress Anamaria Marinca and post-screening reception
10th Anniversary
Awarded the Palme d'Or at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, Cristian Mungiu's powerful drama about personal choices and political repression during the late Ceaușescu regime put the nascent new...
2017_MD_Dogs_17052670AFI -- New Cinema From Romania -- "Dogs" (w/Gheorghe Visu)
DOGS (2016) and Q&A with actor Gheorghe Visu
Bogdan Mirică won the FIPRESCI Prize in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival for this intense drama that has been described as a Romanian NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. City boy Roman (Dragoș Bucur) inherits a large piece of undeveloped...
2011_MD_NIH_Crazy_11070641AFI -- NIH Series -- "Crazy Heart" (w/Judith Arroyo)
Guest Speaker: Judith Arroyo, Ph.D., Minority Health and Health Disparities Coordinator, Office of the Director, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, National Institutes of Health.
Medical Theme: alcoholism
When reporter Jean Craddock (Maggie Gyllenhaal) interviews Bad...
2011_MD_NIH_Soloist_11071323AFI -- NIH Series -- "Soloist" (w/Daniel R. Weinberger)
Guest Speaker: Daniel R. Weinberger, M.D., Chief, Clinical Brain Disorders Branch, Division of Intramural Research Programs, National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health.
Medical Theme: schizophrenia
This true-life drama tells the poignant tale of Los Angeles...
2013_MD_Anker_13100273AFI -- North Face Speaker Series 2013: Conrad Anker– Alpinist
The North Face Speaker Series 2013: Conrad Anker– Alpinist:
Conrad’s climbing career runs the gamut from Everest to Arctic big walls, but the vertical Sharks Fin on India’s Mount Meru pushed him the hardest. Demanding two grueling expeditions and a teeth-clenching dose of suffering, Meru was Conrad’s...
2014_MD_FourthR_140307112AFI -- Opening reception for "Behind the Fourth Wall" exhibit
Opening reception for new exhibit: Behind the Fourth Wall, Actors and Directors on the Set, Photographs 1926-2001
2009_MD_AFI_Inaug_090120210AFI -- Presidential Inauguration Simulcast
-- Murray Horwitz (AFI Director)

Avoid the cold and the crowds in downtown DC--watch the historic inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, broadcast LIVE on the big AFI Silver screen!

2015_MD_Federman_150823183AFI -- Remembering Alex Federman
"Remembering Alex” A memorial service for family, friends and colleagues at AFI Silver Theatre to share memories, videos, and stories of Alex Federman’s life (1991-2015).
2011_MD_Blackmail_11032749AFI -- Silent Cinema -- "Blackmail" (w/Alloy Orchestra)
BLACKMAIL (Silent Version)
Live Musical Accompaniment by Alloy Orchestra!
Originally made and released in 1929 as a silent film, BLACKMAIL was partly reshot and released that same year as the first British talkie. The enormous success of the sound version and the passing of the silent film era...
2021_MD_Caligari_21102991AFI -- Silent Cinema -- "Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari" (w/Not So Silent Cinema)
Special Features: Silent with live musical accompaniment by Not So Silent Cinema
With its bizarre angles and aura of insanity, THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI is the ultimate German Expressionist movie — a psychological thriller with...
2012_MD_Metropolis_12022429AFI -- Silent Cinema -- "Metropolis" (w/Alloy Orchestra)
With Live Musical Accompaniment by Alloy Orchestra!
85th Anniversary!
"One of the most celebrated movies in cinema history...For the first time, Lang's vision...which has influenced contemporary films like BLADE RUNNER and STAR WARS, seems complete." – The New York Times
2019_MD_Metropolis_19111637AFI -- Silent Cinema -- "Metropolis" (w/Alloy Orchestra)
Special Features: Live musical accompaniment by Alloy Orchestra
Incorporating more than 25 minutes of newly recovered, long-lost footage, the 2010 restoration of METROPOLIS is the definitive edition of Fritz Lang's science-fiction masterpiece. Like puzzle pieces, these scenes and subplots...
2009_MD_Nosferatu_09103046AFI -- Silent Cinema -- "Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror" (w/Silent Orchestra and James White)
Speakers in sequence:
-- James White
-- Lori Donnelly (AFI)
-- Carlos Garza and Rich O'Meara

Casting a long and terrifying shadow over the genre, German silent-film master F.W. Murnau's uncredited appropriation of Bram Stoker's Dracula set...
2010_MD_Nosferatu_10102937AFI -- Silent Cinema -- "Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror" (w/Silent Orchestra and James White)
Speakers in sequence:
-- ??? (AFI)
-- James White
-- Silent Orchestra

NOSFERATU, A SYMPHONY OF HORROR [Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens]:
With live musical accompaniment by Silent Orchestra; emceed by WTOP's James White!
A Halloween classic not to be missed! F.W. Murnau's 1922...
2015_MD_Nosferatu_15103028AFI -- Silent Cinema -- "Nosferatu, a Symphony of Horror" (w/Silent Orchestra)
Silent with live musical accompaniment by Silent Orchestra!
Casting a long and terrifying shadow over the genre, German silent film master F. W. Murnau's unauthorized appropriation of Bram Stoker's "Dracula" set the standard for all vampire flicks to come. Max...
2011_MD_Phantom_11102827AFI -- Silent Cinema -- "Phantom of the Opera" (w/Alloy Orchestra)
Silent film with live musical accompaniment by Alloy Orchestra
Restored 35mm Print!
A vengeful, hideously deformed composer (Lon Chaney) prowls the depths of the Paris Opera House, appearing only when his love for the beautiful young singer Christine (Mary Philbin) can be...
2010_MD_Salome_10102943AFI -- Silent Cinema -- "Salome" (w/Silent Orchestra)
Speakers in sequence:
-- ??? (AFI)
-- Silent Orchestra

SALOME: One night only!
With live musical accompaniment Silent Orchestra!
Directed by Charles Bryant and starring Alla Nazimova, this 1923 silent classic is adapted from the controversial play by Oscar Wilde.
2019_MD_Thibaudeau_1911237AFI -- Silent Cinema -- "Song of the Scarlet Flower" (w/Gabriel Thibaudeau and Peggy Parsons)
Special Features: Live musical accompaniment by Gabriel Thibaudeau on Nov. 23; recorded orchestral score Nov. 25–27
100th Anniversary
The first and most famous of several screen adaptations of the 1900 novel by...
2013_MD_Sparrows_13042047AFI -- Silent Cinema -- "Sparrows" (w/Andrew Simpson and Christel Schmidt)
Live musical accompaniment by Andrew Simpson
In person: Christel Schmidt, editor, “Mary Pickford: Queen of the Movies”

“[Mary] Pickford is ineffably moving as Molly, the oldest girl (and self-appointed protector) of a group of orphans being held as slaves in a ‘child farm’ deep in a...
2015_MD_Wings_151114103AFI -- Silent Cinema -- "Wings" (w/William Wellman, Jr. and Andrew Simpson)
WINGS (1927)
Silent with live musical accompaniment by Andrew Simpson; introduction by William Wellman, Jr.
Winner of the very first Best Picture Oscar®, WINGS' pioneering aerial photography and stuntwork set the template for all flyboy films to come, up to and very much including STAR WARS. Rival...
2018_MD_Frankenstein_18102662AFI -- Silent Cinema (Sort of) -- "Frankenstein" (1931) (w/U.S. Navy Band)
Special Features: Live musical accompaniment by the U.S. Navy Band
FREE SCREENINGS! Tickets are limited to 4 per reservation and are not a guarantee of admission. You must be seated at least 15 min prior to showtime. Seating is limited so please arrive early. Empty seats will be...
2009_MD_Zombie_091024135AFI -- Silver Spring Zombie Walk (2009) descends on "Shaun of the Dead"
Speakers in sequence:
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI)
-- Eric Robbins (with the shovel, blogger for
-- Karl Ericson (with the bat, blogger for

WARNING: Zombies from the Silver Spring Zombie Walk have threatened to...
2010_MD_Zombie_101023156AFI -- Silver Spring Zombie Walk (2010) descends on "Dawn of the Dead"
Speakers in sequence:
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI)
-- Eric Robbins (in civilian dress, blogger for
-- Karl Ericson (in uniform, blogger for

Silver Spring Zombie Walk
The Silver Spring Zombie Walk will take place Saturday night,...
2011_MD_Zombie_111022193AFI -- Silver Spring Zombie Walk (2011) descends on "Dead Snow"
Speakers in sequence:
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI)
-- Eric Robbins (in two-toned head, blogger for
-- Karl Ericson (in Mario Brothers outfit, blogger for -- didn't speak

DEAD SNOW [Død snø]
WARNING: Zombies have threatened to attend...
2013_MD_Zombie_131026172AFI -- Silver Spring Zombie Walk (2013) descends on "Return of the Living Dead"
2015_MD_Zombie_151024184AFI -- Silver Spring Zombie Walk (2015) descends on "Day of the Dead"
2017_MD_Zombie_17102897AFI -- Silver Spring Zombie Walk (2017) descends on "Night of the Living Dead"
2018_MD_Zombie_1810273AFI -- Silver Spring Zombie Walk (2018) marque
2019_MD_Zombie_19102646AFI -- Silver Spring Zombie Walk (2019)
2012_MD_Summit_12101495AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2012) -- Spooky Movie Local Filmmakers Summit
Spooky Movie Local Filmmakers Summit:
Moderated by Eduardo Sanchez
The Mid-Atlantic region – home of cult legends John Waters, George Romero, Don Dohler, Jeff Krulik and more – has long been fertile ground for creative independent filmmaking. In the first-ever Spooky Movie Local Filmmaker Summit, area...
2012_MD_Sweet_12101457AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2012) -- "A Sweet and Vicious Beauty" (World Premier) (w/Eric Thornett)
A Sweet and Vicious Beauty (d. Eric Thornett) –
In the town of Harbor Bridge, it is said that when someone dies, his last breath stays in his throat. When the head is severed, the last breath can be taken, and the recipient becomes stronger. Narcissa Sentinel (Bette Cassatt) has been robbing graves to...
2012_MD_Chained_12101273AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2012) -- "Chained" (w/Jennifer Lynch)
Chained -- U.S. Premiere -- Q&A with director Jennifer Lynch
"The MPAA may believe that CHAINED is too real to be seen, but that is EXACTLY why you should see it.” – Sound on Sight
"A movie that will stick with YOU, no matter how many showers you take to ERASE the memory of it." - Dread...
2012_MD_Excision_121010113AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2012) -- "Excision" (w/Richard Bates, Jr.)
EXCISION (d. Richard Bates, Jr.) – "This funny, shocking and soulful power slam of a teen-outsider film stars AnnaLynne McCord, Ariel Winter, Traci Lords, John Waters and Malcolm McDowell and blew no shortage of minds when it launched at Sundance earlier this year." - Film Threat Alienated teen Pauline...
2012_MD_Nervo_12101721AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2012) -- "Nervo Craniano Zero" (w/Paulo Biscaia Filho) and "Unfortunate" (w/Clay Smith)
"Nervo Craniano Zero" (d. Paulo Biscaia Filho) –
After writing a bestseller, author Bruna Bloch (Guenia Lemos) fears failure with her second book. She enlists the services of Dr. Bartholomeu Bava (Leandro Daniel Colombo), inventor of a chip that, once installed in a brain nerve, causes nonstop...
2012_MD_Ninjas_121014235AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2012) -- "Ninjas vs Monsters" (World Premier) (w/Justin Timpane and cast)
Ninjas vs Monsters (d. Justin Timpane) –
They are back! Bursting with martial arts, carnage, laughs, smarts, and heart: NINJAS VS. MONSTERS is the perfect action/horror/comedy! Produced entirely in the Washington, D.C. metro area, NINJAS VS MONSTERS offers a fresh take on classic movie monsters with a...
2012_MD_Play_Dead_121011124AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2012) -- "Play Dead" (w/Teller and Shade Rupe)
PLAY DEAD (d. Teller and Shade Rupe) – “There are moments earlier in the show that make you wonder if something is going to reach out from the void in your theater and scare the bejeezus out of you! Three and a half stars!” - Film Threat In this film of their off-Broadway show PLAY DEAD, famed silent...
2012_MD_Zero_Killed_12101243AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2012) -- "Zero Killed" (w/Michal Kosakowski)
Zero Killed (d. Michal Kosakowski):
“The term ‘hardcore’ regains its original interpretation!”- Splattering Image
Between 1996 and 2007, Polish filmmaker Kosakowski asked more than 160 people to act out their murder fantasies on camera. He then turned the results into a video installation called...
2013_MD_Backwater_13101351AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2013) -- "Backwater" (w/Christopher Schrack)
Cass and Mark are a couple on a camping trip to the distant countryside. When their seemingly secluded getaway is interrupted by an ominous scream, they start to think someone might be stalking them, and encounter two strangers who are also in the woods near them. Despite everything appearing...
2013_MD_Sarcofiguy_13101370AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2013) -- "Bald Headed Blues: A Doctormentary on Sarcofiguy" (w/John Dimes and CW Prather)
“John Dimes brings the same giddiness and joy to horror movies that I remembered him bringing to comedy when we did open mikes together.” – Patton Oswalt
Bald Headed Blues: A Doctormentary on Sarcofi guy tells the hysterical true-life story of...
2013_MD_Mortal_Remains_13101344AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2013) -- "Mortal Remains" (w/Christopher Stavrakis)
Mortal Remains is a docu-thriller that sets out to unveil the details surrounding the life, short-lived career, and mysterious death of horror fi lmmaker Karl Atticus; referred to by some as the godfather of the slasher fi lm movement. The film is comprised of interviews with various...
2013_MD_Pinup_13101184AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2013) -- "Pinup Dolls on Ice" (w/Geoff Klein and Melissa Mira)
Post-screening Q&A with filmmakers Geoff Klein and Melissa Mira
The Pinup Dolls are a hot retro act who put the tease back in striptease. But when an old friend (Suzi Lorraine) hires them to put on a show at a secluded campground, the girls find themselves being stalked by a...
2013_MD_Blacula_131019182AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2013) -- "Scream Blacula Scream" (w/Count Gore De Vol)
Closing Night!
40th Anniversary!
1970s exploitation returns to the AFI Silver Theatre! Following February’s sold-out sensation House of Frankenstein and July’s packed house for Phantasm, local legend Count Gore De Vol (Dick Dyszel) returns to present...
2013_MD_Goldthwait_131010131AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2013) -- "Willow Creek" (w/Bobcat Goldthwait)
Opening Night!
“A downright scary ride that’s also a ton of fun… careens from the funny to the painful and then back to funny before pouring on the scares and weirdness” – Film Threat
Jim and his girlfriend are searching for Bigfoot. Rolling into Willow Creek, they find a wonderland of...
2014_MD_Cthulhu_14101059AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2014) -- "Call Girl of Cthulhu" (w/Jimmy George)
Post-screening Q&A with filmmakers Chris LaMartina and Jimmy George
Note: Chirs LaMartina was no in attendance.
Inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft, CALL GIRL OF CTHULHU is about a virginal artist who falls in love with an escort, only to realize she’s the chosen bride of the...
2014_MD_Exists_141010158AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2014) -- "Exists" (w/Eduardo Sanchez, Jamie Nash)
Post-screening Q&A with director Eduardo Sanchez and writer Jamie Nash, moderated by Jeff Krulik
When brothers Brian and Matt Tover secretly sneak out to their uncle's long abandoned cabin in east Texas for a party weekend with their friends, they find themselves hunted by the legendary...
2014_MD_Hills_14101898AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2014) -- "Hills Have Eyes" (w/Count Gore De Vol)
1970s horror returns to the AFI Silver Theatre! Following February's sold-out sensation THE BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN and July's packed house for THEM!, local legend Count Gore De Vol (Dick Dyszel) returns to present another terrifying film in the spirit of...
2015_MD_Killer_Rack_15101498AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2015) -- "Killer Rack" (w/Gregory Lamberson and Paul McGinnis)
Blaming her physique for her unhappiness, Betty Downer (Jessica Zwolak) seeks breast enhancement surgery from Dr. Cate Thulu (Debbie Rochon, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE FABULOUS STAINS). The operation is a success, but the patient discovers her new assets are man-eating monsters hell bent on...
2015_MD_Luciferous_15101369AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2015) -- "Luciferous" (w/Alexander Gorelick and Mahsa Ghorbankarimi)
Q&A with filmmakers Mahsa Ghorbankarimi and Alexander Gorelick
For a while, everything's fine for Mahsa and Alexander, young working parents living with their 7-year-old daughter, Mina, in a high-rise apartment. Snippets of their lives whiz by. But their normal-looking veneer peels away,...
2015_MD_Rocky_Horror_151017317AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2015) -- "Rocky Horror Picture Show" (w/Peaches Christ and DC All Star Shadowcast)
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Intro by Peaches Christ and performance by DC All Star Shadowcast
Peaches Christ presents the 40th Anniversary of THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW
Underground drag performer, emcee, filmmaker and actor Peaches Christ (who was last seen at the AFI Silver with her wonderful...
2017_MD_Surprise_171008124AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2017) -- Surprise Screening of "Butterfly Kisses" (w/Erik Kristopher Myers, Kenny Johnson, Cory Okouchi, and Stacie Jones Gentzler)
"Surprise Screening"
For the first time in 12 years, the Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival is hosting a surprise "Secret Screening." Is it a sneak preview of a new Hollywood blockbuster? Is it a rare classic? Is it a never-before-seen premiere? Is it international? Is it local? Is it a...
2017_MD_Halloween_171006182AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2017) -- "Halloween Video Mixtape: A Wraith Films Anthology"
Halloween Video Mixtape: A Wraith Films Anthology
From the filmmakers behind THE LEGEND OF COOL "DISCO" DAN and EVERY OTHER DAY IS HALLOWEEN come five tales of suburban terror, just in time for Halloween. Possessions, ancient evils, premature burials, unearthly disturbances and really annoying children...
2017_MD_House_17100623AFI -- Spooky Movie Intl Horror Film Festival (2017) -- "House" (w/Dr. Sarcofiguy)
House (1977)
Special Features: Presented by horror host Dr. Sarcofiguy.
40th Anniversary
How to describe Nobuhiko Ôbayashi's 1977 movie? A psychedelic ghost tale? A stream-of-consciousness bedtime story? SCOOBY-DOO as directed by Dario Argento? Any of the above will do for this hallucinatory...
2007_MD_Campbell_07031810AFI -- Sundays at the Silver (w/Arch Campbell)
-- Murray Horwitz (AFI Director)
-- Arch Campbell

