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11/12/2018 (Monday 10pm): All of the pics from Moment Magazine's annual gala have been gone through but they have to be reviewed by the magazine before they get posted publicly.
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2010_DC_Lincoln_Final_10041957Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission -- Final Meeting
WASHINGTON – The national Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission (ALBC) will convene its final meeting on Monday, April 19, 2010, at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington. President Abraham Lincoln established the Department of Agriculture in 1862, calling it the “people’s...
2010_DC_Lincoln_Studies_10041985Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission -- State of Lincoln Studies w/Matthew Pinsker
The Future of Lincoln:
Welcome and Video Presentation -- Harold Holzer, ALBC Co-Chairman
Introduction -- Darrel Bigham, ALBC Commissioner
Remarks -- Matt Pinsker
Q&A -- Moderated by Jim Horton, ALBC Commissioner
Closing Remarks -- Harold Holzer

The State of Lincoln Studies:

2010_CA_Literacy_100731136CA -- San Bernardino -- Campaign for Literacy Event
2010_CA_SBBook_10073176CA -- San Bernardino -- Library Book Event
2010_DC_Hoover_10051852Charles Lindbergh Memorial Lecture -- Bob Hoover
Charles A. Lindbergh Memorial Lecture: Bob Hoover
Robert A. “Bob” Hoover is a fighter, military, and civilian test and air show pilot of legendary proportions. Using his superb piloting skills to fly aircraft to the edge of their performance capabilities, Hoover has left an indelible mark in aviation...
2010_DC_ArenaORC_101023126DC -- Arena Stage Open House -- Ribbon cutting

Participants include Alice Ripley, Kate Baldwin, Anna Deavere Smith, E. Faye Butler, the Manzari Brothers, Brad Oscar...
2010_DC_Law_BlueM_100504143DC -- Blue Mass @ St Patrick's (2010)
All parishioners and friends of St. Patrick's Catholic Church are cordially invited to join hundreds of first responders from around the country at St. Patrick's 16th Annual Blue Mass. Held each year at the beginning of National Police Week, we pray for those in law enforcement and fire safety, remember...
2010_DC_Murals_RI_MJ_10071038DC -- Edgewood Mural (at Rhode Island Avenue Metro) -- Mural Jam (2010)
2010_DC_Arizona_10042711DC -- John A. Wilson Building -- Event: City council press conference on No More Arizonas
“No More Arizonas" say DC Rights Activists:
Condemning Arizona’s passage last week of the “Secure Communities” program as “racist and perverse,” dozens of labor, community and immigrant rights activists spoke out forcefully yesterday about the dangers of collaboration between local police and...
2010_DC_Manners_10052039DC -- Natl Theatre -- Judith and Jacobina Martin ("Miss Manners' Guide To A Surprisingly Dignified Wedding")
Miss Manners, aka Judith Martin, and her newlywed daughter and co-author, Jacobina Martin, tell brides and their cortèges what advice to ignore, what "traditions" to skip, and how to achieve the rare, tasteful...
2010_DC_SINZ_CatC_10122464DC -- Natl Zoological Park -- Big Cats (cubs outing)
The cubs starting coming out the previous weekend. Awww...
The cubs, born in August and September, have been introduced to their father inside the storage pens but they haven't been allowed outside together. There's a chance that dad will kill the male cubs if he doesn't recognize them as his own...
2010_DC_SCEMS_10010874DC -- Smithsonian -- Microsoft Partners in Learning/Smithsonian Institution Summit Meeting @ Castle
Photographs from a meeting at the Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum, hosted by the Smithsonian and attended by educators and education leaders from more than 70 countries. The Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies (SCEMS) collaborates with Microsoft Partners in Learning on the...
2010_DC_Yards_Opening_10091135DC -- The Yards -- Opening weekend events
2010_DC_Union_StationCC_10101118DC -- Union Station -- Columbus Day Ceremony
Display after ceremony for Columbus Day. (I missed the ceremony itself.)
2010_DC_CW2CR_10110489DC -- Willard Hotel -- Event: Civil War To Civil Rights Conference
DC Launches “Civil War to Civil Rights” Promotion to Mark 150th Commemoration of Civil War
(Washington, DC)...From Abraham Lincoln’s tide-turning elections and inaugurations to Dr. Martin Luther King’s soul-stirring “I Have a Dream” speech at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington, DC has served as a...
2010_NC_Funeral_10082265Family -- Aunt Mary Lee's Funeral
Mary Lee Neumann, 87, died Aug. 11, 2010. She was the owner and operator of Midway Campground from 1979 to 1990. The campground is still owned by her family. She was born and grew up in Parsons, WV. Her husband, Clarence Neumann; two sisters, Kathryn Richards , Vivian McPherson and a brother, Ray Myers...
2010_MD_FOTHOC_10123156Friends of the Homeless on Christmas (package preparation)
2010_DC_FOTHOC_10010152Friends of the Homeless on New Years (distribution)
The second part of Victor Block's report follows.

