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2015_DC_SINH_Qrius_NOAA_15061716DC -- Natl Museum of Natural History -- Q?rius -- NOAA
The Search for Captain America Began with Surveying the Ocean!
When Captain America crashed the Hydra bomber in the Arctic, how did Howard Stark begin the search? It started on the ocean floor, with hydrographic surveying. Learn how we may our oceans and use exixting charts to help with...
2006_DC_NHAmazon_0603244Env Film Festival (2006) -- "Banking on Disaster" (w/Adrian Cowell) @ Natl Museum of Natural History
Murder in the Amazon. (1989, 55 min.) The brutal murder of Chico Mendes on December 22, 1988 provoked international protest and brought worldwide attention to the problem of Amazonian deforestation. The film follows his rise as the leader of the rubber-tappers, or seringueiros, who have subsisted in the...
2006_DC_NHMF_06032624Env Film Festival (2006) -- "The Monkey Folk" (w/Jacques Perrin) @ Natl Museum of Natural History
"The Monkey Folk (Le Peuple Singe)", France/Indonesia, 1989, 85 min.) DC Premiere. Five years in the making, this comprehensive French documentary record of the simian world explores the lives and behavior in the wild of over 120 different simian species. Footage from the tropical forests of Ethiopia,...
2007_DC_NHSuzuki_07031739Env Film Festival (2007) -- An Afternoon with David Suzuki @ Natl Museum of Natural History
An Afternoon with Dr. David Suzuki. At age 70, distinguished Canadian environmentalist, scientist, writer, communicator and thinker David Suzuki reflects on a life dedicated to making the world a better place. As the acclaimed host of the long-running Canadian TV program, "The Nature of Things," Chair...
2007_DC_NHSand_07032318Env Film Festival (2007) -- "Ribbon of Sand" and "Wellspring" (w/John Grabowska) @ Natl Museum of Natural History
Natural history filmmaker John Grabowska introduced two films and did Q&A on both as well as his career:

Ribbon of Sand (USA, 2007, 26 min.) World Premiere:
The famed Outer Banks of North Carolina are a slim and moving line of sand in the open Atlantic. Many travelers think they know these barrier...
2011_DC_Wilson_11031858Env Film Festival (2011) -- E.O. Wilson @ Natl Museum of Natural History
Lecture by E.O. Wilson, Biologist, Naturalist, Writer, Professor and Environmentalist
One of the world’s greatest biologists, E.O. Wilson has won two Pulitzer Prizes for his pioneering books, “The Ants” and “On Human Nature.” Professor emeritus and honorary curator in entomology at Harvard University,...
2011_DC_Conover_11032021Env Film Festival (2011) -- "Islands in the Wind" and "Creating Synthetic Life" (w/David Conover) @ Natl Museum of Natural History
ISLANDS IN THE WIND (USA, 2011, 22 min.)
World Premiere Tired of the hand-wringing, moaning, and societal inaction about climate change and high energy costs? The colorful characters of North Haven and Vinalhaven, two small islands off the Maine coast, decide overwhelmingly to do something about it....
2011_DC_Grabowska_11032018Env Film Festival (2011) -- "Sky Island" and "Ribbon of Sky" (w/John Grabowska) @ Natl Museum of Natural History
SKY ISLAND (USA, 2010, 26 min.):
In northern New Mexico, a range of mountains rises up from the high desert: a wild, rugged land of the Faraway Nearby. The volcanic Jemez Mountains are isolated from all other ranges – an island in the sky, surrounded by a desert sea. Sky Island paints a lyrical and...
2015_DC_Monsoon_15032779Env Film Festival (2015) -- "Monsoon" (w/Sturla Gunnarsson) @ Natl Museum of Natural History
Monsoon: Winner, Polly Krakora Award For Artistry in Film
This visually stunning meditation on the annual rains that descend upon India explores their alternately disastrous and beneficial impact on Indian society, economy, agriculture and individual lives. Chasing the monsoon throughout the country,...
2006_DC_SINH_Plans_06082223James Smithson Society event -- American History (Written in Bone plans)
I took these photos during a James Smithson Society lunch in 2006. It was three years before the exhibit opened and I wasn't allowed to post the pictures until after it opened. Much of what opened three years later was quite similar to what was presented although the flow of the exhibit was a bit...
2003_DC_JSS_03120354James Smithson Society event -- Natural History (Hall of Mammals)
This event was cosponsored with the Contributing Membership folks.
2008_DC_NHNemo_08120616Natl Museum of Natural History -- Event: Animating the Ocean
Animating the Ocean: Featuring clips from the film Finding Nemo, production designers from Disney and Pixar discuss how Hollywood studios adapt sea stories to bring ocean animation to life.
The presentation was by Robin Cooper (with Pixar) and Rick Rothschild (with Imagineering).
2015_DC_GNSI_Sequential_15091636Natl Museum of Natural History -- Event: GNSI-DC Sequential Art in Science Communication
GNSI-DC Sept 16th - Sequential Art in Science Communication by David Clarke
The word “comics” might bring to mind well-thumbed copies of Scrooge McDuck, Spiderman, or the newspaper's Sunday funny pages, but today sequential art is being used to communicate and teach subjects such as science, medicine...
2010_DC_SINH_Opening_10031739Natl Museum of Natural History -- Event: Hall of Human Origins -- Opening Event
2004_DC_NHJM_04081319Natl Museum of Natural History -- Event: John Matthews ("Mammal Makeovers")
This lecture was done by John Matthews, the museum's lead taxidermist, who showed what was involved in making the new Hall of Mammals at the National Museum of Natural History. As the program description says, his "team sculpted foam and clay, cast heads, hands, toes and tongues and made thousands of...
2012_DC_Monticello_12020641Natl Museum of Natural History -- Event: Monticello, Slavery, and the Hemingses (Annette Gordon-Reed and Michel Martin)
Monticello, Slavery, and the Hemingses: A Conversation Between Annette Gordon-Reed and Michel Martin:
NPR’s Tell Me More host Michel Martin, and Annette Gordon-Reed, Prof. of Law, Harvard University, and Pulitzer Prize-Winning author of The Hemingses of Monticello: An American Family will discuss the...
2017_DC_SINH_Amazon_Adv_170418145Natl Museum of Natural History -- Event: World premier of "Amazon Adventure 3D"
The Sant Director of the National Museum of Natural History, HHMI Tangle Bank Studios and SK Films invite you and a guest to the world premier of :
Amazon Adventure 3D: A True Story of Scientific Discovery