Sundays at the Silver with Arch Campbell: The American Film Institute (AFI) and WJLA-TV, ABC 7 reporter Arch Campbell announce "SUNDAYS AT THE SILVER WITH ARCH CAMPBELL," a new weekly program commencing March 18 at 7:00 p.m. Films will...
2011_MD_Room_Fandom_11061061AFI -- Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero -- Fandom
Pictures on this page are of people waiting to get into one of "The Room" events, Tommy and Greg autographing, and fan photos with Tommy and Greg.
2011_MD_Room_Play_110610169AFI -- Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero ("The Room Play/Reading")
"The Room Play/Reading"
A live theater experience — 2 performances only!
Join THE ROOM creator and star Tommy Wiseau and actor Greg Sestero for a live performance of THE ROOM!
Featuring never-before seen scenes and characters, The Room Play/Reading is a unique theatrical experience that delivers...
2011_MD_Room_11061044AFI -- Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero ("The Room") -- Film screening event
In Person: writer/director/star Tommy Wiseau and actor Greg Sestero!
An encore presentation of last June's electrifying event: cult sensation THE ROOM with filmmaker and star Tommy Wiseau in attendance! THE ROOM has been described as an electrifying black comedy about love, passion, betrayal...
2015_MD_Tomlinson_15102333AFI -- "17th Annual Animation Show of Shows" (w/Lynn Tomlinson)
Q&A with filmmaker Lynn Tomlinson
Presenting eleven new international award-winning animated short films in a variety of animation techniques, including traditional hand-drawn 2-D, computer graphics 3-D, stop-motion and painted clay. Includes four mini-portrait...
2015_MD_Diamond_15102567AFI -- "17th Annual Animation Show of Shows" (w/Ron Diamond)
Q&A with producer Ron Diamond. Konstantin Bronzit ("We Can't Live Without the Cosmos") was Skyped in as well.
Presenting eleven new international award-winning animated short films in a variety of animation techniques, including traditional hand-drawn 2-D,...
2015_MD_2001_Odyssey_151107120AFI -- "2001: A Space Odyssey" (w/Keir Dullea and Foster Hirsch)
Q&A with actor Keir Dullea
#22 on AFI's 100 Years…100 Movies
Beginning with the dawn of civilization and chronicling the rise from ape to man, the film evolves to the story of astronauts Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood, who find themselves at the mercy of supercomputer HAL 9000....
2018_MD_2001_Odyssey_180705119AFI -- "2001: A Space Odyssey" (w/Keir Dullea)
2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY in 70mm
Special Features: Q&A with actor Keir Dullea following the screening on July 5
50th anniversary; 70mm engagement. One week only, July 5-12.
"For the first time since the original release, this 70mm print was struck from new printing elements made from the original camera...
2010_MD_Mormon_Prop_10061843AFI -- "8: The Mormon Proposition" (w/Steven Greenstreet and David Melson)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Ben Field-Pickering, AFI
-- Steven Greenstreet and ???

In Person: director Steven Greenstreet
Official Selection, 2010 Sundance Film Festival
This exploration of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints's involvement in the passage of...
2019_MD_Palcy_19112384AFI -- "A Dry White Season" (w/Euzhan Palcy)
Special Features: Q&A with writer/director Euzhan Palcy, in discussion moderated by Chardelle Moore.
Co-presented with the 26th Annual Caribbean American Heritage Awards
With this bracing drama, made at the climax of the anti-apartheid movement, director Euzhan Palcy issued a...
2016_MD_Holm_16092561AFI -- "A Man Called Ove" (w/Hannes Holm)
A Man Called Ove w/Hannes Holm
Sweden's 2017 Best Foreign Language Film Oscar® Submission
Q&A with director Hannes Holm will follow the film.
2018_MD_Sestero_180201110AFI -- "A Night Inside THE ROOM with the DISASTER ARTIST" (w/Greg Sestero)
In person: Greg Sestero
This multimedia event includes a reading from actor/author Sestero's best-selling memoir; an exclusive documentary short; a live reading of scenes from Tommy Wiseau's early drafts of THE ROOM; a Q&A and book event; a sneak peek...
2009_MD_Serious_09100164AFI -- "A Serious Man" (w/Michael Stuhlbarg)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Tiffany Graham-Golden (AFI)
-- Dan Raviv interviewing Michael Stuhlbarg

A SERIOUS MAN Advance Screening:
A new film written and directed by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen with actor Michael Stuhlbarg in person!
It is 1967, and Larry Gopnik (Tony Award-nominee Michael...
2017_MD_Alien_17070888AFI -- "Alien" (w/Count Gore de Vol)
ALIEN presented by local TV legend Count Gore De Vol!
Local TV legend Count Gore De Vol (Dick Dyszel) returns to present another terrifying film in the spirit of the original broadcasts on CREATURE FEATURE, with lots of ghoulish good fun in store. Ridley Scott's ingenious "haunted spaceship" monster...
2010_MD_Evil_100827175AFI -- "All About Evil" (w/Joshua Grannell (Peaches Christ) and Mink Stole)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Peaches Christ
-- Mink Stole
-- ???

In Person: Director Joshua Grannell, Peaches Christ and Mink Stole!
The directorial debut of Midnight Movie impresario (and Annapolis, MD, native) Joshua Grannell (better known as "Peaches Christ"), this film is a...
2009_MD_Casino_09103069AFI -- "American Casino" (w/Leslie and Andrew Cockburn)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Leslie and Andrew Cockburn
-- Panel with Leslie and Andrew Cockburn, Mark Pittman, and Michael Greenberger

When you are in Wall Street's casino, you play by their rules.
Official Selection, 2009 Tribeca Film Festival
Official Selection, IDFA
2013_MD_Milkshake_13113059AFI -- "American Milkshake" (w/David Andalman)
In person: filmmakers David Andalman and Mariko Munro (Note: Mariko did not attend)
1995. Takoma Park, Maryland. Teenager Jolie (Tyler Ross) is a magnet student who wishes he had more street cred. He wants an edge, like the gangsta crowd from Maple Avenue, or...
2010_MD_America_10042465AFI -- "America, America" (w/Stathis Giallelis and Foster Hirsch)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI)
-- Foster Hirsch
-- Foster interviewing Stathis Giallelis

In Person: Actor Stathis Giallelis on April 24!

"My name is Elia Kazan. I am a Greek by blood, a Turk by birth and an American because my uncle made a journey." Elia...
2012_MD_Karenina_12110280AFI -- "Anna Karenina" (w/Joe Wright) including British Council reception
Seating is limited. RSVP today to reserve your seat!
AFI/Silver & Focus Features invite you and a guest to a special advance screening of ANNA KARENINA with director Joe Wright in person!

ANNA KARENINA is acclaimed director Joe Wright’s bold, theatrical new vision of the epic story of love,...
2022_MD_Darkness_220430106AFI -- "Army of Darkness" (w/live shadowcast by Bloody Mayhem Theater Company)
Sam Raimi Retro: 30th Anniversary of ARMY OF DARKNESS
Featuring a live shadowcast by Bloody Mayhem Theater Company
Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell bring the guts and the laughs as hero Ash Williams (Campbell) goes back in time to the Middle Ages. There, Ash must defeat skeleton warriors known as the...
2013_MD_Gallop_13110269AFI -- "At Full Gallop" (w/Krzysztof Zanussi)
In person: writer/director Krzysztof Zanussi
In 1950s Communist Poland, Hubert and his mother endure harassment by the state because Hubert's father has defected to the UK. Eventually, Hubert's mother sends him to Warsaw in order to continue his studies in peace. There he lives...
2016_MD_Back2Future_16082627AFI -- "Back To The Future" (Silver Screens on Veterans Plaza)
Silver Screens on Veterans Plaza:
AFI Silver is excited to announce the launch of a FREE outdoor film series in downtown Silver Spring! Silver Screens is presented by AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center and Montgomery County Councilmember Tom Hucker, with support from the Montgomery County...
2011_MD_Bag_It_11041737AFI -- "Bag It" (w/Heather White and Bag Monster)
Special appearance by the Bag Monster!
Introduction by Heather White, Environmental Working Group
This highly entertaining and eye-opening documentary follows everyman Jeb Berrier as he navigates today's plastic-reliant world. Jeb is not a radical environmentalist, but an average American who...
2006_MD_Bamako_06120779AFI -- "Bamako" (Wash DC Premiere) (w/Danny Glover)
Speakers in sequence:
-- African drummer Baba Ngwa
-- Murray Horwitz (AFI Director),
-- Omekongo Dibinga (spoken-word artist)
-- ???
-- Murray Horwitz (again)
-- ???
-- ???
-- Panel: ???, Danny Glover, Emira Woods (Director, Foreign Policy in Focus, Institute for Policy Studies), and...
2014_MD_Sisters_140411151AFI -- "Band of Sisters" (w/Mary Fishman, Sister Marge Clark, and Sister Mary Pat Garvin)
In person: filmmaker Mary Fishman; Sister Marge Clark, BVM, NETWORK; and Sister Mary Pat Garvin, RSM, Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Leadership Team
In the wake of the Vatican II reforms of the 1960s, which modernized Catholic practice and called on the religious to...
2012_MD_Weitz_12022168AFI -- "Being Flynn" (w/Paul Weitz)
AFI/Silver invite you and a guest to a special advance screening of BEING FLYNN with director Paul Weitz in person!
BEING FLYNN is the new dramatic feature from Academy Award-nominated writer/director Paul Weitz (ABOUT A BOY), adapted from Nick Flynn's 2004 memoir, “Another Bulls—t Night in Suck...
2019_MD_Tilghman_19020721AFI -- "Bill Tilghman and the Outlaws" event
Spotlights near the theater attracted my attention. I wasn't invited to the screening so I just got some odd shots.
2017_MD_Birthright_17092267AFI -- "Birthright: A War Story" (w/Civia Tamarkin, Luchina Fisher and Ruth Shaber)
Special Features: Post-screening Q&A with director/executive producer Civia Tamarkin, co-executive producer Luchina Fisher and producer Ruth Shaber.
BIRTHRIGHT: A WAR STORY examines how women are being jailed, physically violated and even put at risk of dying as a...
2018_MD_Bisbee_18102791AFI -- "Bisbee '17" (w/Robert Greene & Katherine Benton-Cohen)
Special Features: One week only! Oct. 26–Nov. 1. Oct. 27, 7:00 show features Q&A with filmmaker Robert Greene & Katherine Benton-Cohen, Georgetown professor & historical advisor to the film
Award-winning filmmaker Robert Greene's (ACTRESS, KATE PLAYS CHRISTINE) BISBEE '17 is set in Bisbee,...
2013_MD_Blue_Caprice_13090995AFI -- "Blue Caprice" (w/Alexandre Moors and Isaiah Washington)
with post-screening discussion by director Alexandre Moors and actor Isaiah Washington in person!
Inspired by true events, BLUE CAPRICE investigates the notorious and horrific Beltway sniper attacks from the point of view of the two perpetrators, whose...
2010_MD_Bombshell_10120338AFI -- "Bombshell" (w/Michael Sragow)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI)
-- Michael Sragow (author)

BOMBSHELL: In Person: Michael Sragow will introduce the 7:00 show on December 3 and the 2:45 show on December 4; copies of his book will be available for purchase (and autographs!) in the lobby following these two shows!...
2011_MD_Kashner_11090237AFI -- "Boom!" (w/Sam Kashner)
BOOM!: *In Person: Sam Kashner, author of "Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century" (Fri, Sep 2, 9:30 show)
John Waters cites this as one of his favorite bad movies, and who can question "The Pope of Trash" on matters of bad taste? Wealthy writer Elizabeth...
2019_MD_Creem_190420110AFI -- "Boy Howdy! The Story Of Creem Magazine" (w/Scott Crawford)
Boy Howdy! The Story Of Creem Magazine
Special Features: Introduction by Dave Nuttycombe; Q&A with filmmaker Scott Crawford, moderated by Neal Augenstein, WTOP
Washington, DC-area premiere!
Capturing the messy upheaval of the '70s just as rock was re-inventing itself, this documentary explores Creem...
2009_MD_Boogaloo_09071153AFI -- "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo" After-film Event
-- Tal Levitas (AFI)

Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo: 25th Anniversary!
You know the title--now see the movie! This time, Kelly is torn between Paris, Princeton and the streets, while Ozone and Turbo have their own problems: their community center has been threatened with demolition, their...
2015_MD_Plympton_15072937AFI -- "Cheatin'" (w/Bill Plympton)
Widely considered the "King of Indie Animation", Bill Plympton is the only person to hand draw an entire animated feature film. Twice nominated for Oscars® for his animated short films, his work as also won the prestigious Cannes Palme d’Or.
After producing many shorts that appeared on MTV and Spike...
2014_MD_Lost_Souls_14111038AFI -- "City of Lost Souls" Premiere (incl reception)
TRAVESTEE FILMS hosts the Film Premiere of CITY OF LOST SOULS at AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center. Join the filmmakers, the cast, and the DMV independent film community to experience, for the first time ever, this moving multi-layered crime drama movie. Baltimore is the backdrop for this...
2015_MD_Clueless_15071689AFI -- "Clueless" (w/Jen Chaney)
Amy Heckerling's '90s high school comedy classic turns 20! Join us for a screening of Clueless followed by a Q & A and book signing with Washington Post film and culture critic Jen Chaney, who's just authored "As If!: The Oral History of Clueless as Told by Amy Heckerling, the Cast and the Crew."
2009_MD_Collapse_09121150AFI -- "Collapse" (w/Michael C. Ruppert)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Adrian Spencer (AFI)
-- Michael C. Ruppert

COLLAPSE: In Person: Michael C. Ruppert, the subject of the film.
"Not just sobering; it's a full-on assault." - The New York Times
"There are many layers to the man and the movie, and it's hard not to leave the theater...
2013_MD_Maxwell_13070575AFI -- "Copperhead" (w/Ron Maxwell)
In person: director Ron Maxwell
The director of GETTYSBURG and GODS AND GENERALS completes his unique trilogy of Civil War films with the altogether different COPPERHEAD. Illuminating a lesser-known aspect of the war between the states, and one that played out far from any front,...
2022_08_06_Creepshow103AFI -- "Creepshow" (w/Count Gore De Vol)
Count Gore de Vol presents CREEPSHOW (1982)
Join us for some creepy good fun when local TV legend Count Gore de Vol (Dick Dyszel) returns to present another horror favorite in the spirit of the original CREATURE FEATURE broadcasts, including vintage clips from the Count's vault and some interactive fun... (Partially reviewed)
2016_MD_Archibaldo_16111435AFI -- "Criminal Life of Archibaldo de la Cruz" (w/film critic Carlos Gutiérrez)
Special Features: FREE screening! Introduction by film scholar Carlos Gutiérrez
This perverse, horror-tinged comedy from director Luis Buñuel's Mexican period is a bizarro tale of music boxes, murder and mannequins. Convinced from a...
2012_MD_Damsels_120329102AFI -- "Damsels in Distress" (w/Whit Stillman and Greta Gerwig)
Sneak Preview!
In Person: director Whit Stillman and actress Greta Gerwig

DAMSELS IN DISTRESS follows three beautiful girls who set out to revolutionize life at a grungy east coast college: the dynamic leader Violet (Greta Gerwig), principled Rose (Megalyn Echikunwoke) and sexy...
2015_MD_Day_Longer_15020776AFI -- "Day is Longer Than The Night" (w/Lana Gogoberidze)
[Dges game utenebia]
Q&A with filmmaker Lana Gogoberidze
Post-screening wine tasting sponsored by the Embassy of Georgia
Known for its beautiful location shooting, portrayals of traditions and appealing performances, this film follows the life of Eva from the turn...
2015_MD_Decline_15101686AFI -- "Decline of Western Civilization" (w/Penelope Spheeris)
Decline of Western Civilization
Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years
Several years after her trail-blazing documentary on the LA punk scene, Spheeris turned her attention to LA’s booming hard rock/heavy metal scene in all its decadent debauchery, a combination of burnt-out...
2015_MD_Difret_151104120AFI -- "Difret" (w/Tizita Hagere and Marisa Stam)
Q&A with actress Tizita Hagere and Marisa Stam, Executive Director of Selamta Family Project
From executive producer Angelina Jolie Pitt comes the award-winning drama DIFRET, based on the inspirational true story of a young Ethiopian girl and a tenacious lawyer embroiled in a life-or-death...
2015_MD_Difret_15103064AFI -- "Difret" (w/Zeresenay Mehari and Mehret Mandefro)
Q&A with filmmakers Zeresenay Mehari and Mehret Mandefro
From executive producer Angelina Jolie Pitt comes the award-winning drama DIFRET, based on the inspirational true story of a young Ethiopian girl and a tenacious lawyer embroiled in a life-or-death clash between cultural traditions and...
2013_MD_Disconnect_13032545AFI -- "Disconnect" (w/Henry-Alex Rubin)
AFI and LD International invite you and a guest to a special advance screening of DISCONNECT with Oscar®-nominated director Henry-Alex Rubin in person!

