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Military Achievement:
Hundreds of US soldiers march through the Arc de Triumphe in Paris following the liberation of France during World War II.
Issued on September 28, 1945, shortly after the war's end, this stamp honors US Army achievements during World War II. It is based on an actual photograph. The designer made several changes to the original image, including the addition of airplanes flying overhead to pay tribute to the Army Air Corps. In keeping with accepted standards, he also took care not to portray any recognizable features of living individuals.

Birth of the USPS:
This dramatic profile of an eagle about to take flight became the seat of the US Postal Service (USPS) in 1971.
The USPS came into being that same year, replacing the US Post Office Department. The USPS hired a famous industrial designer, Raymond Loewy, to design a deal that would replace the one featuring a horse and rider. To celebrate the reform and inaugurate the USPS, President Nixon proclaimed July 1 National Postal Service Day. On that day this stamp was released across the country.
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