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The Pollution Solution
A River of Remedies
The DC Water Clean Rivers Project goal of removing 98% of Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) in the Anacostia is ambitious, and requires a comprehensive approach. So in addition to huge holding tunnels to keep CSOs from reaching the river, the Project calls for inflatable dams to catch and store overslows during rain storms; tide gates to keep river water from flowing into the sewer system; installing separate pipes for rainwater and wastewater in certain locations; and building new and better pumping stations to increase flow capacity. And this entire effort flows toward the ultimate goal of making DC the nation's water quality capital.

Helping Fish Breathe:
Fish need oxygen to breathe just like you do, but sometimes heavy rains send what's in the sewer into the river, and that steals oxygen away from the fish. The Clean Rivers Project is putting a stop to that so fish can breathe easier.
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