A hard-working lawyer, attached to his cell phone, can't find the time to communicate with his family. A couple is drawn into a dangerous situation...
2015_MD_Forgotten4_150429146AFI -- "Don't Think I've Forgotten" (w/John Pirozzi and Cambodian rock and rollers) -- Concert
Q&A with filmmaker John Pirozzi
Post-screening concert by original '60s/'70s Cambodian rock and rollers
During the '60s and early '70s, as the war in Vietnam threatened its borders, a new music scene emerged in Cambodia that took Western rock...
2015_MD_Forgotten_150429209AFI -- "Don't Think I've Forgotten" (w/John Pirozzi and Cambodian rock and rollers) -- Everything Except the Concert
Q&A with filmmaker John Pirozzi
Post-screening concert by original '60s/'70s Cambodian rock and rollers
During the '60s and early '70s, as the war in Vietnam threatened its borders, a new music scene emerged in Cambodia that took Western rock...
2013_MD_Menzel_130915126AFI -- "Don Juans" (w/Jirí Menzel)
In person: writer/director Jirí Menzel
The latest film from Czech New Wave great Jirí Menzel (CLOSELY WATCHED TRAINS, I SERVED THE KING OF ENGLAND) is a comedy about the intersection of life and art. When a small-town opera company mounts a production of Mozart's...
2017_MD_Murray_17101291AFI -- "Don Murray: Unsung Hero" (w/Don Murray and Don Malcolm)
Special Features: Q&A with Don Murray and filmmaker Don Malcolm
Currently featured on TWIN PEAKS as Bushnell Mullins, actor Don Murray has a career spanning back to the early 1950s which includes an Oscar®-nominated role opposite Marilyn Monroe (BUS STOP). Throughout his...
2018_MD_Ellington_18050150AFI -- "Duke Ellington on Film" (w/Harvey G. Cohen)
Duke Ellington on Film: A screening and lecture by Harvey G. Cohen
Jazz great and Washington, DC, native Duke Ellington (1899–1974) made pioneering use of early sound film not only to perform but to promote his status as one of America's great bandleaders. Ellington made his screen debut with the...
2010_MD_Star_Wars_10070322AFI -- "Empire Strikes Back" screening
30th Anniversary!
Richer story, more complex themes and decidedly darker than STAR WARS, this sequel is a master class in populist filmmaking done right. Three years after the destruction of the Death Star, the Rebel Alliance is dealt a stunning blow by the evil Empire, and...
2009_MD_Halloween_090627217AFI -- "Every Other Day is Halloween" (w/Count Gore De Vol and C.W. Prather)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI)
-- C.W. Prather
-- Count Gore De Vol
-- Jeff Krulik

MARS and Midsummer Night's Scream II Present:"Every Other Day is Halloween" -- World Premiere!
In person: Director C.W. Prather and Count Gore De Vol.
Post-screening Q&A moderated by Jeff...
2011_MD_Every_Song_111104140AFI -- "Every Song is About Me" (w/Jonás Trueba and Daniel Gascón)
Speakers in sequence:
- Josh Gardner, AFI
- Marta Sanchez, PRAGDA director
- Jonás Trueba, director
- Daniel Gascón, writer
- Panel discussion w/Josh Gardner, Jonás Trueba, and Daniel Gascón

EVERY SONG IS ABOUT ME [Todas las Canciones Hablan de Mi]
Scheduled to appear: writer/director...
2019_MD_Exorcist_19102663AFI -- "Exorcist" (w/Count Gore De Vol)
Special Features: Oct 26 screening presented by Count Gore De Vol!
Local TV legend Count Gore De Vol (Dick Dyszel) returns Oct. 26 to present another terrifying film with interactive games, prizes and more! (Also screening Oct 31, film only)
Forty-odd years...
2019_MD_Fungi_191212137AFI -- "Fantastic Fungi" (w/Louie Schwartzberg, Stephen Apkon, and Marcina Hale)
Special Features: Q&A with filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg at both shows
FANTASTIC FUNGI, directed by Louie Schwartzberg, is a consciousness-shifting documentary that takes us on an immersive journey through time and scale into the magical earth beneath our feet, an underground network...
2014_MD_Peck_14022280AFI -- "Fatal Assistance" (w/Raoul Peck)
FATAL ASSISTANCE [Assistance mortelle]
Q&A with filmmaker Raoul Peck
In January 2010, an earthquake shook Haiti, killing hundreds of thousands and leaving 1.2 million people homeless. Two years after the world banded together to support the devastated country, filmmaker Raoul Peck set out to discover...
2016_MD_Finding_JosephI_161213104AFI -- "Finding Joseph I" (w/Paul "H.R." Hudson and James Lathos)
Special Features: Q&A with filmmaker James Lathos and Paul "H.R." Hudson
FINDING JOSEPH I chronicles the life and struggles of singer Paul "H.R." Hudson. The charismatic frontman helped pioneer hardcore punk rock with his energetic and explosive performances in the influential group...
2016_MD_Fishing_Bodies_16102459AFI -- "Fishing Bodies" (w/Michele Pennetta via Skype and Swiss-sponsored reception)
Special Features: Q&A and reception to follow, sponsored by the Embassy of Switzerland
Locarno Film Festival series in Washington presents:
This debut feature-length documentary from Italian director Michele Pennetta is an intimate portrait of a...
2014_MD_Fishing_14101042AFI -- "Fishing Without Nets" (w/Cutter Hodierne and John Hibey)
Sneak preview screening featuring Q&A with filmmaker Cutter Hodierne and writer-producer John Hibey, Oct 9, 7:15.
Q&A with filmmaker Cutter Hodierne, writer-producer John Hibey and producer Raphael Swannat at Oct 10, 7:00 show and Oct 11, 1:30 & 7:00 shows!
Starring Abdiwali...
2015_MD_Force_Majeure_150115194AFI -- "Force Majeure" (w/Ruben Östlund and Erik Hemmendorff) (incl reception)
2014 Oscar® Selection, Sweden
In person: director Ruben Östlund
Picture-perfect Swedes Tomas, Ebba and their two kids are enjoying a pleasant family getaway at a French ski resort, until an avalanche strikes. Although everyone walks away unharmed, Tomas' gut reaction to the...
2014_MD_Miller_14111055AFI -- "Foxcatcher" (w/Bennett Miller)
Wanted to see if you would be available to shoot a Q & A and step and repeat shots of FOXCATCHER director BENNETT MILLER (MONEYBALL, CAPOTE) here on November 10. He’ll be here for a private member screening.
In celebration of the American Film Institute's annual AFI Fest presented by audi, held each...
2015_MD_Count_Gore_150207106AFI -- "Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man" (w/Count Gore De Vol)
Count Gore De Vol presents
Local legend Count Gore De Vol (Dick Dyszel) returns to present a terrifying film in the spirit of the original broadcasts on CREATURE FEATURE, with interactive intermissions and lots of ghoulish good fun and surprises. FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE...
2006_MD_Friedkin_06091023AFI -- "French Connection" (w/William Friedkin, George Pelecanos, and Jack Valenti)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Jack Valenti
-- William Friedkin interviewed by George Pelecanos

"The French Connection" with Academy Award winning director William Friedkin and George Pelecanos, presented by AFI Silver and the Washington National Opera, with an introduction by AFI President Jack...
2011_MD_Obscurity_11061087AFI -- "From Here to Obscurity" (w/Travesty Groups)
From Here to Obscurity: Travesty Films/Langley Punks Retrospective
Including 30th Anniversary Screening of HYATTSVILLE HOLIDAY!
Invited guests: all living members of Travesty Group including the original four Langley Punks
You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll hurl your beer. AFI Silver pays tribute to...
2011_MD_Schoenberger_11081354AFI -- "Furious Love" (w/Nancy Schoenberger)
In Person: Sam Kashner and Nancy Schoenberger, authors of "Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century"
College professor George (Richard Burton) and his blowsy wife, Martha (Elizabeth Taylor, Burton's real-life wife, in an...
2017_MD_Gaslight_17100874AFI -- "Gaslight" (w/panel) for Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Special Features: Post-screening panel discussion on the topic of "gaslighting."
Ingrid Bergman won the first of her three Oscars® for her portrayal of an innocent wife driven mad by a domineering and treacherous husband in George Cukor's Victorian-set psychological thriller. The...
2011_MD_Grease_11021841AFI -- "Grease" Sing-a-Long
GREASE SING-A-LONG -- New "Sing-A-Long" 35mm Print!
"GREASE is bigger than AMERICAN IDOL, badder than HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL and better than GLEE (I said it!). GREASE is, was and will always be the word." – Sasha Perl-Raver, She Knows Entertainment
Your chills will be multiplyin': the beloved high...
2014_MD_Adichie_14031672AFI -- "Half of a Yellow Sun" (w/Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie)
Q&A and book-signing with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Nigerian-born British playwright Biyi Bandele translates Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's powerful prize-winning novel of the same name into an emotional drama that gives voice to personal stories of the indignities and atrocities...
2018_MD_Halloween_181027142AFI -- "Halloween" (w/Count Gore De Vol and Wes Johnson)
Special Features: Show presented by Count Gore De Vol with special co-host Wes Johnson, "The Voice of the Capitals"
40th Anniversary
Genre legend John Carpenter's third feature (which he also co-wrote and scored) ushered in a golden age of American slasher cinema, launched the career...
2011_MD_HMP_11061796AFI -- "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" and "Heavy Metal Picnic" (w/Jeff Krulik and lots of folks)
HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT -- 25th Anniversary!
Invited guests: producers and alumni from both films
In 1986, John Heyn and Jeff Krulik couldn't have imagined that the short film they shot in the parking lot of the Capital Centre before a Judas Priest concert would be heralded as one of the top rock...
2010_MD_HMP_100806147AFI -- "Heavy Metal Picnic" (w/Jeff Krulik and lots of folks)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Jeff Krulik
-- Miscellaneous folks from "Heavy Metal Picnic"

Invited Guests: Filmmakers Jeff Krulik and John Heyn, Full Moon Jamboree creator Billy Gordon, Rudy Childs and the Earth Dogs, Asylum featuring Ronnie Kalimon and Dale Flood, and Tito...
2015_MD_HMP_150828206AFI -- "Heavy Metal Picnic" (w/Jeff Krulik, John Heyn, and Billy Gordon)
In person: filmmakers Jeff Krulik and John Heyn, co-producer Billy Gordon
30th Anniversary of the original Heavy Metal Picnic!
From the team behind cult hit HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT, this is a celebration of mid-'80s Maryland rock and roll and heavy metal, by those who lived –– and...
2018_MD_Historic_Book_1812151AFI -- "Historic Movie Theaters of Washington, DC" book event w/Pat Padua
Book event with local authors Robert K. Headley and Pat Padua Saturday, December 15, 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Historic lobby of the AFI Silver Theatre & Cultural Center

Historic Movie Theaters of Washington, DC charts the storied history of motion picture exhibition in the nation's capital. In 1894,...
2022_05_28G1_Horror_Darkness187AFI -- "Horror of Darkness" (w/Count Gore De Vol)
Count Gore presents HORROR OF DRACULA (1958) Join us for a bloody good time when local TV legend Count Gore de Vol (Dick Dyszel) returns to present another horror classic in the spirit of the original CREATURE FEATURE broadcasts, including vintage clips from the Count's vault and some interactive fun... (Partially reviewed)
2013_MD_Count_Gore_130201174AFI -- "House of Frankenstein" (w/Count Gore De Vol)
Count Gore De Vol 40th Anniversary Celebration!
Re-Presenting the Original Creature Feature: HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN
In person: Count Gore De Vol
TV personality Dick Dyszel introduced his alter ego Count Gore De Vol on Channel 20's CREATURE FEATURE 40 years ago on February 3, 1973. Dyszel, who already...
2014_MD_Dragon2_14052043AFI -- "How to Train Your Dragon 2" @ Regal Gallery Place Stadium 14
2016_MD_Neill_16070218AFI -- "Hunt for the Wilderpeople" (Skyped interview with Sam Neill)
HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE featuring Skype interview with Sam Neill
Raised on hip-hop and foster care, defiant city kid Ricky (Julian Dennison) gets a fresh start in the New Zealand countryside. He quickly finds himself at home with his new foster family: loving Aunt Bella, cantankerous Uncle Hec (Sam...
2012_MD_Hyde_Park_12101072AFI -- "Hyde Park on Hudson" (w/Roger Michell)
Seating is limited. RSVP today to reserve your seat!
Silver & adopt films invite you and a guest to a special advance screening of HYDE PARK ON HUDSON with director Roger Michell in person!
In June 1939, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Academy Award nominee Bill Murray) and his wife Eleanor...
2013_MD_Illicit_13111727AFI -- "Illicit" (w/Victoria Wilson)
* Discussion and book signing by Victoria Wilson, author of "A Life of Barbara Stanwyck: Steel-True 1907-1940"
In this pre-Code romance, free-spirited socialite Barbara Stanwyck practically lives with beau James Rennie, and defiantly doesn't care about marriage; however, his family does,...
2006_MD_Jewison_06021020AFI -- "In The Heat of the Night" (w/Norman Jewison)
-- Norman Jewison interviewed by Juan Williams

This event featured a live interview with director Norman Jewison, conducted by Juan Williams (senior NPR correspondent and Fox newsman). Canadian-born Norman Jewison has directed more than 20 feature films, garnering a remarkable 46 Oscar...
2015_MD_Polar_Bear_15061126AFI -- "Infinitely Polar Bear" (w/Maya Forbes)
Advance screening of "Infinitely Polar Bear" w/director Maya Forbes
2015_MD_Iraqi_Odyssey_15110690AFI -- "Iraqi Odyssey" (w/Samir) (incl reception)
Q&A with filmmaker Samir, followed by post-screening reception sponsored by the Embassy of Switzerland.
Tracing the emigrations of his family over more than half a century, acclaimed expatriate Iraqi filmmaker Samir’s riveting documentary epic pays moving homage to the frustrated democratic dreams of a...
2011_MD_Gentil_11101152AFI -- "Jean Gentil" (w/Israel Cárdenas & Laura Amelia Guzmán)
JEAN GENTILL In Person: filmmakers Israel Cárdenas & Laura Amelia Guzmán on Oct 11!
Jean is an educated and devout man, forced like many others to leave Haiti to look for work in the Dominican Republic. Having failed to find work in Santo Domingo, he sets out into the incredibly lush countryside, only...
2013_MD_JC_Superstar_131102142AFI -- "Jesus Christ Superstar" (w/Ted Neeley and Barry Dennen)
In person: actors Ted Neeley and Barry Dennen!
New 2K digital restoration for the film's 40th anniversary!
JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, the bold interpretation of the hit rock opera and Broadway smash from Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, tells the story of Christ's (Ted Neeley)...
2013_MD_JFK_Drums_13113040AFI -- "John F. Kennedy: Years of Lightning, Day of Drums" (w/George Stevens Jr.)
In person: George Stevens, Jr.

This 1964 film, produced by the United States Information Agency (USIA), chronicles the 1,000 days of the Kennedy Administration, documenting accomplishments in the areas of foreign policy, the space race and civil...
2018_MD_Josiah_180810191AFI -- "Josiah" (w/Jared Brock, Catherine Leggett, Jamie Kuhns, Dennis Green and Anthony Cohen)
Film screening followed by Q&A with filmmaker Jared Brock, First Lady of Montgomery County Catherine Leggett, Montgomery Parks historian Jamie Kuhns and Josiah Henson descendant Dennis Green, moderated by historian Anthony Cohen, Founder/Director of the Menare Foundation. After the screening,...
2007_MD_Greek_07110873AFI -- "Journey: The Greek-American Dream" (w/Maria Iliou, Paul Sarbanes, George Pelecanos)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Murray Horwitz (AFI Director),
-- Maria Iliou (maybe),
-- Alexandros P. Mallias (the Greek ambassador to the United States),
-- Paul Sarbanes,
-- ??? (again)
-- ???
-- George Pelecanos,
-- ???

