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Remapping History:
An autopsy of a battle, an excavation of a man's past

Tiffany Chung’s father was a helicopter pilot in an elite squadron of the South Vietnamese Air Force. Fighting alongside American forces, he was taken prisoner by the North Vietnamese for fourteen years. After his release,he moved to the United States with his family. While the outlines of his story are known, the details of his experience remain elusive, even to his daughter. Remapping History is Chung’s attempt to unearth them by returning to Vietnam and tracing his steps,creating a meticulously researched and plotted diagram of her discoveries. Documentary materials record her father’s movements during the War and the major battles and events that affected him; a parallel sequence of events interspersed throughout documents the artist’s own journey while piecing it together.

Part historical timeline, part personal scrapbook, the installation asks in a visceral way whose stories get remembered and how individual memories intersect with larger recorded narratives.Anchored by established events,it explores most poignantly a daughter’s attempts to imaginatively recreate her father’s story
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