Existing comment: Flotillamen:
The flotillamen fought the British in the Chesapeake region, at the Battles of Bladensburg and Baltimore. The flotillamen continuously resisted the British for three months. After the Battle of Bladensburg, Admiral Cockburn remarked how the flotillamen were the best men faced by the British in that battle ashore.
Lieutenant John Adams Webster always acquitted himself with great efficiency and bravery. Anxious to take part in the fighting, Webster served in the Battles of St. Leonard's Creek and Bladensburg under Commodore Barney. At Baltimore, Webster received wounds to his right shoulder, and later had charge of a six-gun battery between Forts McHenry and Covington. For his services in the defense of Baltimore, he received swords from both Baltimore and Maryland for preventing the British taking and sacking Baltimore.
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