Director Maria Iliou and Special Guests Former Senator Paul...
2018_MD_Julia_18110649AFI -- "Julia Ist" (w/Marta Cruañas)
Special Features: Q&A with producer/screenwriter Marta Cruañas
Júlia (director Elena Martín) is an architecture student from Barcelona who decides to embark on a student exchange year in Berlin. This is how, without much consideration and driven by her inertia, Júlia leaves her parents' home...
2014_MD_Keepin_On_14101051AFI -- "Keep On Keepin' On" (w/Alan Hicks and Justin Kauflin)
Q&A with filmmaker Alan Hicks and piano performance by Justin Kauflin at the following screenings:
Starring Clark Terry, Justin Kauflin, Quincy Jones, Gwen Terry and Candy
Official Selection, 2014 AFI Docs, Tribeca, Hotdocs, Seattle, Newport Beach Film Festivals
Shot over the...
2016_MD_King_Kong_160409111AFI -- "King Kong" (w/Count Gore De Vol)
KING KONG (1933)
Special Features: Presented by Count Gore De Vol
In the spirit of the original CREATURE FEATURE broadcasts, local legend Count Gore De Vol (Dick Dyszel) presents the greatest monster movie of them all: KING KONG. Explorer Robert Armstrong and his crew, including delectable scream...
2009_MD_King_09011910AFI -- "King: A Filmed Record" Screening for MLK Day
-- Murray Horwitz (AFI Director)

Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration: KING: A FILMED RECORD... MONTGOMERY TO MEMPHIS
A riveting compilation of documentary footage of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., from the Montgomery bus boycott to the "I Have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln...
2013_MD_Zeppelin_130830111AFI -- "Led Zeppelin Played Here" (w/Jeff Krulik)
AFI Silver's Mid-Atlantic Regional Showcase (MARS) celebrates noteworthy filmmaking from the mid-Atlantic region, featuring both locally made films and the work of filmmakers with local ties.

In person: filmmaker Jeff Krulik
Premiere of feature-length cut!

1969. Man...
2019_MD_Zeppelin_19012077AFI -- "Led Zeppelin Played Here" (w/Jeff Krulik)
LED ZEPPELIN PLAYED HERE Special Features: In person: filmmaker Jeff Krulik 50th anniversary of the legendary Led Zeppelin show at Wheaton Youth Center 1969. Man lands on the moon. Half a million strong at Woodstock. SESAME STREET debuts…. and Led Zeppelin perform in the gym of the Wheaton Youth Center...
2013_MD_Disco_Dan_130223164AFI -- "Legend of Cool Disco Dan" (w/Joseph Pattisall, Roger Gastman, Iley Brown, Caleb Neelon, and Henry Rollins)
World Premiere!
In person: filmmakers Joseph Pattisall, Roger Gastman, Iley Brown, Caleb Neelon and narrator Henry Rollins (Feb 23 shows);
Joseph Pattisall and Roger Gastman (March 1 shows)
Discover the "other" Washington of the 1980s through the story of legendary...
2013_MD_Disco_Dan_13101971AFI -- "Legend of Cool Disco Dan" (w/Roger Gastman, Joseph Pattisall, Iley Brown, and Cool "Disco" Dan)
Special appearance & signing by Cool "Disco" Dan (5:15 shows only)!
Filmmakers Roger Gastman, Joseph Pattisall & Iley Brown will introduce the film each night, and host post-screening Q&As featuring surprise guests!
Free signed posters, click event poster (right) for...
2021_MD_Licorice_Pizza_21121150AFI -- "Licorice Pizza" advance screening
Special Features: Advance screenings in 70mm on Dec. 11 at 7:00 p.m. (SOLD OUT)
LICORICE PIZZA is the story of Alana Kane (Alana Haim) and Gary Valentine (Cooper Hoffman, son of Philip Seymour Hoffman) growing up, running around and falling in love in the San Fernando Valley in 1973....
2016_MD_Miller_16050139AFI -- "Maggie's Plan" (w/Rebecca Miller)
AFI members at the two-star level and above are invited to an advance screening of MAGGIE'S PLAN
Q&A with director Rebecca Miller will follow the film.
2009_MD_Landscapes_09101357AFI -- "Manufactured Landscapes" (w/Jennifer Baichwal and Edward Burtynsky)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Jos Williams (AFL-CIO),
-- Presentation of shirts with Jos Williams, Jennifer Baichwal, Todd Hitchcock (AFI), Mark Dudzic (AFL-CIO), and Chris Garlock (AFL-CIO and Dir. Of Labor FilmFest DC)
-- Jennifer Baichwal
-- Panel with Chris Garlock, Edward Burtynsky, and...
2011_MD_Dancer_11041267AFI -- "Mao's Last Dancer" (w/Li Cunxin)
Silver Theater and Fox invite you and a guest to a special screening with Li Cunxin to celebrate the DVD Release of Mao's Last Dancer.
MAO'S LAST DANCER weaves a moving tale about the quest for freedom and the courage it takes to live your own life. The film poignantly captures the struggles and...
2011_MD_Match_King_11050734AFI -- "Match King" (w/Larry Smith)
Library of Congress Showcase:
AFI Silver is proud to present two films recently preserved from the original camera negatives by the Library of Congress Packard Campus for Audio Visual Conservation in Culpeper, Virginia, along with the documentary THESE AMAZING SHADOWS, which recently premiered at the...
2010_MD_Uke_100519105AFI -- "Mighty Uke" (w/James Hill, Tony Coleman & Margaret Meagher)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Lori Donnelly (AFI)
-- Tony Coleman
-- Performance by James Hill

In Person: Ukulele sensation James Hill!
Think of a ukulele and you probably imagine grass skirts, slide guitar and kitschy lyrics, but far from being just a Hawaiian novelty instrument, the...
2015_MD_Mistress_America_150726128AFI -- "Mistress America" (w/Greta Gerwig and Lola Kirke)
AFI members at the two-star level and above are invited to a free advance screening of
Q&A with stars Greta Gerwig and Lola Kirke will follow the screening.
2018_MD_Moynihan_18102266AFI -- "Moynihan" (w/Joseph Dorman and Toby Perl Freilich)
Special Features: Q&A with directors Joseph Dorman & Toby Perl Freilich.
"Everyone is entitled to his own opinion — but not to his own facts." – politician, sociologist and diplomat Daniel Patrick Moynihan (1927–2003). His aristocratic demeanor and Harvard polish belied Moynihan's...
2014_MD_Wiseman_14111452AFI -- "National Gallery" (w/Frederick Wiseman)
NATIONAL GALLERY Q&A with filmmaker Frederick Wiseman
Opening November 14 for a one-week engagement!
Washington, DC-area exclusive!
London's National Gallery, one of the world's foremost art institutions, is itself portrayed as a brilliant work of art in this, Frederick Wiseman's 39th documentary and...
2010_MD_Iverson_10032962AFI -- "No Crossover: The Trial of Allen Iverson" (w/Steve James and panel)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Sky Sitney (AFI/Silverdocs)
-- Steve James
-- Panel with Steve James, Mike Wise, and Kevin Blackistone

AFI/Discovery Channel SilverDocs Presents: NO CROSSOVER: THE TRIAL OF ALLEN IVERSON
Directed by Steve James (HOOP DREAMS)
In Person: Director Steve James
2013_MD_Notebook_13111766AFI -- "Notebook" (w/János Szász and Piroska Molnár)
You and a guest are invited to the Washington, DC Premiere of THE NOTEBOOK [A Nagy Füzet/Le Grand Cahier]
with director János Szász and actress Piroska Molnár in person!
Winner, Grand Prix Crystal Globe
2013 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Official Selection, Hungary
Best Foreign Language...
2016_MD_Nuts_16070273AFI -- "Nuts!" (w/Penny Lane)
NUTS! (2016)
Special Features: Q&A with filmmaker Penny Lane at the 8:00 show on July 2!
Inventive and wildly fun, NUTS! recounts the unbelievable true story of John Romulus Brinkley, a Kansas doctor who discovered in 1917 that he could cure impotence by transplanting goat testicles into men. From...
2010_MD_Flesh_100820163AFI -- "Of Flesh and Blood" (w/Jeff Krulik, Jeff Mentges, Al Breon, and lots of folks)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Jeff Krulik
-- Miscellaneous folks from "Of Flesh and Blood"

20th Anniversary Screening!
In Person: Director Jeff Mentges plus the entire cast and crew, including Al Breon, Dick Bangham, Steve Lorber, Joe Sasfy, Jeanne Keskinen, Jeff Sacks, Dave...
2008_MD_Forman_08081975AFI -- "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" (w/Miloš Forman)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Murray Horwitz (AFI Director),
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI) interviewing Miloš Forman

In Person August 19: Miloš Forman at the showing of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".
One of Forman's most acclaimed films, this adaptation of Ken Kesey's widely-read anti-establishment...
2015_MD_Merchant_15111833AFI -- "Paradise is There: A Memoir by Natalie Merchant" (w/Natalie Merchant)
Q&A with Natalie Merchant
Singer-songwriter Natalie Merchant released “Tigerlily” 20 years ago. The album went on to sell 5 million copies and touched countless numbers of fans. Now she has re-recorded the album and uses the opportunity to tell her...
2019_MD_Paradise_19082471AFI -- "Phantom of the Paradise" w/shadowcast by Bloody Mayhem Theatrical, featuring members of Guerrilla Theatre Front
Phantom Of The Paradise
Special Features: Pre-show cabaret & live shadowcast during the screening by Bloody Mayhem Theatrical, featuring members of Guerrilla Theatre Front!
45th Anniversary
Baltimore-based performers Bloody Mayhem Theatrical return to the AFI Silver to present an encore screening of...
2018_MD_Phantom_Thread_18011311AFI -- "Phantom Thread" w/Souvenir Programs
Phantom Thread in 70mm
Special Features: Limited time only: exclusive 70mm engagement! Souvenir programs available while supplies last.
Two Golden Globe nominations: Best Actor, Drama, and Best Original Score
Surrounded by the glamour of 1950s London, renowned dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock (Daniel...
2014_MD_Ping_Pong_140606118AFI -- "Ping Pong Summer" (w/Michael Tully)
In person: writer-director Michael Tully at the 7:30 screening on June 6!
Washington, DC-area exclusive!
Starring Susan Sarandon, Lea Thompson, John Hannah, Amy Sedaris, Judah Friedlander, Marcello Conte, Myle Massey, Emmi Shockley, Helena Mae Seabrook, Joseph McCaughtry and Andy...
2009_MD_Pleasure_09121144AFI -- "Pleasure At Her Majesty's" (w/Martin Lewis and Richard Harrington)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI)
-- Martin Lewis
-- Richard Harrington

In Person: Q&A between films with "Secret Policeman's Ball" co-creator/producer Martin Lewis and music critic/cultural writer Richard Harrington:
The first Amnesty International...
2012_MD_Political_12110363AFI -- "Political Advertisement" (w/Marshall Reese)
In person: director Marshall Reese
In 1984, media artists Antoni Muntadas and Marshall Reese exhibited a selection of television ads from the U.S. presidential campaigns, from Eisenhower in the 1950s to that year's Reagan-Mondale contest. Every four years, they added the most...
2011_MD_Lebowitz_11051248AFI -- "Public Speaking" (w/Fran Lebowitz)
PUBLIC SPEAKING: In Person: author Fran Lebowitz!
"Enormously enjoyable and perceptive. ... Perfectly captures the pleasure Lebowitz takes in observing the world while subtly revealing the crippling dimensions of perfectionism, the outsize ego it requires to achieve a certain kind of creative failure."...
2019_MD_Punk_19110986AFI -- "Punk the Capital: Building a Sound Movement" (w/Paul Bishow, James June Schneider, Sam Lavine, Boyd Farrell, Anne Bonafede, Diana Quinn)
Special Features: Filmmaker Q&As at all screenings
When punk rock exploded in Washington, DC, in the late 1970s, it was a mighty, intergenerational convergence of powerful music, close friendships and clear minds. Featuring breathtaking Super-8 footage...
2016_MD_Purple_Rain_16042878AFI -- "Purple Rain" (Prince tribute w/DJ Lance Reynolds)
Special Features: Pre-show DJ set of Prince music by DJ Lance Reynolds. DJ set begins at 6:45 for the 7:20 show; DJ set begins at 9:20 for the 9:45 show.
Powered by a landmark Grammy®-winning soundtrack album and an Oscar®-winning score, PURPLE RAIN showcases Prince in the prime of his...
2016_MD_Raiders_16061624AFI -- "Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made"
Special Features: Q&A with Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala, makers of the fan film, following the special double feature on Thu Jun 16
This is the true, decades-spanning tale of the greatest fan film ever made. After Steven Spielberg's classic...
2011_MD_Callan_11061254AFI -- "Robert Redford: The Biography" (w/Michael Feeney Callan)
In Person: Michael Feeney Callan, author of Robert Redford: The Biography, will host a post-screening Q&A. Following the show, he will sign copies of his book in the lobby.
A box office smash as well as the recipient of seven Academy Award nominations, Paul Newman is...
2021_MD_Rocky_Horror_211030304AFI -- "Rocky Horror Picture Show" (w/Bloody Mayhem Theater Company Shadowcast)
Special Features: Featuring live shadowcast by Bloody Mayhem Theater Company
Recently engaged Brad Majors (Barry Bostwick) and Janet Weiss (Susan Sarandon) stumble upon a castle in the middle of the night that is definitely not a hunting lodge for...
2012_MD_Royal_Affair_1210284AFI -- "Royal Affair" screening
AFI/Silver & Magnolia Pictures invite you and a guest to a special advance screening of
Winner, Silver Bear -- 2012 Berlin International Film Festival
Official Selection, Denmark --- Best Foreign Language Film Oscar®
with director Nikolaj Arcel and writer Rasmus Heisterberg in person!...
2014_MD_Salad_Days_14121962AFI -- "Salad Days" (w/Scott Crawford and Jim Saah)
Washington, DC, area premiere!
*In person: filmmaker Scott Crawford and producer Jim Saah at all shows Dec. 19 & 21
This documentary film examines the early DIY punk scene in the nation's capital. It was a decade when seminal bands like Bad...
2009_MD_SPBall_09120781AFI -- "Secret Policeman's Ball" Anniversary Reception and Screening
Speakers in sequence:
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI)
-- Martin Lewis
-- Larry Cox
2010_MD_DBT_100228173AFI -- "Secret to a Happy Ending" (w/Barr Weissman and Drive-By Truckers)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI)
-- Barr Weissman
-- Panel with Brooks Boliek (moderator), Barr Weissman, Bryant Simon, Geoffrey Himes, Mike Cooley, Patterson Hood, and Brad Morgan

MARS: Mid-Atlantic Regional Showcase presents: THE SECRET TO A HAPPY ENDING
A documentary about the...
2013_MD_Secretariat_130514211AFI -- "Secretariat's Jockey Ron Turcotte" (w/Ron Turcotte and Penny Chenery) -- Screening and panels
"In The Gate: Secretariat's 40th Anniversary"
In person: Secretariat owner Penny Chenery and jockey Ron Turcotte
Secretariat's legendary jockey Ron Turcotte is one of the few champions to have won the prestigious American Triple Crown. This is the remarkable story of...
2012_MD_Secretariat_12051293AFI -- "Secretariat" (w/Ron Turcotte)
In Person: Secretariat's jockey Ron Turcotte
Behind every legend lies an impossible dream. Witness the spectacular journey of an incredible horse named Secretariat and the moving story of his unlikely owner, Penny Chenery (Diane Lane), a Virginia housewife who risked everything to make...
2014_MD_Stevens_14051825AFI -- "Separate But Equal" (w/George Stevens Jr.)
May 17 marks the 60th anniversary of the Supreme Court's landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision, which struck down segregation in the classroom and was a major victory for the Civil Rights movement. AFI Founding Director George Stevens, Jr., wrote, directed and produced the...
2020_MD_Brand_New_Song_2002271AFI -- "Sing You A Brand New Song: The Words and Music of Coleman Mellet"
BoxBoat and Mythics present the Washington D.C. theatrical premiere of "Sing You A Brand New Song: The Words And Music Of Coleman Mellett", a documentary film event to benefit the Coleman Mellett Scholarship Fund at Dematha Catholic High School.
2012_MD_Sister_12100363AFI -- "Sister" (w/Ursula Meier and Kacey Mottet Klein)
Silver & adopt films invite you and a guest to a special advance screening of SISTER
Winner, Silver Bear
2012 Berlin International Film Festival
Official Swiss Selection
Best Foreign Language Film Oscar®
with director Ursula Meier and actor Kacey Mottet Klein in person!
Simon (Kacey...
2014_MD_Star_Wars_14083177AFI -- "Star Wars: Episode IV -- A New Hope" w/stormtroopers
A long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far away... Alec Guinness earned a Best Supporting Actor Oscar® nomination for his iconic turn as Jedi knight Obi-Wan Kenobi, lending his veteran screen presence to the cast of young unknowns in George Lucas' history-making,...
2022_05_04_Star_Wars26AFI -- "Star Wars: Episode IV -- A New Hope" (45th anniversary)
A long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far away… The original that started it all follows Luke Skywalker as he teams with Jedi Knight Obi-wan Kenobi, cocky pilot Han Solo, a Wookiee and two droids to save the galaxy and rescue Princess Leia from the evil Darth Vader....
2010_MD_Stone_10100450AFI -- "Stone" (w/Ed Norton)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Tiffany Graham-Golden (AFI)
-- Nell Minow
-- Ed Norton

AFI/Silver Theatre and Cultural Center and Overture Films invite you and a guest to a special Advance Screening of STONE with Academy Award Nominee Ed Norton in person!

