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Artist: Boaz Vaadia
Title: The Family: David, Haggit,
and Adoniyya (1992)
Material: bluestone
Using materials from his urban environment, Israeli-born sculptor Boaz Vaadia gleans New York City for slate and bluestone from which to create works of art. Vaadia’s parents farmed the earth for food, while Vaadia garners stone from the earth for his artwork. This primal connection to the earth and respect for natural materials is vital to Vaadia’s work.
The simply posed figures of The Family: David, Haggit, and Adoniyya are based on biblical characters from the Old Testament: King David, his wife Haggit, and their child Adoniyya. These figures were formed by stacking hand-carved layers of bluestone. Vaadia’s layering of stone slabs mimics the stratification of the sedimentary rock and emphasizes the verticality of the structure.
Funded by Arlington County
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