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Marine Corps Air Station, Miramar:
(Camp Kearny-National Guard: 1917-1920)
Shortly after Camp Kearny was designated on 16 September 1917, by General Order No. 7, Major General Frederick S. Strong organized the 40th Infantry Division (Sunshine Division). The Division was made up of National Guard artillery, infantry, and cavalry brigades from Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah.
The first troops to arrive at Camp Kearny were from California. Those from the surrounding western states followed, with the estimation that it would require 100 trains to transport the entire force. With the arrival of additional recruits on 31 October 1917, the 40th increased in size to 20,000 and by mid-November of the same year to 30,000 soldiers. At full strength, training was conducted on a divisional scale, operating day and night, with training in every condition possible on the battlefield.
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