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2008_DC_CWPT_LincMemI_08092828CWPT Grand Review (2008) in Washington DC -- Tour group: Lincoln Memorial (inside)
Pictures include pictures in the public chamber as well as in the underground portion of the tour.
2008_DC_CWPT_LincMemO_08092873CWPT Grand Review (2008) in Washington DC -- Tour group: Lincoln Memorial (outside)
1982_DC_Lincoln_Mem14DC -- Lincoln Memorial
1996_DC_Lincoln_Mem6DC -- Lincoln Memorial
1997_DC_Lincoln_Mem27DC -- Lincoln Memorial
1998_DC_Lincoln_Mem79DC -- Lincoln Memorial
1999_DC_Lincoln_Mem33DC -- Lincoln Memorial
2002_DC_Lincoln_Mem33DC -- Lincoln Memorial
2003_DC_Lincoln_Mem15DC -- Lincoln Memorial
Visits here:...
2004_DC_Lincoln_Mem26DC -- Lincoln Memorial
2007_DC_Lincoln_Mem16DC -- Lincoln Memorial
2008_DC_Lincoln_Mem56DC -- Lincoln Memorial
2009_DC_Lincoln_Mem94DC -- Lincoln Memorial
Several visits including after a snow. Later, a bunch of tourists who asked that I take their pictures during the beautiful sunset.
2013_DC_Lincoln_Mem69DC -- Lincoln Memorial
Including at night.
2014_DC_Lincoln_Mem13DC -- Lincoln Memorial
2015_DC_Lincoln_Mem23DC -- Lincoln Memorial
Including a couple who had just gotten engaged when I got there and a cat on a leash.
2017_DC_Lincoln_Mem21DC -- Lincoln Memorial
2020_DC_Lincoln_Mem3DC -- Lincoln Memorial
2021_DC_Lincoln_Mem78DC -- Lincoln Memorial
2022_DC_Lincoln_Mem29DC -- Lincoln Memorial
2023_07_04A3_Lincoln_Mem10DC -- Lincoln Memorial
2023_08_18A3_Lincoln_Mem13DC -- Lincoln Memorial (Partially reviewed)
2023_08_20A2_Lincoln_Mem13DC -- Lincoln Memorial (Partially reviewed)
2023_09_07D3_Lincoln_Mem5DC -- Lincoln Memorial (Partially reviewed)
2023_DC_Lincoln_Mem15DC -- Lincoln Memorial
2022_DC_Lincoln_Mem1003DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- Centennial
2008_DC_Lincoln_MemB34DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- Event: Beneath the monument tour (Undercroft)
This is the part of the Lincoln Memorial that's underground. Normally it's closed off to tourists but they gave the CWPT group a guided tour.
2022_DC_LincolnM100_220522453DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- Event: Lincoln Memorial Centennial Celebration
Lincoln Memorial Centennial Celebration, May 22, 2022
Building on Lincoln’s Vision of Unity and Equality