A seasoned corrections official...
2008_MD_Granger_08102550AFI -- "Strangers on a Train" (w/Farley Granger)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Lori Donnelly (AFI)
-- Foster Hirsch,
-- Murray Horwitz (AFI Director),
-- Foster Hirsch interviewing Garley Granger,
-- Murray Horwitz (again)

Star of stage and screen Farley Granger will appear at the Saturday, October 25 screening of STRANGERS ON A TRAIN--one of...
2016_MD_Sweaty_Betty_160104135AFI -- "Sweaty Betty" (w/Zachary Reed, Rico Mitchell, Seth Dubose and Floyd Rich III)
Q&A with filmmaker Zachary Reed and stars Rico Mitchell, Seth Dubose and Floyd Rich III
Washington, DC-area premiere!
A rough-and-tumble portrait of a couple of hustlers in Hyattsville, Maryland, this festival favorite is the debut of local filmmakers Joe Frank and Zachary Reed. Floyd...
2014_MD_Lancaster_14060738AFI -- "Swimmer" (w/Joanna Lancaster)
Middle-aged ad man Ned Merrill (Burt Lancaster) gets the notion that he can pool hop across his wealthy suburban Connecticut neighbors' expansive yards and swim all the way home to his own split-level. But Ned's concept of home, his own self-image and the whereabouts of his loving wife and...
2016_MD_Bogawa_16041568AFI -- "Taken By Storm" (w/Roddy Bogawa)
Special Features: Q&A with director Roddy Bogawa!
This is a documentary portrait of graphic designer Storm Thorgerson, famous for his visionary album cover artwork for design outfit Hipgnosis. A childhood friend of members of...
2013_MD_Lakew_13070341AFI -- "The Athlete" (w/Rasselas Lakew)
In person: writer/director/star Rasselas Lakew
Running the streets of Rome in 1960, an unknown, barefoot Ethiopian man stunned the world by winning Olympic gold in the marathon—the first black African to do so. But the Olympic glory was only the beginning of the fascinating life...
2018_MD_Lebowski_18030980AFI -- "The Big Lebowski" 20th Anniversary w/costume contest
The Big Lebowski 20th Anniversary
Pre-show costume contest on Friday, March 9!
Dress as your favorite character from the film for a chance to win prizes
White Russians available at the cafe all weekend for patrons 21+
"The Dude abides." A case of mistaken identity embroils slacker Jeff "the Dude"...
2018_MD_Sarcofiguy_18082563AFI -- "The Black Cat" and "Re-Animator" (w/Doctor Sarcofiguy and Arch Campbell)
DOCTOR SARCOFIGUY!!!! is back with another creepy double feature! The Black Cat 1934 followed by Re-Animator

The Black Cat (1934 film) Boris Karloff/Bela Lugosi
This classic Edgar Allen Poe adaptation stars horror icons Boris Karloff (FRANKENSTEIN) and Bela Lugosi (DRACULA) in their first cinematic...
2016_MD_Clan_16032567AFI -- "The Clan" (incl reception)
THE CLAN opening w/ post-screening reception hosted by the Embassy of Argentina!
Directed by Argentinian auteur filmmaker Pablo Trapero (CARANCHO, WHITE ELEPHANT), The Clan tells the true story of a middle-class family pulled into a world of kidnapping, ransom and murder by the family’s patriarch. On...
2009_MD_Surgeon_09040227AFI -- "The English Surgeon" (w/Geoffrey Smith)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Sky Sitney (AFI/Silverdocs)
-- Geoffrey Smith

The English Surgeon:
In Person: Director Geoffrey Smith (interviewed by Sky Sitney)
Winner, Best International Feature Documentary, SILVERDOCS 2008
British neurosurgeon Henry Marsh resides in South London and has a...
2020_MD_Game_Changers_20022392AFI -- "The Game Changers" (w/Seth Goldman, Tracye McQuirter, Spike Mendelsohn,and Murray Horwitz)
Special Features: Post-screening panel discussion. Co-presented with PLNT Burger.
Directed by Oscar® winner Louie Psihoyos (THE COVE) with James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan among its executive producers, THE GAME CHANGERS follows the story...
2009_MD_Branching_091114117AFI -- "The House of Branching Love" (w/Elina Knihtilä & Anna Easteden)
-- Elina Knihtilä & Anna Easteden interviewed by Todd Hitchcock (AFI)

The House of Branching Love [Haarautuvan Rakkauden Talo]:
In Person: Actresses Elina Knihtilä & Anna Easteden; post-screening reception courtesy of the Embassy of Finland.
A hit in Finland, Mika Kaurismaeki's latest...
2011_MD_Housemaid_11050776AFI -- "The Housemaid" (w/Im Sang-soo)
THE HOUSEMAID: In Person: director Im Sang-soo
In Im Sang-soo's reimagining of Kim Ki-young's 1960 classic (which is playing on May 15 at the Freer), a new live-in maid becomes the catalyst for an escalating war of wills between an imperious, wine-swilling husband and his materialistic, pregnant wife....
2010_MD_Joneses_10041349AFI -- "The Joneses" (w/Derrick Borte)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Tiffany Graham-Golden (AFI)
-- Derrick Borte

This was an advance preview for the new film "The Joneses" with the writer and director Derrick Borte.
Demi Moore and David Duchovny star as a seemingly perfect couple who, along with their equally perfect teenagers -- Amber...
2019_MD_Sturges_19111647AFI -- "The Lady Eve" (w/Preston Sturges)
Special Features: Intro and book event with Tom Sturges, author of "Preston Sturges: The Last Years of Hollywood's First Writer-Director" at the Nov. 16 show
"I need him like the axe needs the turkey." In Preston Sturges' masterpiece of amour fou, boyish herpetologist/brewery heir Henry...
2013_MD_Beagle_13081287AFI -- "The Last Unicorn" (w/Peter S. Beagle)
In person: author Peter S. Beagle at the August 12 show!
Based on Peter S. Beagle's beloved book, this sophisticated fairy tale was produced by animation innovators Rankin Bass (RUDOLPH, THE RED-NOSED REINDEER, 1977's THE HOBBIT). Fearing she's the last of her kind, unicorn Amalthea...
2018_MD_Recy_Taylor_18040939AFI -- "The Rape of Recy Taylor" (w/panel) for Domestic Violence Awareness Month
One Night Only: The Rape of Recy Taylor w/ discussion
While accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award at February's Golden Globe ceremony, Oprah Winfrey invoked the name of Recy Taylor, a woman who 74 years ago, as a young black mother and sharecropper in rural Alabama, boldly stood against the systemic...
2010_MD_Room_100611115AFI -- "The Room" (w/Tommy Wiseau)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Adrian Spencer (AFI)
-- Tommy Wiseau

The Room:
Newly expanded run, due to overwhelming demand: June 11-13!
In Person: Director, writer, producer and star Tommy Wiseau at every screening!
2004 Miami Film Festival Audience Award Best Feature Film
Following sold-out...
2013_MD_Sapphires_13030569AFI -- "The Sapphires" (w/Wayne Blair)
Advance Screening For Two-Star Members And Higher!
Silver & The Weinstein Company invite you and a guest to a special advance screening of
with director Wayne Blair in person!
THE SAPPHIRES is an inspirational tale set in the heady days of the late '60s, about a quartet of young,...
2013_MD_Frankel_13070673AFI -- "The Searchers" (w/Glenn Frankel)
In person: Glenn Frankel, author of "The Searchers: The Making of an American Legend"
THE SEARCHERS is perhaps John Ford's greatest film, and frequently cited as among the greatest films of all time. Along with RED RIVER, John Wayne's performance here ranks as his most complex, combining...
2019_MD_Serengeti_19061417AFI -- "The Serengeti Rules" (w/Sean B. Carroll)
Special Features: ...
2011_MD_Way_111001196AFI -- "This Way" (w/Emilio Estevez and Martin Sheen)
AFI Silver Theatre hosts a special screening of THE WAY (Runtime 115 min). THE WAY was directed and written by Emilio Estevez, and he stars in the film alongside Martin Sheen. Both Estevez and Sheen will participate in a Q & A following the film. George Greenia, Professor of Hispanic Studies at William...
2010_MD_Dollar_100412137AFI -- "To Catch A Dollar" (w/Muhammad Yunus and Gayle Ferraro)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Sky Sitney (AFI/Silverdocs)
-- Gayle Ferraro and Muhammad Yunus

"To Catch a Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks on America":
In Person: Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus and director Gayle Ferraro!
Professor Muhammad Yunus never wanted to be a banker and he certainly...
2009_MD_Trouble_09020392AFI -- "Trouble the Water" (w/Carl Deal)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Matt Boratenski (AFI Education Program Coordinator)
-- Carl Deal
-- Panel with Amy King (formerly of AFI, now of the US Green Building Council), Mack McClendon (Lower 9th Ward Village), Pam Dashiell (Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement & Development, now...
2011_MD_Trust_110324110AFI -- "Trust" (w/David Schwimmer, Donna Rice Hughes, Hemanshu (Hemu) Nigam, and Jane Silk)
Opens in Washington, DC on Friday, April 15

Safe and sound in their suburban home, Will and Lynn Cameron used to sleep well at night, trusting their children were protected. Will, in particular, was comforted by the fact that he and Lynn raised three bright children, and that once the doors...
2017_MD_Tyrus_170621117AFI -- "Tyrus" (w/Pamela Tom and Gwen Wynne)
Tyrus Screening + Q & A with director Pamela Tom and producer Gwen Wynne
IN MEMORIAM: Tyrus Wong (1910–2016)
When former Disney animator and painter Tyrus Wong died in December 2016 at 106, obituaries told of a man whose life reads like an epic of the 20th century. From his birth in China in 1910 to a...
2018_MD_Vice_1812241AFI -- "Vice" preview screening
2017_MD_Giordano_170624297AFI -- "Vince Giordano: There's a Future in the Past" (w/Vince Giordano, Amber Edwards, and Rob Bamberger) and concert
Special Features: Post-screening Q&A with Vince Giordano and filmmaker Amber Edwards, moderated by NPR's Rob Bamberger, plus live musical performance by Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks
Vince Giordano is responsible for the period music in Todd Haynes'...
2011_MD_Viva_11060739AFI -- "Viva Riva!" (w/Djo Tunda Wa Munga)
with director Djo Tunda Wa Munga in person!
Riva is a small time operator who has just returned to his hometown of Kinshasa, Congo after a decade away with a major score: a fortune in hijacked gasoline. With wads of cash in hand and out for a good time, Riva is soon entranced by beautiful...
2016_MD_Wall_Writers_160219261AFI -- "Wall Writers" (w/Roger Gastman, Taki 183, Mike 171, etc)
Special Features: Book event and Q&A with director Roger Gastman and graffiti artists Taki 183, Mike 171, SJK 171, Lewis and more!
Before Banksy was a household name, a group of pioneers started an artistic revolution that would change the urban landscape...
2004_MD_Disney_0405238AFI -- "Walt Disney Treasures – On The Front Lines" (w/John Canemaker)
-- John Canemaker and Dave Bossert.

This was my first-ever event at the AFI/Silver theatre which had opened the previous year. The event featured film from the new Walt Disney Treasures disc "On The Front Lines". It included a feature "Victory Through Air Power" and some other smaller...
2013_MD_Mickle_13092535AFI -- "We Are What We Are" (w/Jim Mickle)
You and a guest are invited to a special advance screening of "We Are What We Are" with director Jim Mickle!
In WE ARE WHAT WE ARE, a seemingly wholesome and benevolent family, the Parkers have always kept to themselves, and for good reason. Behind closed doors, patriarch Frank (Bill Sage, BOARDWALK...
2015_MD_Sauper_15082099AFI -- "We Come As Friends" (w/Hubert Sauper) w/Ann Hornaday
Academy Award®-nominated director Hubert Sauper’s WE COME AS FRIENDS is a modern odyssey – a dizzying, science fiction-like journey into the heart of Africa. At the moment when the Sudan, the continent’s biggest country, is being divided into two nations, an old “civilizing” pathology re-emerges – that...
2015_MD_Sauper_150821118AFI -- "We Come As Friends" (w/Hubert Sauper) w/Lindsey Hutchison
Academy Award®-nominated director Hubert Sauper’s WE COME AS FRIENDS is a modern odyssey – a dizzying, science fiction-like journey into the heart of Africa. At the moment when the Sudan, the continent’s biggest country, is being divided into two nations, an old “civilizing” pathology re-emerges – that...
2009_MD_Wounded_Knee_09020235AFI -- "We Shall Remain" (w/Stanley Nelson)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Stanley Nelson
-- Sky Sitney (AFI/Silverdocs)

We Shall Remain: From the award-winning PBS series American Experience comes "We Shall Remain," a provocative, multimedia project that establishes Native history as an essential part of American history. On February 27, 1973,...
2017_MD_Weirdos_17070760AFI -- "Weirdos" (w/Bruce McDonald)
Weirdos (2016)
Special Features: Q&A with filmmaker Bruce McDonald
Renowned director Bruce McDonald (HARD CORE LOGO, PONTY POOL) — a key figure in Canadian film for over three decades — returns with this offbeat and endearing coming-of-age story about teenagers in small-town Nova Scotia in 1976. As...
2016_MD_When_Kings_16081923AFI -- "When We Were King" (Silver Screens on Veterans Plaza)
Silver Screens on Veterans Plaza:
AFI Silver is excited to announce the launch of a FREE outdoor film series in downtown Silver Spring! Silver Screens is presented by AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center and Montgomery County Councilmember Tom Hucker, with support from the Montgomery County...
2015_MD_Baumbach_1503253AFI -- "While We're Young" (w/Noah Baumbach)
AFI members at the two-star level and above are invited to a free advance screening of While We're Young
Noah Baumbach has been a leading voice in American independent film for two full decades. To commemorate the release of his latest film, WHILE WE'RE YOUNG, AFI Silver presents the mini-retrospective...
2013_MD_White_Reindeer_131226105AFI -- "White Reindeer" (w/Zach Clark and Daryl Pittman)
In person: director Zach Clark and cinematographer Daryl Pittman
Official Selection, 2013 SXSW Film Festival
"An instant holiday season counterclassic." –The New Yorker
"A cool, kinky tale of sudden bereavement, sexual adventure and hard-won hope." –The New York...
2006_MD_Wexler_06032829AFI -- "Who Needs Sleep?" (w/Haskell Wexler)
-- Panel w/???, ???, Haskell Wexler, and Susan Blumenthal

Silverdoc's "DOCS Rx: A World of Documentary on Global Health" program kicks off with the Washington, DC Premiere of Haskell Wexler's "Who Needs Sleep?" Disturbed by the preventable death of a co-worker, filmmaker Haskell Wexler...
2017_MD_Wicker_Man_17040176AFI -- "Wicker Man" (w/Dr. Sarcofiguy)
Special Features: Presented by Dr. Sarcofiguy!
A remote Scottish isle inhabited by neo-pagans practicing fertility rites and sexual magic provides the setting for one of the coolest, creepiest cult classics from the 1970s, written by Tony Award® winner Anthony Shaffer (SLEUTH)....
2012_MD_Wrinkles_12111876AFI -- "Wrinkles" (w/Paco Roca)
WRINKLES [Arrugas]
In person: graphic novelist Paco Roca at both shows!
Filmmaker Ignacio Ferreras brings Paco Roca's award-winning graphic novel to the big screen in this exquisitely rendered animated film, a moving story of friendship and loss. Suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer's, Emilio...
2017_MD_Farthest_17100844AFI --"Farthest" (w/John Rubin and Tom Krimigis) for Parkland Middle School
THE FARTHEST tells the captivating tales of the people and events behind one of humanity’s greatest achievements in exploration: NASA’s Voyager mission, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this August. The twin spacecraft—each with less computing power than a cell phone—used slingshot trajectories to...
2019_MD_Thug_190430157AFI and PEN/Faulkner Foundation's Literary Conversations -- "The Hate U Give" w/Angie Thomas, Russell Hornsby, and Ramunda Young
Literature on Screen: THE HATE U GIVE
Special Features: Discussion with author Angie Thomas and actor Russell Hornsby, moderated by Ramunda Young, MahoganyBooks. With select clips from the film THE HATE U GIVE. Copies of Thomas' novel "The Hate U Give" available for sale and signing.
Author Angie...
2019_MD_Presidents_190529178AFI and Washington Monthly -- Fourth Estate Film Series (2019) -- "All the President's Men" (w/Bob Woodward and Paul Glastris)
Special Features: Intro by Washington Monthly digital editor Eric Cortellessa. Post-screening Q&A with Washington Monthly editor in chief Paul Glastris and legendary journalist Bob Woodward
"Follow the money." Deep Throat's admonition has guided whistleblowers and reporters...
2019_MD_Broadcast_News_190605158AFI and Washington Monthly -- Fourth Estate Film Series (2019) -- "Broadcast News" (w/James L. Brooks and Jane Mayer)
Special Features: Panel discussion with Academy Award®-winning filmmaker James L. Brooks and New Yorker staff writer Jane Mayer, moderated by Washington Monthly digital editor Eric Cortellessa. Introductory remarks were provided by Washington Monthly editor in chief Paul Glastris.
2019_MD_Girl_Friday_19061698AFI and Washington Monthly -- Fourth Estate Film Series (2019) -- "His Girl Friday" (w/Margaret Talbot, Timothy Noah, Thomas Burton, Alexandra Petri, and Eric Cortellessa)
Special Features: June 16 show features panel discussion w New Yorker writer Margaret Talbot; Politico labor editor Timothy Noah, WSJ reporter Thomas Burton, & Washington Post columnist Alexandra Petri, moderated by Washington Monthly's Eric Cortellessa

