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Golden Triangle Arts

Foon Sham
Swing II

Local artist Foon Sham created these sculptures as part of the Golden Triangle BID's 19th Street Rain Gardens. Eight artworks like two blocks of 19th Street extending from K to M Streets and symbolize the function of rain gardens to collect, hold, and filter stormwater.

While abstract, Sham's sculptures evoke the movement of water using curved and organic forms to echo the shape of rivers and streams. Stitched together from small wooden blocks, the sculptures rise to heights of 13 feet tall. The works are geometric and precise, but also lyrical and organic, serving as beacons, marking space, and engaging passersby.

This project demonstrates the Golden Triangle BID's effort to build green infrastructure projects that create green space, filter rainwater, and reduce pollution to DC's rivers. It reflects the BID's commitment to weaving vibrant arts and culture initiatives and environmental sustainability throughout the neighborhood's public spaces.
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