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Artist: Kendall Buster
Title: Untitled, 2006
Material: powder-coated steel covered in greenhouse shade cloth
Originally trained as a microbiologist, Kendall Buster (b. 1954) considers herself both scientist and artist. This suspended sculpture, like many of Buster’s artworks, calls to mind natural forms and processes. Here, two clusters of domed oval forms hover overhead. Each cluster comprises a series of interconnected shapes, which invite us to imagine a path through and within the structures. Buster’s use of steel frames and semi-transparent cloth yields tangible yet airy forms that seem simultaneously weighty and delicate.
The sculpture’s simple shapes encourage a wealth of associations. Typical of Buster’s abstract forms, they may portray cross-sections of cells viewed under a microscope, clouds drifting across the sky, or even a fantastic architectural model. Buster often refers to such works as “drawings in space” because of their visible structures.
Funded by Washington Real Estate Investment Trust
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