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Logos used by Comic-Con over the last 45 years tell a story of the events through design. The first logos designed by founder Shel Dorf document a slight name change as well as a foundational focus on comic art, films, and science fiction. Just three years in, the show was dubbed San Diego Comic-Con, and the title, as well as the focus on comic art, films, and science fiction, have remained.
In the early 1980s, Rick Geary came up with the Toucan, which became the hallmark of San Diego Comic-Con for the next decade. Then, in 1995 the show rebranded as Comic-Con International: San Diego and introduced what has become the iconic "eye" logo. While the eye has become the icon, the Toucan emerges from retirement periodically, as seen in the 40th anniversary Souvenir Book and Events Guide, and in more recent art, for the aptly named Toucan Blog.
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