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Hollywood and Time: Celebrity Covers
Since its founding in 1923, Time magazine has reported on a seemingly endless number of newsworthy people and events, including Hollywood, the glitzy epicenter of American cinema, and all its trendy stars and titillating gossip. The magazine and Tinseltown grew up together. On March 3, 1923, Time's inaugural issue -- in black and white -- included a three-sentence review of a new silent adventure picture "Down to the Sea in Ships", also, of course, in black and white, featured a sea monster crunching a boat and crew "directly in front of the camera." Fifty-two years later, Jaws appeared in full color on the magazine's cover. And on the big screen, the celluloid monster virtually splashed into the laps of petrified audiences. While Hollywood movies became ever more sophisticated with advancing technologies, the one constant has always been the actors and actresses. Their compelling performances have filled theaters, and their marquee personas continue to sell magazines like Time.
This exhibition of original cover art from the National Portrait Gallery's Time Collection will likely conjure a fond memory or two of a special movie theater experience, one filled with laughs, tears, frights, and buttered popcorn.
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