January 1, 2010.   Because of overwhelming interest in helping out, five cars, rather than the four of past years, left FOTH Central a little after 10 a.m. on a cold New Years day, each carrying 20 gift bags.  After distributing all of their bags,...
2010_DC_Revenants_10091653Goethe-Institut -- Opening Reception: Reveants w/Oskar Schmidt
Exhibition opening with photographer Oskar Schmidt and Sarah Kennel, National Gallery of Art.

Bare, sparsely furnished rooms and introverted women and girls, barely present to their surroundings: the starkly reduced photographs of Oskar Schmidt are both portraits and interiors.

Like paper...
2010_DC_Trabant_101106116International Spy Museum -- 4th Annual Parade of Trabants
The Berlin Wall is long gone, but one Cold War icon is still chugging away -- the Trabant. Despite their questionable performance and smoky two-stroke engines, these little cars are now affectionately regarded as a symbol of East Germany and the fall of Communism. Trabants are a rarity here, but on...
2010_DC_TrabantP_101106109International Spy Museum -- 4th Annual Parade of Trabants -- Painting project
The Berlin Wall is long gone, but one Cold War icon is still chugging away -- the Trabant. Despite their questionable performance and smoky two-stroke engines, these little cars are now affectionately regarded as a symbol of East Germany and the fall of Communism. Trabants are a rarity here, but on...
2010_MD_Defenders_Day_100905169MD -- Defenders Day @ Fort Howard Park
About 6,000 people attended the Battle of North Point Defenders' Day celebration at Fort Howard Park on Sunday, Sept. 5. Re-enactors – representing American militia units and the British Royal Marines – showed how local citizens defended Baltimore from the invading British on Sept. 12, 1814. The...
2010_MD_Yuri_Party_10041052MD -- Greenbelt -- Goddard Space Flight Center -- Yuri's Night (2010) -- Party
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and the Space Generation Advisory Council have joined forces for an explosive event like you’ve never experienced—a World Space Party. On Saturday, April 10, 2010 from 8 p.m.–1 a.m., Goddard’s Visitor Center in Greenbelt, Md. will transform into a club with a...
2010_MD_Yuri_Science_10041057MD -- Greenbelt -- Goddard Space Flight Center -- Yuri's Night (2010) -- Science
NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and the Space Generation Advisory Council have joined forces for an explosive event like you’ve never experienced—a World Space Party. On Saturday, April 10, 2010 from 8 p.m.–1 a.m., Goddard’s Visitor Center in Greenbelt, Md. will transform into a club with a...
2010_MD_MCFC51MD -- Montgomery County Fair -- Carnival
2010_MD_MCFEq90MD -- Montgomery County Fair -- Equipment/Art
2010_MD_MCFLs69MD -- Montgomery County Fair -- Livestock
2010_MD_AI_Stage_100423121MD -- Silver Spring -- Amnesty International Arts Festival -- Opening session @ Ellsworth Plaza
The sequence of speakers/performers on stage for the kick-off was as follows:
(1) Mem Music (musical performance),
(2) Tom Block (Art Festival creator and producer),
(3) Folabi Olagbaju (Director of the Amnesty International Mid-Atlantic Regional Office),
(4) Isiah “Ike” Leggett (Montgomery...
2010_MD_SS_DiscoveryJL_10090128MD -- Silver Spring -- Discovery headquarters -- After James Lee event
Pictures of the streets around the Discovery Headquarters were taken two hours after James Lee, inside, was killed by police. The AFI Theatre is dark. Streets that are normally bustling at this time of day were pedestrian walk-ways or closed off entirely.