Amazon Adventure 3D
Amazon Adventure 3D tells the epic, true story of explorer Henry Bates'...
2009_DC_SINH_Bone_09020777Natl Museum of Natural History -- Event: Written in Bone curator presentation
Written in Bone: Forensic Files of the 17th-Century Chesapeake Baird Auditorium, 1 - 2:00 p.m. Explore forensic science with exhibition curators Dr. Douglas Owsley and Kari Bruwelheide as they present an illustrated lecture in conjunction with the opening of the exhibition of the same name.

2009_DC_Rainforests_090112236Natl Museum of Natural History -- Event: "Will the Rainforests Survive?” symposium
The Smithsonian Institution announces a tropical science symposium in early January 2009, as a critical review of threats to tropical biodiversity. “Will the Rainforests Survive? New Threats and Realities in the Tropical Extinction Crisis” offers cutting-edge science and first-class entertainment and...
2019_DC_Deep_Time_MP_19060472Natl Museum of Natural History -- Media Preview: Hall of Fossils -- Deep Time
Media preview of “The David H. Koch Hall of Fossils -- Deep Time”
* Kirk Johnson, Sant Director, National Museum of Natural History
* Anna “Kay” Behrensmeyer, curator of fossil vertebrates, National Museum of Natural History
* Amy Bolton, education and outreach manager, National Museum of...
2009_DC_STN_091023204Smithsonian Teachers' Night (2009) @ Natl Museum of Natural History -- All except the welcoming presentation
Smithsonian Teachers' Night :
Attention all teachers of all subjects and grade levels!
Find new classroom-ready resources, meet Smithsonian educators, and attend demonstrations of school programs and materials at the Smithsonian's annual education expo. Be among the first three thousand educators to...
2009_DC_STN_Welcome_09102357Smithsonian Teachers' Night (2009) @ Natl Museum of Natural History -- ONLY the welcoming presentation
Join Dr. Jill Biden, Dr. G. Wayne Clough, and Ms. Stephanie Norby for a very special welcome and kickoff to Smithsonian Teachers' Night 2009.
Jill Biden has been an educator for the past twenty-nine years and continues to teach English classes at a DC-area community college. She is the wife of Vice...
2013_DC_STN_131115283Smithsonian Teachers' Night (2013) @ National Museum of Natural History

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This was an interesting example of two competing events in the same place. The event I came to attend was this one: Join the Rally and Teach-In for Lincoln Park In a demonstration of solidarity and recognition of the history of Lincoln Park in Washington, D.C. members of the local, regional and nat... (Partially reviewed)
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2020_07_02C7_Starship_Delivery16DC -- Starship Delivery vehicle @ I'm Eddie Cano! (5014 Conn Ave NW)
I had run into one of these vehicles for the first time on April 22. On a later walk around the Chevy Chase area, I found that three of them were based at I'm Eddie Cano! @ 5014 Connecticut Ave NW. The manager said the craft could do deliveries for up to 1.5 miles. The delivery cabin was locked afte... (Partially reviewed)
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