Perhaps Howard Hawks' most...
2019_MD_Network_190613106AFI and Washington Monthly -- Fourth Estate Film Series (2019) -- "Network" (w/Beth Reinhard, Clarence Page, Arch Campbell, and Paul Glastris)
Special Features: Panel discussion w/Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter Beth Reinhard; Pulitzer Prize-winning Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page; local feature writer Arch Campbell; moderated by Paul Glastris, editor in chief of Washington Monthly

"I'm as mad as hell, and...
2013_DC_AFI_Docs3AFI Docs 2013 -- Miscellaneous shots
2013_DC_Caucus_130622114AFI Docs 2013 -- "Caucus" (w/AJ Schnack, Nathan Truesdell, Chris Cillizza, Matt Beynon, and Alice Stewart) @ Donald Reynolds Center
Caucus: US Premiere:
While the GOP leadership race in 2012 played itself out for the nation on primetime television with camera ready sound bytes and speeches, a documentary film crew led by filmmaker AJ Schnack went behind the scenes to capture the not-so-ready-for-primetime moments that culminate in...
2013_DC_Herblock_130620175AFI Docs 2013 -- "Herblock -- The Black and the White" (w/Michael Stevens, George Stevens Jr., and Ben Gazzale) (incl reception) @ Newseum
Herblock -- The Black and the White:
Filmmaker Michael Stevens paints a lively portrait of influential Washington Post editorial cartoonist Herbert Block whose distinguished 55-year career spanning 13 presidents earned him three Pulitzer Prizes and the Medal of Freedom. Covering a time when cartoons...
2013_DC_Burn_13062232AFI Docs 2013 -- "Let the Fire Burn" (w/Jason Osder) @ Newseum
Let the Fire Burn: Jason Osder
USA, 2013, 95 minutes
On May 13, 1985, Philadelphia’s municipal authorities battling the black liberation group MOVE dropped incendiary, military-grade explosives onto an Osage Avenue row house. The ensuing six-alarm inferno killed five children and six adults,...
2013_DC_Jackie_130619227AFI Docs 2013 -- "Letters to Jackie" (w/Bill Couturie, Ben Gazzale, and Scott Keogh) (incl reception) @ Newseum
Letters to Jackie:
When President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, the world came to a crashing halt as the nation grieved for its leader whose promise of a brighter future was cut tragically short. During this time the president's widow, Jacqueline Kennedy, received thousands of letters from...
2013_DC_Lost4Life_13062262AFI Docs 2013 -- "Lost for Life" (w/Joshua Rofe) @ Donald Reynolds Center
Lost for Life -- World Premiere:
Is it right for juvenile offenders to receive lifetime prison sentences without parole? This thought-provoking film explores the complex issue with input from both the perpetrators – all charged with first degree murder – and the victims' families. As they revisit the...
2013_DC_Not_Anymore_13062316AFI Docs 2013 -- "Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution" (w/Matthew VanDyke) @ Newseum
Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution:
This vivid film explores the Syrian revolution as told through the experiences of two of its deeply affected citizens. Mowya is a dedicated male rebel fighter and Nour a young female journalist who risks her life in pursuit of the truth. By sharing their harrowing...
2013_DC_Our_Nixon_130622112AFI Docs 2013 -- "Our Nixon" (w/Penny Lane, Lee Huebner, Dwight Chapin, and Jake Tapper) @ Natl Archives
Washington, DC, premiere of Our Nixon:
Throughout Richard Nixon’s Presidency, three of his top White House aides (John Erlichman, H.R. Haldeman, Dwight Chapin) documented their experiences with Super 8 home movie cameras. The documentary Our Nixon presents those home movies for the first time, along...
2014_DC_Holbrook_140618281AFI Docs 2014 -- "Holbrook/Twain: An American Odyssey" (w/Hal Holbrook and Scott Teems) @ Newseum
Celebrated actor Hal Holbrook has carved out a prolific career in film, television and theater, but one role, which he has played since 1954, has become indelibly associated with him: Mark Twain. For 60 years, Holbrook has been touring with his award-winning one-man...
2014_DC_Virunga_14102961AFI Docs 2014 -- "Virunga" (w/Orlando von Einsiedel, Joanna Natasegara, Emmanual de Merode & Andre Bauma) @ Landmark E Street Cinema
AFI Docs and Netflix invite you and a guest to a special screening of VIRUNGA
A film by Orlando von Einsiedel
Q&A following the film with Director Orlando von Einsiedel, producer Joanna Natasegara, Virgunga National Park Director Emmanual de Merode & Virunga National Park Ranger Andre Bauma. Moderated...
2015_DC_Hot_Type_15061952AFI Docs 2015 -- "Hot Type: 150 Years of The Nation" (w/Barbara Kopple) @ Newseum
Two-time Oscar® winner Barbara Kopple (Harlan County, USA) focuses on the esteemed weekly The Nation. Founded in 1865 by abolitionist Republicans, the iconic progressive publication accepts no revenue from advertisers, enabling its ahead-of-the-pack critiques of the...
2016_DC_Herzog_16062475AFI Docs 2016 -- Guggenheim Symposium and Screening of "Lo and Behold" (w/Werner Herzog) w/Ramin Bahrani) @ Newseum
Advance tickets for the Guggenheim Symposium are no longer available. There will be a standby line at the screening for any unclaimed seats. Limited seating will also be available for AFI DOCS pass holders, please visit our Passes page for more...
2016_DC_HBO_Reception_16062460AFI Docs 2016 -- HBO Documentary Films Reception @ Prequel
The American Film Institute invites you and a guest to attend
HBO Documentary Films Reception
at AFI Docs 2016
celebrating the HBO documentary films featured at AFI Docs this year.
Filmmakers seen here include Olivia Booker ("Pit Stop"), David Farrier ("Tickled"), Tom Fassaert ("A Family Affair"),...
2016_DC_Check_It_160625126AFI Docs 2016 -- "Check It" (w/Dana Flor and Check It folks) @ Newseum
Spotlight Screening
In the heart of the nation's capital, the Check It is a street gang comprised of gay and transgender teens who support each other in the face of outside bullying, attacks and discrimination. The group struggles with an existence underscored by violence, poverty and...
2016_DC_Crashing_16061552AFI Docs 2016 -- "Crashing the Party" (w/David Sigal, Don Baer, Jonathan Martin, Matt Bai, and Eleanor Clift) @ Landmark E Street Cinema
The American Film Institute invites you and a guest to
Panel and Q&A after the film with:
* Don Baer (moderator)
* Jonathan Martin
* Matt Bai
* Eleanor Clift
With the very survival of the Democratic Party on the line after the three worst presidential...
2016_DC_Life_Animated_160625157AFI Docs 2016 -- "Life Animated" (w/Roger Ross Williams, Ron, Cornelia, Walter, and Owen Suskind) @ Newseum
Spotlight Screening
At the age of three, Owen Suskind was diagnosed on the autism spectrum and nearly four years passed without any verbal communication between him and his family. One day Owen's father posed a question to his son using a hand puppet of the bird Iago — from the Walt...
2016_DC_Mapplethorpe_16032825AFI Docs 2016 -- "Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures" (w/Randy Barbato) @ Landmark E Street Cinema
The American Film Institute invites you to "Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures". Conversation after the film with filmmaker Randy Barbato.
Emmy® winners Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato (HBO’s “Wishful Drinking”) offer a revealing portrait of one of the most important artists of the 20th century in the...
2016_DC_No_Mas_16011131AFI Docs 2016 -- "No Mas Bebes" (w/Renee Tajima-Pena) @ Landmark E Street Cinema
NO MÁS BEBÉS tells the story of a little-known, but landmark event of women’s history and reproductive rights, a struggle that unfolded four decades ago in Los Angeles. The film recounts how a small group of Mexican immigrant mothers and activists sued county doctors, the state, and the U.S. government...
2016_DC_Lear_160626222AFI Docs 2016 -- "Norman Lear: Just Another Version of You" (w/Norman Lear, Heidi Ewing, and Rachel Grady) @ Newseum
Closing Night Gala
Dir. Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady; 2015; 91 min
At 93, an energetic, funny and thoughtful Norman Lear looks back on a career that defined television comedy in the 1970s and beyond, including classics such as ALL IN THE FAMILY, THE JEFFERSONS...
2016_DC_Shorts_Reception_16062524AFI Docs 2016 -- "Shorts at AFI Docs 2016 Reception" @ The Source
The American Film Institute invites you and a guest to attend the
Shorts at AFI Docs 2016 Reception
celebrating the short films featured at AFI Docs this year.
Film personnel photographed include Gunnar Bergdahl ("Tracks").
2015_DC_Moore_15111640AFI Docs 2016 -- "Where To Invade Next" (w/Michael Moore, Tia Lessin, and Jason Dick) @ Landmark E Street Cinema
Academy Award®-winning director Michael Moore returns with what may be his most provocative and hilarious film yet: Moore tells the Pentagon to "stand down" — he will do the invading for...
2016_DC_Zero_Days_160622135AFI Docs 2016 -- "Zero Days" (w/Alex Gibney, Ann Hornaday, David Sanger, Liam O'Murchu, and Eric Chien) @ Newseum
Zero Days
Opening Night Gala
North American Premiere
When independent Internet technicians discovered a chillingly powerful computer virus unlike anything they'd seen before, signs pointed not merely to recreational or criminal hackers, but to a high-stakes game of cyber warfare between nations....
2017_DC_Poitras_17061649AFI Docs 2017 -- Guggenheim Symposium (w/Laura Poitras) @ Newseum
Each year, the AFI DOCS Charles Guggenheim Symposium honors masters of the non-fiction art form who inspire audiences by documenting and exploring the human experience. The Symposium takes place during the documentary festival and celebrates a master documentary filmmaker and their...
2017_DC_Look2Right_17061769AFI Docs 2017 -- Look to the Right (w/Ann Hornaday and Michael Pack) @ Landmark E Street Cinema
In recent years, conservative documentaries have achieved impressive reach with audiences despite being largely absent from the festival, art-house and TV circuits. Filmmaker Michael Pack (THE FALL OF NEWT GINGRICH) discusses how...
2017_DC_Evidence_17061547AFI Docs 2017 -- "I Am Evidence" (w/Mariska Hargitay and Trish Adlesic) @ Landmark E Street Cinema
Dir. Trish Adlesic, Geeta Gandbhir; 2017; 89 min
Thousands of untested sexual assault evidence kits are languishing in storage facilities across the U.S. — and law enforcement inaction means serial perpetrators are at liberty to strike again. This urgent and eye-opening film investigates...
2017_DC_Icarus_17061473AFI Docs 2017 -- "Icarus" (w/Bryan Fogel and Dan Cogan) @ Newseum
An amateur American cyclist opts to up his game and experiment with performance-enhancing drugs. But his research leads him to a notorious Moscow lab director — and he soon finds himself entangled in the highest levels of the Russian government. – Mimi Brody
Tickets to the Opening Night gala of...
2017_DC_Muhi_1706171AFI Docs 2017 -- "Muhi" (w/Rina Castelnuovo-Hollander) @ Landmark E Street Cinema
Rina Castelnuovo-Hollander at the step and repeat.
2017_DC_Tough_Guys_170615110AFI Docs 2017 -- "Tough Guys" (w/Morgan Spurlock, Henry Roosevelt, W.B. Zullo, Bill Viola and Frank Caliguri) @ Landmark E Street Cinema
Dir. Henry Roosevelt, W.B. Zullo; 2017; 78 min
Told through the colorful stories of scrappy brawlers and amateur promoters, TOUGH GUYS brings to life the birth of mixed martial arts competitions in 1980s Pittsburgh. The idea to legitimize street fighting by putting it in the ring brought...
2018_DC_James_18061472AFI Docs 2018 -- Guggenheim Symposium Honoring Steve James @ Natl Museum of American History
Interviewed by Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune
Including The East Coast Premiere Of Episode One Of The Starz Original Docu-Series AMERICA TO ME
The AFI DOCS Charles Guggenheim Symposium honors masters of the non-fiction art form who inspire...
2018_DC_Above_Beyond_18061567AFI Docs 2018 -- "Above And Beyond: NASA's Journey To Tomorrow" (w/Rory Kennedy, Charles Bolden, Ellen Stofan) @ National Air and Space Museum
AFI DOCS Special Screening of
A film by Rory Kennedy
Panel discussion following the screening with Emmy® Award-winning director Rory Kennedy and others from the film.

Rory Kennedy tells the stories of the...
2018_DC_Personal_Stmt2_18061373AFI Docs 2018 -- "Personal Statement" (w/Juliane Dressner, Edwin Martinez, Karoline, Enoch and Christine) @ Newseum -- Presentation
For its 16th edition, AFI’s annual celebration of documentary film in the nation’s capital will open with the world premiere of PERSONAL STATEMENT (DIRS Juliane Dressner and Edwin Martinez)
Three seniors at Brooklyn high schools are determined to get their entire classes to college, even though they...
2018_DC_Personal_Stmt_180613109AFI Docs 2018 -- "Personal Statement" (w/Juliane Dressner, Edwin Martinez, Karoline, Enoch and Christine) @ Newseum -- Receptions
For its 16th edition, AFI’s annual celebration of documentary film in the nation’s capital will open with the world premiere of PERSONAL STATEMENT (DIRS Juliane Dressner and Edwin Martinez)
Three seniors at Brooklyn high schools are determined to get their entire classes to college, even though they...
2018_DC_Fourth_Estate_18051576AFI Docs 2018 -- "The Fourth Estate" (w/Liz Garbus, Jenny Carchman, Justin Wilkes, Elisabeth Bumiller, Peter Baker, Michael Shear) @ Naval Memorial
AFI Docs Film Series
The American Film Institute invites you and a guest to The Fourth Estate.
See the first episode of the four-part Showtime® documentary series the Fourth Estate.
Followed By A Conversation With:
* Liz Garbus – Director And Producer, The Fourth Estate
* Jenny Carchman –...
2019_DC_Hail_Satan_19041631AFI Docs 2019 -- "Hail Satan?" (w/Penny Lane) @ Landmark E Street Cinemal
The American Film Institute Invites You And A Guest To Hail Satan?
Directed by Penny Lane, this hilarious documentary follows the growth of the Satanic Temple, one of the most colorful and controversial religious movements in today’s American political arena. The screening will be followed by a...
2019_DC_Knock_Down_19042968AFI Docs 2019 -- "Knock Down the House" (w/Rachel Lears, Amy Vilela, Kasie Hunt) @ Naval Heritage Center
AFI Docs And Meet The Press Invite You To
Knock Down The House
Q&A to follow with filmmaker Rachel Lears, moderated by NBC News’ Kasie Hunt.
This rousing documentary follows four extraordinary women—Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Amy Vilela, Cori Bush, and Paula Jean Swearengin—who take on the...
2019_DC_Dr_Ruth_19041782AFI Docs 2019 and JxJ -- "Ask Dr. Ruth" (w/Dr. Ruth and Ryan White) @ Natl Museum of Amer History
Hulu, Magnolia Pictures, Afi Docs, Jxj And Smithsonian Theaters Invite You To Ask Dr. Ruth
Dr. Ruth and director Ryan White will both be in attendance.
ASK DR. RUTH chronicles the incredible life of Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a Holocaust survivor who became America’s most famous sex therapist. With her...
2019_DC_Legacy_190620130AFI Docs 2019 & CPB -- Panel: Cinema's Legacy: Innovations in Nonfiction Storytelling @ Newseum
AFI Docs
Cinema's Legacy: Innovations in Nonfiction Storytelling
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting and AFI DOCS invite you to a reception and panel celebrating public media's rich history of nonfiction storytelling.
Speakers in sequence:
* Bob Gazzale, President and CEO of the American Film...
2021_MD_AFI_Docs101AFI Docs 2021 -- Marquee
2021_MD_LFG_21062386AFI Docs 2021 -- "LFG" (w/Abby Greensfelder, Andrea Nix Fine, Sean Fine) @ AFI/Silver
Before the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup, the players of the U.S. women’s national soccer team filed a class-action, gender discrimination lawsuit against its employer, the U.S. Soccer Federation. This action is a landmark case — the largest public battle in sports since Title IX. LFG (the meaning of...
2021_MD_Storm_Lake_21062451AFI Docs 2021 -- "Storm Lake" (w/Jerry Risius and Beth Levison) @ AFI/Silver
Special Features: Post-screening pre-recorded conversation with directors Beth Levison and Jerry Risius and subject Art Cullen, moderated by The Washington Post Media Columnist Margaret Sullivan
Meet the Cullens — Iowa's most impressive journalism family. For more than 30 years, Art Cullen,...
2021_MD_First_Step_21062348AFI Docs 2021 -- "The First Step" (w/Van Jones, Brandon Kramer, Lance Kramer) @ AFI/Silver
In the face of Donald Trump’s 2016 election, CNN commentator Van Jones, devastated by the outcome, decides that, rather than "resist, resist, resist," he will instead engage directly with the new administration. Jones, a longtime advocate for prison reform, sees an unlikely opportunity...
2021_MD_Slow_Hustle_2106248AFI Docs 2021 -- "The Slow Hustle" (w/Mahrya MacIntire) @ AFI/Silver
Special Features: World Premiere. Post-screening pre-recorded conversation with director Sonja Sohn and producer Marc Levin moderated by President of the African American Film Critics Association Gil Robertson
At a time when police departments throughout the U.S. are under fire, the...
2021_MD_Story_210627122AFI Docs 2021 -- "The Story Won't Die" (w/David Henry Gerson) @ AFI/Silver
Special Features: U.S. Premiere. Post-screening pre-recorded conversation with director David Henry Gerson, producer Odessa Rae and subjects Bahila Hijazi and Medhat Aldaabal, moderated by President of the African American Film Critics Association Gil Robertson
In their homeland of...
2007_MD_Summercamp_0710088AFI Silverdocs 2007 -- "Summercamp!" (w/Sarah Price)
-- Sarah Price interviewed by Sky Sitney

