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Artist: John Dreyfuss
Title: Helix, 2006
Material: bronze
Inspired by the shape of the human pelvis, Washington, D.C., native John Dreyfuss (b. 1949) created this massive bronze sculpture titled Helix. Expanded to this monumental scale, Helix functions primarily as an abstract form rather than a literal representation of a human bone. Its curving silhouette, echoed by the circular plaza on which it sits and the concave arc of the adjacent building, encourages us to walk around the work. Our movements reveal the elegance of Helix’s changeable contours from our own perspectives.
As a sculptor and trained architect, Dreyfuss enjoys exploring the component parts of such complex structures as the human skeleton. Though he begins his creative process by making small models to understand the form, Dreyfuss uses digital technology to refine the shape of a sculpture at different scales before its execution.
Funded by Holladay Corporation
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