Environmental militant slain at Silver...
2010_MD_VPlaza_Open_10070863MD -- Silver Spring -- Veterans Plaza opening day
First day it was opened. I missed the formal ceremony (I didn't know about it) but I got there afterward.
People here include Ike Leggett, Councilmember Marc Elrich, and Ray Barry.
2010_DC_SINH_Opening_10031739Natl Museum of Natural History -- Hall of Human Origins -- Opening Event
2010_DC_Naval_Concert_10051236Naval Heritage Center -- Hatton High School performance
I happened on this concert while I was out for the day. The high school, Hatton High School, is from Town Creek, Alabama.
2010_DC_OAS_50YearsT_1003265OAS -- Event: "50 Years, 50 Works" -- Guided tour
The tour itself was conducted by ???, with assistance from Fabian Goncalves Borrega, exhibit coordinator for the Art Museum of the Americas.
2010_DC_Eric_B_10031332Personal -- Eric B's event
2010_DC_WHouse_People_10041817Personal -- Josh, Joanne, Ryan, and James at White House garden event
2010_MD_Welmoed50_10040370Personal -- Welmoed's 50th
2010_DC_STN_101022230Smithsonian Teachers' Night (2010) @ Natl Museum of American History
Attention all teachers of all subjects and grade levels!
Find new classroom-ready resources, meet Smithsonian educators, and attend demonstrations of school programs and materials at the Smithsonian's annual education expo.
Join Brent D. Glass, Director of the National Museum of American History;...
2010_DC_ThisMG_100219252THIS for Diplomats Mardi Gras Celebration @ Meridian International Center
THIS for Diplomats Presents Mardi Gras Celebration

Come Join Us for Our Annual Fundraising Event, Featuring a Mardi Gras Celebration, Casino Night, and Silent Auction at Meridian International Center:
- Gamble at our casino tables,
- Enjoy hors d'oeuvres,
- Drink champagne, New Orleans...
2010_VA_Belushi_01021519VA -- Pentagon City -- Drive4COPD Race Team w/Jim Belushi
The DRIVE4COPD Race Team: Jim Belushi
Actor Jim Belushi is a multifaceted performer, well-known most recently for his eight seasons starring in and executive producing ABC's hit Emmy-nominated sitcom, "According to Jim." Since his start at The Second City in Chicago over thirty years ago, Jim has shown...

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2018_10_01A1_Stars_Stripes222Newseum -- Screening of "The World's Most Dangerous Paper Route" (w/David Patraeus, Steve Kroft, Lindsay Graham, Tom Philpott)
Celebrating an Icon of American Journalism: Stars and Stripes The Newseum and Stars and Stripes present the world premiere screening of the new documentary film, “The World’s Most Dangerous Paper Route.” The film heralds the history, heritage, and achievements of Stars and Stripes, the “hometown new... (Partially reviewed)
2018_10_28A_Captain2076AFI -- Captain 20 Returns!
Captain 20 Returns! Everybody's favorite alien, Captain 20, is making a very special appearance at AFI Silver to host a program of cartoons and kid-show favorites from the old days, including ULTRAMAN, SPEED RACER and Bugs Bunny and Friends! There might even be some gerbil races. Do you still have y... (Partially reviewed)
2018_11_03A_Blechman52DC -- Dumbarton Oaks -- Event: An Afternoon with R. O. Blechman
An Afternoon with R. O. Blechman The creator of what are now considered by many to be the earliest graphic novels, R. O. Blechman, will discuss his first work, The Juggler of Our Lady. This cartoon retelling of the medieval legend was first published in 1953 and later adapted into an award-winning s... (Partially reviewed)
2018_11_04D1_Kinney141Politics & Prose @ UDC Theater of the Arts -- Jeff Kinney ("The Meltdown (Diary of a Wimpy Kid #13")
Jeff Kinney - The Meltdown (Diary of a Wimpy Kid #13) — UDC Theater of the Arts Countdown to The Meltdown! In celebration of the launch of Diary of a Wimpy Kid #13: The Meltdown, join us for an imaginative evening at Wimpy Kid Live: The Meltdown Show, an interactive author experience hosted by JEFF ... (Partially reviewed)
2018_10_17B_Ellis63Natl Archives -- Joseph Ellis ("American Dialogue")
American Dialogue: The Founding Fathers and Us The story of history is often a conversation between past and present, and in American Dialogue, Pulitzer Prize–winning historian Joseph J. Ellis focuses on the often-asked question, “What would the Founding Fathers think?” Ellis gives us a deeply insig... (Partially reviewed)

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