SilverDocs presents director Sarah Price with "Summercamp!" (Interviewed by Sky Sitney.)
This nostalgic charmer follows the day-to-day drama when 90 kids are let loose in the woods at Swift Nature Camp in northern Wisconsin. At camp, kids can be...
2007_MD_SS_Docs_0706155AFI Silverdocs 2007 @ Silver Plaza ("Heart of Gold")
This was a free screening of Jonathan Demme's "Heart of Gold" documentary tied in with the AFI Silver Docs festival. The free screening was held on the Silver Spring Plaza by the fountain. The audience was totally different from the Talking Heads one the night before -- very sedate!
2007_MD_SS_Docs_07061429AFI Silverdocs 2007 @ Silver Plaza ("Stop Making Sense")
This was a free screening of Jonathan Demme's "Stop Making Sense" documentary tied in with the AFI Silver Docs festival. The free screening was held on the Silver Spring Plaza by the fountain. The audience was great!
2009_MD_Maysles_090618112AFI Silverdocs 2009 -- Guggenheim Symposium honoring Albert Maysles
Speakers in sequence:
-- Sky Sitney (AFI/Silverdocs)
-- Christo and Jeanne-Claude
-- Barbara Kopple
-- Albert Maysles interviewed by Lisa Schwarzbaum
-- Grace Guggenheim presenting the award

Guggenheim Symposium honoring legendary documentary filmmaker Albert Maysles. Artists Christo and...
2010_MD_Wiseman_100624107AFI Silverdocs 2010 -- Guggenheim Symposium honoring Frederick Wiseman
Speakers in sequence:
- Bob Gazzale, president of AFI
- Paula A. Kerger, president of PBS
- Frederick Wiseman in conversation with Davis Guggenheim
- Grace and Davis Guggenheim presenting the award to Mr. Wiseman

Guggenheim Symposium honoring legendary documentary filmmaker Frederick...
2010_MD_Silverdocs74AFI Silverdocs 2010 -- Miscellaneous
2010_MD_Drew_10091968AFI Silverdocs 2010 -- "An Evening with..." (Robert Drew)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Sky Sitney (AFI/Silverdocs)
-- Ron Sutton
-- Robert Drew

AFI-Discovery Channel Silverdocs presents: An Evening with Robert Drew
In Person: Filmmaker Robert Drew will lead a discussion following the program.
On the 50th anniversary of the release of PRIMARY,...
2010_MD_Nolan_10062675AFI Silverdocs 2010 -- "Disappearance of McKinley Nolan" (w/Danny Glover)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Sky Sitney (AFI/Silverdocs),
-- Danny Glover
-- Henry Corra
-- ???

A captive? A traitor? A radical? An American operative? Forty years after Pvt. McKinley Nolan vanished in Vietnam, the Nolan family suddenly learns that there is...
2010_MD_Mine_100227109AFI Silverdocs 2010 -- "Mine" (w/Erin Essenmacher and Scotlund Haisley) plus Reception @ Jackie's
Speakers in sequence:
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI)
-- Amy King,
-- Panel with Amy King, Scotlund Haisley, and Erin Essenmacher

AFI/Discovery Channel SilverDocs Presents: MINE
Hailed as "absorbing," "a must see," "Oscar material" and "the best movie at SXSW," this is a documentary about the bond...
2010_MD_Restrepo_10062579AFI Silverdocs 2010 -- "Restrepo" (w/Sebastian Junger and Lara Logan)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Sky Sitney (AFI/Silverdocs)
-- Sebastian Junger
-- Panel discussion with Dan Kearney, Sebastian Junger, and Lara Logan

Sebastian Junger, Tim Hetherington 2009
Armed only with cameras and a fierce commitment to present an unmediated vision of combat,...
2010_MD_Border_10062396AFI Silverdocs 2010 -- "South of the Border" (w/Oliver Stone)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Todd Hitchcock (AFI)
-- Oliver Stone
-- Panel with Oliver Stone, ???, Mark Weisbrot, Cynthia Arnson, and Neal Conan.

Oliver Stone 2009
In his new documentary SOUTH OF THE BORDER, Academy Award-winning director Oliver Stone embarks on a road trip to...
2010_MD_Tillman_10062670AFI Silverdocs 2010 -- "Tillman Story" (w/Amir Bar-Lev)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Sky Sitney (AFI/Silverdocs)
-- Amir Bar-Lev
-- Amir Bar-Lev interviewed by Jeffrey Brown

When popular NFL star defensive back Pat Tillman walked away from a multimillion-dollar contract with the Arizona Cardinals in May 2002 to join the Army, he...
2010_MD_Superman_10062395AFI Silverdocs 2010 -- "Waiting for Superman" (w/Davis Guggenheim, Michelle Rhee, and Randi Weingarten)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Sky Sitney (AFI)
-- ???
-- Davis Guggenheim
-- Leslie Chilcott
-- Panel with Claudio Sanchez, Davis Guggenheim, Randi Weingarten, and Michelle Rhee
-- Sky Sitney (again)

Davis Guggenheim 2010
Categories: Special - Centerpiece
When we...
2010_MD_Dyson_10062564AFI Silverdocs 2010 Conf -- Announcing the Public Media Corps
Who defines public media? What is the future of public broadcasting as a relevant form of engagement for communities of color? How can various technology and broader trends in social media be used to increase public media's...
2010_MD_Behind_10062638AFI Silverdocs 2010 Conf -- Behind-the-Scenes Guide to Capitol Hill for Filmmakers
Join a bipartisan panel of high-powered legislative staffers who will take you on a behind-the-scenes look at how laws and policies are made in Washington, the people who make them and how you can best position your film to engage policy makers....
2010_MD_Lunch_10062563AFI Silverdocs 2010 Conf -- CPB Filmmaker Networking Luncheon
2010_MD_Persp_War_10062557AFI Silverdocs 2010 Conf -- Documentary Perspectives on War
Join filmmakers Amir Bar-Lev (THE TILLMAN STORY), Henry Corra (DISAPPEARANCE OF MCKINLEY NOLAN), and Sebastian Junger (RESTREPO) in conversation with Washington Post Cultural Critic, Philip Kennicott.
2010_MD_EduMarket_10062522AFI Silverdocs 2010 Conf -- Educational Market -- No Movie Left Behind
What every filmmaker need to know about handicapping their film for educational distribution: delivery, length, standards of learning and content issues, and acquisition priorities of leading distributors. What works and...
2010_MD_POV_10062511AFI Silverdocs 2010 Conf -- Focus on American Documentary -- POV
POV—public television’s premier showcase for independent documentaries—reaches over 97 percent of American TV viewers with a cumulative audience average of 2.5 million per program. The 800 programs submitted for consideration each year undergo a rigorous review...
2010_MD_ITVS_10062631AFI Silverdocs 2010 Conf -- ITVS Seminar: Hands-on Guide to Creating a Dynamite Work-in-Progress
As the single biggest funder of independent documentaries on television, the Independent Television Service has become indispensable for filmmakers seeking major funding for...
2010_MD_Smaller_100626130AFI Silverdocs 2010 Conf -- Making a Smaller World: Youth Voices Speak Up
Young filmmakers representing the scope of film-oriented programs from all over the world will discuss their projects from inspiration to fulfillment—unfiltered by adults. At this panel they will screen their films and share their stories of how filmmaking...
2010_MD_Forgive_10062511AFI Silverdocs 2010 Conf -- Moving Images = Making Connections
Centering on the documentary film AS WE FORGIVE, Renee Shea will discuss strategies to analyze documentary film as nonfiction essay. Winner of the 2008 Academy Award for Best Student Documentary, director...
2010_MD_Discovery18AFI Silverdocs 2010 Conf -- Silver Session w/Discovery
A 14-year programming and development veteran with Discovery Communications, Kevin Bennett has been instrumental in the development of three networks – Discovery Health Channel, Discovery Times Channel and ID. Now he has brought his arsenal of skills and gut instinct to Discovery...
2010_MD_Silver_10062617AFI Silverdocs 2010 Conf -- Silver sessions
2010_MD_Briefing_10062664AFI Silverdocs 2010 Conf -- Special Briefing with Danny Glover and LinkTV
Come get a sneak peek at LinkTV’s—a next generation multimedia website that harnesses the power of storytelling to help reduce poverty, hunger and disease in the developing world. See how this cutting...
2010_MD_Whiz_1006266AFI Silverdocs 2010 Conf -- Special Screening: Whiz Kids
Come see a screening of a new documentary film featuring the stories of students who compete for the Intel Science Search Award. Screening to be followed by discussion with the film's director, students and stars from the film.
2010_MD_Tech_10062521AFI Silverdocs 2010 Conf -- Technology of the Future in Education
Technology of the Future in Education: Cellphones, iPads, Blogging, oh my!
A distinguished panel of education experts will highlight many of the challenges that face the 21st-century educator who is confronted by students literate in the world of texting, blogging and filmmaking.
2010_MD_Killed_BHM_10062537AFI Silverdocs 2010 Conf -- Who Killed Black History Month?
WHO KILLED BLACK HISTORY MONTH? Teaching, Learning, and Celebrating African American History in the Digital Age
MORE THAN A MONTH follows African-American filmmaker Shukree Hassan Tilghman on a cross-country campaign to end Black History Month. Through this journey, we investigate what the treatment of...
2011_MD_Discovery_Garden_11062521AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- Closing Night Party @ Discovery Garden
2011_MD_ESPN_11062437AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- ESPN Party @ Civic Building
2011_MD_Discovery_Roof_11062287AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- Evening Party w/Batalia @ Discovery Roof
Evening Party: Discovery Roof w//Batalia
2011_MD_McGintys_11062125AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- Evening reception @ McGinty's
2011_MD_Pennebaker_110623113AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- Guggenheim Symposium honoring DA Pennebaker & Chris Hegedus
GUGGENHEIM SYMPOSIUM: D A Pennebaker, Chris Hegedus
Chris Hegedus and D A Pennebaker are luminaries in the art of cinema vérité, widely recognized for their unyielding commitment to telling stories that reveal the full spectrum of American life. With a collective body of work spanning over fifty years,...
2011_MD_Happy_Hour_11062240AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- Happy Hour @ Civic Building
Chicken and Egg featuring Michael Lerman 8-bit player
2011_MD_Silverdocs37AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- Miscellaneous
2011_MD_Opening_110620116AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- Opening night reception @ Civic Building
2011_MD_Champions118AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Age of Champions" (w/Christopher Rufo) (two sessions incl World Premier)
AGE OF CHAMPIONS: Christopher Rufo 2011
A team of hard-elbowing, trash-talking basketball grandmothers. A feisty 100-year-old tennis player. An indomitable pole-vaulter and his new rival. Washington, DC’s octogenarian Tatum brothers, still swimming like much younger men. These are the elite National...
2011_MD_Beats_11062118AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest" (w/Michael Rapaport and Phife Dawg)
Acclaimed actor Michael Rapaport goes behind the camera to document the inner workings and behind-the-scenes drama of one of the most innovative and influential hip-hop bands of all time, A Tribe Called Quest. For twenty...
2011_MD_Being_Elmo_11062155AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey" (w/Kevin Clash)
Elmo is an instantly recognizable icon that brings joy to people all over the globe on “Sesame Street,” but who is the man behind the lovable red puppet? This inspiring film tells the story of Baltimore native Kevin Clash, who dreamed of being a...
2011_MD_Better_11062316AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Better This World"
BETTER THIS WORLD: Kelly Duane de la Vega, Katie Galloway 2011
When childhood friends David McKay and Bradley Crowder make Molotov cocktails at the 2008 Republican Convention under the tutelage of their charismatic leader, Brandon Darby, a dramatic story unfolds, with multiple domestic terrorism...
2011_MD_Buck_11062135AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Buck"
BUCK: Cindy Meehl 2010
Cindy Meehl’s lyrical film BUCK profiles the real-life inspiration for the bestselling book and hit film THE HORSE WHISPERER, Buck Brannaman. Based on his own harrowing experiences while growing up, Buck’s remarkable rapport with animals helps fix “horses with people problems.” A...
2011_MD_Bully82AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Bully Project" (w/Lee Hirsch) (two sessions)
THE BULLY PROJECT: Lee Hirsch 2011
Director Lee Hirsch tackles the timely topic of bullying in this sensitive examination of an urgent crisis in American society. The film follows five students and their families over the course of one school year as their lives are affected in different ways by...
2011_MD_Campfire_1106248AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Campfire Stories"
Way before movies, we shared the stories of our lives lit by the flicker of the campfire. Now, a group of filmmakers and their stars gather 'round the embers to swap tales of the scene that got away, or the best moments they never filmed. Enjoy this rare, intimate opportunity to hear...
2011_MD_Catching_11062422AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Catching Hell" (w/Alex Gibney)
CATCHING HELL: Alex Gibney 2011
When unassuming baseball fan Steve Bartman deflected a foul ball that outfielder Moises Alou intended to catch during game six of the 2003 National League Championship Series between the Florida Marlins and the Chicago Cubs, in a single instant Bartman became the most...
2011_MD_Despicable_1106213AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Despicable Dick and Righteous Richard" (w/Joshua Neele) @ McGinty's
Sixty-eight year old chronic rascal Dick Kuchera has spent a lifetime alienating everyone in his path with his rude, dishonest and obnoxious behavior. On a self-proclaimed path to righteousness, Dick is working a 12-step program to finally get...
2011_MD_Donor_Unknown_11062121AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Donor Unknown"
DONOR UNKNOWN: Jerry Rothwell 2010
Twenty-year-old JoEllen Marsh was raised by two loving mothers in Pennsylvania who used a carefully chosen anonymous sperm donor to conceive her. When JoEllen discovers an online registry that connects her to several other young adults fathered by the same donor, she...
2011_MD_Dragonslayer_11062415AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Dragonslayer"
DRAGONSLAYER: Tristan Patterson 2010
Abandoned swimming pools, plentiful drugs, punk-rock rhythms – skateboard movies have been there already. But few are as vibrant or visionary as DRAGONSLAYER, which follows first-rate oddball Josh "Screech" Sandoval as he drifts between mild notoriety on the skate...
2011_MD_Family_Instinct_11062410AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Family Instinct"
FAMILY INSTINCT: Andris Gauja 2010
Unique, chaotic and verging on the surreal, FAMILY INSTINCT maps the concept of family gone awry: an unsparing exploration of a Latvian household built on the incestuous relationship between Zanda and her brother, Valdis. Zanda has a hardscrabble existence, with...
2011_MD_Give_Up_11062126AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Give Up Tomorrow" (w/Michael Collins and Michael Syjuco)
GIVE UP TOMORROW: Michael Collins 2010
Filmed over nearly a decade on three continents and four countries, the film chronicles the controversial case – dubbed the nation’s “Trial of the Century” – of Paco Larrañaga, a culinary student, who, with six others, was arrested for and accused of the kidnap,...
2011_MD_Good_Man_11062316AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Good Man"
GOOD MAN, A: Bob Hercules, Gordon Quinn 2011
A GOOD MAN follows choreographer Bill T. Jones as he and his company create an ambitious performance piece in honor of Abraham Lincoln"s bicentennial. The film explores ideas of race, history and identity as Jones struggles to dramatize the story of Lincoln...
2011_MD_Green_Wave_11062214AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Green Wave"
THE GREEN WAVE: Ali Samadi Ahadi 2010
In early 2009, a new generation of Iranians hoped for change through the upcoming presidential elections. Fueled by youthful exuberance and media technology, a groundswell—the so-called Green Wave—emerged to challenge the status quo, and caused a seismic shift in...
2011_MD_Hot_Coffee30AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Hot Coffee" (w/Susan Saladoff) (two sessions)
HOT COFFEE: Susan Saladoff 2010
Using the infamous lawsuit against McDonald’s for injuries caused by hot coffee as a jumping-off point, the film investigates the various ways that corporate interests seek to block people from using the civil court system. From personal vilification of victims to tort...
2011_MD_Tree_Falls_11062110AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "If A Tree Falls: The Story of the Earth Liberation Front"
In following one man’s arrest on charges of domestic terrorism, IF A TREE FALLS explores both the trial of activist Daniel McGowan and the activities of the Earth Liberation Front, a radical environmentalist group dedicated...
2011_MD_Jiro_11062224AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" (w/David Gelb)
A feast for the senses, JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI introduces us to master chef Jiro Ono, proprietor of the revered 10-seat, $300-a-plate Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant in Tokyo. From early-morning fish markets to tuna auctions to the meticulous daily routines of the...
2011_MD_Karamay_11062611AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Karamay" (w/Karin Chien)
KARAMAY: Xu Xin 2010
On December 8, 1994, in the Chinese city of Karamay a horrific fire broke out in the government-built Friendship Hall, where schoolchildren were putting on a performance for state leaders. More than 300 people " mostly children " perished in the fire while obediently remaining in...
2011_MD_Kiss_Paper_1106215AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Kiss the Paper"
KISS THE PAPER: Fiona Otway 2010
Letterpress printmaking has experienced a renaissance among design junkies, but it"s always had a refuge in Alan Runfeldt"s barn. He loves the singular beauty of hand-set type, but he feels an even deeper loyalty to his outmoded, cumbersome machines and the purposeful...
2011_MD_Life_11062620AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Life In A Day"
LIFE IN A DAY: Kevin Macdonald 2011
What would happen if a team of renowned producers put out a call for people –professional filmmakers and non-professionals alike – to document what is going on in their lives, whether it’s epic or benign, on, say, July 24, 2010, and make it available on YouTube? The...
2011_MD_Loving_11062418AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Loving Story"
THE LOVING STORY: Nancy Buirski 2011
Mildred and Richard Loving never imagined that their unassuming love story would be the basis of a watershed civil rights case in which the United States Supreme Court declared Virginia's anti-miscegenation statute unconstitutional. But in 1967, when this...
2011_MD_Never_Make_11062623AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Never Make It Home"
NEVER MAKE IT HOME: G.J. Echternkamp 2011
NEVER MAKE IT HOME is a masterful music doc about Split Lip Rayfield, a phenomenal alt-bluegrass band, but it’s also an honest portrait of the last days of the late, great Kirk Rundstrom. Stricken by cancer and told he only has two months to live, Kirk leaves...
2011_MD_Page1_1106226AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Page One: Inside the New York Times" (w/Bruce Headlam and Andew Rossi)
All the news that’s fit to print is resized for the big screen in this captivating look inside the New York Times’ newsroom over the course of a year. Filmmaker Andrew Rossi plants himself at the Times’ Media Desk and reveals items that make...
2011_MD_Rebirth_11062426AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Rebirth"
REBIRTH: Jim Whitaker 2010
How do people go on after suffering through unimaginable loss? With countless lives devastated by the terrorist attacks in New York City on September 11, 2001, REBIRTH follows five individuals over the course of ten years who were profoundly affected that day. As each person...
2011_MD_Redemption21AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Redemption of General Butt Naked" (w/Daniele Anastasion and Eric Strauss) (two sessions)
THE REDEMPTION OF GENERAL BUTT NAKED: Daniele Anastasion, Eric Strauss 2011
One of the most feared and ruthless warlords of Liberia’s First Civil War, Joshua Milton Blahyi was also known as General Butt Naked due to his fondness for fighting in a primal state, wearing nothing but a pair of sturdy boots...
2011_MD_Renee_11062326AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Renee" (w/Renee Richards)
RENÉE: Eric Drath 2011
In 1975 successful ophthalmologist Dr. Richard Raskind, a divorced father, underwent gender reassignment surgery and officially became Renee Richards following years of struggling with gender identity issues. When Renee, a natural athlete, embarked on a professional tennis career...
2011_MD_Rescuers_11062218AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Rescuers" (w/Michael King)
THE RESCUERS: Michael King 2011
Filmmaker Michael King follows Rwandan antigenocide activist Stephanie Nyombayire as she teams up with noted Holocaust historian Sir Martin Gilbert to trace the little-known story of 12 diplomats who put themselves at great risk to help save tens of thousands of Jews...
2011_MD_Toynbee_Dead61AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Resurrect Dead: Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles" (w/Jon Foy) (two sessions)
Have you ever seen a handmade linoleum tile embedded in the street reading “Toynbee Idea in Movie 2001. Resurrect Dead on Planet Jupiter”? For nearly 30 years, "Toynbee tiles" have been appearing with some variation of this cryptic...
2011_MD_Revenge_11062575AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Revenge of the Electric Car"
When the electric car first appeared on the scene in the 1990s, it seemed to hold great promise for the future. That is, until its mass production was abruptly – and rather dubiously – shut down. Yet today, with gas prices skyrocketing and established car...
2011_MD_Scenes_11062522AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Scenes of a Crime"
SCENES OF A CRIME: Blue Hadaegh, Grover Babcock 2011
Why would anyone confess to a crime he didn’t commit? SCENES OF A CRIME looks at the disturbing case of Adrian Thomas, a man arrested on suspicion of killing his infant son. Taken to a Troy, New York, police station, Thomas was mercilessly...
2011_MD_Semper_Fi_11062530AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Semper Fi: Always Faithful" (w/Rachel Libert, Tony Hardmon)
SEMPER FI: ALWAYS FAITHFUL: Rachel Libert, Tony Hardmon 2011
Retired Master Sgt. Jerry Ensminger devoted 25 years of service to the U.S. Marines, whose motto, “Semper Fidelis,” means “Always Faithful.” When his 9-year-old daughter dies from a rare form of leukemia in 1985 while living at Camp Lejeune...
2011_MD_Between_Us_11062230AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Shorts Program: Between Us"

