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Mouse on the Edge of Two Worlds:
The story of Mouse reveals that Moapa Paiutes retained their ancient knowledge about the Valley of Fire long after abandoning much of their traditional activity. Mouse was a Paiute who worked at Bonelli's Landing on the Colorado River. In January 1897, Mouse began wildly shooting up the Indian camp. Bonelli disarmed Mouse and fired him. Allegedly, Mouse later murdered two prospectors, then disappeared. Months later, Mouse was seen in an Indian woman's farther along the Muddy River. He had left his hideout in Valley of Fire, and his fate was sealed. A posse formed, tracked him down and killed him near West Point.
During his six month ordeal, Mouse camped by a "well of pure water" about 12 miles west of St. Thomas -- in the Valley of Fire, at the place now called Mouse's Tank. Local Paiutes probably knew he was holed up there, but they did not betray him. Only when he left Valley of Fire did the authorities learn Mouse was still in the area.
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