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Twelve Views of Virginia

"I hope that each of my fleeting impressions of Virginia is like a once-in-a-lifetime meeting -- ichigo ichie -- a reminder to treasure every moment, for it will never recur.
-- Miwako Nishizawa

Miwako Nishizawa is a California-based Japanese artist specializing in the moku-hanga Japanese woodblock printmaking technique, more commonly known as ukiyo-e, and still one of the most popular contemporary printmaking methods in Japan.

For Nishizawa, rendering a landscape captures a specific experience rather than just a place. In her travels around Virginia, she listened to blue grass music at the Floyd Country Store, watched Richmonders strolling the paths of Belle Isle, and witnessed a dramatic red sky over the most brutal of Civil War sites, Manassas Battlefield. In her eyes, each and every one of these experiences was intensely real but, at the same time, inevitably transient.
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