BLUE RINSE | Matt Leigh 2010
FOR MARIA | Tora Mårtens 2010
MINKA | Davina Pardo 2011
NIGHT AT THE DANCE | Annie Silverstein 2011
STILL HERE | Alex Camilleri 2010
MOTHERSBANE | Jason Jakaitis 2010
OH MY GOD, DEAR GOD | Julia Poplawska 2010

2011_MD_Labor_Pains_11062518AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Shorts Program: Labor Pains"

GUAÑAPE SUR | János Richter 2010
HUMANOIDS | Mariana Oliva 2010
THREE WALLS | Zaheed Mawani 2010
TUGS | Jessica Edwards 2011
WATER | Bari Pearlman 2011

GUAÑAPE SUR: János Richter 2010
A barren island off the coast of Peru is the breeding ground for thousands...
2011_MD_Character_11062513AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Shorts Program: Out of Character"

THE BOWLER | Sean Dunne 2010
IRMA | Charles Fairbanks 2010
LOST EVERY DAY | Michelle Coomber 2010
MR. HAPPY MAN | Matt Morris 2010
OIL & WATER | Gemma Atkinson, Fred Grace 2011
PASSION | Zach Bainter 2011
TWO | Maya Newell 2010

THE BOWLER: Sean Dunne...
2011_MD_Shape_Us33AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Shorts Program: The Stories That Shape Us" (two sessions)

BATHING MICKY | Frida Kempff 2010
LIVING FOR 32 | Kevin Breslin 2010

2011_MD_Swell_110620119AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Swell Season" (w/Chris Dapkins, Nick August-Perna, and Bob Boilen)
Chris Dapkins, Carlo Mirabella-Davis, Nick August-Perna 2011
Starring in the 2007 sleeper hit, ONCE, and winning an Academy Award for best original song ("Falling Slowly") was just the beginning of a profound artistic journey for folk-rock musicians Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova....
2011_MD_Team_11062516AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Team"
THE TEAM: Patrick Reed 2010
Can a soap opera help to heal a country? Producers in Kenya were willing to give it a try after the relatively prosperous African nation suffered spasms of violence following a disputed 2007 election. THE TEAM provides an emotional behind-the-scenes look at the making of a...
2011_MD_Learning_11062651AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "The Learning"
THE LEARNING: Ramona Diaz 2011
This absorbing documentary follows four teachers from the Philippines who are recruited to work in the American public school system. Leaving behind husbands, children and extended families who depend heavily on them, Dorotea, Rhea, Grace and Angel spend one year teaching...
2011_MD_Drum_Beating14AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "When the Drum is Beating" (w/Whitney Dow) (two sessions)
Haiti’s complex history and the resilience of its people unfold in the stories of Septentrional, Haiti’s most celebrated band, whose unique beats and rhythms continue to thrill its people after six decades. Interwoven stories of band members’ memories blend...
2011_MD_Soldiers_11062533AFI Silverdocs 2011 -- "Where Soldiers Come From" (w/Heather Courtney)
WHERE SOLDIERS COME FROM: Heather Courtney 2011
From rural America to Afghanistan and back again, WHERE SOLDIERS COME FROM tells the story of three childhood friends who join the National Guard and find themselves risking life and limb to detonate roadside bombs. Filmmaker Heather Courtney follows the...
2011_MD_Separated_11062221AFI Silverdocs 2011 Conf -- Separated At Birth: Filmmakers and Journalists Working Together... And Apart
Steve James’ film THE INTERRUPTERS was inspired by Alex Kotlowitz’s cover article for the New York Times, and together they worked to bring the story of three “violence interrupters” in Chicago to the screen. Amir Bar-Lev made...
2011_MD_Monterey_11062311AFI Silverdocs 2011 @ Silver Plaza ("Monterey Pop")
MONTEREY POP: D A Pennebaker 1968
On a beautiful June weekend in 1967, at the height of the Summer of Love, the first and only Monterey International Pop Festival roared forward, capturing a decade’s spirit and ushering in a new era of rock and roll. A high-energy, iconic event in music history, the...
2010_MD_Playtime_1003211Env Film Festival (2010) -- "Playtime" @ AFI
-- Helen Strong (Public Affairs Director, Environmental Film Festival)

PLAYTIME (France / Italy, 1967, 126 min.)
Tati’s towering achievement, a triumph of widescreen space, color, design and stereophonic sound, has been painstakingly restored to the director’s original full-length vision....
2010_MD_Turtle_10032148Env Film Festival (2010) -- "Turtle: The Incredible Journey" (w/Nick Caloyianis) @ AFI
Speakers in sequence:
-- Maribel Guevara (a Program Associate at the Environmental Film Festival)
-- Nick Caloyianis
-- Leah Neal (Aquarist and Dive Safety Officer from the National Aquarium in Washington DC)

In Person: Underwater Photographer Nick Caloyianis!...
2011_MD_Boonwee_1103197Env Film Festival (2011) -- "Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives" @ AFI
Washington, DC, Premiere
Winner of the Palme d'Or, 2010 Cannes Film Festival
Suffering from acute kidney failure, Uncle Boonmee has chosen to spend his final days surrounded by his loved ones in the countryside. Surprisingly,...
2011_MD_Windfall_11031955Env Film Festival (2011) -- "Windfall" (w/Laura Israel and Lisa Linowes) @ AFI
WINDFALL (USA, 2010, 83 min.)
Washington, D.C. Premiere The wind turbine has become a symbol of hope. The sleek white spokes spinning against the sky promise a future free of fossil fuels and the importation of foreign oil. Who could object to wind energy? That’s what the residents of Meredith, N.Y....
2012_MD_Plympton_12032376Env Film Festival (2012) -- An Evening with Animator Bill Plympton @ AFI
An Evening with Animator BILL PLYMPTON
Two Washington, D.C. Premieres*
Animator, cartoonist and illustrator Bill Plympton is known as “the king of indie animation.” His award-winning short films have highlighted many film festivals and he is the only person to hand-draw an entire animated feature...
2012_MD_Oblivion_1203233Env Film Festival (2012) -- "Land of Oblivion" (w/EFF Staff) @ AFI
LAND OF OBLIVION (LA TERRE OUTRAGÉE) (France / Germany / Poland / Ukraine, 2011, 113 min.)

Washington, D.C. Premiere When the nuclear accident at Chernobyl happens, a young couple, Anya and Piotr, finds that their wedding day turns into a day of disaster. When news arrives of an accident at the...
2012_MD_Tsunami_120317127Env Film Festival (2012) -- "Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom" (w/Lucy Walker) @ AFI
THE TSUNAMI AND THE CHERRY BLOSSOM (United Kingdom, 2011, 40 min.)
Winner of the Environmental Film Festival’s third annual Polly Krakora Award for artistry in film
Oscar-nominated director Lucy Walker set out to make “a visual haiku about cherry blossoms” in Japan but changed her plans radically...
2015_MD_Planetary_150422116Env Film Festival (2015) and World Wildlife Fund -- "Planetary" @ AFI
Presented with World Wildlife Fund
(UK, 2015, 85 min.)
A stunning visual portrait of our planet, this cross-continental cinematic journey explores our cosmic origins and our future as a species. A poetic and humbling reminder that it’s time to shift our perspective, the film asks us to...
2017_MD_EFF_AFI3Env Film Festival (2017) -- Marque @ AFI/Silver
2011_MD_Stevens_11011339Natl Archives & AFI -- "John F. Kennedy: Years of Lightning, Day of Drums" (w/George Stevens, Jr.)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Ray Barry (AFI)
-- Marvin Pinkert, Executive Director, Center for the National Archives Experience.
-- George Stevens, Jr.

In person: George Stevens, Jr., the widely honored film and television producer, former head...
2015_DC_Nelson_15061952Natl Archives & AFI Docs 2015 -- Guggenheim Symposium Honoring Stanley Nelson @ National Archives
For over 25 years Stanley Nelson has dedicated himself to creating a series of profound, intelligent and revealing documentaries on long neglected or misinterpreted chapters of African American History. These powerful works have made him one of the most acclaimed and important...
2007_DC_NADemo_07061546Natl Archives & AFI SilverDocs -- Panel -- Why Democracy?
Speakers in sequence:
-- Marvin Pinkert (National Archives)
-- Patricia Finneran
-- Don Edkins
-- Panel with Nick Fraser, Mette Hoffmann Meyer, Alex Gibney, Siatta Scott-Johnson, ??? and John Milewski (Newseum)

Why Democracy? Documentary Film Selections and Panel Discussion: In October 2007,...
2009_MD_Marcel_09120981Washington Jewish Film Festival (2009) @ AFI -- "Marcel Reich-Ranicki -- Author of Himself" (w/Dror Zahavi and Katharina Trebitsch)
Speakers in sequence:
-- Susan Barocas (Director of WJFF),
-- Klaus Scharioth (German ambassador to the United States)
-- Marc Pachter interviewing Dror Zahavi and Katharina Trebitsch

North American Premiere! MARCEL REICH-RANICKI--AUTHOR OF HIMSELF [Marcel Reich-Ranicki - Mein Leben]
2009_MD_MandM_09120715Washington Jewish Film Festival (2009) @ AFI -- "Mary and Max"
Speakers in sequence:
-- Brandon Wall (Australian Embassy)
-- Josh Gardner (AFI)

Crystal Bear, Berlin International Film Festival 2009
Meet Mary Daisy Dinkle and Max Horowitz, two lonely souls reaching out for a friend in this quirky claymation tale. One day, Mary,a...
2009_MD_Eisner_09120634Washington Jewish Film Festival (2009) @ AFI -- "Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artrist" (w/Andrew D. Cooke)
Speakers is sequence:
-- Josh Gardner (Washington Jewish Film Festival)
-- Andrew Cooke

DC Premiere! WILL EISNER: PORTRAIT OF A SEQUENTIAL ARTIST: In person: Director Andrew D. Cooke
Will Eisner began drawing comics in the 1930s, just as the art form was exploding in popularity and cultural...
2014_MD_Turturro_14030885Washington Jewish Film Festival (2014) @ AFI -- "Fading Gigolo" (w/John Turturro)
WJFF Centerpiece Evening: FADING GIGOLO -- DC Premiere!
John Turturro will participate in an extended Q&A with TV and movie critic Arch Campbell after the screening.

Facing the imminent closure of his business, a New York City bookstore owner (Woody Allen) teams up with his florist friend (John...
2016_MD_Tale_Of_Love_16030671Washington Jewish Film Festival (2016) @ AFI -- "A Tale of Love and Darkness" (w/Natalie Portman)
Sponsored by The Melvin and Estelle Gelman Foundation – Elise and Marc Lefkowitz
Dir. Natalie Portman
Academy Award®-winning actress Natalie Portman debuts as a director (and screenwriter) with this hauntingly beautiful adaptation of Amos Oz’s best-selling...
2016_MD_Avalon_16030356Washington Jewish Film Festival (2016) @ AFI -- "Avalon" (w/Peter Beicken)
WJFF Visionary Award | Avalon
PRESENTED TO ARMIN MUELLER-STAHL (who, for health reasons, could not attend the event)
Evening sponsored by The Dweck Family
Dir. Barry Levinson
(128 min, USA, 1990)
An evocative, nostalgic film that celebrates the virtues of family life, Avalon begins with Jewish...
2016_MD_Baba_Joon_160224146Washington Jewish Film Festival (2016) @ AFI -- "Baba Joon" (w/Yuval Delshad)
Opening Night | Baba Joon

Dir. Yuval Delshad
(91 min, Israel, 2015)
Hebrew and Farsi, with English subtitles
Israel’s submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award® is a tender tale of a generational divide and immigrant experience.
Yitzhak runs the turkey farm his father...
2016_MD_Fleischerei_160305206Washington Jewish Film Festival (2016) @ AFI -- "Gary Lucas' Fleischerei" (Music from Max Fleischer Cartoons)
Music From Max Fleischer Cartoons
And now, for something different! Celebrating the release of the titular album–on Silver Spring based label Cuneiform–legendary guitarist Gary Lucas joins forces with Tony®- nominated singer and actress Sarah Stiles (Avenue Q, Hand to God) for...

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