Musical Prelude: United States Marine Band Brass Quintet
Master of Ceremonies: David J. Kent, President, Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia
Welcome: Charles Sams III, Director, National...
2021_DC_Come_From_Away_210910168DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- Event: "Come From Away" performance
Join us at the Lincoln Memorial for a one-of-a kind free concert performance of the musical Come From Away on Friday, September 10, 2021, at 6:00 p.m. Lawn seating is available on either side of the Reflecting Pool on a first-come basis.
Members of the Broadway and national touring companies of Come...
2008_DC_Lincoln_MemVC1DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- Exhibition Area
2013_DC_Lincoln_MemVC40DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- Exhibition Area
2021_DC_Lincoln_MemVC89DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- Exhibition Area
2015_DC_Lincoln_2nd_Pgm_150307165DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- Sesquecentennial of Lincoln's Second Inaugural -- Formal Program
Formal Program:
* Musical Prelude -- United States Marine Band Brass Quintet -- ??? Not Present ???
* Master of Ceremonies -- Bob Vogel, Regional Director National Capital Region, National Park Service
* Welcome -- Karen Needles, President, Lincoln Group of the District of Columbia
2015_DC_Lincoln_2nd_Misc_150307108DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- Sesquecentennial of Lincoln's Second Inaugural -- Miscellaneous
150th Anniversary of Lincoln's Inaugural Observed at Lincoln Memorial
Washington –Chuck Todd, moderator of NBC's Meet the Press and former chief White House correspondent for NBC News, will deliver the keynote address for a commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln's second...
2021_DC_Lincoln_Mem_VAU14DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- VAU Fallen Heroes Memorial
2022_DC_Lincoln_Mem_VAU_2205303DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- VAU Fallen Heroes Memorial
1956_DC_Lincoln_MemV1DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
1982_DC_Lincoln_MemV6DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
1996_DC_Lincoln_MemV2DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
1998_DC_Lincoln_MemV3DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
1999_DC_Lincoln_MemV12DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
2001_DC_Lincoln_MemV2DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
2002_DC_Lincoln_MemV2DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
2004_DC_Lincoln_MemV4DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
2005_DC_Lincoln_MemV2DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
2007_DC_Lincoln_MemV3DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
2008_DC_Lincoln_MemV3DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
2009_DC_Lincoln_MemV24DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
2010_DC_Lincoln_MemV4DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
2013_DC_Lincoln_MemV19DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
2014_DC_Lincoln_MemV1DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
2021_DC_Lincoln_MemV25DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
2022_DC_Lincoln_MemV6DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from...
2023_08_20A3_Lincoln_MemV1DC -- Lincoln Memorial -- View from... (Partially reviewed)
2020_DC_Floyd_Protest_LM_200606155DC -- Protest: George Floyd -- Rally @ Lincoln Memorial
After the child president had desecrated the Lincoln Memorial doing his press conference there (where he claimed no president had been treated as badly as him while he sat in front of the assassinated president), the site has needed desperately to be restored to the actual message of Lincoln, promoting...
1980_DC_Lennon_Tribute_8012108DC -- Rally: John Lennon commemoration @ Lincoln Memorial
It took me awhile to figure out what these pictures were from. John Lennon was killed by a nutjob on December 8, 1980. Rallies were held in his honor in a number of places including this one at the Lincoln_Memorial on December 10, 1980.
2005_DC_4th_Fireworks_05070417Fireworks -- 4th of July Fireworks (2005) from the Lincoln Memorial
2009_DC_4th_Fireworks_09070451Fireworks -- 4th of July Fireworks (2009) from the Lincoln Memorial
2010_DC_4th_Fireworks_10070449Fireworks -- 4th of July Fireworks (2010) from the Lincoln Memorial
2014_DC_4th_Fireworks_140704129Fireworks -- 4th of July Fireworks (2014) from the Lincoln Memorial
2013_DC_4th_Fireworks_13070487Fireworks -- Waiting @ Lincoln Memorial for 4th of July Fireworks (2013)
2023_DC_Ukraine_LM_230225314Protest on First Anniversary of Putin's Invasion of Ukraine @ Lincoln Memorial
On February 25, the Ukrainian community will meet at 2p.m. at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. to hold a mass rally to mark the 1-year anniversary of russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.
WHEN: Sat., February 25
TIME: 2p.m.
WHERE: Lincoln Memorial, Washington, D.C.



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2023_09_11C1_Shogan132National Archives -- Swearing-in Ceremony of Archivist Colleen Shogan
Swearing-in Ceremony of Archivist Colleen Shogan The Honorable John G. Roberts, Jr., Supreme Court Chief Justice of the United States, Presiding First Lady Dr. Jill Biden will offer opening remarks, and Governor James J. Blanchard will serve as Master of Ceremonies The ceremony will take place on Se... (Partially reviewed)
2023_08_20A1_FRB22DC -- Foggy Bottom -- Federal Reserve Building (Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Bldg) (2051 Const Ave. NW and 300 21st St NW) (Partially reviewed)
2023_09_13B1_USCHS_Honor118210USCHS -- Honoring the 118th Congress
Honoring the 118th Congress Join the U.S. Capitol Historical Society in the Ways & Means Committee Room as we celebrate the 118th Congress. Our program will feature a conversation with Senator Chuck Grassley and Representative Marcy Kaptur, the longest-serving male and female Members of the 118th Co... (Partially reviewed)
2023_08_30B1_Meckler265Politics & Prose -- Laura Meckler ("Dream Town") w/Jesse J. Holland
Laura Meckler -- Dream Town: Shaker Heights and the Quest for Racial Equity - with Jesse J. Holland -- at Conn Ave In this searing and intimate examination of the ideals and realities of racial integration, award-winning Washington Post journalist Laura Meckler tells the story of a decades-long purs... (Partially reviewed)
2023_09_01A2_ADAWDC_3Body87DC -- Dupont Circle -- Washington Center of ADA University -- Exhibit: The Three-Body Problem: Dale Appleman, Michal Hunter, Jack Rasmussen
The Three-Body Problem: Dale Appleman, Michal Hunter, Jack Rasmussen The Three-Body Problem is a science fiction novel by Chinese writer Liu Cixin. Cixin observes that when two celestial objects get close to each other, their gravitational attraction influences the paths they take in a way that a si... (Partially reviewed)

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