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Artist: Tom Ashcraft/ Y. David Chung
Title: Continuum & Reposto (2003)
Material: Continuum: hand-cut ceramic tile mural mounted on waterproof composite board
Reposto: Japanese porcelain mosaic tile over steel frame and concrete
Commissioned to enliven this stretch of Key Boulevard, the 17 mosaic panels of Continuum depict motion through a sequence of abstracted botanical forms. A second work, Reposto, is situated at the main entrance of this building on Oak Street. Reposto consists of two mosaic benches and one mosaic sculpture, whose forms echo the organic shapes found in Continuum.
Although Continuum is two-dimensional and Reposto sculptural, the shared color scheme, mosaic design, and references to natural forms visually unite these works.
Developed and funded by The Donohoe Companies, Inc. and Twin Oak LLC
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